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1- Dreaming of visiting a medium very often means that we are looking for some kind of contact with our own unconscious, or with the dead. We may also be attempting to alert our own intuition and use it differently to a way we have done previously.

2- To dream of being mediumistic would indicate that we are aware of greater powers than we believe we have in ordinary everyday life.

Mediumistic aspects in a dream can represent the dreamer’s wish to be in contact with the dead. This docs not necessarily have to be dead in literal terms, it can merely be what is ‘dead’ in the dreamer’s life, that which he may wish to resurrect.

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary | Pamela Ball

(See Fortuneteller)

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin

To dream of being a medium means to desire to know yourself more deeply. It can indicate frustration in life and things not working the way you want them to.

To dream of visiting a medium means that you may not trust yourself to have the answers. In fact, the dream is clearly indicating that on a deep subconscious level you possess all the answers you will ever need.

Dream Symbols and Analysis | DreamForth

Mediumistic aspects in a dream can represent our wish to be in contact with the dead. This does not necessarily have to be dead in literal terms, it can merely be what is ‘dead’ in our life, that which we may wish to resurrect. During spiritual development, our perceptions widen from the ordinary everyday to other aspects and dimensions of knowledge that have become available to us. Whether these are aspects of our own personality or of the spirit realm is immaterial, since ultimately their function is to help us progress.

The spiritual self has access to the collective unconscious in its entirety.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

Psychological / emotional perspective: To dream of being mediumistic would indicate that we are aware of greater powers than we believe we have in ordinary everyday life. When spirits appear in dreams, their function may be to help us through various states of transition. While we cope with everyday fears, there are many unconscious memories and feelings, which can surface unexpectedly. When we are conscious of a kindly or helpful spirit we are aware that we can move on. When we see the spirits of dead people we usually need reassurance.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

Material aspects: Dreaming of visiting a medium very often means that we are looking for some kind of contact with our own unconscious, or with the dead. We may also be attempting to alert our own intuition and use it differently to a way we have done previously. At a very basic level, we all have fears and feelings about death, and the actual appearance in dreams of spiritual entities can help us to come to terms with these. You might like to consult the entry for dead people.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

See “witchcraft”

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton

Intuition, but perhaps in an obscure way; contact with the unconscious or the dead in its symbolic form. See the dream as extended perception under ESP in dreams; symbols and dreaming.

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences | Tony Crisp

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The keywords of this dream: Medium


(String instruments; Guitar; Lute; Mandolin) In a dream, a banjo represents people’s common business, double-dealing, scrupulousness, adultery, playing chess, sorcery, a medium, evocation of spirits, calling on jinn spirits, being possessed by jinns or similar effects.

A banjo in a dream also represents the leader of such a band of people and it denotes distress and sorrows. Playing a banjo with strings made from animals’ intestines in a dream also represents a wise man admonishing or reprimanding people. Playing a banjo in a dream also means sorrow.

To tap on a banjo in a dream denotes nostalgia. Listening to the music of a banjo in a dream means turning one’s attention to lies.

(Also see Musician; String Instruments)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


(Magic practice; Medium; Prophecies) Ifa fortuneteller sees himself gathering white sand in his dream, it means profiting from his trade.

A fortuneteller in a dream represents someone who can explain the meaning of things, a man of knowledge, an emissary, a dream interpreter, a treasurer or a supply controller. Seeing a fortuneteller in a dream also signifies stagnation of businesses, a recession and a slump. Coming before a fortuneteller to ask about some understanding in a dream denotes distress, burdens or dismay.

If the fortuneteller replies with a truthful answer in the dream, one should accept his answer. Ifthe fortuneteller maintains silence and declines to answer in the dream, it means abolition of one’s intent or dismissal of any benefits.

(Also see Astrologer; Divination; Dream interpreter; Seer)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


(Castle; Child; Firmament; Heavens; House; Mother; Oath; Ocean; Prison; Teacher; Town; Wife; Wonders) In a dream, the sky represents itself. Whatever descends from it or comes from that direction in a dream will materialize. Iffire falls from the sky over people’s homes in a dream, it means plagues, illness, pleurisy, smallpox, or death and destruction.

If fire falls over the marketplace in the dream, it means higher prices. Ifit falls over the fields and farmlands in the dream, it means that the crops could either burn, freeze, or be struck by a swarm oflocusts or by other harmful insects.lfwhat falls from the sky indicates prosperity, such as honey, oil, figs, barley, or money, etcetera, in the dream, it means a good rain and a good harvest for that year. Whatever falls from the sky of good or bad may represent the government and the hardships it inflicts upon the people, or the benefits it may bring them. Climbing to the sky with a rope, a ladder, or using a staircase in a dream means exaltation, rising in station, good luck and support. Ifone climbs without a common medium in a dream, it means fear and arrogance. Ifhis intention in climbing is to spy on others in the dream, 392 it means that he may work as a spy.

If one descends safely from the sky in the dream, it means that he will escape and be spared the consequences of his sin.

If he falls and breaks or fractures a bone or so in the dream, it means that he may suffer such accident in wakefulness.

If a sick person sees himself climbing to the sky, and ifhe does not return to earth in the dream, it means that he may die from his illness.

If he comes back in the dream, it means that his illness will increase and his difficulties will reach their peak, though God willing, he will recover from his illness, unless he falls into a hole in a dream. In that case the hole represents his grave.

If one sees the sky shooting arrows causing people wounds, injuries and bleeding in a dream, it means taxes and confiscation of properties by the government.

If the arrows hit people’s ears and eyes only in the dream, it means that major trials and temptations will strike at everyone.

If the arrows fall without causing harm to anyone, and if people rush to collect them in the dream, they represent a booty that people will come to win, or a divine gifts people will enjoy.

To rise close to the sky in a dream means nearness to one’s Lord. This is particularly true for pious people and for true believers. Nearing the sky in a dream also represents a supplication needing an immediate answer, and God willing such prayers will be answered. Nearing the sky in a dream also could mean going before the governor of one’s town, or any person from whom one may need something, i.e., a teacher, a man of knowledge, a father, or a wife.

If one sees the sky falling over his head in a dream, it means that the roof of his house may cave in, or that he will die from an illness he already suffers.

If one sees himself climbing and entering the sky in a dream, it means that he will die as a martyr.

If one sees himself standing in the sky in a dream, it means that he will command or admonish others. Ifone sees himself in the sky looking down at something on earth in a dream, it means that he will rise in station, then he will regret somethinghe missed. Ifone sees the sky green in a dream, it means prosperity and a good harvest.

If one sees the sky turned into iron in a dream, it means drought or scarcity of rain.

If one falls from the sky in a dream, it means that he may abandon his faith, become a reprobate, or that he may be struck with a major calamity that will be driven by an unjust person.

If the iron sky splits open, and if an old man appears from behind it in the dream, such an old person represents the grandfather of the people of that town or tribe. Consequently, people will enjoy a good harvest, prosperity and happiness.

If it is a young man that appears in the dream, then he represents an enemy and an evil that may befall the people following such dream. Ifa sheep appears from the sky in a dream, then it means profits.

If camels appear, then they represent rain. Ifa lion appears in the dream, it represents an unjust ruler. Ifthe sky becomes one solid piece in the dream, it means drought. Ifit rips apart and its doors become wide open in the dream, then it means rain or an answer to people’s prayers.

If one sees himself reaching out and touching the sky in a dream, it means that he is seeking an important goal, and that he will fail to attain it. Ifone sees himself rising near the lower heavens in a dream, it means worldly gains, or profits and status in either material or spiritual realms. Ifone looks toward the sky, whether to the East or to the West in a dream, it means travels.

If one sees himself stealing the sky and hiding it in ajar in a dream, it means that he may steal a copy of the holy Qur’an and hides it with his wife. Ifone sees the sky wide open in a dream, it means blessings and benefits.

If one sees himself rising toward the sky in a flat posture in a dream, it means that he will become emaciated, or suffer losses in his business. On the other hand, if one sees himself rising without difficulty and without being laid on his back in a dream, it means exaltation, success and safety from any harm that could be driven by one’s enemies.

If one bites the sky in a dream, it means that a calamity will strike at him, or it could mean business losses, failure to attain one’s goals, or an argument with one’s superior at work.

If one sees himself touring the sky then returning to earth in a dream, it means that he may become an astronomer, or an astrologer and gain fame in his field.

If one sees himself leaning his back to the sky in a dream, it means that he may win a leadership position, or win victory over his opponents. Ifone sees himself in the sky having a form different than that of human beings in a dream, it means that he may leave this world unblessed.

If one sees himself hanging down with a rope from the sky in a dream, it means that he will govern after someone else’s, or inherit his post. However, if the rope breaks in the dream, it means that he may lose such an opportunity.

If one sees a lighted candle in the sky which luster and brightness dims the light of the sun in a dream, it represents a solar eclipse.

If one sees the sky being build in his presence in a dream, it means that he lies in his testimonies. Falling from the sky in a dream also could be a warning against falling into sin. Falling from the sky in a dream with one’s head down means longevity.

If one sees himself in the sky but could not remember when did he enter it in a dream, it means that God willing he is already in paradise.

If one sees radiance, or scintillating rays of light coming through the sky in a dream, it means guidance.

If he sees dark clouds coming through the sky in a dream, it means that he could stray from God’s path.

If he sees a scourge descending from the sky in a dream, it means that plagues and adversities will befall the people as a chastisement for their sins, or for crimes they have committed. As for gnostics and people of knowledge, seeing the sky in a dream means clarity, vision, placing one’s interests in heavenly matters, or travelling to distant lands, or engaging in importing and exporting goods. Climbing into the sky in a dream also means falsehood, false beliefs, lies, or talking about God Almighty without the proper knowledge or guidance. Climbing into the sky in a dream also could mean seeking one’s livelihood, satisfying one’s needs, or fulfilling a promise. Skies in a dream also represent the ocean because of their vastness and the countless number of creation living therein, or they could represent the ripening of fruits, or the conclusion of one’s work, or they could represent one’s helmet, armor, wife, money, religion, death, or they could indicate slander and falsehood against someone who descends from them after being raised, and they could mean making peace with one’s enemies, or they could represent the shares allotted for each one of God’s creation, the good and the bad, people’s sustenance and that of beasts, gains, losses, blessings or afflictions.

(Also see Ascending in the skies; Celestial spheres; Heavens; Star)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


Example: ‘1 dream insects are dropping either on me from the ceiling of our bedroom, or crawling over my pillow. My long-suffering husband is always woken when I sit bolt upright in bed, my eyes wide open and my arm pointing at the ceiling. I try to brush them off. I can still see them—spiders or woodlice. I am now well aware it is a dream. But no matter how hard I stare the insects are there in perfect detail. I am not frightened, but wish it would go away’ (Sue D). Sue’s dream only became a hallucination when she opened her eyes and continued to see the insects in per­fect clarity.

A hallucination can be experienced through any of the senses singly, or all of them together. So one might have a hallucinatory smell or sound.

To understand hallucinations, which are quite common without any use of drugs such as alcohol, LSD or cannabis, one must remember that everyone has the natural ability to produce such images. One of the definitions of a dream according to Freud is its hallucinatory quality. While asleep we can create full sensory, vocal, motor and emotional expenence in our dream. While dreaming we usually accept what we experience as real.

A hallucination is an experience of the function which produces dreams’ occur­ring while we have our eyes open.

The voices heard, people seen, smells smelt, although appearing to be outside us, are no more exterior than the things and images of our dreams. With this information one can understand that much classed as psychic phenomena and religious experience is an encoun­ter with the dream process. That does not, of course, deny its imponance.

There are probably many reasons why Sue should experi­ence a hallucination and her husband not. One might be that powerful drives and emotions might be pushing for attention in her life. Some of the primary drives are the reproductive drive, urge towards independence, pressure to meet uncon­scious emotions and past trauma and fears, any of which, in order to achieve their ends, can produce hallucinations.

A hallucination is therefore not an ‘illusion’ but a means of giving information from deeper levels of self. Given such names as mediumship or mystical insight, in some cultures or individuals the ability to hallucinate is often rewarded so­cially.

Drugs such as LSD, cannabis, psilocybin, mescaline, pey- ote and opium can produce hallucinations. This is sometimes because they allow the dream process to break through into consciousness with less intervention.

If this occurs without warning it can be very disturbing.

The very real dangers are that unconscious content, which in ordinary dreaming breaks through a threshold in a regu­lated way, emerges with little regulation. Fears, paranoid feel­ings, past traumas, can emerge into the consciousness of an individual who has no skill in handling such dangerous forces. Because the propensity of the unconscious is to create images, an area of emotion might emerge in an image such as the devil. Such images, and the power they contain, not being integrated in a proper therapeutic setting, may haunt the indi­vidual, perhaps for years. Even at a much milder level, ele­ments of the unconscious will emerge and disrupt the person’s ability to appraise reality and make judgments. Un­acknowledged fears may lead the drug user to rationalise their reasons for avoiding social activity or the world of work. See ESP and dreams; dead lover in husband under family. See also out of body experience.... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


Stabilizing, bonding medium. Being steadfast or stubborn. Heat that needs to cool down.

Getting stuck, being glued to something (in reference to relationships, work, etc.). Something may be smoothed out with plaster, as in Ironing. Plaster is used to make a copy of an original. What are you copying? Falsehood.

Folklore: Being wrongly accused.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


(see Canvas)

A reflection of what you hope to create with your artistic talents.

What medium does the art use, and is it one that you’ve tried? If not, it may be worth exploring that avenue.

In many cases, the art portrays feelings about a specific person or scenario.

For example, dreaming of the Venus de Milo may reveal that while you find your current situation very attractive, it somehow leaves you feeling out of control, as if you have no arms with which to act, react, and interact.

Framed art represents your personal perception of a person or situation, whether or not that perception is accurate.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


(see Clothes, Masks)

A facade or charade. Tilings are not as they seem.

Various roles we play in life.

For example, someone who is an authority figure may be seen in a costume depicting a famous leader like Julius Caesar (see Icons).

Mimicry of various real-life scenarios as if in a play. This provides a safe medium for the expression of your perceptions.

Sustenance and support. Among ancient tribal cultures, costumes and masks served as a vehicle for sympathetic magic.

For example, if they needed crops to grow, they might dress as vegetation and perform a jumping dance to encourage that growth. So, what facet of your life does this costume represent, and how does it accent that facet?... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


A beverage symbolizing the maternal nature and love (see Cow).

If you are drinking the milk, this may represent the fulfillment of your inner child.

If poured on the skin, a dream that confronts self-images or prejudicial feelings.

For hundreds of years in Europe, milky-white skin was considered the height of beauty and comeliness (see Color).

Spilled milk represents worrying over things which you cannot change (e.g., “crying over spilt milk”).

In Hindu, Egyptian, Japanese, and Greek civilizations, this substance also represented the primordial cosmic matter of creation itself. In a personal setting, this may mean the development of a more intuitive, inventive spirit that can “tune in” and transmit the frequency of universal truths through a specific medium.

Sour milk symbolizes negativity toward your mother, or toward becoming a mother. Warm milk is a positive omen, reflective of renewed peace and a sense of well-being.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


(see Sexual Encounters)

Stimulation and overexcitement that may cause you to expend all your energy in one shot.

If so, take care that you make this a well-considered and well-aimed effort.

A common side effect for dreams focusing on sexual fantasies. In this setting, this likely needs no further interpretation.

A physical need manifesting through what you consider a safe medium—the dream. ... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


(see Death, Divination. Ghost)

Missing someone who has passed over, and wishing that person was nearby to provide advice or companionship.

Getting in touch with vour own feelings regarding death and the afterlife.

Potential missives from beyond.

The subconscious may choose this type of dream to convey ghostly messages because it is a familiar, less frightening apparition.

Matters of communication between yourself and the realms of spirit, including the Divine. How well does the seance progress? Does there seem to be an obstacle to effective mediumship? If so, consider what that obstacle is within your own life that likewise hinders vour ability- to accept or commune with the sacred.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


Vision: If you are reading your temperature on a thermometer: the thermometer shows your present emotional state: passionate, dynamic people have a high temperature, calm people have a medium temperature, and very sensitive, soft-hearted people may feel cold.... Dreamers Dictionary


Dreamers Dictionary


Dreaming of walking up an aisle is suggesting a reminiscent and nostalgic personality, given to fanciful thoughts.

The upside of this is peace and serenity, whereas the downside could be the lack of motivation. Notice who or what is on either side of the aisle for clues on how to invoke a happy medium in your life.... Dream Symbols and Analysis


Dream Symbols and Analysis


This omen is a difficult one to judge, as the importance of the dream depends upon the Figures involved, and these again depend upon the circumstances of the dream. As a rough guide, low Figures are fortunate, high Figures are bad, while medium, in-between Figures show difficulties that can be surmounted if you exert yourself. Obviously, high Figures for a girl or for a working-man would only be low Figures for the wealthy individual, or prosperous business man, to whom a few thousands would mean little or nothing.... Mystic Dream Book


Mystic Dream Book


Because music represents a medium that greatly influences feelings, moods, attitudes and thoughts, dreams of an I-pod represent that your ability to have mastery and control of your emotions, moods and thoughts is in the palm of your hand. See Music.... Strangest Dream Explanations


Strangest Dream Explanations


Gives gender - specific: Modern ballet is a powerful medium with which to signify emotion, so in a man’s dream a male ballet dancer will represent his more powerful emotions, whereas a ballerina is more likely to suggest his anima. In a woman’s dream, however, the male dancer might suggest the animus, while the ballerina suggests the more elusive side of her personality.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile


Psychological / emotional perspective: Because of its connection with instinctive feeling and intuition, a bowl can represent the ability to see the bigger picture. In ordinary life, scrying (technically, divining the future) uses the focus of intuition through the medium of a bowl of water. In dreams, such a bowl would indicate the possible development of clairvoyance.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile


Psychological / emotional perspective: The computer can symbolize spiritual records and the past, present and future.

A database would, for instance, suggest the ordering of information. Text messaging might suggest brief but necessary information, whereas a fax, being slightly outdated, requires us to bring what we know up to date.

The telephone signifies communication with unseen people and might therefore highlight communication with the spirit world.

The television is, quite literally, a medium through which information is passed.

The internet will tend to signify wider, more global, communication and available information.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile


An intermediary is someone who can plead our case or relay information. In spiritual terms this might be represented by a religious teacher or a medium (spiritual channeller). As we try to achieve a balance between the demands of the spiritual and physical realms, an intermediary such as an angelic figure may appear in dreams.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile


Consult the entries for book, letter, library, list and medium as well as the information on spiritual imagery in the introduction.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile


See medium as well as spiritual imagery in the introduction... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile


Material aspects: To be conscious of people talking in a dream gives a sense of being in contact with our own ability to communicate. We are able to express clearly what we feel and think, whereas in waking life we may not feel confident. Stopping people from talking means we wish some information to be kept hidden. Translating what is being said suggests we view ourselves as an intermediary, or in some cases the medium for understanding.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile


There are some aspects of spiritual learning that require an element of practicality about them. Often this will appear in dreams as a medium such as television.

It is as though the dreaming mind requires a recognizable intermediary in order to accept the information.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile


Psychological / emotional perspective: We often recognize through the medium of dreams that an action will have unforeseen circumstances.

To be undoing a knot or angle suggests the necessity to sort a problem out.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile


A very common dream action generally symbolic of some basic fear in the dreamer’s life, such as fear of a moral lapse, job failure, sexual inadequacy, loss of status, etc.

; however, the prophetic meaning of this dream is, strangely, very similar in that it indicates setbacks but modified by the details of its action.

If, in your dream, you fell a long distance, you can expect the reverses to be general and fairly severe; however, if you landed without hurting yourself, they will be upsetting but quite temporary.

If you hurt yourself, you should be prepared to endure some real hardships for a time.

To fall from a medium height signifies a loss of prestige; to fall to the floor (as from a standing or sitting position) is a warning of danger from false friends.

If your dream involved others falling, it indicates triumph over enemies; and if you fell but got up again, you will overcome the obstacles in your path.

To fall into water means financial stress, but the water factor and condition must also be considered.... The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


This is one dream symbol on which practi- cally every source from Ar- temidorus on down agrees. It represents the dreamer’s basic ambition, but the in- terpretation of flying (like a bird) is modified by the details of the flight and its conditions, so the sur- roundings, weather, etc., must be correlated with the action, but as a gen- eral guide:

If you successfully maintained your flight at a low to medium height, you can expect to achieve your goal without much difficulty.

If you were trying (or straining) to reach a high altitude, the dream is telling you that your grasp is greater than your reach and you would be wise to alter your course.

See also Water, Mountain, Airplane, Balloon, Clouds, Sky, etc.... The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


Although a ladder dream follows the general rule that up is good and down is not, its meaning is greatly modified by the other elements, details, and action.

For instance if, in your dream, you were climbing, a very high ladder and reached the top, the predicted achievement will be greater than if the ladder was of medium height or low.

If a rung of the ladder broke under you, you may not attain your greatest ambition but you will achieve financial security.

The disappointment signified in a dream of descending a ladder is mitigated if you used the ladder to escape from danger.

If a laddeF fell on you, it portends trouble ahead due to quarrels or malicious gossip; if you fell from it, you are being warned that your grasp is greater than your reach.

To walk under a ladder in your dream is, contrary to the popular superstition, a sign of good luck.

If you saw a ladder break or fall, you can expect to have to contend with some unanticipated obstacles in your path.

To dream of carrying a ladder indicates that you will have to come to the rescue of a relative or close friend.

A dream featuring the use of a rope ladder signifies success in some activity or business venture of an unusual type.

To dream of feeling dizzy on a ladder is a reminder that arrogance or overconfidence frequently goes before a fall.

A dream of entering a house or other structure by way of a ladder indicates misdirected efforts; reassess your plans.... The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


(see also Devil)

Evil manifestations in dreams will nearly always represent something in yourself. Don’t be offended: there is evil in everyone. What needs to be understood is that the same psychic forces may be good or evil - that is, they may work constructively or destructively.

Evil (destructiveness) rises up from the unconscious, where we bury the parts of ourselves that have at some time frightened us or caused guilt-feelings. We mostly project these repressed psychic drives or qualities on to other people, and this may be what your dream is saying you are doing.

Anger, hatred, and all other destructive tendencies can be dealt with only in oneself. The key to success in dealing with this evil within ourselves is to realize that what is evil is potentially good. Accept the neglected and feared things in yourself, let them assume their proper destined role in your life, and they will then be a power for good. Ev il may reside even in what we call our ‘conscience’. Conscience may be of two kinds: a repository for socially accepted norms of behaviour, including notions of right and wrong picked up from parents in our early years; and a medium by which the conscious ego can receive promptings and warnings from the centre of your being. The latter may sometimes conflict with the former - what your ‘destiny5 calls for may be at odds with what society demands - and courage may be needed to

remain true to your inner self. Since we are all in process of evolution, we cannot properly expect perfection in ourselves or others. An unbending perfectionism is a neurotic condition. The essential thing is to be aware of the evil in ourselves. Only thus can we control it; otherwise, it will control us. Beware of the person who thinks he or she is perfect! Self-knowledge is the first step towards solving the problem of evil.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


Holy Spirit or God-self, revered inner being, spiritual awareness. Something set apart as sacred or holy means lack of awareness. All life is sacred; God is the medium in which all things live and move and have their being. Something you have invested with power; return the power to the teacher within. j... The Dream Books Symbols


The Dream Books Symbols


Medium to get a better look at your own life, how you are dealing with situations. Communication with self. See Stage, Movie.... The Dream Books Symbols


The Dream Books Symbols


Colors that appear in dreams express your inner impulses and that is why they complement the meaning. Psychologists often conduct a test of colors on their patients in order to determine their emotional status. An expert in feng shui also makes sure to have, at home, the color that attracts good fortune. However, depending on each individual the interpretation of each color varies, because every person has particular chromatic associations. The basic colors are YELLOW, BLUE, and RED. All other colors are the result of the combination of these three. Every color, as discussed below, has its own duality. Depending on the situation of the dreamer, the meaning is either. Red is the color of vital force, it represents passion and sexuality, but can also denote fury and blood. Orange is the refinement of passions, and is often associated with balance and healing. Yellow is associated with artistic inspiration, but there are cases in which it symbolizes cowardice. Green is the color of nature that brings hope and new life, although sometimes it expresses jealousy and envy. Blue is all the spiritual matters, it implies harmony and (like the sky) liberty; however, sometimes, it represents sadness. Purple is the color of royalty and spiritual knowledge. Black denotes depression and unconsciousness. Finally, white symbolizes purity.

For a medium, every living thing has an aura (an energy field around the body) of a particular color. In this sense, the oneiric meaning of colors is related to the spiritual value they are traditionally associated. So, red is sensuality; orange, purity; yellow, inspiration; green, recovery; blue, healing; purple, clairvoyance; black, disease; brown, stability; and white spirituality.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


This dream often occurs when an internal conflict is taking place or when you have to make a difficult emotional decision. As with real-life disputes, reaching a happy medium means the best solution. Nothing is black or white. On the other hand, this dream is trying to express those emotions that you do not normally show.

If you know the person you are arguing with, it may represent aspects of your nature that you do not accept. Its meaning can also be literal and you are truly resentful of that person.

Superstition says that this dream portends unhappy relationships in love

and business.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


Duels are fairly common in the dream world. These are verbal clashes against a rival. In many cases, these dialectical fights indicate the existence of emotional conflicts with your partner or a close relative who intends to limit your liberty. They can also express an internal conflict, probably between your conscious thoughts and your unconscious instincts. In this sense, you have to find a happy medium. These matters always have nuances, so you are not supposed to lean toward either extreme. You will not be calm until you solve it.

Many stories for kids are full of oneiric symbology and illustrate psychologic processes. An example of this is present on Lewis Carroll’s characters: Tweedledum and Tweedledee. They represent internal facets of a subject’s childhood.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The elements symbolize the total sum of the universe, including humanity.

It is divided in solid (earth), liquid (water), and gaseous (air). Each part can transform into the other two by using energy (fire). Psychological traits of the dreamer may be represented in each of these elements. Its balance denotes completeness and integrity. (See WATER, EARTH, AIR, and FIRE)

In astrology, the four elements are the essential qualities of human beings. The earth is fertility and loyalty; water, imagination; air, intelligence; and fire, ambition and will. The mystics believed in a fifth element that permeated everything. It was a fluid state of existence called ether. Today, many mediums believe that, thanks to it, astral travels are possible.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The forest symbolizes the unconscious, anxieties, instincts, and secret passions.

If it is accompanied by a sense of peace, completeness, or exuberance, it indicates that you are self-confident and proud of your personality. But if you feel fear and anxiety, or if you get lost in the forest, it is a sign of fear, repression, and complexes. On the other hand, birds and animals found in the forest represent your instincts and emotions. Finally, if you dream of being in a dark forest and try to find the way back, it denotes that you want to take a decisive step in life.

The plot of many fairy tales like Hansel and Gretel and Snow White takes place in the forest. Like dreams, these stories symbolize the exploration of the unconscious. According to an esoteric interpretation, to get lost in a forest is an omen of alterations; to hide in it, of impending disasters; to cross it, promise of inheritance; to go for a walk in the forest, joy. A felled forest, however, is a sign of wealth.

FOREST - analysis of the dream

Ana dreamed: “I was on my way to the office, on the same streets as always, but the smoke of the city would not let me breathe and I could barely see the path I was walking over. I suddenly found myself surrounded by a lush forest. I knew that if I followed the trail I would reach my destination, so I decided to enjoy the scenery while walking confident and happy, at a medium pace. In the dream I could identify the different species of trees and flowers. Birds were coming to me with their joyous trills. I felt full of vitality. I woke up with a very nice feeling of peace, as if I had enjoyed a comfortable vacation.”

Ana had this dream two days before she was diagnosed with a chronic respiratory condition. Besides being prophetic—the smoke of the city would not let her breathe—Ana’s dream was warning her against a need for her body: healthy and fresh air. The confident and safe walk passage reflects the Ana’s strength and the fact that the problem would be easily solved. Months later she was granted a transfer to a mountain village with a very suitable climate for her health.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The elk is a member of the deer family, so any meaning associated with it will be based on a foundation involving grace, beauty, watchfulness, and the ability to navigate the symbolic forests of our unconscious. Being larger than a deer but less so than a moose, the elk carries a medium weight of power as an animal totem.

If the elk in your dream has antlers, then the amount of his medicine is increased. Either way, when an elk appears in your dream, you are being guided through a journey into hidden territory.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams


All cats relate to the power of the feminine principle.

The larger the cat, the greater the power of this totem. This medium-sized cat is actually named for the brightness of its eyes, so the medicine that it carries connects with sight and vision. When the lynx appears in a dream, you are being gifted with the ability to see clearly and navigate stealthily as a result of such vision.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams


You are dreaming of the desire to make changes to some aspect of your life by covering over the past and starting fresh.

If the paint in your dream was more artistic in nature, the impulse being expressed may connect to your desire to be creative. Paint itself is the stuff with which this form of alteration is executed. Symbolically, it should be considered as the raw material of change of an expressive nature.

The control you are able to exert over this elusive liquid medium will illuminate for you how effectively you may be utilizing your current creative resources.

The more control you are able to access, the more effective your expressiveness is likely to be and the more effectively you will be able to manifest your desired intention.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams


You are undergoing a pretty significant change or transformation. Any vehicle that moves you from one location to another signifies that big shifts are occurring.

A train is much faster than a car but slower than a plane. In this way, being on a train in your dream means that there is a medium amount of transformation going on in your life.

A train is a type of public transportation, so the changes that are taking place are more likely to relate to your public rather than your private life.

The state of the train, such as its age and the shape it is in, will offer you more distinctions to add to your interpretation.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Birds are complex symbols with many possible meanings.

As creatures that fly aloft with no attachment to the ground, they can represent freedom, either physical or psychological. Because they navigate in an unseen—and thus seemingly spiritual—medium, birds can have a variety of different religious meanings, as messengers of the divine (e.g., the Holy Spirit), as symbols of the soul, as heralds of spiritual aspiration (the desire to “soar aloft”), and so on. Blackbirds were traditionally thought of as omens of death, although they can also represent the shadow side of the self. Various other meanings are associated with particular kinds of birds (e.g., vultures). Also, birds in dreams sometimes allude to such metaphors as “bird-brained.”... Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia


Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia


Amber: Ancient wisdom, knowledge.

Amethyst: Transition to spiritual awareness, higher knowledge, insight.

Apple Green: Powers of healing.

Apricot: Admiration.

Aquamarine: Communication, expanded awareness.

Avocado Green: New beginnings.

Azure: Honesty, sincerity.

Blue Green: Spiritual healing.

Blue Gray: Fear of new ideas.

Blue Purple: İdealism.

Blue Violet: Honor, spiritual truth, devotion, inspiration.

Brick Red: Selfishness.

Bright Green: Uplifting.

Bright Orange: Health, vitality.

Bright Purple: Spiritual insight.

Bright Red: Courage.

Bright Yellow: Enlightened intellect, sense of fun.

Burgundy: Wealth, success, elegance, prosperity; in dreams, indicative of your potential power, or your desire for power and recognition.

Caramel: Career goals, aspirations.

Charcoal Gray: Depression.

Claret: Self-determination.

Clear: Clarity.

Clear Brown: Avarice.

Clear Red: High energy.

Cloudy Orange: Confusion.

Cloudy Red: Greed, cruelty.

Cobalt Blue: İntuition

Copper: Fertility, career maneuvers, passion, money goals.

Coral: Friendship, friends.

Cranberry Red: Love, passion, energy, enthusiasm, courage.

Cream: Acceptance, tolerance, maturity.

Crimson: Optimistic, reckless, mournful.

Dark Brown: Materialistic approach to life, wistfulness, melancholy, indecision, fatigue.

Dark Green: Jealousy, rivalry, ambition, greed, insecurity, selfishness.

Dark Gray: Energy and guidance for problems to come.

Dark Orange: Distrust, deceit.

Dark Pink: Gentle and unconditional love, thankfulness.

Dark Purple: Deep devotion, deep compassion, vision.

Dark Red: High energy, strong determination, strong passion, anger, aggression.

Dark Turquoise: Heightening of communication, sensitivity and creativity.

Dark Yellow: Caution, jealousy, deceit.

Deep Blue: High spiritual attainment.

Deep Crimson: Shame.

Deep Gold: Prosperity.

Deep Orange: Pride.

Deep Pink: Marriage, mature love, trust, thankfulness.

Deep Red: Unconscious beauty.

Dirty Green: Envy, spite, illness, jealousy.

Dull Gray Brown: Selfishness.

Dull Yellow: False optimism.

Dusty Pink: Sexual desire.

Electric Blue: İndividuality, originality, encourages uniqueness, stimulates the need for behaving with humanity, creating innovation.

Emerald Green: Money, prosperity, peace of mind.

Fuchsia: Connection to spirituality and meditation, readiness to let go of old attitudes, preparedness for change.

Golden Brown: Friendship, illumination, wisdom.

Golden Orange: Self-control.

Golden Yellow: Joy, gladness.

Green Gray: Envy, deceit, fear.

Green Yellow: Jealousy, anger, sickness, discord, cowardice.

Gray Brown: Selfishness.

Hot Pink: Sex, lust.

Imperial Purple: Dreams, aspirations.

Indian Red: Leadership, valor.

Indigo: Spirituality, deceit.

Ivory: Superiority, slightly tainted purity.

Jade: Charitable nature.

Lavender: İntuition, dignity, spiritual growth, equilibrium, daintiness, nostalgia, femininity, soothing, affection and devotion.

Leaden Gray: Meanness, lack of imagination.

Lemon: Stimulates and vitalizes the brain. Cleansing.

Lemon Green: A liar, a cheat.

Lemon Yellow: Strong sense of direction in life.

Light Blue: Hope, faith, harmony, peace, tranquility, forgiveness, fidelity, honesty, patience, devotion.

Light Green: Youth, potential, vitality, health.

Light Gray: Fear.

Light Pink: Sexual love, love, romance, grace, joy.

Light Purple: İncreased psychic power, spiritual prowess, fantasy, romance.

Light Red: Happiness, courage, success.

Light Violet: Enchantment.

Light Yellow: High wisdom, intellect.

Lilac: Acceptance of responsibility, awakening, enchantment.

Lime Green: Abundance.

Magenta: Emotional healing.

Maroon: Sacrifice, courage, bravery, heroism, strength.

Mauve: Cooperation, trust, and self-confidence.

Midnight Blue: Damaged pride, protection.

Mint Green: Financial gain.

Muddy Orange: Pride, vanity.

Muddy Pink: İmmaturity.

Mustard: Difficulty in rationalizing, jealousy,

Navy Blue: Strong emotions, self-pity, wallowing.

Off White: Realism, peace of mind.

Olive: Peace, natural wisdom, uniformity.

Olive Green: Natural wisdom, harmony, need for peace in your environment.

Opal: Transformation.

Opaque: Grounded awareness.

Orange Brown: Self-indulgence, sloth, laziness, immorality, perversion, ignorance.

Orange Red: Sexuality, energy.

Orchid: Physical energy, happiness, power, healing.

Pale Blue: Sensitivity.

Pale Green: Empathy, sympathy, weakness.

Pale Peach: Modesty.

Pale Pink: True love.

Pale Primrose: Great intellectual power.

Pale Yellow: Shyness.

Peach: İnnocent love intermixed with wisdom, gentle strength, protection, confidence, communication.

Pearl: Spiritual mediums.

Pink Red: Outrage, imagination, innovation.

Primrose: Optimism.

Quartz: Protection and purification.

Red Brown: Subdued emotions, deep anger, temperamental.

Rosy Pink: Unselfish love.

Royal Blue: Promoting laughter and joviality, loyalty, confidence, friendship, success.

Ruby Red: Passionate love, passionate anger.

Sable: Constancy, prudence, wisdom, abstinence and sobriety.

Salmon: Knowledge.

Salmon Pink: Job satisfaction.

Sapphire Blue: Broader perception, inner peace, spiritual healing.

Scarlet: Lust, excitement, sexuality, physical vigor, vibrancy, ostentation, manipulation, courage, passion, volatility.

Sea Green: Emotional healing and protection, calming influence, dynamic motivation.

Silver Blue: Deep wisdom, intuition, opportunities.

Silver Gray: Meditation, relaxation.

Sky Blue: İncreased psychic ability, lucid dreaming, hope, restfulness, peace.

Spring Green: Children, fertility.

Sunlight Yellow: Creativity, warmth, optimism.

Teal: Trustworthiness, devotion, healing, spiritual guidance and teaching.

Tomato Red: Pride.

Turquoise: Healing power, natural energy, the sun, fire, prosperity, peace, generosity, growth.

Vermilion: Creativity.

Violet Red: Passion, sex.

Yellow Green: Jealousy, anger, sickness, discord, cowardice.

Yellow Orange: İntellectual.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Buddhism and dreams
The principle aim of Buddhism is to achieve liberation from the things that bind consciousness to what Buddhists see as the illusory concepts of the self and the world. This principle or goal is called liberation or Nirvana, and it is sometimes associated with the obliteration of a sense of self or ego. This is not the death of the self but an untangling of the self from the illusions that emotions and thoughts create. Dreams are therefore thought to depict the illusions of the everyday experience of life in that they express a person’s fears, hopes and opinions.

Christianity and dreams
According to traditional Christianity, the purpose of dreams is to improve communication with God; this can be shown by the constant references in the Bible to communication through the medium of dreams between man and God, man and the angels, and between man and his higher self. The moral standards of the dreamer may be reflected in the clarity and degree of quality of their dreams.

Hinduism and dreams
Hindu dream interpretation puts great importance on individual dream images, and relates them to gods and demons. This belief that dream symbols may be universal as well as individual is similar to the more modern ideas put forward by Carl Jung in his theory of the ’collective unconscious’.

Islam and dreams
Dreams, according to Muslim scholars, are of three types. The first of these are sound dreams that are indicative of glad tidings. These can include premonitions of the future. A second type of dream is said to be evil and the result of Satanic whisperings or inspirations. A third type of dream can be termed as ’idle dreams’, and they are the result of eating unpalatable foods, the over-exercise of one’s imaginations, or experiences in life which might also be reflected in one’s dreams.

Judaism and dreams
Dreams have long been considered a legitimate form of divine revelation in Jewish mysticism and throughout Jewish history—from Hagar, Joseph and King Solomon to Sigmund Freud and beyond— Jews have honored their dreams and searched for their deeper meanings. Judaism takes dreams very seriously. In the Bible, we read of the dreams of the great people of Israel: Abraham, Jacob, Joseph and many of the prophets. Judaism is of the opinion that all prophecy, except for the prophecy of Moses, was transmitted to the prophets when they were in a dreamlike, almost catatonic, trance. The Talmud places heavy emphasis on the interpretation of the dream as the key to its fulfillment.

If a seemingly bad or frightening dream is interpreted positively, no ill effects from that dream will ever actually occur.

Other traditions and dreams
Oriental traditions concerning dreams are comparative and philosophical; the dreamer’s state of mind is thought to be of more importance than the predictive power of the dreams themselves.

Ancient Chinese philosophy holds that the soul is separated from the body whilst dreaming and that several levels of consciousness exist; the dreamer’s horoscope, time of year, and the individual’s physical condition are all taken into consideration when interpreting dreams.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


The oldest religious tradition on earth may well be Goddess worship, which some archaeologists trace back further than 30,000 years. It was certainly natural to worship the archetype of woman as the source of all life, especially in the age before male warriors replaced Her with their combative sky gods. The Goddess archetype in dreams can be inspiring as it embodies wisdom, guidance, physical grace, athletic prowess and sensuality.

If a particular goddess appears in your dream, study the specific qualities of that goddess and evaluate how much of your sense of self is reflected in one of those patterns. For example, Venus / Aphrodite: love and fertility; Diana / Artemis: nature and hunting; Minerva / Athena: strength, clear thinking; Ceres / Demeter: motherhood; Juno / Hera: queenship and partnership; Proserpina / Persephone: mysticism and mediumship; Sophia: wisdom... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Air often appears in dreams as the medium through which we fly. Dreaming of soaring or flying through the air may therefore have mirrored your own quest for spiritual or intellectual inspiration or achievement. According to Freud, flying dreams express the urge to enjoy unlimited sexual freedom and to indulge in sexual experimentation. Although this may have meaning and relevance to you, another explanation is that you yearn to feel as free as a bird. Or perhaps you have risen to new heights in an area of your life. If, however, you dream of losing the air that sustains your flight, this suggests a loss of freedom, objectivity or even confidence.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


To see heaven in your dream signifies your desire to find perfect happiness. You may be trying to escape from the difficulties you are experiencing in your life, your dream serving as a medium through which you can restore your faith, optimism, and hopes. To dream of hell, by contrast, denotes that you may be suffering in a seemingly inescapable situation. You may have placed your decision about which course of action to take into someone else’s hand.

Alternatively, you may be experiencing fear and guilt about something, and are wondering what the punishment might be. See also RELIGION.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Hearing music in your dreams generally has positive connotations. Music is a healing balm to the soul, and as you are listening to it in your dream, you may be connected to the wonderful, creative spirit or flow of life, suggesting a degree of inner harmony and emotional expression. Music in waking life is one of the most powerful and expressive mediums available and through music it is possible to convey feelings that are impossible to put into words. It is much the same in your dreams, where a beautiful melody can express your sense of feeling sweet, peaceful and harmonious, whereas a clash of harsh notes may reflect emotional discord or feeling out of tune with the people in your life.

The type of music that features in your dreams may have significance, especially if it was music you do not usually listen to in waking life. For example, if you love classical music but dreamt of a pop song, your unconscious may have retrieved the song from your memory because it portrays perfectly how you are feeling at present.

If you dreamed of classical music but are a modern music fan, this may be a reference to old-fashioned tastes and values with which you feel in tune. The dream may also be urging you to listen a little more to the advice of older people.

If you dreamed of choosing a song on a juke box, the song you chose may express how you are currently feeling. Dream drum rolls may be urging you to pay attention to someone or keep in step and conform to others in waking life.

According to Freud, a martial or rhythmical drum beat could suggest intercourse but another interpretation suggests that it could symbolize the voice of your unconscious or unspoken feelings that arise from the depths of your inner self.

If you were listening passively to music in your dream, this may be referring to your emotional reaction to a waking situation, but if you were actively making music, humming along or tapping the rhythm, this may be about your emotional involvement with someone or something. Dreams about music may also be urging you to explore your perhaps neglected potential for personal creativity, of which music is a common symbol.

If you were playing an instrument, the choice of instrument will also be significant.

If you were playing drums, are you trying to drum up support for something or someone, or did the dream suggest that something needs to be drummed into your head? If you clashed a pair of cymbals, this might suggest a clash of conflicting opinions, whilst blowing a trumpet may suggest bragging or your feelings of triumph. The black and white symbolism of piano keys could indicate the need to see things clearly, in black and white, or to harmonize extreme opinions. Don’t forget the sexual symbolism of musical instruments too. Freudians would, for example, regard a flute as a phallic symbol and the curved bodies of violins or guitars as a feminine symbol. Finally, dreams of playing instruments may simply be encouraging you to nurture a real-life talent for music. See also ARTS AND CRAFTS.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Spiritualists, shamans and mediums often claim that spirit guides visit them in their dreams. The spirit guides often appear in the forms of animals, but may take on other forms: the form of loved ones already passed on, past teachers or elders, or important figures in the relevant mythology. According to Jungians, archetypal figures, such as the wise old man or the priestess that appear in dreams and offer guidance, are not guides from the spirit world but from the depths of your unconscious. Either way, they perform the same function as spirit guides. So if supernatural or archetypal figures appear in your dreams, are you in need of some sort of guidance? Could you use any of the advice they offer effectively in your waking life?... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

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