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Golden starfish

Lots of clothes hangers


Plenty of hanger

Plenty of hanget

Eating dried and green curry leaves

Watching a flat with trouble

Stolen csr

Hearing surah rahman

Dead father vomiting

Dead person vomiting

Dead mother giving me house keys

Squirrel in bed

My child committed suicide

Receiving gold rings

Being told to get in my coffin at my own funeral

Clothes of thorns

Chewing sugar cane


Dream of bundles of money

$5 bill

Sexual relations with old boyfriends

Moth mouth

Brother killed by sudden gunshot

Eagle attacking other birds

Daughter of my friend

Seeing a landill

If i see a dream of my friend and her future husband and child

Climbing a mountain by yourself

Husband asking for attar

Cutting up fish dream

Last names

My dead mother slaps me

Payment of others school fees

Broken toilet

My dead grandfather arrested but not taken in

Dreaming of my sister in law having cancer

Seeing a man in the trailer of cows but underground


When someone has cooked the crown of thorn for someone to eat

Sneakers in the refrigerator

Black bird touching me

Family member shot



Switch body from male to female

Bath tub overflow

Dream of scorpions in an old ship

Becoming the oppisite sex

What does it meaning michael jordan, in the dream?

Dreamt of x partner and sparkling plugs

X partner

Someone giving palaver sauces leave to another person

Ship dry land

What does it mean to pluck kolanut in dream


Peyton list

Head imjury

Hair on navel

Car in need of repair

Dream of four large white dogs wagging their tails

Dreaming of a dead person with their living partner


Hole in the bottem of the mouth

Tiny fish went into my vagina

My deceased brother dropped me off at the he wrong brown house

Peeping tom


Christmas white lights

Roasted flesh

Dreaming of dead when no blanket


Giving bag of okro in dream

Seeing lots of paneer in dreams

Oil poured on hands

Dream of two lane road

Eating meat of dead person

Flower on vagina

Crossed flooded gotta in the dream

In my dream a hidden pot fell and cracked means

Cellphone burning in a charger

Cross gorta in the dream meaning


Connected sand dollars

Family friends



Making jam

Side pockets

Dreamt of someone being. rob

Black blood

Flying with wood

Dreaming of falling

Brown pants

Dream of being lost in a place

Dream of being lost in a plave

In a whelchair

Dreaming getting lost

Flowers coming out of vagina

Pants with pockets

Pretending to sleep

Dreaming someone use the rice of sack as her pillow

I am telling people about padre pio

Seeing lychee tree

Nose diseased and fell off

Eating gari in a dream


Dreaming of a two headed dog

Home fake

What does it meaning dead, father, give, ring, in the dream?

Flying in dream

Dump truck accident

Hearing knocking on glass door

Sex with widowed partner in front of her children

Dreamed i had sex with widowed partner in front of her children

Dead father gave silver ring to his last born son

Meaning of white handkerchife from a dead friend

Snake biting me on the neck

Trading jackets

Snakes at back and front doors

Someone paying me because i’m pretty


Dreaming about getting a lot of money from my late father

Dream of spice grinder made of stone

Bracing myself from falling

What does it mean picking up bitter kola in a dream

Pounding fufu in a dream

Dream of money in chicken breasts

Mummified fetus

Yellow face on an old friend

Bathing with a dead person

Dead bodies in dumpsters

As softly as a dream meaning

Cake falliea part

People taking my things

Wearing a white nurse clothes

White nurse clothes

Imploring for my things taken by someone

Shoes in tiolet

Dream fucking my wife

A man sucking my breasts

Missing teenage boy

Hail in the street

Pegion biting my fingers in dream

Red cross tatoo

Stomach pain

Having a fight and seeing a screaming banshee

Beating a thief.

1500 dollars


Fufu pounding meaning

Someone sucking on your breast

Fall of fence

Been slaughtered in a dream

Foot wound bone

Dreaming of someone else is pounding fufu

Pealing dead skin off of legs

Being on a train

Pealing my skin

Two mats one broken

What does it meaning hairless, rat, in the dream?

Sermon with story

Others’ feet, denotes

To see others’ feet, denotes that you will

Father dieing

Other persons feet

Broken neck of love one

My husband doing second marriage

See someone elses feet means

Picking coins in water

Seeing feet in adream

Dreaming of trying to steal fish

Deceased mother laughing after raising from her dead

Deceased mother laughing

Dead husband/boyfriend

Kiss on ear

I saw rainaow upside down in dream

Killing hairy caterpilar

Meeting a rich person from your past

Chased with a gun

Dead person cooking

Diwali preparations

Half of a tree

Dreaming of big giant wearing armor dercending

Log pulled from mud

Nipples fell off


Dreaming of dead person giving you eggs

Meaning of husband going abroad

Wood dust

Dream sugercane

Hearing a lawnmower

Illegitimate child

Taking kumkum from temple

Gears turning light switches on


Cogs turning

What does it mean in a dream if i fly like peter pan

Cogs falling into place and turning

Shirt faded

Miniature people twins

Meaning if someone is saying to make roti for him and came to you

Leave me alone, go away

Leave ma alone, go away

What does it mean when you are walking on the railroad track

Three holes in my back

Breaking free

Dream that laptop is intentionally broken

What does it mean to kiss your dead mother

Dream that my late mother cutting my hair

Destroyed computer

Laying on the floor until a strong wind passes with harming me

Lying on the floor until a strong wind passes


Buying meat from a dead person in dream

Dreaming of wind blowing open adoor and me lying on the floor unharmed

What does it meaning green, red, glass, bangles, in the dream?

Washing of pot

Swimming flowerhorn

What does it mean when you dream of yourself fighting in a church

Jesus your sky

Eating cola but in the dream

Millets on the ground

Millets on the groung

Huge millets on the ground

Breaking of palm kernel

Seeing big millets on the ground

Deceased cake


What does it mean for teachers to flog you in a dream

Dream horny and seeing other male horny

Picking palm fruit in the dream

What is goat in numbers

Dream seein

Man having sex with goat

Pour kerosene on the body

Not being able to have sex

Not being able to have sec

Buying eugsi seed in market in dream

Pounding fufu with a pastor

Dreaming about crusade program

Baby vomitting

Royal family

Melon seed

Milking a hard of buffalow

Sucking of left index finger


Praying for an insane person

Dream about police annoyed

Dead relative asking for a specific food

Signing envelopes in a dream

Selling a baby

Chased by animal

Stranger in home

Dream of a child on your hands

Spider with human head

Dream about people working for you in the farm

White light in door

Ports potties

Put charcoal in mouth


Applying ointment to unknown male legs

See death women umbrella

Power washing

Lobhola being paid for me

Smelling coffee


Dream about applying oil to body

Dream about applying oil

Dream some one constructing a heaps in a farm

Fish with pointed teeth

Scared to jump off the mountain

Busy crowd

Pounding cooked fufu with mortal meaning in dream

Umbrella and dead woman

Green sugarcane

Prayer mat was burning

Male chicken

Cutting fish tail

Alphabet inside your hand

See a alphabet in your right hand

Dreaming of vow

A man with both legs amputated

Seeing mother on deathbed

Mud on staircase

Spiral staricase and mud

Pounding fufu in dream means

Spiral staircase coverd in mud

What does it mean to dream killing a guinea fowl

Ceiling sprinklers

Rice farm in a dream

Ringworm on skin dream

Pouring palm oil in a bottle in the dream what does it mean

Heavy m

Heavy meymt

Dreaming burning clothes

I dreamt naked with my brother

Angry man in church congregation

Dream of ripe breadfruit

Cleaning a big silver teapot meaning

Dream of rose quartz garden

Cleaning a big silver teapot

Insect implanting eggs in toe

Giving siwak to a living person in a dream

Dream about hanuman statue and real monkeys

Hanuman statue and real monkeys

Meaning of fishes in a dream

What does it mean to kiss dead mother in dreams

Saw hanuman statue and real monkeys

Black pears in the dream can it mean pregnancy

Romans 10:9-10  that if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the lord jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that god hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. for with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. action prayer: lord jesus, forgive me today as i repent unto you and let my heavens, be opened, in jesus name.

Eating kulikuli in a dream


Holding a book beside the sea

Cutting down palm fruit

Travelling with preachers

Meaning of mortar and pistil in dream

Roundnuts in a bucket

Moving earth



Dream green pepper meaning

Gospel minister

What does it mean to cook ogbono soup in a dream

Shifting ground surface

Dream of seeing turkey berries


Bucket full of roundnuts

Dreaming of buying dry crayfish


Large machine


Oil on hair


I see shifting ground

What does it mean for my boyfriend to pay my dowry

In a freak having sex with my late father my mother is not aware

House is moving

When someone try to for your door open

Can’t pee with full bladder

Can’t find toilet privacy

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Dream of washing of face

Assorted meat


New identity

Dipped in oil

Being pined under a car

Your vigina been sucked in dream

Being pinned under a car

Receiving yam as a gift

Sea creatures

Eating red yam in the dream

What does a dream mean when you are in que of being served food but you end up not feeding the food being served

Not being able to swallow a pill

Thrown over board

Deceased father gives me money on a bus

Most beautiful place in the world

Hawking a toy in a dream

Hawking in a dream

Forgot partners birthday

Seeing green plantations

Forgot husbands birthday

Dream about late wife smiling

Dazzling emrald green water



Sex with my ex brother in law


Toni morrison

Hearing the glories of god

My freind developed an eating disoder

Hearing songs about lord

Meaning of disposingsanitary pad


Awakening of death person visiting

Wife returning from death

A rental house

A man sucking my breast in dream

Baby krishna saw in dreams

Clay tablet

Rat turning to cat

A small flood

Clear water floods my house



Distributing prasad in dreams

Collar greens


Seeing butterflies in day time


Meaning of bitter kola

Renovation by strangers

Buying bitter kola means

Seeing a person of authority as a priest

Prophet laying hands on me

Buying bitter kola in dream means

Playing football and scoring several goals

Significance of spoiling coconut in dream

Some one giving green chillies to me



To dream that you are giving money to your sister

Receiving haldi kumkum and red saree in dream

Growing extra finger


Red bordered saree

Big castle above the clouds crystal clear water with stepping stones, and flying angels

Playing multiple roles within your own dream

Purple horse

Middle aged female assasin

What does it mean to see grasscutter in the dream

Female hit man in magenta trench coat

What does it mean if i saw a japanese applying eye liner on my eyes in dream if i am an indian

Closed library

Attending in marriage

Burning of eucalyptus tree in dream

Eating sapodilla

Neem herb


Fish hook stuck in arms


Climbing up cliff after falling off

Attending my lobola

Claiming land

Killing grass cutter in the dream

Ground writings

Picking ripe palm fruit

Running and falling off cliff

Dreaming about my husband paying lobola for me

Seeing my boyfriend hawking in the dream


What does it mean to eat foam in the dream

Plants growing on body

Becomea faith healer

Black mustang car

Dog eating dusr

Green water coming out from my vigina on a drea

Water leaking walls


Peeing in your pants

Coconut flower dream

Recieve electric bill

Having lunch with crush boy

Having lunch with dream boy

Having lunch with crush

Eating food with crush

Cat glowing eyes

Dream about seeing someone crying

Tanned face

Bed shaking

Exchanging cell phone

Dream about being given a report card

Exching cell phone

Grinding cassava in a dream

I was at a wedding getting married to a beautiful woman with red hair and we were dancing and she turned to s

I was at my wedding i was marrying a beautiful woman with bright red hair then we danced together and she turned to ashes in my hands

Red white bangles i dream

Running in the beautiful street

Wood panel room

Boot falling onto cooker

Boot falling onto job

Lobola meaning

What does dreaming your boyfriend paying your bride price mean


Butterfly with cocoon

Newly wedding couple in dream

Meaning of sweet offering by dear uncle

Meaning of calabash in dream

Phone ringing

Dream of hearing ramayana

What does it meaning deceased washing utensils...

Milk given by dead person

My niece had chicken pox on her face

Kicking stray dog in dreams meaning

Water yam

Getting shot at


Giving money for temple in dream

Mangalamukhi indream

Pushing me off the roof

Someone applying haldi to me

Ferry wheel



Cat o nine tails

Passenger in driving car



Nipple bitten in a dream while fighting means



To buried all the coins in my locker



Dream a male deer come to me


Driving up a arizona mountain

Meaning of timekeeper

Fitting jeans

Sapne me durghatna me bachna

Selling cashew nuts

Walking barefoot and in shaby clothes into your friends apartment and being pushed out by a guard






Diamond heart

Father in the hospital ill


My deceased brother told me in a dream i was timekeeper

Heart ring

Axe cut

Talking and visiting minister


Seeing ragi balls in the dream



Filthy public bathroom

Living in broken house & weeping

Walking bare footted in your friends apartment in tatterd clothes

A guy sucking the thumb of my feet

A guy sucking the thumb of my feey

What does it mean to aee my left leg tied in a vision

Having sex in a hole with prostitute

Combing dead lice from hair

Ex boyfriend in trouble

Clear running water from a tree

Combing lice from hair

Combing live from hair


Earpiece cut off

Green beads

What does it meaning someone, poured, kerosene, body, in the dream?

My husband cheating on me with a man

Friend waving at me

Husband cheating with a man

Snake in your toilet bowl dream

What does it mean to eat sweet potatoes in a dream

My husband sucking a mans penis

Receiving a wristwatch

Feeding a baby milk formula


Kamias tree dream meaning

Intertwined fingerd

Hair falling out

I dream huge water tank back in my house

Men with three legs

Swimming pool with friends

My late father wearing dirty clothes



I jumped too high

To dream of mucus from your virgina


Give a horse to another person

My late mother was asking me water to drink

Brother dream

Drowning peacefully

Dreaming of murshid

Purple snake attacking


Dream of preparing palm nut soup

Dreaming of transacting with the teller

Dream that your parents are lizard people

My phone falling in the toilet

Drming about a baby girlsl

Dreaming with my mother riding jeep

Home bathroom cracked in half suddenly

Butterfly garden

Dark stranger who saves drowning son

Bathroom counter suddenly cracked in half

He n, rooster and chicken in my kitchen

Stranger saves son


Drop down drain

Friendly bears in backyard

Nice bears in backyard

Knocking at the door in your sleep

Bloody stones coming out if vagina

Prick by a torn

Devil in disguise

No brakes on my rv

What does plucking kolanut from the tree in a dream means

Unable to stop a vehicle

Woman dreams of having penis

Mom wash clothes in the river

Rabbit and 2 white fox

Swing in church breaking skull faded church window

Caching termites in dream

Beautiful female body naked

Sci fi warrior

To see plants needing water in your dream

Black licorice

Broken two birds eggs

Dead relative dancing and smiling

Nose kiss in the dream

Door, small

Small doorway

Meaning of cassava leave in a dream

What does it meaning dirty, toilet, paper, in the dream?

Garden egg meaning spiritual

Climbing and catching lanzones fruits

Losing my slipper one

Leg turned to soil

A ring falling off your finger

Biblical meaning of transparent snake in dream

Life fishhead

Lifw fishhead

Meaning of transparent snake in dream

Finding the same object over n over

Fire hydrent

Finding glasses

Peace lilly

Giving injera from my latrin

Giving injera from my patrin

Shooting at cat

Losing nails

Dreaming of a childhood friend as a child

Imposter childhood friend

Imposter child

Dream of baby angels

Bad entity disquised as childhood friend

Dreaming of a black hand

Shea butter

Ear piercing

Dead grandmother giving me her jewels

Dead grandmother giving me her jewelry


Bitten by a spider

My child mastubating in my dream

Smell of tumeric

Seeing palm leaves being arranged


Adam sandler

Honey dripping from the top of deceased persons head

I saw myself pouring out to something

Ex boyfriend


Floating bed

No seat available for me at church

Dreaming of mum asking to buy pot for her

Pinched my toe

Plant in my head

Plant growing out of the right side of my head

Eating ctow



Seeing matured plantain in the dream

Three ironing boards in the new house

Worms in tree


Crowded streets and sidewalks

Blinking light bulb

Dog whistle

Pen whistle

Breach of house of family

Eating bad food


Pilot spaceship

What does it meaning dead person, asking for money in dream?


Washing face

What does it meaning jagannath temple in the dream

Slapping my husban on my dream

Hex dreams




Fungus growing out of ankle



Cutting seat belt

Pimple squeezing blackhead

Getting eulogy from others

Dream about returning phone to owner


Cooked food stolen from the fire

Dreaming of buying pure water

Waking up beside someone other than your spouse

Holding a baby

Needles in my mouth

Daughters ex on the phone

Party younger people


Hanging out with younger people

Washing a pig

Enormous bag of chocolates

Daughters ex talking on the phone

Hijras taking my clothes

Turkey berry in dream

Stuck gum

Stuck gym

Killing cockroaches

My diamond it wedding ring is loose

Dreaming being in car in a circular muddy mountain


Swimming in lots of water


Brother cloths wearing

Death person hanging clothes

Walking with my daughter an her grandparents

What does it means to dream about a demon


Yellow orange purse

Being asked to not return to church

Dreaming a blowing horn

Boil full and f maggots in my ear

Wife being seduced

Boil in my ear


Fox and dog licking palms

Fox and dog licking my palms in the dream

So many flying ant in old home

Your spouce being seduced on the way at your watch

Dead mice on drinking glass

Mice on drinking glass

Taking wooden box while packing

What if dead people give you purple duppta in dream


Washing clothes in toilet dream meaning

Ceo dreams

Licked your right ear as in dream

Weaving cloth with silk

Being served a chicken heart

Dreaming chewing freshly narijuana

Handing someone 3 plums

Spotting blood although i had a hysterectomy

Water flood fire cabin best friend sister birth


Gift of helmet

I was frying chicken for dinner

Hugging your idol in a dream

Brass utensil

Wrinkled blouse

Finding a ring on the ground


Mountainside slipping away

Grandmother mentioned


I moved a do not enter sign that was placed on our ribbon driveway. after i moved it i saw the ground collapse and the sign fell down into the hole exposing a trench and darkness with a sewer main about 16 feet down?

Soil eroding hill

Mornings leaves

Fertile soil being displaced

Parking a motorcycle

Fighting with dead mother in dream



Birth gift wrap


Sister bein pregnant

Graphic design

Graphic design

Watching people have sex


Dead mom eating from my food

Never ending descent

Parking attendant

Eating raw jowar

Mum sex with son

All kinds of grains falling from sky

Dream of killing a squirrel


Wood chipper




Attacked by horse

Searching house

When praying,u see wild black and white cat

Fixing suv

Lips stitched shut

I dreamt of a monk in a black habit

What it means to buy periwinkle in the dream

Staying put

An x lover giving you a black bag with gifts

Dirty thursday

I dream my son have a white turban on his head

I dream my son have a white turban on his head

10 dollars

10 dollrs

Dream about receiving injection on my head

Pounding fufu

Broken retainer

School students

Ridged gourd

Lost in a foreign country

Sex with older woman

Buffalo pasta

Bathroom line


A dream where im holding a cup of samp

Touching nino in my dream

Woods with friends in cabin

Giving sexual favors

Giving someone oral

Bachelor party

Bachelor party

Carrying wooden mortar on the head

Heard someone’s name


Grease on your hair

What is the meaning of wearing different slippers in the dream

Dream.having sex with dog


Buying seafood

Helping s women in white

Unfinished house i grew up in

Buying egusi in market meaning

Bugs on bathroom floor

Buying of palm oil and groundnut oil

Swallowed a razor blade

What does it mean to dream your ex boyfriend making love bites on my breast


Plant roots are a snake

Cutting capsicum

Birds wearing pants

Adult, girl, child, bald mean

Tomato plants

God of dance

Oil on body

Dancinng with hindu god of dance

Mixed elemented road

Woman hips

Custard apple in dreams

Thefting custard apple in dreams

Seeing an old boyfriend in your dream

Going back and forth

Calabash in a dream

Died mom gives patato

Died mom gives vegetable

Chewed drinking straw

Red ribbon

Letting someone down

Overcoming fear of water

Red ribbon around a neck

Dreaming of buying summer fruits

Baby parrots

Plugging and eating cashew

Kissing deceased husband

Hairy feel

End times

Sex with devil and cum shot inside

Poop on me

Baby diaper poop on me


Spilled cereal

Boy demon


Seeing ogbono in dream

Green money plant

Hiding bodies

Catching a rainbow fish

Fear of getting caught

Kissing an enemy


3 broken stoves

Murder and getting caught

Enemy inside the house

Truck load tomatoes in dream

Pontoon boat

3 moose

Motor vehicle accident



Cat eye


Clots of blood coming out from the viginal

Voodoo man

Grabbing leg

Palm wine gushing out from burnt palm tree

Lush ferns

Lost a full cart of groceries

Frozen snake

Minor car crash

French horn

Husband hit with hammer



I have had this dream my whole life. me in a small be in a very large room and the door was open enough just to see him watching me

Eating sitting on the floor

Cherubs laughing

Cherubs gigiling

Lion and dog playing

Burning train

Dreaming of cherbs

Drag something

Seeing a woman planting a garden

That particular dream has happened as long as i remember

The alamo

Dying lion

Tape measure


Wiping sweat off another

Large orange /red cocatoo

Wiping sweet off another

Big dark empty room except i was in bed in the furthest corner. and the door is open just enough for them to state

Brazil nut


Walking in erossion

What does it mean to be wearing two different slippers in a dream

Box falling from sky with pictures of mom

Box falling from sky

Friend being pregnant

Flying crow airplane

Hair conditioner

Blind golden retriever

Husbamd kissing a coed

Life jacket

My own naked corpse

My own naked dead body

White roses thrown

White roses plastic



Leaping over on coming car

Burning pants in a dream

My body being stolen

Barbeque chicken

Seeing dead people in the grave yard

Jagerry dates in dream


Trapped in washing machine

Milkman dies in accident on road

What does it meaning to give someone sachet water to drink

Dismember sister

People taking my naked corpse

Dismembering sister o egg child

People taking my corpse


Lemon slices on a dead body

Dreaming of grave yards

Acting in play

Forgetting lines of play

Saving puppies

Borrowing shoes

Buying tomatoes in a dream

Road of heaven

A road of heaven on the sky dream

What does it meaning nosy, in the dream?


Picking ripe almond in the dream

Cut plant

Donation of make up

She male dance

Going places in knowing people

Peeing screw

Drink of water

Daughter not in my dream

Pastor ask another person to give water to me

Dream with a buffalo in it


Tong in the river

Receiving gifts from the president of the united states

Meaning of kitchen tong seen in the river in my dream meaning

Dream with a casket

Why do i see winning some fashion competition in the night dream

Being a passenger in a car with a friend and stranger

Black thong

Riding around in a car as a passenger

Green jumper

River turn

Bitter tomatoes

Dead boss in dream

Son father died

Staff or rod

Buying a man a calabash

Stranger friendly

Killing chicken

White yeti in a dream

Riding in a jeepney with my husband and son on the front seat and we crashed on a truck

Been transferred to another work place

What does it mean when i dream that i keep dropping everything and cant pick it up again

Man being possessive over me

Seeing two dads



Black dustpan

Stuck car

O!x friend



My dead father giving me money in a dream what does it mean?

What red oil symbolize for

Sex with your wife’s friend

Dead people feeding me food

Eye colour changing

Tortoise and hare

Saving a baby in a stream

Vase with flowers

Baby in basket moving on stream

What does it mean seeing people eat green christmas tree leaves in your dream

In water snake comes


Nose water

Raped by someone you know

Ukuphupha utshwala besilungu


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