Green bottle gaurd

Gas smell

Gold colored fabric

Gold woven fabric

Gold lamae

Grips in the dreams

Getting pranked

Ground is cracked open

Gulab jamun in

Giving out my growing coconut plant in dream

Getting bullied


Gathering with the person who has p ed away


Green water seen

Garbage bucket

Going to hairdresser


Gremlins bothering me


George passed in january i believe he visited me

Girlfriend stripper

Girlfriend being a stripper

Grass with bare spots

Grass with bate spots


Glass figurines

Grinding machine dream

Given a bread fruit



Giant wolf pack

Gold hair

Giving normal clothes to lots of people

Gold clothing

Gold jewlry

Green discharge

Greenish gray vaginal discharge

Gold mask

Grey hair

Getting late


Grocery shopping

Goddess giving me flowers as prasada in dream

Getting bit by a shark in dark water

Getting bit by a shark

Grinding a person

Getting a computer as a gift

Gold getting stolen

Girl murtabsting in my bed

Giving money to a dead mother

Giving water to drink to my mother

Giving money to my dead mom

Giving homeless girl food

German army

Giving someone water to drink

Going to visit someone you like


Going to war with children

Grinding small amount of maize and the flour is too much

Green open door

Growing 6th finger in leg

Given the book of the ark of covenant in the dream

Grey car dream interpretation

Gold coins

Giving away bread and potoes

Given something to dead person

Goat drinking clean water

Going for kontomire leaves


Golden brown horse

Gold frog

Green bangal in dream

Getting corona

Golden brown hair

Giving out crayfish in a dream

Grey smoke what is the meaning for the grey part of it

Gray car

Grandmother who died opened a apartment doorfor me

Glass door falling to the ground and breaking

Girlfriend watch boyfriend have sex with man

Grizzly bear trying to kill my cat but i took cat out of bears mouth

Girlfriend being in dream

Going to a party with my soulmate

Glass with water

Giants sea turtle

Girlfriend disappear

Goning into a persons house


Getting lost

Green case

God frame broken

Great white sharks

Getting ready for my wedding

Ghost blowing door open an going threw it meaning

Giving milk

Grandmother embrace me and let go

Grandmother embrace me and

Grandmother embrace me slept go


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Gl walls

Grapes in fridge means

Grave disappeared

Gold sweater

Green door inside house

Giving stockings to someone

Giving stock to someone

Golden sphere

Gold ball

Geometric diamond

Geometric symbols

Glass of beer

Going on haj

Going umrah

Going on umrah

Green flooding water

Glitching ipad



Giving money to dead grandmother

Giving lots of money to poor child

Giving yogurt to a youngest son in a dream mean

Giving yogurt to a youngest son

Giving my sweater to someone else

Great white whale

Grapes tree

Give money to a dead father

Gold statute

Garbage truck dream

Grandma gambling & losing


Green passport in the sky

Getting my penis sucked by an unknown woman in my dream means what

Giving offering in church

Gold water

Groundnut shells

Garri bag

Grinded casava in a bag

Golden tamarind tree


Golden envelope


Gifting earring to dead.mother in dream

Going to a prodigy school

Going to a amazing school

Giving people kola nut in a dream meaning

Grandson dying in quicksand


Given a light by my dead parent

Graduation gown

Graduation gown in the dream

Given 2 sapadilla

Gangrene toes

Green orb


Grand canyon


Golden belt

Granfother in white

Granforhwr in white

Gypsy at a food banquet

Goddess of spring

Good night

Gold jewelry

Good values means

Giant tounge

Gray puppy

Giving offering to church


Goat eating its own kid

Girl trying to kiss husband

Girl trying to kiss husband after basketball game

Giant flowers

Grandmother died


Getting medical shots for no reason from a strange guy

Guinea pigs

Giving kola to someone in my dream

Going to toilet yourself in front of many peoples

Guinea fowl meaning

Guinea fowl meaning


Grey printed shirt

Ground is slanted


Gulab jaman

Gay minister

Goalkeeper in dream

Green bug

Girl on a chair

Grandparents dying

Gym class

Gift of cheese

Green coriander leaves

Gungo peas

Getting eaten

Grandmother grave

Given birth to quintruplets 2 girls and 3 boys

Graveyard and cherry blossoms

Glowing mountains

Giant sculpture of white horse

Glass rubble pieces


Going over an edge

Ginger ale

Gaint roots

Guy friend crush

Getting stuck


Goodwill store

Gun tragedy

Garden of collard greens

Gun shots in my face

Granola bar

Got struck by vampire

Green pea soup


Grand nut

Green winged grasshopper


Green vomit

Grinding pepper on a grinding stone

Getting new clothes as a gift


Giving a wrong gift to a dead person

Gostrointestinal worms

Ganda flower

Giant trying to come in house

Getting unstuck on curb

Getting food from a dead person

Good news

Glass sliper

Good report card

Ghost dressed in black outside my window

Golden skull

Getting fired from job

Guine pigs

Gold pants

Gold sequin

Graduation gown

Green thread

Green leafy vegetables dream

Giving away extra things

Getting rid of extra things


Green moldy mattress

Green monkey bars

Ginger kitten

Giant flying guinea pig

Green bags


Gift cards

Green chillies


Going to the movies

Given a red oil in a dream

Going wee or toilet

Getting kicked from school

Gift of bitter kola

Greek helmet

Groin as symbol

Getting shot by a high caliber gun


Girl disappearing

Grey sea nad rough sea


Ground meat

Giraffe attacking family

Girl jumping

Gifted with fish dream

Giving recharge card in dream

Giving jaggery

Greek statues


Group bike

Giving a dwarf protection with clear water

Gl walls

Going to the loo

Gold pocket watch

Girlfriend holdsme as we dive n ocean breathe under water go to a city


Getting attacked by sister

Getting 6 keys from dead mom

Gold crown


Grown children when younger

Goat head kiss

Garuda sitting on a roof

Ghost of a nurse

Gypsy’s over rum my house


Gun and shoo

Golden nugget


Giving sweets to dead person

Guinea corm



German shep

Green ink


Green breast



Grandmothers house

Green glowing eyes

Giving money to transagender

Getting lost and being lead back

Given kolanut and not eaten in dream




Glaced fruit

Grandchild being suffocated

Giant walking robots

Gold cow


Grinding teeth out

Grilling steaks

Grey smoke

Give a gift


Gold inside of hot water

Giving my boyfriend cabbage

Garage door slamming

Gold fish

G s

Given a coin from grandfather

Giving money to kinnaur

Getting shooter but nothing happened


Group sexual activity

Getting hit with a baseball bat

Green skin

Golden beetle

Getting off train at wrong stop

Got gun shot on right shoulder

Getting chase by a clown

Getting a gold chain

Giving sugarcane to elephant in dream

Getting bit


Getting remarried


Good smiling

Glass cage

Getting kicked off a cruise ship

Grape vines


Getting rid of dead body

Greenery crop

Gathering kernel in dream


Getting eaten voodoo

Going to the moon

Governor borrowing praying mat

Gifting shoes

Garder snake trying to save it but also scared of it


Grey face with solid white eyes

Getting married

Getting lost while walking

Getting lost while walking home


Garland of marigold flowers in dream

Girlfriend hiding in bin

Giving money to a deadman in my dream

Gold santo niño

Green onions

Giant fruit people attacking me

Giving money away

Gold forks

Giving money to orphans in the dream

Giving betel leaf

Green herbs

Grape tree

Ground opens up to fire

Grinding machine

Golden heart

Going to a estate sale

Glass cracked

Grinded sorghum in a dream

Gifting dead a gift in a dream

Golden wheat

Getting lost in a parade

Giving fake coin

Giving birth

Giving birth to a white while am black

Giving money for apriest

Giving money to my dead mum in a dream

Green oval plate

Gold faucet

Green mustard leaves garden

Green mustard leaves gardwn

Grandparents staring at you

Getting poked in the face by a penis

Gate opening


Grandparent coming to get you

Ground braking

Gizzards meat


Getting hit by a train

Green grass

Gas guage rising


Giving kinnar money in dream

Given fufu to someone in dream.

Giving bird water

Gun in bag



Given shoes

Grocery basket

Grocerie basket

Grocery shopping cart

Grandmother and dead grandfather

Giving money to elders

Giving money to friends and relatives

Giving away clothes

Gopher biting you


Getting dick in ass

Grey room


Giving money to a transgender

Ghee coms out from breast

Gold & red emblems

Go to

Girlfriend is your cousin

Gum stuck to teeth


Glowing bird

Giving money to mad person

Going submarine

Going of in a submarine

Gold ring and gold necklace

Giant children

Gift to the dead

Golden bowl in my dream


Given dirty liquid

Godfather who passed away is still alive in my dream



Golden bird

Giving testimony in a church


Giving someone soup

Glass coffin

Getting 3 dates from a person

Getting 3dates from a person

Getting dates

Garden makeover

Giant owl

Given to eat wildfruit

Green face witch

Giving marigold flower to a male friend inside ganesha temple

Gulls flying



Giving money to deceasef

Gold teeth in family member

Grinding millet on a grinding stone

Giving 10 dollars

Green okra in dream

Getting fruits from dead father in dream

Grandparents disowning

Girl in trouble

Golden pinecone

Golden pine cone

Giving starfish

Guinea corn tree

Giving kajal to a lady

Grinding stone rolling out home

Grinding stone rolling out of house

Gifted a purse


Green leafy vegetables


Green open field with different paths

Get a job

Gas foam

Grandmother moves in

Give birth to a child with grey hair


God figures

Getting wind knocked out of you

Group study

Getting stabbed

Gun kills someone

Glass ferris wheel

Girl on front porch

Gifted an apple

Grandfather at table

Geceleri kusatiyorsun

Giving someone two bitter kola in your dream

Gushing water from a pipe

Getting mulched

Governor and me

Governor driving me in his car

Gave money

Gave money on a vision

Giving 20 naira in a vision

Gumbo pea meaning

Gold train


Giving prophet abraham penny

Grabbing genitalia

Giant pink lion

Glass teeth

Glass sharp teeth

Getting married and blood in dream

Getting paid on investment

Get stabbed

Grounding maize

Going through a window

Gold sovereign

Giving driving lesson


Giraffe attack

Girlfriend is mother

Gold and diamonds

Grabbing hands

Garment alterations

Giving birth to a still born baby

Grinding pepper on a grinding stone in a dream

God has better things planned for you message

Girlfriend turning old

Gun shot suicide

Green colour bangles

Gods slippers

Grey hair roots dream

Green plastic ring



Goblin attacking

Guinea fiel

Gold and white python

Gunshots blood and vomitting

Gold rose



Game ticket



Grandmothers ring

Grandmothers engagement ring

Gray mens suit

Green white and red flag biblical meaning

Granted corn

Golden hair man

Girlfriend turned into succubus demon

Gold tree

Golden beads bracelet

Gold beads bracelet

Gold beads


Giving birth to a triplet

Gym school

Getting married to a dead woman

Glue on finger

Gas vapours escaping

Gyn bleeding

Giving away all unused clothes

Guts in ocean

Goudkleurige schoen

Girlfriend stabs you in the back

Godlier soiling himself


Gauvava flower in dream

Giving food to poor little boy



Gold bead

Gargoyle on ceiling

Giant frogs

Golden sword

Give gun

Give gun to someone

Going through walls

Ghost town

Guy wearing pigtails




Giant tree

Grass field

Grass plane

Green breadfruit

Glass art

Glass dish


Green bangles dream

Green jello in a dream

Gunshot wound

Giving ghee to others dream interpretation


Green lips


Gender reveal

Gas leakage from cylinder


Giving a house to someone

Going towards a light

Go to school naked

Giving bread to a dead person

Grizzley bear cubs

Green candy

Gypsy funeral

Grass cutter

Ground in the room


Gl house

Giving chocolate to dead person in dream

God ride chariot

Go to take test but door locked, missed test

Grilled chicken heart

Grilled beef heart

Grandmother becoming exhausted

Glass junk in side body

Glass bangles red and green

Getting scholorship london

Given testimony in the dream

Giving birth to bones

Garment vent

Gold slippers and white garment in a dream

Giving to the church money in dream

Gold lost in dream

Given goats meat in a dream

Gentle lightning

Going thru tunnels and ducking birds

Gold necklace

Gift box

Get lost

Group hug

Glass jar

Gum pops in face

Garland on somebodys pucture

Gold trumphet

Gold feathers

Given a piece of land

Gold buttons

Giving unripe plantain to the dead father in the dream

God save me

God save me do you remember

Giving money to a child

Gift of gold jewelry

Green olives in a jar

Goat butting

Goat attacking

Growing leaves on my chest

Giving a wrist watch black with a red rim square face on it

Goat attack in a dream means

Grey smoke in a christian dream

Grasshopper up nose

Going back to school

Going to church

Girls in boys bathroom

Gift slippers


Gospel songs in dream

Glass coffee town

Guinea fowl

Gold fork and spoons and knives


Giving colanut in a dream

Grid with gifts

Grandma peyton


Gorilla in my house

Giving away good clothes

Gold erring place on right nostril

Gold hair meaning

Given brown coins by my minister to spray for at church

Given brown coins by my minister to spray for at church

Giving birth to a son then with a name

Gold jewelery

Grocery bags


Giant spider with human head

Guinee pig

Grave with fire

Grandmother cuts foot off with knife


Grasscutter in dream



Golden pool

Given a babe in the dream

Gold breastplate

Governor of my state take me with is car

Going to a fetish in dream(meaning)

Going to a fetish

Giving sweet to a deceased father

Going and buying milk from others house

Gold tooth

Giant head

Gave birth

Glass pit cher

Getting rob

Getting my ged


Get a handcuff in my dreas

Goat and alpaca

Gray blanket

Giving piggyback rides to an opposite sex

Guns have no ammunition




Guns shots fired

Granmother buys her grandkids gifts for valentines day

Group of children laughing and playing in my yard one child laying on my deck i told him to get off my porch

Group of children laughing and playing one child laying on my deck i told him to get off my porch

Gospel song


Going round in a circle

Guy flirts with me

Grinding pepper in my dream with grindind machine

Ghost hunting


Goose balls

Grease in teeth

Goose chick

Green sheer cloth

Green sheer

Gosling egg



Grapefruits hanging on its tree

Grating someones face with a cheese grater

Giving birth to a bat

Gov buying us

Gov wanted to buy a mans home for us

Green lettuce sprouting out of the palm of left hand

Given a white beads in my dreams to where

Getting possessed

Grey color


Green and pink

Grab by waist while sleeping

God status broken


Graduation certificate

Green velvet dress

Green plant growing out of head

Ghost lying down next to me in bed

Gas cylinder replacement

Grey nose hair

Guillitine of others

Gold wire

Gremlin at work

Ghost girl n dream

Going wrong direction

Ghost trying to push me out a window

Getting well

Green bangles

Given mango

German shepherd

Giving back a spoon

Green spor

Green for

Growth out of head

Ghost trying to get intimite with you

Glowing face

Ground level

Greeting a pastor in your dream


Gene therapy



Green chili plucking



Green lime fruit in dream means

Green line in dream means


God possessed small boy

Goat group

Glass bangle black n red break in hand

Getting arrested

Grabed from behind

Giving a cat a bath

Grandparents and table

Gift envelope from eagle mouth into my hand

Grandma having a stroke

Getting attacked

Getting lost and never arriving

Girlfriend died

Green vegitbles

Gouge out bible

Golden hair snf golden lashes

Gift of magnolia

Getting caught mastrabating


Grounded ant ant in food

Giving away a bra

Green door

Gladiator helmet

Getting money from the lottery

Going to a wedding

Green coriander died mother gave in dream

Group political struggles

Gardener improving the garden

Getting ready to get married

Gold teeth

Grand daughter

Garden of flower

Goldstone crystal

Gold garment


Going to my in laws home and getting t

Getting gift from mother dream meaning

Green eye tiger

Green eye friendly tiger

Give someone mortar in a dream

Getting gift from mother

Give out a tuber of yam

Ghee dream in the morning

Give praise god

Groom wearing grey

Gray hair pulled

Going up

Glass marble

Grandmother washing feet

Golden angels

Golden angel riding a black and white pinto

Getting robbed in my house

Getting lost while looking for someone

Grandmother washing feet in dream

Go kart racing into tiny tunnel

Gold silver money

Given money to my dead mother

Groom dying

Getting very nutritious golden grain type food

Getting 2 large bags of golden grain

Green bird in my house

Gold chin hair

Goat hoof

Grey swans

Getting 6 white panties


Girlfriend jealous

Gold curtains

Guava tree cut down

Guava tree cut down with the fruits

Green dresses


Giving out you toothpaste in dream

Girl covered in vegetables

Giving out onions in the dream.

Gcse grade

Giving bath to deathbody

Growing another breast on your arm

Gulab jaman road p gir jana


Guava tree

Green glass broken in dream

Grabbed from behind

Groundnut oil in the dream


Green dove

Garbage disposal


Giving boss a bath

Grey smoke spirit


Giving anal sex

Giving driving directions

Green flies

Giant grubs means

Giant chasing me around mountain


Garden eggs

Garden eggs in water

Granddaddy long leg

Green blood turn to red

Getting chased by people trying to hurt me

Golden chalice

Gulab jamun eating in dearm.

Green little skeleton

Gold heart bracelet

Giving water to a thursty birds

Giving first aid to a stranger until help arrives

Getting mohawk

Getting a mohawk

Green bottle guard very big

Giving out carjack

Giant fish chasing a squid

Golden non wedding ring with stone on top when man oh god gives to me

Green stone ring

Goes missing

Gross toilet

Grave sinking

Ghost in filing cabinet


Graduation robes

Grandparents coming with gifts. christian dream interpretation

Given a blanket

Girlfriend singing

Green vegetable garden

Green vegetables garden

Gordon ramsay



Good grades

George washington

Given two tubers of yam


Given cola nut in the dream

Greens as in vegetables

Giving palm kernel in the dream

Getting blessings from transgender

Guava with maggots inside

German accent


Groundhog holes



Glass dome

Going to fight satain as the red dragon


Grandpa giving me house papers

Grinding red pepper on grinding stone

Golden feather

Golden feather in dream

Grinding pepper on grinding stone

Green poop of pigeon

Green poop of pigeopn


Getting tackled off a roof

Giving a girl a massage

Golden eggs

Green spiral ring

Golden dragon parts

Geralt of rivia

Green door dream

Giving birth to baby birds

Green armchair

Going on without husband

Given an elctric hair cutter

Gray trause

Getting your eyes poked while closed

Guinea fowl chicks dreams

Going blind while driving

Grandmother from childhood


Glass door

Green water calm swim sea

Giving a madman a fellatio

Getting blessed in a dream

Giving a cheque to someone

Garden eggs in the tree


Getting naked


Giving awards to people in a dream

Given letters code

Grandmas attic

Group cultist

Getting low marks

Green watet

Gold fur

Given a hair clip

Ginger man

Gross lake



Giving money to your dead mother


Golden feet

Going into a bar with a woman


Grey snake

Grey coat

Gulag jamun

God gave me an avacado and told me it is the fruit of knowledge and we were in a hall of guffs. he said all souls come from the hall. and they are limited and when the last soul is born then the world would end .

God gave me a avacado to eat in a dream

Ghee on hands in temple

Glowing green eyes


Giving glass of water

Garden full of flowers


Going to a concert

Getting hit with baseball

Glass in eye

Giant centipede

God photo frame broken in dream

Given a maggi cube to chew in the dream

Going north

Goose chasing me

Giant wild animal

Greens and spinach

Giving red chilling to someone

Getting raped in a dream

Getting sexual harrased by someone you know

Gathering/house party with all my good friends that have passed

Getting banned from somewhere


Green corjnder


Given seaweed

Green flowing dress

Gold coins becomes stones

Gold becomes stone

Glass decanter

Going to the oscars


Group work

Glowing hazel eyes

Getting married in a pool of water



Grass grid

Graduation white gown what does that mean

Grilling food

Groin cut

Gable wall collapsed

Giant truck

Gree bell peppers

Garden wall

Giving money to a dead mother in a dream

Giving birth to triplets

Giving money to a dead mother in dresm

Giving money to a dead mother in adrea

Grabbed in bed

Got my phone back in my dream was playing music with it

Grounding pepper in a dream with stone

Guitar gift

Getting your perfume stolen

Gurukkul eating food

Gold eye of horus

Gained weight

Good bye meaning

Going to war

Grasscutter in my dream very closes to me

Giant flying spider

Giving water to drink

Girl 8 years old

Going up stairwell

Guinea pig bite

Go out with the boy u like

Glowing body while swimming

Gulab hamun

Green chilli plant in my house

Green chillies plucking dream

Golf range

Gave 2 car keys to someone

Gaining weight

Gift certificate

Getting transfer

Glowing figure




Giving a blowjob in dream

Ginger pubic hair

Green olives


Gummi bear

Gummy bear

Green vase

Gold circular eye glasses

Golden talking alligator

Guest of honour

Gold thread

Gifting a broom

Green pastures with fresh fruits

Golden baby snake

Glue something


German shepherd puppy


Giviing a dead person a blanket

Growing yellow pepper

Grasscutter killing

Guinea fowl on top of head

Giving a sweet to a dead person

Giving money to the poor child

Girl musical groups

Got mothers brains

Going back to school in adream

Getting laundry cleaned

Going to china to do laundry

Gift of red lipstick


Get money from dead father

Gun with no bullets

Grinding ogbono in a dream

Getting shot, bleeding and no one helping

Grass lawn indoors


Granadilla tree

Gethering fresh okra in the dream

Gethering fresh okra

Going underground to a satanic club n cant leave

Given sesame seeds

Groups of people

Given a ball

Going all out on the waterslides with 2 children with me

Girl in swimming pool with barking dog

Gray hankerchief

Grandmother falling into lake

Green foam coming out of mouth


Gum disease

God saving

Going on an adventure

Gas station

Guest doctor

Goddes laxmi in a gold coin meaning

Going down the stairs

Gorilla attacking

Going to prison


Getting lost on holiday

Gathering a cassava stems together 2 plant

Golden angel wings

Green murky water

Given a birthstone ring

Given a ruby ring

Ga kenkey

Getting smaller and smaller

Going on a quest

Green lantern ring

Gold on lovers back

Giant milkfish that is dead falls from the sky

Good physical body

Giving godly words

Gum pulling teeth

Gum pulling out rotten molars

Green glas

Grandparents housd

Gold award gift

Gunshot to heart


Get us

Given cocoyam in dream


Green house


Goddess and prophets dream

Gold ink

Giving someone water to drink in a dream

God eye on a wshbone

Go and wishbone

Graduation gawn

Green jackfruit in dream

Gold chain

Going to theatre

Going to the cinema

Going to watch movie in cinema

Garden in classroom

Getting your vagina sucked

Going to couples therapy

Grandmother killing me

Granddaughter sees smiling grandma in dream

Grandma smiling

Gopura in dream


Golden robe



Golden foreboding

Grinding wheel on dream


Given many cooking sticks as a gift

Going wrong


Given recharge card in dream meaning

Granny gave me underware

Glowing faces

Going home after work

Green pepper

Going to cinema

Grinning black face


Give kolanut in dream

Giving kola nut to the dead in dream

Ground nutsmeaning

Golden olive


Golden candles

Gathering oil bean for dream

Giving ex oral sex

Given the belt of time.

Getting hit in the back of the head with a baseball

Green budgie in cage no beak

Guru giving blessings me

Grass cutter dreams

Giraffe killing me



Green flowers and roses in dream

Gasoline station

Giving keys


Grinding corn dream mean

Giving money to dead one

Guilding a blind man

Guiding a man

Green face mask

Garden gnome

Golden tree

Going to the bathroom in front of people

Going to the bathroom

Grandfather clock falling

Gift from queen


Giving birth to dinosaurs

Ghost grabs me

Grabbed by a ghost

Given kolanut in the dream both red and white

Gnats swarm


Grains in clean water

Glasses can’t find the right size

Goat dreams


Girafee & cow

Getting dirty

Given cabbage

Gipsy love

Gifted fresh okro and i run to the farm to get more

Goat intestine

Golden chainmail armour

Going to marry

Girlfriend breaking up with me

Giving packetc of maggi

Giving maggi

Getting a tattoo of arum lily

Given a bag of potatoes

Grim reaper in white

Glowing brilliant face

Giving money to dead person in dreams means

Growing toes

Greek key

Given marbles in my dream

Given marbles in my dream by a dead person

Giving geraniums to a friend

Grandmother singing

Gums falling out

Given mosquito net

Giant duck in a dream

Getting lost and separated from a loved one

Getting lost shopping

Gramdma turns on a gas in the house to suffocate the family


Grandmother new partner

Getting a book

Getting a book in dream

Getting cursed

Given cupcakes

Genie phone


Grass snakes

Green coffee

Good deeds

Give money to dead mum

Getting two big dogs

Green peppers

Giving hand to a little girl

Going through clothes

Girl toddler

Grey camfologe

Gold insect mechanical

Giving red roses

Giving an award in a dream


Going back to school and facing difficult to tackle

Granadilla eating


Gold shoes

Gold hands

Golden hands


Guard in meeting

Gifted sel roti

Gliding with a parachute

Grandmother dying


Grandad in the sea

Giving water bottle to the dead

Giving instruction

Grandbaby wanting someone over me


Going up and down selling clothes in the dream

Gap under door

Gold weeding ring

Giving people some shoes

Getting hit by arrow

Giving valuables


Gifting a cat

Giving a dead person a pair of socks


German shepherds

Goddess durga without food on her front

Going home blocked by distance

Going home is blocked by distance

Getting off the elevator


Good piano


Giving a cake to my dead father

Going up a long ladder to a tree house

Going down a hill in an office chair

Giving bread to manager in dream by her request

Genevia name

Green room


Gold crown wearing white cloth with white colors

Goad head meaning

Green tiger as friend

Gift of tiara


Given money to a family member in your dream


Guns and weapons

Gods tinkers

Group of people on ice


Giving perfume from dead person in my dream

Ground splitting open and hearing horn


Given money plant seeds

Gift card

Giving cufflinks

Golden cup meaning

Gorilla speaking in my dream in my house

Giving someone money in the dream

Give birth

Getting licked on forehead by long tongue

Giving water to wsb

Giving people water to wash their hands

Giving poepl water to wash their hands

Gold plates

Green chilly plucking

Girl woman fish

Gols haie

Green spinish in garden


Growths and oozing

Grandmother passed away 2 years ago and we were taling

Goal tent

Goal ten

Green face lady in dream

Green face lady

Gorilla dreaming

Grand canyon.

Getting praise

Green onion leaves

Groceries and ice cream cones

Glass needles

Gold hair tie

Giving my deceased father gifts

Giving my deceased father christmas gifts

Giving my deceased fatger christmas gifts

Gunk yard

Going for a swim


Getting bit by a tick and spider

Garuda symbol on my chest

Garuda figure

Garuda symbol

German shepherd waiting to attack you

Grey shoes

Giving kola nut

Giving someone money gift in a dream

Grinding ogbono

Grinding red pepper with branding stone in the dream

Groiup of people rising from the dead an storming towards you

Given bag of puffed wheat cereal

Given a bag of instant cereal

Giraffe head


Groped in dream

Giant fruit in market


Giving somebody sugarcane in adream.

Giving oven to the enemy

Gum boots

Giant birds

Gray bed


Glass shattering

Guava treeeeeee

Getting good marks in test

Grabbed by a man wearing a mask

Green blood

Gruel being served

Golden porcupine

Grabbing ass

Gathering with the person who has away




Girlfriend stabbing you in the back

Gigantic dasheens

Getting married to the same spouse

Giant dog

Giving money to a mad woman in my dream

Garden glove

Getting fucked by a girl in my dreams

Goo coming out wall



Gold bars

Gold bars

Gift of quartz crystal

Get old clothes from boss in dream

Growth on side

Giving tablets to deceased mother

Getting bless from elders

Gold globe necklace spinning

Golden globe

Gay boot kerr boots

Good marks

Gift painting

Giving speech

Growing a penis

Guys being undressed

Groped sexually

Gay couple

Gay men

Giving unlit candles


Grapefruits on tress

Golf balls hit at me

Giving birth duck

Ganesha idol breaks

Grey eagle

Gun shots in dteam

Gun shot in the arm

Gallon dream

Girlfriends attack by classmates

Gifting wrist watch in a dream

Gums coming off

Golden retreiver

Gypsy horse

Group dinner

Giving a lot of yeast

Garden egg signifies what in dreams


Gray spotted snake


Green carpets

Growing hair on your side chick in a dream

Growing a teddy in a dream

Gas cylinder 2 full in urdu

Gas cylinder 2 full

Gorillas stampede over me

Giant blackhead expelled

Green garden in dream

Gold charm braclet

Going to hell and coming back paralyzed

Going to hell

Grandmothers wedding ring

Gift watch


Guenia pig

Golden maple leaves

Grand son going to the moon

Ghost having with me

Giant thunder cloud

Getting saree from someone

Golden coffin

Giving something

Given out old shirt

Gooseberry fruit & tree

Getting paid

Getting paid by traditional healer

Golden cover book seen by teacher

Gold obelisk

Green water with snakes

Glass house

Green marker

Giant butterflies

Giving someone pad



Grinded ogbo i

Getting edible mopani worms from tree

Gold stolen

Giving son a cpr

Goldfish in a plastic bag

Greaming picking coffee from grafted trees

Going to a meeting


Going into hell to get your son that the devil took

Given a golden biscuit coins with the number 8

Gold being stolen

Giving money to a dead friend



Glasses breaking

Grease on water

Giving some one a foot message

Gooseberry in dream

Gay nude

Guava flower dream

Green lighted candles

Giving kolanut

Green bird with feather

Green lights


Getting firewood witth an airplane

Gold sandals

Garden of scallions

Giving out kolanut

Gold belt

Gigantic horse and cat both the same size together


Girlfriend standing me up

Gym suit

Green candles light

Green front door

Green front doir

Ground swallowing you up

Gnats swarming in the shape of a body

Going backwards

Going to fetch water from borehole


Grass cutter animal drea



Garter snake dreams


Given a dead baby


Green hill

Getting new glasses

Guinea corn in my dream

Guinea corn and ground nut eating in dream

Goalkeeper dream meaning

Getting married and not knowing the bride

Getting green pumpkin leave


Green and red bangles in dream

Green figs and luscious green trees

Gum trees

Giving out my old clothes


Goddess mad at me

Group of bears


Grinding bengalgram in dream

Green oil

Gouged out eye

Green stingray

Giving someone cassava in a dream

Grabbing alphabet

Grabbing alohabet

Golden stairs

Getting married to a pastor

Giving money to dead mother in law in my drea

Gathering guavas from a tree

Girl with maori tattoo on face

Giving birth to a girl and breastfeeding her

Giving birth to a disabled child

Giving bottle water to elders in the church

Guru blessing


Good grades in dreams

Grinding melon to big engine

Grinding melon with big engine

Grinding melon in dream

Green water on a lake


Guru giving food in dream

Getting hit by a bus by a love one


Gathering of tamarind

Going to be late

Gold nosepin

Green hummingbirds

Giving someone ladle

Giving ladle to someone

Greek people

Gulab jamoon


Giving cooked millet to relative

Going to the cage in the cellar

Gathering maggi cubes in dream

Gifts on the threshold

Gravel avalanche

Giving water to a stranger

Giving gold ornaments to the dead relative

Greek god

Green turtle with feathers

Gifts of sheets

Green,green grass like a thick mat

Good looking knife

Grabbing in the dark

Green octopus saved me

Getting rejected in an interview

Glass hall

Ghost sex

Giving the dead 2 banana

Group meal


Green vegetables

Gang leader

Giving kolanut in dreams

Girls in white dresses

Getting toes sucked

Geese flying

Golden brooch

Green beam on me

Given groundnut oil

Green lime

Glove hand

Gloved ha

Gold vehicle


Glow stick

Goddess persephone

Ghost trying to lead me away

Guarding you

Gift, prizes, money in envelopes

Grover in a dream means

Giving money to my dead mother

Giving biirth

Groceries stolen

Giant my comrade versus monsters, me and friend and constellations

Green bangle breaki

Giving betel leave and green chilli

Gwtting lost

Green kilt

Green plaid

Grandfather clock

Going to a carnival

Getting married at night under the full moon at midnight and expecting

Glowing red eyed

Glowing red eyed cow

Group of people

Giving vermillion in dream

Goddess hers

Grey rat

Golden hair

Giving a gift wristwatch to my mother

Golden coffin with some flowers around

Going to bathroom

Gold piggy bank

Given limes

Groom gets killed on day of marriage

Guru blessing in form of sand

Guru giving blessing

God giving blessing

Gift of a cell phone

Green plant in dream

Glass without water

Generator services

Group of strangers

Gift of rocks

Grape vine

Gave someone my wrist watch

Grapefruit juice

Girl sitting down naked

Gun to head

Giving offering in church means


Green rice field

Gooseberry tree on a sunny day with tiny gooseberries on it

Green orange osage

Give red sari in a dream

Getting medicine from dead persons in dreams

Group of

Grasping the sun

Getting shape

Green panther

Garbage can

Giving a priest my offering in coins

Giving lip gloss as gift

Grasscuter bush meat in a dream m



Glass shoes

Getting job transfer

Gift fruits

Gun jam

Glass plane

Ground shaking

Gas mask

Giving someone dry stockfish

Getting married with a man


Gift check

Girlfriend in bikini

Giving orange in drea,


Gold cutlery

Gold bangles broken

Giving food to transgender in dream

Gold trophy

Glass garden

Green lentils

Gathering palm nuts in a dream

Gold colour3

Groom of another girl died in the wedding day befire thebefore wedding

Gold ring with black stone

Gold spinning wheel

Guenia fowl


Green pumpkin leaves


Gift of diamond in the dream

Gifof diamond


Great work

Green demon

Getting old and retired

Grid road

Gold fish in toilet bowl

Give back

Green spinach

Gold aura around my sister

Gorilla chasing my ex


Garuda in the night

Guava tree and fruit

Goat head eating

Golden bottle



Grandma’s house


Getting sex with other men

Green doors

Giving clothes

Grinding pepper dream meaning

Grinding pepper

Getting bad hair cut

Garden of heaven


Green coloured water with crocodile in it

Give someboda sugarcane

Grandson todder gets hit by car

Gold bar of soap

Gold car backend

Grounded black pepper

Group of hijras

Giving gift sunflower seeds

Girl in white dress flirting with boyfriend

Goddess in red saree

Green wall

Gold acha in

Greasy hair

Grandmother screaming

Giving a friend a ride

Gaping hole in my arm exposing arteries that had a folded piece of paper inside

Gaping hole in my arm exposing arteries that had a folded piece of inside

Good test grade

Graded or cut okro

Gave me nightshade

Girl holdin

Girl holding

Girl holding head down

Guniea pigs

Getting knocked out

Going to buy a towel but didn’t

Girl with down si drone

Giving kajal to someone

Giving mother money in dream

Giving money to my dead mother in christian

Guests in the house


Golden nose pin

Glue hair back on horse


Getting white house in gift

Gold stolen from hom

Good marks in exam

Gold chains on a tree

Giving birth a goat


Giving testimony

Green bread fruit

Glas horse

Gave cake to my decent mom

Girl dh

Giving tamarind in dreams a dead person


Green casper ghost

Getting rangoli from a poet

Girl i like

Giving people cold water

Getting bangs past the eyes

Green caterpillar in food

Grey horse

Grandmother wearing a blue saree

Going to the beach

Ghosts or spirits

Growth on body

Going over a bump in a car

Going to a hospital

Green reptile

Green iguana on my shoulder

Give my dead mom money

Give money

Glasses broke

Getting married with a rich man in a dream

Giving someone bitter kola to chew in a dream

Grave money

Grinding millet

Gushing ejaculation without sex

Green check mark

Gender swap

Gift wrapped

Given a bottle of red palm oil


Giggling at me

Goats drinking water from the river

Goats drinking water

Getting massage mom watching sexual act

Getting massage while mom watching

Gold breast plate



Gaining child custody


Gums falling apart

Green paint

Gay peoples

Giving it f paper

Grocery store

Giving kola nut in dream means what

Going for umrah

Giving step mother malt drink what does it mean

Giving step mother a drink




Grappling hook

Green chilly burn

Gun attack

Getting someone’s number


Grapefruit trees

Giant manta rays

Green pen in a dream

Ghee bottle breaks


Gold rainbow

Green pillars

Green spring onions

Going to purchase shroud

Goat’s heart eaten by snake

Gifting a snake

Garnet rings

Gift from your father

Giving people water


Getting off train

Going down a rabbithole

Getting desired thing

Green clothing

Gold statues

Golden roots

Ghee falling

Grinding coffee

Going to umrah with deceased father

Grass cutters dream

Guinea fowl stuffed

Getting old

Giant lionfish

Guest in a palace

Giving birth to a fawn


Granddaughter is very rebelliou

Groom dead


Grain bin



Going up stairs

Getting married with a purple ribbon

Green blood mean

Going to a shrine

Golden casket

Gift of cocoyam dream meaning


Garage sale

Given a taweez by the dead

Green coriander

Gently rubbing a fat black sheep


Gift of a picture of yourself by a stranger through social media

Great dane

Green water hose



Granadilla dream

Giving bitter kola in my dream

Giving donation for temple to people

Gold button d

Gold buttons on red jacket

Greeting dead person in dream

Giving offering at church

Giving someone part of frozen fish

Guine fowl

Giant pumpkin


Grades in report card

Glass of ice water



Goal keeps

Grasping by the wrist

Grasping somebody hand

Giving birth two twin boys

Graph board

Grand daddy long leg

Grandad looking for a willow stick

Grey sweater


Gym bag


Getting food from dead person

Getting food for dead

Getting lots of excellent exam results

Garden egg fruit means what in the dream

Garnet red

Getting married tosl stranger in my dream

Gym coach

Goat head


Gifting sugarcane to someone in dream

Good man

Garage pick up

Ghosted symbol on paper

Give someone maggi in dream


Gray black white feather

Gold jacket

Gold picture frames on a wall

Green stone signet ring


Ghosted symbol

Genie in the clouds

Goal keeper dream

Getting present from royalty

Granadilla meaning in a dream


Giving clothes to the deceased

Goblins peeing all over my room and laughing

Goblins seeing all over my room and laughing

Getting sh

Genie elephant

Grab someone and they disappear

Gold and ruby nose ring

Gun point

Gabage burning

Grown pubic hair

Gore cannabalism

Gold bay leaf

Grandma cooking


Gold marble chest of drawers

Gold marble chest

Giving someone pestle in my dream.what does it mean

Going to studio in dream

Gas grill

Give food to dead

Golden women

Groped by women

Giving birth to hizra

Gas is leaking from water tap

Green lush filed




Getting someone a cookie

Getting some a cookie

Green bangals

Gas stove left on

Giving an easy birth to a baby girl and then getting proposed to?

Giving an easy birth to a baby girl


Guava fruits

Guava friut

Getting work in another place

Get back

Gold colored square

Gold square

God chose me


Glamorous women

Golden color

God statue

Glowing distressed child

Gift from god

Golden yellow

Getting rid of household furniture

German sheperd

Going to ones own funeral

Gold ring with red stone

Glowing eyes in a dream

Girls torturing another girl

Glass of green water

Green in three wine glasses

Guests entering the home

Giving alms to old lady in dreams


Green guavas


God temple

Grinding pepper in a dream


Going on hajj in dream

Green chilly plant in dreams

Grass cutter dream meaning


Getting married to my boyfriend

Giving coconut to a superior man

Getting milo in thedream

Given calabash


Getting high

Ghosts shaking cuckoo clock

Gray horse

Grasscutter animal dream


Giving a lecture or a presentation infront of your boss

Giving apples away


Getting expelled from college with boyfirend

Gulab jamun in dream


Green fingers

Gathered at the funeral

Getting 2nd married

Glitter in dream

Giving thanks


Giving money to someone

Gas pump

Golden pendant

Green chilli in dream


Giving a testimony on street

Goat red eyes

Green trees

Golden tablet

Giant squid

Garcinia kola


Goodbyes kiss

Girl love me

Going blind

Get off the jeep

Garlic peeled and store in bottles.

Good cup

Giving foot massage

Getting news about graduation by telephone

Green okra


Green blue

Gold coins treasure

Garden with stream

Ghee full of pail

Grandma giving necklace

Getting a tattoo

Green powder

Given birth to baby

Gold pen

Glass byproducts

Gas tank explosion

Gas tank exploded

Going to the future and being shocked by achievements


Giant snail

Glowy eyes

Glowing women

Getting shovels

Gravel grave

Grey aliens

Gar fish




Giving water to people to drink

God yawning

Giving a dead person cake

Girlfriend with another face behind her head dream

Going out of house

Goddess of death

Green bangle

Gold scepter


Good grade


Ghost in the mirror

Getting callous cut off

Grandmother holding granddaughter

Grandmother holding ababy girl

Getting new clothes

Getting shot in neck by carjacker

Grey long hair in a pony

Glowing eyes in my dream


Groom gets shot on day of wedding

Green water

Goblin reflection

Goblin reglevtion

Grinding corn

Got fired


Golden earing

Gold chalice

Giving greeting card


Gifting a wooden sword

Gypsy caravan ghosts

Grass hoppers

Getting finger in my butt

Grandma warning in the dream


Giant pecan

Grinding pepper with grinding stone

Girl rejected you in the past

Ghost children

Green coriander in dream

Green hands

Grabbing hand

Getting chased by a guy with an axe in a snowstorm

Grease monster

Gun not firing

Going somebody

Given cooler in dream as a gift is it good?

Gold car crashing my car

Groping women

Giving saree to a dead person

Girl from tv


Giving a woman palm fruit in the dream

Goat ejaculating

Gathering with the person who has p ed away


Giving money to a mad woman

Girls crying in basement

Green rotating

Guniea fowl

Giving sweets to many people

Giving milo to someone

Glittering gold

Giving lassi to dead person in dream


Glass shards in hands

Golden water

Grand stage

Gorilla outstretched hand on glass

Gorilla out attached hand

Getting ready for my marriage

Getting turned around

Goes berry

Growing corn

Glasses too small

Get eaten

Getting good grades

Granddaughter eating raw liver i made her spot it out

Gold bracelate



Green glass bangle broken in dream

Giving a pedicure

Gokden chair

Gap under unlocked door

Given testimony in dream

Giving tiger nut in dream and throw it away

Getting eaten by a big grape on the set of a tv show

Green condom

Garden party

Giving birth to dinosaur

Green bangles in dream

Getting married to a known guy

Goddess laxmi ji idol made of silver

Green gardens

Green mulberry tree with big ripe fruits and taking some fruits from the tree and eating them

Getting caught smoking

God frame being broken in dream

Gifting perfume bottle

Gooseberry in a tree

Giving money to dead mother

God isis

Getting hurt

Getting hurt by someone

Gun wounds

Grinding coffee beans

Gathering nuts

Glass piggy bank

Giving someone 3 unlit candles

Gold plated

God footprints in dreams

Goddes laxmi

Green crayon


Grape seed

Giving birth to quads

Giant in a dream meaning

Grease oil

Goddess tara

Giant in a dream

Green path

Green alley




Green arrow

Ghosts of loved ones

Gliding in dream

Grow hairs on palm

Given bitter kola in the dream

Given bitter cold in the dream

Given bitter cold in drame

Going uncontrollably fast in a car headed for a brick wall


Grassy knoll


Glass blowing

Getting tattooed

Given a multiple colored shirt in a dream

Gold coin inserting into dome

Gaping wound forehead

Grandmother passed away

Gold balls

Gold glitter all around me

Given water to the deasesed

Getting money

Golf caddy bag

Giving money at a methodist church

Golden teeth

Going on the road carrying pot and pan without handles


Getting splashed with water

Giving some ones salam but not recive reply

Giving out bronze coins

Getting blessing from elder in dream meaning

Giving rice to dead person

Going home

Goddess lakshmi and gold


Given a refund

Given a full refund



Going into the wrong hotel room

Giant thumb on my head

Green smoothies

God is my lord

Gods hand and laughter go

Gods hand and laughter good

Going to be shot

Green barfi


Getting chased by a dead person

Green sea dragon

Gmail acc

Grilled tilapia

Getting married in a mosque

Getting hit in the chin upwards

Grand son,offering namaz

Grand daughter hung herself

Goat attacking someone

Great gatsby

Guinea fowls in a dream

Goal keeper



Girl see herself wearing chuda

Green circular plate

Gifting saree

Getting embarrased

Giving money at church

Gold nugget

Glass breaking on floor

Getting left alone

Green froest

Gold frame

Giving baby to others

Giant puppy

Getting in trouble at work

Grassy hill

Grass on head

Grassburrs stickers

Gold leaf crown

Good result

Good exam results

Gold digger

Gold color

Golden shoes

Grinding pistachio


Grey hair streak


Getting lost in tunnels

Going up a stairs with a child with potential hinderances

Gem that makes you feel closer to god

Green faced demons

Grey wolf

Giving something to the dead

Gatedoor broken

Guy who rejected you

Getting lots of money from vending machine


Green cups


Green duck

Getting chased

Get a tortilla in a dream

Green mucus


Giving testimony in church

Green passport

Girl on a stage

Girls with red garments

Going on a date

Ghee spilling dream

Gold jewellery stolen and half returned

Girl with red eyes and black trying to attack me

Gay sex orgy

Giant mill stone


Gypsy kidnapped my daughter

Grey eyebrow

Giving an ex lover a letter

Golden rose

Garnet ring

Gypsy caravan

Giving birth toa baby girl in a drema what does that mean


Getting a blowjob

Grandson and son


Given plenty kolanut in dream

Gold pastures

Going up in a hot air balloon


Green canal water

Giving someone bottle water to drink in dreams

Given a mad woman naked food in my dream

Given lassi to woman

Given lasso to woman

Given recharge card means

Garlic butter


Giving away eggs

Green avocado

Girl with purple eyes looking at you and disaster

Greek orthodox church

Ghost of a dead father calling on phone

Given a belt in a dream

Giving pawpaw to the dead in the dream

Getting god statue as gift

Getting laxmi statue as a gift

Green vaginal discharge

Grape leaves

Getting pushed off balcony

Golden snake

Gold snake

Giving apple to a dead person




Giving cake to me in dream

Golden muscle from unexpected place

Golden staff

Giving money to dead mom

Glass bangles on dream

George bush

Gold casket

Gold casker

Giving sacrifice

God turning into demon


Getting ready for a banquet

Garlands of flowers

Granma shouting,walking outside the house with very young family kids

Golden shawl

Green blood transfusion

Getting slapped in face

Grievance letter tied with string

Giant squis

Grandfather doesnt recognize me

Getting married with an unknown person

Grey hair on child

Getting fruit from dead relative

Getting hanged

Ground splitting open

Governor visit

Glass ceiling

Giving coal

Guest house


Gating a lopestat

Green sea

Graveyards on fire

Grandfather die

Gun bullets

Golden sliper


Getting punished

Getting spanked

Garbage removed

Giving massage to dead dad


Getting caught masturbating

Given the task of firing someone

Giving kolanut to eat in the dream what does it means

Grass cuttung

Giving someone a mirror

Gold cup with flames

Grey ocean

Gloves as a gift


Grabbing a big snake by its head while crossing a river

Given milk by death mother in a dream

Given a code number

Given a black and red saree in my dream

Good things

Green insects

Gathering cassava

Giving kola

Giving old clothes of kids

Gold bowl dream interpretations



Gray dress

Giving shelter to someone that left me

Girls arm

Gathering areca nuts in the dream

Green dragon

Golden framed chair

Grub in a dream

Gym locker room

Gift of silverware


Getting shot in the hip and my side

Going on a journey with a dead family member

Gater snake dream



Golden bowls in dreams

Giving water to bird


Green leaf vegetables

Ghost busters

Groom on wedding day without a suit

Giving award in a dream

Gray hair child

Got clean shirt dirty, threw it away,then went back to retrieve it, thinking i can wash that.

Getting kidnapped by shrek

Getting out of a funeral procession

Gothic architecture

Guava fruits means

Getting a promotion and raise at work

Grey broken palm leaves in the road

Grey palm

Grasscutter escaped from your hands in dream

Given a new two padlocks with keys

Giant holding my head

Green engagement ring

Green door with gold numbers 222



Getting poked painfully in the ribs

Genital warts

Given me a wink


Gold jwellery stolen

Getting grounded

Getting pleasure

Given a spoon

Gineau fowl dream

Glowing gold orange man

Giving a wedding ring hack

Glowing yellow man


Going from long hair to short hair

Goose biting

Green limes


Guy gives me amethyst mood ring and puts it on my pinky

Gopuram fall down

Getting a refund

Grandma cursing me in a dream

Grandma causing me in a dream

Garden eggs fruit



Getting married to a wealthy man

Gieania fowl


God durga statue broken meaning

Gold star


Giving a man unripe plantain chips

Global warming in my dream

Glowing object

Glow bug

Getting intercourse with a men

Getting sexual intercourse with a men

Gray quilt


Gold lips

Green gauva

God said tithe

Goat attacks

Goat dream

Guru dream

Golf ball in hole

Green peppers in dream

Green pumkin

Green punkin

Gun firing

Ghost at door

Gas cilinder

Giving someone water to drink in a dream meaning

Getting married to dead wife

Green and red glass bangles in dream

Ghost in photo



Got breast implants

Group members

Grouo members

German band playing tuba instrument

Giving money to transgender in dreams

Given a car

Going under a bridge

Getting my vagina lick

Giving a dead relative my watch

Ghost of a child monk

Gifted a blue and pink formal gown

Getting jerk fruit

Getting your periods in a dream

Green snake being pulled out of my vargina

Gold stolen from grave

Given a silver spoon in the dream

Goddess artemis

Golden, jeweled crown

Giving dead person money

German boy


Gagging on toothpicks

Growing new teeth

Going to check a new house in your dream



Given porridge

Giving a tasbih

Gaint eating people

Getting married dream

Ghosts of children

God kaliamman

Giant fish and serpent swing in dmurky lake water dream

Giving water to the dead

Green chilly on plant

Gold jesus

Gold butterflies

Grind pepper

Grab my cousin breast


Going on a trip packing

Giving half a fish to someone

Giving away the tail of a fish

Godess devi laxmi

Garden bench

Gost hunting at nite

Got transfer to my previous place

Greek tree

Giving food to a sister who has passed on in a dream

Gothic house

Green plants in home

Given someone water to drink in the dream

Grandmother red saree

Garden of paradise

Gold medal with green and purple ribbon

Grinding sorghum

Great grandmother

Get off bus

Gigantic poop



Giving something to a dead person

Giraffe attacking me


Giving a dead person food

Green cashew fruit

Governor in house

Going to the dentist

Gingerbread house

Green rotten moldy tortillas

Golden hearse

Grey cat

Guava tree in the rain

God white dress

Getting shot in the back

Giving food soaked in water in a bowl

Giving away of raw food in water to someone

Gold wrapping paper

Golden scrolls

Gila monster

Granadilla dream meaning

Goose liver

Grave smoking

Grave on fire

Ghost of a living person

Girl head wound

Getting a bad mark on my test

Gold sword


Goat skin

Girl you love

Genius child

Geomancy master

Geomancy master li




Getting things i want

Getting a call to sales a house

Giving contact


Green name

Ground hornbills

Get out

Golden spectacles

Gushing water

Given an infant


Gold cross in my dreams

Green bananas



Green beans in dream

Growing taller

Getting taller


Grey corvette

Gremlin green mean

Green river dreams

Green water dream


Golden and white bird flying to you

Giving money to sixer

Girl dress caught fire

Geting money from the earth

Getting re married

Giving birth to a baby with double tongues

Giving people fresh iced water in a dream to quench their thirst

Giving azan

Grandfather in law

Grandrather in law

Gold pocket knife

Gold smith in dream meaning


Giving flowers to dead person

Grass in sand dunes



Ghee in dream

Getting robbed of clothes

Giving khudba

Given torn money i a dream

Gold writing

Green fabric with kalma on it

Green cloth sheet with kalma on it meaning

Green cloth with kalma on it

Grape juice

Giant blind woman


Girl talk

Grass cutter in ones house in a dream

Goddes lakshmi

Giving people water to drink

Giving gold to dead person in dream

Giving my gold to dead person in dream meaning

Given pink jacket or coat

Got quran gift

Gathering with the person who has ed away

Giving money to a dead relative in a dream

Grandmas house soup grinch killer pool bathroom cocktail party avatar trees missing child vacation diner robbery ferry vampire bitlife

Grandmas house soup grinch killer pool bathroom cocktail party avatar trees missing child vacation diner robbery ferry vampire but life

Grandmother takes me into white light, to heaven

Grandmother took me to heaven and let me feel free

Grandmother’s house

Going up in a elevator

Green eyeshadow

Giving milk to a dead person

Grey snikers

God idol broke

Giving someone lassi

Gilani jamun

Giving offerings in the church

Going to church giving offerings to the paster

Going to a church and giving offerings to the pastor

Golden pot holder

Gold pot holder

Gold box

Garden eggs fruits


Giant robot


Glass door hinge

Graduation gown dream

Green pumpkin

Giving birth to baby

Ghost with a baby

Girls cheek

Gum tree green leaves

Give someone mortar and pestle

Gold earling lost

Guinea fowl dream interpretation

Girl crying

Good weather

Giving birth to calabash

Giving jewelry to someone

Greenbarsof soap


Girl gathering

Getting grabbed


Giving money to dead brother

Gold jewery

Gifted pomegranates fruit


Gartner snakes

Getting a girl baby


Going back home

Giving or making a gift

Going to the toilet in public

Goat hair curly


Giving gift to dead person

Getting a text stating that they

Getting kidnapped

Getting fucked

Grass cutter meat

Garbage truck need to throw


Gold coins in a bag

Giant clock

Giving a person words of encouragement


Green plants islamic dreams

Going to an interview

Grandparent that passed


Green wooden door

Group sharing

Green bay packers

Going somewhere

God statue breaking

Going to a fair

Glass coffee pot breaking

Grinding species

Grinding spicies

Grinding ina a dream


Gold turning black


Gold eyes

Group picture


Giving offering

Gold car

Going out of a mosquito net

Getting electricuted

Golden trees

Goalie net

Going on a cruise

Gas stove and kerosene stove in dream

Gold image of goddess in dream meaning

Gold ornaments

Gold chains

Grinding nigeria melon seed

Grinding melon

Giving maggi in the dream

Getting a taweez for knowledge

Giving the pitcher to someone

Green nightmare

Goose berry

Growing a moustache



God bharai


Girl with no body sad

Gouls dancing around you

Gouls dancing

Golden lions

Gun holster

Gray long hair

Green street

Geese and birds

Gray hair in a bun

Geometric shapes

Grounding stone in a dream

Grandmother died years ago, dream about her dying again

German shepard

Grabbing viginia

Given rosary beads with all our friends when we were young and being so happy.

Green velvet

Given a bag of overly ripe bananas

Given a bag of rotten bananas

Giant slug

Gaining private information

Grey and black spider

God chant

Ghost chasing me

Gold convertible

Green bean

Garments being burnt



Going into labour

Growing and holding in hand




Getting new shoes

Ghee desi eating in dream

Grass cutter raw meat dream


Grand theft auto 3

Grand theft auto

Getting coins from a dead person

Grey donkey wanting to chase u

Glow worms

Goat head un dream

Get kissed on vagina

Giving yourself an enema


Giving the dead food to eat



Getting slapped

Geese attack

Getting a bad hair cut


Guiding me to a new job


Green pumpkin in the plant

Growning 3 long public hair

Guinea pig black and white

Guinea pig black and white huge

Green soap

Going to perform hajj

Given a lei

Gun fire by politician

Gas email

Giving offering during opening of big church and changing some currency

Goat attack islamic interpretation

Gift of coarse salt bag

Giving a person cashew nut

Given a cabbage

Green mango


Getting a new saree in dream

Green citrus fruit


Gulab jamum

Giving out charcoal to your neighbor in a dream


Gomti chakra

Given offering in church what does it mean

Given ganga water to take bath

Goodbye horse

Guinea fowl dream

Gold knife

Giving medicine to dead father


Glass bangles

Grave stone cleaning

Given coco yam in dream

Getting on an elevator

Given smoked fish in dream

Got married to a rich and was loved by the family


God statue broken and falling

Grave digging

Green bushes

Giving clothes to my dead mother in a dream islamic interpretation

Giving clothes to my dead mother in a dream

Giving offering in dream

Going to new country with friends in a dream

Green seaso ing pepper receive

Gave back engagement ring

God hanuman

Giving the fruit away

Giving beautiful fruit to somenone you know is not good person

Giving someone handkerchief in a dream

Giving testimony in a crusade

Giant turner painting

Gold leaf earrings

Getting a bank loan

God idol breakage

Gorgeous huge green emerald above me

Gutting out a house

Garden egg meaning

Gifted fruits by a famous celebrity

Glass hammer

Green friuts

Good writing

Greeting card

Gospel of matthew


Green caterpillars

Gift shop


Grey beard

Goldfish in a bag

Goldfish down the drain

Giving compliment

Given milk dead person in dream

Getting married to dead woman

Green tamarind plucking

Glacier melting

Giveing new clothes

Given a t-shirt

Given t-shirt

Giving someone to drink water


Green loght

Green alter

Green alta

Garter snake

Going to get a pedicure

Greenland in a dream

Give aid

Green bell peppers

Going back

Green chillies plant in abundance

Giving gold to someone standing behind

Giving sour milk to your pregnant guest

Going to be fingered by her

Gun man

Gold hook

Given money by sister-in-law

Giving hand kerchef

Gas cylinder

Gifted by my friend old cloth

Gifted by my frienfriend old cloth

Gayatri mantra

Gathering sea foam

Get dressed

Getting alot of splinters

Goddess isis a large cobra

Goddess is is as a large cobra

Gay wedding

Grizzly sow

Golden apples

Going to a church

Gums bleeding

Golden cat

Gas gauge

Getting married again

Going to gail

Going to gail and losing teeth

Goat grazer

Gift of dog

Global warming

Golden shells

Going for hajj

Golden horseshoe

Gold necklace with big horseshoe

Give to another person betel khili

Growing a tail

Gift sheep

Giving out bad stapler to someone that want to staple an envelope


Ghost having with me


Gathering cut flowers

Goddess asking umbrella

Getting kidnaped

Getting kidnaper

Guy walking trough wall

Golden forest


Green extra large fruit

Grap fruit

Green bottle gourd and gourd plant

Goddess laxmi in dream


Giving money to my dead grandmother

Glowing eyes

Get lost in shopping mall cant get to my car

Guy gave me diamond earrings

Grasscutter animal

Grinding beans

Guavas fruit

Guard dogs

Going to heaven

Giving perfume from dead person in my dream.

Going in reverse in a car

Given milk by dead person

Given food by dead mother

Gave birth no pain

Gold hearse


Glued fingers in a dream

Gold rings in soil

Giving water to old man

Getting onto a train

Giving the dead money

Giving coins to the dead

Gutter in a dream

Giving deseased tea to drink

Giving deseaed tea in a cup

Giving shot

Grabbed and spun around

Golden ou

Golden holy oil

Going up a real high bridge and it was the only way to get home

Giant eye

Gold teeth and new car

Givein a dead leave

Gum in mouth on fire

Gums in mouth

Gathering of people

Glycerin dream

Growing money plant in dream

Getting engaged with a stranger

Green peas

Giving birth to salamander

Giving birth timo salamander

Green mountains

Grey& black shirt

Garden greens

Guava in dream

Geometric flower of life

Gold ring robbery

Getting lardge check

Gold ring with ruby

Geometry shapes

Gun won’t fire

Giving birth to a cow

Going to a prom

Guinea chicken

Gold glitter

Glass jewellery box


Giving some carrot seeds form a death person

Grasscutter animal make love in dream

Green water floods

Given a gift

Gold towel

Golden basket

Getting seperated from girlfriend


Genie in aladdin


Gold nose pin

Givving clothes

Good business transactions

Gay contraversy

Goldsmith in dream

Giant oarfish

Getting paid lobola

Getting heal from sickness

Getting well from sickness

Grandmother’s death. i am crying

Giving someone a cake

Going down slide

Green land

Glamorous party

Gathering of kufr

Getting a bottle for another woman’s baby

Green lionfish

Given lots of fresh cream


Greyhound dog in dream meaning

Giving a penny to a dead relative

Green ripe grapes


Green slime throw up

Getting sweets from kinner

Golden fire ball

Goats in a wave pool

Goats drifting off in water

Grey bird in birdbath

Ghosts in dream

Glow in the dark

Grenade thrown at you

Goblins after me killing them by spitting on them

Grave in fro

Gravelike hole in front of window

Girlfriend with kaste

Girlfriend with madre

Goodwill dream

Goddess lakshmi feet

Giving money in the church for offering

Growing cassava


Ghee pouring dream

Gold bangles

General manager

Grub worms

Green corriander

Go cart

Gving money to a person who is not alive

Girlfriend kissing someone you know

Girl awakes before woman reaches her

Green pee

Go to the toilet

Garments burning

Giving testimony in church dream meanings


Goalkeeping in dreams

Gifted with a blade of wheat grass with wheat on it

Giving birth to a baby girl being unmarried

Green urine dream

Goat meat pieces

Green cassava leaves

Green chair

Granma dream about distrubuting sarees before marriage

Giving birth to triplet

Getting out of the undertow

Graduation day

Growing cashews

Getting into trouble

Green water with frog and crocodile

Growths from chest area

Growth on chest area

Gift bags


Green liquid from your body

Gift cloth

Giving death person water for drink but he can not drink


Giving cloth gift

Giving husbands cloth to someone as a gift

Giving away husbands cloth sa a gift

Garden egg

Giving oral sex to gir

Glass bangles breaking

Giving lot of clotges away fromcloset

Giant intestinal worms in poop

Grasscutter in a dream

Gula jamnu

Green sperm


Getting sodomised

Garland on photograph

Glorious and gold mountain

Green bright light

Grandfather talking to me

Getting married in a dream

Grey clouds


Giving birth to a baby boy

Green tiger


Garden egg meaning in dream

Goats meet

Gold neck chains

Groundnut oil

Going with blind man

Guava flowers in dreams

Getting tobacco from a deceased friend

Give someone a tuber of yam

Godh bharai

Giving birth to a baby bear

Gain weight



Glass ash tray

Giving palm nut away

Greek meanings of pork

Gold plate | dream meanings

Giving bath to dwarf

Giving bath to baby

Green spinach in the garden

Grass cutter in dream

Grub in vein


Getting murdered



Green caterpillar

Green face hare

Goddess on mars

Green bottles

Grinding millet in the dream

Garter snake dream

Glass top table

Giving me maggi in the dream

Given kola nut

Going to get water


Golden apple

Glass of water for a sick person

Green saturated grass

Greasing hair

Gray doves


Giving mother sustenance

Grasscutter animal in a dream

Green fungus growth over a child dream indicate

Green tablecloth

Giving money to a bank

Got shot

Getting married, henna on hands


Going to flea market

Going to fles market

Gathered stone

Given box of diapers

Giving birth to a duck

Glue stick to your fingers and trying to remove

Green pencil writing

Game park

Giving people a drink of water

God hindu

Got wet and had to change three times

Green clothes

Gold given in dream

Ground water

Giving water to dead person in dream

Golden light on my face

Giving money dead person

Glass milk bottles

Giving birth to dog

Girl commit suicide

Going to the toilet with others present

Getting money from a dead grandfather

Golden coin

Grape fruit meaning


Gold stone




Golden chalic

Giving money back to a dead father

Gift of pack of carbon papers the dream

Green apple tree

Gray white long hair strans

Giving towel

Giving a deceased person money


Gorl child telling a secret

Green pond

Group masturbation

Giving took pick to ur enemy in dream wat does it mean

Golden retriever


Giving lizards

Glass bowl

Giving kurban

Giving kolanut in a dream

Giving chocolate to a dead person

Getting ready to attend function

Giving chocolate to dead person

Given a baby

Going to pray in mosque

Giant cat

Giving shoes

Garlic growing in garden

Gold statue

Gray goat comes in seat on me

Given a fork in the dream

Given fork


Getting in trouble

Giving bread

Giving a snake as a gift

Getting money for sex with three people

Getting meat out of the fridge and it smells bad

Glaes bangles in dream

Green orange

Glass bangle

Glass bangled

Getting lost then trying to find your way back home with a boat but end up sinking since you cant ride a boat

Getting lost then trying find your way back jome with a boat but end up sinking since you cant ride a boat

Giving an excursisum

Green table cloth

Giving my dead mother my savit to look after

Gerçek hayatta istediğim kız seni istemiyor ama rüyanda beni istiyor

Green river

Given gloves

Green chilly

Gold cross

Gifted 4 black watches

Genital hair


Getting rape

Getting shot with firearm

Gum stuck in throat

Golden retriever dog

Green chili plants


Grapes sex

Goddess kiss

Goddess kissing

Grave mount

Giving dead money

Gift wrapping paper

Going to get cash from atm

Getting cash from bank

Going to get cash from

Getting my hair done and curled

Gossberry in dream in pregnancy

Gossberry in dream

Gift of iceburg lettuce

Getting stood up at a wedding


Glass broken by heat and fire

Great monk saying that you are lucky in my dream

Giving food to the dead

Gray cabin

Green beans

Getting kicked out home

Giant footsteps above me


Gas cylinder dream

Going into a cave

Gong into a cave


Green plants

Greenland’s given


Golden bowl and henna

Girl hold my hand

Girlfriend hiding my hand

Giving a towel to a spiritual sister

Gold flag

Going in group

Going out with silk saree

Going for prayer late

Gold bracelets

Grinding ogbono means.

Grandparents walking with grandchild


Giving water to dead

Giving birth to five girls

Getting slapped many times on the cheek

Green color

Give book of interpreting dreams

Good grades in my exam


Getting slapped many times in the face

Group of people standing together

Gold sceptre

Gargen eggs in dream

Glass cofin dream

Golden earrings

Green chillies being plucked from big trees

Goddess hera

Giving a dead friend money in my dream

Get neem

Giving a begger polony

Green apple tree growing inside home


Glowing balls

Glowing balls rise out of box

Gold throw pillow

Green blanket

Glasses found in a dream by someone and the eyeglasses have no lenses

Giving scissors

Given a used sanitary pad

Gold sports car

Gold stolen in dream

Gave money to deceased person in dream

Growth on child

Giving someone clothes

Garment white

Grand mother changing light bulb

Giving sweets to old aged person

Grass cutter animal in dream

Giant elephant

Giving chapatis to someone in dream

Giving pad to someone

Giving water menon to dead father

Greenish water dream


Getting smell of nutmeg

Giving birth to babies

Gold plate with bread on it

Gold plate dream means what in a

Going up an excalator falling

Green tunic

Gourd in tree

Green tangerine in dream

Green parrot

Green plates

Giving a testimony in dream

Ground nuts

Giving drapes

Green card


Green sweet pepper

Giant cats

Gren parrot

Giving money to transgender

God status break


Giving condolence in dream

Green color sai and is headless

Garden of red roses

Glitching things

Going back to an ex


Green apple and a dead person

Greaming of a mad woman

Give water to drink meaning

Gathering fresh palm nuts

Gathering palm nuts

Getting new clothes from women

Giving out social security number to a stranger

Given velvet tamarind

Gutter cleaning

Goat flesh

Green noodles

Green plans given

Going to saudia arabia with father

Ginger tom cat

Getting a wedding invitation

Goal posts

Getting embarrassed

Giving birth of child

Green leaves

Giving a man water to drink



Getting good marks in a test than my friend meaning

Giving lily pads


Gun man in a field

Genderless baby

Giving someone dates and water

Getting groped

Ghost dream mining

Grandmother sick

Giving birth to triplets boys

Grade a

Going to work shirtless

God’s loving kindness

Giving silver coins to dead mother



Giving money to the deceased in dream

Getting into car accident

Green money plant

Gum cleaning

Getting attracted

Going back to highschool

Ghost moving objects

Given a new heart


Giving food to some one hingry

Gathering pine cones


Gold silver

Getting address



Grow teeth

Green apples

Gargoyels eating my fingers

Gold gift

Getting back my old truck and driving it

Guilt after sex

Getting ready for a wedding


Getting ablowjob from the devil

Giving cashew nuts to a group of people

Garden of fruits

Going to madina

Given a purse in dream by a girl

Golden crown

Gun dad kill

Getting married to own husband in dreams

Goddess with neem

Green snake

Gold leafs

Gay boyfriend

Gun shot

Giving choclates

Given money to dead person in dream

Goat having stroke

Green colour car

Green color car

Green bedding

Green farm

Going to a place with two of my coworkers to a house that had old highschool classmates that lived near by to buy marijuana

Giving dream interpretation

Group with special powers fighting against society

Giving someone perfume

Giving someone athar

Giving back the gold

Gutter being cleaned

Giving old woman porridge

Genie lamp


Getting slapped in dream

Giant suid

Guinea pig attacking chick

Guinea pig attacking chicks

Gave money to people

Grace book

Green gourd dream

Giant animal


Giving sugarcane to someone

Giving sugarcane

Giving a man sugarcane

Gag reflex


Gungo peas meaning in dream

Guinea fowl dream meaning

Guineafowl in dream

Growing long hair for relative

Group travel

Giving water in dream

Grim reaper

Grèen ruler

Given poker chips

Gold jewelry robbery

Giving testimony in a dream in the church

Grand mother dead


Guinea fowls

Girl in sewers

Giveing birth by servant

Giving silver gift

Girl tells about her milky breast

Girl tells her breast milks


Going to jail

Giant baby

Getting hanged upside down

Golden sap

Guts coming out of the abdomen


Going to kabba

Girl child

Going birth baby boy

Given money

Good gas cylinder meaning

Get powers

Gift from an indian

Gun shoot

Giving money to the dead in your dream

Good rainfall season

Grinding teeth

Giving cash to the dead

Giving snacks and tea to dead member

Growth on forehead

Gold hotpot

Gas cylinders

Given poison by a member of the family

Giving someone poison

Girl drowned

Giving a lion green beans

Girl being forced to marry a jin


Guy i like

Good grades on report card

Giant green snake bites me

Getting fake jewellery as gift

Giving money to a deceased relative


Green and calm ocean

Green ocean

Goign to jail

Giving money to deceased mother

Gunshot on my chest

Giving birth to a girl

Gloom to the sea

Giving birth to a baby girl

Gold found in property


Gift in a dream

Glass table

Giving medicine

Getting hooked in the face

Growing a tooth

Glue dropped on clotha

Golden rings

Green box

Giving to the deceased

Girl in a box

Good grade meaning

Grey book

Guinnea fowl

Green jewel

Giving others cold water in a dream

Green waters mean

Getting hosed by water

Greeting in too much excitement

Godh bharayi

Gold fish and squid in dream


Giving betel to dead father

Going to buy sliver ring

Giving water to

Gecko carrying or stealing something and walking along the cealing

Getting shot

Grimm reaper

Getting bananas from the garden


Giving coins to dead mother

Gathering areca nut


Got period

Grandmas severed hands and feet

Group of frog

Glass vial

Glass vial of red liquid


Given mimeral bottled water

Good result meaning


Giving birth to twins

Getting robbed in a foreign country

Getting robbed in a foreign place

Giving the dead milk

Giving the dead pistachios

Giving money to transgender mean

Giving a deceased money

Grabing someone from waist dream

Green dress

Grinding pepper with a grinding stone

Giving birth to twins or triplets


Give birth to a girl

Give birth a baby girl


Getting scholarship in the dream from a governor

Give money to a woman

Gary hair


Grand child

Golden lion

Ghildhood friend

Given a black black feather braclet

Get gift of baby girl dress

Get gift of babe girl dress

Greanfield in dream

Gold ring

Going over fence

Getting beaten up

Gold jewellery

Gold bracelet

Going to take a bath but a fire burning was seen

Going to take a bath but a fire burning was sheen

Giving money to a dead person

Gathering cashew from a white sand

God hades

Gold wedding rings in soil

Gun shoots

Giving money in the dream

Green corn field

Going to the masjid


Giving birth a baby girl

Green calabash

Getting bitten by a snake

Gold earrings

Go down

Green light in the sky

Giving kola nuts


Giving gold jewellery to a dead person

Grey hat

Gold statue and fire

Glass house collapsing

Garden fork

Gray hair

Gold crown dream

Getting nikah message

Golden bangles

Greenhouse- unpleasant

Going to toilet

Gulabjamun in dream

Green chilly dream

Girl tell man to read quran

Getting married with dead one

Guy with a pink machine gun

Gifted a compass

Give birth a girl

Going to a funeral

Giving food

Gunuie fowl

Gunie fowl

Gods word

Green cloth flying and coming upon my head

Getting run over and paralyzed

Greating father (late) from return of umrah

Gulab jaaman in dream

Gold jewelry stolen

Gold ring breaking into pieces

God ganesha

Glowing staff

Grains crops farm in a dream

Ghost house

Glass tables

Guinea fowl eggs

Graveyard shift

Grand father sick

Gopher snake

Giving food to a deceased

Girlfriends back to me

Getting a new job offer

Glass pot

Grey clothing

Getting a new job

Getting fingered

Getting jewellery


Give milk to deceased person

Girl baby

Giving money to dead person

Given seeds

Goat represent devil wgat is the me

Girlfriend pregnant

Gas on fire

Gaz cylinder


Golf cart accident

Getting into trouble with your former finace

Green plantain

Going up steps over and over

Green sneak

Giving chocolate sweet to a guy



Green fields

Got my period sanitary napkins bloody

Going on hoilday

Gender changing

Given a new pen

Given a wristwatch by him

Getting a phone call

Getting a call


Getting gift from dead person

Grandma gave me gold

Golden bell

Grey shirt

Going to london in dream for study

Getting us scholarship in dream

Gum bleeding in dream


Green soup


Gulab jamun

Giving a girl my dirty hankerchief

Guiding voice

Giving testimony in church at a dream meaning

Gold leaves

Going gray from roots

Giving cupboard

Guest without food


Gender change dream meaning

Gender change in dream

Girl worried about hair turns onto boy

Getting engaged

Green chillies plant

Garlic growing in a garden

Greeting president

Goddess laxmi idol in dream

Getting promotion at work


Giving alms


Green baby in a dumpster crying

Grey car interior

Giving testimony in churxh

Green chilli growing

Growing potatoes

Gusband dead

Ghost living in the house



Giant crabs

Going to fix broke gutters

Giving gifts to a prophet

Good grades in exam dream

Good grades in dream

Gym weights

God statue broken dream meaning

Giving your name away

Green face demon

Giving coin money to dead man

Giving a death relative money in a deam mean what


Giving birth to baby girl

Getting married to army general

Giving sweet to deceased


Getting married to peer

Getting a bad grade

Grabbed left ankle

Green velly

Giving old clothes

Getting mad

God house in hair

Great grandparent

Glass mirror


Giving out old clotges

Giving out old clothes

Good grade result

Getting chicken pox

Golden pen



Gas cooker

Grey roots hair

Gas can

Gold coins which give my husband me but some person hack me

Guinea fowl male and female

Grinding pepper with grinding stone dream interpretation

Green mucus out of nose



Green fluid in glass purfume bottle

Gorcery store and lost cart of food

Going to ex spouses house and taking olives

Granite in dreams

Giant duck

Giving birth to a girl child

Giving someone a toy

Gold buttons given to you

Giving food to decieased father

Giant eels

Giving someone porridge in a dream

Giving testimony inside the church

Getting infected

Going to a hill

Getting chicken pox in dream

Getting rid of lots of worms in my house



Ghost nurse

Grapes vineyard


Glasses with red roses

Giving money to dead relative

Grabbing balloons and floating up

God statue broken

Gettig promotion dream

Green glass bottle

Getting promotion

Guru appearing in dream


Getting false teeth

Gold car dream

Giving money to dead

Green four door south

Guy dont wanna get married

Going to procession holding white candle.

Giving a dead person water

Giving a dead person a glass of water

Gulab. jamuun

Gulab. jamun

Golden couture razor

Green snake coiled around the wrist of a woman

Green pillowcase

Gold cross pendant

Gender reveal party

Green tamarind indicates

Green tamarind

Gently morton

Got possessed

Giving money to a deceased

Golf hole in one

Giving clothes to another woman

Grass road

Giving fruit to eat

Going to mosque with torn cloth

Giving coin to a dead person in dream mean

Giving money to a dead person in dream mean

Given a radio by a lady

Glass world

Given meat

Glass globe

Green chilli in dreams

Ghee falling on the floor from the vessel


Green oean

Gathering leeks

Glass house on a hill

Golden ball

Got stuck among the mentally ill people


Goalkeeper dream

Glasses islam

Going to hostle in a dream

Green waves

Ganesha means

Giant wooden door


Go get me a hotdog


Growths on scalp

Glass hopper

Green wheat in dream

Giant trees

Green crops and water in dreams

Greenary in dreams

Going kabah

Green and pink fruit

Given a ballpen

Girl turns to doll

Getting rocks thrown at me

Garden snake

Gold lotus

Garter snakes

Getting a pay raise


Gold cup

Gap teeth

Given money to thedead person?

Girl with purple eyes looking at you

Grinding pepper in the dream means what


Green moon

Girl circumcision

Gathering stones

Garden on rooftop made by deceased father and alive sister

Gold and silver belts

Grinding maize

Gold color snake

Gold volor snake

Giant kill

Good morning

Grabbing wrist

Green skyline

Glue and sandwhich

Green and red bangles

Golden hand bell dreams meaning

Golden hand bell

God frame broken in dream

Granddaughter dying

Giving a dead person a dress with flowers

Getting a family member out frm drowning in cement


Going up in a stairs in a dream

Gold star dust

Giving money to hizra in dream

Giving money to hi ra in dream

Gold earing

Green jewelery


Give someone money for tea

Going to a fetish in your dream .

Going to a fetish room in your dream .

Going to a shrine in your dream .

Green veins

Gree veins


Giving birth ferret

Giving me green colour dirty clothes

Greeting in a dream

Grinding pepper in dream

Giving people cooked breadfruit

Gargle in dream

Giving form to be filled in the dream means

Guitar string



Good queen

Good grades in exam

Group sex

Garden egg fruits

Garden egg fruit as a gift in dream

Giving money to dead relatives

Going for umrah with family

Grandmother asking for curd

Given a phone


Grandma dies again

Grandma does again

Gift of white hankerchief


Garbage thrown on u


Go to the beach


Given birth

Giving my blanket to my crush

Giving birth of twin baby

Green colour glass banes are come in. dreams

Giving a dead person money in dream

Giving your car keys to someone else in the dream

Getting expelled

Getting married in dream

Golden watch

Giving someone else scarf during coldness

Giving money to a dead realtive

Giving to dead

Giving away old saree

Giving someone something and taking piece of it

Golden brown

Glass in skin

Getting books in dream

Growing parsnips

Ghee poured dream

Given cpr

Green and red glass bangles given by dead man

Great hair

Giving your dead grandfather money in dream

Give birth boy

Gold beads around waist

Gum wrapper


Gold fake

Gold earring

Gold earings

Golden beets

Going for visit shrine of asufi

Glow red eyes in dreams

Giving money to dead person in dream | dream meanings

Guest come in the house

Giant water coming

Girl children chasing

Good deal

Gunshot on my head

Garden overgrown

Getting sprayed with paint.

Going to meet allah

Giving food out to people

Green pumpkin attached to a vine

Grandma dead

Getting washed

Green clouds

Getting shot in the stomach

Golden cow

Greeting a king


Giving a dead person something

Giving milk to baby

Guinea pig

Giving a dead relative food

Gold necklace with cross

Grains under skin

Getting in the hood of a red car

Getting in hood of a red car


Green cloth

Giving money to dead relative in dream

Grey dog

Green glowing light

Giving coin and snacks to kids

Giving zuw zum water

Green olives in a dream

Getting married with someone another than ur own husband

Girl giving cup of milk to me

Golden cows

Gender changing dreams

Giving holy communion

Getting a tooth pulled

Giant pillar coming out the ground

Giving mat

Guy hugging

Guy being friendly

Glass honeycomb

Grave of pious person

Getting recommended for work

Getting transfer at work

Gypsie mermaid

God statue broke

Going hajj with my father who passed away

Golden hair comes from throat

Giving money to my deceased father


Guinea fowl in dreams

Guinea fowl in dream

Glitter dream means

Getting stabbed by my brother

Going to college

Getting fucked by a girl

Giant vegetables

Giving salam

Get make up your self

Gym shoes

Ginnie pig

Ghost attacking my dog in the old haunted house

Garden and clean water in river

Golden baba statue

Goal keeper in dream

Give me a pair of slipper

Getting a spanking

Grabbing both arms


Glycerine lotion

Giving pins away in dream

Going to a horror movie

Green suite

Golden sto.nino flying

Green mealworms

Gray tshirt

Green vaginal discharge dream

Getting attacked by a dog

Goat come on your bed

Gumbade hazra in dream and bafaloes


Genital organ of a man

Giving my mom food

Giving birth to boy baby

Grey tornado

Gray snake

Given birth and placenta gets stucks


Guava fruit

God statue breaking in dream

Giving rosary to my mother

Giving bath to a deadperson

Guy wearing pink skirt

Giving charity

God house is empty

Going to making in a dream


Giving testmony in dream

Gate motor

Giving food to a dead person

Given polony

Goddesses house bright fire

Gay friends

Gifting a dead person a present

Giving water from tap

Grabbed by a dark figure

Granadilla in a dream means what..?

Giving money to poor kids

Giving money poor kids


Groups of killer

Group of murderers

Going to umrah

Green cat car

Giving name to a newborn

Gave birth to twins

Gulab jamun in dreams


Give me twenty dollars

Giving birth girls

Golden star

Glasses of water


Gru s

Giving a dead person money

Gf having sex

Going into massage centre

Girl chases me


Give oil to someone else

Giving money to dead mother in my dream

Gray or white hair

Golden locket

Getting back ur pant in the dream

Given keys

Gift of reading glasses

Giving milk to a pious man

Grabbing of foot

Girl riding a snake


Growing a new leg

Growing a new limb

Giant saquid

Group of man

Golden hair dye

Gender swap dream

Golden branches full of wheat

Giving a family member a snuff

Gun smith

Graveyard in front of mansion

Graveyard in front of a mansion

Grave with staircase

Gutted house


Gave birth to a girl baby

Guy in trench coat

Geting a job in dream

Got a job in dream

Girlfriend got new boyfriend

Give directions


Green sto nino

Giving drinking water to people

Getting on the field

Green roof

Getting bangs

Guava and grapes

Goddess angel

Guinea fowl meaning in a dream

God stepping on my foot

Given an apples by a man

Given an apple by a man

Giraffe roaming with me

Group of women praying

Given money to a decease person

Giving birth to a boy baby

Golden pear

Gold tower lamp

Grey hair roots

Getting chased by a man with a gun

Ginger root

Gray smoke on the sea

Gray smoke

Gray smoke cloud


Girl gives money

Giving a tender goat

Going back to a place

Given a microphone

Gold eggs

Giving birth to a white rope

Giving bread to deceased

Giving birth to a pearl necklace

Getting on a wrong train


Getting a ride


Going to meet my past love

Going to meet my past love in the airport at night


Girl with aboy

Gray sheep

Green lizrd

Goose attack

Giving birth to nine children

Giving the dead

Governor in my room

Giving hands

Getting a scholarship

Ground zero

Goat butts dog

Girl baby talking

Green taxi involved in an accident

Give the duplicste receipt to the pwner

Giving lot water to someone

Giving saree to godness

Giving birth to baby boys

Green chilli plunking seems meaning

Green chilli plunking

Giving instructions in dreams

Golden burning candle with a rat on it looking ay you

Golden cup with golden plate

Giving birth to boy

Giving pawpaw

Geese attacking

Gees attaching

Getting beat up


Greasy dishes

Grapes fruits.

Grapes fruits

God pulled me close to him in my dream

Gun news

Goddess in dream

Getting caught

Giving direction

Gum tree

Green jackets

Giving birth to large baby with 12 teeth

Getting engaged with someone before divorce



Green jacket

Giving the sadaqa

Giving the zakat

Gifting a watch

Girls kissing

Girl kissing another girl

Going to mecca

Greek mythology dream

Greenery in dreams

Getting poked in ribs

Giving testimony at church

Grey mouse

Grey brown semen

Grey semen meaning

Gold fish bracelet

Given grape to eat

Gun shorts

Giving to a dead person

Giving water

Girl in red dress

Garbage truxk

Getting sari as a gift

Garden flower

Grey dress

Given raw and rotten meat

Given rotten meat by my mother

Golden temple gopuram dream meaning

Getting back with my ex husband

Green knitted garment

Giving domeone beads

Game with enemy

Gold shoe

Giant talking dogs


Ground beef in frezzer

Going to temple

Given gifts

Getting gold ring

Growing gray hair around your penis in your dream

Giant silk worm

Graduation party


Goat saving me

Goat defindeing me

Growths on body

Goat clubs

Goat calf

Glass in forehead

Giving a gold ring to another person who is dead


Green limes in tree

Giving someone

Giving birth or caring a baby

Gold earring from husband don’t want to give bach

Gold earring from husband

Giving a pair of shoes

Giving away shovel

Giving birth to baby boy without being pregnant

Gave underwear to cherity means

Ground hornbill

Green mould

Grapebjuice offered

Grape juice offered

Giving my spiritual sister my white car to test drive it before i can use it

Going to lobola?

Glass fallen and broken

Glass powers

Gold jewlery

Good will dream

Goddess kali

Grandson cart rolling down and catching it

Grandchild cart rolling away

Groups of deer

Gold fish swimming vertical

Gold and amethyst ring from deceased mother

Gold and amethyst ring

Given money to dead person in the deam

Giving cpr

Granny in law was sick. moving away. and got brown tooth pulled

Glass breaking

Gold earring lost

Girl child dragging me from shop

Giving old clothes to others

Giving old clothes to othrrs

Green sweet plums

Get shooting on the leg


Girlfriend parents

Guns and 7 bullets

Giving someone a banana

Goats in dreams

God spoke to me

God handing me a baby

Green glass

Glass building

Glad shiney shoes

Gift as expensive saree

Getting nikkahfiled

Good grades dream

Good health and physic

Good health

Growing pumpkin

Getting old saree from relatives

Gold dresd

Green apples on a tree

Giving a foot massage

Golden reed

Giving wrist watch

Gifting a piggy bank

Glass floor

Getting chased with a gun

Giving my number out

Group of elephants

Giving birth to a boy

Giving out old clothes in a dream

Giving a person drinking water

Ghost hsunting your house

Getting 2 opportunities to choose from

Going on the bus


Get rid of fucking statue liberty pop up is fucking annoying ruins this site

Giving birth to a child

Grey kittens and cats


Georgia ready

Graduation ceremony

Gold tithe

Gold feather

Gold fabric

Getting my hair done

Going to the hairdressers

Getting married in church

Green sea water

Giving birth to a girl baby

Gold chariot

Getting kicked out by security

Gargoyal and water

Gold jewellery stolen

Giving gifts


Giving water to a dead person

Giving money to a death person in dream

Green pillow a

Gold bracelet watch

Given a gold bracelet /watch as a present

Green jack fruit

Golden gates

Giant flower pot

Given birth to a baby boy

Giving charger to one lady

Gfeen grapes

Getting drain in water

Giving fruit to a dead person

Glass doors locked

Green colour

Green coloured snake

Golden purse

Golden pirse

Giving paper money

Gumball machines

Green ice cream

Green toads, crib and cake

Going to die in four months

Going to future

Gardens with planted vegetables

Green flag


Getting served melon

Gift clothes

Glass house walls cracking

Golden comb

Golden scepter

Golden chair

God father

Getting a raise

Getting fired from a job

Gift of a book

Gold slippers

Given part of a lamb but notveatingbit

Get given lamb chops but gets stolen


Girl with light

Giant wave crashing on you

Giving money to the death

Go abroad

Golf clubs

Gold urn

Getting wipped by your mother

Glass filled with little red flowers

Grandmother falling having a stroke


Goat feet

Going to the toilet

Grown moustache

Giving a tigers eye

Green shoes

Girl gifted me tie

Giving perfume to a girl

Genitle organs

Give me my headphones

Gold footstep

Giving money to the dead person

Gas leaked in air


Glass drink


Getting advice

Grass from nose


Glass raining

Gray eyes

Greg eyes


Gifting a unknown person perfume

Get wet

Getying gift gold stones finger ring

Grey gray hair

Gas chamber

Growing olive tress in front of prior house


Girly girls

Girlfriend in hospital

Gathering red flower

Given cash

Green glass bangles

Growing tall

Going on jihad

Goats in washroom

Gun shots

Gold shop

Gray hair dream


Grape soda

Group of young women

Gold brooch

Gold emblem

Going to jail for four years

Getting spot st

Gypsy ghost shadow

Going back to old job

Glass of milk

Giving cosmetic

Getting money from dead mom


Going to hajj

Greeting a dead person

Giving cute bag with chain

Granma with jinn attacks me

Give you haircut

Getting food

Green jewels

Giving a wall clock to spouse

Gathering wood

Golden jacket

Green tree near my house

Getting gold earrings

Giving the dead person money

Going to prom with a friend

Gave birth to boy

Giant insect

Giant praying mantis

Green pepper corns

Giving meat to cats



Goat baby

Gum bleeding

Gum swelling

Going hajj

Goi hajj


Green lime on the tree


Got 3 wifes pregnant

Giving gold to others

Give meat

Grandfather happy

Going to the dead

Glass broken

Gap in teeth

Girl in the lap


Got 3 girls pregnant

Green turban

Getting clothes

Going to mosque to pray

Green grass on my property

Gold robe

Getting married without groom

Green fruit

Gold giving as a gift

Golden cla

Green berries

Grandma janaza

Give bread to death

Group prayer

Golden light


Game board


Giant animals and dinosaur

Gaining back a finger

Guns and shooting

Give quran for usthadh

Glass broked

Giving birth to baby girl

Gold chian

Gem stones

Getting married second time

Going to mosque

Getting a piercing dream

Gettind a peircing

Grooming the house

Guava and coconut

Given green chillies

Guest in the house

Giving food to monkey

Giving birth to a liver


Giving birth to a baby girl

Gold niklish

Gold zeveer

Grandfathers house

Getting your portrait painted

Gold by deceased

Getting a clean water from deep well and drink and taste good

Glass room

Ghee packet

Giving help

Giving sari

Group lions

Giving a lot of money

Going down stairs

Grab roots to rescue self

Greenhouse with jcb inside

Green coffee beans

Going from point a to b

Given a silver spoon

Grapefruit tree

Government officials

Goat appearance red glowing eyes refusing to get away from me

Gold watch

Giving dead relative hundred shilings note

Goat speaking demons names

Gigantic crocodile

Gas leak


Giving away a wedding dress

Growing of hair in vagina means

Going to mexico and husband can\'t return to usa

Getting your period

Gliding boat on top of multitude of fish

Getting najasa on your clothes

Greeting with salaam and other person smiles

Guacamole dream meaning

Giving a friend nutmeg in a dream

Giventoilet paper ina dream

Grub dream

Going to ail


Green spring onion

Girl standing beside me

Green grapes

Grinding sun flower seed


Green cucumber turn into snake

Green fige

Getting into trouble

Ghost in my dream

Green monster

Geo rock

Grits in dream

Giving good correct answers

Grandfather dead very beautiful face and colour

Grayson hair

Good grades dream meaning

Green aurora


Gift from passed celebrity

Gifted by a celebrity

Girl i know

Glass of wine

Golden plum

Golden peach

Gay husband

Gums rotting

Gold carriage with horses

Getting money from dead person

Grass cutter burning

Girlfriend dying

Giving medicine to a dead person

Golden lotus flower petals

Green peppet

Guinea fowl in a dreams

Giving food to dead father

Getting a fake id

Going into a well full of water

Giving a baby

Gas tank

Given birth to many babies

Getting down from the stairs

Giant with eye on forehead

Grain dream


Golden eyes

Growing kohlrabi

Gathering with elite people

Gatherings with elite

Going into the past

Getting silver gift

Green vegetable dream

Gun trigger

Giant all black hard shell spider

Gypsy camp of women

Gray body

Greathing cards

Greek titan

Given a wedding ring

Getting stitches

Getting compliments

Giving birth to twins babies

Giant alligator


Going to bed

Give food to dead mum


Grandma house

Garbage track

Gold on leaves

Gold necklace box

Gold c


Gold necklace with a box


Gun fighting

Gift of cash

Grand staircase

Grandmas house

Glass roof

Getting slapped and poked

Going to woods

Getting training over seas

Given a white canvers

Green cameleon lizard

God’s hand and another hand on rainbow

Geography teacher

Glass window

Green hat

Given a cowslip by late husband

Giving a teapot to someone

Going up the escalator

Gun not working

Grapes bunches

Governor convoy

Giving out onions


Gray roots of hair meaning

Growing and being eaten by a shark

Golden cup with boiling milk dream- bible

Golden cup with boiling milk

Grey thick billowing smoke

Given a join

Greeting someone means

Getting humiliated by a group of people

Gun showdown


Getting left somewhere and lost


Gays are molesting me in the dream

Grinding w

Given potatoes by a quant

Goat for qurbani

Glass cowbell

Grow a cyst

Guts falling out

Greek harp

Give a fur new coat

Girlfriend participates in orgy

Gifting new things to dead person

Grass cutter machine

Garter snake in dream

Guava flower and fruit


Grasscutter in the dream

Greek gods in dreams


Girlfriend cutting public hair

Giving someone a baby boy

Grasscutter animal dream meaning

Granary house

Grade in a subject


Going abroad

Gecko dead in food

Gives birth multiple babies

Green eye

Gold leaf pendant

Golden chalice stem

Grabbing a snake

Gray and black and reddish hair

Giving charcoals to people

Given an candle holder by my partner

Gift of diamond


Getting cellphone number

Guilded cage

Gray feather

Getting cheated on

Given fruit guava

Getting repeatedly poked in the ribs

Gold leaves on a tree


Giving birth to girl

Green spider


Go kaart

Getting blessing from elders

Gate gate keeper opening

Giving a rose to people

Grinding on a girl

Grandfather is devil

Giant brown cat

Gay parties

Girlfriends palm read says together forever meaning

Giving food to dead grandfather

Giving child for adoption

Giant cedar trrr

Goslings following me

Geese following you

Giving a throul

Gasping for air

Getting nails in bottle

Giving dead medicine

Giving dead




Great hair on head

Game borad


Gold hand band

Getting on a bus

Green figs

Girl sucking my thumb

Grey hair dreams

Giving money to the dead

Granma asking to wear my suit

Grey whale

Getting attacked by a wolf

Gift of a pig

Ghee dream

Glass bangles in dream

Girl classmate

Giving drumstick to someone

Growing old

Girlfriend broke up with me

Ghee dreams

Giving chocolate

Giant mustard leaf in a dream

Going to war with ahel al bayt

Grasscutters dream meaning

Giving birth baby girl

Glass teapot

Gender change

Green carpet with clean water running over it in the road

Gettinh prick by a needle

Going out with unknown man

Getting stabbed with knife


Grazing horse

Gree grass field see in dream

Grape vine tree

Gold nose pin dream

Gold in dream

Gift wrapping paper dream meaning

Greying of head hairs in dream

Green person

Gruesome death of someo

Green filed

Giant squid dream interpretetion

Giant squid meaning

Golden tree symbol on a lottery ticket


Gold tree symbol

Gold christmas tree symbol

Gravy bowl


Gummy candy

Golden pen meanings

Gum changes


Genital stabbing

Graascutter spiritual meaning


Girl hijab

Get white cut nails from a person

Gifting wrist watch

Gold diamond braclet

Gay hair

Giant cockroaches

Giant insects

Green crayons

Gold coffin

Getting left behind

Getting bitten

Going to restaurant alone

Getting wet in carwash

Getting married with some other

Group attack

Garbage can empty


Grey hair in dream

Giants titans

Golden glass spear with blue diamonds

Gold ring in water

Giving someone phone number

Gift of hair


Getting kissed

Gift getting

Giant spider

Glitter eye

Green tree

Gien shower by mother

Getting married to a dislike guy

Golf course


Going to a ball

Going to a dance

Giving dead uncle inheritance back

Gold bullet

Giving money generously to someone

Giving money generously to a dead person

Gem stone

God sneezing

Getting bit by mosquitoes

Gas explosion

Gamble winning

Gold buildings

Greating king or president

Got a job

Gecko changing into a fish

Giving birth to twin boys

Grapfruitseans in my gardan

Glass being broken

Grandparents gave me a puppy

Glass doors

Go-cart drag race

Grass growing sides of finger nails

Guy dream of a pregnant lady

Garyer snake attack

Garyer snake trying to bite me

Growing plants

Getting down strong spiderweb strands

Giving someone a blanket


Given a cheque book

Gravity pluse

Gravity dream

Getting last chance

Giving birth to triplets in dream

Getting into a damp which dries up

Giving someone roses


Grey dog with two heads

Green male perfume bottle empty

Green bird

Grey heir

Gum surgery

Grandmother was in the dream and then the doorbell rang three times

Gold chair

Gold finding

Gray hairs

Getting piercing

Gift of crayfish

Getting pants dirty

Getting shoe shine polish on pants

Gay marriage

Ground falling

Given a new padlock with its key

Given a new padlock with a key

Golf scoring

Green budgie in my dresm

Grits in dream mean

Grey ink of hair

Girl tried to hit me knife and i closed my door

Girl try to hit you a nife and you hided your selef

Green silk clothes

Gold number

Getting ugly ring

Golden lace dreess

Green trees and vegetables

Grinding maize in a dream

Getting pushed into a wall by a drone and wall fales doun

Getting someone’s boy

Girl in air vent

Giving saree to decesed mother

Grabbed from behind and dragged into dark room

Give clothes

Gorrola biting me

Green chillie

Grinding maize at a mill

Glow sticks

Gold picture frame

Getting sick

Gooseberry dream

Giant egg

Grey hair in a dream

Grey hair dream meaning

Growing stomach hair and shaving it

Gift of candleabra


Granddaddy long legs

Getting a gift of chappal

Gifted a fish

Giving the dead something

Glass bridge over the sea

Grubs wiggling

Getting screamed at

Giving away old clothes

Golden necklace

Getting banned from a store

Ghee eating in dream

Get sweets

Get swets

Get meat

Giant pie dream



Grey hair developing in balck hair

Gold medal

Glass broke

Golden jewellery in a dream

Growing trees

Giving a cheque tosome else

Gray hair meaning

Geckos in the dream

Grandma teaching yoga

Giving birth to nothing

Golden bowl with gold oil

Got nose plastic surgery and hated it


Grass on fire

Giving ghee to other

Great grandfather in law



Golden curly hair



Gatorade dream

Ghost dreams

Gunshot and alive

Got tumor

Grasscutter dream meanings

Ghost in my bedroom

Got in trouble

Grandmother died and my mother crying very sad

Gold leaf

Getting shot in arm

Going to home country

Grey sand

Gentle group of bears transform into aggressive elk

Ground up peanut


Getting a pillow

Getting a pillow for someone

Getting a bride ready

Giving water to someone

Giving mum mushroom

Going inside the well


Gold diamond ring

Giving milk to dead


Goddess statue


Golden clothes

Grass woods next to it

Green leave in water

Green jello

Gooseberry picking from tree

Getting a license

Giving money to a poor child


Ghee in dreams during pregnancy means

Glass bittles


Golf championship

Giving pillow to deceased to sleep

Giving first aid for wound

Getting a haircut

Giving birth to a dead black thing with lots of worm

Green bucket

Giving coins

Gift of fur jacket

Go back

Grandfather was an imposter

Gave birth to triplet boys


Giving sweets to dead husband

Giant father

Guy friend asks me out

Guy friend ask

Greeting a pastor

Grasscutter represent what?

Grandson hand was hurt

Growing tree

Grits in mouth


Golden scroll

Given piece of kiswah

Given a piece of kiswah

Gums fall out

Grind stone in a dream

Gold bangle

Greem vine

Gold whatch

Gold in pocket

Green budgie flying away

Guinea pig asking for help

Giving gift


Gift of clothes

Green aura

Green money

Grey jedi

Gray jedi


Going on holiday

Goat given birth to two

Goat horn

Giant chess pieces

Gargoyle in my bed

Gewing alot of gum


Geeta in dream

Gathering for wedding

Gender switch

Green snake and snow dogs

Garbage in front of house

Giving the dead sweets

Giving cake to dead person

Getting ready for two weddings

Girl born

Goat little baby kids

Gaint spider

Gold toilet

Growling at someone


Glued broken teapot

Gas knob

Given money to orphan children

Glass mountain

Greeting with the king

Getting married while still being married

Getting married again while still being married

Grandmother open and closes doors

Girls name penny

Green ring

Green rings

Ghee and boiled rice

Grande parents

Goddess laxmi devi idol in dream meaning

Ghost movie dream

Getting bangs cut very short

Getting my bangs cut very short

Given a wedgy

Green lizard

Giving money to father

Giving money to dead father

Giving money to dead person dream means

Going to a wedding in a white dress

Group therapy


Giving birth to a baby boy without pregnancy

Gum balls

Giving someone buckets

Giving beer to friends

Green avocado fruit

Going upstairs

Gathering pecans

Girl kissing on cheek

Greeting cards

Giving birth at work

Grave being dug out

Girls marriage

Given framed picture

Godh bahrai sapna

Godh bahrai sapna mean

Gosh bharai dream mean

G eazy concert

Green emerald

Game in narrow pool with small waterfall

Gray hair with black

Garbage surrounding a house

Golden cage lift

Growing hair

Getting new coffee maker

Getting ill

Getting gray hair faster

Going to ex’s wedding

Giant black eel approaches me while swimming with another man lets me stroke him and is playful

Giant black eel approaches me while swimmong with another male lets me stroke him and is playful

Getting job

Golden yellow garment

Gold henna

Gap tooth

Gave birth to baby boy

Green penis

Golden larger than life female walking statute

Garage door broken down the middle

Glass bottle

Glass hottle

Green ghost

Grass on grave

Goddess predicting my future

Gold hallway

Grand silver antique piano

Going to college with my bestfriend and playing college football

Green couch

Giving birtg

Great white shark

Gold car dream meaning


Grandma was a baby

Ghee coming out from tree

Grabbing loads of sweets

Grim reaper swoe


Gallon jug

Getting knocked down

Greying or white hair

Ground beef shaped like a triangle im a pan

Going to space interpretation

Giving half of your physical heart away

Green boots


Garden that someone gathered the crops

Gold cross necales

Ghilaf kaaba

Getting stiched with yellow and red cotton

Greens and cheese


Garbbage. dump

Geese flying with a stork

Gold shovel

Group singing

Getting sectioned means what in dreams

Given pestle


Giving birth to son


Girl friend

Giving fake naira note

Going to step up

Garden with grapefruit trees with fruits

Grapefruit trees with fruits

Green lemons

Grain bins

Grasscutter for dream

Ghee spillage in hindu

Ghee spillage

Gel like substance


Giving away pear to people

Given a pen

Gay pride

Grave i

Giggle during dreaming

Green dragon hexagon


Granmother’s house

Got bitten by animal

Giving blood

Getting money from a dead relative


Gold chain ornament


Giving food to an old woman

Going to aboard

Going to moon

Gay sex

Grinding stone

Gold angel

Give presentation in dream


Giving injections by someone

Gathering in a house

Gravel dream


Giving away sunglasses

Green downward spiral

Gift frim your mother

Gift big doll

Green pepper in a dream

Gold engagement ring

Golden wolf

Giving money to deceased relative


Green vegetable

Gnats everywhere

Girlfriends mom

Greatings by opponant

Grain flow in water

Giving birth to two headed baby

Gun in the air



Gangrene on left hand

Given tasbeeh as gift

Giving birth dreams

Gap in door

Girl touching shoulder

Gold ring given by someone

Gown and cup

Given a feather


Getting a gift from a deceased person


Going to.prison

Garage door explodes

Garage door implodes

Given poop in an envelop


Giving homeless man food

Grasscutter dream meaning



Ginko bilboa

Go let

Ghost attack

Ginger colour

Ginger coloured kitten

Green shirt

Green serpent

Grass in water

Grim reaper almost touching me

Good chest

Girl smiling

Golden spider

Gift as clothes

Grey snakes in backseat

Going to haj

Growing fingers

Going to med school


Giving birth premature

Giving a speech

Given a bag of pomegranate s

Going through the others home

Getting ready for a marriage

Giant squid dies

Green apple

Glass ball

Giving birth to baby girls

Gang member

Giving first aid

Grey water

Gray duck

Graduation dress

Giant wolf

Goat plus water

Garden of oranges

Girlfriend move away


Glass figurine

Glass fogure

Given birthday cake

Garlic in the garden

Going right

Given out matches

Glass tablecloth with cows

Green vegitables in garden

Green coconut

Gave birth to goat

Grand mere

Gift off a puppy

Golf cart

Grey camel

Ghost in my house

Green eyes girl

Green eyed girl

Golden slippers


Getting away from island

Getting off a island from danger


Giving honey

Grasscutters in cages

Grater dream

Grasscutter in dream



Goal scorer

Gay man

Golden horse white mane



Green snot

Glass of alcohol

Giving gift deceased


Giving you something

Ghee spiĺ

Ghee spill

Goat black or white

Going to a restaurant to sit at a table to eat and the table was not set up properly

Guy ask for trouser

Golden road of rocks

Goat slaughtered

Giving out a beautiful towel as a gift to a pastor

Grey and pink in a dream

Grey colour




Gold leave

Grey men

Growing gapes

Ground breaking wooden floors splitting and separating

Glass in neck

Gas burners

G dream

Grand mother scolding

Gathering with friends

Grandfather cross

Giving a conference

Gifted an elephant

Gold queen profile necklace



Gods fighting

Grocery shop

Green crops

Getting fired from work


Green grass hill

Game tic tac toe

Great wall of china

Girl guide whistle

Greeting someone


Gray wool


Grandma ran over with a truck then we got food


Green shake

Gold wedding band

Glass goblets


Green marble


Gold metal

Give food to dead brother

Giving birth to an animal

Grandmother and white house

Group of people digging grave

Grabbed by man

Grabbed by man in red shirt

Gift fur coat

Grand mother carying grand children


Grandmother gave me boiled eggs

Glass of oil

Getting away

Gingerbread man

Giving shirts in clarity

Given gold plate by god to me (he)

Ghee distribution

Growing eyes


Going to be dridesmaif

Green sky in dreams

Garbage cans

Givin birth in a sieve

Growing taller and taller

Giving a presentation


Grilled cheese sandwiches

Get down

Glycerine anointing dream meaning

Glycerine dream meaning

Green forest

Glass and candles and cross

Green papper

Grass cuterr

Going down a stair

Garden in dream

Green pen

Guy flirt with my partner

Greek vase

God rides chariot

Glass marbles

Gym locker

Getting something thrown at you in your dream

Give away

Gift give away shawl

Good job

Ghost dream

Grizzly bear hibernating

Grizzly bear hybernating

Grizzly bear

Green chilli

Gypsy singing

Giving away a tv

Gold given by angel

Giving a pen to an elderly

Giving pen

Girl getting my wallet

Getting the kites back to home

Give me money in the dream

Getting married with my boyfriend

Gather flowers

Gold egg

Gold seller

Great tallnes

Great hight man

Gravyard walkinf

Group of elephant controlle the people

Guard of hinor

Going downstairs

Gold trasure

Green moss

Green g

German shephards

Going into fiance house

Great mother

Garlic garden

Gost town

Grass square

Grass sod

Glass desplay case


Grey hair on partner

Getting back together with an ex

Got cheated on by husband

Gourd plucking


Giving a bible

Giving my laptop to someone

Giving sugarcane juice to someone in dream

Given roses

Girl with

Getting back together with and ex boyfriend

Getting back together

Getting a dog

Getting shot in a dream

Getting out in a softball game

Girl in hijab

Glass object

Giving charity to poor

Gray and black hair


Giving peanut to a dead person

Green bird with duck mouth biting

Gorilla looking for her baby

Green pencil writing 4

Getting a folder

Get back meat soten by crow

Green ripe pear in a dream

Goldfish tank

Gold furniture

Going to the doctors

Grandmother doesn

Going through a game


Giving four biscuits

Getting hit by a car

Golden ring gifts

Gifting a ruby set- dream interpretation

Giant black widows

Getting wet under the rain

Gothic people

Getting eatten

Great grandfather

Gray hair of friend

Gave birth to a baby boy while im not pregnant

Getting pinched

Gold trinkets

Gang attack

Getting fired

Gummy bears

Gravy dream


Gypsy woman

Getting sectioned

Giving chicken to a dead person

Green dor

Getting coin on road


Green pastures

Green garden


Golden ring

Giant pimple

Gifted potatoes meaning

Getting proposed to

Grandma coming back from the deaf

Goat bleeding

Gold colour

Girl toddler drowning and rescued

Glass elevator

Grown man

Grayish blue

Given pot to people beside a river

Going through a car wash

Giving out soap in dream

Glass cup

Group of men

Giant rat


Green chalkboards

Goose eggs