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A minivan parked outside your home may announce a new little arnval who may make it necessary to get a new vehicle with more room. It represents family values and your concerns about meeting the needs of your family. It may refer to the frustrations in having to taxi family members around.

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Minivan | Dream Interpretation

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Any mode of transportation connects to how you are moving through the journey of your life.

A van has several connotations that must be taken into consideration.

A minivan brings with it the connotations of a family and maternal instincts. For some older generations, a van is a symbol of youthful excess.

The media has portrayed the van as a dark and ominous element associated with the predatory nature of rape and pedophilia.

The context of the dream and your personal associations with this type of vehicle will illuminate how to interpret a dream that features a van.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


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