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Skull coming at my face after someone passed away

Skull hitting me in the face

When you dream of a mesjid colaps?

Cooking beef in fire


Cooking beef


What does it mean when you dream of a mesjid minara crash?



When u see calotropis in dream what happens

Scissors to lizards

Cooking for friend

Pink clothes

Receiving a box as a gift

Dragon egg

Swimming in a clear blue ocean

Naval poking out

2nd wedding


My dead father saved me a seat

Missing planes

If you dream you are eating fried yam what does it mean

Baby drooling dream

White gold

Person sleeping in a nest

I beat a pastor in my dream

Sleeping in a birds nest

Sleeping in a nest

Meaning of ube in the dream

Peeling already peeled egusi in a dream

Shoe r

In dey collect someone bag in d dream wot s d meaning

Dream of making raw pap

I dreamt my boyfriend was half human half horse

What does it mean, someone prophesying to me in my dream

Asisi italy

Heart shape balloon dream meaning

Putting kajal in eyes

Bison kills lion

Ex steptson

Not afraid

We were not afraid

Floating person


Float in the air

Good looks

Lost my dogs

What does it mean buying bitter leaf in a dream


What does it mean to high five in a dream

My dogs that have passsed

Insurance card



Catching white ants


Smelling of fresh coffee beans

Lions, tigers and bears

Dog keeping me hostage

Dog not letting me leave

Having a gun put to your head




Having a hun out to your head

Witch woman

Doctors office



Dreaming being thrown a microphone

Licking agbalumo in a dream means


What does it mean to to dream you saw a hole in your ceiling

What does stacked furniture mean in a dream

Sleeping on tacks


Have sex with dead girlfriend

Inside church

Pregnant woman dreams baby dies

Roach fall ceiling

An empty folder with your name on it

Having sex with dead girlfriend

Pregnant dream baby dies

Wearing a wrapper

Black and red plaid shirt

What does it meaning caught, pants, down, in the dream

Sneaking out a bathroom window

Wind carrying purse into water


Dream of father sick

Turn off the light but still light

Dreaming being given thermos flask in a dream

Sex old lady

Pinky finger acrylic nail fell off

Dead grandma asking for money

What dose it mean to eat bitter leaf soup in your dream

Little finger acrylic nail fell off

Man with two faces

Someone spitting in my eyes

Falling wooden chairs

Killing someone when they tell me stop

Husband sleeping with my mother

Purple screws

Bitten on the hand by a lionn

2 invoices with totals and one total changes

Dead person giving sweets

If someone ask you for a needle with black threads

Man with four legs

Locker combination

Milo drink

Having diarrhea

Having diarea

Shooting contest

Cheetah attacking me

Friend changes last name

Friend name change

Friends wedding announcement

Blood stool


Dreaming when someone is back from abroad

Bunny outfit

Nose picking

Police wearing white

Police in white


Eating roast breadfruit

Wood bar cut into pieces

To see a grown up girl sucking nipples

Dreaming building

Broken coffee mug handle

Dream of written in house

Dream wetting books

Five leaf clover

When you marry the guy you like hut ur mom wont let yoi nut you do it anyways

Dream of someone exchange your phone

Dream of someone sucking my breast

Dream of walking ocean

Dream of electrical shock

Deceased husband wants a divorce

Fall though a building

Earth exiting orbit

Dream of eating fruit during pregnancy


Casting with black candle

Hitting a woman with your car

Dreaming part of tree

Mother getting out of hospital happily

Dry seed

Dream tree

Felling the grave

Dead person giving fruit to it

Getting electrocuted

What does it mean picking green lime in the dream

Imposter deceased parent

Effah francis

Feeding transgenders

Tree back window

Feeding kinners

Report late at exams

White cowrie morning

Searching something in a dump

See the nakedness of someone

Someone helping you out from a queue

Someone leading you out of a queue


Leaving a queue and replacing someone


Being in a palm farm arguing about exam meaning

Leaving a queue and replacing someone in your position

To recieve ice

Puppies and kittens

Gums swelling up

Reading personal diary

I had i dream that i was untop looking down in a dark green valley where i see my x walking

Bleeding lip

Bloody lip

God daughter dies

What does it mean to dream see my ex in a dark green valley down below me

Hiding money

What it means when your slippers cut in your dream?

Sex with mad man

Growing cocoyams dream meaning

Pet hit by car


Vegetables that talk

Woman selling dry fish

Dream of woman selling dry fish

To give mad man food in the dream. what is the meaning


Cramp in right hand

A bowl full of cowries

Cowries in a bowl what does it mean


19th century woman in black haunting a home

Stabbed someone

Dreaming about snakes spiritual


Dog dying

Stabbed someone in the stomach


Worms in flour

Pet dog dying

Stabbing someone

Held hostage

Working on my house

Son is taller than the father


Sim card

Son who passed away

What does it mean to dream that you are not wearing your life jacket

Hair in teeth

Flying big spider

Feeding and taking care of a boy child

Snake in warter

Correcting someone or giving instructions

Daughter being kiss by my girlfriend

Getting caught on the toilet

Daughter in bathtub

Me being executed on death row

Green chilli and ragi

Friend now enemy

Penis dreams

A dog dreaming about drinking water

Red ox


Puffer snake meaning

Losing a fingernail

Partner being gay

Partner leaving for same sex

Being given an airtime in the dream

Seeing couple breakup

Someone leaving a monk

Telephone coming alive

Woman wearing long blue skirt


What does eating bitter cola in a dream means

Roofing sheets flying off on a roof

Seeing ur girlfriend pounding fufu in the dream means?

Caught masturbating

Two headed fox

Having a dream where my husband is having an affair with a maid


Crack iphone

Someone was frying akara in my dream

Naked street walk

Touching a private part of another women

Dream of touching another woman


Two bishop at the altar

When an old woman pray for you in the dream

Clay pot filled with water

A black snake lookng at me

People kidnapping me

Unmatched slippers


Rainbow fish

Meaning of dreaming of catching flying termite

Dream where i was wearing a torn skirt and was entering my fathers house

Long strands of hair on tip of nose

Long hairs on tip of nose

Of sisters and brother i can see them but cant reach them

Have bought a new home full of other people’s things

Friends worried about me

Wining a keke napep in a dream

Having sex with traditional healer


Meaning of serving food to the president

Blood on a cutting instrument

White patches on the body

People being worried

What dreamed harvesting cassava in adream

Scissor with blood

Dog licking a leg in a dream

Wearing red bengles

Wearing red bengles

My mother was dead

Dreaming og husband ex

Husband ex

Dreaming of your partern ex answering the phone

Arresting a madman

Praying for a mad man

Meaning for someone to ask for wine on a sick bed in dream

Dream of my husband ex girlfriend answering his son phobe

Dearm of my husband baby momma answering her sons phone

Mouth sealed shut by someone

Dirt road

Died in my sleep

A snake rolled around me and thee other one looking at me

Shared toilets


Lack of privacy

Climbing under water

Sugar daddy

Check for 40,000

A pregnant woman

Lion and dog walking

Dreamt a star was bursting

What is the meaning of the dream pounding fufu

Dream of seeing fish in ice block and birds given us access to the fish by cracking the ice blocks

Dead person hungry want food...

New constellation

Brother dead hungry want food

Sex with brother wife

Fuck brother wife in dream

Armored truck

Dreams of deceased husband walking away

I was taking care of a child

Caustic soda

Friend tumbling

Dreaming of someone tumbling

Bees leaving nest outside home


Falling deep under water and climbing back up

I dreamt about someone putting cornmeal in a bag

Constellations and a new star beibg born


Looking at dropped onions in the floor

Eating pine nuts from a tree

Dreaming my phone on fire

Harvesting cocoyam in dream

Onions on floor

Frying of chinchin

Pepper shoup

Has sex with a dwarf

I saw what beads in a dream


Modalboy danny dreem photo

Someone broke my umbrella

Someone broke my umbrella in a dream

Dream about mad place

Dream of purple bird

Dream of paraffin

Bathing with water mixed with honey in dream

Watching an opera

A destruction

Glass shattering and house shaking

To dream of black liquid coming out of ones mouth

Dead person holding moringga

Picking of phone in a dustbin

Bitter gourd dream meaning

Maami water flying

A golden trumpet in the dream

What does it mean to dream of ripe marula fruit

Stranger old woman praying for you

Maami water flying in the sky

Dream of giving people money

Vetrilai come in dream what is the meaning

Planner soup

Dream about husband looking pale and sick

Chewing bitter cola in the dream

Chewing bitter coma in the dream

Food disappears

Tree of life dream meaning

Three young blond boys

Dreaming about holding a clippers

Cat walking

Fire on trees

Unripe cashew in a dream

What does grinding corn in a dream mean


Bit by sibling

Sleeping in a store

Fishes fighting

Seeing empty calabash

Spinning cleaver

I saw a bady that fell into a gutter and died immediately

Multiple wives

Melting eye

Dream of havesting kontomire

Melting pupil

Killing a sick goat in dream



Dark outside

Seeing calabashes in your dream

Fingers become black

Fingers become blavk

When you dream someone has given you toffee

I plucked orange in my dream


I plucked orange in my dream but it became garden egg

Buying honey in my dream


What does it mean to dream a dead mother holding a baby



Sweep hair

Dreaming of simsim

Dream of getting marula from a marula tree

Giving birth

Pain in dreams

Someone applying kukum in my forehead

Dream about my hand in a dog mouth

Feeling sensation during dreams

Dream a

Dreaming giving children coin money

Taste in dreams

Friend who betrayed

Sel roti in dreams

Window rattling

Dream of going around with a prostitute

Costume jewelry

Flshing red light

Cafe window first floor

Flashing red light

Coco fruit

Garage door banging

Cat chasing you with eggs, running with a celebrity and spriders


Attacking a pangolin

Sailor hat on wife

Seeing alot of penis

Having sex with your sister in law

Hair accessories


Someone pounding fufu

Rose plants

If someone you love sucks your breast in dreams

Smoke coming out of my phone

Handless woman dream

Watering the plants

If someone you love sucks your breast

What does it mean when l saw smoke coming out of my phone in the dream

Dreaming of eating ground nuts

What does it mean when you are eating ground nuts in a dream



Picking sapota fruits

Dream of a picture of a bluejay

Picture of cardinal and bluejay


No genitals

White crucifi

Man without penis

Brahma god in dream

Gifting a pink hat

Witnessing decapitation

Seeing someone being decapitated


Suction cup

Wife undermining

Black snake and red snake

Slapping my wife repeatedly

Dreaming my uncle happy

Food dissapears

Moon blue

Lord brahma dream meaning

What does it mean when you dream someone walking behind of you

To see yourself in an abbatoir

To see yourself in an old abbatoir

Meaning of visiting a traditional healer in a dream

Pitra asking for food in dreem

Dreaming mishri

Someone sucking my breast in d dream what those it mean

Climbing stairs high up in the air

Bicycle tire

Dahi puri

I was picking ripe palm fruits in dreams

Sucking a vagina

Amla fruits in dream meaning

White panty

Snake on dresser


When someone is sucking my breast

When someone is sucking my brea

Taking bath in paddy field

I stood up on a big stone that was on dry wood.


I stood up on a stone that was on dry wood in axr

Blow up cat

I stood on a stone that was on w

I stood on a big stone that was on x


I stoot

Mass fly and spider

Key cards

Debit cards

What does it mean to be giving wrapper in the dream

Black sesame seeds in mng dream

Taking a shower while water flowing full of maggots

Dream of wearing glass colorful bangles

Selling gari in the dream

Running through crowds

Penis bite

Dream about a black seed

Crude oil well

Red ants on outside of husbands ear

Eating of rice and stew made with locust beans in the dream

Barbecue grill

I suc husband penis in dream

Teeth shatter


I had a dream of a murder and it came true the same day

Lady friend


What does it mean if you dreamof something and it comes true the same day

Buying green cardemom in dream

She looked white but was black

Empty apartment missing person

Accident resulting in death

Dream of unfinished pottery school project

Buying yoghurt in a dream

Dream of buying yoghurt

Accident hitting child with car

Spoils of thread


Deceased person showing gold coin

Dalmation dog

Black liquid coming out of someone’s mouth onto you

I eat black soil in dream

Thorns in your palms

Group pictorials meaning

Dream i am lost

Parking a bus

Throwing slippers on me

Blessings from an elderly person

Black tie

Bleeding from my vagina

Sick man in a box

Vomit alcohol

Cardinal bird

Dreaming bout fighting boyfriend mom

2 plumes of fire

Talking vegetable

Fire underneath feet

Coconut flower

Unused rooms in house

Raising the dead with mind prayer

Slow car accident

Water pipe breaking


Pipe breaks

A flower inside the coconut during pregnancy

A flower inside the coconut

Dreaming leading a group in worshiping and praying

Coconut with inside coconut flower


Slapping deceased brother

Nacho cheese

Pyrple drink

Purple fanta

What does it meaning someone, wearing, clothes in the dream

Acne on butt

Saving a child

Dead person in secret room


Being in a house i dont recognize with a dead person in back room

In law giving fried akara

I beat my wife

White towel fall


Ur in a squatter


Dreaming consulting a traditional doctor

How did i get here

Can’t remember where i’m staying

Making and eating flour tortillas dream

Making and eating flour tortillas

Secondary school feiends

Dream swimming with kids at shore

Diamond dust

Beheaded daughter

Making of fresh flour tortillas

Pink jay bird

What does it mean to dream of plucking solanum torvum

Ship dock in the port

A married woman seeing people pounding yam in the dream

Crazy grandpa

Picking african pear

Police on porch

Picking use while falling from the tree

Jogging naked

One light on

Skull of a dog

Ceiling light

Class picture

Kitchen light

Open and close

June beetle

Push front door open

Scratch my back

I saw a corner of my grapa and grams house

Fingers stuck

Seen my dead dad come back to life

Rub back

Dead person giving you a candy

Being asked to rub shoulder

Ragi in dream

Kontonmire leaves in dreams

Stuck fingers

Father in pain

Dreaming about catching springbok

Living grandmother shrinking in my hand

Right shoulder pain

Father shoulder pain

White stranger

Friend with black hand on his head

To see a white man in your dreams

Dreaming someone looking for me but was driving a yellow car

Pranking okra

Dream receiving a text from an ex girlfirend

Dreaming of being on a ship at sea in the rain storm

Sick father


Whirring around me, and my body was buzzing

Slate stones

After the rain

After rain

Pants stolen

Clothes taken off me

Being undressed

Police knocking

Taking someone clothes off


Seeing a makoti in my dream

Police outside


8 goldfish in a bowl

Lost in a building or parking lot

Someone ripping my mattress


White tull

Nipple hair

Coworker making a pass at me

Coworker trying to hit on me


Dead family members

Dreaming of old employment people

Floor spinning

Building a house in a graveyard

City philadelphia


Human clothes


Yellows man

Journalist dream

White kite


The hulk

Soil filled pond

Im walking like a ballerina in my dream

Me walking pointe in my dream

Blue house

Sent in my head

Dream of a dent in the front of my head

Old school mate richer than you and ignore when you call


Old school mate who ignore you

Uneffected by something that should make me anxious

Eating and picking jamun in dream means

Kid with blue around nose

Waking up within a dream

Sucking their thumb

Purple sky



Boyfriend dressed in white suit

Boyfriend dressed in whit suit



Red corn

Safety from a storm


Meaning of eating roasted corn in the dream

Dress blew up in the wind

Sweet guy


Being chased by a drug dealer

Eating tamarind

Aqua silk dress

Putting lotion on someone’s feet

Playing with a dogs penis

Fondling a dog


Empty red arm chair

Near death

I saw myself reciting dhikr in a dream

What it means to pull white thread out of mouth in dream

My son in squater area


Choking baby girl

Man jumping off 15

Milk and ghee


Pulling spoons

White dots on face


Mom eating baby powder and my ex

Dreaming off given money too the elders

Dead plucked chickens



Mistaken identity

Sore jaw

Can food

Hand over my mouth in a dream what does it mean

What do it mean when you pluck out the peacock tail

Dream about a purple and blue peacock

Hand skin cracking

Dreaming of being in atlantic city?

Two horses fighting each other

Almost drowned


Having food in a hostel mess

Forgetting to wear hat

A man dream of licking a peel orange from a girl

Waste time


What does selling puff puff in ones dream means



Retarded ex boyfriend



Insects anus

Paper ring


Ice lolly

Ice lilly

Riding bike down stairs in dream

Betle leaf

Accidentally shooting my dog

Greasy , stringy hair

What does it mean for my sister to dream of cutting off my dreadlocks

Cleaning a glass cup with steins

A glass cup with steins

Pus leaking from the naval

Giant tied down

That you are planing to cook ackee and saltfish


Empty flower pots

When you dream of scent leave

Dreaming about playing holi

Meaning of dreamseeing a snake with breasts

Meaning of dreamseeing a snake with breasts

Flushing textiles down the toilet

My deceased great grandmother had a baby

My great grandmother had a baby

Cobra devouring you


Father passing

Killing earthworm

Dream my arc lit nail fall off

Gorilla and elephants

Animals and moon

I am being choked

Some one choking me

Holding a naked baby

Golden apple


Honda dog

Woman shaving her head

Lover cheating


Red dot on lower legs

Hound dog barking at me

Shaved my head bald

Shaking hads pastor

Cracking back of another

Separated from kids

My ex lover is in a room sleep and i am there but he doesnt know

Green pus from mans penis

Dreaming of raw meats

Im in a room with an ex and im not supposed to be there

Fall in muddy hole

Giving dead person water that is hot to drink

Hole in money

Seeing a shemale

To protect

Kill to protect

Ribs hit


Woman that i do not know dressed in bright colors

3 white birds

Sewing machine

House hill piling


Woman with four eyes

Passing a motion

Passing a stool

Black serpent

Running late for a flight

Chasing something

The lady in white


A woman i dont know mastubates me

A woman masturbate me in my sleep

Changing cars

Contact lenses


A man take off my panty


Ice cream

Igloo house

Evergreen oak

Daddy longleg spiders

Dream of dead friend

Seeds in arm

Signature with non-dominant hand

Asking woman to go nude

Pulling seeds out of arm

Wife dominating

Throwing something at someone

Dead relative asking you for money in a dream meaning

Desiring nudity

Starving puppy


Eaten up

To dream someone is giving you a screw




Ever after high,tree houses,photo shots,office buildings,and haunted houses.

Seeing someone peeling a butternut in a dream

Dog stuck on table starved to death

Dead brother giving me invoice in my dteam

What does white powder in my dream mean

Selling cans

Big ass

Saw the devil

Coffee lid broken

Cofee lid broken

What does it mean when a person is acting like everything is alright in their life and it is not

I dreamyt my hair had grown long

I dreamt my hair had changed colour

Child steps out of ferris wheel looks at me i can’t grab her

What does it mean when you always dream your hiding secrets about yourself like being a failure in life

Evil red door

Dog licking my finger hands

Cut on belly

Old wedding dress ripped up but needed a new one real quick

Dreamt i was in africa

Child naked in school

Dreamt i was in a third world country

Hiking the same place

Pooped myself

Yamashita treasure site

Wearing a red neckless

Hornet trying to fly up my nose

Regret quitting job

Hugged by princess diana

Washing my hair


Losing a tooth

Black altar with candles

Violent ex

Forgetting locker combination


Alfie ns

Car roll

Ripped up

Wedding dress ripped

Monster in vent

Eating candle wax

Blood in bottle

Collapsed road

Water turns to blood

Seeing a bruised arm


Creepy creature

What does simcard mean in dream

Combing mistress hair


Goblin in vent




Putting gel into hair

Being taught to play pool

What does it meaning apple, cinnamon, smell, in the dream?

Painting a room

Paintings room

Having a lot of homework

My decesed daddy talking to me and huging me

Kidnapped naked

Self inflicted stab

Angels falling in the sky

A crescent moon and the sun

A crescent moon and the sun in the same sky while snowing

Deceased daddy

Married women meeting a new guy

Red sweater over white shirt

A father wearing his son shoe


Eating cook cassava in dream


Buying a suit for someone else

Dream about thief following you

Broken teeth

When someone scatter or unfold the cloth someone have already arranged

Former headmistress canning me

Stove with full of kerosene

Bleeding from both ears

Creepy girl with stitches

Exchange of pen in the dream

Lost my car


Making tamales

Empty village

Dreamed of feces

Pregnant with a big red belly button

What does it mean dreaming of a dead person asking for water

Dreaming a dead lady throwing stones at me

Big red belly button


Buy new helmet

Dream of being catching white ants

Married but dating

Appreciating some one in a dream means

Full of blood on a towel

Turtle eggs

Police dog in dream meaninh

Dead mothers teeth brushed

Breast being sucked by a man

I brush my dead mothers teeth

I dreamt i was pounding ogbono in my dream

Dreaming of breatheing balloons

Hungry turtle

Nothing not working out

Ex boyfriend is a priest

Turmaric tree

Knight armour

Found skulls

Caulking wood

Cooking wood

Second place in a beauty competition

Horse white

Tower with a red light

Blood on an eyebrow

Blod on an eyebrow

How do you bring about changes in your life using dreams

White horse

Street vendor food

Kale jamun

Dream lobola being paid


Dream about a mad woman talking to me

Dreaming of my son as a baby

Dreaming of breastfeeding a child

Dreaming of my as a baby

Dreaming of my son

Dreaming of a stockfish

Dreaming of breastfeeding my little boy

I given money to hijra giving blessing in my dreams

Dreaming of breastfeeding your child

Walking round a lake holding hands

Locked in a room someone trying to get in

Owning a barber’s chair

Blue teapot

Green arms

Coins found in water stream

Receiving dead flowers

Hawking vegetable in my dream

Snake run behind me

Dream about black beads

Riding on a hoverboard

What does it mean to dream drinking red juice in a glass

Losing oven chips

Covering up a murder

Kids hand prints on wall

Blue blanket

Mather and father die

Buying new clothing

Samosa इन dream

Samosa इन dream meaning

Stilling in hell

Samosaइन dream meaning

Stone roads

Needle prick in dream

See girls fucked

Blowing trumpet

Discarding old clothes

Some asking money

Indians killing my town

Dreaming of cooking a pap

Key holder

Jamun fruit eating from tree

Hiding skulls

Burying skulls


Dream hiding skull

My hair white meaning dream


Dream of hr manager

Wat clothes

A man dreams his making fire to put a 3 legged pot with water

A man dreams his making fire to put a 3 legged pot with water on

Dreaming of making fire to put water in a 3 legged pot

Eating water yam in the dream

Not invited

See dog killed a grass cutter in the dream

Not being invited to a party

What dose it mean if someone promise give me money to add to my business

Meaning of purple fruit in a dream

Dreaming about my ex brother

Horny dog

Horny dog big penis

Dreaming of my ex amongs other men including my brother and cousins

Woman being chased by man with knife dreamt by a man

Dream Close
Dream Bottom Image