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Dreams of McDonalds represent a quick fix to satiate your hunger (physical or emotional) that if indulged into too often could be harmful to your health.

For many people, McDonalds symbolizes nostalgia for an age of innocence, a place where you can order a “Happy Meal” and make all your worries go away. See Fast Food.

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A dream of McDonald’s may refer to the entire idea of fast. You might be speeding through life too fast. Alternatively, you might be having problems with your diet.

A dream of fast food may indicate that you are worried about not getting proper nutrition.

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As a fast-food chain with a high appeal for children, McDonald’s may symbolize the need to feed and entertain the inner child. As McDonald’s food tastes good but may not necessarily be good for your health, it may point to overindulgent behavior as well as a fast-paced lifestyle, both of which may threaten your health. McDonald’s golden arches signify the gateway to temptation rather than to wealth.

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Mcdonald’s | Dream Interpretation

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