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To see and hear a mandolin being played means you will enjoy an intimate, romantic time with someone you care for.

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Mandolin | Dream Interpretation

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(String instruments; Guitar; Lute; Mandolin) In a dream, a banjo represents people’s common business, double-dealing, scrupulousness, adultery, playing chess, sorcery, a medium, evocation of spirits, calling on jinn spirits, being possessed by jinns or similar effects.

A banjo in a dream also represents the leader of such a band of people and it denotes distress and sorrows. Playing a banjo with strings made from animals’ intestines in a dream also represents a wise man admonishing or reprimanding people. Playing a banjo in a dream also means sorrow.

To tap on a banjo in a dream denotes nostalgia. Listening to the music of a banjo in a dream means turning one’s attention to lies.

(Also see Musician; String Instruments)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

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