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To see muscles in your dream, symbolizes power and strength. You need to develop these qualities and become a more stronger and confident person.

To dream of a muscleman showing off his muscles indicates frustration in regard to your social ambitions.

If you dream of muscle pain or spasms, this represents emotional upsets in your life.

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Muscles are a predominantly male image that is symbolically connected to strength, power, and sexual masculinity. Muscles are often hyper- exaggerated and in this way are representative of what can happen when there is too much emphasis put on these qualities.

If you have obvious musculature in the dream, you are seeing the evidence of a great deal of effort being put in the doing of some aspect of your life.

If someone in the dream is very muscular, use the character-aspect technique and assign that part of your personality an extra dose of strength and power.

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To dream of being muscular in a dream may be symbolic of spiritual strength, Matt. 12:29 NLT

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One’s strength, therefore confidence and sense of adequacy, sense of being outwardly forceful; masculinity in its physical side. Also may refer to physical muscle.

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Muscles | Dream Interpretation

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To dream about your abs is a message that you should trust your gut. Your dream is telling you to follow your instincts more when it comes to dealing with real life situations.

If you dream of having sore abs, you may be feeling frustrated or emotional about something to do with your social life.... My Dream Interpretation


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They represent all that links a man with his affairs, honour and dignity.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


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