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(Banishment; Chasing away; Dismissal; Driving away; Eviction; Exile; Expel) Expulsion in a dream means imprisonment. It also means establishing the superiority of the one who gives the order and the proof of the subject’s guilt.

If one is exiled from his homeland in a dream, it means that he may enter a jail.

If one is expelled from paradise in a dream, it means that he may experience poverty. Ifone evicts a man of knowledge or screams at him, or bewilders him in a dream, it means that he will face an extraordinary misfortune and confront a threatening and a cruel enemy.

If a religious and a pious looking person is evicted or driven away from a place in a dream, it means that he is failing to fulfill his religious vow, or it could mean that he is avoiding to remain in the company of true pious people, ascetics, people of knowledge and noble ones. Expulsion in a dream also could denote misbehavior or ill conduct on the part of the evictor.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


A woman who dreams that her waist is torn will find that she is open to criticism for misbehavior of one kind of another.

To try on a waist, indicates that she will have rivals for the affection of her sweetheart; but if she has no diffi- culiy adjusting the garment, this rivalry will have no ill effect.... The Complete Dream Book


The Complete Dream Book


Dreams in which body parts of family members are confused—for example your sister’s head on your father’s body—suggest that you may be having problems deciding which family member is the most important for you. Dreams in which a family member doesn’t arrive when expected or appears unexpectedly suggest that the relationship between you and that family member needs to be better understood so that trust can develop. Dreams in which family members are injured, distorted or suffering in some way may reflect your fear or anxiety for that person. Dreams of an incestuous relationship with a family member suggest that the dreamer has become over involved with that person; the dream has appeared to warn that if this over involvement continues, the consequences will be damaging to your development.

The personality of family members in your dreams may also be transformed. For example, parents who have been difficult in waking life may appear tolerant and loving in your dream. This may be an attempt by your dreaming mind to counter the negative consequences of their cold attitude towards you when you were a child. A negative dream of a partner when all seems well in waking life may be a warning that there is an underlying problem in your relationship with them. Examine the context of your partner’s misbehavior in the dream as your unconscious may have noticed a flaw in your relationship that you are unable or unwilling to recognize in waking life.

Remember, however, that the dream may relate to another negative area of your life; your partner may represent someone or something else important to you in your dream. See also Divorce dreams entry in RELATIONSHIPS.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Dream abscesses may indicate a site of physical illness that is not yet obvious when awake, but it is more likely that they represent swollen and painful emotions that are repressed and may be causing psychological infection. Aches in dreams indicate places where there may be blocked energy relevant to that part of the body. For example, we tend to refer to nagging problems in waking life as headaches and, since the head represents an authority figure, a dream headache may suggest an unresolved issue with an authority figure in your life.

Throat aches may suggest an inability to express yourself verbally, whilst dreams of injury or strangulation to the throat almost always relate to current pressures in your life. Such dreams do not always urge you to speak your mind but they do remind you to be aware of those dynamics around you that are affecting you, as well as urging you to be honest with yourself about how you feel about what is going on. Chest aches indicate withheld emotions and back aches blocked anger.

The sensation of pain in a dream may be a warning against taking unnecessary risks or an attempt by your dreaming mind to urge you to take a more positive approach to life. Dreams in which you are fatigued or racked with aches and pains may signify that in waking life you are worrying needlessly over problems that really aren’t that important. Take a more relaxed approach. Sometimes, however, your dreaming mind will inflict a pain dream almost as an act of revenge over some supposed fault or misbehavior in waking life. For example, if you are on a diet and have slipped recently, your unconscious may punish you in dreams that have the sensation of pain. Perhaps one of the most horrifying pain scenarios in a dream is to be impaled. Whether this is caused by a slip from a high spot onto railings or a vampire stake through the heart, such a dream refers to the pain of unwanted intrusion or enemies in real life.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

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