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Masochism can represent a desire to punish oneself out of guilt for a crime committed. Physical masochism in a dream can also represent psychological masochism.

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Spiritual masochism suggests an act of self-inflicted pain, such as self-flagellation.

The pain perversely brings pleasure. It can be an aspect of martyrdom.

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Psychological / emotional perspective: Pleasure from pain, in the emotional sense in dreams, can alert us to our propensity to be a victim, albeit through a self-inflicted injury.

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Material aspects: In a mundane sense masochism in dreams can highlight our tendency towards lugubrious acceptance that we can do nothing about the circumstances we are in.

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Gives gender - specific: Sado-masochism in dreams, while seemingly sexual in nature, may well show a propensity to tolerate an extreme attitude within a relationship, for both men and women. You might like to consult the entry for martyr for further clarification.

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The desire to hurt or be hurt in dreams through sex arises from two causes.

The first is to be a martyr (to suffer for one’s ‘sins’) and the second to feel extreme emotion of one sort or another. We may not allow ourselves to feel deeply in everyday life.

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The desire to hurt yourself through sex in dreams is a symbol of guilt or the desire to feel extreme emotion. Perhaps you are not allowing yourself to feel deeply in waking life? In dreams, any form of sadism would suggest a counterbalance to the dreamer’s conscious way of being in the world. For example, a timid person may have dreams of sadistic sex as an escape mechanism; similarly, a domineering person may have the dream to show an unconscious need to be controlled. The explicit eroticism of sadomasochistic acts could also suggest a battle of wills or extreme sexual tension.... The Element Encyclopedia


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