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What does it meaning eyes, closed, , driving in the dream

Dream wearing dark sunglasses

Dark glasses

Dreaming of helping one plant onion but onion leaves failing to stand upright


Helping uncle plant onions but not working?

High heels broken

Helping one plant onions but not failing

Arguing with the mistress

Your kids drowning

Driving into red water

Dreaming of helping one plant onion but not working?

Helping one to plant

Shivering cold

Black horse flying with wings


Bad grades

Asking jack fruit to buy

Dream of fighting my elder brother/kid sister


Inside out clothes

Frozen dead



Huge bite

Lost with friends

Itchy bumps


Received sweets from the sky

Baby feet prints



Ejaculating blood

Baby feet prints in mud

Breaking my own arm

Bruised wrist

Kissing a man named brian

Dream meaning of plucking garden eggs

Cyclops child

What does it mean bidding farewell in a dream

Long skirt

Someone else wearing wig

Partner wearing black cloak standing over my bed

Seeing a version of myself with a lot of plastic surgery

Lounge wear

Buying a room in a persons house

Chameleon eyes

What does it mean to see big python dream


Having dreamt of giving birth to twins

Hit child

I have a suitor but i dreamed about having a different suitor

Son killed a bird



Belt button lint

Baby rushing in hospital

Meaning of tapioca in dream

Turquoise stone silver necklace


Crossing mountains

Crossing mountain

Drem of flies around ankle

Sprouted seeds

Telephone that does not ring

Dream of flies around ankle

Selling food flask in d dream

Eating sweet paan

New orleans


Flowerpots mama’s



Broken handi

Soil emty handi broken

Dreaming of water


Kinnar baby

Dreaming about water

What does dreaming about your uncle having sex mean?

Seeing red oil flowing in the dream

Cracked phone screen


Telephone does not ring but i was toid to pick up the reicver by dead brother

Saw 2 aluminum ladder on the wall

Running in socks

Dropping my phone in running water

White nail polish

Back room

Dream about a loved one that was killed and a yellow telephone



Dead man praising your hair

Yellow dial phone

Meaning of vermilion

Twinkling stars

Twinkling stars at first light

Someone took me to a park where they talked to someone spiritual and left me

Kissing the forehead

Last supper with jesus

Being rape


What does it meaning snakengue, kiss in the dream?

To dream about sun moon and star

Banana. was. give. woman. try. give. men. said. no

Backroom dreams

Princess diana knew me and represented a friend of mine who is a medium

A lady is giving silk saree


Black and white hair

Daughter puberty

Hair tufts thick

Water spinach part outer is soggy

Water spinach

Sex younger men

Sex with younger men

Thick coarse chest hair

A person who died and is vomiting in the dream

Neem tree dreams

House is sinking

What does it mean to praise god in a dream

What does it mean to praise god ina dream

Being in a coffin

Extreme confusion

Seeing radhakrishna statue in the dream

Fur mantle

Meeting someone famous


Bitterkola in

Neon dream

Bitten by a craw


Seeing dog meat

Widow wife dream of her husband jeolousy

Widow wife dream of her jealous husband

Parade of floats, animals

I was in a bunk bed in a white endless room with a mob of people chasing after me because i had spilled water on my shirt

Red trash can

Lots of hairpins

Green bottle gaurd

Eating a hay bale

Back rooms

Saw plucking bitter gourd

Eyes gl es

Taxidermy animal

What does it mean to dream about a back room


Broken wrist


Carrying someone on my back dream

Orange soda


Eating cookie dough ice cream

Using salt kill earthworm in a dream


Emoty wall

White flowers on a tree

Bare walls

What does it mean to harvest fresh cocoyam in the dream?

Friend trying to steal boyfriend


Man with money on a table

Meeting between bread fruits

Mattress dream

Being slaped by dead

What does it meaning, ex - mother in law in a dream?

Hole in sweater

Sweater with holes

Late for bus

An orange kitten

Watching baby on tv


Television in the room

My sister cuts my hair in dream

Learning to play piano

Eating chapati with butter

Selling coal

Being snatch a phone

Buying a sim card

What does it mean talking and seeing the president

Mp3 player

Dream about window being broken at home


Dream meaning of peeling cassava

Gas smell

Shooting at someone but misses

Dream meanings and dictionary of dream interpretation dream encyclopedia dream interpretation | dream dictionary what does it meaning soda in the dream?

Chasing someone with a automatic pistol

Pink glitter

Chasing someone with gun down a corridor on the other side th

Two people sitting on bed

Dream about sitting in a lounge and seeing unknown guy and girl standing in corridor

Dream about picking up magazine for firearm and bullets

Dream about deceased brother giving dreamer paperwork

Dreaming of guinea fowls

Drive in movie

Driving through a cornfield

Dream of prehistoric animals devouring each other

Dreaming about shooting someone

Dream about telling dreamer he needs to answer questions