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To dream of playing paintball suggests you will achieve your goals with the help of influential friends. It can also suggest competitive but rewarding romantic affairs.

If you injured yourself while playing paintball in your dream, this foretells a rise in your social status.

If your dream mainly focused on seeing many colors of paint, important changes are coming in your life.

If you got paint all over your clothes, this suggests you might be too easily offended by criticism about you.

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To dream of participating in a paintball game may mean that you are potentially under emotional fire in your waking life. Although the hits won’t kill, you are still suffering under the attack and dealing with hurt sustained from it. You may be ducking and weaving within your emotional relationship rather than enjoying it at this time.

To dream of hitting your opponent in rapid fire may suggest that you are emotionally hurtful and may need to forgo your pride and be first to put down your weapon.

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Paintball | Dream Interpretation

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