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Any form of pork in a dream predicts continued prosperity—if you’re well fixed—or if you’re not you soon will be; and this applies whether you ate the pork, cooked it served it or bought it See also Meat.

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If you eat pork in your dreams, you will encounter real trouble, but if you only see pork, you will come out of a conflict victoriously. See Bacon.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation | Gustavus Hindman Miller

1. Financial gains, security and success.

2. Success is achieved at a great price, possibly loss of self-respect.

3. A desire for gen­eral knowledge, to understand how things work, sometimes in relationships.

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Over and above one’s needs; sometimes used to patronize

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Pork | Dream Interpretation

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New blessing, because it is the beginning meal; see “pork”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


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Extra, above and beyond the necessities, whether in performance or prosperity; see “pork”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


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A diversified combination of words or actions minced with temperament; see “pork” and “food”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


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See Greed. Sexuality demanding to he set free, but also rejection of physical sexuality. Symbol of luck, natural sexuality, intellectual power. Fertility. According to Moses and the Koran, pork is considered a forbidden food.

It is the symbol of something low and primitive— “casting pearls before swine”—laziness, wallowing in dirt; but also comfort.

According to Freud, a sexual symbol (in the Odyssey, Circe transforms men into swine; she frees their animal side in order to bind them to her).

In the East, a symbol of the unconscious.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


If one dreams of looking Into a pig sty and seeing several porkers wallowing, it is a sign that you will be subject to extreme jealousy on the part of someone of the opposite sex. Greed is also indicated by this dream.... The Complete Dream Book


The Complete Dream Book


Symbol: The domestic pig is a symbol of fertility, the wild pig of the demonic.

Vision: Seeing a pig: good luck in everything you do—including playing the lottery. Feeding pigs: good luck and success. Fating pork: being more restrained in certain matters could translate into monetary success. Looking at a pig pen: you are in unsavory company and should walk away quickly.

Depth Psychology: The pig is usually a sign of what you think of yourself (“I acted like a pig”) or others (“that person is a pig”).

It is a sign of a very materialistic attitude and greed. However, it could also reflect the “good luck” you had recently in a very tricky situation, and the dream is promising more of the same.... Dreamers Dictionary


Dreamers Dictionary


Although the oracles vary considerably in their interpretation of this dream, the majority appear to agree that eating roasted food is an omen of general good luck; to carve, serve, or buy a very large roast is a forerunner to a family celebration, and a roast fish is a sign of a happy conciliation or reconciliation.

See also Lamb, Beef, Pork, Chickens, etc.... The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams

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