How i mine suppose to live without you

How i mine suppose to leaf without you

Helping uncle plant onions but not working?

High heels broken

Helping one plant onions but not failing

Helping one to plant

Huge bite

Having dreamt of giving birth to twins

Hit child

Hair tufts thick

House is sinking

Hole in sweater

Holding hands with a deceased person

Hair on foot

Hole full of water

Hair on neck of a woman


Having dreams of blurred eyesight

Hand inside stomach

Happy man


House on tophill

Hands sensitiser

Hanging red cloth

Hit by razor blade

House top hill

Hugging your crush

Heart on the wall

House warming dream

Holding the moon

Holding brown envelop in a dream

Having lice

House attic

Hand tapping on window sill

Home alone


Hanging cows

Home country


Heart patterns

Husband missing ring

Hands in black soil

Having a gold hair

House sink in water


Huge elephant coming from nowhere to save me in water meaning

Harvesting millet in a dream

Hunter with prey

Had a dream that i was selling drugs

Hoarse voice can’t speak and angry

Hoarse voice unable to speak while angry


Hive breakout


Hooking up with a girl

Headlamps suddenly go out yet you are driving safely

Heaps in dream

Husband orgy

Husband given me bitter kola in the dream


Hijra is coming to home but i locked door

Huge pile of clothes

Hijra sick

Holes in the body

Holding rock in my hand



Huge produce from a garden

Holding pamplemousse drinks in a dream

Honey in dream

Happy soul

Holding fresh soil

Harvest groundnut

Holding a ladder

Harvesting okro in the dream

Harvesting okro in the dreamk

House warming dreaming

Hanging pants on a washing line

House covered with mud


Hair growing corn kernels

Hanging from cliff

Hand in crap audio mouthh


House trap

Holy family dream meaning

Having sex with a virgin


High from drugs

Head of a serpent

Holding green peppers

Handling retarded child

Having sex with the guy i like


Husband stuck

Half human and half horse

Heavy breathing

Heavy breathing sleeping person


Hill peak

Hills covered with clouds

Having liquid poop in dream

Hanging off a building

Helping a blind kid

Husband cheating in front of wife

Harvesting bitter gourd

Hit head on wall


Human animal

Hole , blood , hipbone, hospital

Hole in right hip. with blood

Harvesting, gathering palm fruit and i even ate some

Hole in right hip. seeing the hip bone


Husband watching a woman buttons

Hit with shovel

Hired an assassin


Health spa

Hair dressing parlour

Hole in arm

Hiding in grass

Horse in fiels

Hanging lantern

Holding a dead white sheep come back alive

Holes on penis

Hungry cat in a dream

Husband resue from evil

Holding a dog ear

Husband handcuffed by police in dream


Horus eye

How cleaning on your shoulder right shoulder

Hugging my husband in a dream


Holi meaning

High five with a dead friend

Holiday camp

Holding hands with dead father

Half filled container

Head master

Holi in dream

Hair oil

Holding sweaty hands

Holding hands dead

Huge bird

Hand sanitizer

Hide under carpet


Horse bones


Herdsman in a dream

House bombed

House is on fire

Holding both hands with dead father

Hot without heat

Having an affair with the governor

Harvesting sweet bitter leaves in the dream

Harvesting sweet bitter leaves in the dream

Having 7 children and trying to prevent my husband from commuting suicide


Holding a big fishs head

Having sex with mother

Half car

Houses and doors

Husband beating wife in the dream




Happy coiple

Healing hands

Healer and the dream end when about to start

Higher than a ladder

Han. sanitizer

Holding an alcohol drink

Healthy green vegetables


Having dream about jonathan r mcdaniel as my father


Hammerhead shark

Huge black & green flying gargoyles

Half dressed military uniform

Hook put in your eye

Hug from someond

Horse chestnuts

Holding your grandson for the first time mean

House with no paint

Having dream about honeylocust

Husband licking wifes foot

Horse play

Hand burns

Harvesting okra in the dream

Hand from the sky

Husband skinny

Half filled with water

Hiding behind a tree from an elephant

Having sex in public dream


Hyenas attacked my dog

Hearing people that i cannot see in my ear during daylight

Hot gym teacher

Hot summer day

Holding baby

Having trouble getting to class on time

Half duck half mouse

Hurt someone


Harbor by lake

Holding white pants

Holding two white pants

Human body being cook and served as meat


Hurt someone in self defense

Hole penis

Highschool crush


Handed pen from ancestor

Hen laying egg inside house

Huge wedding ring


Hawk feather in my suitcase

He meaning of collapse of fence in the dream

Hook in your eye

Having sex with madwoman

Having wooden baby

Hiding money from your ex to keep it safe

Hidding money to keep it safe

Hawking fufu in the dream

Hands sanitizer

Hibiscus black bear

Having running stomach in the dream

Hashed grasshopper

Hair on the eyebrows

Holding hands with the dead

Husband in my dreams

Having alot of note money

Holes on skin dream

Having where

Hair growing from tongue



Hanging two small flags

Horses swimming in sea

Home with many houses

Helping a disabled in well i was drank

Hira cave in dream

Hanging up scarf on hook

Have sex with my mother

House on top a hill

Half snake half dog

Head injury in dream

Hear someon walking on coffin lid

Hair being pulled

Horse sadle


Husband with another girl

Having yellow flippers for feet in a dream

Having yellow flippers for feet

Herd of deer running above me

Hearing lizard

Held at gunpoint by a friend

Hit head shovel


Had a dream of head black bugs on my legs

Huge shrimp taco

Holi playing in dream

Hanging socially chatting with the president of the country

Hair decay


Holding white handkerchief on your hand.

Home you lived in the past

Head butting

Head butting in your dream

Have three hands

Hot bath

How can get promotion at work

Husband had sex with mother

Holes in your body

Human sized elves


Hair braid of coworker

Husband pedifile

Husband having sex kids

Husband master bating in our bed

House on a marsh

Heena in feet in dream

Homosexual sex

Harvest of plenty tigernuts dream meaning

Hot iron

House on fire

Husband having sex with the maid in my dream

House with a hole in it

Half women half spider

Hit some one in a car

House warming


Having a baby unknown from a friend meaning

Having a baby unknown from a friend


Holiday house many people

High ranking person

Hijragalanu kanadinali noduvudu

Husband choosing other wife

Harmful male presence

Husband picking ackee

Hedge removed

Hands grabbing

Hands grabbing you

Herbal drink

Hair following out

Hugging a dog

Hip replacement

Huskie puppy

House flossing

Half painted walls

Hand on your head

Having a fishhook on your tongue

How do you interpret dreams?

Having a jovial conversation with someone

Having a jovial conversation with someoner

Husband having sex with animals

Holding a fishtail

Hybrid small animal

House bought

Holes in pantyhose

Holes pantyhose

Holes in a pantyhose

Having lost contact with a relative that is deceased relative in real life

Hidden gem

Husband came home from fishing and brought bags of mackerel that he caught from fishing

Husband brought bags of fishes from fishing

Husband brought lots of fishes from fishing


Husband death

Having formthe first time with an old friend while i am married

Hiding from monster



Healing my daughters stomach ache

Human excrement

Hide a body

Her spirit as a dog

House for sale sign

Hear door shutting

Having a gun

Hook in mouth

Human excretion urea

Husband masturbating

Husband masturbating and divorce

Heard. some one say ruben

Heard some one. day ruben

Hibiacus flower

Husband naked

Hair in the teeth

Hawking ice cream

Having sex with a shemale

Holding threes kola nut in a dream


Hearing everything going to be okay don’t worry

Head pulled back

Hide under blankets

Head sores

Hearing of your name been called out

Hizra attacked in dreams meaning

Holly leaves

Holy person


Helping a scared unknown woman

Holding a glass full of srite



Holding dreadlocks

Holding someone else’s dreadlocks

Half a cigarette

Having twins when in nature season of life

Having a son and realizing you put your career before him

Hide a corpse

Hair falling out on patches


Hiding in bin



Helping clean dishes

Hearing someone masturbating

Hearing domeone madturbating

Hair on the bossom

Have a stroke

Handover spiced meat in new house


Head of animal

Hair growing on nose

Hart attack

Harvesting of cocoyam in a dream

Haversting cocoyam

Hug from the back

Hairy nippl

Hands under the bed



Hostess of party serving sandwiches with youngest

Husband crying



Having dreams about a former female employer and it turns romantic


Holding a face


Head on collision

Holes in toe of shoes

Horns of a ram

Hands soaked in watr

Having children with some one

House has secret rooms


Hair on nipple

Human excretion

Human turns into a snake on my palm

Having apenis

Happy gathering with family

Happy gathering vwith fa3

Hear my name being called

Headless, sheep in the dream

Hear fire engine


Holding hanfs

Husband acting like he is single

Hitting someone with a car

Harvesting dry maizestems

Hand in armpit


Have sex with shemale

Hands and christain book in muddy water

Hang out

Hug from behind by a man with red eyes like a wolf or snake. we had sex and i was scared.

Human birds

Hand lotion

Hotel toilet

Having a clear and fat baby


Half naked transgender

Hanging up a coat


Hid in yarn

Hearing about accident of family

Husband getting circumcision

House foundation cracking

Havesting and eating tigernut in dream

Havesting and eating of tigernut in dream


Hanging upside down by ghost banging on the ground and holding jaw shut


Honey dripping slowly

Hanging tree

Husband, black-woman, child, lie, divorce, pain

Husband, black woman, child, lie, divorce, pain

Holding gun in a dream


Holding a corpse

House falling down a hole

How i have been happy

Half horse half leopard dream

Hair colored

Heavesting spring onions in the dream

Horse giving birth

Horse eating grass

House fore

Hypodermic needle




Having chicken pox someone else

Hole in palm

Hugging my dead mother


Having periods

Had dream coconut flower

Harvesting a green crop


Have inability to get up from the ground

Horse semen


Herd of happy cows

Happy cows in a herd

Having sex with wife’s niece

Husband s

Husband threw out wife

Human heart

Hot peppers

Hand wash clothes

Hand washing clirgwa

House foundation undermined

Having no other pages left in your diary


Helping a pastor

Having sexual intercourse

Hand grinding stone for sale

House full of different rooms

Husband maid sex in a dream

Having two wives in the dream

Horizontal lines on mountain


Horseback rider

Husband maid

Husband maid sex

Husband taller in dream

Hearing knocking on your door

Head incision dream

Having sex with another person not your partner

Huelga bird

Hiding behind a blanket

Hiking narrow path

Heavy rain without getting wet



Hidden place

Hard to get to places

Harvesting sweat potatoes

Having sex with your wife in dream


Having stroke

Having stroke

Hit someone with a steel cane


Hawthorne tree twig flag


Holding a monkey like a bab

Husband dressed in white

Hair cut off

Hair burn off

Half human spider

How can alligator be used to send away witches

Husband coming on to friend

Hugging sto niño

Happy time with close friend

Hearing bird chirping and dog barking

Happy time with closr friend

Haunted inn

Hairs outing from mouth

Having a seizure

Hail storm

Husband having sex with maid

Hand shake by prophet

Humpback whale

Hair breaking

Have teeth made of

Husband jealous of my ex

Hearing music

Honey running down the walls

He kissed my forehead

Heart attack




High tide coming in and turning back out. people carrying large hamper baskets off the beach one after another


Husband sick dream meaning

Having hair cut off

Hear someone talking

Hear a scream in dream


Hand starts fire

Hanging ivy vines with pink flowers

Help aomeone

Holding a white pant

Half mustache

Harmed child

Half sibling

Husk rice

Higher ground

Husband chases baboons

Had a staring contest then my eyes fell out

Holding a whole lettuce and winning money

Hiding a grave content

Hinding a grave content

Handcuffs at a bank

Having with a mane with a big enis

Hair products

Home repair

Holiday with ex

High school alumni fair

High school fair

Hiding from a stranger

Hiding from someone with friends

Husband honor wife

Honor wife

Honor dead

Hiding money




Hair ball in throat

Hairy legs baby

Handed sheets in a dream

Hot air balloon crashing in water

Have to share a bed with a friend at hospital in my dream

Husband penis

House with viewers

Having to hide a pregnancy from others

Hairy upper body


Homeless father


House broke into

Hole in floor of home

Hand removal

Holy mark



Having breast cancer

Home unprotected

Having a affair with co worker

Huge bird creatures

Husband sucking another woman’s breast

Horns on head

Husband amd mistress

High school

Hidden money

Having your arm pulled by someone

Holy water

Having intercourse with different guy

Hole opening up and falling into it

Holding your mothers dead corpse

Hands make a shelter

Hands mae a shelter


Hugged in the bedroom


Having to defecate

Handsaw dream meaning

Husband cheating

Hidden sword

Having sex with 2 men


Husband molesting daughter

Haversting cocoa yam


Hauling trailer



Heavy shoes

Having sex with uncle

Husband killed a stranger

Headless albino snakes

Home invasion

Hair ripping out not painful

Hanging with friends and one asks to hold your hand

Hoovering your smoothie

Hair falling out in clump

Hiding clothes in a dream

Holding drum sticks in dream


Harvesting of plenty cassava

Husband spraying sperm

Hearing a good news

Home stead

Hair growing on a woman neck

Hair growing from a woman neck

Having super speed and telling a loved one

Husband falls and hits head on tree

Haunted basement

Haunted cellar

Hairy armpits

Horn god

House cleaning

Hand writing

Head backwards

How hat does it mean to overtake someone you know in a dream

Helper servant

Hearing a male voice asking me to look at him

Hitting my wife

Had dream i made a lot of flour tortillas

Hanging cloth on a tree

Hostile alien invasion red spaceship

Having with someone you like

Harrison ford playing basket ball

Holding a dog in church given by priest

Husband possessed

Hula dance

Hearing murders

Hatched bird eggs


Hearse black

Hemorragia, nose bleed

Hugging iguana

Half dressed in public

Hair condition


Helping someone with cleanning or washing

Hair chin

Hearing glass breaking

Heater on


Hanging upside down in a tree

Heavy baby

Hair growing out of eyes

Having sex with my niece

Helping hurt friend

House in the forest

Having sex with a mad man


Having 2 suitors in my dream

Head butted


Husband nipple swolen

Hair clutched dream

Hand gun


Husband having an affair

Horses swimming

Husband vomiting dreams

Hit with belt

Hit in my face in my dream

Hit in face with belt

Hard yolk

Hard egg yolks

Heavenly clouds

House or hut on stilts


Hiding info


Helli kitty

Hamsters teeth stuck to my gums


Having to go back to a job i hated

He was paying lobola

Hand palm

Husband walking about naked

Holi khelana

Husband having sex with my mother

Home walls covered in soot

House gutted

Heart bleeding

Husband bringing strangers to stay in house

House unlocked

Hiding amongst the dead

Hands holding a bowl of water pouring out



Heart, kola

High hill dream

Harvesting camote in dreams

Heavy object on me

Heavy object falling on me

Hair grip

Having a baby boy then losing them

Hijra giving sweets

Holding shit

Herbs and spices

Hiding in a safe

Holding hands with my nan who died

Happy kinder and i give money to them

Holding a placenta

Hand washing car in dream

High priestess dream


Husband driving to wifes home

Hurst on the side of he road

Hitting people with your car

Hair coming vagina

Hole in back

Hole in the middle of forhead

Houses turning into trailers

Holes in tights

Hugging mother at graduation set in mountain setting

House leaking water

Husband naked in dream

Holding kolanut in a dream

Having alcohol spilt on oneself

Having a dream about someone that isn’t in your life anymore

Hanging self

Hair loss


Husband madterbating

Holy thread taking

Holding a chicken

Half cut lip

Harvesting sweet potatoes




Hebrew words

Holein one

Having hair cut

Hands grab

Half moose half human

Husband introducing wife

Having sick put in mouth

High school sweet heart


Holding unlock padlock in the dream

House with no doorsteps

Hair cutting

Hit by a van

Horizontal door

Husband bitten by scorpion

Haunted houe

House upside down

Hair conditioner

Hundreds of dying mice

Hundreds of mice and then dying

Hundred dollars



Husband said i love you to me

House being broke into

Homosexual behavior

Husband dies and another guy is there

Heap soil


Help friend murder cover up

House bigger then it is

Having to move out

Hot chocolate

Holdin g hands

Henna on feet

Heavy to lift

Heavy objects

Hacked phone

Hunted by people

Hot dogs

Holly wreath

Hitting a puppy

Hiding kidnappers

Hiding behind a wooden privacy fence

Highway patrol driving at me

House falling in dirty water

Having a girlfriend

Head falling off of body

Hair dryer in bath tub

Hair dryer in bath

Holes on my body

Hacker coming from the vagina

Holding a monkey

Have been feel thief in dream try to cry

Have seen thief try to cry but cant

House sale sign

Headless kittens

Home reposession

Hairy buttucks

Have coal to someone in dream

Husband and best friend naked

Hijra blessing in my dream


Hobbit woman

Half woman

Half of a woman

Have handicapped baby

Head butting a bull

Having twin baby girls

Hail stones

Holding white. pant in a dream

Harvesting groundnut

Healing crystals

Healing stones or rocks


Head stitch

Horn growing out of head

Having your picture taken

Hole in rock

High heels

Havesting maize

Havesting maize

Hitted with bullet


Huge snake coming out of vagina

Hairy ear lobes

Holding a broom in a dream means


Horns/antlers of deer

House excavation

Havin with sister in law

Hot water leaking from toilet

Hungry lion

Having sandspurs on me

Having sand spurs on me

Husbands eyebrows

Holding hands on bed

Hopping rabbit

Holding mic ,doing mc

Holding hands with deceased father

Hole in the window

Hole from a rock in a wind0ow

Hole from a rock in a wind0


Heard him say hello

Husband abandons

Husband left and fired from job

Hunter doll

Husband watching pornograpy

Harvesting cassava and cut it into pieces then put it into basket

How to protect yourself in dream

Having sex in dreams meaning


Head is lifted with pillow and violently moves it

Harvesting beans in dream

Homeless children in dream

Horned god

He hugged me but i was afraid to look at his face because his eye look like a snake eye or wolf eye

He hugged me but i was afraid to look at his face because his eye look like a snake eye or wolf eye

Hip joint

Headbutting wall in dream

Hunting grass cutter

Hand in the sky

Harvesting coffee beans in a dream

Hairy legs

Head butt


Head smashed into car windshield

Hole in palm of hand

Hunger games


Head of clay

House maid having sex with the boss

Hands holding bowl

High speed chase

Hurting an animal

Husband ill

Huge amount of amla

Hand turning black


Husband leaving me

Haunted room

Helping someone from bed

Hands shaking

Husband with another woman

Hot plate

Hole in the road

Hands touching someone else chest

Hippopotamus chasing me

Husbands boss

Horse, rainstorm

Having been given ball by a woman

Hem of dress falling into a toilet filled with poop

Having sex in a toilet

Holes in dirt

Holding hands with a man, not my husban

Hiking in mountains


Hand burning

House redecorated

Hearing a baby cry

Husband mastabaing in dream

Holding a dog in a dream

Have to beat the devil 3 time to save jesus and only win 2 times

Have to bet the devil 3 times to save jesus and only do 2 times


Hit by

House eaten by termites


Hawk catching prey


Head of a fish dream meaning

Hair legs

Holdin a woman breast

Hair on my neck

Having white hair

Holding camal milk

Having formthe first time with an old friend while i am married

Holding hands with dead

Head wrap



Holding the quran

Hedgehog jumps on me

Hanging depth psychology

Husband with maid

Hard work heavy

Holding fresh cassava

Holding fresh cassava in a dream


Holding hands with a crush from childhood

Helping a prince

Having a crush



Holy familydream

Human night shelter

Hiring hitman



Hairy blackhead

Horses being injured

Held at gunpoint

Hell and sugarcane juice


Hair clip gift

Hair clip gift on hair by jonathan

Harvesting ok to in dream

Helping homeless or beggar

House fire


Horses surrounding and licking face

Horse rider

Hose rider

Hose rider on white

Holding a dead baby surrounded by people in white

Had a dream of shells being pick from between my toes

Hanging body ignored

Hands that are black

Horse bite in dream


Having sex with a three year old

Harvesting corn

Human toad

House in the sky

Half of my body vetoed in soil or dirt

Hurry on top of storefront

Headlwess person

Headless perosn

Headless person

Hit in face with baseball

Husband catches you with boyfriend

Husband cheating with a colleague

Harvesting cocoyam



Huge basement riches

Hijra giving blessing

Having six toes and four on other foot

Holding horn


Hand reaching for you

Hopping on stilts

Head tattoo


Hairy snakes

Horse hair

Horn of carabao

Hairy legs pulling them out

Human trafficking

Husband beating his wife in dream

Having sex with my neighbor

Hole in friends chest

Hit in the head with shovel


Huge rock rolling down hill

Hairycaterpillar eating my legs


Heary caterpillar

Hungry squirrel

Huge hatpr eats 4 multo colored roosters

Hair teeth

Horse licking my face

Horse licking me in my dreams

Huge icy lake

Hot dog


Hand coming from sky pointing at me

Husband flirting

Hooks in penis

Husband suck breast in the dream

High school friends

Hook in skin

Humans turning into birds

Hands and feet being grabbed in be

Head turn backwards

Husband wants me to buy him shoes

Horse shoe

Helping a blind woman

Heirloom means

Heading a door slam

House building in dreams

Hauwling sound and light flickering

Hauling and light flickering

Helping another person find the best eyeglasses

Hound dog barking

Hiding from a midget

Home interior renovations

Husband unemployed

Human vessel

High heels shoe

Hidden rooms

Holding smiling female baby with rash

Heavy and slimmer

Having abad haircut

Hole throat

Half pig half human

Home depot



Half pig half man dream

Heavy chest, can’t breath

House crumbling

House made of puzzle pieces

Hurt animal

Hurting dog

House full of people

House full of indians

Hair grow on forehead

Hair gel in my hair

Hair gel in myhair

Hugging dead mother

Hair in throat

Having someone else’s feet

Hair roller

Hair rollers



Husband was hanging wet clothes on the washing line

Husband drinking too much beer

Human excrement everywhere

Holding pestle

Heap making


House warming ceremony



Human sphinx

Heavy clear pitcher of water

Head lice

Having a twin sister

Having lots of foreign coins

Half black face

Harmonious and beautiful music in a dream meaning

Him saying hello

Hamster giving birth 3 baby

Husband fathering a child

Husband having a baby with another woman

Hairt legs

Husband invalid

Hit a dog with a car while driving slowly

Husband kissing my friend

Hurt my wrist in my dream

Hug dead person

Having sex with adog in dream means what

Herd of wild elephants

Holy water sprinkling in dream

Hogwarts castle

Hiking in a polluted forest

Hearing sounds

Holding a chicken leg

Hairy knee

Hole in my middel of ear

Holding a tray

Having your arm grabbed

Horses defending you

Hon me

Having a dream about your grandpa





Hiting iron

Hollow wood

Hijra in dream

Harvest cassave in dream

Husband sucking wife breast in dream meaning

House help


Having sex with stepbrother

Husband giving wise shoes

Heavenly choir

Hair pins

Hugging your pet dog

Head being rubbed

Hand rubbing head


Hearing 3 bells ringing

Holes in beige sweater

Hearing running water

Hens in house

Hello jackets

Holding a calabash with with water

Hiding christmas presents woke up christmas present on lap

Harvest cassava in the dream what is the meaning?

Hang nail dream


Husband had a stroke

Heart shaped leaf

Hedge was cut right back, angry

Hotel, casino

Hitting a dog with car


Having sex with dog

Hand writing on a mirror

Hair hun

High heel break

Hair between teeth


Hair lost

Holding a spear

Husband kissed another woman

Husband sucking wife breast

Hugging puppy

Having sex with woman who planted seeds in my vagina

Holding my gold earring


Held at gun point

Hole punch

Henna color is not good in dream

Hearing news of death

Home lockdown

Harvesting groundnut in the dream


Husband was drunk

Hugging deceased mom who had tears of joy

Hug deceased mom

Having curly hair

Harvesting ripe plums

Horse eating on your roof of your car biting it

Hairy nose

Harvesting potatoes

Hold down

Hair clip meaning

House paint

Hiding under covers

Hear crashing dishes

Honey mustard


Hut on fire

Hit on fire

Harinder kaur

Hostel meaning in a dream

Hopping from ground to the next floor

Horse dead

Hear the sound of a slaming doorscreen door


How many hours sleep is necessary

How much sleep necessary?

Holding sugar cane

Half man half dog images in the dream

Hawk on a fence

Harvesting ripe cashew fruits

Having stitches


Having to finish a project alone and to a deadline

Hiding from bad guys

Hani f on a meathook

Hung from a tall building


Husband wearing condom

Harming someone

Hit with a box

Hubby masturbating in,dream

Hugging a dead relative

House destroyed

Having a dream about your oven on fire which u cant stop

Hearing cowbell

Haunted dreams

Hand on knee

Husband vomiting

Harvesting tons of potatoes


Holding someone hostage



Half eaten yoghurt

Having a male and female sex organs

Having a vagina

Have to be with ex

Having bad results of exams

Hummingbird lands on finger

Hiding from someone / somthing#

Hallelujah dream

Hapily married

Having sex with madman

Hang nails

Hearing voices

Husband masturbatung

Husband beating beating wife


Health bar

Horse brown bite

Hotel under construction

Heel protector

Hair clucher


Helping two women

Hearing breathing

Having a long penis

Huge virtually abandoned apaertments

Huge virtually bandoned apaertments

Hyena chase after me

Hyenna chase me

Hynna chasing me

Helping someone in water

Helping someone who has fallen in water

Hairy soles of feet

Hairy neck

Hijiras came in dream meaning

Holding someone white polka dot dress

Holding some whits polka dots dress

Husband had boil on lower back

Husband has boil on lower back

Harvesting kola

Hand coming down from the sky

Having sex with a female and your penis is long but very thin and then breaks


Husband gossiping

Hair growing on the forehead

Heping a little girl

Hiding women

Hot air balloon crash


Horns on lion

Hunting a person

Holding kolanut


Hand signs

Hibachi grill

Himan face horse

Human horse


Husband masturbating in a dream

Head down

Hug mother


Hair cut shorter than wanted

Husband evil

Half smoked cigarette

Horse in a sailboat

Harry feet

Humpty dumpty

Having sex with girlfriend

Honey dream meanings

Having sex with dog in the dream

Helping a mental girl

Hair falling out in chunks

Hearing the murder of my son

House glass dream meaning

House of glass dream meaning

Holding hamster

Hugged from back

Harvesting rootcrops

Hot cross buns

Hand open up

Human stool

Holding to a black torn boot filled with mud

Holding on to a black torn boo filled with mud

Having sex with my uncle

Having 3 suitors in a dream


Huge lake

Had a hand full of pearls and dropped them. i picked them back up and saw a note blackmailing me to sell drugs

Hissing in an elevator

Husband married to someone else

Half-cut nose

Have penis grow out of body



Having with a mane with a big enis

Half white half black talking mask

Hair shaved dream

Holy comunion

Hand in concrete

House fire electric


Handkerchief dreaming


Having a beautiful baby

Hiding marijuana

Hairy tongue



Handshake with the dead

Hanging in a house

Honey on a tree

Hen and chiks

Hiding coins

Havering groundnuts in the farm

Harvesting my cassava farm

High chair choking someone

Handsom man

Helping a friend wearing a toga

Have a dream that some girl is preparing fire

House door

Hiding candles from a stranger in the dark

Hiding a candle

Hiding a candle in a pocket

Having with someone you like

Having sexual affairs with mother

Hair neck

Having sex with an uncle

Holding hands with my deceased partner

Having vitiligo in dreams

House suck in by sinkhole and dog

Hear singing of mantra

Hug myself


Hearing death of a person

Holding hands with a dead husband

Hand dipping in boiling oil

Hole in my ceiling made by a falling heavy object

Holding pestle dream


Head sha

Harvesting okra in dream meaning

Hunting a cougar

Hand rub

Hand to face

Having two dick baby

Horse licks my face

Honey dripping from my head in a dream

Holding mother hand crossing bus

Holding mother hand

Husband slap my bum

Hugging wife in dream

Huge man

Harvesting onion after its due time

Harvesting arum

Having party including wife

Hairy stomach


Horses stampeding

Hugging a friend for long

Holes in shoes

Hair in soup


Hospitel works

Hiding from father

Herds of cows


Hair powder

Horse with a human facr

Home intruder with female having vivid red hair

Hazrat ibrahim a. s

Half brother standing by a red car smirking

Haldi on my feets

Harvesting grandnuts

Harvest cocoyam for cooking in dream


House being destroyed

Harvesting of palm nut fruit

Human dead meat

Harvesting chili in dreams

Having an intervention

Hairy shoes


Having a period while pregnant

Hurt head

Hot dog warmer

Hot dog warmw

Hot dog wamer

House burning and looseing everything

Head of pig being cut off

Hairy black snake

Hiding with devil

Half animal half spider

Hurt heel

Hands and penis

Hug from former boss


Holding kolanuts

Homeless city


House snow

Hang people in the ceiling

Having cancer


Handing someone marbles


Hosting a sleepover

Harvesting sweet potapotatoes using a hoe

House on a mountain top

Hair on the hand

Havign sex

Harvesting rootcrop


Healer healing me

Husband masterbating

Haldi i received


Hetero sexual man half naked in public

Hetero sexual man dreams hes naked in public

Hidden knowledge

Husband bringing mw flowers

Husband bringing flowers

Hairy palm

Human skull

Husband beating is wife and she is afraid to talk


Having sex with a doll

Having sex with pastor in a dream

Human flesh store

Healing water

Heard of black cows

Hair turns to dreadlocks


Having a very fresh pumpkin leaf in your farm

Having 3 cane

Harvesting in the dream

Harvesting good crop

Hole of money

Hindu goddess

Head tie for people and they pay for my service

Hair on my pinky finger

Hair on my finger

Hit dogs

Half naked man you know

Husband beating wife




Hard to swollow a tablet in my dream

Having nipples sucked

Home empty


Husband shoes destroyed

Hard candy

Having with two partners

Heavy rain indaylight

Hole in your heart

Husband masturbating in my dream

Hoise cracking

He made me look into his eyes and then i woke up shook

Half human half dog

Hump back

Hanging child

Having sex in drams

Having eex


Hand over passport

Hair ribbon


Handwashing a blanket

Hungry cat meaning

Hole in chest dream

Hugging sister with wrong intention

Happily married couple splitting up

House boat with another person

Hole trap

Hijira with baby in dream

Having baby girl

Hair nose

Half human half bird


Human sacrifice

Helping someone with a medical procedure

Hug by bull

Hole in bedroom ceiling


Head in a wall

Husband being attached by a sun fish

Hearts in a row on a scarf

Husband and brother in law on land with house and isolation

House land 2 brothers blavk and white color


Him opening his arms to me

Hurt bird

Husband with another woman but my husband is dead

Husband dreaming buying wife gold

Hajre aswad

Holes in teeth

Horse running on beach

Horse on a beach


Hair braided

Heo cillar elleles

Hiking on trail

Holding hands of deseased relative

Hearing the number 7

Hunted by hounds

Horse and cat huge

House burning

Holding garlic

Herdmen dreams

Hitting a golf ball with backspin

Hideing money

Hissing money

Husband running

Holding a black snake

Hike girl

Hungry cat dream

Hazelnuts in a dream

Hazelnuts every where in a dream

Having sex with a dog in a dream

Hard intestines

Heating pad

House with rowtunda burning

Hole in the ceiling.

Hug leg

House next door

House getting tore down

Hit with head


Husband upset

Half human half goose

Half human half geese

Hudspand flirting with another woman

Hacked cell phone

Heart shaped star dream meaning

Herat shaped star dream meaning

Husband betting wife in dream

Hinden rooms flooors

Having sex with sister

Having an adam’s apple

Handed a cap by someone who is deceased

Hands in water

Hands in wayer

Holding propane tank laughing with dad

Huge trees

Having to pay a ticket

Hair on forheaf

Huge fish in the flood with me

Holding a girls butt

Hub spans flirting

Hair styling

Hanuman in dreams

Handcuffs in mother hand


Husband sucking wife brest meaning

Husband mouth with gold teeth

Having sex with the small dog

Hearing the word heather in your dream

Hiding easter eggs

Hearing door knocks nobody there

Heard beigbour has had,a strokr

Hungry bear

Hairpins out of the ears

Handshake with wet hands

Hiding from a pyshic in a dream

Hiding from a medium in a dream

Hugging a naked woman.


Havin with sister in law

House in new town

Holding my child who is ing

Head transplant

Husband went abroad

Harvest fruits

Harvest ripe fruits


Heavy crates

Hit by a bus


Handed a book

Husband beating wife in dreams meaning

Hot dog food truck

Hairy feet


Hummingbirds green

Handle bar

Helpfull trolls

House renovation

Huge swing

House move

Husband kiss another woman

Husband and wife fighting

Husband leaves me

Harvesting coffee in the dream meams

Honda downey

Honda diwney

How firm a foundation

Hairy caterpillar pulled out of ear

Home cracking

House sliding down hill but stopping not completely buried

Holes in check

Holes in face

Harvesting of cassava

Having a seizure in a sleep paralysis dream

Holy basil

Holes on the floor

Having a baby with someone i’m not with

Having a person back towards you and him denying he did you wrong or harm

House of dead parents


Hide police

Hitting someone shoe

Hickory nut

House change

Healing skin

Hurt hand

Hands knuckles

Hair growing in the nose


Hiding money in a dream

Helping carrying a coffin

House shift

Husband kissed breast

Husband suck

House 4 th level

High seas/ storm

Holding a yellow snake

Holding a snake and asking someone to touch it

Holding a crystal

Holding a amythiest crystal

Harvesting of sweet pototo in dreams

Hiding alcohol from a parent

Harvesting cardamom

How to remeber your dreams morning

Holding feet

Helpless boy

Hair in big bun atop head

Hair in big bun

House with valley

House on a hill

Home invasion and sedated

Head of fish

Husband has stroke

Henna on my feet

Hungry meaning

Helping the blind to the top

Having sex with a dog dream

Hood car


Hit son

Husband watching pronography

Hairbrush and vagina

Hole in floor

Having sympathy for a young elephant

Holding tablets of different colors


Hiding mariuana

Hairy thumb dream

Halloween parties

Halloween in canada

Home intruder

House in a canyon

Hiding from the military

Husband not in love

Husband sucks my breast

Healthy dread locks

Having sex with a long time friend

Having sex with my dog

Huge worm

Huge worm and blue water

Having sex with sister inlaw

Heart broke

Having 2 suitors

Hanged crow in dream

Hornets nest

Holy slippers

Holding pestle in dreams

Heaters breaking down


Helping mother

Hunting and killing a pheasant

Hunting pheasants

Hang on

Hand sign

Huge onions falling from the sky

Hearse on fire

Hills and valleys

Hollow tree

Hanging on ledge

Hair in breast

Hole on your foot

Hiding in a wheat field

Holding hand crowd

Holding hand crown

Head down crying

Having something thrown on me

Homeless person asleep under car. i lifted the car off them and drove off



Hungry lions

Hearing a sound of the gun shot

Hands stuck together

Hotel room with wet carpet

Hammer outside main window of my home

House craked in dream

Having a big dick

Halfdog half snake

Hairs on nose


Hearing yhe train whistel

Herd elephant

Hawk flying toward me

Huge fly

Have a baby in the dream

Hole in a roof

Hole in my roof

Hit and run accident


Having a car accident

Hispanic church

Hit over head

Hand growing from the top of my head


Husband pants on someone floor

Half dog half snake

Havesting cocoyam means what

Husband ejaculating

High heals

Honey locusts

Huge rats

Having gravel in my mouth

Having a mouthful of gravel

Having a mouthful of gravel and spitting it out

Hair braid

Having sex wit a girl that i neva thought i would

Husband washing my wife feet

Husband washing my feet

House destruction

Having sex with stranger

Held down by people that want to harm me

Hog carcasses

Hijra giving blessings in dream

House recked

Hand fishing

Headband in a dream

House sitting on sinkhole with money

House with mo ey on sinkhole

Husband having chest pain

Having intercourse with dog in the dream

Hazlenuts in body



Hanging from a building

Holy text

Husband taken away by 2 men

House keys

Human butterfly

Head bit off

Herd of cows

Hopping in trash and dirty water area

Horse cart dream interpretation

House sliding down hill

Hopping in trash and creek area

House maide


Heenna on hair in dream meaning

Hairy snake with two heads

Happy two headed snake

Husband summing in a dream meaning

Had a dream a minister was praying for me

Husband meeting with the father of mistress

Husband summing in a dream meaning

Husband was stabbed

Hair bald

Hand in the heart

Holes on clothes

Hand stretched out towards me

Horse with 3 legs

Holding a diaper

Have dreams if being a mother of twins they are both mixed.


Hair clams

Holi playing

Home sliding

Head butting horse

House party with uninvited guests


Husband hugging another women and she is flirting

Hole in my back

Horse statue

Hearing quran from grave

House crumble

Horned skull

Hyena attacks

Hindu dream i terpretation

Have affair1004have affair - the dream you are searched for: have affair - dreams interpretation

Have affair

Husband with face tattoo

Holes in my head

Hairy foot

Hitting someone in the head

Hairy vagina shaped like a snakes head

Husband flirting with work colleque


Hummingbird flying in my house

House flies

Hole in burner

Head injury


Hawk flies beside me and comes to my outstretched arm and sits on my wrist

Hear glass breaking/shattering

Hollywood bet

Having sex with your seniour sister in dream

Having pet groundhog in dream


Holding red hoe

Hard worker

Hairless horse

House ceiling cracking


Hiding balcony

Having sex with own father

Having a million dollars


Hooks in skin

Harvesting a mushroom

Having with my husband and mother

Hurting men with knives

Hanging man

Having sex with stepmother

Husbands sperm in large amount

Having sex with your pastor

Headless body girl kid deam

Headless cat

Handprints on mirror


Had a dream my friend is involved in a cult

Husband eating pea soup

Holiday packing

Head less girl

Hair conditioner bottle

Heena on feet

Husbands mariage

Hair co sitionwr botles

Having dog eara

Holy water pouring from a unhooked fawcett

Hasn’t packed my suitcase

Holding a glass of dirty water and refilling it until it becomes clear

Horse face man

Healer telling you where you will die

Honey comb fallingg from great heights


Hair raised

Holes on my chest

Holes on chest

Hot black tar

Hey crashing on the distance

Husband that has died

Hosing walls

Hands and feet

Hair worms


Hit by dad

Half man half spider

Hand grindingstone



Husband freezing

Hyena bite

Hyenda attack

Head butting someone

House of the wall has cracked

Hit with fryin pan

Hornet nest

Hap 7434

Holding a star in my hands

Head over

Half man half dog

Handed word dunce

Had a nightmare with a dead person sucking the blood out of my vagina

Hazy eyes

Hearing a name spelled out loud

Horse blood

Hole in the gum

Holding pestle in the dream

Hibiscus flower

House breakin

Hornbill dream

Hunger and abject poverty in dreams

Huge brown spiders

Hiding in underground bunker

Having a kid

Hear the name jo

Harvesting bitter gourd in a dream

Harvesting sorghum in dream

Harvesting sorghum

House being broken into

Hand grinding

Hair growing out of body

Hair falling out with psoriasis

House party in mountains

Horses mating

Hearing a male voice asking for help

Hanging blinds

Hermit crabs

Huge fish

Husband licking woman vagina


Harvesting fruit but standing on someones shoulder

Hair and psoriasis

Husband has strokr

House in a hill

Husband with women


Husband fired from work

Having miniature babies with a woman from india

High to lower level

Holding remote in dream

Hearing beauty

Hearing you are so beautiful

Head cut from knife

Huge sneeze

Helping an old woman to carry firewoo

Head bang against table

High school crush sex

High school crush

Hybrid dream


Hugging deceased mother

Had a dream about my deceased mother with many bruises

Heard of someone passed away

Hard to balance

Hearing a train whistle in my dream

Havesting coco yam in the dream


Hidden kitchen

Half half dog

Holding yellow weeding flowers for three people

Hole in hand

Hugging sister-in-law

Husband going to umrah

House on stilts

Half bird half human


Haldi indream

Holi in dream meaning

Harvest cocoyam in a dream

How fast can a rabbit run

Hole in leg

Huge nose ring

Harvesting mopane worms in a dream biblically means

Having sex with a she male


Huging a cold body

Heavy objects falling on me

High tide of water over forested hill

Having sex with a girl on the truck with an oversized vagina and spilling seeds on the ground

Hanging wooden bridge

Hearing a death news

House colour peach



Heading of train

Harvesting sweetpotatoe


Head with hair

Human giving birth and a snake coming out

Hairy female pubic

Having running stomach

Hands skin cracking

Hair pulled

Husband caught wife cheating


Hand and leg chopped off

Holding a pestle

Hijra ka prasav

Hit and run

Half of the gold jewellery stolen

Hairy lady boob

House walls cracking

House walls have cracks all over


Horse and carriage wedding

House sleeping old women boyfriend stygen witches three vanity light smoke pink blue orb car wreck water daughter

Hose sleeping boyfriend old women hiding in house stig

Husband walk in room naked


Hristian meaning of flames

Husband and mistress

Hair cut by a fairy

Hunting down a grass cutter

House floor cracking

Hand puss

Handshake with deceased

Hair cut on someone else

Holi celebration


Hill top

Hunting with someone

Holding a hamster in the palm of my hand

High street

Hindi color orange genie elephant

Hearts in dream

Hands and arms on fire

Husband wanting to beat a wife but poeple stop him

Holding cooked cocoyams

Haversting cocoyam in dream

Hearing someone whistle

Holding pestle in dream

House inside



Harvest apples


Helmet on woman


He said shhh


Houseboat dream

House made out of straw

Holding tangerine in your hand

Holding tangerine in your hand in a dream

Had so much diarrhea

Husband baby with another woman

Hallow stomach

Husband swallowed by a whale


Hand shake with my father in law who is dead in a dream means

Hot air balloom

Holes in clothes

Head wund

Higher floor

Hamster being attacked by kittens

Hesitate from people around


Head of juju

Holding a gun in your dream

House being built

Had in a dream

High heel shoes in dream what does it mean

Hair accessory

Having quintuplets

Hair removing



Homo sex

Huge horse

Husband cut my hair


Half naked wife touching her private part

Having intercourses with your spouse

Having money, coins

Hair brush

Horse dragging a bull

Human flesh in pieces covered in blood

Hindu interpretation of dreams

Heart transplant surgery

Holding a pestle in a dream

Horse drowning in river

Horse underwater hiding old rabies

Husband and wife pounding fufu in dream means what

Hummingbirds land on my shoulders

Harvesting maize in the dream

Having a muslim spouse in my dream

Having a muslim spouse

Having purchased an older house, upon entering i find a group of 4 men sitting and one shaving with my razor. i move to the next room and a woman is looking at a picture on the wall. as i approach 2 others are entering the front door. the woman looking at the picture says to me “ get used to it, this used to be a museum!”

House is tilting


Husband in jail

Huaband in jail

High tension


Having a bag of dried crayfish

Happy with dead relatives in dream


Having beast removed

Having the same dream but differnet parts

Having breast removed

Hold one pin and saw two on the ground in my dream


Having a bowl full of mopani worms

Holding coals

Handling coal


Handsome man crying

Heart condition


Heard my boss was dead in a dream

Harvesting cocoyam in the dream mains what


Hornbill bird

Hardware store closing

Holding human rosted flesh in a dream means what

Holding all teeth in hand

Herbalist pounding mortar and pestle

Hooks vagina

Hooks in vagina

Halle berry

Hot celebrity

Hanging between heavin and earth thatch house

House with thatched roof

Hole on ceiling

How do i lower calcium in my body

Hanging washing


Having clothes made

Hajj ceremony

Harvesting cassava in a dream

Hard - hat

Hijra dancing

Handicap girl


Hair power

Heart pound

Happy father in law

Holding a candle and it shattered

Husband slept with another person

House collapse


Horse in a house

Holding a pack of an unused pad

Holding unused sanitary pad in a dream



Highway at night

Having sex with other women

House and garden with a stream

Huge arms

Hanging baby


Highway of grass

Hand crochet

Head scarf

Having a down syndrome child

Half dog and.half baby

Hiding dead body


Holding your teeth

Having sex with a celebrity i like

Having flippers

Helping a deaf person understand the ocean

Hairless dog


Hula hoop


Having sex from women to women

Hair wig


Hairy nipples

Holding a gold scepter but can’t reach upward

Holding gold scepter and reaching upward but can’t reach

High tide


Human with a tail

Hearing words with doing the cross on chest

Husband using drugs

Harvesting cocoyams in a dream from my farm

Hand prints on wall

Happy marriage

Harvest ripe coffee beans

Having my husband back

Hen tools

Hair tongue

Hearing z azam following by a view of the stars

Hurse over a house

Hair tie

Harm mother

Hurt mother

Hear someone speaking of bitter cola

Hugging a dead love one


Heart shape dream meaning

Hairbrushes not belonging to me

House crack

Holes in chrome pipe

Husband sucks wife breast


Hanging clothes catching fire

Holding sugarcane

Hispanic lover

Having sex with an old lady


Husband touching my nipple

Home on fire

Hand piecing

Hand sanitiser


Husband attacked by stag

Husband bald hair

Hot wind

Hindu pundit

High rate of speed

Held against your will

House party fight

Happy couple dream meaning

Harvest cocoyams

Helping a dead person put on shoes

Headless girl

Husband shouting

Headless dude

Hair ties

Having sex with someone other than your partner

Having a lit cigarette thrown at you

Huntress and shepard


How will you keep outside pressure and influence from destroying your dream

Holding trouser

Husband cheating with a friend

Husband smoking a cigar in my dream i was sleeping woke up he was on the steps smoking a cigar

Holy bush

Hand skin melting

High school library

Helping two trapped animals

Hawk kills bird

Having sex with dad

High-fiving a hawk

Hawk bs vulture


Homeless person

Hot ground

Hillside house

Hear knocking at door

Husband sucking breat dream meaning

Hills n open ground

Helping an old man

Holes in my suitcase

Human bridge

House on sand

Hair clips

Hands anoited

Having a sick baby


Husbands clone

Human flesh

Human flesh raw

Hearing a word on a different language

Hearing an unknown word

Hearing a loud commanding unknown word

Husband flirting with another woman at party

Hospital admission


Helt captive

Hurting me

Holes in waterbed

Having black hair

Hard working person in dream


Hugging son as a child

House falling from the sky

Hear a voice saying that i should use olive and water to soak feet for toe fungus that i have

Hear a voice saying that i should use olive and water to soak feet for toe fungus

Hear a voice saying that i should use olive and water to soak feet

Hear a voice saying that i should use olive and water

Had an affair with my partner behind their own back

House in the middle of the ocean

Hanging with a senator

House plant

House plany

House with a church in it


Having a cheque and withrawn the cash at atm

Hot pink and white lamb

Herding goats

Heading goats

Hearing death news in dream


How does lettuce represent love and belonging

Heaven and hell

Hound dog winking at me

Hearing a train whistle

Hairy caterpillar

Huge full moon

Hearing quran

House on srilts


Helping a blind girl in a dream

Having sex with woman which later i found out is shemale

Hair on forhead

Hole in the ceiling

Heavy storm


Having formthe first time with an old friend while i am married

Hole in forehead

Husband face change

Husband cheating and escaped with someone

Husband cheating and sloped with someone

Husband wearing polka dot shirt

Head bump

Hit by a bullet


Hidden back room

Helping blind old lady

Hot doctor


Having relationship with the mayor



House plumbing

Hearing an explosion go off

Hot oil

Horse shit

Horse apples

Hot feet

Hugging a former boss


House surrounded by trees

Heavy bag of golf clubs

Havin with sister in law

Husband leaving his misses

Hair and death

Had cancer in my dream

Human into bird glowing

Having menstruation

Holding by the wrist

Holding wrist

Holding someone by the wrist

He notice me and wanted to be with me

Hand gliding

Having sex with a mane with a big enis

Hearing birds but not seeing them


Hen egg omlette

Holding water in a calabash

Husband refused to speak to wife

High school dreams

Happy water slide

Happy with ex


Hit a man

Heaps of pearls

Horrible words on the wall

Hand coming through locked door

Have dream about a boy everyday

Holy old man


Hail over someones house

Hanging up phone

Human piece of bones was pushed into my mouth

Holding your neck

Headlice on your head

House pin stilts

Head swap

Harvesting coco yam and placing it on fire

Half man half horse

Harvesting cocoa yam

Hole through the floorr

Her in a coffin


Heavy rain with thunder

Hanging out someone else’s clothes

High heals sandals

High heel sandles

House burnt


Hot plate in a stove

Hot burning plate in a dream

Heavy rain in dream

Heavy rain fall in dream

Half bird half human female walking towards me

Huge waves

Healthy baby

Hand baby

Hindu god idol

Hot bread

Hidden message

Having chameleon inside your clothes

Houseboat floating away

Husband sleeping with another wife

Healing a disable child

Hockey player


Hair and hairdresser

Hair and hairdresser.

Headless fish

Hand court with knife

Hugging my daughter

Hands coming after me

Hands hurting and fingers going into hand

Hockey mask

Husband kiss fat woman and seems happy

Husbands mistress

Hair fall while hair wash

Hit someone with wood

Holy family dream


Harvesting cassava

Husband shaving his full beard

Hottest day on earth

Holding arms

House shopping

Husband sucking my breast

Hi marks

Hugging from the back

Hugging from behind

Hugging my legs from behind

House and vest

House and best


Having a girl

Hot spring

Having your quince

Hang hangers in closet

Hot water in a jerrican

Hair in palm

House was vandlize

Holes in ceilings

Horses of various colours

Having a child

Have become a baby boy

House in space

Hands turning blue

Hijra give blessings in my dram


Husband watching porn

Horse arena

Human phisis

Having sex in a lake


Having sex with mom


Hug mum

Hanging off

Holding on

Harvesting coyoyam in a dream

Harvesting coyoyam

Hearing voice of dead relative

Hearing dead relative voice message

Hearing voice of deceased loved one in a dream

Hearing voice of deceased love

House covered in spiders

Harvesting cocoyam in your dream

House threatened

Husaband naked

Hand job

Having sex with another woman, lesbian

Hijra coming in dream

Having sex with father

Hiding behind a pillar

Headless halloween costumes

House invasion

Hug dead son of a friend


Horses kidneys

Hair care

Hair cur

Husband stroke

Having sex with devil

Hen laying eggs

Headless woman

Headless horseman

Haunted castle


Holding a ring

Holding hands with my dead grandmother

Hearing bagpipes

Hidden deceipt

Hidden deciept

Hidden decipt

Hidden motives

Horse carts

Hidden evil

Hidden evil beyond a door



Hawking in the dream

Having a baby in a dream


Having sex with husband friend

Having sex with a husband friend


Hunter x hunter

Hiring nine lawnmowers

House being demolished

Hair falling

Had a kiss




Hijra helps me in my job

Husband mistress with baby girl

House burglaries

Hiding something valuable

Holding a goat

Having period

Hugging neice

Hugging someone who hates you

Headless sheep


Hearing a bell

Hearing a cow bell

Hair stuck on my teeth


Husband has blood in eyes

Huge black door with no key

Holding quran on my hand

Healing someone who passway

Human like


Hearing a good news from a hater

He gifted me gold waist beads in my dream

Having sex on dreams

Holding periwinkle in dream meanings


Hand holding

Handing over my resignation letter

Hanging from something

Harvesting okro

Hearing a tambourine

Hacking phone

Husband fathered child in dream

Husband fathered a child

Hairy hand putting a ring on my finger

Healer in white clothes

Hanging boogers from a man

Hen party

Had a dream pounding fufu what a motar and pistle by my self.

Hornets in spider webs

Had a dream pounding fufu in a motar with a

Hair in ears

Husband cut off his fingers

Horse and car

Husband is going on a journey

Home demolishing

Harvesting big tubers ofcassava in dreams

Herd of lambs

Housemate moving out

Hole in celing

Husband hiding something in his pocket

Hot sauce

Hizda blessings


Having a fever

Husband marring

Husband marring other women

Husband giving wife a padlock

Have to climb to get to a door

Holi festival

Had a dream i was falling for ever

Hot pepper

Half of hair in a ponytail

Herd of cows getting out of fence

House with flowers

House filled with flowers

Headless ogre

Heedless horseman

House guest

Hair accessories

Having canned sardine in my dream

Husband with another wo an

Husband with other girls

Hand cuffed

Human waste

Holding hands with someone

Hold someome

Holding up

Helping someone tired

Holding an observing husband sperm

Heyena attack

Holding chameleon

Holding arm

Heavy mentrual periods

Home broken into and stuff gone

Holding someone in a vision


Had a dream of a strong wind blowing curtains away in my room

Hyina attacking

Having with an old friend for the first time while i am married

Hot geyser

Hairy knees meaning

Hugging a boy

Hair pulling by god

Hijra conducting marrige and giving blessing


Happy park

Hijras entering my house and my mother was cooking food for them

Hanging a wall clock

Having a stillborn baby


Hoiding a red mantle

Hijra in dream meaning

Hanging on the edge

Hairy palms

Having sex with a female in my dream

Hairy mole

Hijra comes in dream meaning

Hole in your fingermail

House with many rooms

Hair falling out in clumps

Husbands hand on wife\\\\\\\\\'s

Head on chest


Helecopter search light

Husband stripper

Hearing died news

Handed down green br

Holly branch


Husband beating wife in dream

Hair bobble

Hidden bank account

Hard work in my dream

Having a gift of bearing motor partd

Husband taking letters

Husband taking papers from my home

Husband coming home

Husband returning

Husband returning home after separation

Healing wound

Hearing heavy breathing

Hair foot

Hell and heaven

Having long hair and sister wants long hair too

Husband collecting a bag full of letters

Having a black mark on forehead

Homeless man


Husband died

Half disabled face in a dream

Half disabled person

Hole in penis

Horse head

Hurt wrist

Homeless person in a dream

Helper in dreams

Husband with girls

Hole in one golfing

Huge steps

Holding culery in dream

Husband second wife

Husband and wife arguing

Hurting a baby

Happy dreams of being pregnant


Holding a smiley baby

Hurt hip

Hanging out with new people

Husband hanging upside down


House squatting

Handcuffing someone


Having two pair of drumsticks

Horse bit me in my butt

Heavy yoga mat ref and green

Husband falls

Horse skull

Holding cross in dream means


Hen killed

Having a dream of my father being guy

Hamsters dirty cage

Hair cut salon

Had a dream asking god to forgive me


Hearing comunion church bells


Havesting casava

Havesting cassava


High heals shoes

Holy festival

Hiding a small infant within folds of clothing

Hiding a small infant under folds of clothes

Holding a marble

Hitting a woman

Hurting feet with glass

Husband nake

Haunted home

Heavy object

Hands rubbing

Half tarnished ring

Hiding a body


Harvesting groundnuts


Having lesbian sex with mom


Hearing death news continiosly

Hens droppings

Homeless man getting arrested



Hotel casinos

Helping someone to grind sorghum using mortar and pestle

Having raid

Helping a decease women sweep her yard dream meaning

Helping a decease women sweep her yard

Hurting ring


House being raided


Held against will

High heel


Hearing your deceased mother’s voice

Having sex with a transgender

Hit i head with shovel

Hugging dead pastor

Hanging from tree


Having sores on your body


Hurricaine prep

Home booby trapped for intruders

Husbands niece

Headless man

House stilts

Husband beaten wife

Husband having intercourse with another woman

Hair clip breaks

Had an ex paying dowry

Had a dream of my ex boyfriend paying dowry for me


Holly berry

Hair done

Harvesting ripe coffee

House bedrooms


Holding a baby with amethyst eyes

Hair fall in alot

How much to charge for my rental?

Heavy coat

Haunted house

Husband’s death

Heavy duty truck


Hand nail fungus


Hores mating

High chair

Hair in a bun

Heavy lunch bag

Heavy bag

Holding staff dream meaning




Hair strand


Healed wound

Hospital and death

Hijir al aswad

Heavy rain car people tree

Hummingbird hatching in hand chirping

Holding a citrine cystal in my hand

Hearing gunshoots

Huge beetle


Husband turning retarded

Heart doctor

House gate


Hall way

Harvesting fresh white corn

Hair up

Hair bun

Heiress dream mean


Havesting and peeling cassava incthe dream

Havesting cassava in the dream

Homework deadline

Highschool homework

Hollow body

Hot water being poured on my stomach

Hair relaxer

Husband divorces you

Husband leaves

Having tattoos

Helicopter crash, yellow

Holding stack of gold on my right hand

Horses on a beach

Hole with snakes


Hand washing

Harvesting alot of fish

Heaven way

Having twin girls in dream

Hospital bed

Hugging dead person

Holes in someones body

Hair going on fire

Hot air balloon

Hubands giving money

Husband having a second wife

Head on shoulder




Horse chasing me

Husband giving his wife a tigers eye stone ring



Having black coin in a dream

Hands on body

Horse dyeing dream

Hot water drop on tounge

Half eaten fish

Hair permed by someone

Hide.and seek

Husband parents

Head of a cow

Head of bull

Hear knocking in dream

Hair fringe

Husband and i spilt and he was with a new girl


Husband being kidnap

Hand reaching out, sense of calm, car, hall

Holding a severed hand

Honey anointing


Heavy flood

Hair cut

Huge aggressive snake when killed, turns into small boy

Healthy sugar cane dreams


Husband sees wife cheating

Hair from mouth

House with a snake

Husbands friend

Husband comiiting zina

Holding a clock

Hat boxes

Husband laughing

Hair extensions

Hitting someone in self defence

Having sex with my uncle and the condom broke

Hit by bullet


Husband saw wife in labour

Hairy fucking


Heart shaped rock

Had a dream of my dead husband hugging me

Hijras in dream

Henna hair

Homeless people

Hair dryers

Having psoriasis in dream

Had a dream i had fungus on my big toe

Having a plan

Husbands truck being dismantled

Husbands truck

Holding hand with dead person

Hold hands

Harvesting cocoyam in a dream means what

Hexagonal pattern

Havesting cassava in the dream meaning

Healing waters

Horses matting

Half alive human calling me for help in human meat market

Human meat market

Human butchery market meaning

Hijara in my dreams

Holding magnum

Hole in the ground

Holding down a black bird with my both hands

Holding down a black bird with my two hands together

Holding down a black with my two hands together

Hair in tongue

Hinged teeth



Horse photo

Heldheld transmitter

Having unknown husband


Holding a dead man

Harvesting cassava in dreams

Have someting stuck in your teeth

Helping dad to walk

Husband naked on side of the bed woman in bed 2 guys watching

Hippo milk in dream

Hawking pure water in dream


Having sex in your dream with a relative

Head covering


Having sex with me

House cat

Hitting crow bar

Hair tie breaking

Horse intestines


Huge meteor

Hot girl

Head light

Hungry cats

Having sex with women in dream

Holding two small dogs

Harvesting coffee in your dream

Hard work woman

Haunted office

Hearing melody in my sleep

Hair plating of a brid

Hanging bucket of paint

Hindu temple in dream

Hair straightner burn carpet


Hear a lawnmower

Husband marring another women

Hijera in dream helping me

Having a borrowed kettle at my house and giving it to a friend to return it to the owner


Hijira clapping

Hijira in dreams

Hanging child molesters

Hair clip in eyes

Hair clips in eyes

Holly book

Hair tie breaks

High rise hotel

Holding ekg

Husband having heart attack meaning

How can i log out of another phone from mines

Harvest cassava

Hockey goalie

Harvesting cocoyam in the dream

Hearing someone dead dream


Holding a small purple birds

Hair falling out with white moth

Human turning into leopard when baby cub seems to be in danger. the leopard then falls in love with human

Hearing the word opal

Head goat

Hugging german shepherd

Hole in eyeball

Hearing 3 knocks that wakes you up

Half human half beef meaning

Higher in rotten thing

Hearing a grandfather clock chiming in your dream

Hill collapsing on its own

Had a dream singing and dancing like a sangoma

High pony tail

Hrvest root crops

Husband toothache

Husband asleep during scary experience

Horn trumpet

Hiding food

Heavy fly

Hijra chased me in my dream

Hitting masjid

Holding of kolanut

Holes in clothing or nylons

Hugging dog

Hair got got cut short



Husband having sex with another woman

Hearing gospel

Having sex with my sister in law

Holding hands with jesus

Hugging in a dream

Hand tattoo

Having sex with foreign women

Husband marry to other women that i dnt knw

Houses in a row one with the door open and light on

Harvesting cocoyams in a dream.

Hide seek

Hijda in dream

Hanging clothes


High jumping

Hearing heirloom

Having conflict with neighbours

Hat does it mean to pound cassava fufu in the dream

Holding quran

Huge beautiful emerald cut stone glowing green above my laying down body

Huge green beautiful emerald glowing above me

Head bursting

Hawking in my dream

Hit in head with a shovel

Holding periwinkles and running to look for more

Hiding money in dream

Husband calls you a bitch in a dream

Having sex with a dog in your dream

Harvesting maize


Hair pulling

Handwritten book


Husband running away

Hundred dollar bill in wallet

Hole in gum

Huddle up

Harvest green calabash fruit in a dream

Huge bright planets

Handing in resignation letter

Hearing mantra in dream

House settling a new house

Huge feathered wings

Holding to rope

Husband flirting with another woman

Huge dog

Hair on palm of hand

House, stilts


Holy clothes

Half human half bird dream

Having two belly buttons

Husband anal sex wife


His enemies will yield him means that

Husband has pile of shirts on floor

Head in hands

Hair on tongue


Healing people

Hiding object

Harry styles

Highschool musical

Holding a blind baby

Harvest cassava in a dream

Horse coming out of the vagina

Having sex with an animal

Having quads with ex husband

Hot guy

Hanuman burning



Hair dye

Hitting someone in the face

Hand on top of another

Holding onto side of house

Hanging from side of a house

Holes in my body

Holly berries

Hair and body

Henna dream on you hand means

Henna dream meaning

Hijra blessing

Huge green acidic ice

Homeless friend


Husband hurting our dog

Having trouble standing up

House confiscation

Hand charm

Harvesting dry maize

Hairbrush undir the pillow


Huge brown horses galloping

Horses galloping toward me

Having with someone you like

Henna on the feet


Head cover


Holding stool

Huge big dragon fruit in the dream


Holw in the ground

Happy man and woman

Hair from head being pulled out by dreamer

Having a baby but unmarried

Having with a mane with a big enis

Head off

Hoil dream

Holi play with water

Having with two partners

High blood pressure

Hair straighteners

Holding back the birthcertificate of a person

Hidden camera

Husband getting another woman pregnant

Hearing death news of your mother

Having 2 suitors in a dream

Hitting a cat

Hen and chicks

Healing a pregnant cow

Hindu black flags planted in a yard

Husband feeding wife

Hair clutcher in dreams

Having a dispute with bull


Hijra dancing in dreams

Hair dyed black instead of blonde

Hanging clothes in a dream

Hickory niy

Having sex with a mad man in the dream

Hotel dream

Handicap man

Heart surgery

Harvesting coco yam in a dream means what

How to stop dreaming

How can i remove someone like on my photos on instagram

Having purple eyes

Having sex with a minataur



Holding hand of a dead person

Honey and honeycomb

Huge nuts and bolts

Huge spider on clothes without harm

Hair pulling from my teeth

Henna dream

Hallucinating someone trying to kill me

Hunted by panthers

Harvest cocoyam

Husband sucking partners nipple

Horse dung


Horses surrounding and licking your face

Holding a silver rosary in my dream

Holding a rosary in my dream

Having chicken pox

Half cooked poultry or beef



Half cooked food served

Harvesting red sweet potatoes


Hijra commiting crime

Holding a calabash that contain water

Husband accident

Husbands x lover

Honey and honeycomb saw in dream

Hawk sat on my shoulder

Horse bucking

Hooking up

Hump on your back



Hijra blessing in dream

Husband being drunk

Home repairs

Husband beating me his wife




Holes in chest flesh

Holes in my rib

Hunting grasscutter

Hole over my heart and see rib bone

Holes in my chest bone

Hole in my chest

Husbands girlfriend and kids

Having wings

Harrass by many men


Hart hat

Hearing a door slam

Humid paste

Harmonium in dreams

High note


Hair pulled out

Heel cracked on male foot

House damaged by flood

Hospital smell

Hand injury

Heart transplant

Harassing witch

Harassed by a witch

Husband ignoring

Hugging a person


Human waste and menstrual waste

Hoarding about 2000 earrings hanging on walls

Horns in dreams



Half lit room

Hijara in dream

Heavy metal music

Hairless rat

Home doir

Horn sound

Hearing death news continiosl

Home door opening

Hooked in skin

Hair straightener in water

Husband with child another woman

Hijra died in deream

How to

Human figure

Husband as prime minister

Hiding money in house

Husband got a new manager office at work

Handprint on a wall

Hairy long worm


Handkerchief given to me by my dead ex husband

Holding a toothbrush not my own to brush my teeth


Horse sex

House being lifted up by forklift along with other houses

Hit in head with arrow

Husband takes away your wedding ring

Husband takes back wedding ring

Hacking mother

Had a dream i walked in on a friend being hung

Hearing the death news of grandmother


Husband losing weight

Husband was very skinny

Hitting a car

Havesting cocoyam

Hair in baking cake

Having my teeth cleaned


Hijra dressing in dream

Huge peaceful snale inside trunk of tree, and large mangos and huge grapes cover the ground

Holes in my gums

Holes in your gums

Having sexy

Harvesting cassava in a dream meaning

Having sex in dream

Hugging a white dog

Head lives

Hammer into head

Hitting people

Holding cutlass in the dream

Having sex with someone else

Half buried

Honey from the vagina

Harvesting cocoyam in the dream.

Having cardamom in dream

Haressment dream

Husband goes missing

Head in body

Harvesting cocoyam in my dream


Hearing a train

Horse with a human face

Hungry dead person

Henna dyeing hair

Hawking in thedream

Holding long white hair

Hiding from others

Having sex with ex

Half man and half dog

Hiding money in the dresser

Harvesting and peeling casava in the dream

Hissing cat i can’t see

Hissing cat

Hole on my forehead between my eyes

Hole in the walls


Hot peppers in a basket

Huggung the dead

Handwriting in a dream

Hear telephonic message of someone death

Handless person

High priest

High pries




Harvesting cassava getting them on one plantation wat does it mean

Hairdresser gives me hair conditioner


House that is falling apart

Hold hand

Having a stroke

Huge gift bags

Hole in chest

Herd of cattle in dreams

Husband kisses another woman

Husband kiss woman

History class

Having with an old friend

Having soil and in my mouth

Having women milk

Hawking in dreams

Hair cut real close on forehead

House squatters

Husband is giving me bath

High cheekbones

Hearing a pep talk in a dream

Hanging shirts on the line at night with my husband

Hit by a flying saucer on the neck

Handing out lettuce

Hair lice

Husband married to another women

High building

High 5


Holy bible spine

Half face


Having a daughter


Hijrin in dream

Husband taking second marriage

Husband died in dreams

Helping blind women’s in a dream

Holding twin boys

Hurt kittens

House gate changed

Hugging a living person


Horse skelton

Husband heart attack

Hijab remove woman removing

Hat losing

Having sex with a old lady

Healing nose

Husband walking away

Hugged by a dolphin

Hugging a sick person

Hair falling clump


Harry prince of wale

Harvesting coffee berries

House flooded

Hornbill was chasing me

Husband and wife

Hijra dancing in dreams mean

Having six fingers

Heavy ripening pears

Hardwood floor

Holding a baby

Holdin is baby

Hair cuttings

Hair cuts

Hair pieces

Hospital full of babies


Hardware store


Human intestines going back to the body


Huzoor saw

Husbands glistening eye tooth

Hugging dead

Hugging dead grandparents

Husbands nose cut



Hole instead of navel

Hair clipper

Herbal tea

Husband with another woman

Hearing my mom voice and firetruck sirens


Hair mullet

Holding a short rope


Honey with wax

Holy communion

Hit by lightning


Harvesting cocoyam in the dream denotes what

House demolition

Hair clip and hair ban

Husbsnd flirting with other woman and sister

Headboard meaning in a dream


Hanuman dreams

Healing powers

Herd of dead cows

Helping a large bird

Holding a black pot in church

Hadith book

Horse jaguar

Horse with the head of a jaguar

Heart bleeds

Having a roadtrip with the squad

Human flesh shop

Hugging leg

Heart of jesus

Horse mating

Hole in my head

Hole on my forehead dream

Harvesting of cassava in dream

Husband sucking his wife breast

Hands in vines

Hands tied

High voltage wite

Human excrete

House for sale


Horse growing in garden soil

Heart break

Have an affair with my pastor in the dream

Having an interpret to help me save miss treated baby animals

Hindu funeral

Hand operation

Harvesting rice

Horizontal lift

Hanging in a tree

Hair pony tail

Huge and high towers

Huge drumsticks at home in tree

Harsh black female strager

Hanging wind chimes

Hearing a screen door close

Hugging dogs

Hugging your own dog

Hole ceiling

Healing mist

Hindus worshiping

Hexagon coin

Having toenails cut

Human eating human flesh

Horn bill

Hungry children eating



Holy ground


Husband shaking because his upset

Husband shaking because his ipset


Hair clip buying


Husbands marriage

Hair show

Hearing own death news in dream

Husband had dreadlocks

House foundation

House off it’s foundation

House coming off it’s foundation

Husband and dreadlocks

Husband had dreads


Herrings in a fishing net

Holes in skin

Hair spider

Hair coming out of vagina

Hairy face

Happy dog and a traditional herbalist

Hand grabbing

Hanging beads

Husband leaving


Heavily armed

Human crying

Heavy rainfall


Hijras giving blessings meaning

Hijra in dreams

Hole in the wall

Hawk talons

Hanging laundry

Husband skinny dipping

Hair on body

House viewing

Horse and buggy

Held under water

Hanging clothes inside the house


Healing somebody

Home base


Hugging dead father in law


Holding a cloth belt

Hold stockfish in the dream

He read me a poem he wrote


Having num leg and arm

Helping dying person

Havind sex with your cousin and sperming inside of her

Havind sex qith your cousin and sperming inside of her

Hair roots


Hair fall see in dream

Hearing death news of father

Having gray hair as a woman in the dream but i’m still young in real life

Hand brush

Helicopter. rash



Hairless cat

Hair clip

Hitting stranger in head with hammer then stranger became my mother

Hijra gives blessing in dream

Holiday calender

Having sex with niece


Heart shape green leaves

Hitting but arm wont move


Harico green

Husband kisses woman in my face

Half-shaved black dog being bit by a crawfish

Hairy snake

Husband wearing a tie

Husband with ties

Having a down syndrome baby


Hair food

Husband dreaming you have a kid

Holding snake head


Heavy rain and swimming

Huge harvest of a stem of groundnuts


Hole in ribs

Husband sucking milk from breast

Hugging a dead mom

Headless saint meaning

Headless santo niño meaning

Hair coming out

Huge snake wrapped round couple


House corner

Husband sleeping

Harvesting peanuts



Half naked

Home squatters

Home holes in ceiling

Hair being cut


Hall of famer

Head wound of my daughter

Half brother kissy cousin

Hijira shouting at me

Hours shouting at me

House fly

Husband handcuffed

Hen chasing you in a dream


Holding snake mouth closed and almost bitten

Having sex with your girl

Hearing death news of former classmate

Horses running through the ocean

Having long dreadlocks

Hands with red nail vanish

Harvesting cocoyam in the dreams what does it mean

Hijra giving blessing in my dream | dream meanings what does hijra giving blessing in my dream mean in dream?

Holy madina

Hands cutting off

Half black snak and half coloured

Hearing the dogs coller?


Hoist in dreams

Horses running

Having sex with your sister

Hole in my arm

Heena on my feet in my dream

Huging old man

Horse on three legs

Husband cheating on me

Hatchet thrown through car window


Hiding from collector

Holding hands with a sick person in a dream

Hitting a child in car

Home coming party

Head got injured and unconscious

Hugging someone you miss

Husband naked in a bush

Head tie

High heeled shoes

Hit someone with black ribbon

Hiding drugs from police

Holding snakes head

Honey wine


Hole on shoulder stuffed with seed

Half house

Handing over a crown to a princess

Having two lovers

Holy communion party but jewish people

Hair was cut

Hunting a cow

Holding a hot stove

Husband getting aroused whe anothe wamen touches him

Human with horse face

Hiding money in side the bible

Hearing the voice of jinn in dream

Hearing a voice of a bird in my window

Having a boat and sailing in peace

Hairy spider

Husband and sex

Holi festival in summer


Hijra coming in dream & blessing me

Having sex with your wife

Hanging and rope

Hurrying for salaah

Hang up

Hiding sea food

House empty


Having rasta in a dream means?

Husband married to a wife

Hangs down side. group of owls

Having a bowel movement

Hiding from an attacker

Hat in cloak

Hat inside vlosk

Head skull

Hen living relative giving dead relative paper money

Hand on shoulder

Husbands ex

Hair turned grey

Having a devils tail



Having a baby but no husband

Huntingdog dream meaning

Hug you

Hands admired in dream

Husband sees still born baby

Husband sees still born

Hindhu god images in bathroom dream

Hold grasscutter in a dream meaning

Husband church

Holding a lemur

Honey bun

Hand written note

Heavy wind and rain

Hijra licking my neck

Hijrah licking my neck


Holding a prawn in my palms

Holding a giant prawn in my palms

Hi waters strong current waves

Husband crying blood

Happy crying

Happy reunion crying


Huge car

Hen egg

Hair oiling in dream indicate

Hearin death in dream

Husband speak of church

Hit on my back by a sword

Husband urinating

Hay stack

Husband remarrying

Having a male new student as a friend



Hamsa hand



Hazrat ali

Hair finger

Horse with broken leg

He had texted me in the dream

Haversting cooked maize

Haervesting maize

Heavy nosebleed

Having 3 babies

Holding a newborn baby

Hearing about death news in dream

Hair on white

Hand print

Hot cross bun


Hanged upside down



Hiding saving babies

Hira cave

Head shaved in drwam

Horse mane

Horse body flaking

Horse running around in the house


Holding dead

Having loose motions

Husband investigation dream

Head of state retiring

Hair doing comb in dream

Hole in face

Having an orgasm while dreaming

Hunting snakes

House hut

Hair growth on the face

Husband affair with another woman

Having sex with a girl that i like

Having a stroke and not being able to speak

Having a dream about someone you do not like mean

Husband dies

Hear sound

Had a revelation of receiving an egg and an envelope

Hide money from dad

Husbandafair with man

Holding boob

Having a baby boy


Holding hands

Husband forcing wife to have sex with another manther

Head weight

Hiv aids

Human baby

Husband pregnant

Having sex

Human poop

Having a knife in your shoe

Horse back

Husband at strip club

High five


Handicap smiling

Handicap moving

Hotel room

Husband kissing another woman

Having 3 eating dates means

Hung by the neck

Hug my girlfriend

Hands cut off

Having sex with ypur husband

Hen sitting on baby chickens

Hand stabbed

House being destroyed

Hen head

Having sex with dead women

Husband getting married to another woman

Hard nipples


Hindu. temple gopuram with lighting

Have sex with your ex

House burning down

Heavy rain,heavy thunder,heavy lightning

Husband remarried


Husband drinks alcohol

Having sex between two girls


Hijra in home

Having bumper harvest of millet

Hunting hat

Hole in toe


Hole under my toe nail.

Having a check


Holi festival in dreams

Husband following me around

Having sex with husband

Having intercourse with husband

Having a dream for god to rebuke

Husband disappears

Harvesting sweetpotatoes

Husband is married

Hichda dancing in our house meaning

Honey cake in dream

Husband and wife quarrelling


House on construction


Holding hands of a dead relative

Human blood

Hitting a person in the dream for asking money


Hang nail on big toe

Hanging lines meaning in adream

Hanging line

Had a dreamam going to mecca and ready to see the khana kaaba

Human beings eating grass

Human beings eatong grass

Having sex with ex husband

Having twins babies

Husband cheats


Hiding raw red meat

Harvesting jackfruit

Horses entering a room

Half bald head in women

High school boyfriend

Husband having a stroke

Hairy beast

Having my period

Heart failure

Hole in ground

Human leg

Hair growing under my feet

Horse attack

Having an argument with someone you know

Hugged by a dog in a graveyard

Home breaking


Husband loving someone


Heart stroke

House roof leak

Husband going bald

Hidden snakes in house meaning

Hindhu temple gopuram in dream

Helping someone cross over

Husband talking to someone else

Holding onto

Hitting on head

Healthy body

Homeless man stabbed me

House that is all white

Hit by vehicle

Horn bill bird in hand

Hron bill in hand


Hiv negative

Hunt a lion

Hearing death of mom

Harassment by a mad woman

Heat racing during sleep

Heart palpitation


Head lace

Hair strands falling

Having intercourse with men

Husband with mistress

Holding a sick little boy

Heavy rain

Having a boyfriend blowing a whistle

Hugging a giant rose crystal


High waves

Hair falling out of head


Holy eucharist in dream

How about it

Hat nailed to ceiling

Having sex with wife with ejaculation

Having big nose

Hit on

Hizra in dream

Holes in body


Hit by a moving truck

Hit by a moving gruck


Hair grown under chin

Husband promised buy a flat in dream

Hysband and mistress

Hundred thousand

Head coverings

Head phone


Hot air ballon


Hot peppa


Harvesting cocoyams in a dream

Hairs of head coming out means

Helping a woman

House in fire

Having a baby

Hook in penis and no doctor to help

Hook stuck in the foreskin of penis and cannot find doctor to help

Husband being unfaithful

Husband cheating on you

He asked for help

Hands and fingers go numb and stick together

High tied


Harming someone and fleeing

Husband married to another girl

Hugging dolphin

Hug from diceased

Helping women

Having a baby earlier and it lived

Husband dead in janazah

Hungry cat

Haldi color face

Hand insect

Husband crying in dream

Husband crying in dream

Heard of cows

Husband unfaithful

Horse biting finger

Hitting bird

Having a son

Hairy lower stomach


Henna on mothers hand

Having sex with shemale

Having a pedicure

Having tamarind fruit

Horses tail missing hair


Have a daughter

Husband women jealousy

Husband women

Holder a baby with me taking care of him anywhere i am i go with him

Holding a husbands genitals


Hairy vagina


Hair accessories in a dream

Harm to your children

Holding seeds in bare hands and then spilling

Human transformsnto animal

Human transforms

Husband watching pornography


Half death

Hearing someone died over phone dream

Having dead baby

Hugging man

Having a pet lioness

Hundred dollar

Home with church bell tower

Heard about fail in written exam


Having good gradea

Handling cash

Held captive


Having apples thrown at you

House white

Hugging snakes

Hand molding



Having good grades in the dream means

Ham dream meaning

High hills

Hijara in dream giving chocolate

Hijara in dre

House in sea water

Having a pastors gamet on in a dream

Having a pastors gamet in a dream

Having sex with the one i love

Healing bath

High jump

Hissing snake leaving a voice mail

Hiding from people



Had no foreskin

Husband girlfriend

Hearing a whistle

Holding babies


Helping a frinend family

Him at a lighthouse in the dark



Hanging out with friends

Hanging out with freinds

Hand hair

Havesting cocoyam meaning

Hose pipe

Hot water wasted on a dead person

Hole in couch

Holding on upside down

Hand locking

Hair strand in my throat

Hand stain

Her trying to kill you

Her choking and trying to kill you

Hasbi allahi

Horse and cart

Held down hurt

Hand gets sliced

Husband naked and ejeculating

Holding a newborn

Have a baby

Hair losing


Henna photo

Harvesting cocoyam meaning

Hearing the adhaan

Husband selling marijuana in dream to women

Hand nails in a dream

Horse getting legs chopped off


Hair from breast nipple

Hearing about a death in my dream

Having few strands of grey hair


Hair turing black

House boy

Hanuman dream

Hearing a child speak





Half old half new house

High voice

Holding gold necklaces

Holding uncommon snail shell

Holding snail she’ll

Hand upside down

Hell hound


Homeless in a dream

Henna desighn

Hurricane, abondon water every where


Hanged to death

Hang by enemies in war

Hung upside down

Hang down

He is carrying me on his shoulder

Having ababy

Holding someones hand


Hair coming out of the nipple

Holy communion dream

Held deposit into account

Human faeces

Hola hoop

Hearing cowbells

Henna leaves in dream

He is dracula


Head smash

Husband wife intercourse

Hiding under a blanket

Husband bringing his mistress at our home

Hair grows under nose

Hair grows der nose

Holly and fabric stuffed down the toilet

Hover board

Hip bones

Holding salt in your hands

Hena in hands

Huge hule

He had dream that he was sleepning on durt

Human flesh dream

Hot pot

Husband whispers i love you and kisses another woman


Hole in curling



Helping a man shop for a suit

Holy mosque

Headless horse

Henna on woman feet


Hugging your dad deceased

Hugging your deceased dad


Heron bird

Houseflies come from my nose



Hoof prints

Having an easy labour

Hot water coming out from the tap

Harvesting okro in dream

Hair coloured

Husband asking for a baby


Hole dream

Heavy winds

Hair on your body

Harvesting cocoyam in dream means

Holding a pestle in my dreams mean

Helping a pregnant woman

House demolitions

Holi playt

Holding a young woman

Haram intercourse

Husband ex-mistress

Head facing the ground

Hole in thumb

Having labor pain

Harming friendships

Hundred feed insects

Hole and snake

Honey pouring

Having party including wife

Hair loss with a child

High heel shoe


Handing milk to some one

Holding an unlocked padlock

Hitting someone

Headed baby

Ham on my hair

Homophobic man

Husband seeking divorce from his wife

Holding an ear

Holding a book

Holding a new

Hair colour

Hearing a stranger death in dream

Hijara dream prediction

Husband cheated

Husband marriage

Hanging clothing

Hat box

Holding calabash

Hell breaking


Husband shaving his body hair




Halal food

Husband death news

Heating beans cake in dream means

Harvest millet

Hair on nose

Hijira blessing in dream

Holding your breath


Holding a puppy

Having sex with your divorced wife

Helping an old lady

Hanging to death


Husband having a stroke dream meaning

Husband is naked

Hair loss in dream

Horse bone

Human breastfeeding agoat

Husband has heart attack

Hugging my dead uncle


Half human half animal

Husband buying new shoes for wife

Hole in a usd

Hearing the news of brothers death

Holding snake

Hell not threatening

Hoding a feather

Having sex with leopard

Hand shakinuwith dead mother

Hiving money to dead

Horse meat in dream meaning

Hairclip dream

Human flesh dream meaning

Haunted old unknown house



House full of water

Helping a wounded animal

Herd of animals


Hard labour

Henna hand dream islamic

He looking at me but not talking to me

Heavy legs

Holding white rabbit


Hand fan

Having a very big fish pond filled with fishes

Hat does red robe mean in dream?


High ceilings

Hair removal

Husband left his wife in search of the way they can go back to the right direction but didnt return to her and tge wife has got new place that she does know

Hole in one

Husband have a stroke

Hand infection

Husband money

Having a dream i lost my gold

Harvesting sweet potatoes in a dream

Harvesting sweet potatoes inadres

Helping animals and people who are being hunted

House with an upper room and lots of people in


Having a curse of transgender by rejecting sex with them

Have someone spit on you

Horror dreams

Hair clip dreams

Helping foreigners

Holding a last will

Hands detached from the body of child

Husband mistress

Happy children

Hair braiding

Harvesting cocoyam in dream

Hands have been stapled

Heena in hands dream in hands

Having long hair

Husband in dream

Half sneak half cat snake hissing

House painting

Husband sleeping with another woman

Head hair

House damaging


Hearing a knock

Husband is sleeping with another woman

Horse severed legs

Hearing whistling

Hair being pulled from mouth

Hearing airplanes

Holding a dove

Holding clay pot in a dream

Holding an clay pot in a car in a dream

Holy shrine

Husband getting arrested if owing money

Hitting someone with a knide

Hit someone

Holding fireflies


Horses flying

Hole in the floor

Hair dryer dream meaning

Having 7 daughters

Holding baby hand

Hickory nut tree

Head on someones lap

Had a baby

Half full

Half empty

Hearing native american flute in drea

Hairy abdomin


Hair being removed from head

Hitting face

Handing out toilet paprr

Having sex with an elderly

Hand cuffed baboon chased by police and we hit it with a car in a dream

Hand cuffed baboon chased by police in a dream

Harvesting cassava in dream

Head of lettuce

Hair clips dream

Having feast

Husband kissing his ex wife on the cheek

Human meat

Home burglarized

Hanging clothes dream meaning

Hear a train

Hands in hot water

Horn blown


Hasan al basri

Hairy hand

Home plate

Hot coals

Hair on palm hands

Harming a cat or a dog

Helping someone reach upstairs

Hot water take shower

Hyna and dog

Hyna and dog playing

Hot water shower

Hot water shawor

Heard whistle in dream

Hair curly

Harvesting fresh coffee means what

Husband taking bath with wife

High up

Hair in the food


Human eating dog food

Head gear dream meaning

Half sneak coming out your vigina

Husband sucking breast of other woman

Hearing the athan

Head gear interpretation

Hand cut off



Heart pounding during a dream and waking you up

Holding chewing gun in my hands


Hiding under tutu

Head cut off

Human flesh in dreams

High train tracks

Holes in my coat

High voltage wires

Had a dream that i delivered a placenta

Having sex in dream with known woman

Horror movie

Holy book walking in room

Harvesting sweet potato

Holding passport

Hair lose

Hearing a skill saw

Husband adultery

Hooded cape

Hair fall

Husband sleeping with sister

Hug the deseased

Husband get gun shot

House in disarray

Honey bee

Heavy water rain and flooding in the street


Hat does dead celebrity mean in dream?

Husband got stabbed

Hold the animal

Hair oiled

Hearing a trumpet out of tune

Hidden hallway

Husband restiing on couch

Husband lying and. couch

Husband getting married again

Healing cut

Holding a fathers heart in your hands

Holding onto a staff

Humiliated by men

Husband plastering and the wall are all white

Hunting buck

Holding a pair red shoes in my dream

Had in my dream


Husband hair cut

Hen with babychickens

House separate

Harvesting casava

Holding a sick old lady who was falling


Husband marrying another girl

High tide water dream

Husband wearing black suit

Hijrin in dreams

Homeless man attacking

Hermit with lamp and


Hamster biting hand


Holding a rubber stamp in a dream

Hose water

Hives on someone

Handsome man with silver grey hair admiring me

Having a flounder as a pet and then eating it


House with rooms

Having raw cassava in dream

Hungry in dream

Hitting the crocodile

Head turned backwards

Having six toes

Husband with another women

Husband die dream

Having homo sex

Holy spirit

House breaking

Helping a enemy

Hit to my hips the stick

Hairy nipple and vagina

Hairy nipple

Holding a cock in my hand


Having breasts touched

Hooded man

Huge eyebrows

Having two admirers


Herald dream

Hand scratched off

Heart of gold

Heart with arrow

Husband more than one wife

Hoop covered in blue and white flowers

Hair in my mouth

Holi dream

Holding green grass on the ground after the whirlwind

Hair in the shower

Hiding a baby from someone


Hard and big earwax in my dreams

Husband migrates

Hairy worm on lemons

Hat you are realizing the enormous power you have in the palm of your hand

Husband sister

Heel broken shoes

Helicopter and police searching for something

Hair roots grey

Hand nails

Hiding in water

Headless rooster

Horse eye blind

Hairy toes

Heart stabbed

Hair extentions

Holding hands with grandma

Henna on hands

Haitian woman dreaming of an old man

Healed dream

Hug brother

Have sex


Huge church in a mountain

Harvesting mushrooms

Home collapse

Hugging huge white bird

Hazrat aisha

Horses talking

Happy couple

House was vandalized

Hair curly and blond

Holding a gun

Hissing snake

Holding a new born baby

Harvest a tuber of cocoa yam in a dream means what?

Human child


Hyena symbol

Hair facial

Hit in the head

Hyena roaring loudly islam

Hyena roar high loud voice like crying

House painted gold indream

Holding a dead black cow

Horse drawn golden carriage

Hair grown on palm

Hut seeing in dream

Heavy rain and ice



Hang wahshed cloth in a room

Having sex with a man

Hen eggs

Hens laying eggs


Hispanic man

Having sex with someone


Harvest ground nuts

Husband beating his wife

Hiding in forest

Hiding from police

Handing someone a banana

Head lights

He made a pinky promise to me

Hands that are blue

Huge monitor lizards

Having lots of lice in hair

Head black scarf


House was getting shot at

Having sex with a dog

Hand cuff to ex boyfriend

Hearing the news of baby death


Having a baby in yor dreams

Hair loss dream

Heavy rain and hailstorm

Hijra dancing in dream

Holding a rod of iron

Hoisting a blue nevi flag

Hoisting of nevi flag

Handing someone a spoon

Homosexual party

Husband wearing red clothes

Husband wearing clothes


Hijra robbing my money

Heigh waves

Huge octopus


Having transfer

Husband smoking cigar

Hitting girl

Hit girl

Having quadruplets

Holding money

Holding down

Horizontal cut

Hangnail on left big toe

Having mustard smeared on your face

Having a pet ferret that is obsessed

Hands in pockets

Hi i dreamed of giving my dead friend money

Havi ng a baby boy

Husband stealing money

Hindu god dream


Hybrid cat owl

Having a prophet in dreams

Horse inside water

Husbands hand on wife\\\\\'s

Hidden second wife

Having sex with other women and ejaculating

Home robbery

Hiding money in a dream , meaning

Heavy load on your head

House being destroyed while in it


High place

Heart shaped earring with onyx

Hearing water

Hearing death news


Hag woman

Husband tortured by someone

Husband abused

Husband abused by someone


Hand weaving straw


Having a bath

Hot wheel

High on a wall

Hearing azan

Hair dyed pink

Hsir extension


Hair turning gray

Holding a sword in a dream

Having sex with elderly

Harvesting cocoyam in the dream what does it mean

Hoeing weeds in my dream

Hair falling out

Hearing the same word

House sliding down a hill

Henna on face

Hearing good news

Having dandruff with large pieces of dry skin being peeled off by myself while looking in the mirror

Husband marriage to other woman

Husband donning the hill

Husband crying loudly

Hug and kiss dead parent

Holding my head

Hen nail attack

Hair dandruff


Hands of woman


Having sex withdead

Hair on chest


Hairy arm

Hurt leg

Husband and 3 other women

Helping another woman give birth

Helping with birth


Helping muslim

Harvesting cocoyam in a dream

Holding the hands of jesus

Hanging baby clothes

Hairy leg

Hair selling

Hijra giving blessing in dream

Husband second marriage

Hard shoes

Helmet wearing

Hazel tree

Head detached from the body

Half grown crescent


Hugging someone who is already dead

Hz nuh bastonla gormek

Human child meat


Hsir cut

Hair clipping

Head in fishbowl

Hiding from a tiger

Horse pipe

How if i catch flying eagle in my dream.

Hi saw a huge water wave

Happy and content son


House of king

Hazl tree

Holding a bread

Holding a breat

Hand stand

Holding a window

Head is shrinking

Husband taken


House burned down

Having affair and caught by husband


Heels on boots breaking and falling backwards into gravel

Honey comb

Having a baby sister

Horse riding

Husband picking mushroom

Hanging garments

Hair and magiets

Having clothes torn during sex

Horse cart

Having more daughters

Having more daughtets

Half bald head

House roof

Husband marrying again in dreab

Husband marrying again

Husband giving divorse

Heavy rainfall in macca


Helping pastor in a dream

High rise building

Headphone broken in dream meaning

Headphone broken in dream


Hug a man

Hayatu kulisel

Half cooked chicken by a person who has already died

Happy in a relationship

Hippo chase


Have sex with ex husband

Hair shirt


Hugging a man friend

Hairy upper body of oneself for a female

Head bleeding

Household items been stolen

Holes in pockets

Hand hammer

Hand tapping

House being painted

Hindu temple

Huging to a dead person

House being ruined by water

Hair fall dream

Holding sto nino to the church with father and elder sister in a peaceful day

Hearing a train horn

Hugging an old friend

Hands tied with rope along with hip

Having lots of gold

Hand burn

Human excretes

Hindu priest

Hair between hands

Hurt dog

Hair clip dream meanings

Had a dream of my pastor talking with me


Having a penis attached to a female body

Hatching fish

Husband holding another woman

Hearing the word epitaph

Heavy menstrual cycle


Heating stove

High up bunk

Husband disappearing

Husband dissapearing

Hugging a man

Husband dead

High heels shoes

Handful of hair

Henna feet

Having periods while pregnant

Hair in an unmarried girl


Hand wash

Husband hugging wife

Hugging uncle

Hugging a baby

Hair growing on face

Husband beating wife with stick in dream

Husband planting seed in soil

Having a new born baby

Hang pictures on a wall

Having son


Having two sons

Helping the poor


Having two husbands

Hole in head

Husband semen

Harvesting cassava in the dream

Height measurement

House getting robbed

Helping old man

Highway road

Having white teeth

Half dresssed woman


Helping old woman

Husband riding bike

Husbands death

Hair on the face in dreams

Happy baby

Hunting ghost

Having verbal fight with others

Husband sperm in dreams

Hanging from rope


High dark and cold


Head of state

Homosexual act


Hand squeezed

Huge cloverleaf

How to do homemade mayonis

Hair removed

House being haunted

Having an argument with husbunds first wife

Having sex with men

Hostel rooms in dream meaning

Husband is dead

Humans in a furnace

Husband wife

Hands in head

Hole with slippers in it

Helping father

Hitting head against wall

Happy transgender

Hiding from bad people


Hit by train and surviving


Horror dream meaning

Henna in one\'s hand and feet

Helping royalty

Hand detached

Hand defat aches

Hearing glass break

Having a red eye as a result of alcohol and running round the street

Hair turning white


Hanging a line

House robbed

Heart beat

Hawk sreaking sound

Handloom weaving

Hijra is rapping

Hijab remove

Holy book through down

Hula dancing

Having quadruplets in setion

Horse metamophasis

Hair irons

Holding a lamb

Hair nits

Hugging the queen


Hand pump

Hearing a shofar being blown

Having sex with a woman

Having sex with a lady who has a child

Having sex with a lady who have on child

Hearing lound footsteps

Hanging from steep stairs

Heart palpitations

House of eden

Holes in socks

Horns of a wild bull

Horn of resurrection

Harvesting tapioca


Hurricane dream meaning

Hiting someone


Human wastr

Huge glass house

Holding baby girl

Holding a baby girl

Hot air baloon

Hotair baloon

Hot air balloons

Huband and sister in-law in black overcoat

House shifting

Homeless man become rich

Hitting a dog with rock

Hoarses under water


Half doore

Hug and kissing a girl

High in air

Husband wearing gold with red crown


Horrible baby shower dream

House selling

Having two heads

Hit the ghost

House keeping



Huge black snake in a park

Husband kissing woman

Husband kissing another woman in bed

Highest throne

Hail rain while i was sleeping in my car

Healing tree

Hanging up trousers

Hearing uknown language

Hearing sirens in your dreams?

Huge bread filled with bad meat

Help by my cousin through his boomerang

Hearse with a coffin in it

Head on shoulders

Having son in a dream

House fier

Humble person

Heart painting

Hug a deceased relative



Husband as father

Hanging by hooks

Have plan to plant a moringa tree

Husband with other woman


Harmonium dream

Hickey dream meanings

Honey in my hands and feet

Headache dream

Hiding heels of foot

Hairs on heels of foot

Hairs on heels

Heart transplant dream meaning

Hanging up man trousers

Holy kaaba

Human with bird head

Hundreds of pennies

Husband and his mistress

Head turbine

Half sun half moon

Hug old friend

Happy homeless man

Had a dream of a stone faced woman

Half door open

House within a house

Holding person


Had sex with my fiancé


Homeless man molesting me

Hidden security camera


Holding a light bulb in your dream

Having sex with a celebrity

Hole in stomach

Horse broken legs


Hindu god

Harp with angelic wings falling from sky

Hindi cymbal meaning

Husband flirts with women

Hot water

Human bite

Having dandruff

Home being destroyed by weather

Husband is rubbing my wrist

House caving in sinkhole


Having sex with daughter

Hallways with lots of doors. like hospital

High school sweetheart

Holdig qeenbe in your hand and all other bees around hand



Holding something

Holding hair in your hand

Holding apple core and orange peel with piece of hair

Hanging wet bedding inside the house

Helping a person who is blind but very rich

Hole in gums



Hugging prime minister

Hands turning black

Hit an

Hugging the dead

Hair clip dream

Hearing of death of relative


Heard a cuckoo clock in my sleep

Having a needle in nose

Having twins

Hidden stairs

Having six packs abs in the dream

Hidden rooms in house

Heavily pregnant

Huge white snake

Horse hooves

Husband and marriage

Holding quran in a hand

Honey dripping from my head

Having sex with a girl

Honey given by someone

Honey ghee cow calf

Hand burned

Human tongue

Hair on arm

Hair washing

Husband ex girlfriend

Hair growing on forehead

Hair in drank

House roof falling down

Husband marrying

Husband marrys

Head scarf being put back on the head

House document


Hand shaving

Having head blown off

Huge snake

Hundred dollar bills

Hear paranormal activity

Having ice cream

High heels come off

Hairy chin

Husband drowning

Hair dressing a little girl

Having baby

Henry dienda

Homeless naked


Hand band

Hoola hoop

Hoopla hoop

Having medical examination

Hearing new on father passing

Having sex with deceased wife

High schoobasketball

Half man


Husband made another women pregnant

Husband havin child with other women



Horse tails

Helping someone with quintuplets

Hand shake with the dead

Hindu god levitating approaching you

Husband marrying another woman

Husband marrying another eoman

Helping the pastor to trash dirt

Husband wearing black clotbes

Hair stylist


Had a positive pregnancy test

Heavy rain and water logging

Having sex with a witch

Hearing bell ring

Hair cream

Holy oil

Horse gear

Having your dick rubbed in a dream and you release

Had a dream that my roommate was being abusive to my infant brother what could this dream mean or symbolize my brother is in trouble and i rescued him at the end

Huge house

Hairy ears


Holding hoe

Head swapping

Husbands ex wife

Heavy gravity while walking


Hugging a mexican

Hugging dead woman


Hand in marriage proposal

Having exercise book and pen

Hijab gurl

Harvesting rice in a dream

Having sex with second cousin

Hole in shirt

Having a miscarriage

High ponytsil

Hiding inside sea

Having transparent hands

Having transparent hands in dream

Home flood

House boat

House ceiling

Husband naked in bed

Horse giving azaan

Husband gifting white rose

Horseshoe prints

Hanging upside down


Hair long

Having your car broken into

Heart shape

Having long thick hair


Husband having a heart attack

Hitman trying to kill husband

Husband shot by hitman


Hugging and saying goodbye at school

Having sex with strangers

Hearing a man making dua fir his wife really loud

Healthy skin face

Human faced dogs

Hand coming from the sky

Hand disease

Had white clothes on and spiders on me

Husband dressed up like a groom

Hindu meaning of dreams getting humilated

Husband sitting in rocking chair

Hexagon on hand and upper arm


Harvesting and eating mangoes in a dream

Having a baby girl

Having a bany

Hotair balloon

Hair dryer

He was wearing suspenders and looking at me

Hollow cube

Husband having sex with someone else

Husband dying

Horse leg dream

Holding metal bar

Henna on my hands

Happy dead uncle

High level

Horse with human face

Holding moon

Having four breast in dream what does it mean

Having four breast in de dream

Hospital hallways maze

Huge ocean wave

Hindu dream interpretation

Happy children playing

How often can you travel on a 6 mth visa

Hand on fire grabbing leg

Having triplets

Hail mary turning eveil


Horse ass

Having electric shock

Hospital and recovery

Hot water heater


House in ruin

Having car stolen

Hay cart

Head in dreams

Horrid smell in nightmare

Husband to second wife

Husband with cowife

Hairdryer faulty

Hiding showing skin

Hairdryer broken

Holding ur guts in


Holi festival dream

Hole in abdomen exposing intestines

Hot water on hand

House robbery

Harvesting prawns

Horse chestnut color


Hear knocking

Holding another person child

Hen laying egg with chick

Hen laying egg


Hebrew writing


Husband married again

Having sex in the dream and bible portions to pray against

Husband married another woman

Having sex in the dream

Having early period in dream

Hearing door bell



Hoise filled with water

Harvesting coco yam in the dream

Holding someone’s hand

House in front with mud


Horse leg hurt

Hair cut short

Honeycomb in my throat chakra

Hole in earth

Honoured by king and queen

Husband getting engaged

Helium balloon

Hey can you guys read this?

Husband came after so long but saw we cannot come close

Human stampede


Horse betting


Hazrat fatima

Having lettuce

Horse racing

Having a hair cut

Hanging yourself

Hanging up wet clothes

Husband playing the cello


Homosexuality dream meanings

Hitting a pregnancy

Husband had sex with another woman

Holding my sleeping baby with partial gray hair

Husband had sex with other woman

Hawking used clothes

Hair conditioning

Hearing loud talking

Hinge pin


Homosexual dream

Half black shawl

Hair breast

Hole in my body

Hexagon patterns

Hummingbirds peck you

Hunt for food

Head covered

Huge big tall tree dropping gold and i am catching some

Hair coming frm mouth

Hair in mouth

Half burned peacock



Holding on the edge of a well

House flies in your dream

Handcuff on someone

Husband getting married another woman

Husband getting married someone else

Husband wife not married with each other

Hearing of adan

High back chair

Holding or carrying drugs

Harassment dreams

Hug with your ex husband

Helping a weak plant with a flower to lean on the strong one


Hearing baby name

Husbands eyes


House sinking

Hi to ghost of lop


Home of hazrat fatima

Hair brush losing bristles

Head shaking

Head cloth

Hot empty pot

Head of family being beaten up by six men

Hang nail

Hair in the back

Having intercrouse



Hnd on fire grabbed leg

Happy dead person

Hand on fire

High school credits

Herd of buffflo one wad different

Harvesting dried pepper

Having long curly hair everyone admired

Having a concussion in your dream

Head of snake

Husband sucking breast

Hair brush ha

Hair brudh

Huge waves you’re surfing with your estranged sons

Holding hands with crush

Harvesting coffee beans

Hitting a child

Hugging ur dead father

Healthy calf dream meaning

Hurt in bungee jumping accident

Hampster dad eating babies


Hole in doorhole

Helicopter dream

Hot oven

Hanging a bedshirte on line in a dream

Home burning

Husband with bother women

Having a conversation with lionel messi

Holy quran

Having sex with your partner

Hitman dreams

Hugging ones long dead father

Hot milk in glass

Husband inside the toilet

Husband in the toilet

Hurt hands

House party

Hairy fingers

Harvesting yamm and sweet potatoe

Husband in white clothes

Human flesh collection

Holy communion with ash on it

Head no body

Having sex with lover

House of prostitution

High heel shoes

Hair loss when combing

House extended

Hulla hoop

Hearse upside down in your yard

Heary legs

Having stitches removed


Hearing train whistle

House spinning


High way dream meaning

Horses flying in sky

Horses moving toward sky

Hair clip lost

Hiding alcohol

Home vacating dream

Having intercourse with a beautiful woman that has two young kids

Holding a cross

Having sex in a dream

Hand soiled feces cemetery

Hearing sea gulls

Hugging a fish

Horse with three legs

Hole in the forehead

Having sex with a woman with male organ

Huge rooms

Hiding from a person

Hit cop motorcycle

Hearing azan cemetery

Hail growing on palm

Hair growth on palm

Hacking a cat into piece in the dream

Healthy in dream

Husband infidelity

Holding the image of sto nino

Holding the image of sto

Having homosex

Honey cake

Hard earwax


Hindu gods in dream

Hair in braids

Head shaved

Horse limb bleeding



Hitman trying to kill me

Half human half spider

Husband drive my car into a ditch

Hijra in dream

Hair in food

Hour glass

Heavy rain flood entering someone house

Hold water

Hand shake with a dead person

Husband asking from an idol

House door lock broken

Holding your white pant

Hollow metal rod

Headlights that burn out

Holding wooden pestle

Hugging a deceased love one

Helped my grand daughters

Hair growing on body

Husband nacked

Human shit

Hot oil in your head

Hanuman statue in dream


Hajj pilgrimers

Hymn book


Husband holding a white bird in his palm

Hiding in a war

Heart attack of another person

Hot air

Head lice in dream

Haunted ceiling

Herbal medicine

Hair massage with oil

Hula girls


Hand holding out to you

Hahn’s holding up to you

Hanging death

Hand washing the car

Holding a newly born baby

Hand gloves

Hole of mice

Horse bite

Hanging out clothes

Hall on a wall

Having sex with boss dream meaning

Hidden door

Having a celeb text you for a day



He tore the buttons on my blouse

Hugging mom

Human being with a horse tail

Human being with bourse tails

Hair insects

Hair dyed

Hair dying

Husband giving quran

Husband giving quran to wife

Higher being

Heavy nose bleed into sink

High-back chair

Husband wants live with me and another woman

Hindu man

Half heart


Handwriting on wall

Hamster cage


House decorated

Honey with insects in it

Hit in head by police

Hait clip

Half sister

Holding a broom


Helping blind people

Huge iron rod

House falling

Husband gave me a dress

Hey sking

Harvesting the eggplant

Holding sacrament meaning

Holding sacrament




House cracking


Husband pepping on me

Horse running at grounds in circle

Hanging clothe on line

Hard to shave hair on legs

Henna in hair

Hairdryer and ex partner

Hearing heavy breathing in dream

Holy sword

Hugging my deceased father

Henna on hair

Holding on so dont go

How many prophetic school did the prophect established in the scriptures

Hugging my ex


Holding my nicely cut teeth in my hand

Hand with money

Hanging cu bers

Husband keep leaving wife in dreams


Horse attacking someone

Horror energie

Hanging washed clothes in clothesline


Hanging cloths means

Hair on hands cut

Holding a huge bead in hand by a 85 years old grandma

Heavy metal

Holding my child who is ing

Handshake dream

Head lice falling off my head

High noon

Hair clutcher

Hooded person over bed

Hair gone grey

Half dollar

Holding hay

Horse tail

Humiliated by someone in dream

Harvesting coffee

Having sex in belly button

Husband dreamed he tryed to have sex with my belly button

Herb rosemary

House staff

Having two suitor in dreams


Human bone

Hold coins in tomb

Hunan flesh

Hit in the head with a shovel

Hair spray

Hollow ground

Holding a robe

House painted red and i do not like it

House painted red and i did not like it

House painted red



Husband losing hair

Husband told me i was attractive

Hidden treasure gold

Head wound

Heat dosr it mean if you have grey hair in a dream

Hunch back

Hear door shut



Hole in deck

Hiding from poseidon

Hide from poseidon


Holy communion in a dream

Hermit crab

Husband cheating on wife


Hearing number 10, 1 and 3

Horse skeleton

Have not contacted mother then realise she is not here

Having sexuall intercourse witg a woman of sane sex

Holding hands with dead person

Having sick twins

Home sets on fire

Hand prin


Hot runnung shower

Hand prints



Haj going


Hearing knocking

Hite elephant

Hardening of skin

Hanged bed spreads get wet in rain

Hear knocking on the door

How to defy nightmares


Hug in dreams

Half green half brown eye

Heights in building

Hijra giving blessing in my dream

Hairdryer at office


Having with an old friend for the first time while i am married

Husband chating to another girl

Human voice saying shes nurse 15

Holding iron rods going

Hot tar

Hair cutoff short

Hunting a skunk

Head lice being removed from hair

Hugging cold body of loveone

Holding a tea pot

Hair trimmed

Husband shot

Hidden hostility

Heavy wind in a room

Helping dead grandmother walk

House lights

House was flooded

House and river flooding

Holiday in greece

Hitting head

Hair store

Hugging a crying human dog

Horse meat


Human waste odor

Happy news

Hugs on knees


Hugging a mythological animal

Hair weave



Husband and wife walking on silits

Husband and i walking on stlits

Horses racing

High goal scorer

Head piggy bank broken

Heart palpatation


Horse stable

Heaving good with unknown person

Hair growing out of out of eyes

Hair growing out of eyes and mouth


Hot pink

Healer means in dream


Handful of sand

Handicap legs

Hearing sirens and firetrucks


Hindu dream ghee spill

Have been looking for u


Hot and bleeding fingers

Hi am 36weeks pregnant and i dreamed that i had triplets two boys and a girl is it okay

Hiding something

Hurting a dog

Heavy load

Hot schorching sun



Hazel eyes

Haveing sex

Healing a sick person

Honey comb on thorny tree

House with demons spewing diarrhea

Horse coach


Husbands second marriage

Held hostage

Hair being shaved

Hearing someone say lucifer

Heard someone say lucifer

Hear someone say lucifer

Heard someone whisper lucifer

Hair on ear

House fallen from sky

Having formthe first time with an old friend while i am married

Hunchback raven

Held down by 2 hands and pressure on my body squashing me

Healthy person

Hawk landing on my arm

Handsom young man

Health test

Held down by a man

Held down

High ceiling

Having sex with husband

Hunting wild boar

Happy tear

Hugging rich man he wisper

Huggong rach man he wispring

Huggeing rich man

Having grapes in dream

Hugged by someone


Horse drawn carriage

Homecoming dress