Agents of truth

Arguing with the mistress

Asking jack fruit to buy

A lady is giving silk saree

A person who died and is vomiting in the dream

An orange kitten

Animals made up of different animals

A vagina with teeth

Airplane crashing down


Applying body lotion

Ants in house

Attending marriage procession

Army in line

A house on a hill


Apple in my vagina


Antler sculpture

Attacking cactus plant

A $50 bill in half

A $50 bill ripped in half

Ark of convent

Araura borealis

Applying lotion

A pregnant woman chased by ghost in her sleep

Animals fighting


Attacked by a hummingbird

Avoiding black stingray


A man was chasing me

A dream of speaking 2 a saint

A person saying hello to me


A gift from a thrift shop

A married woman in a relationship with a musician

A neighbor talking to your ex-boyfriend about

Attacked by black bull

Arm cut off

A person sweating in the dream

Animal with two head

Animal with two heads

Avoid eating camel meat

A dead person giving you fruit

Animal teeth

American indian man in dream

A death person given you water to drink

A bag of pear means what in the dream



Almost missing an airoplane

Ashes in a mudpot in lapse

Abusive father recurring dreams

Abused by your own father

A cyst in your breast

A meeting with breadfruit

A woman wearing dark glasses in a dream

Alovera juice dream

Attending funeral of husband not dead

A talking lion in a dream during pregnancy

Asking for advice


At if u see black stone with white stripes on it which u kept in black bag in dream


Attacked by elephant in a dream



Ate flesh on my back

A dream of a farm how does in relate to the american dream

A farmer with tools

A warthog as a friend

A sulky friend

Apartment building fall

A piece of folded paper with my name on it

Apartment building

A meeting between breadfruit

Asking water to drink

Alter server

A person constantly being in my dreams

About being a supernatural being

A note in a vase of flowers


A quare gold plate


A cident

A dead person asking for water

Almost swallowing scissors


A dream about soapy water spilling on the floor

Accident to my friend


Arrest for forgery



Ants on my clothes

Advised to plant wheat

A spider growling at me trying to attack


A spider growling

A lesbian wedding

Arrificial intelligience

Atlantic city

American pit bull

Africa, snake, lions, dogs, cabin, sister


App in the dream

A friend buys you cake


A person hits a dove with their car and the dove kills the person

Ants crawling from tear duct

A change of matter states brother and he was asking me for water in his coffin


A silhouette of my pastor seen walking in the sky wearing a bowler hat while pacing and carrying a walking stick. also large movie screens coming down from the sky showi g people all over the world coming towards whoever is filming

A brass ring with plain green surface in dream means

A boy you just met wants to marry you

Adding ingredients to make chocolate

A choking rooster

Artificial insemination

Asian girls fucking shemales

A deadly man walking backward

Animal on back

A meeting between breadfruits

A pink cat

Asking to hangout

A dead dog

A drum filled with cassava


Animal with teeth in the head

A dream about indian man in my house

Attacked by axe

A girl with horns and wings


Adopt baby girl

Abandoned boy

A trip abroad

A duck

Angry hedgehog



Ancestor asking for food

Attending a naming ceremony

Angry, hungry cougar

A woman and a child

A drunk priest

A reunk priest

Afraid to fall down the stairs

A man with raster hair

Abondening my children

Aching feet

Abusive tickling

Avacado green

A lady was insulting me for my boyfriend


Abhsive sexually

A mouse found in the passenger side of car



An affair

A man eating sanitary pad in the dream

Acting with my favorite actor

A girl sucking my dick

Ackee tree

Attacked in a parking lot/parking garage

Accepting a ring from a dead father

Astagfarirullah in dream

A man saying shhh in my dream

Arm with giant sore on

Alot of breadfruit

A guy tells me how he feels

Angel holding a white ribbon

A big cat


Argument s

Airplane collecting water from ocean


Animals burrowing

Asking to eat ghee


A beten cow by a bull and monkey

A fight between bull cow and monkey


A loved one pointing to a medal on their chest

A loved one pointing to a badge on their chest

A dream of seeing my partner buying baby clothes

Aggressive dogs

A tattoo of a hand in your vagaina

Angry spirit

A mayor is interested to you


Aluminum pans

A girl lies about there age

A girl was laying of her own age

A fairy told me i was supposed to sing

A waterfall

About finding my old sarees

Albino alligator

A professor


Aeroplane accident

A falling globe



A neighbor talking to your ex-boyfriend about

A single yellow rose is growing in the yard

A single yellow rose


A dream about butternut

Angel blowing a trumpet during chaos



A bag of mealie meao

Abandoning car


Ants in home

A person not wanting to leave my house

A person in my house not wanting to leave

A relationship with a guy you ended this with

Adopted a female dog


Abusive ex

Abusive person

A doll in my wardrobe that i grab but it wont move and then someone grabs me from behind

Ask to leave the house


Amputee dreams of running

A friend cleaning our car windows

Angels descending blowing a trumpet

A noose wrapped around a fan

Animals transforming and biting me

Aquamarine color dress


A disappearing person

All my clothes are gone

A big friendly cat entering my house


A young woman in a dream tells you that you are married

A dream about obsessed with me

Aste disposal site

A dead person mistakenly wears your shoes but you collected it back

A string of tea bags coming out of vagina

Aeroplane came down but didnt crush

A woman opened bathroom door while i was using it to be mean

A man was washing my foot

A womam showing her vagina in a dream

Arm underdeveloped

Artificial intelligence

Armed security guard

An errant son

An errant son returns my passport

A kiss


A tough bloody mass comes out when i my stuffy nose

Attending the renewal of vows of your parents


Artificial lightning

A voice say breath under water

A young giraffe trying to get away from a woman driving a jeep with a small smiling dog on the hood. i come out to help. i thought the giraffe was a deer


Amala with ewedu

A loved one that is gone will not acknowledge you


A pit

A door being pushed open against you


Angel, fairy

Angry pastor dream meaning

Always naked

A person you know

A dead person digging up dirt

Ash in teeth

A blue folded tarp being handed to me

A girl you know and like shy to approach

Assassin game currently being played with senior class currently

Assassin game being played with my senior class currently

Arrival station

Attacked by pig

A dog licking my hands what does it mean in a dream

A figure in white is coming down from the sky (heaven)

A person is a goat

A black hole where the heart should be

A friend flirting

Abduction dream

About clothes

About fight

A friend died but i can never find him in my dreams

About to be raped

A girl with read cloth caring ababy she refuse to great me,but in real seanse i love her

Anointing hot oils on body

Alligators everywhere you walk


An overflowing pool


A black horse eats my apple

Abused sheep

Animals suffering around dead animals


A brother falling from the balcony

About boyfriend cheating

Airplane flying low

Anal sex with my wife in dream

Animal attack


Afternoon evening

Armpits bleeding

Alligators on the floor

Alterate dimension




A single lady putting to birth in a dream

A female uprooting mushrooms the way from farm

A pastor touch my bottoms

About buying fried cassava in dream

Arm wrestling with pastor daughter

Argument with brother for good

A celebrity

Asleep standing upright

Animals hunting


Attacked by koala bear



A car gets into water


A gray and silver stubby cell phone , old that the battery light came on and the battery die

Air plane crash over your head meaning

Ash whole


Alma mater

A deceased person leading a living person away from someone

A friend holding firebrand and not burning


A trail of white stones, imprinted with a sunflower, placed by a friend

A path of white stones, imprinted sunflower, laid out by a friend for me to follow

A threaded needle

Angry snake

Anger towards god

Anger towrards god

A lady was throwing new wrappers and i catch 3piece of them

Adult baby

An announcement in a dream


A beautiful unknown woman

Amusement park ride

Attempt to bury three cassava tubers

Attached by a cheetah



Amala dream in pregnancy

Aqua color

Allah name written on the cloud

A sibling is pregnant

Athlete invited me to his house


At catherine of sienna

A dead person giving me money or a gift

Acting like a prostitute

A dead person being temporarily detained

Al imran


A purse being taken


Aunt crying

Avoiding crushed eggs

Arguing with someone

At a bus stop to see boyfriend couldn

A cast iron gate opened

Angel and a staircase

A closed front door inside the house

An old man give me a machete as agift


An old friend

Afraid of lion



Are dreams true

Annual honesty

Annual honest

A dead loved one

Arguing freinds

Argument at a wedding


Attacked with a machete in my dream

Accidental shooting

Accidently shooting someone

An ex friend was being rude to me in a dream.

Ants in my towel

A boy was sucking my right toe

A man seen a long white hair in his head

Automobile automobile


A warning to be discreet, for one’s words will be conveyed to others

Antique clock

Alligator chases me into a river birch tree

Alligator chases me into a tree

A girl gawking used cloths

A girl gawking cloth

Asian lady licking an fungus toenail


About in water

A lot of bugs al over the floor and walls

A dead loved one being alive

A dream with both my aunt and my father that are both dead

Angel fighting other angel women


Alot of fishes

A man with a gun



Animal that talks to you

Asking strangers for help but no one will answer


Authortity figure

Abandoning cut slippers in a dream

Abandoning cut slippers in a dream

Abandoning your cut slippers

Ariana grande


A non sexual dream about a man i was with over 20 years ago

About someone recently deceased that i never met

Adopted daughter

Answering machine message

An old frind that changed


A funeral car driving up the road


A cooked kitten

A dream of your boyfriend paying you lobola

Angre women

A dead relative sweeping

Abused girl

A loved one passed

A new floor in your home

Animals in the swimming pool


At sex party with wife

Ark if covenant

An enemy giving you coins

An unmarried girls putting full kumkum in forhead

About to climb stairs and it disappears

A that had passed came to me in a dream. when she removed her sunglasses her eyes were gold. what doe gold eyes mean .

An old woman blessing you in the dream

Airplane nosedive

A friend missing

Applying cream on hands in dream

Abused by hisband

Abused by husband in a dream

A bused by husband

Abused by husband and wife terrified calling the security

Apply turmeric on cheeks of a male


Aeroplane crashes

A friend reading my diary

A tree and money

Alien terrorist attacks


A chandelier

A significant other doing flips


Anime characters

A mom who systematically murders her children

As i returned home my house was completely demolished i ran to see if my husband and child was inside but they were not in all the other houses were untouched only our house

Animal turns into a different animal

Asking for a mother of pearl

A city that i cannot leave

Angry women

A man suck my nipples in my dream

A man ware black cloth

Aunt driving me in a van

A dream of a snack sucking on my breast

Apple during pregnancy


A man on cross

Almost drowning

Applying kajal in our own eyes

An order from prime minister dream meaning

A person give me a black belt

Admirals hat

Arch of poo

A baby in a basket

A father stitches on his head

Attacked in the home

A smelly bag of shit that i had to contain

At a dustbin side



Aloe vera gel dream meaning

A dream where i found my lost sim card and i was driving small smile

African star apple


A red and yellow chair with bible on it in a dream

Angel on monument

Animals turning into baby

All hair gatting chopped off

A giant holding a small heart

Anal rape

A smiling tall man

A smiling rall man

A tall white man

Announcement of death

Alone in a museum

Alone in building

Alone in a building (meuseam or church)

Abraham giving you penny

Almost active volcano

Attack by wrench

Aggressive huge wolf

Apples being cut into slices

Apples falling from the sky

Aprtment flood

Aloe water

A beautiful horse licked my face

Anklet silver

Animal souls

Abbreviation for dram on perscription

Almond oli

Answering a call for my brother

Auto collision repair

At work everyone sleeping

Adopt child

About my deceased dad

Attack by a coyote


Anthusiam mean

A reach

Afraid of a stranger

A dream of black bead is what

A woman/angel tells me that god has better things in store for me then disappeared

Award pins

Air pulse

Auto accidents

Akara palm oil many under a tree

Animals that routine in a trap


A woman with long wavy hair and a hebrew name

A stained bible

A tiger in a 100 stall bathroom

Analyse letter

A deceased giving you a fruit

Asking to date you

Arrow through a heart


Alien sheep

Alligator pepper

African lovebirds

A death prank



About being pregnant

A spinning wedding ring falling in air

A spinning wedding ring falling in

A cow have bite me in my back

A huge snake who is about to attack a child

An ex girlfriend

Angels wearing black

Alligator changing colors

Abandonment wife

A bug under the skin

An upset man showed me drawings behind his daughters wallpaper

Alien fetus staring into my eyes


Ants in a house

A beam dream

A man give my boyfriend kolanut

A king was visited me in my dream

A man takes my hand and we easily walk through two walls

Attacked in my home

Art class

Awake from surgery and toe amputated

A loved ones exection

Assemble a gun

Animal without eyes or mouth

Argument with a man

Argument with a man carried me

A man carrying me high


Abour sex amd canr oef

A wall faliing on people

A bronze ring in the dream

A pinch on the but


Argue with boss

A card being thrown at your face

A card being throw at you meaning

A decapitated lioness

A hurt lioness

A beheaded lioness


A spiritual leader in a sex act


Adultery with she male

A dream of my home getting broken into through a window

Ash tree

American gladiator tennis ball practice


A dog fell off a balcony

American sign language

An avatar like world

About a crush

Army dancing in dream.

Almost fell in river someone helped me

A sink that won’t hold water


Art set

A bleeding cat

An ex grabbing my ass

A hog covered in blood

Amber colored liquid

Adandoned then found new friends


Arm slapped

Arm slspped

A frog on my bed

An elephant with tied legs on a sitting camel

A coffin n lost father



Arbi writing in the sky

About eating greencapsicum

Applying kajal iwn eyes

A madwoman taking my catfish in the dream which leads to tears

Animal noises

Apples in fridge

A talking parrot turning into a girl

Air freshners

Ants all over me

Ants crawling on me


A man shooting at you with a rifle

A comb fall

A comb falls

Amputation of foot

Arcade machine

A mad woman hugging me

A married friend getting married to a stranger


A brown snake actting confused on which way to go

Almost missing train

Almost missing tram and money to pay

Almost ran over by a steam roller

Ants in the water

A brown dog harressed me and then transformed into a small dinosaur and went to his mother

Assisting a disabled person moving up the escalot

Arm stitches

Afraid of going to class in bad neighborhood

Alien spider

A motor home being taken

A pair of baby feet on my bed

A man wearing a black dress and holding an umbrella

A boat going aground

A vent being human

A husband flirting to a woman


Alligator in a icy swimming pool

Agressive dog

A duck hugging you

A friend crawling

Alot of water overflowing tub

An old friend on a swing

Animals in bath



Answer key

A black door half open


Aaron sison

Alphabet k

A woman walking around with no shirt


Attempted suicide

Account officer

A mad man pursuing you real life

A mad man pursuing you

A mad man pursuing you in the dream

Africian witch dotor inserts fish hook into right hand

A new life with two daughters blonde hair and blue eyes


Abandonment of a infant

Ants crawling over my toilet

A floating key

A friends hiuse

A teacher flogging children

A secret room


Asian officer

Alive grandfather hugging me tight dream



Avoiding the light

Apple peel

A handful of silver gold shining coins

Accepting poligamist marriage




A relative accused of murder

And planting abig seed in richsoil

An ex who had died 2 years ago, came to me and we held each other, and kissed each other, and it was very intimate

An ex who passed came to me and we held each other, and kissed each other, and was very intimate

A woman suck my dick and make me cum in my drean

A dog climbing on me and her period over me

A woman vagina


A guy with a tattoo on his hand






Applying kajal in dream

Animal attacking

A shoe thrown at me

A magnet with a coin

Amla fruit eating in dream

Attractive girl


A nuber 34 on the forehead

Another’s wedding

A volts wagon car

A doll that gets alive and becomes a girl

A man having sex with a dog


Afraid to skydive

A meeting between breadfruit meaning

Abdominal blisters

Angry kinner

A postmenpostal women getting her period

A blanket made of yellow discs of cheese


A lock winding surrounded by hearts

Aeroplane landin

A pastor needing help

A date with a midget

A friend with poop toilet paper

A house without bulbs


A pastor giving me a hoe

Auto out of control couldn’t see was in a creak killed swimmers

A tan small to medium sized dog with long ears licking my vagina

A child was sucking my penis

About dogs

A decised person

About a person who has passed

A person who has passed having a baby

A pet doe died in a pond

Ancient language

A girl falling in a septic tank with not clear water

Asking for fufu


Arck of covenant

Almmost drowning in water full of alligators


Automobile convertible

Alone and lost

Ancient stone


A huge turtle ate my hair, flew into the air,got hit by a plane and broke into three large pieces which fell in my shower.

Applying turmeric in dreams

Animal home


Asking for bindi to brother in dream

Admire object


Another persons nephew

A person giving me $80

Almond tree climbing an almond tree

Another couple in the shower

A white dove landing on my shouder

Asian girl

Accepting bread from enemy

A 3 legged 1 eyed fox fox

A 3 legged blind fox


Accidentally killing a mad man that was looking for your trouble

Alone against all

A blue sweater in a dream

A dead person giving people sandwiches

Alien takes over body

A neighbor talking to your ex-boyfriend about


A bear ate my bestfriends dog

Angry buffalo

A person i met in a dream lost a love one

Animals terning in people

A group of us mechanics were on a college campus and we were being accused of stealing so we all had to flee

Alone at a movie with no pants on

Arms around the waist


Automobile 3 car crash

Always bathing in a dream

Angel statue in the sky

About arenola


Anal with my wife

A person who is paralyzed and wakes up later

Adopting a gazelle as pet in the dream

A pair of rings

Attending a burial

Actor dreams islam

Actor srea

A killer in black pants gray shirt and green jacket

Ancient key

A girl walk nude i see

A thick white line drawn across central africa


A dream of payments

Armored vehicle

Armoured vehicle

Amman dreams

A felling gold ear ring islamic interpretation

A husband is sick

A prayer from saint barnabas

About saint barnabas


An obondance of gungo peas


Avoiding logs

A person turns into an asp

Applying salve

Amputation of all limbs in a dream


About to fight around palm tree

Alien invasion daytime

A girl trying to flirting my husband in my dreams

Animals inside fruit

Animal inside fruit

A teacher beating me in a dream by cane

A woman sucking a male penis in the dream

Asking jalebi in dreams

A mad woman begging me for food in the dream


Animal inside fruit vegetable

Animal inside


Aguy paying bidding me to sit down and not perfom

Adult art


Alignment of sun and moon

Aked to come and paint the church

A man holding my right hand for a quiet nice walk


A deity statue came to life as a baby

A traditional healer in a dream

Attracting woman to have sex with them


Almost falling over a summit

Arranging takkies or shoes

Aeroplanes crushing and destroying houses

A lion on fire

Applying haldi on face


Animal feasting

Animal eating

Angry bear

Attack by doctor

Aboard cargo ship

A dream of amla pickle

A guy firing a gun

Alien dogs

Angry customers

A house full of snakes, hiding, searching for them to chase them out.


Asian woman

Animals swimming in pool

A dead father arranges a marriage of his daughter.

Argument with deceased family

Amazing grace

A child smearing himself with a vaseline


A stranger sucking my vaginia

A suitor giving you something unknown

Animal hybrid

A witch attack

Attacked by a coyote

A deceased person in a mirror



Asked to sell my soul

Atis fruits

A fish without a tail cant swim

Animals feet been brokwn

Auto insurance


A baseball

A burning bush

About to killed

Airforce blue uniform

Afraid of ghost

Alive water

Angel of the lord

Axe man chase

Animal sleeping

All white bedroom

Abandoned child

Age regression

Alma fruit

Animal heads

Animals birthing

Arm turning into a snake

A dead person cooking for you

An orange

Attending your former school

Ants in line on wall

Art room

After parties

A lady in black dress dream

A ring with an amethyst stone

A lost loved one guiding you


A women disturb me when praying

A cow eating meat




A friend with a runny nose

A newborn baby was licking my thumb

Amala dream

A lady held two folders

A doll coming to life


A flawer pot


Attacked by a gopher

At gun point


Alphabet a

A lot of puppies eating

A guy holding a rose in front of me

Angels flying in the sky

A dream of getting bad grades

Accompanied by dead grandmother

Amputated finger

A falcon landing on my shoulder and speaking to me

Alternate futures

Asking for payment

Amla bunches

Apartment owner

Angels looking in your windows

Angles flying orund the roof of your home and looking in the windows

Angels looking in your home windowa

A man of god told me that i will cast demon

Anklet sounds

About to trim someone’s pubic hair means

Anty flo please give the interpretation to kola nut in the dream for me

Anty flo please give the interpretation to jula nut in the dream for me

Asked to enter a dark office

Adopting a disabled child


About uprooting mushroom in the dream

A person who pass away i dream that his driving motorbike with me

A girl drawn in a see

Arm in a sling

American president

A wooden peg

A dead person giving you gold

Aunt died in sleep


Ana ana

Alder falling



Attacking pelican



Air on fire


Angle fish

Angle fiah

Ate a pinecone

A lot of poop in toilet flushed it but some remained flushed again and gone.

Air freshener

An infant bowel movement smeared on my shirt

A pregnant woman gave me a big garden egg and i ate it

A pregnant woman delivers safely

A friend pass me a bonnet with conch meat inside

Animal digging hole

Abuse dog

A man smoking dagga inorder to woman

A boy touching you

A woman breast being sucked by a man in a dream


Animal sounds

At a fancy party and everyone ignores you

A group of white stone

A friend who is paralyzed seen cured

Applying white powder on my.face

A frog

A dam of water with muslim words

Adam with muslim words

Abundance of avocados


Against odds

Alots of flowers

A meat delivery by mail

Attemted suicide

A woman with a blue face

Anointing my home

Assign rug

Attack someone with umbrella

Andefined bug creature with a face

A stone wall stood before me

A house in a forest

Avoacadj tree

A person with gold teeth

Argon oil


Aeroplane on ground

A place with bad memories

A strange lady dancing in white tights


Amputated toe

Air strike

Angel says this is the end

A snake swallowing a goat in a dream



Accident of near one

Amber crystal

Angelic music

Angel music

About mad woman

Alligator pepper in the dream

A man sucking a woman breast

A man licking a woman back

A foe wearing a white suit walking away

A man who is a foe wearinf a white suite with back running away

Arguing with a neighbour

Amethyst broke

A town

All my crystals are on the floor

Altar service

Accepting a handkerchief from my late mum

A lot of beetroot in the drean

A dog holding a spear

Angry men

A school girl press by truckin dream

A hotl

A wet finger touching my forehead


Ark of the covenant


A wolf chasing me around a barn

Advice from old man

A husband is beat up by his wife

A house with dead ghost but scary and evil livig think hauntin the guy and girl

A man i know hit into a tree and then fell into a dirt hole and became buried and i gave him a wooden stick to hold on to and emerge from below the dirt




Amla pickle in dreams

A cat going to lunge at me

Algae water

An atm giving extra money

A name is yelled out

Abandoned asylum


A loft cause my little girl not to feel good..

Ahemale in dreams

Abusing dogs

Airplane spying on you

Air plane spying on you

A crocodile eats my child


An old swing set

Abuse by boyfriend

Abused by lover

Ambulance drame

Abusing lion; killing toddler

Animal excrement

A white woman

And dog

Arc angel


Akbash dog


Anal come out animals

Animal come out on mouth


Argument with neighbor

An abundance of ancient fine china of all descriptions

A person with down syndrome

Angel of deayh

Angel of deah


Areca nut gathering

Ankle deep water

About getting stomped on by a horse

A tarot man

A woman giving birth in high heels

At a train station

At home with a man i do not know

A man washing my feet and oil it




Applying turmeric and kukum on my face

Aluminum foil in hair

A special jasmine flower on top of a sycamore tree

Anubis chasing me

A man sucking my breast

Abortion product

Arteries breaking


About being in trouble

Atm machine giving out too much money


A beatle


Attacking a chameleon in my dream


Accidentally killing of two monkeys in a dream who disturbing

Alam shia flag

A beloved item is buried


Ark of the covernant

Animal penis dream

Anxiety about going home

A fight with transgender


Animals making war like men


A ibus

Ask. god to for give me



A dog getting hit by a car

A cats neck bring pulled amd its head comes off. the body died and the head lived

Aztec gathering

A woman with a silver gun

Ants navel

Am pregnant i dream of lion

A pot, a spoon, and a lid

A pot in a brick oven fire being purified

A missing guinea fowl

Asleep with hands crossed in front with something creepy sitting by me looking at me

A man pulling up mandrake root


Annular finger


A dream that a patient recovered while people jublate means?

A yellow clock going backwards

Attacked by rabbit

A deceased person


Arranged marrige

Aqua marbles coming out of a babies mouth

A spider falling from a book

Accused of stealing money


Album with no photos

Asked to buy socks

Argue with roommates

Ashen face

Arrow and bow

Aggressive white siamese cat growling

American flag on shortened pole

A suit for a deceased loved one

Always saw a woman with your husband

Airplane first class

A row of evergreen trees. it was dark.

Asking money from boyfriend but he did not give me


A man with 2 heads

A black and gold viper wrapped around lamppost 461

Am asking for money in my dream and non of them give me



Ate my sisters pussy

Arm appears and grabs you

An old woman talking to you

Airplane engine

All around edges of pool broken up

Animal intestines

Accused of stealing in a dream

Amla eating dreams

Angel of death

Accepting food from dead person

Airplane breaking up

A man chasing u in a dream

Auto detail

A turkey was being feed

A dead sibling

A friend fooled me


Airplane ban


A girl lying on the ground after being d

A crush crying and apologizing

Attacked by a black bear


Afraid of being late to a wedding

Afraid late wedding

A big beautiful house

A bag of flour in dream

A bad of flour in dream

At a light when i ok to the right i see my church and my pastors calling me to come and then i wake up to a text message in real life

A discuise

Aliens killing

Animal with 3 sets of eyes

Animal sneezing

A spiritual hand holding you down

A white cross


A woman flogged a child in her dream with coboko

A dream were i have ual intentions with a boy in my class

Angry ancestor

A word code with right slanted silver strokes through the letters

Adobe building

Angel wings

Angels chasing

A family member deformed

Angels chasing me

Army trousers

A lot of black cat


Applying turmeric powder on face

Adult son sexually violent towards his mother

A woman cuts from my wrist to the top of my hand

Acid rain

A cow bell


Airport with babe

Aliens witches

Arguing with daughter inlaw

Arguing with daughter in law

Avoiding loot

Animal biting

Animal gnawing

A man stalking me and had a feeling he wanted to me in my dreams

Arrow caught

Arrow approaching

Adult cat attacking kitten



Albino animal

Amusement parks

Asking me to buy gold

A woman want to have sex with me


A black female chasing me

A lilla thin veil

Abusive relationship

Areca nuts

Asking crush out

A can

A safe place

Amla buying in dream

A group of dead people rising from the dead

A dead lover


Animal kill

Angry camel

A dying dog


Animals made out of objects

A man

A man looking at me

A man pretending to be sick

A baby peeing

A lady giving red glass bangles


A paper saying i love you

A polar bear attacking you

A very tall man greeting someone in a dream

Ant carrying seeds in the dream

Anointing oil

About love wen i see so to nino

About to kiss sto. niño

Asking cloth from dead person

A woman dreaming of having with a woman with male genitals

A reptile sucking my breast

A woman at a podium


A cow that burns

Animal killer

Acne nose

A tree growing from the middle of another tree

A palm tree with another slimmer and taller palm tree growing from its middle

A dream of a dead person showing you how to cook a cake

Automobile hit by a friend three times

Amazon package

A dream of a marriage proposal



Amla in dteams

Apply perfume on own body

A dream of removing a jigger in foot mean

Accepting a coin

A recurring dream

A dream of a step mom

Applying manjal on face

Animal 3


Attacked by raven


A dream about giving food to ur husband


A boss that has died

Apple pie

A blue shirt with moth holes

Attacked by flying bugs

Abusive man

Aggressive man

A veil rabbit brings me its hand bone

A veil animal bting its bone to give me

Asking a bishop to pray for me

A lady giving you sweet ice cream from top of a clean trecker shoe in a dream mean what?


A sinking grave in the dream

Argument at dinner in public

A lot of carrots

Animal transformation

A big jackfruit tree

A stranger squeezes my breast

A silver screw

Amla seen in dreams

Attacked by hizra in dream

Attacked by eunuch in dream

Aloa vera dream about meanibg

Arthritic knee pain

A green and white guinea pig with rabbit ears

Applying oil to hair


Animal licking feet

A dead person vomiting on me

A friend has a crush on me

Asking for a direction

A deceased friend visiting me

At a family members funera

Armpit lump

Ayatal kursi

At school fight

A wound

A dream of my ex boyfriend paying bride price

A man pounding fufu alone in dream and meaning

A shop

A man paying my bride price

Asking for a dua

A man comes to me naked

A child with white glowing eyes

A friend gave a rosary than walked away

Abu bakr

Anubis and the underworld

Argument with wife

Aztec strength symbol

A man praying

A powder



A wall was closing on me i got out and saw my friend

A witch flying on a broomstick

A person passed away drawing a rangoli




A person holding rod

Ayyappan in dream

A loved one having sex with a dog



Army uniform and helmet

A pastor to give him a lady hand



About to bite you

A man wanting to suck and lick on a woman’s breast in a dream

A man dream of seeing a woman swimming naked


Amla tree with fruits eating

Asking someone for money

A lady in salaat

Arc angels

Animated show


A snake bitten my vagina

Animal dying

A person in wheelchair

Attending mass

A half human baby and half pig face

A room with dampness on the wall

Animal defecating





A muslim man in a long white dress, kneel down doing prayer

Angry kangaroo

Accident car

A black hearse

A person dying of heart failure

A body in a coffin

Aunt of twin boys

Another country

Anal fisting

Against the flow



Apple with bugs in it

Angry person

Angry in law to you

Altar boys

Armed bitten by giraffe

Alphabet letters

Aquarium leaking

Affair with coworker

Almost lost my thumb


A home being torn down

About tamarind in cooking


A female person says i need protection and then i walk into pitch blackness

A friend wearing a soldier uniform in a dream

Applying body lotion on your leg




Arm pit hair

A team

A spirit attack me in the night with wind blowing

Acrylic nails coming off

A bear bit my arm

A bear bit me

Alphabet grabbing

Awaken then hear door knock

A spider making a strong web

Alien invasion

Awful smell

A bear came into my old home and took my left wrist in her mouth

A dream of cutting sugarcanes


A hand painted in black

A big cut going all up my arm and when i looked in it my arm was hollow

Airline pilot flying to laos

Asian grocery storw

Accident run over by a love one

American indian

Almost rape but a man saves you

Abandoned place

A nightmare taking place at ur faimly home

An empty cup in a dream

A blue coloured semi precious or precious stone

Aztec lion


A person dies

A medieval building

A bright light shining on you in a midst of multitude

Alcohol in dream

Asked to cook chicken


A dead mother sweeping

A small child clinging

Apartment not mine


Araf dreaming

Ass on my lao

A coral colored dress

A cute worm i pulled out my nose

African man standing close to me

Amla fruit


Ares, love,

Always seeing the number 911

Ash like snow drifts

Acrylic nails falling off and you getting emotional about it

An unfinish roof

A water tank was pushed down cos a cell phone fell inside it



A broken tea cup animal

Applying kajal to own eyes


Abnormal child

At the prison

Amber light

Amla eating fruits

Accumulating power

An old woman praying for in the dream

Asking dead mother

A man trying to break into my house

A man trying to get in my home

A man trying to get in my homr

A visit to my boyfriend only to find him at a big farm with rich cultivated soil discussing about a bank account

Aslym demon

Ants crawling on a muffin

Accused of crime


A shaved dog

At the bus stop and someone offers me a job


Arm stretched out in dream


A horse attacking someone



A guy giving me a sweater and wearing it

A bed with smoke rising from black hat

A smoking bed

Abandoned hospital

A fridge in side wardrobe

Applying turmeric on face in dream means


A white man wanted to used me for rmoney ritual


Angry godess face

Anubis was following me

Ascension symptoms

A great sign/wonder in the sky/heaven

About a person u have never met before but look exactly same

Advising not to gamble

Advising mike tyson not to gamble

A person tht die

Asking tamarind from us

Anime character

An affair with a dictator

Animals entering a house


Acting class

Adopting a puppy


A purple bird flying forward

Amber pendant

Albatross on balcony

Albatross on my deck

Auto rickshaw drem meaning

A friend saw i had bought a house in a mountain with stairs

An empty candle with jesus on glass


Air mattress

A bowl of blood with worms

Accept fruits lanzones

Answer a question

African orphans


Auto snow bank

At a forest with friends



Asking for taweez

Attacking someone physically

An animal shapeshifting into a human

Applying turmeric on face

A warning about a snake that then runs away from me

Aloe vera gel in dream

Ariadne esmene afaganis

An one eyed woman leaving my home on angry with me

Atom war

Archway in dream

A man kissing me and throwing powder on me


Alive mermad in land changing to human beign

A stolen torch




A doll with red hair

Arm wrestling


A famous singer

A female sucking my vagina

Antique dresser

A dead person blind

Ants and spiders trying to get me

About to go into labor

Areca nut

Angel licking your feet



Alsation dog

An reunion with an ex

About a cow

A man you like

A prince

A deceased person comes to you in a dream and says they are blind

Arm band

American dream


Always dream of my crush

Always dream about a boy

A sinking raft and eels

Amla dream in pregnancy lady

Anion in dream astrology means

Apple worm

Asking someone to wear their glasses

A single match burning then i put it out with my fingers

An old man giving aab e kausar

A visit from the queen

Antique floor lamp

A dead person asking for money


Aplying butter to hair

A mad woman wanted to collect wood from me

Applying kaha in own eyes

A young girl told u dat someone u know loves u in a dream means

Apples on a weeping willow tree

A little girl with a man n milk

An ugly woman sucking my vagina



A desk covered in leaves and stacks of paper

A ram take a ewe lamb virgine

Alcoholic tea


Against the crowd

A pastor chasing you for sex

A padtor chasing u for sex

A thief stole the pot of cooked food

A flooded house


Abandoned child in a dream

A witch doing sihr

Aeting red velvet cake in

A man in my dreams with sexual desire interpretation

A man in dreams interpretation

A child is deformed

A silver feather


A goat head dropped from a height

Asking for water

Asking for water in blue plastic bucket


A deformed child

Attack by wolf

A multicolored feather

All over body pulling off scabs

A woman to dream of picking ripe breadfruit in dream

Arguing with step mother

A friend of your was driving a car which both of u are inside

A big snake in yard i dreamt

Alta dream

Asking for curd

A camel pulling your arm


A grapevine

Appearing skinny in a dream

A albino girl visits in dream

Acrilylic nails falling off

A drowning cow

Apple in dream


A white house

Artificial rose


Ants running

A weevil crowling in my hand



Animals fleeing

A puppy get hit by my car

A hole in my couch


A oid

A dying lamb spoke my name

A storm

Anal sex dad

Angry shouting

Anry shouting

A person standing with sheep in a field


American multitude interview

About to be cain in a dream

Attacked by inanimate objects

A guinea pig biting me

Ababeel birds

Ababeel bird flying on window

Alien plane in my doorstep

A dead person asking for food with a bay

A dead person asking for food with a baby


A short man

Attack monkey

Attractive boy

Alpaca bite

Arm piercings


A king calling me



A rat in my house



America with boyfriend

An adopted girl dreaming about her birth parents with no faces

Angels carrying people and trumpets

Adopted child dreaming about seeing her birth parents

Aqua blue sea


A colt

A lift going along instead of up or down

Adobe tower

A bord into and angel

A guy you don’t talk to

A lover

A new born baby checkn is doing zikir of allah

Armoire with lions


Arcade cabinet




A spirit

Applying hena on hair

A bridge with a deceased love one at the end

Albino walrus

Adult shrinking into a baby


Animal horn

Ants on cat food

Avoiding nakedness

Akara dream interpretation

A woman dreaming about two men having sex

As card

A broken statue

Ancient rome

A grey devil hoof

A grey devil hand

A devil hand

A dead aunt giving me s golden key

A dead aunt giving me a golden key

Asking for the ring back


An animal with the body made of a tree trunk that had the head of a dog and antlers and legs of a deer and the wings of a butterfly

Applying oil in hair means

Avis davis

A padlock


Aunt and uncle nude

A man dressing a woman on ring finger with purple ribbon

A man dressing ring finger with purple ribbon

A man wanting to eat your vagina

A women with the 3rd eye trying to get me

A evil women with 3 eyes chasing me

Aytol korsi

A bowl of water

Ackee what it mean in your dream

A loved one being hunted




A guy giving me a red cloak to wear

Auto riksha

Animal with horn attack

Acrilic nails braking

A dead relative saying hes waiting for you

A letter asking for lobola negotiations

About getting a job

A person lending an umbrella during a heavy rain

Army fatigues

Apply heena on feet

A dead man sleeping


Attending weeding

A letter from my classmate to my friend and i pick it up

Attacked by possiom

Ash heap

Archangel michael

Argue with relatives

A mad man touched my breast in the dream



Animals feet

A mad woman in dream signifies

Ackee dream5

Arms deal

Appointment to detox

A pool of stagnant water and a dried up tree beside it


Air matress

A clear plastic spoon

A dream of eating cassava meaning


A mom shaving her daughter/


Ate by wolfs

About being the chosen one


A corol

Assending into clouds

A doll having sex with you

Attraction to friend

A lirtle boy stealing plastic bags

A big mam in white with black face

A snake dancing


At my wedding and groom wants to be with someone else


Ares god of war in dreams meaning

Attacking gargoyles

A man sucks the breast of a woman

Afraid to drive down a steep hill

Afraid to dre down a steep hill

Afraid to drive downhill

About my social security



A dead person giving me fruits

Astrology in dream


Arias es

An ogre

Argument with dead father in law

Argument with father-in-law

Argument with father in law

Automobile stolen

A single soldier in love

A hole in the ceiling

A field on fire, houses on fire, windy, garbage cans flying,

Amla falling from tree and also eating

Ate jackfruit in dream

Ate ripe jackfruit

A bird in a cage halfway under snow, a hand reaches on to free the bird

A call from a king

Assertive person

A car falling in sinkhole

Animal herd

A broken pestle

Animal are dying and high rain

Acid burn face

Arabic writing

Airplane crashes

Airplanes falling out of the sky

After fireworks



About king prawn

Accident caused by neglect

Ancient greek

Amla means

As a white male, i dream of being gang raped by black men in front of my wife


Applying kajal in my own eyes

Applying kajal in my own eysles

Algea eater


Algae eater


A herd of brown cattle comingin front of your way when walking

A pink pig walked up behind me

Angry sixer

Amla plant

Amphibious creature

Aluminium ladder

Army retreat

Army standoff

Afang dream

A female neighbor talking to your ex-boyfriend about

Arrested a party clown

A gold cup

A very nice man from school days

A large black rat

A relative had a baby boy

A person has past

A shirtless man

A friend being stabbed


Acrylic mails

A picture of me and candles and a cross

A row of cigarette butts

A man wearing makeup

Attending sister

A dog biting me and my children

Angel gabriel

A cat chasing someone

A bird with human head

Alchohol drink



Army battle


Ask out

Alligator in back yard

A supernatural force

Arguing with friends

Alive moth

Ants in bed

A dream of a broken left arm

Archangel gabriel stand on my palm



A pastor talking to you


A prophet tree



Accepting clothes from a dead person

Al fatihah

About to ride a trycicle

Army uniform

Abandoned motel

A women was giving azan


A woman giving you sugarcane in a dream

A friend closing blinds in a clothes shop

A passed loved one putting a blanket on you

A loved one that you no longer speak to

A guy about to get married but didn\\\'t and said he loved me instead

A boy asking me out

A women trying to get sympethy from my husban

A man curled up like a baby


Animals eat dead animals

Animal shelter

A lady with black spots


Areca leaf

Aztec woman

Abscess on leg

A boy sitting in balcony and then disappears

A dream of a kraal

Avatar icon



Applying kajal in own eyes in a dream means what

About blood clots that disappear and leave a stain. what does that mean

Accidentally kill someone

Adult orange male cat

A horse in the house


Army on doorstep


Actercent soil trousers

A type of evil statue behind me but afraid to look at it

Amount of time

A woman cursed me

Arguing a point


Apple meaning

Attacked by a dagger



Aunties wedding


Airport by water

American flag coverjng a casket and 2 police officers

Across th street

Angelic aunt

Abandoned room

Assassination attempt

A sick bird

Aztec warrior

A teacher flogging a child in a dream

Alligator gar


A hare across the road

A celebration cake

Animal talking to you



A dead person washing dirty clothes

A dead person washing clothes

Animal turned human

A dead love ones

A cut sheep

A sheep covered in blood


A red headed older lady buying a liondog

Ark of convant

A plant full of big bitter gourd

Animal skull horns

A lover sleeping in a separate bed

A friend having cancer

Ayat ul kursi recetation in dream

Aztec symbol

An animal popped out of nowhere in my face

A animal jumped at me and i woke up

A huge yellow butterfly

A baby girl with a long penis

About a cameron

A girl wearing red chura

A woman with hunchback

Airplanes crashing

Agent orange

A man shoe


A ceiling killing your lover

A snake wrapped around my arm but then took a strike at me to bite me

Ajusting a bed sheet to fit a bed

Are foot on clean smooth floor

A gun

Air balloons

Antique coins

Ayatul korsi


A big bouler fell over

A man wore short shorts in the dream

Animals fighing

About eating a sugar cane in a dream

A marble stuck in my throat

Amniotic sack

Attacked by a strange looking animal

Amla frut and amla tree in dream

A crow entered in my house

Africa pot

A tree encased in glass

A man demanding you

Asp worm

Aloe plant

A lady keeping mehendi on my foot

Airplane stunts

Asking for pepper

Argument with stepmother

Attack towards a group of people

An animal splitting in half

A deceased love one gives me money

Amethyst breaking in my hands

Attacked on airplane



Award winning

A ex boyfriend being very rude

Apple custard fruit

Angel kneeling

A chair following

A chair following me

Ants on a towel in a dream what does it mean

Attack by aliens

Alla in dream

Alaska apartment on the beach


Angel giving fish

Aztec ancient sun symbol

A man sucking on my breast



An unknown loud word of unknown language

A made bed on a porch

Admitted into the hospital

An empty coffin

A shirtless indian man beside my bed hands stretched out

Aztec sun in gold

As aztec pyramids

Aztec man holding a baby boy

Angry ape chasing me

An old girlfriend of sons returns into his social circle , me scrubbing toilet


Armed forces/


Animals eat dead animals/


Almost fell through trap door on the floor

Arguing with stepmother in dream

A holy man giving me scrolls

A dog with his head upside down

A dark man with a black robe

A man giving a woman red oil in the dream


Anointing by granddaughter

A house on the ocean

A prophet died



Attempting to. robbed

Acid trip

Auto felliato


Attacked by geese

Anaconda snake

A soldier dying from gangrene

A mad woman playing with a baby in a dream

Argument with father in law while having food

A locked jaw

Applying tumeric


A sick dog hugged me

Animal suit

Animal costume

Artificial nails coming out

Arranging, fixing, trying on my sisters diamonds in front of her



A ocean queen

Asking someone to hit you in the chest

An avalanche that stops right as it was going to get you

Apple sauce in my hand

A romance with mick jagger


Asking donation

A costed


A satellite with a very bright white light was looking for me

Address 301

A niece dead and alive before burial

All possession are gone


Animal deaths

Aproating cassava and latter saw yam

Ankle sock

Angel michael

Attacked by cows

Animals drinking water

Aroused while sleeping by female

African man

A doll trying to kill my daughter in my dream

Absent parent took my child

A house cat letting people torture it

A cat letting people torture it

Almost crashing a car

A locker in a hidden room


A naked embrace with a deceasd spouse


Airplane crash

Addressing church


A wristwatch

A statue that reach out and touch you

A ypung 10year old girl killed another 10year old and tried to hide her body under a step


A little girl with a man milk

A friend swimming in the canal water

About to skydive

A man who you love having wiht a viging girl

And cant escape

A woman want to have with me

A statue of a great woman of god

A girl/\'s head on his lover/\'s shoulder

Asking about my deeda

A copper ring

A steel box and detecting a presence of an evil

Asking about good deeda

Asking about my deeds

Asking for food

Absent friend


A man to a women

Apple watch

A house on top of a hill

A men with out skin

Aqua quartz

Aqua quarz

Almost falling through the floor

A new born reading

A removed skirt could not be found

A girl\'s head on his lover\'s shoulder

A woman spit on me

A guy becoming a girl

Amatyst lotus flower


Acepting clothes from dead people

A black matter saying i’m your lord

A black smoke figure


A tent and homeless person

Allah is my lord dream

Ants on hand

Allah is my lord

A person giving birth to a goat

A person giving birth to a baby goat

An animal living inside you


A woman with barefoot

African herbs (impepho)

A women all dressed in black

A frog eating a frog

Amla eat ing dream

Alien invasions

A maylr teach to kids

A gold ring on the right hand

Admiring and acepting unknown lady

A girlfriend entered the bathroom to watch your nakedness

A person lying down on grave

A male shirtless and wounded

A elephant was struggling to live and whent into the water

A piece of long black hair in my spaghetti

A female neighbor talking to your ex-boyfriend about sex


A drop of blood in a cupdreaming of small amount of blood in a cup

A white dog inside home

Attacking of mental patient

About your boyfriend

Air condittioner

Angel spraying over bed

A mosque is going under the soil

Amla in dreams

Aunty is sick dream meaning

A baby wolf near a baby

A man gave me a camera

Ash statue

A boy gifting a box of brownies and the boy serving one

A princess is crying for her king

A black flying horse

Air riffle

A dog entering one/\'s house





Antlers drink

Ants walking over body

A dying person recovered

Accepting from deceased

Angry face in aurora borealis

Angry face of friend in storage birealis

Aurora borealis angry face

Authors boreal is angry friend

A black goat gave birth to 4 babies

A women trying to blackmail you

Army general in a dream

A dead cow

A cow is dead

A cow was bumped dead

A female coming in my house and spreading black things in it

A dead family member visiting

Al maut



Ayetel kürsi

Army general

Attending a marriage

All star

As above


Accepting earnings from deceased spouse

Adam’s apple

A dead person giving a ring

Almond milk

An outfit for marriage

A message written tuning a blind eye


Angry dog

Application of haldi on face

About to be cut up by a man in my bedroom

Albino baby boy

Avatar do a baba

African sells you into slavery

An old woman with menstruation

An old woman chasing a girl

A dream of coworkers hand amputated


A gecko running and coming to me

Army officer in uniform

A 4 months baby studying in my dream


Anal sex

African lady

Abandoned old factory

A new canvas

Accident between two bus


Avocado plant

Absence of dreams

Aimed gun

Attacked by snowman


A man sticking his head in the anus of a woman


A woman with black wings and plague mask

Almost get in car crash


After you dream of a person you see them the next day in the clothes they wore in your dream

Asking for money in a dream

Adopting baby





A man at a family gather talking to you

Asking money

Attending prayer late

A pastor giving me advice

Airplane taking off

Animal with two heads, a cat head and a rabbit head



Anus rape


About dead shrimps in clear water


Arm robber

Aleo vera


A pair of slipper

A star clashes a moon in a dream means what

Accusing someone

Aloe vera gel

A man whispering in my ear



African american women


A dead baby

Arguing with a deceased person

Alligator bones


Atlsntic citu

A boy holding my hand

Aunt and abortion

A man eating oranges in his dream

Accepting chocolate from a dead family member

Arguing with boyfriend

Artificial trex

Ancient box

Animal skulls

Anaconda head


A diamond and red stone ring

Angry/shouting of gra- mother,young children along herside bt cnt hear what shes saying

About to be killed while praying

Animals giving birth

Another one eat betal leaf


Avoid all contact

All contact

Avoid contact


A man with burns on the back

Arrow heads

A dream of seeing my brother harvesting cassava

Almost being caught

A fucking fat angel smothered me in a dream

Animals talking

Animals talling

A person driven truck

Aquarium fish

A woman washing her vigina in the dream meaning

Animals circling a house


Animal print clothing

Animal print dress

Asking for mineral water

A muslim constructing a church

A tree with a ball of fire over it

Anonymous gift

A shedding christmas tree

A pure white mountain lion



Air compressor

A woman pulling my hair

A bright star falls on my head


Arrogant person

A woman was licking my clitoris

A woman was sucking my vagina

A painting that i painted of nine circles in a tic tac toe formation

A black and red saree given by a lady who is adorned in black and red

Ants coming out of shampoo bottle

Amla tree dreammeaning

A dead brown cow

Another women giving birth to my husbands child

Apple shape under my tongue



A difference culture and language


About spell symbols

A mother saw milk stream running beneath her son

A guy gives me kajal

Afternoon dreams means


Areca nut leavs


Ace of spades

A new born baby

A friend cooking potatoes

Applying bandage to someone



Arriving late


A prince wanted to marry me

Angry cow

A deceased person vomiting in my dreams

A known person gave you a prayer mat

A child again


Ankh on stone

Abortion clinic

Airport is under construction

A women grows a beard of



Adult daughter got hit by a car and lost her leg

A baby implanted in me

Applying butter in my head

Always late for an appointment

Art impact international

Alum in dreams

A man with white glowing eyes

A bright star falling and suspended on my head

Ate sister in laws pussy

Albino in a dream

A baby snake


A very warm handshake with a deceased person

A woman threw a one leg rubber slipper in the well dream interpretation

A woman throw his son one leg slippers in the well dream interpretation

A woman threw a one leg slipper in the well dream interpretation

A rolling mortar

Artificial jewellery

Air vents

A cup of marbles

A monkey pooped on my head


A jinn is asking for his marriage and talking to me for preparation of it in dream

Arcade game

A man brought me branch with berries

A plug


A baby giving me a wink

A used blanket


Apple sauce

A man being pregnant

A dove flying upside

A dove flying upside down

Anaphylactic shock

Antiseptic dream meaning

Arresting brothers

Angel trumpet

Antar of pari in dream

A house you use to live in and baby in your dream and a friend

Abandoned at a whore house

A person who is dead asking you for food

Abandoned office

Asking for water to drink

A horse bites you knuckle on your hand

A horse.

A snake protecting your bathroom against a dog

Aztec druming

Alligator skull

A friend spit on you on my back

A lady dreaming of a man in pink nail polish

A old woman kissing me in the forehead and blessings me

Aquamarine sea shell

Asking for donations in a dream


A big white house

An alive person shown dead and in a coffin


A guy wearing pigtails in a dream

A man and woman lying in bed together

Acing a test

Air plane pilot

Ashes falling

Abused dog

A clone of a relative is trying to stock me

Attack by hoodlums


A lake full of blood after a car crash


Adjusting undershorts

After dream i had cold feet


A girl driven fufu in mortar

Attacked by homeless

Asking for rice price in dream

Alot of sangomas entering your house with black cows following them

Amla tree comes in dream what does it mean

Alive but can’t see anything

A beautiful doily

Arms outstreched and running

Applying oil on hair

A girl having a baby girl in dream

Attending a wedding and funeral

A man in my dream choke a cat to death

A young man seeing an old woman in a dream


A boyfriend sleeping with a midget

A older woman showing me her shaved below

Ascending being fought by a fowl

Attracting attention in dream

A woman hugging a man

A fish turns into a snake


A puppy

Animals changing into weird creatures

A anime character chase you

A parent tormenting their child in a dream?


Apple juice

A house of children spirit

Allah pleased with someone




A coloured cobra snake came out my vagina


A man scaring me with a chainsaw

Accepting food from dead persons in dream

A lot of dead rhinoceros


Amla going faster on a tree.

Aged womb

Asking god to forgive me



A dead person asking for food

Atm money and pin

Amethyst crystal

A man with a vagina

A man breast feeding from a woman not his wife in a dream

An egg changing to pap

Annointed with a substance

A dead person asking 4 a coldrink

Amla pickle

Asking god for forgiveness

Amla tree dreaming

Animal morphing

Agressive bull

A friend who committed suicide

A deceased who is ill

An ill deceased

A dead person still sick

A vulture looking at you

A child spits at me

A lady dressed in white saying come

A food disorder or in need of more love in my life or more friendships

Arguing with step mother in dream

A man dreamed of sucking his mother breast milk

Acacia tree refer to human life

A preacher gives me a book and tells me to start studying to be a preacher

Amla meaning in dreams

Aunt and uncle visiting my house


A dog with two heads

Ancient artifacts

A tattoo saying i am charmed

Admiring hair

A friend saying goodbye to you in a dream

A dream about catching white ants



A thin sick unknown woman recovering

A dream about break sim card

All your meat rotten


Amethyst eyes


Arboritae emerald tree

A man with a set of keys and a treasure chest full of jewels


Ask to pray by a friend

Attacked by a relative

A man and woman holding hands in a movie theater

Ayat kursi

Accepting islam in front of someone



Ants entering room

Adventure time

Airplane falling

Airplane falling into water




All teeth fall in hand

Air tavel

Air t

A friend buying fish at a grocery and offers to buy fir me as well

A friend buying fish in the grocery and offering to buy for me

Attacked by men

Asking water in dream

Animal with one eye



A star shines on the hour of our meeting

Allahs blessings

Animal talking

Arinola dream meaning

Asking to buy beans dream


A man crossing over you three times

A friend gave me a paper in a dream

A stranger a man with a open wound

Adult python in dream

Azalea being a hoe

Ants in shower



Anal sex infront of mom

A pipe with running water

Arm bruise

A bowl with fire in it



A dead person cooking stew







A mailing

Armed gaurds

Another woman spitting me while i am lying down in my bed

A dead person giving new clothes

A ring full of car keys and house keys, business keys

Affidavit signing dream

Affidavit signing


Asking someone to put a noose on ones neck


Art student


A boy that i used to talk to

Anisha parveen

Ask one question free

A dream of rasta friend

A half naked of my husband

Angel in a field

Angel by a road

Amla plucking and leaving


A sack of white ants

Astronaut falling from the sky

A woman complaining in a dream


Attempted rape

As a christian what does it mean dreaming about me wearing a military uniform and being told that am a commanding officer

Ancient sea shells

A sealed door

Armpit dream meaning


Asking food in dreams

A person i know has intercouse with me and tellsme he wantx me to have his child

A man of god ministering deliverance on me

Art on ceiling

At the back of a driver of motorcycle



A dragon fly poked my head

An alive person shown to be dead/murdered

A strange woman holding my hand





Atm withdraw

At school and forget my class schedule

Attacked and killing

Atm card dream

A man dreams of a women breasts overflowing with milk

A goal keeper

A dream about many young women


An orange pen

A cheque fastened to a bin

Ancestor warning of collapsed wall


Admiring a naked woman


Anniversary party

About catching 2 snakes

A dream a women walk in the iron rod means what vastu

A dish of water

A cancelled wedding

A man giving you pure love and women jealous

Ambulance lights

A man touching you and not looking at the other women

A goal keeper in football dream

Amplifiers in a shop

A man gray hair

Ayat jursi

A nipa hut in my dream

Abusive language

At church a kids get a virus

A photograph of a naked woman

Accidentally killing an animal

Ant pile


A woman you know grinding something

Ancient shark threatening exlover

A shark threatening a friend

A mundarin tree with ripe fruits

A mandelena tree with ripe fruits

A man giving me new clothes, shoes and wigs

About to play a sport underprepared

A hole in my breast

Attacked by white supremacists

A mountain near you

A sick duck

Accepting clothes from dead person

A dead relative praying to bless you

Army officer a

Army officer

Abaya in dream

A grace

A travler return home

Accuseof being pregnant

About having sex with uncle

Almost having sex with a uncle and caught by a cousin brother.

Alopecia little area

A mad man talking to a dreamer that she will not get married

A hole in the forehead

A jealous boyfriend


Airplane fire

A man fucking a woman

A male friend drunk fell to the floor nearby a piano

A male friend drunk collapse to the floor nearbt a piano

Appointed as a chairman of the company

Appointed to be a president of the company

Attacked with knife

Attacked with a knife


Am pregnant i dream of cook black eye peas

Accept money from the deceased

Amun ra

Airline tickets

Airplane tickets

A man in white underwear

A man in wbite underwear

Asma ul husna

Asking water to drink what is meaning

About boyfriends sister

A star maggi cube

Asking what you want

A white chicken eating seeds of pumpkins

Asking for money

Arguing with spouse

A person asking to pay your utang

A person asking to pay your credit

A mad man asking me aqusmestion

A mad man asking me question

A dead person of our neighbors give me a 5 star chocolate

Aerial dance

Apologize to me

Arab man

Anointed with olive oil

A boy i know saw my unshaved vagina in the dream and when i knew he saw it,i went to shave the pubic hair and the same boy saw me when i was shaving my pubic hair so i hid my vagina from him.what does this dearm mean?

A guy i know saw my unshaved vagina in the dream and when i knew he saw it,i went to shave the pubic hair and the same boy saw me when i was shaving my pubic hair so i hid my vagina from him.what does this dearm mean?

A moving thimble

Adjustable spanner


A rosary put in your head

A chimpanzee giving me something

Animals eating other animals

Anja chakra


Assistant dream meaning

Assisstant dream meaning

Ankle grabbing

Astronomical dreams

A waterfall in a dream what does it mean


Assorts of nuts

A large man wearing a fuzzy black coat

At college and can’t find or remember my schedule

A baby falling asleep in my arms

A tall man walking through my bedroom looking around. i asked him why?



A black widow spider

Attacked by a goat

A late bridesmaid

A lot of grasscutter babies

A man gave me his clothes

A man removed his clothes and gave me

A man removed his clothes to give me


Assist by authority

Amputating your own leg

A person in white fixing a washing machine

Asking a dead person money


A man placed a rosary around my neck

Anal sex while your child is watching

A gypsy man in a horse and trap, a racing trap at me and qas nasty

A gypsy man on a horse and cart spit at me and qas nasty

Animal race

Amla tree and eating amla

Aging rapidly

A love relationship takes on an added dimension

Ancient writing

A star landing on my head

Amphetamine tablet

Angry dogs

A woman dream about wearing gold

Asking for money from someone else

Anthurium in dreams


A man with red eyes in black face


A dream being given an injection

Attacked and drowned by a goose

Auto rickshaw

A bishop

A deacesed bishop

Animals eating baby animals


Amniotic sac

Adopting a new born baby

Ancient civilisation

A faithful dog

An albino man knocking at door with a smile

A snake coming in and out of a hole

Alla fruit eating in dream

About flooding inside

Adding a friend with delivering triplets

A full purse is not as good as an empty purse is bad

A women having a fit

Applying turmeric on the face by my boyfriend

An old unknown woman screaming looking at me and my son

An ill women

Account over drawn

A married woman dreams of a man picking lotus

Anal sex wife

A string in dream meaning

A bowl of water symbolize what in a dream?

As an unmarried man having children in dream meaning

Armed police raid in my housr



A person being reanimated

Alternate dimensions


A dead cousin using a penney in a payphone

Arguments with boyfriend


At a party and fall out of a chair

An old person licking her own vagina

A guy licks your face

A dead person give gold earing



Anus being pressed

Astronomical incident

Asking about ocean direction


A leopard attacking me in jungle

Ancestors house

Abandoned baby

A small child

A clump of hair fell off

A trapped rat

Anointed by apostol in the church alter

A friend with a sack lips

A figthing

A storm coming

A mom shaving her daughter\'s hair


A mayot

Airport security


A cat watching you

As i was going upstairs in a apartment i saw someone i know and he started to spitting on my face and back as i looked at his face he run way in the downstairs

Animal birth

A baby and a husband

A tower leaning over

Attracting attention

A dead person on their birthday

Acrylice nails

Assassin dream

Accepting dates from deceased

A sliding door

A loved one wanting to shave your beard

A hole in the ground

Asoption of own child by someone else

A man throwing feces at you

A rubbery like growth on my left knee

Allow pakora in dream

A stolen car

A women dream about two snakes


A guy gave me flat iron

Attraction to young negress

Anointed hand

Attacked by a rats


A big telegram pole in front of me just split and half

Animals dieing

Almost getting raped

Almost getting raped and reading kalimat


A dream seeing your self owning corn farm and a grave inside the corn farm

A colleague throw a spoon at me in the dream

A piece of lace that is a little brown around the edges

A man in plaid shirt

A dream of cracking palm nut

A snake in vagina

As a girl unknowingly dream comes and saw the 3rd gender

About my xbf and with her sister

Active dreaming

Aby with white hair


A piece of smoky quartz

A dream of calotropis gaigantea

Ascending on the sky

Arabic writing on a passport

Angel choir

Ant house

Argument with uncle

Antriums flowers

A grave burning

An evil man outside my window

A family of vampires

Animals chasing

Angry anubis

Artistic honors

About fresh oxtail

A torchered cat



A swollen right hand

Almond in dream

Awake before meeting woman

Apple candy


All white kitchen

Along side

Albino deer


A girl with cowrie head

Aztec god

An altar in the house

Animals killing other animals

An army of penquins on a hill or mountain

A lot of penquins on a hill

A little lamb with a little horn on his forehead

Angel feather

Angry bull

A jewlry store


A friend got bad haircut


Acting in aplay


Acting in a play

A woman throwing something at me

Amla fruit with plant

A short white guy

A girl with down syndrome dream

About having long long dreadlocks

An empty pot on a gas then it fell off the gas

A dream of a man standing across the street from me

A man sitting outside in the backyard

A friend who is losing weight

Adult daughter naked

Acrylic nails



A young girl eating gloves

Alot of meat food in kettle



Auto explodes


A dead family member shaking your hand

A dream with a lunchbox



A man that i know

Affair with an older man

A humming bird in the beauty mist

At francis

Acusing fake money

A mentally ill person running behind me

Anionted by your pastor

Amla tree

Attic window and roof

Angel and demon faces

A face of my pastors

A face of my pastor in a dream

A face

A pastor

Angel statues breaking

A stolen watch

Animals by the tree

A paper saying i love you

A child giving me green fruit

Aeroplane dropping bombs and crashing on sky

A fish growing very big

Applying coconut oil to hair

A millionare

A personn trying for a suicude

A girl lying on the ground after being d

Armored car

Ant in dream

A little girl staring on a bike

Approaching her


Aeroplane runway being repaired

A wolf biting my right hand and the hyena biting my left hand

A white wolf biting my right hand and hyena biting my left ha

A dream of fetching tap water inside a church

A friend sucking my right breast

Arabic words

A woman sucked my dick in the dream

A woman given me blow job in the dream

Ancient egypt


A pair of tall people


Ants in a purse

Attacked by a swarm of bees

Arranging new broom in a dream

A person crying over torn shoes

A young tiger

Alchol bottles

Accept kajal from someone

Asian clothes

Angry goat attacking me

A child being taken to the electric chair and me trying to save them but they want to go but are scared

A person wearing snake costume

Applying body oil


A friend having a convulsion

Abused kitten throwez away

A dog chasing me in my dream

American force biblical meaning

A woman pounding fufu

Animal family

A dead relative wearing a dark eye glasses

A woman have sex in my ass

A girl spit on another girl

A voice was saying gethsemane to me in a dream

Accepting a cooking pot from a friend

A friend giving you a cooking pot

A father beating his daughterq

Animal stampede headed toward me

America massage xxx

Aurora borealis

Acrylic nails break


A pastor came opened for me a zip a way was shown

An enemy eating polony


Actress i met then date her

Asking water


Applying kajal on leg dream meaning

Accepting own religion crying



Angry to friend

Adopt a boy

A baby vommitting milk

Air ticket

Air tickey

A lady walk through the door and turn into my mother and she was wearing eyeglasses


A woman using a very sharp knife to cut up meat

Arm pit


Applying lotion on my body

Applying lotion on my legs

Al kawthar

A person who is deceased appeared alive and healthy in my dream smelling of sweet spices

A person who is deceased appeared alive and healthy in my dream smelling of nutmeg

A person who is deceased appeared alive and well in my dream smelling of nutmeg


Attacked by poltergeist

All seeing eye

A hijra helping me

Adopt son

A snake kissing you

A black tornado


A shadow on top of me


A dream of complete strangers in my dream

A person up in heaven


A friend getting married



Asr prayer

Artificial jewelry

A dream of someone wearing shoulder attire meaning


Airplane running off of runways

Another person wearing fur coat

A burning house

A dog sitting on you

A fat rat

Anime character in your dream

Afraid to pass by a green water

Afraid of green water

A tean age girl trying to kissing me


Ayatul kursi

Arnold schwarzenegger

A black bird eating someone to death

A house

Aking mercy to other person

A woman with male genetical organ

Aqiqah ritual


Asking money from relative

Animals mating

Applying turmeric to face

A bleeding balding scalp

Apartment empty and dark about to collapse

Abandoned building about to collapse

A dream about a jigger

A dream a bout jigger in finger


A dead person asking for more food

A pregnant cow

A woman dragging you along the beach

Applying kajal in eyes dream meaning

Accident seeing me and my husband

Aluminum foil

Asked for chin_chin he happily gave chin_chin in a dream


After birth

A woman in hijab


Aloe vera juice

All khadir

Always dream about missing train



A wild elephant with tusks

A lady praying salah in mosque

Abandon building

Accepting fruits from dead persob

Airplane and water

Application of fragrant oil to the hair

A wet dream

Ababeel bird

A river of sewage

Automobile accident


A married woman dreaming about receiving gifts

A 3 legged pot with meat inside

Allegation and crying

Asian restaurant

Asian resturant


A row of fir trees

A dead man talking to me in my dream

A deam man saying that his house is now yours

Angry spouse

About my crush

A father trampled in the pit and fall

About glitchy fruits

Air traffic controller


Air controller

A girl saw her hair is white in dream

Angel gabriel church



Aum sign of marigolds

Allahs named



Aiding an injured person

A mans dick

A mans private part

A lion in my house, a tiger and lioness

A black and white chariot rasing

At ocean cant find my room

Aeroplane landing safety in my yard



Ak 47

About pounding fufu

Aloe vera

A woman’s buried clothes

Anal sex with my boyfriend

A man spitting on me what does it mean


A sick person recover from illness

A dream of pulling off a rope unsuccessfully from underground means what?

Afro hair styl

Antique rifle

A men putting a snake under my virgina

Attacked by chameloeon

Angry unifoam

Animal digging a hole

Afraid of losing daughter

Alone in a field

A woman breast being sucked by a man in the dream

A man sucking my breast in the dream

Acne scarred faces in dream


A slow ram with sap

A popped tire

Animals growing in garden soil

A coal pot in the dream

Attic steps

Adder in a friend home


An old woman in black attire in a bank staring at me

Ayat kursi dream meaning

Angry shemale

A unknown voice calling you a princess in a dream

American cucumber

Ascending rope

Amala picking from tree and eating

Animal feet

Amputated feet

Asking for giveness

Asking for givness

Attar applied by someone while asking duas

A hole in the ceiling through which can see a sky in a dream

A dead person asking a living person in his dream to drink the water they used to bathed the dead person

Aghori baba playing holi in dreams

A dead person asking a living person in his dream to drink the water they used tonight the dead person

A sense of dark deep irish magic


Any king in cards

About a marching band

Arc angle michael

A rock going fast in the water

Animal skeleton in dreams

A person asking for mortar

Aluminum can


Avoiding husband



Animals against each other

Animal corpse

Airplane exposition in air over a house

Airing rack

Arabic symbols

Accused of sexual abuse of a child

Always seeing archbishop in the dreams

Always seeing archbishop in my dream

Amputated hand of someone

An award at work


A snake tried to attack me and i escaped inside of a car



Adream of ripe passion fruit

Aunt cooking

Abandoned car

Aya tul kursi in a dream




Asian building

A womam who always wants sex

Arabic symbol

Arabic letter



Age 50

A pastor want to pick me in his taxi

Applying face powder

Arabic man

Arabic man running after me

Allah subhana wa tahala

A tumultuous sea moves quickly up the beach nearly engulfing me

Accepting cocoyam in dream

Attending marriage with dead one


Alient attack

Arabic letters

Arab woman


Anow plow

About cooking food


Amla pickle in a dream interpretation



A relative was being exhumed

Aligator eating another aligator


A pregnant woman looking sick

Adult to child

Asar prayer



A kid goat in a dream

Attacked by animal

A white willow flower?

A white pussy willow flower

Acrylic nails breaking off

Achellies tendon

Arabic words on a wall

A toy hurting my child

A bad toy lamb

A puff of black smoke

A man obsessed with me to the point that he wants to kill me

Amira et rose


Animals transforming into other animals

A window broke and the air rushed inside a house

A lieing corps shourded with white cloth

A lieing corps shouted with white cloth

Alive person dead

Akive person dead


Astronaut going on a mission

A friend stabbed in the stomach

Arch door

A car wrapped up in chains

A baby smiling in a dream

Airplanes military

Animal flesh

A red soil in piles

Archangels calling out for gabriel and mauricio

Astronaut suit

Astronaut siut


Arguing with a friend

A dog ripping the clothes

Animal cruelty

A black snack

A snake bite

A beloved dying

A snake killed

A snake

Alien abduction

A black snake giving birth

Arm pain

Airsoft gun


A feather

Arms of lover

Amino shambey vs shamunah

Amino shambley

A women giving a receipt


Almonds tree

A to z

Apple cinnamon smell

Animal surviving




A deceased person as fat

Almost get caught with marajuana

Almost busted



A women wearing me red hat in a dream

A rooster dying

A cup of tea

A lid to a container

Alcohol bottles


A dead friend wearing a red cloak

Air plain landing

A dead aunt embracing me in my dream

A mad woman came to my house in search of shelter so i accommodated a her my dream what does it mean

Assault course

Angel with a wheel

Applying a shea butter on a hair meaning in a dream

Another life

A strange man rubbing himself against me ejaculating on me

A love letter for your friend

A small of contain of tobacco snuff

Another man

Another man kissing your forehead

Ants in the sugar jar

Actors changeing to place to place try to get back torment really

About money

A women used nearly all my shampoo

A women used near all my shampoo

A woman used nearly all my shamppsha


Asking to go to mosque


A friend



Anaconda attack


A pregnat person dream she has 4 children in her stomach

Adopting a beautiful male child

Adoption of a child

Angrl of death

Aching gums

Accepting a gift from a dead relative

An old woman advising you


Aching teeth of a visiting dead uncle

Aching teeth

A visit by a dead uncle who has aching teeth and who is seeking a dentist

Attending a party

A it pastor saying he knows my problem

A mortal spiting

A dream pastor saying he knows my problem

A pastor saying he knows my problem mean

A pastor saying he knows my problem

A person give shoes

Afro in a dream

Airplane on fire

Attacked by bird

Ashes falling out of the hand

A long jump competition

A little boy being fingered



Am 30 years old. i dreamed where i suddenly had gray hair

A long dead man gave me fruits in the dream


Accepting fruits from the daed

A girl with long black hair and very blue eyes

Admiring shoes in a shop

At my own funeral

A large bed

Affair of wife with someone else

A dream of a person talking to jesus on a bench that may be in a heavenly place


A child with chicken pox

A bush animal,called grass cutter

Airplane crashing

At a tupperware party


Another guy

A black donkey

Applying for a job

Applying oil on head

Ankle roll



Ants crawling on body and in ears

Arana dreams meaning

Animal from sea

Aggressive animal

A person who is died saw he singing in dream means

Abnormally long hair

A dead father

Admittance to black magic

Admission to black majic

Animal chasing

Ants crawling on face and into ears

Awards blowing away

Angry porcupine

Adultery with jinn

Achilles heel

Airplane flying over bridge

A medical passionate dreaming about stethoscope

About someone you like

Argument with sister in law

Accepting invitation of dead friend


Another women

Abusive acquaintence

Aqsa mosque

Applying a shear butter on a hair meaning in a dream

Ant soldier

Abscess in a dream

A prize box

A friend stronger than you

A whole placenta

Arm cast

Arm sling

Acid drug


A burnt falling man from the sky

A husband dreams his wife is pregnant

A talking white cat

A spindle in a dream

Antichrist girlfriend





Apple dream interpretation

Apologize old friend

Apologist friend

A lion in my house

Ants spider in home

All black clothes

A secret box

A man having with another man in his ass

A tree

Ask for help

Airport explosion

A newborn baby girl

Angel in the sky

A heard of cattle

Abhaya wearing


About faeces


American school bus

A spider trying to bite me

A snake that is black and yellow body my hand


A dead person


A friend giving you money at a music studio


A school building

Applying kajal in eyes

A weak enemy

A worm in your mouth

Albino poisonous snake

A mad woman trying to touch me in the dream

Accepting a gift from a friend who is dead in ur dream

A person who cheated on you is washing your legs

A flag

A serpant disappearing with a baby into the soil

A serpant taking a baby into the soil


Action of pooing

Angry crowd

A son is born

Army general holding green torch

A man having having sex with another mans anus

A man having sex with another in his ass


A cat named seven




Asking for someone to make annointing oil for you

Art studio

A court case dropped


A fish tank

A walking stick

A spirits house

A hen hatching white guinea fowl eggs

Attacked by someone possessed

Asked for water food

American history

A container of rice,millet and coose

A dream about termites in the house

A dream about termites in the hou#e

Ants vomit



Ant in eye


Alcohol and colours


A red dress

Attending a funeral

Alot of confusing voices


Aeroplane hijacked

A dead person holding your baby

Already damage tooth fell off

A non mehram you like

A khinjeer

A women traveling through a portal

Attack by bats


Admit to hospital

Admin hospital

Attachment of baby

A gold key

A boy sitting in balcony

A man with white clothes

A woman seeing the malegenitalia detached, cuts off some frayed stuff on top and it starts bleeding profusely over her hands

Acne on face

A wound on the left leg

Assisted suicide

American army in dream


A man seeing a womens legs

Accidental death of father

A child comes


A sick baby ina dream

A woman breastfeeding a child

Accident by bus

A broken plant

A well full of clear water and a fresh coconut

A woman seing someone lame

A dead king buried in public

Award show


Alive father seen dead with yellow mouth and black teeth


A cult group

Animal poop

A man giving his mantel to you

A women with a


A guinea fowl sleeping on eggs

Abandobed tower

Astrology interterpretion of pearl dream

A woman asking me to pray

A woman asking me to pray the hail mary


A dream of receiving gift inside a white big envelope an envelope from your dead mother

An enemy talking to me about going somewhere

A dream of receiving gift inside an envelope from your dead mother

Ants in boots

Avoiding the wave

Ackee picking

Accepting a sangoma calling

A dog delivering more puppies

Assignment to mental institution

Attending a wedding


A house being built with many rooms not finished

A house unfinished

Ali akbar

Ali akbar death

A snake kissing me

Animal licking you


A girl hit my car then we had sex

About jack fruits

Asked to leave the job

A girl

Apocalypse lava

A numb nose


A door falling

A flying bird of prey

Accepting pine tree from deceased relative

Army of ants flying on us in office

Accepting maize and yam from my dead father

Alligator dreams

A guy named reggie


American style in dream

Achieving phd scholarship in london

Adoring woman’s clothes

A girl fall into wall


A girl marry know person with much celebration

A blind person killing you

A bear chasing me

Am getting married in my dream

Afew white hairs

Afew white hairs in my own head


A man stealing your purse

A woman in a red dress and red head covered

Antique clothing

A girl loved me and she used magic to have me

A man with two pennies

A king kicked out a guest

After husbands death, very sad

A mad girl running after me in a dream

A mad girl running after me

A man braiding my hair in dream


A huge frog


A kalipoth cut downs and to correct it paying money

A rosary on fire



Angel of dead in dream

Angel of dead

A dream of sanitary pad with a small amount of blood on it

Alive people happy to me

Accepting sweets from dead relative

Acne breakouts


Ash gourd juice

Alone on isle of patmos

Asmani bijli



Attacked in an uncompleted building

A lady holding white handkcif in a dream means



Arguing with your step mother seriously

A stack of toilet tissue

Argue about a name

A woman masturbating

Anointed by a prophet in a dream

Annointed by a prophet


A pregnant woman with aids

Accepting water from the deceased

Airplane and highness


A pair of not very clean shoes


A husbands death

A metal in the vagina

Ants biting finger tips

A dead person in my dream

Airport hotel

About to fall from high building


About my deceased parents i am telling to buy dogs food

A lot cats in my house

A very bad accident of relative


A girl laying on you

A dead rabbit

Angel dreams

A dead person repenting


Alligator wearing a sash




Alone in a house



Accepting food from deceased person

A boy feeling jealous

Applying oil to head

Avoiding people

Animal connection

Aeroplane crisis


A small fragile little boy

A man touching my breast with his hand in dream

Animal with horns crossing your path

A girl presented me a muffler

A middle aged women appeared in my dream and advised me that this is the time to make up myself

A pastor placing his cloth on me in a dream

A pastor placing his cloth me in a dream means

Aero plane

A man was cursing another man that he is a rapist

A man was causing another man that he is a rapist


Animals killing animals

A dead person giving you money

Attacking bad spirits

A tornado

Anal penetration with wife

Agate rocks


Alam imam hussian


Anniversary meaning in dream

Allah house

A female. in my dream i saw hair on my armpits and chest like that of a man

Aztec eagle

A milkshake

A freind


A woman stood over me with friend thin red john and placed it on my chest a long strand

A loved person

A snake climb on tree


A family brother want to get you a job

A tiger chasing me

A bruised forehead

Antique jewellery



Autosports carmobile

Aramark apple

A stake out

Arms bruised

Apricot seeds

A black ram


Angel dropping white feathes in a house

Armed truck

Autumn box

A mayor

A cat follow me

A persons back dreams

A red horse with a human face

A red cardinal

American football

A dream of your front teeth removing


Amethyst coming out of back

Amla in dream

Army tank

Army tank with two front robotic arms

A huge stage

A young child tied with a rope in my dream

A white gate was open

Apple with name muhammad

About rod and staff

A dead body falls from a town

Accuirred diamond

A glass door


Attacker comes in house

Attacker enters in house


Acid bottle


A king with blonde curly hair

Abandon house

Angels braiding


An empty glass given

A boy toodler

Ashes in a parking

Attar falling

After riot

Amber b.

A cow chasing me

A mug full of ginger water


Attacked by brown toothless snake while holding daughter in my arms

Apes fighting and destroying items

Abandoned orphanage

A dead man held my thumb in the dream

A cow giving birth

A man wearing white coming towards the house at night

A red suitcase

Asked to be married

A doctor putting his pubes in my face

A doctor putting his pubes in my fave

Animal intestine

Angle israel

Angel of desth

An agel of dearh

Advice from brother

Air blower and shaver

A love relationship takes on added dimension

Auto rikshaw dream meaning

Animals dying


Aluminium pot with water

Archbishop wearing my rings birthstone


Addressed envelope

Arbour or arch

Aloe vera plant

Albino meaning of dream

A person that had passed away giving you a handkerchief

A dead person gave golden bangles

Animal skin

Angel israel

Attending exam

Animals in dreams

Arguing with neighbors


Arm strong

Atomic bombs


Already married but still alone

A lock

African wild dog dream meaning

Additional scrotum in my dream

A person dreamt i was baptized

Anaconda in bed room

A baby boy

A sick person seeing a dead person



Angry ancestors

A dead family member in a dream that is stil alive

Almond oil

Army comes to my home

A screaming fox

A psycho on a bike

A guy on a bike

A guys with bike

Amusment park


Animal fat

Anaconda dreams



A pastor in my dreams

Affected by black magic

About calabash

Arc of the covenant solomon

Alien invation

A game


Abundance of fish in beautiful blue water

Adopting a goat

Attend baby shower

A man cumming

Attack from wolf

Applying oil in dream to old man

Applying oil to death person in dream

Alive squid

Asking for a meeting at a waterfall

Apartment gift

Afro hair

Airplane hurtling towards the ground

A huge black snake chasing biting and swallowing

Airplane wreck


A deceased person not saying a word

A deceased person not talking in a dream

A child wearing tuxedo

Angels pulling straws receive jobs

A welcoming baby

A winking baby

About naked husband

Apply white powder on face

Air mistress with hold

Abortion interpretation in number

Aids in adream

A watchman

Aci yemek

A throat being cut by rope

A man showing you a herb

About saturday

Amla fruit eating

A dead realative came to my work and gave me a vase of yellow roses

Ampersand symbol

Ampersan symbol

Angry dad

Ackee treee

A dead parent saying they are hungry

Another world

A sick person


An aeroplane crashed

A knock on back door and a dead person enter


A man trying to give a girl cap in the dream

Admiring my old picture in a dream

A dead father sharing new sponge to his children

Attire in the dream


Assisting a priest at mass

A teen girl having with a boy

A re eipt

Ayat up qursi


Accepting a gift from a deceased loved one

Active shooter


Asian man

A ling white feather



Architects letter white

Always visiting paris

A pomegranite tree

An old man steals my bags of dirty laundry

A shallow clear stream

A hand bag

A child calling me father

An unopened compass on water

A compass that floats in water

A man was trying to hurt me and my mother

A man after my mother

A white cat in a dark room

A white cat

A bird took away my sippers

Ate bean cake in the dream

Accident by a bus but escaping

All ways walking

A male person strangling my neck

Animal liver

Ants trying to eat nuts

Artificial candle

A man in cruel accident

Animal blood

A good frame falling

A lover in past

A dog bite you in a dream

Alive people in coffin dream

Ackee dreaming means


Always in your hometown in dreams

Applying kajal

Apple sucks

Applying eye shadow on ourself

A god


Animal in my car

Asking someone questions

Asking questions

A cardinal

A dead relative and a relative you have not spoken to appear in a dream

A dog bite

An exboyfriend

An ulama collecting coins

About a pregnant sheep

Angry boss


A woman embracing a woman and crying

A headless sheep

A woman of 40 dreamed of two black cows with cow dung

A mosque in my backyard

Astrology of kids


About termarind

Alive and dead mirror image dream




A lady in white touched me

Adorned in beautiful sequin dress

Adorned in sequin dress

Around maghrib pray seeing unknown sheikh

Acquire amla fruit but not eat

A dream seeing my partner buying baby girl clothes

A dream seeing my partner buying baby girl cloothes

A dream seeing my partner buying baby girl dresses

Ancient burial ground

A chid chasing me

Anger in dream


A snake swallowed a human


A lady eating a peanut

A man wearing a saree

A conductor

Anus bleeding

Animal adoption

A girl who is engaged in a whitedress

A girl with smoke in her mouth


Ants in my house

Achillies tendon

Animal attacks

Attacked by animals



Aunty flo sauerkraut

Angel in a cage




Afraid of skydiving

Ant bite in dream

A hand fill with. silver dime

Alarm sound


Abandoned dogs

A happy baby elephant was in my dining room

Applying heavy kajal in ones own eyes

Anointing people

Air force of angels

Attending a graduation

Accepting a paper from dead grandfather

Araibian baggy pants

Arabian turban

A ragged old man was trying to enter house and i am stopping him

A man of god drunk in a dream

A politician is in love with me

Accidently scratch a lover

Accidently hurt someone

Accidently scratched someone

Autumn leaves

Abandoned building

Abdullah name

A woman calling me an old hag

A naked woman was scooting on her belly

A painting with a red horse

Army about to shoot me


Assemble the car

Airplane landing on ice runway





At the beach


Another suicide hanging

Another persons photo on my wall

A man named raashid

Animal with horns

Air pollution

Amusement ride

Amniotic sac dream


Appearance of woman dead body carriage



A man wearing a mask

A bear

A broken blue ashtray



A demon yelling yeti

Ape poop

Airplane crashed

A women seeing a dream that she is being with her husband

A baby boy not mine

Amy husbands friend stole the diamonds from my wedding ring

Another universe

Another dimension

Alternate dimension


A man you love screaming i need you i can’t do this anymore


Allah is my uncle

Ants ants

Amputee leg

A group of dead babies

Asked for directions

A dream of killing grass cutter means what

A white snake marching

Ancestor ask for food

Aunty gave me a baby girl

Aged friend is pregnant


Amputated leg

A decrease calling your name

Animals holding each other

A spider becomes a prawn


Accident in jeep

A boy buying for me eggs

Applying mehandi to my son in dream

Airplane in the sky


Another woman

Attending infant funeral

A full pad

Any pastor that interpret dreamof moon

Applying body lotion on your feet

A brown snake riding a brown horse searching for a green snake that i killed


Amputated hands

A hair salon

Alley ooo

Ate alone fennel in dream

A big real of black tread was given to me i am giving it back

Anaroxic friend

A head with. no body on the floor



Attending benediction

A gate and a subway station what a lost object but found

A box of new clothes


Ant in white wine

Amla fully ripe

Angel entering my house

Applying kajal in dreams

A white ghost lady

A tenant lady refusing to pay rent in a dream

Angel in dream


Asked money by someone

A friend driving a car

Attacked by stroke

A man leaving wife for you

A child with live

Attend in wedding

A new family together at a table

Aliens in dream

Attending a friends wedding

A big vessal full of chicken curry and another vessal full of beef fry

An unknown grave

Archangel gabrielle

A sortedtowels

A dream about my supervisor

Assembly in school

A wedding

A girl being grinded in her dream

A boy i never met

Ali imran


Aul intercourse

A family gathering

A dead person wearing white

Amla fruits

A death person alive

Attempted sex



A fallen building

Accepting invitation from a dead person

A dead father ask me to buy him porridge

A room of stoves

A room full of stoves

A lot of stoves

An old plank

About relatives that are still alive after farghr




Ark of the covenant opening

A dog biting right hand

A dish full of sweet potatoes

àsk to iron a cloth

A chevrolet car

Animal carcass



Anointing a new born with holy oil

A grandfather walking away from you


A national flag

Ace of spade

About dog attack

A niddle used on pregnant wife

A niddle used on pregnant wofe

Attack at window

Airplane dropping bombs

A woman showing her vagina

A dead woman showing me her vagina

April fools joke

As a women our house was getting decorating

A as women our was getting re

Affair with neighbor

Abortion of baby

A deceased uncle gives gold coins to a great niece

A well in a village

Animal and integration dreams.

Applying mehndi

A mom and baby black buffao turning into two young black woves

A girl is masturbation me in dream. what does it mean


Arm pain by crystal

A love one having a stroke

A pet python jealous of its owners girlfriend

Apple fruit in the dream means what

Arabic writing in a frame

Admiring wallpaper

Applying henna on child hand

Awakened by knocking on the bedroom window

A girl spits on my face in my dream at morning time

Angel with scroll dream

Asking for forgiveness

A known man sees my long black hair out

A woman with a penis dream

A dog licks me


Air craft carrier

A cow being slaughtered and blood coming out



Alot of feces in the yard and cleaning them

Address books

A wolf catched me

Acting as a ghost

Alien attack in tall buildings

A dictator killed me

A huge aloe vera surrounded by dry plants in a dream

Ants entering their home

Ants mound

A string of birdhouse

An unplugged electrical plug



A young boy

A white bag full of rice

Another person given birth to a baby boy

Almost shot

Awakened by people in room when sleeping


About furniture


Asking for tampons

A clock



Appearing walls

A sleeping cat

Argument with someone

A person that used to be my friend is wearing new clothes.

A old enemy is wearing new clothes

Armpit blood

Along side sea

Almost drowning in a river

A teacher


A blind person says something to me

Ariadne book of dreams holding a spear

About to dai

Angry face

Al fatiha


Animals preparing to eat you

Approval for marriage


Astronaut friend death

Animal killing

Autorickshaw dream

Attacked by a hen

Act test


Attack by the dead

Avoiding being captured

Allah is pleased with you



Apple seeds

Androgen dream meaning

Asked to pay a certain amount

Asked to pay him

Asked to pay

Attacked by tiger

Aknown old man

Animal in hole of tree

Aboriginal man staring at me

A woman without a scarf on her head

Airpla e



Aytul kursi



About tarnand

Afraid of lizards

Ants on the face

Annular solar eclipse

Abandoned girl


Ayat ul kursi

Angry person in dream

Allah akbar

Armpite hair

Attacked by birds

Apricot tree

Ascend a mountain

Almost killed

Audio engineer

Asking for flash light,notice i got two

Amputation of leg



Asking for hand

Avalanche dream meaning

Ancient book






Asking advice

Ants in food

Angry pastor



Ali sword

Abandonned house

Ayat al kursi

Ayatkursi upon earthquake

Aunty mad

Alot of doors

All white

Applying perfume



Aeroplane crush


Adopting girl baby


Adopting a baby girl



Amputation torture

Al qibla


Abdul qadir shiek jalani


Argument with friend

Almost falling in the river while throwing money to someone

Arranging for second marriage with non muslim

Attacked by a cat

Arranging for second marriage


Accepting from or giving to the deceased something dream meaning

Amla dream

Allah name written on cloud

Adopting a baby goat

Angry mob

Amla tree meaning

Allan wrench

Adultery and having kids


Asking the dead

Atm card


Animal purchasing us

Accepting from or giving to the deceased something in dream



Allah’s attributes

Agriculture land

Arms swollen

Asked to leave

Ablution on the sea

Arguing with a step mother

Alive person dead in dream


Apple apple apple

Abunch of hand kerchiefs

Attacked by starlings

Attempting to kill someone

Applying face powder in your dreams

Access code

Attacked by homeless man

Answering questions in a dream

Ants climbing legs

Anal ex

Alcohol bottle

Alien planet

Asked to prom

Anal sex with wife

Animal print


Animal stampede

Animal stamped


A woman prepare food

Animal stool

An adult boy having sex with a woman

Angry family

Angry mother

A really good friend becomes my boyfruend and its like a movie where each situation i fall asleep on his legs


A visit

Army in my area

A black dog wearing a red bow tie

Armpit of womanwith hair

A mole in the nose

A dead person isn

Animal bite

A dead roaster in adream


Arguing with family members

A bunch of mosquitoes flying around you

A a mad man standing on the way

A black and white pig

A moth ate a hole in my clothes

Amputated foot

A man giving me a paper

Ashe street

About to deliver someones baby in a dream

A daughter is missing

Approaching a lake

Asking someone out


Abused by foreign man

A young girl with out cloth at the river side

A flower is stagnant in the middle of water

A husband sleeping with some other lady

Attacked bed


A dream that running away from people that want my pacemaker

A strange place with fake elephants

Accident poster

An old man kissing a girl child

Auntie dreams about her niece

Auntie dream with her niece

Another person recovery

A new child girl

Acrylic nails falling off


Analysis square symbol

Alien encounters

An muscles

About someone getting beat badly

A father beat his daughter


A person you know

A mannequin hanging by the neck portraying a pastor

Asking for a divorce

A child in our life

Alot of mud small fish from farm

A green clothe sing

Arch in a dream

A hostile wolf killing everything but me

A gril putting ring in my hand

A person who is alive and sittin on his own grave overnight and then woke up


Afternoon tea

Ancient city

A baby who grows too quickly

Avoid accident

All black eyes

A baby laughing andsqueeling with joy

A man comes to me naked

A bunch of coriander and also i see mint growing in a pot plant

A hospital

Another time

A coffin

Ant nest

Ants home

Abscess in mouth


A married woman making love to another man she loves most

A married woman making love to a man sh

Ant bit

A bouy in the water coming towards you

Attempted murder with fireworks

About corn

A ring with stone

A squid bite of me

A burning clothes in a dream

A wound being healed

Animal meat

A dead lady is burning

A man carrying a baby

Airportscan\'t walk

A brown broken plate

Amla in dream during pregnancy

A girl entering from backdoor

A woman convey me namaste

Air kiss

Ants with wings

Allah name melting

Abondoned car

A grey snake

A bride

Alien spaceship

Adult heads on

Animal threatning life

Anniversary of parents

Animals coming out of ground

Animal horns

Asking favor dream meaning

A blonde guy who constantly talks about football

A person carrying a suitcase

A friend pregnant

A doll that keeps getting back


Asking for a matchbox

Asking for a match box in a dream means

Amber ringed eye

Animals eating dead foetus

A lady wearing a sary

A lover wearing sunglasses

An engagement you didn\'t know was yours

Alot of red beetroot

Animals being tamed

A woman weeping

All white house inside and out

A black gate

Airplane crash witness


Ablution while on menses in a dream



Accepting sweets

A male crush

Another person killing a cat

Arm around waist


Attacked by gremlins

A homeless woman

A friend dressed up in a wedding gown

A loved one being swept away by a flood

Advesting cassava

Abuttock of a male with wounds

About tease

A friend dreamt of my deceased father and he told her to bring a steak

A white rooster

A person loosing his legs

A que in a dream

Accident, into lake then white light


Accidental death of pet

A man you know helping you


A child crying

Astronomical symbols in the night sky

Astronomical symbols


According to islam winning lottery in dream

According to islam

Accepting from or giving to the deceased something

Acupuncture needle

A hug and kiss from a president

A dead person giving me a pair of big gold earings

A dead baby come alive

A small bird appeared in my room. standing on the floor

Attack of ox

Angel fiying


A sick person about to die

An enemy

A child walking on water



Angels in clouds


Anti gravity

Arm chair

A woman being ugly

Aztec dancers

Animals all black

Amla fruit eating meaning

Am old woman talking to in the dream

Ark of covenent

Arrow being shot

Abscess on arm

Attending marriage with dead

Aisha ra

Alien animals

Advising to go to doctors

Accepting green tomato from the dead


Air plane crash


Angry woman


Air hostess



Asking directions from an old lady

An old acquaintence appears



Antique gold garden fork tool


All the furniture and trash on ceiling and wall


Adult head

Airport being attacked

Animal enters home

Adopting orphan


Apne aap ko marta hua dekhna

Apne aap ko marta hua dekhn

Anthony of padua dream

Anthony of padua

Angry husband

Accepting a gold ring from a deceased uncle

Alot of white evil doors


Avoir une question


Ants over body


Allergic reaction


Asking to come to a specific temple

Antique car


Aeroplane taking off with caravan on the back



Ants in the bathroom



Arhat does it mean a soldiers in my dream

Àyathe quran


Avocado dreams

Andrade marcella girl this is bad and even through she did as lot of damage to my life an i still can

Ashes in the trunk of a car, in dream

Apple in wifes vagina

Attacked by a mob

Antique dress

All the teeth lost

All my teeth fall off

Alive mother hungry dreams

Avoiding car accidents

Angry dead father

Ask me to wear nose ring


Abandoned van

Abandoned cars

Airplane landing

Attending funeral of a nun

Adam as dua

Anime love story



African women surrounding me

Asking for statue by someone

American flag

Archangel raphael

Accepting something from deceased relative


An old luggage

Antique shop

Accept gift from dead relative

An old woman being very active

Antique furniture

Animal killing animal

A bag of flour

About to go to jail

An old is helping you rebuild something

Air conditioner

Asking help

Armored truck crash

Award dinner

Adder bite


Annointed with oil

Armed roobery, blood

Attacked and chased by a vulture

Air conditioning room

Aeroplane crash

Admonishing my former boss




Airplane fell on my house

Ancient ruins

Arguing with parent


Animal transforming into other animal

A child vomited

Abscess on labia

Archery dream

Ashies of a dead man in a metal dish

Attacking a mongoose

Aideyan sandra



Applying bugspray

Army officers

Armoured truck

Accepting money


Airplane crash in the sea

Airplance crash in the sea



Al naas

Animals drowning clear water and revive

Abandoned house with a garage sale

Abandoned kitchen

Abandoned dirty kitchen cabinets

Angel shooting me with arrows

Aged married woman in white saree

Asking dead father for land

Airplane fa

Arnold swatczanegger was in my dream.

Arnold swatczanegger was in my dream. at a church gathering

Again dying

Arnold swatczanegger

Al aqsa


Aunt plucking mangalsutra

Aunt plucking chain

Ankle wound

Angry man

Abnormal wild animals


Ancient castle

Ancient castel

An uncle dreaming having sex with his niece


Attending burrial


At burrial

All teeth falling out

Ants having hair

Axe pick


Arriving on a airplane

Almost not graduating

Alone in the dark

About whirlwind

Ascending to heaven



Adam a.s and hawa a.s

Anal sex with brother


Aluminium hands

Aliminum hands


Animal crossing



Army general dream



Against the wind

Asking music

Aggressive dog

Anime girls

Attending funeral


Antique chair

Ankle out from foot

Ankle out from food

Applying ghee on head


Acrylic nails breaking

Afraid of going downstairs


Abundant harvest

Advised to eat papaya

Atone in my ring breaking apart

Asking the price of juice

At the bank of the sea

Attending church services

Acsepting coin from adath person

Adoption of twins a girl and a boy


Amniotic fluids


Alone in temple seeing lord krishna smiling

Animal bones





Abandoned factory

A big beautiful house

Applying oil on body

Animal with horns in dream

Abandoned animals

Animals in danger, small dogs

Amman idol

Am receving money from a old lady

Asleep driving

Applying kajal in own eyes

African management initiative

Airplane ticket

An ill rooster

Audition in dream


An ex dating someone new

Angel gabriel praying for your deliverence




Armed men


An upside-down gallon

Awake in dreams

Automatic carwash

Always seeing someone in a dream

Alam seeing in a dream




Ahl bayt

All batt

Air filter

Always dream writing exam but not able to write shortage of time

Applying lotion on your legs


Asking something with my dead mom

Army wear


According to christianity what does it mean if eunuchs comes in your dream

Air out body

Attack house family

Accident in a dream



America on vacation


Airplane crahs



Attached to dead bodies

Animal bites

Angry wife

Ant bite

Antique vases

About people all around a round table

Allahs name




Animal tails fallong out sky

Automobile wash


Animal freezing in morion

Attacked by unknown people

Attaked by unknown people

At the end of ny journey i saw a male friend and an institution


Attending marriage


Axe spinning

Aspen trees

Attacked cat


Aunt eating


Alternate life

Amala in dream

Ark of covenant

Aisha salamun alaiha conversation



Asar and magrib prayer

African dancer chasing me in a dessert

Air balloon


African dancer chasing me in a dessert like opened space

An up smsid

Amusement park

Awol means

Air plane

Ancient statues of soldiers

Agressive brown bear trying to get to me through glass door


Army clothes

A son dreams that his late father is carrying him mn

A young plant

Asking for forgivness

Asian people


At the bank

Accepting gifts from a dead friend

Accepting gift from a dead friend

Arrow head

Attempted murder


Aquatic fish


Almond rosted


A man seen a long white hair in his head

An intruder in my home

An open gate

Anger monkey in dream

A beam dream

Anesthesia not working


Afraid in a haunted house with a clown. no way out. waiting for a guy on a football field and sad and confused when he never showed up.

At a bridal shower

Arguement husband



Abundant hair

Arrested for murder



About to crash behind another car

Abroad dream interpretation

Apache indian


Army general uniform means

About to drown in flood

Atomic blast wind burn


Arcangel gabriel

Alternate universe


Adult triplet boys


Animal from another planet

Air freshner

A tough bloody mass comes out when i my stuffy nose

Abandoned in runt

Adult hea

Am pregnant and dreamed of having triplets

Animal wings

Angels on chariot dreams

Always searching for a house to rent but not satisfied with the available ones

Abdominal muscle

Agitated person

A master from thailand was giving me directions on how to get out of where we both were but i who was distrustful of his advice wasn


A man that has porcupine features 7 feet tall

Adult children

A boat

A woman your lover is sleeping with

A woman dreaming of having with a woman with male genitals

Abundant milk

A friend kissing my daughter


A very large scorpion

Aztec fire

Age spot

Aboy gr

Aboy grabbing my waist

A friend that passed away

Attending wedding

Alfalfa field



An old woman

A spiritual summons

A steam whistle sound woke me up

Amputation of others foot

Airplanes landing

Air pollution you can see



A woman with a penis

Abondondend city

Alcoholic man in dream

A voice

Afraid to swim

Acoustic guitar

A coworker drove me home, we got into an accident and i died

A mother moving in with her daughter and son-in law after they just got masrried

A young girl dream a stranger


Afraid of coming down stairs

A writing journal notebook

A man hit me on my head



A dream were your gave the price to buy a slippers

A green snake

Air planes

A bite from a four-legged creature medium size black and white for bite me


Animal animals

A woman dreamt that her daughter has gottem married

A large sewing needle

Angel jib réel


A friendly bear

Ants in tear ducts

A dead kanagaroo

A piece of blond hair to the front my head


A swarm of locusts

A pregnant woman buying used maternity gown in the dream

A guy you like

A man inserting a knife into my right palm



Ancestral house

About to cook beef

Alive to be dead


A father

Attacked by weeds



Applying olive oil on the body in a dream


Alcohol offer but not taken

A prince was shaking my hand

A mother dream of her son that comes to bid farewell to her

About a heart

And people were singing

A staff intructing a little boy on his bike

A receipt




Assembling tables

Animal poo


Asking your calculator

A woman and man in the office got promoted and i was encouraged to learn more becouse they are leavi

Arguing with a racists woman

A new pair of black shoes

A nose with missing skin

Angry at you

A dead person in a white wedding dress waking up from the dead red flowers


Approaching scary black dog

A child\\\'s teeth falling

A green snake biting me really hard on my left hand

Afraid to try the trapeze

Ants nest

A dancer

A witch

Aged man

A girl was was been given make up by her family

Adlai lama

A dead mother giving a check to her daughter



Alone with a friend


Adopting a new born baby girl

Awoman removing wax from my ears

A man asking you to marry him


Aeroplane on fire

Animal head cut off

A living person as dead

A moving ladder

A bald person dreaming they have a head full of wavy hair

A man penis

A new watch

A woman assassinating a cheating man

A white man in a dream

A guy i love and muumy

A lot of big spiders in my house

A man watching me in my dreams

A dead person alive in a dream

Alien attack

A motor

Air condition

A woman with small breasts

A well full of water

A foyer

Asking man to have with you

Anal sex in dreams

Altered perception

A man shot me on the bus and i felt it but i didn

About ex

A dream were i have sexual intentions with a boy in my class

A picture of masjid nabawi

A man sees a young girl with long black hair in a dream

A hedge

A muslim man in a long white dress, kneel down doing prayer

A building caught fire while daughter and aunt was in it

A girl sitting at the center of the table looks hagard

A spoon is given to you

A person committing suicide

A young tiger needing help

Antique dollhouse

A sage at a portal

A large sea shell


A friend giving you fruits

A female neighbor talking to your ex-boyfriend about

Ascending to the skies

A friend who became neighour

A boy child drowing in water

Asking for corn starch

A chinese wife

A camel and a horse walking past

About to rent a house

A porch

Animal turns to human

A wolf eat a sheep

A last wedding ring

Attacked for knife

Asked on a date

Animal costumes

Above the sky

A newborn baby

American football game

And find

A guy about to get married but didn

A man comes to my house he breaks in i cut of his head

Ants biting your body

A dead close relative visits you and your family

A kid shooting me while protecting people

A neighbor talking to your ex-boyfriend about

A giri like is having a baby in hospital

A baby wearing different pair of shoe

A girl sitting at the center of the table

A cat eating as mal cat

A plant


A white baby

A female baby

Artificial thumbnail in dream

Asked out by same sex

Asked out by another women

Asked out by a women

A scorpian

Accepting proposal

Aunty died


A big cow coming out and destryoing everything

A pregnant woman dream of baby talking

A person smoking in church and feeling angry

A young girl having her menstrual cycle

A woman dream of a man wearing blue shoes

A ex boyfriend say i love you

A friend deficating in living room

A woman was trying to take my soul

A lot of human on the ground

A white man have interest in me

A friend took my teashirt

A friend of mine showed me her

A tight wedding ring in a dream


A husband

Allah book

A plate of food in road


A friend with my name

Ants and rats

A lover/\'s eyes sinking in

Amazon forest as a school trip in a dream

A woman with a hunchback

A prophet was beheaded but came back to life

A woman touching a mans


A full length, heavy army coat

Ancient pillars

A man

American football team

Attending relative

A friend

At a memorial

Auto driving

An ex boyfriend


African prime minister

A cat with blue eyes


Atomic flash

Asking woollen cloth

Accept death

Art faire


Adult man

A man stalking me and had a feeling he wanted to me in my dreams

A humble dog

A child with no nose dream

Apartment card

A hole

A man braids my hair

Adoption grandchild

A dream contracting elephantiasis

Angry old woman

Alone in empty town, thief, yelling for posidien

Arrested because of accused

Aries and a black cat

Adult heads on human

Attack on appartment

Attack on apartment


Attending a funeral and seeing a coffin

Apple clove

A women peeing in hall way

Adult triplet mermaids

A girl asking for date

A stolen notebook


A sturdy floor but the bricks fall from under it but you\'re still standing

Anal sex with a boy

Aircraft crash

Alive people turning dead

A bunch of pussy willows

Attacking someone over an animal

Arc of the covenant

A lot of snakes in dream

Anniversary with friends,some missing


A cat bite someone

A hole in a land

A human with dog ears

A person steals

A man with dog ears

A man with dog ear

A person steals all my jewelry




A brown rosary

African carved sculpture

A false accusation

A guy about to get married but didn/\'t and said he loved me instead

A man climbing windows

A male child carrying his falls on the sink se blood in his hand

Arabic month

A red light

A quilt made of silver threads and jewels


Animal skull

Arranging things for a group of people

A person injured, blood dripping

A horse

Amputed hand

Animal sanctuary

A mans lips

Arrow sign pointing right

A girl kissing and unidentified man in her dream

A guy holding hand


Arguments with family

About the parallel universe

A femal with a big

A woman dreaming of her future husband

Adorning black clothes

Aqeeq ring stores


A future with my current boyfriend

Another person tall

Another one taller

Animals of unknown species

Animal specie



A sleeping lion who doesnt notice after being touched by mistake and allows to escape

A mom shaving her daughter

A old friend

Arrow sign

A little girl with worried man and a can of milk

A tiny owl trying to carry a lizzard away

àsk to iron a cloth


A giant snake pit of water

Animal eating your face

A dream of rainbow mountains trees and a river flowing

Among the dead



All the stars falling to the earth

Ascending stairs

Asking to wake up from sleep

A chapatti falling while serving

A cherished veautifull baby boy in dresm

Attracted to a stranger

A unknown woman outside my door

A hug,kiss on the cheeck and the words i love you whispered in your esr

A cat and snake

Accused by authority

A man crying and hurt

A person looking in a window

A dream of your future boyfriend and ex-boyfriend talking

A wife is angry

Argument family

Allah is talking

A woman shaving a woma\\\\\\\\\'s hair

Animals matting


A man with broken teeth

An ex lover with me as a spirit

Angel brings bridal gown in dream

Argument brother

A male visitor

A lover\'s eyes sinking in

All female orgy

An aeroplane

A man without a head

A pea

A girl showing her nipple

A black woman painted in white


A faceless fish that has no features spitting poison at you


A white scarf coming out of the draer by itself

A mother has lost her youngest son somewhere

African tribe

A flock of singing birds

A friend of your was driving a car which both of are inside

Arrival of father

A dream of my mom being shot

Animals having sex

About traffic stoped

A pen in the sky pointing

A woman\'s figure from neck to thigh in a small black t-shirt

Alot of gorillas chasing us in school

African animals

A person carrying black ash in a pot to a home

A frend waring all purple

A dirty dead person


Animals atacking

A little girl said love about someone to in dream meaning


Aircraft dogfight

A well

Adrian rhea

A bug white wings bites


Adult heads on ch

A dog attacks me

A man happy and wearing a court suit

A baby girl and boy

Abundant of fish

Animal in a snare

Animal ensnared

A car in a mud

A women with a

Alien ships

Attcked by dolls

A female dreamed that me a male was cooking for her on 2stoves


Abortion in empty room by two womens

Attending an ex wedding

A grave dug in my yard in a shape of a coffin

Angels worshiping with me

A rubbery like growth on my knee

A man to see a girl touching her private part and her mouth

A open door

About feet being tied

A bear and a lion

Arm chairs being stolen

Adult heads on chi

Animal bone

A women wanting to be with my husband and have sex

A horse made blind

A friend died

About someone you don

A long silver snake

Artificial flowers

Ass meat

A live donkey

An unknown woman helping me

A shortcut to somewhere

Arrestind and confind the enemy

A tree plenty of flowers falling on me

Apple\'s indream

Asking someone to move out of your house

Ants hill

A guy about to get married but didn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t and said he loved me instead

A guy about to get married but didn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t and said he loved me instead

A guy about to get married but didn\\\\\\\\\'t and said he loved me instead

A bit

A women you love

Anime fight

A friends house

A puppy escaping attack from tigerz

About someone dont talk to anymore

Attack frimback

A white dog getting into my car soon as my husband opens the car door

A girl i know keeps trying to kiss me then i saw her naked

Aggressive baby

Almost being kidnapped

Attention seeking

An intruder in your house standing infront of your bed

A baby boy drnking eggs

Asking out

A squized passion fruit

Another lover

A quarter on the step

About to crash

A father broken her daughters leg

A deceased friend

Animal torture



Ang feather

Aeroplane on runway


Animal giving birth

A lot black dirt

Asking question


A field

Arcade games

April fools

Arguing with wife ex husband