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The Divine Mother in her many forms; mother of all. When the Madonna appears in a dream, healing is taking place. Feminine principle that unites with the Father God or masculine principle to bring the universe into being. Yin, the female, uniting with yang, the male. The mother principle within our own being. Mother Earth. Mary is the personalized feminine divinity in the Christian tradition.

The Dream Books Symbols | Betty Bethards

If this dream is about the material girl pop-star, then you are tapping into your rebellious creativity and transforming/reinventing yourself.

If your dream is of the Virgin Mary, then this signifies your connection to the divine mother, your feminine power, and the purest and most powerful aspect of your maternal instincts. See Goddess.

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1. Feeling rebellious, doing it one’s own way.

2. Open sexuality.

3. Mother of jesus.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

The big woman. Release from guilt and pain; self-elevation or self-denial. Also a sexual symbol and a symbol of self-sufficient, independent femininity.

The image of the madonna may also be pointing to sexual repression and a bad conscience, because of the dreamer’s attitude about his or her own sexuality and / or femininity.

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Vision: Looking at a madonna (maybe in a picturc): your sorrows or an illness will soon be over.

Depth Psychology: The madonna (not the rock star) represents motherhood, gentleness, and a rich emotional life. Your connection to a higher power is positive. Your faith is strong and promises help and/or solace.

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The Madonna is a symbol of blessings, the goddess principle of the mystical mother, the giver of life and beauty.

Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia | James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver

To dream of Madonna represents the nurturer of everlasting life and all that is perfect in the world. It also symbolizes good fortune.

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A religious symbol of mary, the mother of jesus christ

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As the sexy “material girl, the recording star Madonna emerges as the sensual and beautiful Aphrodite who wins the prize of the golden apple in the competition among the other goddesses on Mount Olympus. She may appear in a dream as a goddess expressing her sexuality and divine beauty. Her performance in a dream may coax you into vocalizing a confident tone and beautiful presence.

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Although the word archetype has a long history, Carl Jung used it to express something he observed in human dreams. He said the archetypes are a tendency or instinctive trend in the human unconscious to represent certain motifs or themes. As our instinctive urge to reproduce may show itself in consciousness as sexual fantasies, so archetypes show themselves as cenain dream, fantasy, or story themes. Just as each individual animal does not create its own instincts, we do not create our own collective thought pattern.

The influ­ence these archetypes have upon our conscious self is varied. Panly they are supportive, as instincts are to an animal.

Some ancient cultures erected a pantheon of gods and god­desses. Many of these gods were expressions of archetypal themes, such as death, rebirth and womanhood.

A sheepdog has in itself, unconsciously, a propensity to herd animals un­der direction. Through the worship of gods, perhaps ancient people touched similar reservoirs of strength and healing. Without such, the individual might find it mcre difficult to face the fact that death waits at the end of their life, or to allow sexuality to emerge into their life at pube ty.

The dream of a girl suffering from anorexia shows her cutting off her own breasts with scissors. Here her developing sexual traits and urges are unacceptable to her. Perhaps she ‘cuts them off’ by not eating, thus preventing her body and psyche from matur­ing. In the past it would have been recommended that she give offerings to a goddess, thus aligning her with an uncon­scious power to adapt and mature.

Some of these archetypal patterns of behaviour, such as territorialism and group identity, are only too obviously be­hind much that occurs in war, and their influence needs to be brought more fully into awareness. But we must be careful in accepting Jung s descnption of the archetypes. In more recent years, through the tremendously amplified access to the un­conscious made possible in psychiatry through such drugs as LSD, a lot more information about unconscious imagery has been made available.

It is possible thai certain synthesising aspects of the mind produce images to represent huge areas of collected experience, i.e. the Mystic Mother or Madonna rep­resenting our collected experience of our mother.

Whatever may be the explanation of these archetypal themes, they are imponant because they illustrate how we as individuals, and as human beings collectively, have been able to develop^ur sense of conscious identity amidst enormous forces of unconsciousness, collectivity and external stresses. Below are some common archetypal symbols and their associ­ated images. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


See Virgin, Madonna.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


Symbol: The carnation represents passion and is seen in many pictures of Madonnas.

Vision: Dreaming about carnations: your love life is in excellent shape and your opportunities at work are good. In a man’s dream, the image of the carnation—and flowers in general— often refer to women who can be bought. Maybe he is hoping for such an adventure—a desire he can only admit to himself through flowers. Picking a carnation: thoughtless actions on your part will create a crisis with a friend. Looking at a wilted carnation: a close relationship will come to an end.

Depth Psychology: The carnation is usually a symbol for the connection you have to other people.

The color of the carnation is important. See the chapter “Color in Dreams.”... Dreamers Dictionary


Dreamers Dictionary


To fully understand the message of a dream in which a celebrity features you need to hone in on the quality they represent and decide whether it pertains to someone you know, or to some aspect of yourself. First you need to consider the outstanding trait for which that celebrity is famous, then you need to think about what makes that person stand out for you. For example if you dream of Madonna, why didn’t your dreaming mind select another female singer, for example Shirley Bassey? What is it about Madonna that inspires you? Is it her drive, her ambition, her feistiness or her ability to reinvent herself? Try to spell out in your mind the qualities this person stands for and what trait is being shown. Then consider the implications. Celebrity dreams may seem sweet or even corny, but they do have a powerful energy.

If you think the celebrity represents a quality in yourself you’d like to foster, don’t assume you have to copy them and follow their life path. Remember dreams only depict the essence of something; the way you choose to put that energy to work, and how it appears in your life, is entirely up to you.... The Element Encyclopedia


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