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(see Eating, Food by type. Prices)

The Language of Dreams | Patrica Telesco

A dream which featured a menu promises a long period of comfortable, if not luxurious, living.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett

Dreams of a menu represent the choices you have in life with regards to a situation you are in. Your subconscious mind is giving you the suggestion to make decisions that feed and nourish your mind, body and soul. Consider what is on the menu, and the item(s) you choose.

Strangest Dream Explanations | Dream Explanations - Anonymous

1. One faces a number of choices in a situation.

2. One is trying to get the “big picture” in a situation.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

Dreaming about a menu foretells a long period of comfortable, if not luxurious, living.

My Dream Interpretation | myjellybean

Important is the symbolic meaning of the foods that are listed on the menu.

Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar

Symbolic of choices

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Menu | Dream Interpretation

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(see Food by type, Beverages, Candy, Fasting, Hunger)

If you have been dieting lately, this is likely a circumstantial dream that needs no further explanation.

The ideas, concepts, or beliefs currently being internalized (e.g., “you are what you eat”).

In esoteric traditions, eating is a way to ground energy and reestablish foundations in the material world. Consider if both feet have been on terra firm a lately.

Metaphorically, is there something for which you hunger in your life, physically, mentally, or spiritually? If so, find the right food to fill that hunger so that strong, healthy growth may begin (or continue).

A representation of your current eating habits. Are you eating well-rounded meals—or too much junk food? Consider what the dream shows you in terms of how you’ve been feeling lately, and make appropriate adjustments in your diet.

Eating a celebratory feast represents sampling a little from many different aspects of life, and enjoying each fully. It may also portend a period of abundance and pleasant surprises soon to follow.

Arriving late for a feast indicates the presence of many pressing personal matters that often detain social interactions.

Reviewing a menu in a dream signifies life’s decisions and how metaphorically “good” they are for you. Consider what types of foods were chosen, and if the choices were costly, for more specific symbolism.

Leaving a table hungry represents being dissatisfied bv the results of an effort, the answer received from a question, or a situation that is less fulfilling than you might wish.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


(see Bank / Banking, Menu, Money, Numbers, Shopping)

The prices on objects in our dreams reflect their value to us.

For example, seeing someone buy an expensive designer outfit instead of an identical brand-name one illustrates a superficial personality, someone interested only in impressing others and looking more important. Or, paying an exorbitant price on a heart-shaped pillow could represent having given too much of yourself to a relationship, or valuing love as precious.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


Dreams of dining symbolize your need for soul food that takes place during social gatherings. Consider what you are eating and whether your current social circle nourishing your soul.

If it is not, this dream is giving you the message to choose another experience from your social menu.... Strangest Dream Explanations


Strangest Dream Explanations


Dreams of a restaurant represent the need to feed your soul, to be refueled and energized. Because restaurants serve you, this dream denotes a desire to receive. Restaurants also depict the fact that you are at choice in the matter of your life, with regards to the information you want to take in, and the kinds of relationships you want to be in. Consider the type of restaurant this is and what kind of food is being served. See Menu.... Strangest Dream Explanations


Strangest Dream Explanations


Eating out in restaurants is often part of a couple’s courting rituals, so dream meals that are cozy and enjoyable reflect good social relationships, and, if you were enjoying an intimate meal for two, your desire for an intimate relationship.

If the person you were dining with is someone you know, this suggests your desire to get closer to them, sexually, emotionally or intellectually. Further clues are hidden in the dream scenario. What kind of food were you eating? If you were eating oysters and sucking fruit, this may denote a desire for a sexual relationship but if you felt your tongue tingle in your mouth, this may suggest a need for verbal or intellectual stimulation.

Your dream dining experience will reveal not only the quality of your physical diet, but also the kinds of beliefs, behavior and attitudes with which you fill your life. What kind of restaurant are you in? Is it humble, exotic, shabby or expensive? Have you chosen to eat in a down-to-earth cafeteria, canteen or café? Or have you decided to eat on the go and grab a takeaway because you are in a hurry? What is the service like in the restaurant and is the quality of the food good? All this will speak volumes about the way you live your life at the current time.

Being turned away from a restaurant suggests frustration and disappointment, as well as a sense of social isolation. To dream that someone clears away the food before you have finished eating indicates problems and issues concerning those who may be dependent upon you in some way.

If you see yourself in the role of a waiter or waitress, the quality of service you provide may express concern about the way you relate to people outside your family circle; you may have a tendency, for example, of being overfamiliar, efficient, clumsy or polite.

If you see yourself in the role of restaurant critic, this will usually symbolize yourself criticizing the quality of what you fill your life with. To dream of studying the menu could indicate various options in waking life. Were you confused or decisive in your dream menu choice, as this may refer to your waking attitude to a decision you need to make?... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


If you dream of hosting a group of people at a social event or party, this may express a desire to show affection to those close to you in your waking life. Pay attention to who is or isn’t present, as it may indicate who or what is missing from your life.

If you wrote invitations, gave presents, hosted or invited people you don’t like, this suggests that you have been neglecting your social life and need to revitalize it.

If you invited people you like, this suggests that you need to have more fun in your life. Being showered with gifts or attention at a party may be a wish-fulfillment dream. Dream parties and social events may also reflect a desire to widen your social circle or forge new work contacts.

If you were the life and soul of the party or event, this indicates a longing to be popular, self-assured and socially confident. Pay attention to how you behave at the party and how you interact with others as it will be commenting on your social skills.

If you confidently mixed with everyone at a New Year’s party, this is a positive message but if you were a shy wallflower, your dreaming mind may have been suggesting that you should try to interact more.

Conversations at parties with someone you know suggest a desire to get to know that person more; if you do not know the person, your dreaming mind is encouraging you to discover hidden aspects of yourself.

If someone gatecrashes your party, this could reflect your feelings towards someone who is pestering you in waking life or hindering your progress.

Festive gathering at restaurants will also have relevance to your waking relationships. Pay attention to who is attending and if the atmosphere is pleasant; this could indicate the people that you feel sustain you emotionally or who you wish would perform this role.

If you are the family cook in waking life, your dream may also have been urging you to treat yourself.

If wine was served at the meal, this suggests relaxation but if champagne was served, celebration.

If you are puzzling over menu choices in your dream, this may be reflecting uncertainty in your waking life or the number of tempting choices available to you.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

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