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If, in your dream, you admitted the mistake and/or took responsibility for it, it’s an omen of con- trary and you can expect your interests to flourish; but if you tried to hide the error or shift the blame, it portends lack of progress due to overconfidence or poor planning; listen to competent advice.

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Dreams of making a mistake signify that you are grappling you’re your own -judgments, criticisms and issues of perfectionism and forgiveness for having made a mistake, or of having been “wronged”. Your dream may be reassuring you that there is really no such thing as a mistake, as long as you learn from what you do and keep moving forward.

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Avoid conceit and make sure of your information before acting. Take counsel of those who are willing to guide you.

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To dream that you make a mistake, suggests that you are doubting yourself in the choices and decisions you have made.

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Usually points to the need to deal with mistakes made during waking hours. Something is missing.

Folklore: Success.

Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar

Revealed to avert and learn from the implication

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Vision: Making a mistake—or recognizing that you have made a mistake: don’t let others bamboozle you.

Depth Psychology: Dreaming about a mistake reveals a fear of being disappointed or lied to. This dream is a warning: you are either being lied to and deceived—or you are lying and deceiving yourself!... Dreamers Dictionary


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