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Great potential to manifest your goals.

The Dream Books Symbols | Betty Bethards

If you dream about a motel, you are going through a transitional phase. You have the potential to achieve your goals - you just have to approach them in a new way.

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Temporary condition.

Expansions Dream Dictionary | Stewart A. Swerdlow

To dream that you see or live in a motel indicates your capability in reaching your dreams. You are halfway into achieving your goals and you need to bear with a few discomforts as you go through a transitional phase.

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A motel is symbolic of a transient stay of employment, school, or living

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Motel | Dream Interpretation

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(see Apartments, Barn, Castle, Church, Monastery, Te?nple)

The condition of the building can reveal the condition of your health, a relationship, or a situation.

What does the building hold? If it is just an empty shell, consider if you’re living superficially, without gaining any real spiritual substance.

Of what is the building constructed? Just like the story of “The Three Little Pigs,” you want your hopes to be based on good foundational material if they’re ever going to materialize in reality.

Are the doors and windows of this building open and accessible? If so, this shows a very open-minded person who may be too exposed. Similarly, a building that appears locked up tight indicates narrow views and large obstacles to intimacy.

What type of building is it? Certain structures carry fairly direct meanings.

For example, hotels, motels, and mobile homes represent temporary conditions, change, movement, and transition, sometimes literally in our living space.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


Any home-like dwelling in a dream is representative of the self.

A space of transitional living such as a hotel or motel room connects to the self in a temporary state of being. This symbol usually appears when there is change afoot, indicating that the sense of self is in transition and not yet fully “home.” Given this transitory nature, such a dream may indicate the need for a temporary respite in order to consider being more authentic with regard to your identity.

If the dwelling is dilapidated, as in an inexpensive motel, then you may be experiencing downward movement in the area of abundance.

If the hotel is grand and lavish, you may be preparing yourself for an increase in abundance. Hotel rooms can also be connected to both sexuality and mortality, as they are often used in life for sexual encounters and suicides. Hotel-room sex could indicate a self-investigation that involves looking at an area of your sexual expression.

If the latter image is present, ask yourself what part of you may need to commit suicide (be sacrificed) so that the rest of you can move forward with your life.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams

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