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To see windows in your dreams, is an augury of fateful culmination to bright hopes. You will see your fairest wish go down in despair. Fruitless endeavors will be your portion.

To see closed windows is a representation of desertion.

If they are broken, you will be hounded by miserable suspicions of disloyalty from those you love.

To sit in a window, denotes that you will be the victim of folly.

To enter a house through a window, denotes that you will be found out while using dishonorable means to consummate a seemingly honorable purpose.

To escape by one, indicates that you will fall into a trouble whose toils will hold you unmercifully close.

To look through a window when passing and strange objects appear, foretells that you will fail in your chosen avocation and lose the respect for which you risked health and contentment. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


Merciful, benevolent... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


Dream Dictionary Unlimited


(Incantation; Prayer; Talisman; A prayer worn around the neck or cherished to word off evil and attract good fortune.) When a prayer is read in a dream following the prophetic traditions to help a sick person in the dream, it means protection from sufferings, dispelling distress and dissipation of sadness.

If the amulet or the talisman carries a personal spell or wish, then it is nothing but lies, falsehood, affectation and hypocrisy.

If the person who recites the incantation in the dream is a craftsperson, it means that he defrauds the people and fakes his product. Ifhe is a man of knowledge, it means that he lies or hides his true knowledge, abstains from giving true advice, or perhaps he offers a poor quality of worship.

If the one reciting the incantation in the dream is a judge, it means that he will give a wrongjudgement.

If one is given to drink some water over which specific prayers were recited in a dream, it means longevity.

If one sees himself reciting an incantation, or if he hears incantations recited on his behalf in a dream, it will all be false except for a prayer that recites ‘In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate’ or contains a Quranic revelation.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


(arb.) Calling the Name of God Almighty in a dream means blessed tidings. Basmalah in a dream also represents attainment, knowledge, guidance and wealth. Reciting the formula ‘Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem’ (In the Name ofAllah, the Merciful, the Compassionate) in a dream also means living to see one’s children and grand children. It also means recovering a lost article. Basmala in a dream also means placing the intention to get married, tidings of a good progeny, and receiving guidance after heedlessness.

If one writes down such a call ‘In the Name of God’ with a beautiful handwriting in his dream, it means that he will receive wealth and recognition in his field of knowledge.

If a deceased person writes it in one’s dream, it means that such a person dwells encompassed with God’s mercy.

If the one who wrote it in the dream is alive and if he erases it or if a bird steals it from him in the dream, it means the nearing of his death and exhaustion of his sustenance in this world.

If one recites it during his prayers in a dream when it is not his custom to do so, it means borrowing an unnecessary amount of money or giving preference to leaning toward one’s mother rather than his father or the opposite.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


(Compassion) Seeing a merciful person showing compassion toward a weak person in a dream means clarity about one’s spiritual commitment, and that one’s religious devotion will grow stronger.

If one sees himself being treated with mercy in a dream, it means that he will receive forgiveness. Ifone is granted divine mercy in a dream, it means that he is endowed with favors and blessings. Ifone sees himselfbeing merciful and happy in a dream, it means that he will memorize the holy Qur’an by heart.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


You may have had a dream in which someone was uncharacteristically compassionate, merciful or generous towards you or someone else.

If this is the case, your dreaming mind may have conjured up this scenario to alert you to the need to rise above negativity and pessimism so that you can recognize and possibly adopt more compassion and selflessness in your own life.

If your dream benefactor was an archetypal figure such as the mother, father, high priestess or priest, this dream may have been particularly inspirational and uplifting. Your unconscious may also be urging you to respect other people despite their faults and to stop judging and start understanding more.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

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