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Dreams that feature calculation, measurement or mathematics of any kind are often related to some kind of calculation you need to make in waking life.

Perhaps you need to take an objective look at a certain situation or problem to find a rational and unemotional way around it. A dream of an accountant working on account books or counting figures suggests a problem in your waking life that needs a coolly calculated and unemotional solution. The accountant may represent yourself but it may also represent someone who is trying to help you keep your feet on the ground.

If you are trying to add up a sum in your dream or an equation but are having problems doing so, this indicates a slight error in your thinking or a slip or mistake that is undermining your efforts.

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Dreams of math represent order, logic, reasoning, and your attempt to make sense of your current situation and find resolution. You are coming upon the solution to what used to be a problem. See Number.

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Research the numbers, i.E. Calculation

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Math is the language of the entire universe. Every single element of what we know life to be can be expressed by mathematical equations. Math is very analytical and left-brained and thus represents this aspect of thinking. In a dream, the interpretation of math can be as mundane as expressing a need to call upon your logical mind to help you through a life circumstance. It can be as profound as a dream of sacred geometry, where you are considering existence itself.

The context of the dream will illuminate which way to go with your interpretation.

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Math | Dream Interpretation

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The Element Encyclopedia


If your dream involves you or someone else doing math, or you dream about in math class, it symbolizes unsettled conditions in your life, possibly related to money, school or social worries. You are dissatisfied with the way things are now.... My Dream Interpretation


My Dream Interpretation


(See Educator)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


1. The need to be more precise in one’s life.

2. Don’t make decisions based only on emotion. ... New American Dream Dictionary


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Vision: Dreaming about a mathematical formula means you are facing a very tricky assignment—but rest assured you will make it.... Dreamers Dictionary


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Discerning conqueror... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


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Beloved, noble lady... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


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