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Transformation. Pluto, Roman god of the underworld, is the planet of profound change, of starting deep within and moving toward the surface. Pluto is the archetype of primordial energy, the universal life force which impels all evolution and transformation. It is about spiritual, intellectual or emotional death and rebirth, the transformation that comes from letting go of that which is unessential so that you can get to the core of things.

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Dreams of the planet Pluto, the grandmother of the zodiac, because it is the furthest planet from earth, could be showing you that you are being cool, aloof and distant.

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Depth Psychology: This planet—the ruler of the unconscious—stands for death and rebirth, destruction and rebuilding. “Die and be born again” is a constant process. Pluto supports emotional- psychic changes and metamorphosis. Its enormous motive power is the driving force for far-reaching changes. See Planets, Signs of the Zodiac.

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The smallest and most distant planet, Pluto brings about transformation at a soul level. Pluto may appear in a dream to announce a period of deep inner work or the need to let go and dive to a new potential. Pluto is the planet that ushers in deep initiation through a heroic journey of death and dismemberment. Pluto’s appearance may tell you to look at the shadow aspects of your psyche and personality.

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Pluto or Hades are synonymous with hell. Pluto is the brother of Zeus and Poseidon and the ruler of the underworld, or the land of the dead.

The kingdom of the dead is located underneath the surface of the earth.

It is not only the holding place for the eternally damned, but is symbolic of metamorphoses, mineral wealth, germination and the transition from death to life. From a psychoanalytic point of view, Pluto may represent the deepest and the oldest part of the psyche. It may be the holding place of the darkest and most negative and disturbing elements of the individual.

The most destructive emotions and the greatest fears may be hidden there. However, this dark part of the psyche may also hold the greatest amount of transformative energy and power. As the unconscious demons begin to surface and are processed and then assimilated by the conscious mind, the individual begins to develop and experience feelings of completeness and wholeness. Astrologically, Pluto is symbolic of radical reconstruction that rejects harmful elements and is built on a solid foundation. Seeing Pluto in dreams seems to be an extremely valuable message from the unconscious. It suggests that the dreamer needs to contemplate and to explore his inner world; to face his fears and negative traits, to travel inward and then to emerge stronger and more alive than before the psychic or soulful journey began.... The Bedside Dream Dictionary


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