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Your undertakings will lead you into odd company. Keep your promises, but avoid making rash ones.

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The keywords of this dream: Mutiny


(1) Something covered with dust is something that hasn’t been touched or used for a long time. Is there some shut-awav and forgotten part of your personality that you ought to start using, to compensate for some lopsidedness, or to forestall mutiny on the part of the neglected component of your psyche?

(2) A person covered with dust will probably be you, in which case you need rejuvenating. Perhaps you are too much under the sway of the past and need to dissolve old resentments and turn receptively to the future (or, rather, to the present) and to your inner self, to see what each of them is offering you.

(3) Dust may be a symbol of death or mortality. But it may be that you feel dead, in which case, see (2) above. See also Dead / Death.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


(1) Are your murdering someone? If the person is someone close, the dream may be expressing repressed hostility or resentment. There is often rivalry between siblings, or (unconscious) hostility towards a parent. Otherwise, what you are ‘murdering’ is probably some part of yourself (a repressed capacity or instinct or desire) that ought to be given a proper place in your conscious life.

(2) Are you being murdered? The murderer probably represents something in your unconscious: possibly a repressed emotion or instinct that is now threatening mutiny.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


Dreams that feature some kind of disobedience, mutiny and rebellion are about conflict with authority, such as a parent, a teacher, a corporation or even the government.

If you were disobedient or rebellious in your dream, whose authority were you up against? To whom is it that you feel you need to assert your individuality and independence? On the other hand, your unconscious may have simply allowed you to give vent to feelings of resentment in the safety of the dream world.

If you dreamed that you refuse to comply with your boss, or with someone who gives you directions in waking life, this may reflect your mounting anger or exhaustion in the face of demands and responsibilities being placed upon you.

If you felt liberated in your dream, perhaps this is a sign that you need to stand up for yourself more in waking life.

If you were involved in a mutiny, do you long to rebel against authority? If you went on strike, such a dream may reflect feelings of frustration and exhaustion in waking life.

If you found yourself engaged in arm wrestling, are you engaged in a real-life battle of wills? An alternative explanation for dreams of rebellion against an enemy, known or unknown is that you are in revolt against some part of yourself. Try to remember what you rebelled against in your dream and why, and see if you can draw a parallel in waking life.... The Element Encyclopedia


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