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Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton

A warning to beware of a bully with low self-esteem who wears the mask of superiority; see “bull”

Mystic Dream Book | Internet Archive - Anonymous

Take care not to be swindled. You will be asked to assist others. Do not neglect your own affairs while trying to settle those of others.

Mocking | Dream Interpretation

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The Complete Dream Book

It is good luck to hear a mocking bird sing, but it is an unfortunate augury in love affairs to see one which Is disabled or deadL.... The Complete Dream Book


The Complete Dream Book

An improvement in your finances is imminent if you dream of hearing one of these birds sing.... The Complete Dream Book


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To see or hear a mocking-bird, signifies you will be invited to go on a pleasant visit to friends, and your affairs will move along smoothly and prosperously.

For a woman to see a wounded or dead one, her disagreement with a friend or lover is signified. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


New American Dream Dictionary

Something good and precious (from to kill a mockingbird). ... New American Dream Dictionary


The Element Encyclopedia

Symbol of independence that can easily cross over into cockiness. You may be taking credit for the work of others, or getting what you want at all costs.... The Element Encyclopedia


Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Tucking in all the knowledge, etc., One can attain... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

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