Frozen dead


Flowerpots mama’s


Fur mantle

Friend trying to steal boyfriend

Frog croak in a dream

Floating clothes in water well in dream means


Finding a keychain with one key on it

Finding a cross keychain with one key on it

Friend moving to california

Fluvial procession dream meaning

Fish on a plane

Fingered by ex boss

Fresh vigina discharge in a dream


Film shooting

Flood and big black fish

Forest house

Forget a birthday

Fountain freeze water

Food shelves empty

Female squeezing bump in a man face


Fish head dream interpretation

Female cap


Fighting with dad

Full timer


Fighting a midge

Falling upper teeth

Frosting on cupcakes

Forgotten birthday

Flirting with stranger


Finger nail blood

Flirty husband

Friend opening gage gift on christmas with the family

Folding and pack clothes for many people

Fighting a partners ex

Finding money, rare books, jewelry, coins

Friend dream he was sucking my breast

Fishing with father


Finger chopped

Faked my identity


Fish eating humans

Fingering my boyfriend ass

Falling into a grave


Fighting an evil spawn


Family that has passed

Flying house

Fishing caulk

Fabric white and printed

Flower basket

Frozen fruit

Fighting for the lives of children

Funeral with no body

Falling watertower

Friend being slit a throat

Frenchstick bread loafs

French stick

Foreign country


Faceless woman

Flying in a blue pick up truck

Flying kite in high winds catching string when breaks

Floating black entangled thread

Floating black crumple thread


Funeral no shoes

Finding money in gutter

Filling cabinet

Fighting a mad woman in the dream

Fish head dream

Flying termites

Face turning black

Falling locust

Flashlight with a red bulb

Fighter jet

Flash in dream

Forest with people

Floating staircase

Fish pie

Forgotten lines

Friends promotion

Floating down a tunnel

Fungus in clothes

Falling breadfruits

Friend eating muskmelon

Fearful oldman intimidating meaning

Fearful oldman intimidating

Fearful oldman

Family illness

Fish hook in birds eye

Finding marbles

Football game cheerleader can’t find clothes


Fast growing cadets with flowers

Fall down tooth


Fish scales


Fire in the moon

Fatal diagnosis

Finding a dogs ear

Falling off

Fetching mopane worms

Fun mischeif

Fiance late to wedding

Funfair target

Family members having sex

Family having sex

Find the lost mobile phone

Fresh calabash tree

Finishing school

Flirting with strangers

Feed a baby goat in dream

Fallen in septic tank

Father was has died

Free money

Falling tower of rocks cement blocks boilders had to get out of the way

Forget girlfriends birthday

Feeding someone

Fuzzy caterpillar



Frying cocoyam

Fighting off death


Found white envelope

Feeding others

Flying antelope

Face hidden scarf

Fresh green spring onions

Flicking lights

Forehead kisses

Found myself working in different country


Friend visits to get his jacket

Facing a fear to get to the truth of a life event

Falling off a boat


Found five condom in my girlfriend bag

Found 5 condom in my girlfriend bag

Female chapped lips

Fetching water for a sick person

Falling whole jackfruit on my me


Friend zone


Fake gold bracelet

Food and artist

Forgot locker combo in highschool

Fufu dream

Fried fish

Falling into open grave with a dead body

Falling pillar

Finding gild jewelry

Fabric on bolts colorful

Faceless person dream

Falling then getting up

Friends sympathetic

Frying poori in dream

Forced wedding


Fighting with girlfriend

First lady

Finger nail pus

Flexible spine

Furniture falling on someone

Falling down stairs

Five rainbows

Finding savings bonds

Foot licking

Fingerprints on blue walls

Flour tortilla

Flying gargoyles

Floor has water leaking in

Friend is sodomized

Frying of cocoyam

Foot cutting

Ferris wheel falling

Finding lost bag

Fiancé seeing another women

Flower field

Fresh milk in a dream

Fast flashing images

Fish hooks stuck in my skin

Floor crumbling

Fresh bitter guard plucking means

Fountain pen breaks in dream

Floating over an ancient river in a raft propelled forward by 2 chinese peddling to keep raft floating, these rafts look like vietnamese huts with palm roofing. the feeling being on the craft feel elevating and enigmatic

First love passing over sim to me

Flax seed

Fresh mozzarella cheese

Fire carrier


Fresh water


Father gave kola nut in dream

Flood with fishes

Fan changing direction

Fire alarm in the home

Friend breaking their neck

Flower crown

Flying ram chasing me

Flowing water around the house and was being surprised of the whereabouts of it

Forced to do something

Finding sim card in a dream

Fixing broken gutters and cracked walls


Feet wishing in dream

Females family

Fighting with girl

Friends cheating wife

Flat ears

Falling in sinkhole

Falling into gutter


Forgot password

Fairy in dream tells of my destiny


Friend agrees to a date

Finding my old clothes

Friend white car 4081

Fish jumping out the fishbowl

Find a baby

Famale hairy knees

Four hundred

Fingers with symbols on them

Fall over

Female soul fingering me

Followed by many people who want to attack you and they failed


Friend headbutting


Falling down

Fruit pit

Fingering a girl in a dream

Falling and wake up before you hit the ground



Foot spa

First tree


Former home

Flying cats

Falling off a cliff

Food in mouth


Freshly plowed field


Fungus hand

Fig tree

Full moon a d bright moonlight


Friend with benefits

Former friends with benefits

Forgetting to pay rent

Flat belly

Fat rat seating on my leg

Falling from a mountain but not reaching the ground

Fish hook in your eye

Finding a ring with a gold fish stone

Father who died talked to you and tell that your brother got a car accident

Family membotrying to shoot me

Fearful man



Fine china

Famous people

Foot instead of penis

Females children visiting you in a dream

Females children offering you marriage gift

Feeling happy

Finding a seat in theater

Falling file cabinet

Fox without an eye

Fox without aneye

Fired from work

Floating up to see something

Floating into the sky

Flying in roller skates

Forgot locker combination

Family members dying in front of you

Felling teath in your 2 month grand dather

Fear of heights

Functions and food

Fat baby pig

Forgetting a birthday

Finding my lost silver ring and more silver rings

Fingernail clipping

Faceless stranger

Falling in to an open grave

Family conflict

Falling down stairs head injury

Floating above the floor

Fire in mouth


Feet backward


Friendly panda

Fighting creeping vines

Female cardinal

Fat rat in dream

Fear of flying

Football game

Fingernail blood


Fence post

Falling stars meaning

Flying whale

Face close to my face

Finding lost diamond earrings




Friend long time

Floral dresses

Father photo

Family being a demon

Feeding flowers to a baby

Food cooler the meaning in dream

Forgetting things

Furniture moved around

Furniture rearanged


Flock of seagulls


Feces in ones body after a good party

Fear of entering a house

Fetching mopane worms from tree in dream

Friends father bought a two story house

Falling into the ocean

Floor of snakes

Fictional dreams

Fake family

Following children into house

Front door windows house

Frozen loved one

Front door is open and someone was inside or trying to get in

Front door is open

Fishing tackle

Fighting off being raped

Fighting off rape


Falling off a bridge in a vehicle

Forgetting your scissors

Following someone down a dark hallway

Faulty headlights

Fake passport

Flying with angels

Flyig with angels

Failing to steal

Fire trucks


Falling quran from hand

Falling dead

Forget lines to a production

Falling down a tunnel

Full moon

Flying barth

Falling from bridge and waking up before hitting ground

Filthy path

Followed by stone orangutan cave dessert red

Fish hook stuck in skin and legs and arms

Friends being mean

Fighting inside church

Finding jewelry

Flying homes

Fairy sprite

Fly a jet plane

Forgetting class schedule

Fresh fishes dream

Forgetting address while calling 911

Forgetting address when calling 911

Forgetting your address

Fortune tellers


Fingered my asshole

Female uprooting mushrooms

Fat grey cat

Face of jesus with crown of thorns

Former classmates working for me

Feet in water

Feet in water bowl

Fancy restaurant



Friend waking you up

Find my way

Falling clouds

Flying from city to city

Fruity pebbles

Friends mum showing you how to cook

Friends mother cheescake with veg and chocolate

Friends address

Falling hand nails

Falling into pond

Forgetting my birthday in my dream meaning

Fuel tank

Forget locker combinations

Falling crane

Five pointed white star

Friend wearing blue

Flooding stream

Feeling in a dream

Field goal post

Flight delayed

Friend cross dresses

Fear of swimming

Flexing arm muscular bicep

Flexing bicep

Folding bed

Falling fron high height

Featherbed in white sheets

Fingering anus

Fisher village

Fight for me

Fight between 2 ex boyfriends

Fighting in church

Forgetting my purse in a public place



Feeding animals

Female penis

Fourty four

Fire engine siren

Flowers in the garden

Floating around in space

Found telephone

Found ringing cell phone

Finding maggot at vagina

Friend getting promoted

Forgot to study for a test in college

Father having sex with daughter

For telling of your death

Fear of your coming death

Fear of dying

Friends suicide


Flat worms


Falling into a puddle

Feeding a baby semolina


Fucking my niece in. the dream

Fell in boiling water

Finding money in graveyard

Frying puri in dream

Following sisters (nuns) who stole my shoes

Fish fillet

Falling acid dream

Fish in bowl

Foot ball gaol post

Fight at a wedding

Frog spirits

Feeling someone moving beside me

Feeling movement in my bed and nobody is home

Finding money on ground

Friend accidently shoots me

Fallen chimney

Friend as a priest

Finding money on the ground

Flying dragon with glowing eyes

Flying in an airplane with no wings

Fraction chart

Figure in white

Fishing with rod

Feathers black

Fish hooks in the skin

Fox and polar bear


Flooding room

Find hidden room

Foot sore


Fig tree roots


Friend turning against you

Falling down a hole

Fighting a wolf

Finishing military service

Flying in an airplane over water

Flying monkeys with silver sparkles around them

Funeral of a great monk

Funeral of a monk

Friend don’t recognize me

Feeding many people

Feeding many people at my restaurant

Failing to descend on staircase

Forgetting something important

Fire truck

Fainted in a dream

Fish in sand

Funeral urn

Funeral urn baby

Father naked

Fixing furniture



Fence being taken down

Friends with royalty

Fetching water from tap

Frozen apple

Falling out of bed

Fresh n healthy big trees n small trees that i wanted to plant

Fear of falling down stairs


Finding an animal buried alive

Fallen angel

Floating box crates

Father carrying sick great grandmother

Fiancé gets shot


Flowers on vine


Frying pan

Find and wear an engagement ring

Face skeleton

Fuzzy bugs


Football manager

Folded betel leaf


Finding dead body in trash

Finding your soul mate

Folded blanket and a open door

Flying on mat dream then visiting hospice

Ferris wheel stucked

Family driving off cliff

Falling church steeple meaning

False webbed dream

Filing documents

Fear of falling off path

Flood of muddy water

Frying and burning bacon

Father who passed away


Faces in a dream

Frog shit

Fallen tree on garage

Falling into empty grave


Famouse people

Forgetting keys

Falling awning

Fakir looking at me

Fall in love

Flyn dot

Friend amongst strangers

Flying on me

Fell down

Fruit tree



Fighting a grizzly bear

False white veins

Friend got divorced


Fathers death

Fighting the hulk on stilts

Fly swat

Father and stitches

Father giving son stitches

First boyfriend from youth

Former friend that hurt you

Flashing lights


Flour tortills

Face cap forcefully taken

Friends moving


Foot nails break

Finding a lot of hand sanitizer and perfume

Father from bath

Father being naked

Fleas on dog

Falling down a mountain

Family arguement

Family fight

Falling money


Frantic packing for a trip

Falling down a grass verge

Following someone

Family death

Fall from the window

Flannel plaiod shirt

Fighting can’t move

Flashing green traffic light

Father in jail

Finding dreams



Flat stomach

Forgetting a song

Floating slowly

Filthy mattress

Fifty dollars

Fungus on nails

Fungus on hand


Finding a plastic emerald ring

Flexing arm muscles

Flower in planter

Flooded city

Female calling my name

Facial paralysis

Falling dog

Foot injury

Feeling a cool wind

Family bringing belongings

Flying feet first

Fish flood

Finding 3 check in purse


Flying in helicopter

Female child

Flimsy bridge

Fbi agent

Falling fan

Fishhook left arm


Flooded garden


Flooded back garden

Fruits falling from trees

Fruits falling from tress

Farm fresh

Fox turned into dog

Family orbiting around me


Friend’s porch

Family being kidnapped

Falling into dirty water

Fatty ham

Former female teacher

Feet in your face

Feast in your home dream meaning

Fly over something

Finding a door

Floating black figures

Fighting with a neighbor

Failed weeding

Finding old clothes in room at my old school

Friendly lion

Family reunion

Fish guts

Fragment of glass pitcher struck in my body

Fragment of broken pitcher scattered and some struck in my body

Fragment of broken pitcher scattered and struck in my body and goes to your body

Fragment of broken pitcher scattered and goes to your body



Friend being raped

Filthy apartment


Fighting with a madman

Fire from lamp


Fetching water from tap in the dream


Falling stars


Friends in my room

Fast boat

Fase bota


Finger print

Feeling peaceful

Forgot to wear a bra

Fire truck accident

Four leaf clover

Foot cut in half bleeding

Fish on my vagina

Fruit bat

For a person to put the squeeze on you to

Frog jumping

Flying in a small plane to hawaii

Forgetting directions

Fountain drink

Falling fence

Farm burning in a dream

Flying above accidents

Flower growing from a vagina

Feeling like evil was fleeing

Father is knocking on your door

Fresh peanut

Fold mattress from car throws at you

First person pov

Forgetting job skills

Forgetting how do do a job you have left

Fell asleep


Friend wants to holdy hand

Flooded church basement

Feeling like you about to hold something

Falling on knees while thanking god

Fighting food dream

Fighting over food in a dream

Fathers toenail

Fava bean

Fire in workplace

Friend banging on window

Flat roof

Finding tiny dice

Fish tanks

Feather tattooed on my face

Falling dreams

From wolf to a man

Funeral dreams

Food worms

Food with worms

Fire hose with water


Fried simsim means

Forgetting to pack something


Fish hooks in vagina

Flying donut

Foam coming out of mouth

Flying over trees

Friend dying from hot fat burns

Fire in am empty pot on stove


Family members

Flying cow

Folding someone coat

Folding of someone court

Fold of clothes

Flod of clothes

Fighting and yelling

Fishing line in dream

Fishing string

Frosting a cake

Female specter

Fried goat meat

Fear god save me

Fighting off killer

Foreign voice

Float over water

Failing exam dream

Five tumors

Fall asleep while driving

Forget to put pants on

Fighting with parents about opening my mail

Feeling proud of beautiful setting where i work, a beautiful country club or golf course

Fat wallet meaning

Fruits inside wheel borrow meaning

Frightened means in hindi

Flowers in the mountain

Fake gold jewelry


Friend stealing my boyfriend

Forgot to feed dog

Friend crawling

Friend mad at you


Falling off from a swing

Face torn

Fixing a truck

Finger painting with green and blue in a dream

Flying over clouds then falling

Flying above clouds

Forgot christmas

Fingering vagina of my beautiful cousin

Fingering my beautiful cousin

Fingering a beautiful relative

Freezing baby

Feeling a lack of love, acceptance from spouse

Funeral of husband where everyone is wearing white and the dead wake up

Fight with childhood friend

Familiar areas

Found a lady in a washing machine

Fish hook under skin

Fear for dolphin

Fed person sleeping in the bed

Fellowship with my pastor

Foriegn people


Finding quarters

Falling from broken chair

Floating away


Found rings at beach

Feeling satisfied

Falling off a bridge


Fetching clean water from a tap

Friend having cancer

Feeding milk for a baby

Falling on me

Foreign countries

Finger nails painted red

Falling dream


Found gold nuggets

Frozen dead body

Frozen baby

Flying goat

Flower pattern blanket

Flushing penis

Fishing out aligator

Furneral hurst on the side of the road

Fifty nine

Female spouse cheating

Finding the onwe

Flooding down wall

Fitness gym women only

Finding ring

Former finace

Food black

Falling but did not get hurt

Falling down from stair

Falling down a waterfall

Flying like superman

Fenu greek dream

Fighter plane shot down

Flowers on vagina

Fat bloated snake fleeing from me

Face cleaning

Facial hair on a womana

Forget birthdays

Floor collapsed


Floor falls

Floating and sinking

Floor falling out


Feet in openedtoed shoes


Finding a nest at the top of a mountain tree top

Finding something

Forgetting to turn oven off


Fish falling from the sky

Finding pretty marbles

Flower arrangement

Foreign foods

Fennel bulbs

Floating large towels

Friend baby long hair

Fighting with a parent

Friend has baby with long black hair

Flannel shrit

Fighting snakes



Fruit dates in bread

First letter

Forced to have vomit places in mouth

Friend said not marry him


Flying and falling

Fairground ride

Fat rat

Father is naked approaching me

Fruts seeds


Food gathered with ants

Fighting a ghost


Flaming antlers

Flaming deer spirit

First mate

Floor crumbling beneath you


Frying an egg

Fighting with more people

Frying puffpuff in a dream

Fingers nails fall down



Frying papad

Falling toenails

Forced to move out of apartment

Fighting my boyfriend’s sister

Fish with big teeth

Fruit stew in the dream

Fighting your neigbour in the dream

Formal wear



Feeling a gallon with kerosene

Father saying thank you

Frozen seafood

Full short brown beard

Find a gold from land

Fish pulling out from vagina

Fish coming out of vagina

Forgiving enemy

Family from italy


Falling tree

Fighting with lion

Finding people turned into lampshades

Fluffy small dog

Fertile soil

Forgetting your locker combination

Forget to water my horses

Forgetting to pack my sons lunch


Friends grandchild

Falling into quicksand

Following a wolf

Fiance doing things with another woman

Food cart

Falling from a scaffolding from a great hight

Flooded river

Fighting neighbor

Fireworks and burn on floor

Feet stuck

Flowing broke


Floating car


Fox playing with a child

Fed something with spoon

Found are dead crapaud in my yard what does it mean

Face ripped

Finger sucking

Falling into murky water

Finding someone

Flashing away

Finding a new home with my dad that passed away

Fingers missing

Fuck a woman

Feeting being pulled form the bottom of the bed


Fox cubs with mother

Fruit giving from the deceased relatives

Flock swans

Finding your dog slaughter

Fish growing out of face

Floor christian

Frozen woman shuffling across the land

Finding a lady with a man in the bush means

Finding s

Finding someon

Fighting with friend

Fairies and elfish tarot cards

Flare gun

Forceful marriage

Fridge door open

Food falls down

Founda long lostbirth certificate

Finger navel

Fishing trap two fish


Fingers smaller than nirmal

First love climbing tree

Friend in your bed

Finding family

Friendly little warthog

Friendly baby warthog

Former president

Fungering asshole

Found my lost pearl given by a loved one

Feeling proud of oneself

Frank sinatra

Failing school

Friend who died signing a package

Flood and tornados

Flying with an umbrella

Friends parents in dream

Falling teeth

Friendly snake coming out the water

Fashion competition

Feeling flames of fire

Flying gold key

Floating bible in dream

Front and back doors open

Food disappearing

Falling from ship

Finding a dog

Fire balloon around you

Friend assistance

Flamboyant man

Flooded streets

Female cardinal bird

Fifty dollar note

Fifty dollar bill

Float parade

Finding coins in the sand

Friends uniting

Food truck

Flooded street

Father wearing plaid

Food stain in dream

Fingering stepsis


Feral cat

Friend from the past

Friend from school

Fooling around with sister in-law

Fishes swimming out of the vagina

Father wearing white shirt

Forgetting your passporr

Fighting a giant


Finding my way home


Facing east

Flowers on a vase

Facial growth

Feather tattoo


Find scallops p.o s with pearls

Found scallops with pearls

Flying object

Freezer broken

Fallen gopuram

Followed by eunuch

Frozen corps

Fast growing curry leaf tree in dream during pregnancy meaning

Freind death

Fire breast

Frozen corp

Fallen tree branch in back yard

Flipping over and drowning

Falling i love with a white girl

Face of dead father in my front of my face

Faces suddenly in front of me

Flying glasses

Flying objects

Foot massage

Faces in trees

Feeling of connection

Forced entry

Face injections


Finding a gold watch

Find a gold wacht

Finding gold waches and gold brasalet in the sand

Floating up under control seeing how high i can go with other floating people

Finding gold waches and gold chain in the sand

Flying little girl on a broom

Foetus, dead ,

Foamy sea

Farming in the dream

Flying directly upward

Falling out of love

Filling room with water

Fantasy animal

Forget locker combo

Flower fields

Fields of flowers

Functiions of dream

Fire bottle

Fear of black box

Fish without water

Finding red baby shoes in my dream

Finding read baby shoes in my dream

Father in law taps on my head

Finding an unnoticed door

Friend going for dance

Fishing hooks

Fufu meanin in dream

Finger hanging off

Former colleague


Find cheques

Fondle children

Face melting

Framed i was a doctor

Figuring something out

Footprints in white sand

Fast paced

Floating in the sky

Flushing someone’s head down the toilet

Falling over board


Finding a dead cat

Felt pself hard

Falling laptop

Fingernail polish remover

Finger nail fungus

Flying straight up

Fishing crayfish and fish in living water

Flying american flag

Feng shui

Femininity what is the meaning

Finding janamaz in your dream

Filling a kettle

Fifty dollar bills


Finger bone

Finger injury

Fuel full in four houses

Falling tree limbs

Fried yam

Finding a new room in my house

Fast flowing water

Finding excalibur

Father trying to kill me

Freeing a white horse

Face shining in dream

Finding dimes everywhere

Find dead bodies underhills ok i want to see

Food coming out nose

Feather burning

Formal flowers pot


Friend in purgatory


Found better girlfriend

Flossing teeth, blood

Female anatomy

Fruits in fridge

Father slapping me in the face

Fighting over food


Fifty dollar dreams

Finger in anus

Full of coins in piggy bank

Falling rabbits

Family attacked by leopard

Fixing a broken wedding ring

Flying in the sky in a parachute with my dog

Fish swimming in sky

Forgot my birthday

Flying ticket

Festive gift paper

Frying with a lot of oil

Falling in sewage water flow

Forget locker combination

Falcon landing on my shoulder and speaking to m3

Fail math class

Fallen angel painting

Fat cat in the lap

Farm with fields


Female child’s legs

Face wounder

French fries

Fully furnished house


Feel guilty of being kissed

Fussy hair

Fake own death

Fighting sister

Fighting elf

Floating above building

Friend having an affair

Flood and two big fish

French toast

Falling red wall

Flying gargoyle

Flies climbing out of eye

Fish swimming into a vagina

Fish swimming into avagina

First communion dress

Find someone buried alive

Father , old

Frozen fish

Fighting an untouchable man in a dream

Found my old dress in a dream


Flat bread making

Fighting crayfish

Five dollars

Fishing line tangled

Fish transformed into cat

Feeding cat

Finding lost woman



Falling sand

Falling candle

Floor stain

Frog like mammal

Finger in ass hole

Finding another room in my house

Found a big fat wallet

Fox with horns attacking me

Friend angry in reality but happy in dreams

Free bird

Floating up in dream

Fighting over a jacket

Fighting with a camel

Fur shoes

Fighting bow and arrors

Falling in.gutter

Feeding birds popcorn

Feast in mosque

Force field

Fall in a mud


Fighting lions

Fully tree

Fish head

Front tooth loose

Fillilng of a tooth falling out

Forgotton suitcase

Fleas in hair

Fighting mad woman

Flaming eucharist with recieving holly communion

Fairy in dream

Found treasure of golden angel wings

Fog and not being able to move

Finding paper money in two shoe boxes

Found money at the curb

Found money in the gutter

Falling star and making wish

Feast of sto niño

Fight pig

Feeding a lion

Firewood dream numbers

Front garden

Fresh fish

Forget school locker combo

Flaming arrow

Friendly red anaconda

Fish ponds

Feeling disapointment

Feeling unwell

Feeling u nwell


Fashion show coordinator

Fighting kinaar

Fallen cornea

Family on holiday

Family with other family

Flying cat

Foriegn woman


Filling grave

Filling a grave

Fighting with snakes

Finding a baby dress in closet

Former employment recurring

Forgetting lines in a play

Fake pregnancy

Feeding a dog

Fighting with boyfriend

Frying paneer in dream


Friends gosiping


Fallen tree branches

Feather in mouth

Full feather in mounts


French doors


Friend with long teeth

Fist fighting with wife

Falling by not dying

Father stands naked

Family of.tigers

Floating in a boat to an island cottage with a lover

Farm house

Fake wall falling down

Fighting ex friend

Finding a bag of old clothes

Found fresh fruit on the curb

Fresh root turmeric



Feeding tube

Family that have died

Frogs and toads


Fish soup

Freezing food

Freezing someone

Failing to save the world


Foretelling a win

Fighting with a pig

Fertile green land

Famous family

Flying saying i love my wife

Fly and saying i love my wife

Fighting with a mad woman in the dream

Farming sorghum dream

Fighting my own father


Flying bugs


Finding sand dollars

Frying chin chin

Flying turtles

Finding money in trash can

Finding money in trra

Fireplace unlit

Forget sister and mothers birthday


Finger n

Force to run for saving life from halfmade woman

Force to run from the place


Female sex organs

Flat cap

False teeth

Fellow mage



Flying objects in rough metal being piloted

Friends happy purple

Foot on backwards

Foot reversed

Fish huck

Fire and indians


Found three gold bars after digging

Friend losing home

Father walks in door

Friend crying in dream

Finding for son

Failing exams

Flying lemur

Feel pull to someone

Frozen street

Frozen strawberries

Feces in bathtub

Full time missionary

Four sisters

Flesh eating bacteria

Friends leaving without saying goodby

Found jewelry

Food finished while in a queue

Friend girlfriend

Flying dreams

Fur shawl

Fire & sparks

Floating clothes

Face pealing skin like after sunburn

Face on fire

Face deformed

Fallen out window

Flirting with the devil

Fighting a robot

Falling on water

Fighting an animal

Finding gift carf


Fingernails in nose

Fathers hand

Fetching/carrying water home with a wheelbarrow

Father watching a daughter naked

Father watching a daughters breast

Finger chopped off

Flooding river

Fish cover with sands

Fishing and covering all with sands

Flow like a duck

Father chasing you

Falling off a building


Folding laundry

Forgetting locker combination in high school

Face disfigurement

Fly back

Fire siren

Fther makes


Fluorescent green door

Former friend

Find money in taxi

Fern leaf in a open palm

Father clapping

Finding water in the desert

Fainting n drown my water on me or drink

Fainting in my dream water being poured on me

Forgetting a name

Fire burning

Fish in milk in a pan

Friend being murdered

Find coins

Fish broken

Fish briken

Falling in love on my husbands niece

Frozen in fear

Fighting with someone over a roll of black tread in the dream

Forget to pay rent

Father returns

Falling boulders

Finding beautiful snail shell in the shoreline

Family of deer

Face drooping

Fried egg on table

Father beating me in dreams

Falling off a book shelf

Frayed shorts

Fabric of my life

Fifth disease

Fighting mad women


Finding purse

Finding items

Fluorescent ligh bulb

Family member deformity

Favorite aunt

Fish being filleted

Foolish man

Fat beautiful cat

Flying phone

Feeling weakness in dreams

Fltyfflying like an angel inside a church

Fucking a woman

Flowers in vase

Fifty five

Fifty give

Face injury

Forgetting to pack underwear

Fresh limes in a mug overflowing

Feeling sick in a dream


Finger lick

Front tooth falling out

Front tooth

Forget laptop

Friend gets vitiligo

Fire in hearth

Furnished room


Feeling frighten

Fetor otis

Fabric softener


Finding lots of rooms in your house

Finding gold necklace

Finding a gold chain

Fear of trapped

Fart dream meaning

Flooding loads of bricks

Feeling horny in dream

Friend in dream is drunk passed out

Father selling the house

Fungus growing on foot

Freeing animals


Face of jesus

Fighting with deceased father in dream

Fairground rides

Flash flood

Fresh chillies

Forgetting passport

Fear of father

Former job


Friend is blind

Flowers blooming from feet

Flirting with wife and does nothing

Fea feet wet

Fear of getting feet wet

Fast flashing bright light

Flock of pigeons inside a house pooping on my head

Fighting fish

Fighting with my step father

Fight with my step father

Falling of hindu temple gopuram

Family attacking me

Front teeth fsll out molars crumble

Farm animals

Fermented porridge

For dead people

Falled banyan tree in dream


Fungus on your private

Fingers glued together

Folding knife

Fishes coming out of vagina

Fixing your own body

Frost on trees


Fish hook in foot dream

Friend in a dark room

Friend arm bruise

Fear from hight

Flying carpet

Family going to church

Flying a kite

Fire fighting

Friend died in car

Flowing red palm oil

Footprints in the snow

Fingering famous celebrity means

Fingering a famous person

Fighting naked in dream



Fight with mother


Foreplay with coworker

Finding jewelry on a walk

Flaming sword

Floating boxes

Falling from bridge into water

Falling from bride in water

Finger pus

Finding shiny silver coins

Finding silver coins

Finding 10 cent coin

Finding dimes

Finding a lost child

Flag in dream spiritually means


Fog dreams

Fighting a friend

Forgetting where you locker is and the combination of your locker

Flogging of cane in a masquerade

Falling from crane

Fairy treasure

Father dreams

Flushing poop

Frying fingers


Falling off a ladder

Friend that cross over to the other side

Fat cats

Fighting using a broom

Fried fish in a dream


Falling high into water

Fight over

Fighting through a maze

Fingering a asshole

Fingering a girl asshole

Fingering a girls ass

Floating mobile in water

Figth with people

Fighting with powers

Finding someone who hides

Freight train with cars

Facial h

Fetching mopane worms from the tree

Friend bitten by a snake

Frozen neat

Fish swiming away


Failure to do a given task

Four zucchini

Family funeral

Found glass marbles

First sex dream

Filling potholes in road

Forcing a baby naked

Fighting baby

Fly entering my nose

Faces melting

Friend new room

Father died estranged

Friend is mean

Flying in the dream means

Foam in the eye

Friends of muhammad

Flying termites on my head

Frying pufpuf

Framing of floating


Fighting with a genie fowl


Feces on clothes

Forgetting my birthday

Flowers and tarot card in dream

Fire on neem tree

Full of tamarind in tree dream

Flexing muscles

Frozen body

Flower bulb

First kiss in a deram

Floor falls out


Finding a nail clipper

Find a nail clipper

Falling off of tree house

Face covered black pigmentation expression less face


Fight with a sylph

Feet fungus

Falling to the sea


Forgetting friends birthday

Friend pregnant


Friend giving me two biscuits

Friend murdering someone

Friend myrsering someone

Fighting with step mother

Friends crying after long time meeting


Front teeth falling out

Fermented mealie mealie

Fermented liquid mealie mealie

Fanny bag

Fanny pack

Five white geese

Flower purple, orange, yellow

Feces pouring out child

Flesh of arm

Finger ass


Fertile land

Flying white cow


Fabric with flower design


Flashing green lights

Father giving drink and snack

Foot fore play

Flame of fire on graves

Fighting others physically

Falling but someone holding on leg

Falsely accused

Fasle accused

Frozen beard

Falling lampshades

Front car seat

Falling from a plane

Friends in back seat

Fears of past actions by others

Fountain of muddy water

Fruit by dead person

Fallen in the sky


Fake guns

Finding husbands toenail clippings

Flow against the tide



Fire storm


Finding a voodoo doll

Finding lost slipper


Fall in water

Father tells me cancer

Friend used sanitary pad

Found a wallet full of money


Feathered snake


Front door locked

Feeling nervous

Feeling nervopus

Finding a list object

Fallingof a cliff

Fancy gold rings


Fishes with milk

Friend crying

Friend wearing anklets

Final credit

Final credits


Flying in water but still in the sky

Four wheelers dream

Floatin in thé air

Frozen babies

Friend arrested


Flying objects meaning



Finding red arrow

Falling into lake

Friend was holding my nose and called me demon

Father give money school buying store money fake

Face covered with pimples

Fish man


Family members dying

Familar place

Family killed by leopard

Falling off a bridge with boss

Flea on a boyfriend


Fight fairies

Father burning up in a fire

Fart with bad smell

First in the class


Flying serpents


Face shav


Four breast

Former home surrounded by many houses

Fresh green okra

Friends dig grave n cover with black cloth i see

Fire accident

Fish in a river

Fish in river

Flight blast

Frying a chicken




Flying over others

Flat iron breaking while using it

Friend took my money

Friend steal my money

Front door blown open by wind

Failed apology

Falling door

Found marbales

Fraction conversion

Fire in heart space

Filthy dents

Face glowing

Fake pearl headband

Filling pond with sand

Friend in olympics

Fresh bread

Finding seed in persimmon ftiit

Fear of rejection

Failing a job interview

Falling apart




Flying high without wanting it

Full of blood in my pad

Falling cabinet

Fight with pig

Falling in silo

Frozen pork ribs

Family guy

Followed by whirlwind in the dream

Fish fin

Fish tail that is a person leg

Floss stuck in teeth

Falling interpretation

Foreplay with my dead father

Fallen tooth

Flood with dead fishes

Fingernail growing in nose

Friend who died knocking my door when i opened the door i saw my longtime friend who died and his wife my cousin from relative side i was shocked asking him how he was alive again he said he was along alive only the wife lied he changed into new maroon kanzu saying he will be smart in dressing until people wonder

Floating points

Forgot spouse at party

Flowing water from water tower

Filling up with petrol but emptying in house

Fishing in water

Fatty tripe

Former doctor

Fallinf shelf

Finding lost object

First class setting


Forty four


Finding a bunch of pearl rings

Father beating up daughter

Female hairy stomach

Fish coming out of my vagina

Flood danger

Fawn as a living music box


Flooding bathroom

Finding someone in a pool of blood

Food being stolen

Flat shovel scooping up diamonds

Fish tail

Friend exiting the upper room

Fly swatted



Full breasts,hips and butt

Finding many purses in a box

Finding hidden money

Flying moths


Feeding birds

Fighting a headless man in black

Fabergé egg


Flirting with a guy ik


Friend mother

Fools gold chain

Forgot shoes

Forgotten shoes at home

Fairy tale

Friend sick

Flannel shirt

Fake parents

Forty percent

Fourty percent

Friend ask to buy something

Fail test


Freindly black rat

Fat face on yourself

Falling in deep ocean


Falling skin

Friend dying repeatedly

Father company

Flying away

Flying away from school

Fighting father

Fly on air

Flood dreams interpretation


Flipping a car

Foaming ocean water

Freeing a prisoner

Fresh herbs

Fighting for my father

Found a lost coat

Fish intestines meaning

Fake pastor dream

Freezing wires

Father ib law

Fighting a monster

Fat red cat

Face cloth

Feel safe

Friend with no legs

Fingers go numb and stuck tot

Fall in deep water

Finding dog

Fly in ear

Finding 50 dollars

Fighting off skunk

Fire on moustache

Fun in prison

Firefly i. dream

Flying in a helicopter under a bridge

Flying in a helicopter under a high bridge

Foot massage dream

Food in the vagina

Falling bear

Freddie mercury

Folding a blanket

Falling things

Flipped car

Flocks o birds

Find keys

Fiery butterfly

Fish scales on a bird

Fish following you

Fruit trees with green fruits

Fire extinguished on its own in the dream

Fire extinguisher on its own in the dream

Forgetting someone’s birthday

Falling off a train

Fish hook in skin with blood

Fighting a mad woman

Famous star

Falling from heights

Fox tail

Friend and jewelry silver necklace

Falling cat

Farine dream

Feeding penis

Frozen ground beef

Floor lamp

Found money

Found many money

Found a hair clams

Friend hanging on a tree

Flooding water

Finding an uber

Flying cows

Flea flying over you

Felling like someone is squeezing the life out of you

Fenugreek leaves in dream meaning

Filled salt and pepper shakers

Feet and angels


Feet dead

Friend wins lottery

Face shining

Foreign currency

Fingerprint on a ring

Face ugly

Filling station


Failure in exam

Fighting with neighbour


Family intervention

Family interventions

Freezing to death

Face on back of head

Face in back of head

Finger nail clippingd

Found lost mobile

Forget locket combo

Flowers were stolen from my garden

Frozen salmon

Frozen zalm

Frying eggs in the dream

Fucking in the dream


Fictional character

Fish bones

Fake illness

Father pio

Flesh exist

Fat woman sexual

Father touching breasts

Finding additional bedrooms

Fish float in the air

Fish hooks stuck in face bleeding

Fog covering face

Festering wound belly

Festering wound solar plexus

Falling in love in a foriegn country

Fire burning house with smoke

Feet burning

Fish hook stuck in genitalia

Flood in stranger house

Face swap

Female dreaming about her stepmother

Fox following me

Finding lost repaired clothes

Forget my passport

Friend stealing girlfriend


Fish in milk

Finger bit by mouse

Fly whisky

Face wounds

Face mutilation


Friend recovering from death

Family memeber dont like me

Floating guitar without string

Freezing feet

Front door slamming

Fishing hooks being thrown at me

Flat tyre in boot of my car

Flooded parking lot


Fitting new furniture in office


Falling backwards

Fat to thin

Famous model

Finger in the ash hole

Free fall

Fighting a midget

Feeding a bird

Forgetting a baby

Flooding and lentils

Father in-law shake down-for money

Find balled up money

Falling down into a hole

Find glasses

Found shiny gold rim eyeglasses with shiny gold chainin my top drawer

Four white pillars

Falling key


Falling off a ferry


Few long hair in nose

Falling off a slide

Finding old clothes belongs to husband

Funmilayo ajia

Faster hair growth in palm and hand plucking it

Family meal

Flying in air

Frozen meat

Fluer de lis

Four vertical lines

Fuse panel

Flight cancelled

Falling down in a hole



Farming machines

Fast train

Flying truck overhead


Found yourself a feces tank

Found yourself in a suck away shit

Forced croddss


Fast bike ride


Falling into a gutter

Flying chair

Found in pit of shit

Find a lost glove


Fighting a neigbour

Fullmoon baby

Feet in earth

Feet in dirt

Flying white car

Falling falling into water dream interpretation

Falling into water dream interpretation

Falling objects

Falling shelves

Fire lord

Flip my car

Faceless monster cutting off heads


Falling eyelashes


Flying on animal

Feet massaging

Fired from job


Former boyfriend

Flea on dog

Faces on a seat

Fernando shaving his head of blonde hair

Failing at test


Fighting an old friend

Fight with old aquitance

Fighting ban old aquitance

Fluid under a microscope

Feeding baby

Female sucking your penis and is acting sexual

Feeding dead husband

Feather blanket

Forgot locker combo

Failing a grade

Found lost drivers license

Found driver license

Fingers frowing on belly


Fast growing sunflower

Familiar defunt asking question

Fiancée diarrhea

Family coming over

Fighting a women who was following me and i killed her and they where trying to arrest me but i refused later on she came back to life

Flesh eating bacteria dream


Filling water on a tea pot and water is pouring out

Filling water on a pot and water is pouring out

Finding numerous kittens

Fertility symbols

Forgot to pack swinwear

Fatal accident

Falling into a sinkhole

Feeling peace in front of a mountain

Frozen corpse

Flooded auto

Forhead swollen

Father wearing old clothes

Fighting with people to collect palm fruit from the ground

Flower vase big

Falling toe nails

Forbidden love

Finding father earings

False eyelahes

Fake eyelahes

Feace dream meaning

Fallen chandelier


Fish tail cutting

Fighting with a straight edge razor blade

Fighting with a straight blade razors


Falling from a ladder


Full dentures

Fish in a empty river


Flashing light

Fingered ass


Flying from and around a tree

Family holidays

Fufu buying in dream

Family shot

Frying puff puff in the dream

Flocks of birds

Fried eggs

Flowers in a pot

Fish swimming in the sky

Failing grades

Fishes and craps

Fat beauty queen


Fashion show

Fingers stuck together & breaking apart

Flying horse dream

Frying paneer

Friends wife

Flash of white light

Fiance breakup

Five finger

Five finger fruit

Fight with camel

Friend being dismembered by chainsaw



Feather in my eye

Flower horn

Female jinn witch

Falling on nail


Friends dying

Falling overboard

Fighting a mad person

Former teacher

Fling black horses

Fling black horses dream

Fresh green limes in a bowl

Forrest and mist

Folding up clothes

Four penies

Feathered serpant

Fish hook in the eye

Frying cassava on two fire places with my boyfriend

Frying 10 sticks of cassava

Food in pot

Forbiden love

Fly over other

Faceless face



Forbidden relationship

Fake throw up

Flying brownish horse

Father giving money to wife who divorced him and was leaving with my ex boyfriend from 1994 trying to stop giving money-my parents are deceased- means

Fake nails falling off

Flame thrower

Forest meaning john paul jackson

Feeding egg

Fudge mouth full

Friendly python




Foxtail millet harvest

Face turns green

Fly swatter


Flowers growing out of me


Fist bump


Fawn cuddled by small white dog


Fraction number 40/50

Flickering lamps

Floating towel

Fantail flying over me


Father burning grandfathers money


Find three rings

Finding gold medalions

Football practice

Fence missing in back garden

Fake labour

Finding new slippers

Father stabbing son to death

Father who past away

First kiss

Falling sesame oil in dream



Finding 2 large feathers in your dream

Father hurt


Fallen lower tooth meaning in dream

Fallen lower tooth

Falling from a bridge to river

First love

Fake gold earrings

Falling off a mountain

Friend with white polo shirt.

Flashing police lights

Fallen trees on the compound

Finding teeth

Foot bitten off

Flood and fish

Feeling of a force

Friend drinking alcohol

Friend drinking

Feathers floating on water

Found amethyst

Fire in kitchen

Falling down of a laptop

Failed exam only got 2% pass mark


Feces in mouth

Falling from high places

Father in law killed by someone

Friend hiding money

Furniture missing


Falling asleep at movie

Father in being happy with you

Forced drugs


Fungus on leg

Flying a jet suit

Fighting a dead person

Flock of wild buffaloes


Finding a dead body in a closet in a garbage

Finding a dead body in a ckoset in a garbage bag

Frozen yogurt

Furniture repossession

Flying on a horse

Finding crystals

Fennel seed

Full moon shiny star praying to god

Fighting with mad woman in the dream

Flush bath tub

Fall into water

Falling into water

Forest fire

Falling in love

Food getting deliveeed


Friends ignoring me

Fire water

Full dinner service layed out with no food

Feeling lost

Feeling losgt

Falling into water in an rv

Filling rain water in drum

Fender bender

Fetching water in the tap

Fiance cheating

Fish skeleton

Following emotional and physical distancing from a husband who has not been shouldering his responsibilities (catering for the financial, emotional and psychological needs of the wife) and an incident of physical aggression on his part, i decided to perform istikhara namaz to seek guidance whether to continue in the relationship. during the 3 days that i performed it at night before going to bed, i dreamt of the colour red twice, myself sitting on the sand and watching the sea and dismantling of decoration after a wedding celebration. i also dreamt that i was in a vast field alone and feeling very happy. could i please be enlightened on the meaning of these dreams?

Feeding baby coleslaw

Flying horse

Fish having babies

Fried noodles

Fenugreek baji in dream

Finding a wallet with money

Fill trousers




Fighting with your servant

Family being buried by dirt


Fighting with long distance boyfriend

Fishing lines

Fishing pole

Fishing boat

Fat of a chicken

Friend was dead

Fast food wih strawberry and jewelry bag with a food and diamon

Fetching by dead relatives in red car

Fingering a lady in dream


Fun ride

Finding lost watch

Finding a lost thing

Fall in pit of feaces

Friends old house

Female dogs gettin shot

Fiancé marries someone else

Fiancé marries someone else then you pick her up

Feeling self conscious

Fish with tee

Fireman pole

Famous palace

Famously palaces

Famous palaces

Falling into a flowing gutter along wit some people

Fear of pregnancy


Folded mat

Fox jumping, into the air

Flat bed truck

Feeding chicken in dreams

Fruit liops

Fish hook in a man skin

Fight with ur step father

Fire oil well

Front of a house falling diwn


Father having sex with you

Fufu in dream

Feeding ancestors

Flood tree

Falling in a septic tank

Full mouth

Field with a water spray

Frightening dreams

Flying away from a serial killer

Father pulling a pipe out of a shopping bag

Frozen fishes

For sale

Fight with coworker


Food stamps

Frog sitting on cobweb

Food by dung hill

Falling diamond from sky

F dream seeing ava

Foreign coins

Fufu dream meaning

Family photo


Fire from matches


Fifty dollar bill dream meaning

Forget birthday

Fist fighting with spouses friends

Friendly bird

Five litre jerican of water in dream

Fish meat





Fisted by ugly hand

Fighting with a friend

Feces in swimming pool meaning

Fabric paisley

Finding hidden shoes

Find missing shoes

Flashing lights nausea

Family crying

Four chayotes

Flying monky

Fruitful custard apple tree in dreams

Fishing poles

Five leaf clover

Father resurecction


Friend from camp

Flying crayon s

Feet dirty

Fire in a dream

Finding a fifty dollar bill


Fresh burning graves

Friend’s daughter

Fish hook eye

Fingernails breaking

Fenugreek plants

Father dies

Forced cross dressing

Fathers dead


Falling to the knees

Floating eye

Fig leaves

Finding a boat



Finger in asshole

Frozen accounts

Finding a severed hand

Fire burning on ceiling

Feces the n a pool

Falling upside down

Funeral of a dead person

Finding the bomb

Face change

Folding yellow towel

Fat arms

Flower tattoos on eyebrow

Failed class


Free falling

Feeding a child with pounded yam

Fingernails comiong off

Fly in mouth

Findinf old sneakers

Frying buns

Feet being kissed

Full moon with skull inside


Falling jackfruit in dream

Farm of jackfruit


Food stuff

Fish in nose

Fruit cake

Fil gormesi

Friendly momma and baby mouse eating in my basement

Fixing, trying on someone else’s diamonds

Fiancé drinking holeywater in church

Flying drem

Friend smell

Friend smell fart

Friend wedding meaning


Food stuck in teeth then removing it

French - fries

Friend wedding

Flying sto nino in a dream meaning

Feeling invisible

Failed drug test

Father arrested

Flog tamarind

Friend being affectionate

Fingering vagina

Flying animals

Face apply turmnic

Floor mats

Facial hair removed

Flowers in water

Feeling paralyzied

Fishing boat sinking

Family difficulties

Finding cash in a trash can

Ford motor

Fish in ice

Foreign money

Floating log under a river


Flood in a room

Four people being buried

Fighting with vikings on ships attacking you

Female enemy pregnant

Female enemy pregnant in your dream

Female enemy pregnant in your dream means

Fall and die

Face slapping

Fed birds in large tree


Forgetting a friends birthday

Find money in garbage

Frog eyes


Fob pocket

Forgetting locker combination

Fish kiss

Foot massage to someone

Fake flowers

Fried egg

Fighting and bodyguards

Friend pregnant before marriage


Fighting tigers

Feeling something pulling my leg when i sleep

Fighting and killing a lioness

Friend getting engaged but he/\'s unhappy




Friend holding 2 baskets

Flaming vortex

Flying a helicopter

Flaming whirlwind

Fresh beetal leaf

Fight with a horse

Fishing rod

Fighting brother

Fence falling down

Firing squad

Finding a flower when breaking a coconut


Father large eye blue

Female male

Fair skin man

Flying recreational vehicle

Friends hugging you

Flock of lambs

Flying in the sky

Fig tree in prays

Flying snake

Flying ufo


Furniture moved

Friend didnt pay me back 300 dollars

Face down baby

Fiance having

Fight a little girl

Finding your self in the village of youth running means what



Fish and mermaid

Female peacock

Fuse box

Finding handbag

Finding meteorite

Foliage in garden

Flaming horn

Fat baby boy kissing

Fat baby boy




Flash drive

Falling in gutter

Fighting a mad woman in a dream

Flowers in ear

Falling down from elevator


Falling into stagnate water


Family tells they are pregnant

Fox people

Fire ring


Face behind a face

Feeding breast milk to baby and milk flowing

Friends selling soul to devil

Face white

Fat wallet


Flat iorn

Finding dead persons keys

Fighting with step mother in law


Fajr prayers

Fishing in a housing estate

Friend killed some one





Filipino kids

Flour tortillas

Finding gems

Fish splitting women

Fishsplitting women

Friendly warthog

Fighting with evil forces

Funeral of unknown man from my home



Friendly tiger jumping on me

Fling in the face

Female baby giving sweet beetal leaf


Friend child died

Female room mate

Fetching water in a dream

Fire in the sky

Falling into rusty looking water

Falling into acid

Female to female

Fighting a bear

Friends pregnant with triplets

Flying card

Forced by an actor


Friend lying

Flooded basements

Fat girl

Fishing hook

Fell out of sky

Finding envelope full of cash

Finding a missing item

Frost bite

Frying and eating chin chin in the dream


Fishes tail

Front door crumbling

Finding gold coins

Floating on surface of water

Faceless person

Flying boat

Floating in nowhere

For nails falling off

Flying blackbirds

Firat lady

Flat tires

Fire place

Floating with no gravity

Fear of doing wrong

Float in antigravity

Fighting a person

Finding a hand of fatima amulet

Faceless witch

Finding malachite on the beach

Father attacking



Fog and water

Flying brush

Friend hair

Faces in cloud

Fish rice


Flowering almond tree

Fire house

Falling into a septic tank

Fun fair


Flesh eating

Female kissing


Fat angel smothering me

Fading clothes

Friends telling something

Following a person

Friendly dog kisses

Fire dream symbolize

First place

Fighting for control with my mom

Flying angels

Failed a test with a bad grade

Falling down the stairs backwards

Forgetting son at home

Forgetting child at home

Front upper two teeth

Furniture store


Fourth floor

Finding a lost ring

Fragile ladder from roof difficult to stepdown

Father giving me glass of water

Flying in a plain with difficulties and having an emergency landing

Flying on a plain and having an emergency landing

Foot steps


Family entering green without one

Falling balcony

Find ponytail

Fire crackers

Flyong insect in mouth

Frosted glass


Fire burning bush around me

Full out teeth



Freezing childs



Front broken pannel that now opens

Fish red fish

Fox in my closet


Fish blood

Flying pony

Fish frying

Fall water

Fast esculator

Female growing a beard

Fall in hole

Falling in pool

Flat tyres of your car

Flat tyres

Fearing a snake


Forty seven

Falling into cold water

Frog jumping on to me

Four bars of soap

Fluorescent penguin

Friends asked me to take their baby

Found two purses

Fig tree holding me down meaning

Fig tree branch trying to hold me down

Fante kenkey in a dream

Flying tricycles

Fail a test and not happy

Front door

Finding taweez in dream

Flying motorcycle

Former employers

Former b


Failed suicide attempt


Forgetting the combination of a school locker

Frost breath

Falling from building

Flying over a city

Family died person see in dreams ask for water to drink

Feshing water with a bucket in the dream

Fish heads

Fishhooks in skin over and over

Fat tripe meat

Fatty white tripe

Fighting demon

Fetching water frm a borehol through pipe to a bucket

Fishing in net river

Floating books

Flight formation

Fourty one

Fake teeth

Fighting with child and or cat

Fruit of the palm

Finding rooms in your house

Fall in dark green lake

Finding a ring too small

Finding rings

Foundation crack

Father stroke

Future children

Fighting with dead

Front door hinges off

Fennel fire

Fingering myself

Face looking like minced meat

Fresh meet

Foreign affairs

Fractured thumb

Face of son

Favorite person

Fruit chasing me

Falling from treadmill and dying on floor

Flying snake in dream

Famous person give you money


Face in a tree

Fell in love with a demon

Finding child

Feeling of feet burning

Feeling of cigarette burn

Flowing water deep wheel

Falling soot

Falling sooy

Freedom to sea creature?

Flaming arch

Finding a woman’s foot polished and dirty


Finding lost items

Father nacked in dirty

Forgot combination lock

Friends eating my corn

Feces on hands

Festering wound

Festering arm wound

Firs state super daily unit price

Fighting with husband

Flying an aircraft

Found blue dress

Flying horses fighting

Face without definition

Flying green peacock on a tree

Face makeup

Flour on feet

Family blowing into the sea by a hurricane


Fire or burning dead

Fatching water from the well and it seems the water is not really clean

Fatching water from the wall nd it see ms the water is not really clean


Fee ya

Fat becomes thin

Food and preparation

Fallen angel suffering

Feeding a fish a ball of my hair

Fighting with someone

Floating sword

Feeding rats

Flickering lights

Feeding babay deer

Fan tails

Father coming through the front door

Foot cut with glass

Feeding bread to a dog

Foal in dream meaning

Fight and tailor

Foreign women dreaming

Falling in deep sea

Flying backwards

Fish license

Fake tanning

Fraid of a losing your son

Father giving me a belt

Fallen trees

Failed board exam

Find red scorpion

Finding black and red scorpion

Finding comb

Fish changing


Fire in the field

Face down

Fighting child



Flying gargoyle in dream

Fasting in ramadan


Friend giving birth

Fire in house

Flying in an aeroplane


Feeling snakes

Friend being promoted

Friend bieng promoted

Farm equipment

Fire looking for fire extinguisher

Flirting with boss wife

Fireplace not lit

Fishes in the flood

Found a very bigg gold nugget pepol looking vor it i melt iet into vissing waights paint them and hide it

Feet bleeding in dream


Falling into a water


Fish and chips

Friend drinking tainted mixed drink/carrot

Fungus on big toe an nail fall off

Fruit and egg

Football park

Friend dreams of you having triplets and it being chaotic


Foundation dream means

Friend is traveling


Fat meat

Fame and fortune

Fifty dollar bill dream


Finding the holy grail

Fart in a dream


Famous person

Friend reminded me of a shirt

Female..boils on my shaved head

Fashion designer

Fire truck lights

Flying daddy long legs

Fire out from the kitchen stove

Finding red shoes

Flying the sky

Flying yellow dinosaur

Flying yello dinosaur

Fante kenkey

Father-in-law visit from the dead

Fighting with anubis

File with my name on ladie singing are ready

Feeding tube in a baby

Freud dream interpretation cutting a beard

Finger in belly button

Finding momey

Finger belly button

Falling cars

Flu shot

Filthy washroom

Five hundred

Funeral rites

Feeding dogs

Fighting in dreams

Flying black horse

Former pastor

Fighting with prayer beads


Flickering light

Full piggy bank



Finding money

Father calling my name

Fire melted

Fish hook in the eye lid

Face paralysis

Face covered sesame seeds

Flying over water

Fighting with a mad woman

Fixing wagon


Filthy room

Food and mexico

Friday sermon

Fighting with kinner

Fucking my wifes uncle

Fighting with dead mother



Flying in a ship crashes


Forcefully head shaving

Fighting with your mother in law


Foreplay with ex

Fish talk water

Frying puffpuff in the dream and people are eating it

Funeral pyre

Filing a timesheet book

Furniture rest


Flyscreens door



Floating head

Future death sadness greif


Falling baby black widows

Family is old

Family meme era are old

French university, all girls school

Falling out of the sky

Falling in rainbow spiral

Feet get washed

Falling construction crane

Fetching well water dreams

Fighting with theives

Frensh fries


Fraction numbers

Firmly holding a black bowl

Feeding offal to dog

Flight jouney and crashed with another flight but escaped

Feeding clam

Faux fur

Floating in dreams

Fish on a beach

Feuncy in dream

Father law

Flying back horse

Friend dreaming about me

Flashes of light

Flame on stove

Father abuse

Finding blue jay feathers

Flames on stove

Flower store


Fly plane

Father with someone else

Falling log

Falling in love with an unknown woman

Fur elise

Full moon on fire

Fire moon

Feet stuck in rock



Food in a copper containet

Family gathering

Fragrance bottle

Fire in the house

Father being verbally cruel

Freeing people from a nest

Favorite band

Frozen fish dream meaning

Fighting evil in jesus name

Finding money in dream

Former president dream

Feels like your paralyzed when you try to run in dream

Fruit plucking



Falling on septic tank

Fetching water from a pipe

Fish hook in left eye


Father gives money

Female praying

Friendly alien

Father’ testicles

Fish intestine

Flooded road

Flower in coconut

Friends royals

Fish intrails laying in butcher paper

Feces in shrimp intestines

Figtree full of figs

Friut in frdge

Finding money in my trash


Family dies

Forced to do something you dont want


Face of a wpman i know

Fear of missing a upcoming court date

Father beating daughter in deeam

Finding a lost pinky ring

Female discharge

Face melting and passing through each phase from childhood to olderhood

Face friend is melting

Feeling bitter and medicinal smell in dream meaning

Furniture dream meaning

Floral clothes

Finger nail or claw

Female gypsy

Favorite charactors

Falling fig

Falling figat night

Four corners of the compass

Fish exposed in floodwaters

Feet burn

Finding sprouting water


Full shopping cart

Fishes and shells

Fighting in my dream

Falling gold



Field of battle

Friend dreams about you being in hospital

Festering ulcerating wounds

Falling from a great height

Flying snake dream

Fork tongue snake

Forgot something

Feeding jack fruit to snake


Food stuck in teeth

Flesh eating bcteri

Finding golf balls

Former authoriterian


Falling cupboard

False pregnancy


Fur coats

Facial rash


Finding someone\'s wallet

Flooding road

Falling is lizard on hand

Family member planting spinach

Friend sharing secret and love

French kissing someone with a snake tongue

Fish with mirrors as scales

Firing gun

Father beats his daughter

Fuck my uncle


Framing with

Flying ant land on you

Forgot football helmet

Fimding and picking up quarters

Fireplace bellow

Finding a lost phone and passport

Father eating betel leaf meaning

False accusation and punishment

Friend recovered

Flying without wings towards sky

Fire breathing

Feet massaged

Followed by a woman

Falling off ferris wheel

Fashion model

Fashion show and designer and models

Fashion designers

Fish bone poke on foot

Front door flies open

Foreign women dream

Fungus on the finger nail

Feeling a hug in a dream of a deceased grandfather

Feet getting footprinted in blue ink

Forget combination lock

Feacsl matter

Firring by politician

Friend stealing boyfriend

Feeding a child lettece

Fish hook in face

Flying so high then falling to the ground

Fecthing water from a tap while pregnant

Field of watermelon

Found old clothes

Friend in slum

Flooded building

Fish eating someone

Friend and slippers

Fingers bitten by horse

Frog spawn

Family is inside the car

First in line

Finding something buried

Flying black snake killing everyone then me last

Finding hairpins

Finding hair pins


Fortune teller telling me i’m not a mystic

Fake pregnant

Fighting lover



Fighting in my dreams and always win

Finding self portrait

Fenugreek in dreams means

Freezing rain in summer

Father passed away

Fslling debris

Family argument

Ficus tree

Fishes falling from a dark cloud

Flying cat in dream meaning

Farting and laughing at the same time

Fox fir being distroyed

Fox head and skin

Fear of being sent to prison

Friend curling iron

Friend with curling iron

Friend using curling iron

Father in law selling items

Force shield

Funeral procession of lady

Frozen feet

Forget passport

Flying in sky

Fruits from dead

Frying papads

Flexing a muscle


Fire fighter

Folding golf shirts

Firestorm dream meaning

Fried chicken saw in dream mean

Flour eating

Flowers in the house

Falling fish

Frequent recently dead relative

Fish touching me

Fish swimming in foamy sea


Flies attacking

Face melting other people

Flying white duck


Fake people

Famous musicians

Famous musician


Fire guard

Friends house

Forced to go somewhere

Frozen still born baby

Fishing with friends

Fail to buy red oil in dream


Falling of cloud on human meaning


Flower pot in a ship

Flying like bird

Flying in my dream

Forgetting locker combinations

Feeding me offal


Falling cloud of smoke

Fighting evil things in dreams by myself and with a group of people

Falling in a drainage with black water

Forehead turned black

Fishing and catch a human foot

Finding your lost shoe

Forest ruins

Fight and flight

Floor cracking

Finding ourselves safe in a drem

Flying iver the sky



Flower horn fish

Fire evacuation

Flame throwers

Fish hooks skin



Falling from sky

Falling through a road

Feeding dead father roti

Forgot pants

Flying above atmosphere

Fog while sleeping

Flatbed tow



Family love

Fire on my restaurant

Finger piercing


Friend playing with kids

Flying huge snake in the sky

Friend died in dream

Fountain water in your dream that boils

Former love

For a pregnant woman to dream of hen lay egg in her alter of prayer

Fence being torn down

Flipping a coin for a game

Foot burst

Feeling happy by watching nicely trimed hadges

Fried items

Friend woman

Friend giving herself a pedicre

Fish slug

Female sexy model

Foundry workshop

Foundry shop

Full blue moon

Fish bowl with fish

Friends custody battle

Finding money in garbage can

Finding lots of money in trash

Figure skating

Fruitful tree

Fake identity

Failed in exams

Forgetting driver license

Falling my sanitary pads

Flying objects around your home

Feeding baby birds

Flying drone

Face falling apart

Finger nail biting


Fair fall

Fiance kissing someone else

Flour in a bowl

Fennel dream

Finding a feather


Fighter jets seen in dream

Fish having human mouth

Fruit color yellow

Father bleeding heart

Front tooth break

Front tooth fall out

Finding wristwatch from ground one after other

Fucking my sister in law


Falafel restaurant

Falafel shop

Funeral cermony

Famous cutting board

Fruit loaf

Friendly dog trying hard to get into house

Foam covering things

Flip flop slippers

Fucking mening

Finding a masonic ring

Flesh eating disease

Funeral procession


Force field around me

Feeding chicken and hen in drea meaning

Father of a daughter

Fancy building

Finding pearls and only one was good

Fish scales in back seat of car


Flames on stove burners

Fightin vampires

Foot pressure point

Flood pond

For puja dream teer number

Fat evil cat

Fork and spoon

Food can squstyinh

Flexible legs

Fish heads in bed

Faces on the wall

Fools gold

Falling in muddy water

Father gives candy

Finding a hagstone

Fire breath

Flying first class

Finger nail falling off

Final exam

Flea market

Fell in water well

Fighting with my husband

Frog in grass

Female in labor

Fairy kissing

Fairy kissing foreheas

Foreign object

Feet pain

Free gift


Fresh vegetables in a dream

Floating broom

Floating broom and dust pan

Facetiming a girl

Frog hanging from web

Feeling up

Factory area

Fagots in your house

Fat black sheep

Floating on water in circles

Fall wisdom teeth

Flattened cardboard


Fighting in a dream

Fish fighting

Fish fighting a shark

Father beating daughter

Falling from church terrace

Foot on fire

Finger chopping

Flooded basement

Flying snakes in your school in dream

Festival dream

Fighting evil entity

Finding abandoned child

Fantail bird

Fantail trying to get in house

Finding childhood toy

Forgetting locker combo

Finding lost clothing


Float on my back traveling in a forward direction

Float on your back in a forward direction

Flirting with a stranger

Feet hurt

Forehead hole

Feeling of being a burden

Fighting fighting your stepmother

Flying monkeys

Fingers have been cut off



Foot amputation

Flying fris


Fish on table

Falling down a black void

Falling down a black voif

Finding lost hair clips in dreams

Friend getting head shot


Feeling the pain of the death of a loved one

False eyelashes


Family leaving early

Falling from the skies

Flooded bathroom


Feeling claustophobic


Finger biting


Falling into an open grave

Fifteen million

Fortune tellaer

Fried meat

Freemason ring

Family plotting against me

Fleur dr lis

Foot finger crackin

Food turned black i



Fur coat worn by other


Friend being arrested

Five  hundred

Forty five

Funny heckler


Found two snakes in yard, one big one little

Friendly black cat

Flying kick

Father will die soon

Floor falling

Four story apartment

Finding money-

Freight train

Friendly baby crow

Friend died i seen his wife placing things in his casket

Floor dirty

Fixing ones hand


Found lost sandle

Fresh brinjal

Future lover

Feeding the dead

Forgot locker code

Friends with fabric


Fire house burning

Feeding elephant

Floating chair

Flat bed trailer

Falling into a volcano

Father abusing

Foster oarwnt

Falling of ceiling






Famous quarterback

Finding oil

Fresh brinjal in dream when pregnant

Finding treasure

Flushing down stools

Failing to buy fish in dreams means what

Fruit fall fromamla tree




Fish cloth

Foreign hotel room


Field of sugar cane

Flooding, earth quake

Fast chase on horse cart

Fast ride on horse cart



Fennel seeds give to me by a male choir member

Fireplace mantle

Food stuck between teeth

Falling coffin

Fatima ra

Fatima bint muhammad

Freinds all drinking and passing out in dream

Fruit pie

From a big field with 3 ladies to a neighborhood


Flowing in river with bloody buffalos

Fight and argument


Feeding your deceased mum water

Following someone into dark room




Fireflies in dream

Four pennies


Furnished house

Fish food


Four thousand

Flowerhorn fish in an aquarium

Flower beds

Funny weddings

Fox outside my window


Fox outside window

Folded blanket

Flame from stove burner

Fish jumping out of aquarium

Fruits grapes

Faint and died

Following a large bird of prey

Fighting with mother

Flying spaceships

Finding something in a dream

Fighting a jini by prayer and defeating it

Falling into an outhouse

Fancy jwel

Friend in kids bed

Famous person dancing

Find lost eyering

Fighting jason vorhees in dream


Flying above a motorcade

Food dream interpretayion


Family that is not your own

Flirting spouse


Friend getting ebgaged

Fingers stuck together

Friendly adder in friends home

Find a favorite lost hoe

Feeling of being in vortex and seeing gods love and white brilliant love and light


Forhead kiss

Floating on a white cloth

Fire on boat

Friends laughing

Funeral line

Flooding in house

Fork in a path

Fake gold necklace

Farting in car with freind



Fish in mud dream


Feces in dream means

Forgot keys

Flooded with family

Flaky scalp

Face melting off

Fire walking



Flock of birds

Falling jaw

Finding a straw hat in your dream

Fat angel

Flix bus

Flying with a jet pack

Fat girl bad fart smell

Fat red fish


Fresh dirt


Falling of huge hanuman statue in dream

Forgetting crutch somewhere

Feet covered by hard cap

Fight with dog

Funny hat

Flower whites

Flying semi truck

Fat man


Female lips

Face tattoo

Falling ear

Falling earlobe

Fetching mopane worm on tree

Fight but body doesn’t work

Flying cockroaches in the house

Flower petals

Fire engine

Feeling unwanted

Femeler faces

Fall from ski mountain

Falling from mountain top

Flyin horizontally

Falling in ocean

Funeral that already happened

Frying big fish

Father beats his daughter with stick in a dream

Father returning from umrah

Falling alseep

Fenugreek harvesting in the dream

Fish falling from sky

Full clothes rack

Flying lights

Friends face deformed

Fighting to the death




Frozen shit

Finding red beads

Falling church

Fetching bitter leaf in dream



Fish curry

Florist shop

Finding a sports jacket with a wallet

Flying snake tries to attack me, but an eagle perches beside me

Feeling the wind from the flight of an eagle as it sits beside me

Freed prisoner

Flying snakes and eagles in a dream

Friend news

Female genital area

Fleeing patrol

Friend get shoot in the head

Friend dieing

Friend dyeing

Falling from a high altitude

Father been happy and healthy but naked


Farming sorghum

Four ribbons

Filling a cup

Filling glasses

Flooded area

Friendly bears

Finding autorickshaw in dream

Fighting in a church

Flying from danger

Fighting with my family

Falling behind someone

Flavour milk



Friend getting pregnant

Fur coat

Fire in my house

Fallen ceiling

Forced baby

Flower garland



Filling in a pond with soil

Freemason 30th degree ring


For nail


Family eating

Father in law dead

Forgot to bring license to airport

Father in grave

Forced married unknown person

Five clock

Funeral of my brother

Father falling




Falling off wooden bridge

Finding a check

Forgetting something on holidays


Fed ex


Forgot birthday

Flying fast

Flying horse with wings

Falling pregnant

Fish hook stuck body

Frying tamales


Fungus mouth kiss me

Floating in the ocean

Floor falling away

Fresh okro

Fighting till the dead

Fungus in hair on the head

Falling chandelier

Found lost items in the dream

Fresh meat

Fight with unknown person

Finding job

Fante kenkey ian

Family relative death


Flashing light in eyes

Falling in love with you

Finding stolen car


Foot ball

Found innocent

Finding gold

Flying in large plane

Flying tree

Flying in large plane dream

Friend in my city

Fish hook in skin

Food poison

Fat sheep

Forty pies

Free lunch

Father time

Funeral processiin

Full of tree it contains jamun fruit i my dream meaning

Father in law sweatting and falling

Fat dead cat

Falling fingernails


Food to a dead person

Finding larg money

Fragment glass

Friendly tigers in dream

Friendly tigers but i was the one scared

Fighting madwoman

Female snake

Fight while praying

Foreplay with a girl i know

Finger in someone’s ass

Friends from the past

Five feet

Friend group

Frying puff puff

Friendly dog

Four mature women

Flowerhorn fish with 4 digits number

Fight with someone

Fresh fish means wht

Finding toenail clippings

Falling soldiers

Facebook post

Flashing white lights

Fetching well water for people in the dream


Filing cabinet falling on me

Fighting a ram

Finding a lost seedling


Fortune teller

Falling in dirty gutter

Fire in a house

Falling of a tower

Fighting with my sisters

Flooded house

Footwear dreaming

Foam animals coming out of sea

Foof of mouth

Falling in love with a woman

Falling from the grand canyon

Following somebody

Fishing net given to me in my dream

Female ghost


Fear of cold water


Flip flop

Forced to have a baby

Fucking a transsexual



Flesh falling off

Falling down the stairs

Flying over city

Falling from bike

Falling from


Fallinng down stairs

Force fed

Feeling peace

Fenfreek seeds

Friend get shot


Filling water in dream

Fish all over all walls

Fart infront of parents

Food in hair

Friends of long ago



Flying chains

Fresh fruits


Fail exam

Friend girl

Fighting with sisters and mom

Fathers death then alive

Fathers death then alive in dream

Found gold wedding bands in clear water


Foam from mouth


Flower of fig tree

Fighting with a friends wife

Fighting with a woman

False accusations

Female being chased by men

Falling deeply in love with a prince and he loves me back

French kiss my friend

Falling from my bed

Falling on ground

Food items

Finding ones place

Friends family

Foreign woman and child

Four belly buttons

Fire ball

Falling rocks and boulders

Fingernails falling off

Falling in water

Flood eden

Five daily prayers




Folding clothe

Frogs and ants in car


Feeding a horse

Finging comes eye glasses

Flat roof top

Father crying

Flying up

Falling through the floor of a building

Falling asleep while driving

Falling from the sky

Friend apologies

Flood and rain together

Following jesus

Former spouse

Fly man

Filthy road

Faeces and urinating

Fighting ghosts with the help of tilawat

Floor covered with rain water leaking through the ceiling

Fighting with many people

Fighting with other

Fat face

Followed by a mad woman in a dream

Friend giving you diamond

Fantasy world

Fishing in the river

Fishing in rivers

Flood in basement

Friend getting sick

Fasting in dream

Fasting ramadan

Flower growing inside nose

Feeling lost and wandering

False teeth dream meaning


Feeding an lion



Finding bobby pins


Feeling confident in a dream

Foam coming out of noes

Fowl interpreted as enemy in dream meaning

Frying meat in dream means what

From above

Fat wall gecko on leg

Faceless dancer

Friend spinning me

Fruit bearing trees

Failing at getting a car but then offered something cheaper to buy

Failing a drug test

Fire at house

Forest path

Food to dead

Foaming at the mouth dream

Foreplay dream

Foreign exchange

Falling of child in gutter


Food from the dead

Fire for my hand

Foreplay with crush

Floating body



Female women



Family celebration

Fighting with loved one

Freedoms fighters


Food court

Find car

Feed ram

Fighting with niece

Falling off the stairs

Flowers in a grave

Floor collapses

Forked tounge



Fell off tooth

Friend becoming old

Frying in oil

Falling in river

Falling walls

Freshly shaved man

Finding white sand dollar

Finding white sand dollars

Fastening belt

Flattening ground

Fighting with my father


Forced adulterey

Family member giving charity to sixer in dream

Family member giving charity to sizer in dream

Fake jewelery

Failing in exams

Fungus in mouth

Fire on your back

Falling catholic church

Failure to complete assignments

Front desk

Finding sea shells


Father that has passed

Fallen leaves

Forgetting high school locker combination

Falling meteor

Flipped a bus

Food offered by dead relative


Friend is a neighbor

False teeth falling

Funeral on a boat

Flower buds

Fat white cat


Face black

Flying around world

Frying food

French kisssing

Floor breaking

Falling through floor

Fire worshipper

Fayher reading quran

Father reading quran

Friend making plans

Faces in clouds

Flying trapeze contest

Flying trapeze act

Familiar people

Fashion belt

Futuristic world

Finding a box of condoms that was my fiancees

Flying squid

First car

Family molester

Faces or stool

Fainting when kissing

Father is sick in hospitl

Feeling that something like a mole just dropped off of your body

Feeling like a mole just dropped off your skin

Flash light to eyes

Fruit avocados


Falling bowl

Fried bean cake

Fighting with ones spouse

Forehead wound

Foreheas wound

Falling in a well

Frying puff puff in dream


Family home

Farting in dream

For her job

Fish cutting

Fiance abducted

Fire on hair

Fresh rabithole

Feeding snakes

Finding 7 very young bears and taking them home with me

Forgotten room

Falling through ice

Fell in to the ocean

Four fish

Falling in a pit of faeces

Flying achine

Fell and broken statue of st nino

Father marriage

Fish hooks

Fallen cross

Flowers and plants

Funeral of my mum

Fish dreams in islam


Frankinscense dream

Father got job in dream

Find a umbrella


Finding out pregnancy

Failing exam

Flashing light and flashbacks of my kids

Famous handsome man kissing me

Fruit trees

Fishing worms

Flying puppies

Falling off of a cliff

Flood at school


Fishing hook in foreskin of penis


Falling from ladder

Foreigner spitting on you

Fried chicken

Friend you putting on your coat


Fish pond

Friendly and calm tiger dream

Fly on dead body

First boyfriend

Fear of water


Found a lady in filth

Frozen red meat

Fire alarm sound

Friends marriage

Friend is pregnant

Feces on ceiling

Floating pillow

Fake blossom


Finding a radio playing music

Fall from my head

Flying on top of dirty water

Fake friend


Flying like peter pan

Father ill

Fighting with husband

Fresh vegetsbles

Flying bird

Flies inside my big toe symbolizes what

Fighting with a prior neimisis

Fox fur

Found lost bra washed and worn

Finding paper money

Finding money while cleaning a house

Folding dream

Flight fall on water

Fat and thin

Finding out you’re pregnant

Fell down in green rice field

Falling out of teeth

Feces in dream

Front tooth falling out

Front too falling out

Flying airplanes

Fruits falling from sky

Finger is wounded

Flight attendant co worker dream

Flight attendant colleague

Finding a squid and killing it

Find, climb, and ring a bell tower and

Felt under control of a stranger who was in the crowd

Felt under siege with a stranger passing by in a crowd

Fainting at work

Fear of falling from heights

Fleeing prostitutes

Family vacation

Falling through a floor

Friend murdered

Fire card

Finding newborn animals

Floating ocean



Friends former spouse

Flying beetle

Flush light on my face

Falling stars in a dreamed

Friend wearing a black turban

Fire from sky

Find aburial site empty coffin

Fire from the sky

Facial surgery

Female dominance

Female dreaming of seeinga penis


Finishing a drink

Friend’s boyfriend

Failing an test

Flies hatching out of my ear

Frying puffpuff

Filling and flowing milk from a breast of pregnant woman

Finding penny and quarters

Fighting family members

Finger guns

Feast at corridor

Folded towel

Fixing a hammock

Ferris wheel

Feeling unwelcome

Flying objekts

Frequently seeing one of my best friend in dream

Frequent dreams


Finding old clothes

Fighting for food with ex boyfriend

Fruit eating

Flower come out tha vagina

Filling water in broken pot

Friend on cell phone

Fighting with father in law

Floating table in the air

Football field

Falling in a hole

Friendly police

Fish at shore

Flying on the air

Falling down from a building

False alarm

Fallen house in dream

Fallen house and a know girl crying in a dream

Fenugreek seeds in dream

Feeding skeleton its own bones

Fish in dream

Filling in a form

Fetus outside the whomb

Falling into emptiness

Feces holding

Falling into a ocean waves and holding on being saved


Falling away toe nails

Feeding trough with animals

Fetching water from a well into a bucket mixed with dirty water

Family accepting for marriage

Flying of indian mynah from house means

Feeding cows

Former workers

Former colleagues

Friends with eating

Fire blazing

Frank sinatra and the number 1,320

Fontane pen

Feet toes

Face in the sky

Face in clouds

Father in law in dream

Foggy brain

Fiance dieing from a magraine headache

Fiance dieing from a magraine

Faniance dieing from a magraine

Fish eating each other

Fenugreek seeds

Fear of heighys

Fairy queen

Foaming out the mouth

Falling from a cliff

Friend had a makeover


Fake gold earrings means what

Fish in clear water

Fat fluffy cat

Father touching breast

Ferer giving birth

Falling off stage

Fish fillets

Fingers chopped off

Found a severed plastic bare foot in my dream

Famous woman

Fetching water from a tap




Fatima prophet mohammed daughter

Fatima prophet mohammed daur

Father incident

Falling in a black hole

Falling toth

Fell in muddy water

Feeling safe and fulfilled around my cousin who my dad wants me to marry

Fire and sons dying

Flying rats

Finding a relative among the corpses

Flooded place

Fell from plane and landed in big house


Father and son arguing

Frozen girl in gutter

Fights tickets

Falling into deep waters and not reaching bottom


Forgetting baby at home

Flight missed


Field trip

Forgot to wear wedding chuda

Forgot high school locker combination

Friend cuts left hand at the thumb

Furry feet

Feet start being covered with rapidly growing fur, almost animal-like

Flowing water and empty well

Frying chicken

Falling a tooth

Father nude hiding


Frequent dream about special person

Flame on stove dream

Falling inthe sea

Field of flowers, lotus, pink, blue, purple, barren land

Fingernails being pulled off

Fetching water from tap in dream

Fall done

Fall dowe

Froth in someone mouth

Fetching water from a tap in a dream

Facial mask

Forced marriage

Fuzzy socks

Face filled with black spots

Face covered with black pigmentation

Female white discharge

Friendly tiger

Fish in a branch

Flying objects in my office

Father in law giving money

Fishing pole and bobber

Fishing bobber

Father got to know about boyfriend

Fat black plume in the dream

Footmat see in dream

Fungus grown from body

Four quals

Face turn white

False teeth falling out

Father dying in a car accident

Foing to meet allah

Flying white horses

Flower seeds

Finding palm fruit

Falling into a hole

Falling your self from stairways

Falling from stairways

Family member

Friendly white tiger

Finger cut

Face looking operated

Fighting a fish

Fire wood

Father in law


Family house

Four lizards

Frozen chicken

Fabric clothes suits

Flashing whilte light

Food allergy

Fish catching

Forgetting locker number

Falling into a well

Falling into a well .

Fake eye lashes

Falling asleep in water

Fish eating snake

Father died again in dream

Forced sex with women

Forced sex

Forced sec

First wife doing black magic for the second wife not to have child

First wife doing black margic for the second wife not to have child

Falling off a mountain in a car

Finding gold coin on street

Financial difficulties

Floating in time

Floating in space

Feeling someone or a force pressing you down as you sleep

Feeling some one or a force pressing you down as you sleep

Facing a lion

Flying serpent


Falling in the well dead mother


Followed by many women

Fall of coconut plant

Found undercover

Fish hook in an eye

Fish hook on

Father of a child


Food preparation

Friend introduces hus girlfriend

Flower growing

Full house

Father passing away

Free food

Flooding still muddy water

Finding a ring i lost

Finding cockles

Fly aeroplane

Food turned black

Fresh grapes

Filming pornography

Fix paper


Fake bank note

Family member being killed

Falling spiders

Fragile gold

Folding r50 banknote means?


Forgetting someones birthday


Fly on sky with out wings

Feeling being sedated in a dream

Fenced in the front yard

Fake friends

Friends shave off my eyebrows

Fry food eating and seeing

Falling from a height

Female reproductive system

Flying on a broomstick in a dream

Fake praying

Fart at work

Friends divorce

Fake pastor

Fetching water from well and dried up

Friend wanted to die

Fighting a fat cat dream meaning

Finding blue rosaries

Found watch



Fading away

Fishes in sewer

Fancy fishes in clear sewer water

Fields weeds

Frying prawns

Frying seafood dream meaning

Fish big in a artificial pond

Fortune teller about babies

Fight with friend

Fighting with kinnar in dream means

For a woman to see stockfish in the dream


Frozen foods and ice

Floating in between waves

Fox running front of my car

Fighting with parents

Foot wound

Feeding honey

Filling out a form

Free mason ring

Freemasom ring


Firing blanks


Falling building


Forgot how to swallow

Flooded basement where my son life’s

Front of house there is a graveyard

Flying horse dreams

Fighting in a battlefield

Fat cat on my head

Falling moon

Fedora hat

Finding a little st cellphone in a drea,m

Fallen star

Fast swimming

Finding silverware

Falling on the sidewalk

Fighting with my ex in a dream

Father deceased

Friend from opposite sex in your mother’s lap capmfartsbly lying

Friend mothers lap

Fetching water and pouring away

Fetching water

Flight ticket

Fat pregnant woman

For rest

Friend with his family

Fufu and crayfish

Flies kill

Falling down at my doorsteps

Female pope

Father’s death

Fight with stranger

Filing your nails on concrete

Filing your nails

Frozen husband

Frozen husbank

Female urinating

Feeding am baby girl

Former co worker

Fight with a person

Flirting with another woman

Falling stars in dream

Found gold

Food warmer

Flying snake being killed


Floor destruction

Fighting the mistress

Feeding milk to newly born baby

Finding pipe

Finding my dad pipe

Feeding a baby boy

Fridge full

Finding earrings

Filthy house and bathroom

Feeding a young wild cat

Facial hair in dream as womam

Flies on my food

Flying ona trapeze at a circus

Flying in plane

Feeding a dead person

Falling in a deep black hole and screaming for help

Feeling penis enter vagina

Fast car

Flying on a white horse

Forcing sex

Falling but being okay

Falling off of a roller coaster into a bean bag

Family that died are sleeping

Friend and enemy in a raft

Fufu pounding

Fake flower

Flooding in the houses

Friend is drunken

Fence removed

Feather pouring on me

Fur coat as a gift

Foot prints in my dream

Flower shop meaning

Flying in a dream

Feeding baby animals

Fresh soapy water

Feeding breast milk

Falling rock

Flight accident

Father in law died

Father in law died in heart attack

Fight after running

Flood drowning wild animals

Flood bu youre okay

Flying engine

Flower in pot

Failed pilgrimage

Friends smell your fart

Flippers for hands

Family member dying

Fake money notes

Flat fish



Fish in fireplace

Fish in fireplace and lack of water

Fresh mint

Finding spouse


Flying bed

Fair rain fall

Finding lots of gold coins

Food tent

Flower in grave yard

Fart with bad smell

Finding a lost stamp

Forced to give blood transfusion

Flip houses

Footprints in heaven

Finding checks


Find a mobile phone

Fire and magic

Foreign objects coming out when blowing nose

Frozen fruits

Floating image

Flowers for a vase

Football player

Frame with photo

Future job


Finding gold fish bracelet

Family member die

Falling plate

Father in law fight

Finding a husband

Farting in front of someone

Food in seashell


Far away

Four seasons


Fingernails fallingoff in dream meaning

Fingernails falling off in dream meaning

Face to face with prophet jesus

Food samples

Fruit coctail

Fighting animals

Flood in home

Family going for sheep sacrifice

Forced to cook

Flowerhorn fish dream meaning

Foods and friends

Food from pious

Female screw

Fighting with girlfriend in ex

Falling and breaking a leg

Falling into ocean


Fine clothes



Fungus under hand nails

Flying in dreams

Fixing hinge in dryer door

Fixing dryer

Flying without aid in a dream

Food bowl

Fallen stem

Fresh tray of eggs broken

Floating body above me

Forgotten locker combination

Fathers clothes in a dream

Four dolls

Four dolls for obeah

Female standing on padlock

Freemason dream mean

Flowing stream

Facial hair in my face

Falling into deep water

Friend as a baby


Find a human child

Finding my clothes


Facing east in a dream

Foodless plate

Fighting off enemy

Finding pearls scattered in the dirt

Family getting shot

Fire snake









Fire and guns

Fetching bitter leaf

Feeding baby girl with a bottle

Freighter jets

Flash from a camera

Floating wood

Flying gold horse

Falling into black water

Flowers on a grave or casket


First floor

Fall frombuilding

Finding love

Fire car

Floating book

Fruits in dream


Falling planet

Fake tv show

Fatty meat

Flatiron dream meaning

Fried rice

Female being d

Fighting fish in a dream

Fishing with death uncles

Filling with energy

Flat ironing hair

Father dying heart attack in,front of me

Flood, rain and sunshine

Feeding food

Falling hair

Fish market

Fresh green leaves

Flirting when i was young

Fish dead

Flight attendent

Full moon falling

Friend with concussion

Finding own old clothes in dream

Fighting with cops

Flashing lights in night sky

Flying sauser

Flying in the dream

Flying setlight


Fenugreek leaves eating i. dreams

Forgot to take my key

Fear of gas leak

Fighting with man

Friend sow me getting married to my boy friend in church

Friend sees me and my boy friend getting married church

Friend reunion

Fall on back

Fall onto an island on my back

Family on one side and boyfriend on the other side of forest me in the middle

Female genitals

Flogging dream

Falling from a wall

Filing drawers

Fallen teeth

Fighting with blackbird in dream

Fitness clothes

Friends wife pregnant

Fire wood means what in dreams


Family member catch by police

Flip boojk


Fruits in the trees

Friend that had stroke

Funeral again

Friendly landlady and landlord

Fighting witches

Fly high with a man

Fly high islam dream


Food molding

Friend that has died an mystery man

Fishing line

Fat person in dream

Filled stool

Finger pointing

Flower white

Firing a canon

Fart in my dream

Fighting a rooster

Failing to cross

Falling from tall building

Falling white feather


Father lia


Fire eagle children

Finding clothes

Fighting with my dad

Fish cry




Fuzzy caterpillar pulled out of ear


Full toilet

Fallen from a ladder

Flood and natural disaster

Flexing muscle

Father getting married


Floating coffin

Finding pile of pennies

Failed test

Family member falling

Four pink flowers two dead two alive

Firty river

Flooding bloody water

Fallen teeth collected in hands

Four breasts

Full moon reddish in colour



Feather bones

Female genital

Father dead

Fallen angels

Father in law happy

Flying on the some force

Fighting with enemy



Falling from cliff

Fighting with an animal

Fighting mom in front of parents house

Falling out of a car

Flowers growing earlobe

Feeding young children rice

Flesh and bones

Fighting with a bull



Fixing escalator in my dream


Friends shouting at you

Flying ant

Falling from height

Father who has died

Flag on fire

Fingernail falling off

Feeling sick

Fingers multiplying


Former wife

Fried onion

Feeli something heavy on me while asleep

First kalmha dream mean

Flirt wife

Falling person


Finding porn

Father getting a new wife

Found check

Fixing a camera

Father inlaw insulting me

Fail to fetch water

Friends fighting

Flying elephant


Fishing shrimps and fish easily at sea

Finding slippers

Fire in saudi


First wife kids been brought to me

Fire in mecca

Finding old jewelry

Friend is sick

Father driving a car

Fishing with a spear

Fire in my kitchen ceiling

Female dreamed of male penis

Friends die

Forging a sword

Fighting with sister


Falling into an optical illusion

Forgotten key

Farmer eassy

Futuristic child funeral

Feeding a deceased person

Feed cats

Found baby

First kllmah

Fucking my uncle

Falling wooden bowl

Fish eating


Father changing the door

Fire on hear

Financial loss

Forcefully getting physical

Forced physical


Finding old cloth

Feeding hungry dogs

Fire on dress

Fitting shoes

Fire in locality

Fighting a boy

Fishing in a sea

Fighting in army

Fire in mariage hall


Friendship ending

Fishing in a big sea with alot of people

Falling steeple

Family and i are sick

Former husband

Fashion runway

Falling of a building

Four eyebrows of a girl

Fight with your friend

Fire in stove and cylinder

Fish egg

Fighting wife

Face skin

Face illness

Fish talking to you

Face wash by milk


Fruit green acid

Falling tooth

Funeral processions

Fight mosque

Fighting a fox

Father eating

Feeding dogs and cats

Fenugreek leaves

Funeral prayer

Filthy bathroom

Fumes in the air


Fighting a cat



Facial hair on women

Food toilet


Found son

Found lost child

Fruits garden

Feeling unborn baby kick

Feeling a baby kick in my stomach

Fighting withndad

Fighting with dad in moving train in dream

Foot tied together




Falling from building

Fighting conversations

Father death


Forrest at night

Food grains

Falling down a well

Friends wedding

Father in law wearing pink

Flying big fish in sky

Flame less fire and smoke

Friends doing drugs



Finger tips full of spinters

Fabulous beasts

Frustrating dream

Furnace with blazing charcoal and humans in it

Fenugreek seeds means

Fish is swallowing spoue

Flood school

Floating above a room and flying

Flashing head lights


Flying in a dream and breaking spider webs

Flying on a stick

Fingers cut off


Falling in cold water

Fresh lemon

Facial hair on woman

Face towel


Feeding hen

Fire burning neighborhood

Fighting parents

Failing two grades

Fresh fishes in dream meas

Finding another’s earrings

Flat tyres dream

Fighting for a table

Finding a black leather glove

Face shavers

Flying vehicle

Friend in a car with me

Flying trapeze artist


Frying egg in dream



Find out


Flying to a tree

Front seat

Full moon in god

Former coworkers

Fighting with neighbour dream

Female bellybutton or attractive navel

Flowering tree


Friends wedding but i

Forehead with hole and it’s bleeding

Fake identification

Finding lost gold in gutter


Friend suicide

Full growth of tapioca

Fat person

Falling to river

Falling my baby

Forgetting birthday

Flat nose

Feeding the blind

Flying pillow

Female lion

Fake dajjal

Frothing in the

Family meeting


Flying ants in the house after electric burst

Finding lost thing

Forgetting pill

Fashion design

Fight monster


Fence being cut

Funnel web spider

Facing an attack by a lion

Fan milk

Fabric on furniture and drapes

Full beard on husband face and he want shave it

Feeding animal

Feeding lemur

Foot cutting bible interpretation

Facial hair trimming

Fajr prayer

Finding old things and feeling happy

Floating furniture


Flying only

Frying like a need

Figure of a woman


Fat women


Fence wall

Floating pillows mean

Floating pillows

Flørting objects

Friend died

Feeding an elderly woman

Finding fake money

Finding fa key money



Father killing mother

Frozen karibu meat


Finding abandoned baby

Fawn colour clothes

Finding a white feather

Facial hir neck

Feeding the chicken

Falling from a window

Flat dinosaurs

Finding lost earrings

Finger is cut off

Faint after namaz


Fruit on tree

Fruit on tree goua

Falling down in mud area

Falling down in mus area

Felling down in mus

Funeral van

Flooding car

Food waist

Flash beam

Fighting jets in the sky

Foetus in water atached to head

Feet mean in a dream

Floating on water

Falls stare in dream

Fire in my home

Family member wearing green

Forgot husband birthday

Forced marriage dream

Flying ship

Flower bloom om my hands

Flower on my hand


Flying prayer mat

Fish hook caught in skin

Flat tire

Forced crossdressing


Fungus in fingernail

Fire pot

Finding a locket dream

For someone to give someone dollars in the dream

Family hurt

Flood on your bed

Finding something valuable

Frying puff puff in a dream

Finally meeting a guy online in real life but overhearing him say i’m a catfish and i panic and cover myself in makeup in my room

Forgetting my passport

Fighting a big wild black cat

Fighting a big wild black cafe

Feather vagina

Feeling hot water

Falling into nettles

Facial hair wax

Foreplay with wife

Flushing toilet

Food carrier

Feeding a sparrow

Feeding a sparroe

Fighting against your friend

Fighting with your best friend

Feather floating


Finding cigarette ashes on foot of he bed

Fukui ya ani

Friendly love

Fresh roti

Friendly ghost

Fishing in clearwater

Falling off a car

Falling overboard on cruise

Feeding a lady

Fighting with mad or crezy man

Front yard

Father almost marries sister

False tooth

Falling into coffin

Fish belly

Fish turning in to snakes

Finding gold bracelet

Falling in fire

Flossing teeth

Flood and water was grey i was in a white vehicle

Folded baby hands

Fighting gun

Fish tank leaking

Fish slapping


Falling wallpaper

Falling from high place

Fishing line in skin

Fishbowl dream

Fire on shoes

Field of wheat

Flaxseed in

Flaxseed in a dream islamic interpretation

Faceless man

Faucet broken off

Frozen water

Frozen river

Flouresent cloths

Falling huge amount of ashes from a mountain

Falling huge amount of ashes from amountain

Falling when reading sarah

Friend betrays you

Flying to sky


Fish intestines

Finding money in spider webs

Flowers eating me


Friut tomatoes


Feeling physical pressure

Failing to save someone

Flying rigidly

Flame match

Farts smelly

Fighting your enemy

Fighting your ememy

Fighting your enimy

Flying man

Failing to bath deceased

Forgot passport

Friend slap me

Floricent lamp

Floricent light

Feeding a baby breast milk

Father in hospital

Falling from height and survive

Fringe cut

Fishing net

Flashing red lights

Finding a ring


Fleas on a york shire terrior

Fleas on a yorkie dog


Full sun

Flowers bedspread


Falling of child into the gutter

Foreign strangers

Family circus

First class

Falling of teeth

Folded towels

Fake jewelry

Female ostriches


Face in window

Fighting another person

Finger loss

Flower garden in bloom

Feeding loins cub with bottle

Furniture floating on ceiling

Fruit shop

Foam on larg body of water

Falling in line

Fire burning bush

Former church

Father of death

Fly on peacock

Finding god

Forehead was rubbed slowly

Flowers were stole from my garden

Flying plane above power lines

Fat legs

Fish mongers

Fennel seeds

Female private part

Finding out that baby will be disable

Figure by a lake

Face hair females

Facial hair in women

Flying machines

Flying in glider

Friend dies

Frat houses

Fighting woman

Finding coat buttons

Fake ids

Finger nail clipping

Flying high

Food vendor

Father dying



Fish hook in eye

Fell from chair


Friend spit in my hand

Flying with a hawk

Fighting dead

Father built playground

Friends whispering your name

Fake nails

Forgiveness to mother

Feces on the floor

French bread

Friend wetting

Fungus on child

Fungus growths on skin of child

Falling brick wall

Frozen grasshopper


False fingernails

Flying kites in dream

Father in law as joker

Fighting and flying

Full class

Frog croaking

Floating island

Fight back

Fighting and winning a whirlwind

Fingers and ring size

Fish biting



Food on fire

Front door window

Face one side hanging

Fingers stuck together

Falling shelf


Fictional people

Friend with alcohol addiction


Flying fighter jet

Fire coming out of the ground ending the world and life starting all over again

Fighter aircraft

Friendly scorpion

Fire surrounding buildings

Fur pelt


Fat guy breaks into my house



Followed by a man

Forgot dress

Fighting a ghost to my right and one walking in a distance


Face cuts


Father fall & bleed

Fireplace or wood stove



Falling suddenly

Flying bull

Finding lost item

Friend fainting

Ferry crashed into a bridge

Ferry crash into a bridge

Father\'s illness

Finding lost items in dreams

Falling through the floor

Fake nails falling of

Flies coming out from feet

Fake nail on thumb and ring finger falling off, putting back on

Finding gold ear rings



First day of kinderarden

Flooding washing machine

Flying trying to get away from someone

Flying trying to get away trying to safe my self and a child to is with me trying to excape


Fight drunk people daughter sleep

Flower blooming

Finding a dead body


Friend give a invaition

Furniture being repossessed

Floating many object

Flower caught in eeb

Family seperation

Falling off long toe nail by itself

Fake handshake

Father dyes hair

Friends sister

Filleting fish

Fresh prawn

Feeding homeless

Frog eggs

Finding half burnt child in a dream

Freshed digged whole in ground


Frying or mixing chin chin


Fallen branch

Fake gold dream

Fat golden cow

Facial scarring

Forgot the things

Falling in a deep sea

Flower tunnel

Flower arch

Friend gay

Fed cherry

Freeing a boxer dog

Freemason logo

Feeling of passing out

Friends dirty laundry

Fill stroller

Fitting on wedding ring

Frozen ice

Father visiting

Floating up a mountain

Folding a men’s clothes

Folding clothes

Flooding kitchen

Falling rocks in cave

Front and centre

Fighting with a roommate

Fu lu shou

Fallen maori statue

Fallen statue

Filthy ears

Filthy hairs coming out from ear

Fighting dream monsters


Flying abject


Favorite idol

Freindly beaver wants to be petted

Frying fish dream meaning

Flying in the sky with a beautiful view below me




Front stairs

Flying in a spaceship

Floating black cloth

Fighting a spirit with a copper rod and telling it that god was protecting me

Folded clothes

Flowers on a grave

Falling through a trap door

Finding cell phone

Face plastic surgery


Father cuts daughter hair

Father cutting daughters hair

Fish in pond

Found earings

Father hugging me

False incarceration

Fish market dream

Fire in islamic interpretation

Flying cars dream

Flying cars


Fight with a friend


Fat guy sitting on me

Falling to my death

Flood and ocean

Flat bread

Face being changed

Friend being rude

Friend being shot

Fall down stairs

Fish and crab

Falling in to pit

Feathers on pillow

Fire king

Face shaking

Food and starch

Fun slide

Fluffy white pillows


Floral bedspread

Fall andncant move body

Folded paper

Finding gold chain

Forest trees

Flock of black birds in room

Finding bubblegum in a dream

Flames in cooking stove

Finding someone hanging

Fixing a cabinet

Family member commit suicide

Fruit vendor

Finding eggs on a tree

Fractured bones

Fractured bone

Finding leaves in big bowl water in dreams

Found in water green leaves

Feeding dead

Feeding gold fish

Flat worm

Flat worm inside my feet


Fat young cow dream meaning

Family disappears


Falling through nothing

Finding drugs

Fall in gutter and drowning

Fighting yourself


Fight of two monsters

Finger in ass hole dream interpretation

Fire in your scarf

Free flowing catarrh

Fighting with my sister

Found a person in dream

Flood in the house

Fixing a stove

Face cream

Finding gem stones

Forget shoes

Former car

Flying eagles

Fire hydrant

Find any body

Floating on the season a matteress

Fi ding a space to move past a wall

Face tattoos

Friend with psoriasis

Floor tiles

Friend falling down

Friends not inviting for food

Fluvial procession

Friends eating

Falling from ceiling

Feeding a goat

Full toilets

Feeding goats

Fire at home

From beyond

Found lost slipper

Find a lost item in dream

Face full of freckles

Fatima zahra daughter of prophet muhammad

Fatima zahra


Filling forms

Falling off a balcony

Friends shoes

Found my missing dog

Facial kit

Falling a star

Fallen tree branches in the road

Finding money in my house

Food fight


Fetching a passport from a home affairs department

Frog in dreams

Full moon meaning

Filled bath tub with shower running

Flirting you

Fishes in dreams

Feeding milk

Food critic

Fluid from mouth

Female goat

Friend in smart clothes

Family robbing your house

Falling into river

Fat dad

Fat lady

Flies in a closet

Foot bleeding

Fearness dream

Father in priest outfit fall dead while hugging


Face deformity

Foundation and water

Fumes gasses

Fighting a vampire

Fighting vampire

Fish out of water

Fish dream

Flying means in dreams

Friend dream she broke my beuatiful plate

Falling teeth in dream

Fresh fruits in a tree

Fight with a mad man

Freezing rain

Frying in dream

Flying through water

Feeling presence of jinn

Forcep coin


Flooded toilet

Fingers of hand

Fire dream

Flowers bouginvella

Flashing yellow light

Friend dying

Ferris shell

Fruit with maggots

Fecal matter

Fingernails, painted gold

Father in-law to be trying to stop heavy flood entering the house

Fingernails painted gold

Falling into a deep ocean

Falling of train

Falling of aeroplane

Freemasonry symbol in a dream


Fetus’s water


Fijir salah

Frozen sardines


Fire and smoke on a mountain

Flying a jet


Filleting a fish

Frozen bridge

Finish across the water


Flowers and trees

Flying through atmosphers


Flower shop

Faeces in your left hand

Fell down tree in dream


Falling in a rainbow spiral

Falling in a spiral

Floating into the air

Fake tan

Flooded town

Following your husband

Fighting with mother in law

Forest on fire

Family member passing away

Falling off clif

Flying horse with wings

Falling off cliff

Falling from the sky

Fighter plane

Father giving money to son

Frog killing

Flying with wings

Falling asleep at the wheel

Feces in the dream

Foam in the nose

Failed in board exam

Falling into pit full of thorns


Flying warts

Frissbe dream

Fixing couple things

Flying zeppelin

Friend talking

Flying ghost

Finding marble ball

Fishhook in my back

Flooding house

Fighting with wife

Fatal fights

Flying on an airplane to copenhagen


Fear of descending stairs

Field of yelliw daisies

Food from homeless


Full drumsticks


Friend injecting drugs

Fire and transformation

Fashion catwalk

Falling from high

Fallow fields

Flaming deer

Face powder

Fire hydrant shooting out water

Fabric in a dream

Fox cubs


Falling rain

Fancy hotel

Friends in dreams

Food between teeth




Fights with family members

Froth at the mouth


Facial hair women

Freeing a pony

Fresh toast in toaster

Frozendead bodies

Facial hair on wonen

Fixing a window frame


Finding black feathers in dream



Friend scaring you

Fighting someone

Freckles fully covering tip of nose

Freckles covering nose completely

Five dollar bill

Floresent light

Finding odd number of diamond earrings

Fungus dream

Flying horses obey my words


Food stand

Female dog

Forehead is broad

Fabric design and measuring

Full wagon

Food cooler

Finding tasbeeh

Falling down downtrees

Flirting with stranger

Frying puffpuff with mahing to buy it

Frying puffpuff with manu rushing to buy it

Family killed lost family and dead family alive

Friends mom

Fear of crossing a bridge

Face cap given to you in your dream

Frying puffpuff in your dream

Flies when opening jar

Flying dream

Finding moneyin the clothes

Failed in medical exams


Fungi cleaning

Flower pots white

Food cooking

Found a marble

Falling through a cracked floor

Fighting 4 preteen boys

Flowing milk in the house

Flowing milk from the walls of the houss

Freeway ramp

Freeway ram[

Falls on you

Fleur bleuet

Fleur bleut

Falling in well

Field marshall

Fixing parlor ceiling


Feeding ng dead people

Falling into rapids

Following a woman

Final boss



Flaying in a dream

Finished cooking gas

Flying in a storm at night like peter pan

Female robs bank, takes no money

Food stall


Fish skin

Falling from sky safe

Friend being slapped by maths teacher

Friwnd being slapped by a maths teacher

Face coloured in black

Friday congratulations

Flying parachute

Forgetting stuff

Fighting wolves

Fighting polar with a flashlight

Fall on left side

Fighting with my wife for phone

Frogs under bed

Fighting a snake

Fighting a peyton

Frying chin-chin

Fat white man in shower with me

Frozen bird

Frog eating banana

Face painting

Fixing baby teeth

Falling into dirty water

Feet cut off

Feet cut iff

For a child to move in its mothers worm

Finger nail

Forgetting pants

Find money i a bag

Father dying in a car crash

Foam ocean water


Foot wear missing

Falling of canine tooth

Fish hook


Fill dirt dessert


Failing a class

Family members congratulated

Found horse

Finding quarter dime nickle penny

Fingers extra

Falling into a fryer

Fire in bucket

Floating eyes

Full moon with wolves

Forked snake tongue

Fountain with pig

Flying birds


Finger nail comes completely off

Floating objects

Female japanese ghost fishing in a dirty waterfall from a stormdrain

Finding couns

Family hates you

Forgetting to take medicine

Flight attendant

Failing classes

Fueling a vehicle

Flies around and on a person

Fear of stairs

Finding cigars

Finding a cigar

Friend asks to marry you

Frame missing

Friendly sheep was shaking my hand

Foot print

Frying fish

Fish bone

Fryinge fish in a big bowl

Fight husband

Fear of being arrested

Found old lost shawl

Flying horses

Food smells

Father who died

Fighting a cat killed

Four eyes

Fighting fox

Former boss gave me many gold rings


Flowers garden

Floating smoky mass named malachi in fish tank

Floating smoky mass floating in a fish tank in figure 8 motion sideways


Fluorescent dl



Falling face forward into a spider web

Faithful to husband

Flourescent lamp

Flea jumping in eye

Finding things to avoid chaos

Fake scorpions


Fre ch toast


Friend in a coma

Formal dresses

Funeral objects, coffin


Fortune tellel

Feces on my mouth

Flame. matches

Famous man

Flight missing

Forgetting to care for a pet

Forgetting to care for your budgie

Fig tree full of big juicy figs and big bit off figs

Fight with a crocodile

Fall off a bridge into water

Fractions liping

Fractions resorses

Fishing boat dreams

Finger ring wearing dream

Floating in water in a glass box

Falling in deep water

Falling in deep waters dream meaning

Falling from height into ocean water

Fighting with family

Fighting with gorillas

Fail to buy a new shoes

Feeding a crocodile in dream


Fake eyeball


Feeling too tired to move, losing car

Fighting a war

Father resurrection

Facial hair

Feet in cold water

Flexible body

Floating in air

Flight to moon

Flying bird collapse hand

Face cap

Family divorce

Former school

Forced abandoning my kids

Flying without wings

Famous singer