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A divine revelation to bring spiritual help and encouragement

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Messiah Dream | Dream Interpretation

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(see Ascetic, Authority Figures, Parents, Religions)

A god or goddess: Each varies here by the specific visage seen, but ecumenically any such appearance indicates a higher consciousness, morality, and the divine spark within each of us.

Christ: An image of healing, forgiveness, protection, and renewal.

If crucified, an emblem of martyrdom, or giving too much of yourself (see Cross, Sacrifice).

Buddha: Introspection.

The path of positive speech and acting in accord.

Gandhi: Empowerment that comes from knowing your own mind.

A just cause fought for without violence. Peaceful negotiations.

A guru: Looking for, and dependence upon, spiritual insights from other people. Remember that your own heart is the best guru to guide your life.

Mother Teresa: The highly underestimated power of gentility, kindness, and compassion.

Moses: Redemption that first requires the trying of your beliefs.

A wizard: Mastery over the elements, and the ability to foresee the consequences of actions. Alternatively, a stage magician represents trickery and illusion meant to fool people.

King Arthur: Wise and peaceful leadership. Having a real understanding of equity.

Merlin: A tutorial image from your Higher Self who helps you see things differently, from a more metaphysical perspective.

Kings and queens: People, situations, or ideals in your life that have some authority over you.

The questions to ponder here are how much control do they have and how healthy is it for you? Look at other elements in the dream to determine this. Alternatively, these may be reflections of your own Higher Self, and self-rulership.

Mary: An alternative image of the primordial goddess, who through obedience and faith gave birth to the Messiah.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


Driving a motorcycle signifies riding forward with an independent sense of power and demonstrating it to all around you. It represents personal freedom.

A Harley-Davidson might comment that you are ndmg torward with the son of David, the king of the Jews. Thus, it ndes with the power of the Messiah.... Ariadne's Book of Dream


Ariadne's Book of Dream


As radiant energy, a star may appear in a dream to represent your own radiant qualities and as a sign of self-fulfillment. It may make a wish come true, as in “Wish upon a star.’ Or it may lead you to destiny, tame, and recognition. Starlight in dreams offers the light in the darkness, which is like a beacon to follow. It may arrive as a sign of the birth of a new idea. It may also reflect your connection to the cosmos.

• Four-pointed star: The star of Bethlehem is the four- pointed star that appeared in the sky as a sign of the birth of Christ. This star is associated with Sirius, the Dog Star, which for the ancient Egyptians represented heavenly power. In your dream, it may be a sign of a great spiritual awakening or the birth of Christ-like qualities.

• Five-pointed star: The pentagram with its five radiating points is the insignia of the goddess and a symbol of her fertility and creativity.

The same five radiating points are found in the flora within nature, from the morning glory to the violet blossom. This star symbolizes the creative power within nature.

The Wicca tradition uses this star as a symbol of protection and power As a more modem symbol, it appears on the American flag to represent the states and, therefore, uniqueness and individuality.

If the five-pointed star appears on a pair of Converse sneakers in your dream, it may recommend that you step into your personal power.

• Six-pointed star: The Star of David, a symbol of the Judaic tradition, consists of two interlocking triangles merged together. This symbol joins the power of the heart with rhe power of creativity to manifest love. It may also signify the union of heaven and earth. As a sign, it points to the return of the Messiah or true king.

• Twelve-pointed star: The twelve pemts symbolize twelve principles of spiritual attainment through service. They are love, charity, hope, compassion, truth, light, creativity, faith, honor, enlightenment, joy. and peace.... Ariadne's Book of Dream


Ariadne's Book of Dream


Dreams of juggling signify that you are multi-tasking, and that you are feeling on the verge of being out of control with too many balls in the air.

It is time to deal with your messiah complex: Attempting to be all things to all people. Your dream may be giving you the message that it is time to drop a few things, and learn to say “No” every once in a while. See Co-Dependant.... Strangest Dream Explanations


Strangest Dream Explanations



This archetype suggests a need to balance the scales of justice in your waking life. Dreams about bringing war criminals to trial, or legally pursuing corporations that harm society, or saving the world from impending disaster are examples of the avenger archetype in action. The shadow side of the avenger manifests in dreams with acts of violence and a burning desire to get even at all costs as their themes.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


The larger the number in your dream, the greater amount of yourself may be involved; big numbers represent things that are impressive or mean a lot to you. A hundred is a symbol of completion, a full century and a more powerful representation of those qualities associated with the number 10. 666, the number of the Beast, is mentioned in the Book of Revelations in the New Testament. In some interpretations of Christian eschatology, the ‘Beast’ is believed to refer to an entity controlled by the Antichrist and the number is even today considered unlucky or a sign of evil by some people. In the Jewish tradition, however, the number 666 is considered a mystical and holy number and is considered to be God’s number. It also refers to creation, since the world was created in six days.

If the number 9 / 11 appears in your dream, your unconscious may have been using these numbers to draw a parallel with the shock and devastation you felt on that terrible day of death and destruction, and your similar reaction to the events currently rocking your world.

If the number thousand appears in your dream, it may be associated with the Millennium and the coming of the Messiah, or it may signify some other form of spiritual awakening. It is also a symbol of vastness and the immortality of love. Once you start dreaming of millions, billions or even larger numbers, these numbers are so vast they take you beyond the personal. They are also associated with riches of some sort, not necessarily financial.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

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