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Cleaning a cupboard

White envelopes dream

Banana field

Dusty feet


Bathing in a public place

Taking an exam with former co workers in a room

Surrounded by black within a light

Oscar isaac

Black all around but light within

Dragging a bicycle downhill

Shoppingnin a foreign country spain or isareal

While envelopes in my hand

Dream of a deceased mother


Rejecting sex

Biting off lip

Becoming vice president

Dream of a beautiful baby boy

Dreams of a little baby boy

Dream meaning of putting your eyes an eyemo

Dream when you wake up at the place that you fell asleap

Dream meaning of someone putting eyes

Finding a baby in a drawer

Dream when you wake up

Dream with a helicopter in it

Dream meaning of swallowing rubbing alcohol

On floor

Dream about cow leg flash with a lot of fat

Cucumber seeds

Paper cut on a friend


Celestial being

What does it mean when ur top gums peel in a dream

Creeper plant meaningof

Clear tape

Having sex with tokoloshe means

Opposite race

Wedding negotiations

Loose car

Seeing hijra dancing in dream

Seeing dancing in dreams

Dreaming my daughter raped

Deceased spouse cracks and dissolves

See fufu in a dream


Being chased down by a boulder until it runs me over

Water overflowing from a vase on a shelf

Corn husks

Diseased food


Waves crashing over road



Banana plantations



A snake in your bed

Bad health news

Can find something

Nail files

Find nail files

Finding a emory board

Cooking chicken

Seeing pushing wheelbarrow full of apples

Crying for a love one

Rose leaf

Angels flying over a ocean

Dream interpretation being molested by a doctor


Video call

Someone breaks down my front door


Dream of vice president

Flying angles with a eagle

Eating and plugging of garden egg

Dreaming about dead husband smiling and laughing with me

Someone calling me ugly

Gold with black rock ring

Snake sex

Bob job

Naked jogging

Suck a breast

Someone shooting at me

Friend becoming doctor

What does it mean when someone dead give you shoes in a dream

Someone being shot dead then black screen

Receieved a check for 10 million

Banana stem and leaves

Check 10 million


Nipple discharge

Dream of ravioli

What does it mean being in a presidential motor cade

Offering prayer in a dream

Photo album

Lift shaft

Sex demon

Receiving beatel leaves and nuts in dream


Surrounded with books

Cannot find toilet



Split pea soup coming out of nose

Sex or rape

Arguing with mother



Spirit leaving a childs body

Looking for lingerie

Someone is always after me

Buying lingerie


To dream search of lime

Pink cross necklace

Stone coffin

Cross necklace

Banana plant

Dreaming of seeing a lot of cars in an accident


Silver pressure cooker in dream

What does it meaning receiving, apple, from, dead, relative, in the dream?

Driving a car in curve

To see silver color pressure cooker

Seeing a doctor

Can’t find keys

To see new pressure cooker in dream

Dead father in law complain about food

Get out!

Meaning of white spider with a human head

Father gets shot in a dream

Steely blue dress worn by beautiful long-haired woman seated

Playing tennis without a racket

Seeing my girlfriend dancing with someone in a large body of water

Dog jumping fence


Sick brother

Beautiful long brown haired woman seated on a pedestal

Beautiful dark haired woman seated on a dais

Elephant two headed

Skin patch


Flying bats

Red rose bud

White insects

Live flying gargoyle


Blood drop foot



Bird feed

White and black

Flirting with neighbor

Uprooting in the dream


Screen door

Child bite

Insects unknown

Unknown bugs

Baby bite

Torn tshirt

Sex with madman in dream

Removing thorns from my left leg in a dream

Dream at wedding ceremony

Crying to god in the dream

Bigfoot in city

In city

Dream of giving people charcoals

Roof if mouth missing

Talking to someone on the phone

Papaya tree

Offering kumkum in dream

What does it meaning sibling, drowning, water, in the dream?

My t-shirt tear i see someone use

What does it mean sucking female vaginal in the dream

Someone covering my mouth


Dream meaning i see my tearing tshirt

Long hair in private areas

Large red cherry

Woman praying for me

What does it mean red envelope in a dream

Sick brotjer

Dreaming of searching a lost child

Accident ending in death

Late for friends wedding

A strange

Having sex with your son

Dead grandmother giving sweets to eat

Man wearing woman skirt and brass in d dream

Husband and wife death

Friend has tear drop tatoo

Killing chicken

Man wearing woman skirt and brass in d dream

Dream a man wearing skirt

Tear drop tatatoo on friend

Both neighbors and baby death

Dreaming searching for my son who disappeared while playing


Dog bite my ear

Dreaming of my son disappearing while playing with other kids

Top bunkbed


Dreams of cash in wallet

Trying to escape and calling out for mother


Calling out for mother

Doll in a glass house

Broken dentures

Seeing a truck carrying your items

Glass windows

Riding in trains dream

Business suits

Men in suits

Purple tree

Underwater creature surfaces as a brown horse

Strange horse-like underwater creature

Man and woman with a baby

Dreaming praying for someone on you dream saying a name of jesus fire

Image of planets together

Drawing image of planets

Pregnant with dead baby

Being pregnant

Making chin chin snack

Stealing a bike

2 pangolin

If someone beats me

St michael

Electric cord

Electric chord

What is the meaning of flood

Meaning of collecting different colours of camphor in the dream

Sex with pastor

Golf club

Cake with spider web spiders on it

Being with my ex and my currently lover chasing me

Daughter in labor

Daughter gives birth

Fish coming out from the vagina

Two headed tiger

What does it mean to dream dark oil is being poured in your hands

I saw a water all over my house in the dream what dose that mean

Dreams with parents who have died

Palm oil

I saw a flore all over my house in the dream what dose that mean

Seeing a woman being abused at home


Family members who have passed

Hit by belt

Picking some broken kolanut in dream

Old vehicle purchase

Dreams of dollars taken before gold coins falling from the sky

Old pickup

Wrecked pickup

Cheetah running

Do not buy


Do not purchase

Pressure to purchase

Broken cello

Pressure to purchase a vehicle

Same dream multiple times

Someone pouring powder in your hand

Someone that can shapeshift

Sneeze food

Figs tree

Meaning of dreaming about seeing two white jerrycans full of water

Figs and frig tree

Purchase dented pickup

Dream meaning about jumping a queue

Dreaming about jumping a queue

Dish ware

3 dogs backs scene tears in middle

Buying wrecked truck


Dented truck

Purple eyes

Driving a car into water

White masquito net


Skimpy sandwich

Take a pant from a dead person

Spiders on side of house

What does it mean jumping a queue in a dream

Dream meaning

3 dogs seating facing away from me then a tear down the middle of the scean

Swallowing semen

Blue and black dead bird

Having sex with my daughter

Bugs coming out vagina

Swallow semen


Swallowing cum

Being awaken by the sound of car doors shutting

Upside down in tree

Wood wall

Being chased flying around. its just a game. school shooting white kids

Sister diagnosed with fatal heart disease

2 babies with white hair

Gray hair on 2 babies

Storage locker

People being mean

Old women wearing black clothes

There are many slippers in a place i am searching my pair of slippers and i i found it

Dream about muthi

Dream about muthi

Truck drove in a swimming pool

Eating sugar apple

Old friends



Clambing mountain

Small rocks on ground

Angel heart

Loin sex

Gulan jamun

Broken door handle

Lost purse

Chicken and human heart




Heart attack

Nursing sick bird

When u dream u find yourself in the burial ground is what

Seeing someone who died in white clothing

Black thread in a niddle means what

Black thread in a niddle means whar

Body image

Chicken hatching eggs

Racing a car

Ex wife annoying

Iv needle


To hear of death

Stepson committing suicide

Stepson and suicide dreams

My mom destroyed my flowers

To see a woman half naked in the dream



Storms boat

What does it mean of receiving kola nut in a dream?

Stab wound on foot

Possessed house trying to kill me


Fight in a funeral

Subway sandwiches

Fish coming out of chicken

Cleaning boots

Cleaning black boots

Subway sandwhich

New cell phone used by someone else

Unfinished work

Sucking my wife’s bread and milk came out

Dirty underwear

Angry sto niño

Skunk no tail

A man kiissing a womans vigaina

Dream mad pregnant woman

To dream of a man with white hair and beard

Jogging suit

Buy palm nut

Read meat

A goat with two heads

Your car being washed


Raw chicken

Car being washed

Ring losing gems


Dog n chicken

Zippers vagina old friend

Snake coming out of your vigina

Friend being hurt in a church


Friend being hurt by husband

Cloudy blind right eye

Poster that changed

Friend being hurt

Zippers on vagina

Embryo dead but then brought to life by a beautiful firefly and i was happy to be pregnant

Alexei romanov

Deceased father n law and drugs

Gaurd dog

Father n law

I dreamed about a stillborn embryo on the outside of my stomache i was sad it was dead but still attached and then a firefly landed on it and it came back to life and i was happy to learn i was pregnant

Fighting with mother n law

Many pine trees in asmall neighborhood


The meaning of palaquin in a dream

To see being given abag of raw chickenpieces

Dreaming of goat skin


Chicken raw meat

Grandmothers leg fried on a pan

Older woman saw younger man in dream

Tearing castor seed

Someone gave me native chalk in the dream

Sleeping on a abed cover with red linen

Sleeping on a bed with red linen

Golden rod

A mouse jumping in and out of old clothes

Dream of red linen in bed

Dream of bed linen

Dream of red cloth

Someone gave me whit handkerchief in my dream i want to know the meaning

Whoshing feet in the dream mean

Whoshing feet in the dream .w

Whoshing feet

Daughter rapped

Touching a lip

What is the meaning if someone gave you handkerchief in the dream

Left hand being chopped

Left wrist hanging off

Lesft wrist hanging off

Dream about me entering a building i admire

Death wish


Getting slice with a machete

Attacked from behind

Hickey on spouse not from me

Naked pastor

Hair on the floor

Hair on a floor in office

Red button

Whipped cream spilled on me

Big explotion

Oilrefinary explostion

Unwanted guess

Dream of ppl in my house

Sleeping with.a president mean

I dreamt making a zulu mat

Hiding behind door

To dream see a eye doctor heal my sick eyes

Visiting a friends house

Visiting friends house

Woman draw rangoon oin dream meaning

A friend wearing my shirt


Given little money than your brother

Rough wave

Someone giving me quran

Dream of eczema on my back meaning


Home invasion

Why iam dream jackfruit

Why iam dream hackfruit

Jack fruit dream i was

Selling pounded yam in the drean

Chakka fruit

A person is naked and unhappy with the family

Dream of teeth falling out

Bird bit in my finger nail and i killed the bird

Eating curd rice in dream

Distribution of meat

Hearing a beautiful piano being played

Dream of key and keyholder

Calabash with traditional beer breaking

What does it mean to have hair coming out of vagina

Doing homam

Hearing a piano being played

A man sat two white boxes on the table a woman was sitting in a chair i was standing telling her how much i love her

Eggs & chicks

Hatched eggs

White dining plate

White little box

Wearing two different slippers

Bicycle bell

Dream of cleaning okra

Drying sea

Strangeer pressing my breast

Saving the world in a dream

Dreaming of heart condition

Soursop during pregnancy

A guy that likes you paying your bride price in the dream

Removing worms in the vagina

Kick out of ur rented apartment

Wife vomiting in dream

Someone selling mortar n pestle in dream

Sitting in the middle of the road

Burnt breadfruit

Receiving phone number



Mice soup

What does that mean to dream garri in the dream

Eating bread and having water

Snakes and centipedes

Dog attacked my penis in my dream

Distant cousin

Being with a distant coison

Debt new car

Lightning strikes falling tree

Paraffin related dream

Buying a new car car

Crying beside a relative grave

Fucking of witch dream

Staring down a tnnel with light at the end

Someone promise to give me money to add to my business what is the meaning?

What is the meaning of picking raped mangoes under mangoes tree

What does it meaning tamarind, eating, pregnancy, in the dream

Giving empty pure water sachet rubbers to someone in my dream means

Buying new car on bmw


White alsation

Boiling snakes

Chakkas comes in dream means

Giving pure water sachet rubbers to someone in my dream means

Rice weevil

Lobola meaning in a dream

What does it meaning to buying egusi melon seed

Remains in coffin

Remins in coffin

Going back to your roots

Dead mother in law giving her goldslit

Stuck truck

Mother in law giving me goldslit

Dream that i saw a new ready-made clothes inside dustbin

Saw husband give his mother money

Dream that i saw new ready-made clothes

When you dream of bitterkola

Washing hands in milk

Dream that i saw a baby wears new clothes inside dustbin

Giving money children in the dream

My dead husband

Fighting with siblings in a dream

I lost my car in my dream

Going to wedding

Red chuda bangles

Wearing a saree given by known woman

Parents split up

Lost on cruise ship

Lost on cruise shiop

Dreaming eating tiger nut


Loved one in dream hungry

Feeling small

My dead loved one alive and hungry

Palm oil dream meaning

What does it mean when a dead person gives you flowers


Dreaming about black feather growing out of the skin

Poor performance


Many chapati

Older sister and water



Post it notes

I dream eating kola nut

Eye injections


What does it mean to dream while sucking menstrual blood

China crockery breaking

Pushing objects into vagina

Scent leafdream meaning

Scent leave dream meaning



What is the meaning of seeing sugar cane in the dream

Bob light





Dream of receiving money from a pastor

Eating, fruit or nuts by type

Having sex with someone then them leaving

Coriander seeds in dream

Bowl keeps emptying

Cutting off penis in dream

Borrowed socks

4 babies

Floods at workplace and it clears after

Losing slippers in the dream

What does it mean for uncompleted building falling in the dream

Wet wallpaper

Paying my bride price in the dream...meaning

Paying my bride price in the dream...meaning

Popcorn kernels

When someone give me cocoyam in the dream


I am crying in my dream and when i wake up i have actually cried

Easter bunny costume

Havin sex with you neighbour daughter

Dreaming of moringa leave

Rock rolling


Meet an american family

I was being chased by someone caring a snake

I d

Picking kolanut

Dream of eaten moi moi

On a ride at a carnival

Speaking to dead celebrity in my dream

Shemale having sex

Applying kumkum and haldi on my cheeks in dream

Dreamed really big pieces of blood clots coming out of vagina

What is stamp duty

Visiting someone in prison

Meeting a new neighbour large family

Seeing president in my dream

Hammerhead fish

When you dream wearing comfortable hingheels meaning

Hammer shark

What is the middle of eating bitter cola in the dream

Can’t pay school fees

See chana dal in dreams

Uncle kissed me

Wearing highheels

Round a dire tu baby girl and cleaning her

Running comfortable on high heels

Your uncle kisses you in a dream meaning

Snake in front door

Your uncle kisses you in a dream

Dream of running wearing high heels means what

Spiritual meaning of dreaming while harvesting sweet potatoes

Short hair

Breaking up with ex

Dead mans hand

Sugar cane meaning in dream

Killing someone sewing mouth

Woman in a house

Killing someone seeing mouth

Someone being shy

Mole on stomach chest and legs

Varicose vein

Preaching in church

Psychic link

I dreamt of being fat

Catching bush fowl

Dream of my cousin coming home


Unknown baby drowning in pool

Means to stay together

Pulling out wasp stings from my skin

Selling yellow and green lime

Holding joysticks

School demolished

Cleaning a leather bag

Married white girl

Dream of chinese temple and holding 4 joysticks


A friend shining a old black bag

Dream of chinese temple

Nearly getting run over

Racing horses

Broken nib of a fountain pen

Eating prickly pear

Avoid danger


Dreaming about catching of fowl meaning

What does it mean to be given key in the dream

Naked in church and people start fighting with the prist

Home water leak

Spider in my belly

Falling off high building

Escape danger of racing horses

Jumping off a high building


Purple vehicle

Someone else crying

Beating my wiffe

Gas stove

Avoiding racing horses

Money plant

Making paneer in dream

Picking sugarcane

To see the prime minister of your country in your dre

Not participating

To see the prime minister hi

Christmas decorations

What does it mean bleeding nose in a dream

Recharge card in the dream

Black wedge sandal

Applying henna on my leg

Giving directions to a woman

Flowerpot full of good soil

Flowerpot full of good mud

What does it mean dreaming consulting a sangoma

Eight thausand

Robbed certificates

Poisoned horses

Horse poisoning

To buy eddoes in dream

Breaking branch of banyan tree

Seeing yourself in police station

Urinating from dream to your bed

A person you know being sodomized



Animated corpse

What does it mean when you pluck kola nut in your dream

Lobola dream

What does it mean when you pluck kola but in your dream?

Chopping hand

Common dteams


In dream dog suck my bump



Unprepared acting

Playing laughing with a friend


On four


Dream number 9 means

Thin legs


Dream 9

Scary old lady

I saw a dead person asking me to click a picture of a peacock

Pounding sorghum in the dream means

Digging up dirt

Received red saree

Dreaming about the vice-president being excited

Sleeping under marula tree and marula busy falling down

Cow carcasses

Cow corpses

I make popo

Marula tree and marula

I do vowel

What does it mean to dream about being trapped in a town with a friend

Dead person attending wedding

Running on hands and feet

Fairy of both sex

All four

Mirror reflection shouting

Shouting at myself

Dreaming lost gold found earing

Roasting corn


Differential equations

Walking besides many waters

Crush smiling at me

Roasting maize

Broken tea cup

Satanic sexual dreams

Sister was speaking upside down in dream

Red roses in dream mean

Women giving to a toy

Give food to mad

Large group of female cops

Car headlight going out for your partner and you in the same day

What does it mean to give food to mad man in the dream

Cooking sardines

Two dead loved ones

Dream of endured pig and my father is saving that pig

Calling your loves name in dream

Woman with black hair red tears

Sister that left quickly

Inner garment

Washing dishes

Sister with envelope

Under pillow

Red tears

Hot water on left leg

Praying at cemetery

Lady with black hair and red tears

Praying at graveyard

Detoothing in a dream means what

Travel to foreign country to eat


Dream of lobola


Dream of a large glass jar full and overflowing with nutmegs

Ganga arthi in dream interpretation

Tree house in the woods

Wearing red chuda in dreams means what

Dream about a large bottle full of nutmegs

Women hoeing

Person upside down

Friends masturbated

Meeting your governor in dream means

What if you see yourself wearing pink bikini

Pink bikini

Receiving cardomom


Receiving cardomom from enemy

What does it meaning girl (unmarried), in the dream

Dream of five dollar bills

Horseriding in the cornfield

Tulsi plant break down means

Unmarried wearimg mangalasutra in dreams

Snake laying egg

A child falling again and again

Cat poop

Eating rice with butter milk

Female prisoners

Big nipa hut

Name with st peter

Very small bird making loud noise

Big ant queen and a huge rat

Mangal muki comes in dreams

Ants rats

Flowers and turmeric

Eating chocolates

What does it mean husband beating his wife

Eating pork roast


Horse poop in a coffee pot

Eating jaggery in dream means

Naked cjildren

Crawling insects on body

3 children

Infant chair

Giving green chillies

Black full moon

Chemical burn

Ukuphuphs isangoma

Fight with a mad woman in the dream

Tumor in abdomen

To be wearing only pampers in a dream

Amacimbi mabopane worms

To be wearing g only pampers in a dream

Dream of my second marriage when my husband is with me

To feel a heart beat

A dark g only pampers

Someone licking pussy

Named a d in pampers

Driving keke in the dream

Fighting with siblings

Agori smiles at me and coming back

Making a cake but it got sunken.what is the interpretation for that?

Picking ribs in muddy water

Pulling out uterus from vagina

Given a white handkerchief

River of blood

A river of blood

Caged lama

Dream about growing sugar cane

Tika in dream

What does it mean to dream of the deceased

Caged lion

Getting starbucks

Shopping with my mom for a gift

Strangled by a child

Wood carving

Forgetting to keep my vermilion paint

Means of sugar cane start growing in dreams

Doors blowing open

Looking behind me when someone is talking

Fresh cut roses

Seeing both yam and cocoyam in dream means what?

Father’s swelling feet

Playing with three kids in a white house

Cleaning goddess idol

Fathers stomachache and swelling leg


Homo without hands

Showing someone in the head

What does it mean receiving money in ur dream in an envelope by a deliveryman

Reviving a dead person


Performing a miracle in a dream

What does. dancing with traditional healers mean in a dream

A green parrot flying upward and falling down

What does. dancing with traditional healers mean in a dream

Bleeding from right ear

Magpie being killed by cat

The meaning of breadfruit

A beautiful woman adorned in jwellery

Restaurant dinner

Old sword

To see your name on a tombstone

Bicycle stolen

Repair broken sword

Putting together a broken sword

Three girls

Dream of giving child money

Picking up calamansi in a dream

Snake licks the lips of a human in dream

Someone picking for you a calamansi in a dream?

Pregnant cow inbdream

Dream of luggage

Dream of obstinance

Roaing in a boat

Sailing a boat in sea

Uprooting cocoyam in the dream

My boyfriend in my house

Was diagnosed with cancer

High school friend

To dream

Dream buying palm fruit in market

Clothes in trash

The name adam

Finding a cigarette butt

Finding a cig butt

Jamun seen in dreams

Feel paralyzed

Being drugged while eating

What does it means harvesting, cocoyam, in a dream

Box with a flapping lid

Dead grandfather kissed me on my forehead in a dream

Crossing road

Soil stones in the vagina


Kissing my with someone

Black/white cows looking at you | dream interpretation

Wrist cut

Black/white cows looking at you

Eating seed

Woman on horse

I dreamed kissing a man i know

What does it meaning left, arrow, light, flashing, in the dream?

I dreamed i was kissing a man i know

Woman with a lamb

Dreams about carabao giving birth

I dreamed of kissing a man i know

Woman wearing white on horse

In the middle of trouble

Meaning of dream malnourushed child

Women in all white

Gold medals

A red thread

Chased by a drug dealer

Dying hair blue

Needle and a red thread

Picking coines

See an envelope

White phoenix

I dreamt my boyfriend proposed to me and i felt terrified

Smashed car

Gold pocket watch in the dream

Brown dove

Mama bear

What does it mean cooking together with mum in a dream

Being chased with guns

My husband dreamed i caught him having an affair

Burying my girlfriend

My man having sex with someone else

Eyes that look like lights

Seeing a face that looks like a drawing

I am having an affair but i dreamed my wife caught me with my lover. this dream really unnerved me

Gun figth

I am having an affair and dreamed my wife caught us in the act


Drawing of a face

Abdominal surgery number for

Meaning of dream to kill husbands misstres

Braces on a babies teeth



Sitting on high window sill afraid of falling

Abdominal surgery

Bus stopping before hitting a wall

Sitting on high window sill

Dogs entering a house

Stitches on stomch

Climbing branch

Dreaming of talking to dead sister

Grabbing feet


Coworkers to roomates

I dreamed about making a 2 porgies fish in soup

Slay queen

I dreamed about making a 2 fish in soup

I dreamed my wife caught me having an affair and my daughter was upset and wrecked her car

Burnt foot

Toring saree

Tricked by stranger

Dreaming while spitting and woke up while i have spits

I was naked with my partner an his daughter came in and she was so disappointed she walked out and he walked out while i was walking around the room half dress with my butt out getting my clothes and his wife came in fusing then she left

Swimming in river with poops

Motorbike collides with truck

Dropping a pair of sandals

Airtraffic tower

Air traffic tower

Period pad

What does it meaning losing, everything, in the dream?

Used sanitary pads

Plant growing in mouth



Stealing the bible

Dreaming of friend getting new job

She urinated on me

Having sex with your crush

Flowers on the grave

Dog dream in hinduism

Exboyfriend in wheelchair

Blowjob on camera

Catching boobs of girl

I become a footballer

Snake on my leg

Steal shoes

Hot waterheater


Baby carseat

Baby in carseat dream

Blanket over a fold away bed

Refusing to board a plane

White feather. on face

Blue bathing suit

African female warrior guarding me

Sweet rolls mini dessert

African male warrior

African leopard

Dream Close
Dream Bottom Image