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See Money and Pension.

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For most people, a paycheck is a symbol of the security of the concept of ongoing prosperity and abundance.

The check itself represents the sense that your needs will be met. Anything that is associated with a paycheck in a dream should be focused through this lens.

If you cannot find a paycheck, you may feel that your security is threatened somehow.

A paycheck that is damaged is also such a threat, but it reflects an incident that happened in the recent past. Finding a paycheck is to be discovering a new source of ongoing security.

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Symbolic of financial blessing or the wages of your lifestyle, Rom. 6:23. If the check say’s “righteousness” it means you are living life rightly.

If the check say’s “punishment” it symbolizes wicked living, Prov. 10:16

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(paycheck) finding a check in a dream can symbolize receiving unexpected income.

A check may also represent the wages of someone’s life, Rom. 6:23 ... Christian Dream Symbols


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See Money and Paycheck.... Strangest Dream Explanations


Strangest Dream Explanations


(Paycheck) Paying off dues. Being rewarded for a job well done. See also Salary.... The Dream Books Symbols


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