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Joyful woman, delightful, enlightened spirit

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This is a recurring dream for the terminally ill. The calendar allows you to place yourself precisely in the course of your temporality, which will allow you to gain some control over the vertigo that is produced seeing the time going by.

Dreaming of a calendar is promise of love, loyalty, and perseverance.

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Call This can be interpreted in several ways, depending on what happens and who appears in the dream.

If it is the dreamer who calls, it represents the need for external support at that time. Hearing a call and not paying attention, or being able to answer, alludes to a feeling of guilt about a lazy or careless attitude. To answer the call, however, indicates willingness to offer help to the people around you. On the other hand, it may be a matter of your unconscious trying to get your attention. Something important may be happening without you being aware of it.

If you dream that someone knocks at the door, soon fortune will smile on you.

CALENDAR - analysis of the dream

Lidia dreamed: “I was sitting in a class of my old college listening to a lesson. I did not understand what I was doing there; It had been years since I graduated; however, I took notes and tried to be very attentive to the professor’s explanations. Suddenly, I noticed a calendar hanging on the board. It marked the current date but its pages were detached by a gust of air and then they flew out the window, one by one, until the calendar was left with no pages. I had vertigo and felt lost.”

Lidia’s dream intrigued her for some time until she realized that it was warning her not to waste time; She needed to take full care of her responsibilities because the years pass quickly. Dreams in which time flies— and in this case happens literally: the calendar pages fly out the window—can refer to a hope for the time to stop and the current moment to become eternal. In the case of Lydia, it also revealed a nostalgia for the past and the desire to return to her student years, when her only responsibility was to be attentive in class.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


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