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Symbolic of the nation of Israel, Ex. 25:31-40

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Each one of us will have a different belief about the existence of a supreme God or being. For some it may be the one God of Judeo-Christian or Islamic tradition, for others it may be a universal and eternal life force of goodness or a state of enlightenment; others may deny its existence altogether. However you perceive or understand the nature of the Supreme Being, the important thing when it comes to interpreting dream in which it appears is your understanding of its almighty power, and your feelings of humility and insignificance or anger and disbelief in relation to it. You are most likely to have such dreams at times in your life when you feel that your life is out of control; your dreaming mind may send you this image as a way of urging you to seek guidance from your intuition. Alternatively, your dreaming mind may conjure this image because someone important in your life—a boss or a teacher—is ’playing God’, and your fear and reverence for this person may be misplaced.

Central to the Jungian interpretation of dreams is the being of light, an archetypal image or universal spiritual principle. The image may appear bathed in light of the seven-branched menorah candelabrum of Judaism or simply wearing a halo of light; however it appears, such a light expresses divine energy and illumination.... The Element Encyclopedia


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