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Torn beads

A swarm of squid

Using someone elses tooth brush

Dreaming swimming in a sewage

You come out of a smoke

Child running towards me

Someone sucking your breast in a dream

Toilet overflowing with big poop that goes on the floor

Itchy nipples

Girl getting thrown into room with us


To dream of an identification tag

Walking in the sky people under you


Dream of polishing toenails

To dream of a house tag

Sitting backwards

To dream of house being tag

Seeing dead groom

Ugly dream

What if mean picking up nutmeg

Atractive people

Receiving of klin and mango as a gift from somebody

Starring s snake in the eyes

Seeing a old woman giving you sugarcane in a dream

Food disappearing

Head injury

Dreaming of a big snake coming out of the hole with full stomach

Hair oil growth

Witnessing violence

Making traditional beer in my dream

A vehicle is driving on the wrong side of the road

Climbing rock faces


Dog turning into tiger


A girl sucking ur dick

Strangers my home i cannot get to leave

Anaconda skin

My deceased dad kissing me in the forehead

Getting in trouble

Wearing florescent pink

My kissing deacesed dad me in the forehead

Seeing estranged husband


Sex with a demon

Tough exam

Train station

Mad woman

Tiger nuts in the mouth

Shaving cream on someone’s face

Hibuscus flowers

To kill a serpent

Tree with ripe papaya

Inserting iron in legs

What does it meaning bird drinking water in the dream

Spitting in my mouth

Trying on a princess dress

Tring on a princess dress


Having to buy a bag of rice

Seeing cocoa in my dreams

Dreaming of a molana

A bag of rice

What does it meaning my, dead, father, wearing, shoes in the dream?

Light switches

Meaning of finding a snake at the cemetery of the grave your visiting

Peeling yam in dreams

Raw chicken

Mother in law beaten you

Naked women in dreams

Verbal abuse

Wife saw her vagina been stiched up

Family party

Vagina been stiches up in the dream

Why did someone touch my boobs in dream

Red palm oil in dream

Love in a green dress leaving

Clown boots

People breaking into your house

Clock on shoe

Unable to walk

Killing of chicken

Receiving walnut

Giving someon chocolate chip cookies

Jamun fruit

Worms coming out of nipple

Killing black snake

Seamoss gel

Losing an earring

Horseman talking to me in my dream

Twin boy babies

My mother giving me food

What does it mean brewing traditional beer and calabash

Losing an earring lock

50 dollars

Falling fire from heaven

Unmarried girl giving birth in dream

Skin having cracks of gold

The place is quaky

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