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1. Need to go someplace warm and sunny.

2. R & r.

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Miami | Dream Interpretation

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Dreams that feature images of menstruation indicate the very mystery of life itself; the acceptance of the life processes in yourself if you are menstruating in your dream, and non-acceptance if you are not. Such dreams can also represent the desire to have children.

If irregular periods, PMS or problems with menstruation appear in your dream, these may refer to emotional problems needing your attention, or issues concerning sexual selfishness on your part. In his book Our Dreaming Mind, dream expert Robert Van de Castle describes research he did on the subject of menstruation and dreams with the help of nursing students in Miami, Florida. He found that dreams changed according to the different phases of a woman’s menstrual cycle. Before ovulation, more male characters appeared in the dream and the women found them more appealing, with women characters pushed to the background. After ovulation, the dreams tended to be more hostile towards men, depicting them as less attractive.

If you are a man dreaming of menstruation, it may refer to your receptive, nurturing nature, or the aspect of yourself that is creative.

Research has shown that in the week or so leading up to menstruation, women who suffer from PMS spend an increased length of time in dreamland, the dreams they report being extremely vivid and colorful. The conclusion drawn by researchers is that one of the functions of the dreaming mind is to help dreamers deal with difficult states of emotion and anxiety. Dreams that focus on the menopause are likely to indicate change, the end of one phase and the beginning of another.... The Element Encyclopedia


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