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A mineral is a non-living crystal solid found in nature that is not made from plants or animals. Minerals are the most common non-manmade materials on Earth. There are many different types of minerals. Rocks and pencil lead are made of minerals, and even the street you walk on every day is made of minerals! Minerals can be very helpful too; you need minerals in your food to keep healthy. In dreams, therefore, minerals represent life’s essentials or the bare necessities.

Mineral oil connotes a soothing aspect or factor that eases rough aspects in your life. Mineral water illustrates what is essential in life; that which is basic. To dream of mines or mining represents your unconscious physical and mental activities.

If you are digging in the mine, this indicates that you are digging within your experiences, memories or deeper levels of consciousness to bring up the treasure and valuable resources buried within. A miner’s hat typifies light shed on ideas, concepts or perceptions. A mineshaft stands for heightened awareness, an inner knowing, whilst mining or digging for gold may suggest financial aspirations and goals.

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To dream of minerals, denotes your present unpromising outlook will grow directly brighter.

To walk over mineral land, signifies distress, from which you will escape and be bettered in your surroundings.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation | Gustavus Hindman Miller

Dreams of a mineral signify the substance of your being. You are getting down to basics, and taking care of your most essential self. Your dream is giving you the message to treat yourself as if you were precious.

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(See Carnelian-red)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


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The dreams in which mineral deposits appear are a reflection of the potential that you harbor. This type of image should comfort you in the times of trouble; you have many resources with which to solve the problems. You simply have to find the most appropriate way to use them.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


To dream of drinking mineral water, foretells fortune will favor your efforts, and you will enjoy your opportunities to satisfy your cravings for certain pleasures. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


Time for a healthier lifestyle. ... New American Dream Dictionary


New American Dream Dictionary


Vision: Drinking mineral water: a pleasant event ahead. Drinking carbonated water means more exciting events to come. See Excitement, Water.

Depth Psychology: You are either in the midst of an exciting but harmless erotic adventure or you are hoping for one.... Dreamers Dictionary


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