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To see this animal in your dream, signifies self-protection. You have the power in some situation or relationship. You are also good at ignoring other people’s comments about you.

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To dream of swimming with a manatee indicates a warm and gentle personality. Multiple manatees suggest it may be time for some rest and relaxation, and possibly even a trip to a warmer climate. There is also a suggestion of a little sadness.

To dream of a manatee mother and baby advises you to be loving and soft to yourself at this time.

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The manatee is a mammal and thus relates to us more directly as beings of consciousness. Manatees are, however, fully aquatic animals and as such connect to the unconscious as represented by the ocean that they call home. Therefore, first and foremost they are a totem that allows for conscious exploration of realms that are ultimately unconscious in nature. Though they are large in size, manatees have a gentle nature and graceful movements. In this way, they vibrate with the principles of peace and surrender. When a manatee visits your dreams, you are experiencing the medicine of serenity.

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