Melted ice

My ex mother in law giving me pictures of me and my ex her son

My ex mother in law giving me pictures of me and her son

My black hair tune into gray hair in my dream


Mopane worm


Meaning of a baby cart that is in pieces

My sleepers broken

Miss the plane

Meaning of killing many wall gecko

Mary magdelene

Meaning of crude oil in dream

Man ejaculating on me

Moldy orange

Mosquito net in a dream

Meaning of dried crayfish in a dream

Me and my husband walking naked

Meeting between breadfruit

Me being a second wife

Muddy rivers

Meeting unknown girl

Model t

Moon on fire

Mad person giving you peg


Married women get forced for second marriage

Meaning of dreaming about sex with your uncle

Meaning of playing american football

Meaning of that layin american football

Mobile phone broken in pieces

Microsmchip inserted into my body

Missing door knob

Meaning of breadfruit dream

My dream was so real

My boyfriend having sex with my friend

Meaning of dog be suckling human breast

My bf with long hair in dreams


Meaning of a dream seeing me wearing the makoti outfit

Me wearing the the makoti outfit

Me wearing the h

My boyfriend sewing my sket with hand needle means what?


Meaning of rusted wedding ring

Man second marriage


My car rolled into ditch was crushed

Missing basketball dunk


Meaning bloody in stool dream

My dead loved one in my dream was wearing green

Making ridges for cultivation


My reflection

My grandchild older than he is

Making a bag fir clothes pegs

Making bag for pegs

Muddy river

My ain’t invite me to put oil in my hair but i refused

Mean meaning of seeing a dream a someone make puri

Meaning of buying fanta and drinking it

Meaning of brown envelope in the dream

Marriage announcement

Mushroom invagina

Man wast belts

Madwoman hugging me


Mouth area deep black


Man freezing

Man freezing to death

Meaning of a flying colour snake in a dream

My aunt was picking out a dress for me to wear

Meaning of dreams snake with the eggs

My dream about sto. niño statue falling head

Million dollars

M &ms


Meaning of lime fruit in a dream

Maggots coming out from vaginal in dreams

Meaning of green tiger?

Moving to another state

Moving schools




Meaning of palm nut fruit in a dream

Men playing holi in dream


Marriage life

Many people at reservoir 1 of them a boy wear white shirt and at lopital i see someone then i have cry for them he is a boy

Men fighting



Meaning of sweeping a church in the dream

Mean of eating dog meat in the dream

Mean of margot


Mango on dream in pregnancy

My wife kiss a man

My wife kiss a man

Many people people swimming smf stay there

Mga dagang bubuwit

My aunt was watching the argument with me

My x boyfriend snatched my belt from me

Mistress son

Moon turns black

Mum an wife

Moon park

Mopping mud


Mouth filled with sawdust

Meeting daughters boyfriends mother

Many points of light

Meeting a lover

Meaning of buying ga kenkey in a dream

Meaning of buying ga kenney in a dream

Married daughter getting married again

Mom sent to jail

Mom in jail

Medicinal saplings

My eight month old grandson had two rotten teeth

My 8 month old grandson had two rotten teeth

Masturbating of a son

Metal rod received in dream

Masturbating with honey

Meeting your ex governor in dream

Mushy peas


Man trying to break into my house

My brother & i were veterinarians

Medjool dates

Man white vest

Mountain climbing

Morringa greene leaves

Mountain snow

Mosquito nets

Multiple organism in a dream

Multiple organisms in a dream

My brother and his wife arguing

Meaning of potato pounded yam in dream

Meeting and talking to an enemy

My clone tries to kill me

Mangalmukhi in drram


Mens pants

Meeting old friends

Meaning of a dream my daughter being raped and has a blood all’s over her


Man licking women’s breast

Monastery dream

Monastery on white mountains

Marrying a prince

Meeting a governor in dream

Meeting a stranger

Mango with maggots in it



Man having blonde hair

Man having blind hair

My father give me cutlass in my dream

My sister cutting my hair

Married to a drunkard


Metteng between bredfruit

Moselium cript

Moselium crip


Mike stand

Mud house in a dream

Marry gordon ramsey

My bestfriend was bald

Meaning of frying palm karnnel in dream




Meaning of milo

Meaning of cream color via business

My wife dreamed i was handcuffed by police

Mental blood

Mother sex with my husband

Marble choking


Meaning of clear smoke

Mixing moi moi in the dream

My brother in law kissing me

Meeting in a breadfruit



Male twin

Money notes and coins found in litter

Moving home

Maggi dreams

Morta in dreams

Morta in dreams

Military uniform dream

Maid seduce


Marks with red pen


My pastor wearing a bowler hat and pacing very quickley with a walking stick

Mad friend


Mosquito net inside i sleep

Moulding bread in a dream

Meaning of matchbox in a dream

Mobile phone


Making chocolate with almonds

My eyes light

Meadow of flowers

Meaning of big blood clots in vagina in dream

My brothers wife

Me and my sister naked and swimming

My deceased parents

Man sleeping beside bed

My mom dreamed that she was carrying my very tiny baby boy and i was really skinny cooking

Man in maroon shirt standing at foot of bed

My daughter came back and found me


Modern-day wizard

Man wearing beads

Metallic casket in an ocean

Meaning of making declaration in a dream


Mob.ile smashing in half



Mexican death doll

Mobile breaking on fall to ground

Mattress stolen meaning

Monk robe

Meaning of fighting with my husband ex wife in the dream

Man screaming at me

Marriage proposal from the king


Mp3 player in a dream

Meaning two cousins having oral sex

Meaning of harvesting cassava in the dream.

Mickey cha


Maggots coming out of vagina

Maggots in vagina

Meeting between the breadfruit


Mattress catching fire

Meaning of white bird falling from the sky

Missing bowls

My uncle gave me a gift of a music instrument

Mangala muki comes in dream



Misterious woman

My husband tells me he doesn’t love me

My husband is leaving me

Meaning of incomplete bldg collapsed

Mountain made of gold and silver meaning

Meeting your soul mate

Multiple rainbows


Musk melon indream

Money in dustbin


Metal coat hanger wire



Maggot in vagina

Murder babys

Man with half an arm

My dad putting money in my pocket

Melon seeds given by someone

Mural on wall

Markings on a loved ones face

Meaning of an electrical cord dream

My sister inlaw has newborns..i have seen the twins in my dreams

My dog hit by a car



Man with big purple spot on arm

Music dubstep

My deceased sister vomiting brown staff with no oudor

My son bitten by a snake

Meaning to dream of young white woman.

My dad in the back of a cop car and there on spikes all on the ground that he steps on

Mistaken identity

Male teenager

Mountain of cement

Musical chairs

Meeting with the governor in my dream


My husband wearing soldier clothes

Moo moo

Meaning of shank in dream

My father gave me kola nut in my dream

Marula fruit in a tree

My ex fiancé coming in my house

Men sexual encounter

Man in brown suit


Meaning eating bitter kola in the dream


Marinating meat

My dadwas a dwarf



Money in envelope


Matress stolen


Mother talking to dead relative



Meeting in a hall

Me and cece getting corona at gc

Miniature roses refd

Mixed milk

Money box

Many people trying to attack

Many people

Mother washing clothes with her daughter

My father being stabbed in the stomach

Meeting jesus

My dead mom standing naked giving me car keys

My dead mother standing masked giving me varied k we ys

My house getting floated with clean water

My work clients came to my house

Merry go round

Makoti clothes

Meaning of vial in a dream

Man wearing make up in dream

Missing cat returns

Man growing

Man grows to giant

Man grows to gian

Mother having sex with her son in the dream

Missing flights

Missing flights, falling behind what fies it mean?

Meeting of breadfruit dreaming

Meeting of breadfruit

Multiple doors unhinged

Meeting, but not speaking with a deceased family member

My father cuts off the tongue of a snake

Meaning of preparing palm nut soup

Mail carrier truck


My cousin was fatally shot infront of me

Men breaking things

Meaning eating cocoyam in a dream

Meaning of buying red oil in a dream

My pastor carrying lobola

Many kinners waiting for the food

Many kinners at restaurant

Martial art

Martial artist

Me, dead mother, and grand daughter nose started bleeding in my dream

Martial arts super hero

Military hat

Meaning about ackee in dream

Mat cushion

Manicure grass

Melting plastic on stove

Mold spores

My gallon of palm oil poured on the ground


Meeting with an elder person in a dream

Meeting with an elder in a dream

Mudded caves

My father giving me calabash

Meaning of soakaway in dreams

Massage oil

Making a picture book

My school bus stop

My school-bus stop

Men was wearing garland

Many large sampaguita in a floor

Mountain lions

Mary magdalene


Missing doorknob

Mother lost

Misplacing car

Martial arts


Man with red eye

My friend being beet up from loan sharks

Meaning of eating ripe mango in dream

Meaning of eating ripe mango in dream

My husband kissed his father passionately

Metallic vagina

Maze of mirrors

Meaning of dream to see performing hajj

My stomach growling really loud

Menstrual blood

My husband dream about my dead father. while in church

My partner is handycap


Memandu kereta dan elak kereta lain



Meaning of someone promised me in my dream

Match box one

My nerves are out to my right hand

Marring a rich men

Meaning of bright rooms in dreams

Making eye contact with a guy

Mouldy date

Married a wealthy man

Moving to a new apartment

My ex vomited

My picture on wanted poster

Moldy mattress

Meaning of tapioca in dream

Meaning of vermilion

Meeting someone famous

Man with money on a table

Meeting between bread fruits

Mattress dream

My sister cuts my hair in dream

Mp3 player

Meeting between bread fruit

Meaning of eating boiled yam in the dream

Man with gold hair

Meaning of bitter kola in the sream



Meeting breakfruit

Maggi cube meaning in the dream

Mandala on floor

Malta train station

My breast feed a snake in my dreem

Moon and sun


Meaning of overtaking with car in a dream

Millet ripe fresh in a garden

Money in an envelope

My lobola being paid dream

Mole hill dream meaning

My husband dreamed of a racket and i dreamed of a racket as well

Married girl new thali wearing dream meaning

Missing crush

Missing my crush

Missing school bus dream

My room


Mother called me on the phone

My boyfriends ex being unhappy

Meaning of dream a lion walking around the house

Map of united states


Mirror reflection slower than the person

Man in red plaid shirt

Mom dying

Making poori


Man in uniform

Meaning of pounding fufu

Mushroom cloid

Man passing by

Meaning of pounding fufu in dreams

Meeting between breadfruit meaning

Menu board

My son caught a dove

Male presence wanting to harm me

My house is cracking

Mom incest

Meaning of seeing a key holder

Man trying to stab my boyfriend in back but i try and fight the man n and up getting stabbed in the back but am saved by myself

Men other than husband

Meaning of mangalayam in dream

Man with axe at door

My plate with bone

My late mother sweeping my house

Male laying on pillow looking at me

Muddy water my dog did not want to swim

My ex and new girlfriend

My ex and his new girlfriend

Missing hands

My friend is holding un ambrellay and she told me she brings my umbrella

Meaning of seeing somebody with a wound at the buttocks in the dream

Male celebrity

Mistreated cow


Mung sbeans



Metallic structur

My sister saw me while i was walking with one foot in limping

Motor home crashed inside a home

My decease husband is happy

Mountain with flowers



My jewellery is stolen

Mahogany tabletop

Martini 1

Marriage to a known man

My self giving birth to a big green pumpkin

Murder daughtrr

Mirror reflection slow

Monggo beans

My dead grandfather giving me a breadfruit

Meaning of reciving red glass bangles from temple

Martini glass in window

Monster trucks

Maniquin bite dream

Meaning of fire in dreams

My dog killing a snake


Moping the house

Moping the house

My 7 years son has been kidnap infronted of me

Muscle builder

Making pancakes with my friends in the morning at my house

Meaning of having kola nut in a dream

My pregnant niece pulled a small black snake from inside my hand

My hands were turning black

Measuring cup


Murdered by past friend

Michael jordan’s interpretation

Murder by friend

My past friends inject me and i die

Michael jordan

Man shirtless

Missing train station stop

Mother moving away

My boss and cousin recently passed away i been so sad about it because he was so good to me i dreamed of him last night in my dream he passed by me and looked at me and kept walking i woke up and thats the only part of the dream i remember

Making pancakes, friends, my house


Making pancakes

Milking cat

Me rogers

Money in a trash bin

Missing stove

My grandad who died

My child

Mom laughing having stroke

My sister kiss my feet in a dream

My dog that passed away one month ago

Mall drunk beer porn

My dream i had a older sister i didnt know about before any of me and my other siblings were born she died falling off a building my parents kept it a secret


My mother had a car accident and i was the passenger

Money plant dekhna sapane me

Meaning of seeing bell pepper tree

Missing something

Meaning of dreaming à couleuvre

Muddy trails



Mum biting on face in dream

Man who told location


Man stealing knick knacks

Meaning of dead person giving sweet liquid food in dreams

Militaty uniform

Mother goose



Making out with my boss

Missing screws

My hands turned black fingertips fell off

Married to taylor swifrt

My hands turned black

Mortars in dream

Man going out vault

Moving to a different province

Missing doughter

Meaning of cylinder in dream



Mangalamuki in dream

Mattress on fire dream

Meaning of carrying bucket of water in an old wheelbarrow


Meaning of buying bitter leaf in the dream

Moimoi dream meaning

Missing purse

Melting person dream


Male friend in makeup

Male friend makeup

My dead mother telling me i will die if i have surgery

Myself being pregnant

Maggot over a living man body

Moi moi in the dream

Michael myers

Molten lava

Making pancakes, friends

Meaning of a dream about licking my girlfriend virginia

Missong person

Moss green water


Meaning of plucking garden eggs

My mother in church wearing green then leaving in red car

Meaning of seen tortoise on my shoulder

Moringa leaves and tree

Moi moi

Milk and honey in dream

Massaging a person leg in a dream

Money in plastic bags

Moving dead corp

My husband and people told me congratulation

Motorcycle started on fire


My injured cat

Mother combing my hair

My frend give me a two medal

My childhood frend give me a medal

Meaning of speaking with a pastor in the dream

Music scale

Marrriage proposal

Making love to a corpse


My name on a headstone

Mopani worms dream

Meaning of seeing cocoyam in a dream




Meaning of dreams seeing of many lanzones

Moulding plastic dream,

Melting plastic dream

Melting plasstic dream

Mummy gettng hit by a train


Microwave door breaking while on

Microwave door breaking

My e boyfriend suck my breast forcefully

Mickey mouse earrings

My self fall down

Making up the bed

Meaning of a pay check of 2704 in a dream

Marrying a pastor

My gold ring damaged broken


Master keys

My boyfriend sucking boobs in my dream

My boyfriend is pale and keeps repeating wait for me

My boyfriend is pale

Mike jagger

Making a list

Magician cards

My two female dogs ed in my living room

Marrying your girlfriend

Mom and sister on the other side of the wall

Meaning of okoro in the dream

Meeting a madman

My dead mother asking for bitter gourd koottu in my dream

Magets under feet

Man spitting on me

Meaning of wearing nysc uniform in the dream

Missed test

Man. and son having sex

Many pies

My boyfriend carrying my mortar


Meaning of selroti while pregnant


Mean of holi festival in dream

My own grave

Mom eaten by a alligator


Mediterranean sea

Mean people


Mobile recharge card

Mother perpetual help

Making heaps dream meaning

Monk death

Meaning of a used sanitary pad

Meaning of juju

My kids clothes in dust bin

My office is bigger than i thought

Mortal and pestle

Meaning of putting off damp coat

Meaning of agidi in a dream

Mohammed dream

Meaning of exorcism

Moldy cap

My dead grandfather giving me food

Martini glass

Main street


Missed birthday

My daughter rape in my dreams

Married to a prince

Meanimg of sorghum

Movie theater

Mother in law crying

Meaning of sorghum

Mayna burd


My friend was mentally disabled in my dream

Making a presentation in dream

Man trying to take rose quartz out my hand

Mud on floor

Muddy floor

Meet someone

Man in a suit

Many kangaroos running

Money plant in drem

Man pouring his sperm on my body

Meaning of red sand in a dream

My girlfriend in white saree with red border

Mango pickle


Man with snake like tongue

Man with snke liek tongue

Meaning of mud house in the dream



My penis got eaten

Meaning of live stockfish in the dream


Meaning of pestle in a dream

Metal saw

Mans says bring lemonade

Meaning of grape juice in the dream

Missing furniture

Milk lemonade and receiving inappropriate attention

Milk and lemonade

Multiple headed baby

Missing bus after a break

Man cheating

Mother friend cave phone

Mother alive

Meaning of a dream seeing a sick brother

Mind controling

Mole birthmark

Mole birth mark

Mole on face and neck

Meaning of the main doors falling down when touched

Muddy water gutter

Making love in white flowers

Mother shopping for sandals

Me and cat sitting on bench


My hair was covered with wax the front part

My hair had cadle wax in front

My trap catches big grasscuter

Meeting new people

Melting ice cream

Mangalsutra break

Mangalsutr break

Making out

Monsoon without getting wet

Meaning of eating ackee in my dreams

Muddy water road driving smashing car

My friend tried to keep me to hisself

My dead parents

Missed deadline

Moving to previous house

My sister slapping me

Meaning bugs in rice

Marriage procession dream meaning

Mother pushed me off balcony

Moringa root and leaves

Moringa dream about root and leaves falling very green

Meaning of husband tured


Man killing a women

Meeting many men

Marichino cherry

Metal erosion


My late mom barrow money to me

Meaning of drinking coconut water

Meaning of hearing a train whistle

Married woman in white saree

Missing license

Making fake ids

Mother committing suicide

Mean of dream if frozen fish

Molested by manatee

Mom spirit


Muthi in a dream

Man walking away

Man in a dream

Man cradling me in a dream

Mushy peaches

Mother in law nervously shakes head no at me

Monks eye

Marriage offer

Moving furniture with friends

Mountains beyond the ocean


Man with long sourd


My servant making enjera and wet

My father died

Metal screw

My niece slicing the jackfruit

Message from beyond

Missing limbs

Mingling with a celebrity


Male stripper


Material stuck in throat



My partner sleeping with his sister

Muthi spiritual meaning


Making love with a sweet stranger girl

Mouth full of sand

Mole in my face

Missing gravestone

More spouse

Minature horse

Male friend brings pink long stem roses

Marble fireplace

Man standing by my bed

Moving a corpse from a shallow grave and crushing the bones

Moving a corpse from a shall grave secretly

Moving a corpse from a shallow grave

My cat ate a blue parakeets

Men dress in white

Milk bath

My cat ate a blue baby parakeet

My acrylic nails were off

Message through a prophet/ earthly being

Mother deer and fawn

Mother deer and baby


Mopane worms meaning in a dream

Money coming out from water in the stone

Mom and grandmother being hurt

Math teacher disappointed in me

Match box dream

Mango tree i pick up the yellow mango fruit

Mango tree with abundant fruits yellow

Motorcycle falling from the sky

Meat fat

Mom jail me together

Mom in jail with me then released

My husband dreaming of having sex with another woman

Man having sex with another woman



Medical graph

Mattress on fire

Meaning of buying dry crayfish in d dream


Millions of spiders ready to drop

Meaning of dreams to dreams that iam eating unboiled eggs

Meanigof dreams to d un boiler eggream that iam ea

Morphing into understanding of origin

Man with clipboard

My black dog with an orange leash runs up a tree to the top and leaps off the tree to his death in my arms i ran as fast as i could but was too late

Mopane worms

Making paneer dream

Meaning of breast feeding in adream

Muddy creek

My father who passed away

Meaning of uprooting mushroom in the dream

My family is making fun of me, and degrading me

Moving house ugly

Man wearing diamond ring

Maggot sperm


Metal spring

Moon falling and disappearing

Mould house


Mowing the grass over and over


Meaning of divorce in the dream

Meaning of grass cutter in the dream

Meaning of chasing chickens in dream

Metal house

My pastor give me an old appliance set as a gift

Meaning if grass cutter animal skin in the dream

Mutton stored in a fridge

Mutton in a fridge


Marrying a princess

Metal to recycle in car

Making chocolate

Marry giving me the blessing

Meaning of spanner in my dreams


Moscow mule drinks

Meaning of bitter kola in your dream

Mother crying and hungry

Meeting with a rival

Magenta dye

Motley crue

Marigold garland

My close friend thought he had the turtle but it turned and bit him

Mud in mouth

Meaning of dream selling a family house and building another one

Meaning of eating liver in dream

Millet porridge eating

Maize flour means what in dream


My weddibn ring is in my poop


Mathimbi mopane worms dreams

Mopane worms mathimbi dreaming


Making heap the dream

Meadows & horses

Mountain peak

Madras thorn

My dead grandmother opened a apartment door

Man to man oral sex

Man having sex with other man

Man and woman, man having sex with other man

Man having sex with other man in ront of wife

My wedding ring it’s in my poop

My mom gave me keys

Meaning of yellow sweater laid on person shoulders

Meaning if dreaming need leave

Messy eater

Male bus driver

More like a cloud thundering but it was green with fruits and falling from the sky meaning of it

Man name

Meaning of catching white ants in a dream

Man asking for me for water

Meaning of someone who has lost weight

My dog and cat was sleeping with me

Meaning of broken nose ring in dream

Meaning dreaming of large dead squid

My father in law washing my feet ,hands and face

Money dreams

Mystic men

Mystick person

Madicasl pobrles

Mom has stroke

Meaning of coal pot in dreams and visions?

Moving mountains itself

Money in the plastic bag

Meaning of white grim reaper during meditation

Meaning of brushing teeth

My deceased mother was frying eggs where i was standing

Missed the test

Male twins

Mystical vision

Mala beads


Man wanting to have sex

Making starch in the dream

My sisyer with a gold tooth


Moving a grave

Miss ing out on buying stock

Male figure

Meaning dream of bloody boars


Maphane dreams

My door fell in a dream what does that mean

Meaningbof dreaming laos

Mail at [email protected]

My lovely partner o f 12 years died im dreaming he was mean to me when its quite the opposite

Mouth overflowing with cotton

My voice is gone

Molested by uncle

Missing jaw

Meaning of a sink in drfeam

Meaning of eating bitter kola in dream

Man singing a romantic song

Mother bird feeding a baby bird

My child being murdered

Monsoon dream interpretation

Mouth full of gum

Man in top coat holding briefcase walking in sky surrounded by cherium

Metallic silver cat with scorpion tail

Mazelike halls

Manhattan transfer

Mixing beaters

Missing nose in dream



Mean person

Mother pearls

Mopping dreams

Me taking out my tooth with black hole

Me taking out my tooth

Meeting a governor in the dream

Making okro soup with melon


Meaning of dreaming being given red palm oil


Mom just died appeared in dream and we were running from a store

Meaning of hawking in the dream

Missing woman

My black belt

Miniture elephant

Myna bird in my dream

Man shooting at you with rifle

Mad woman trying to embrace me

My child falling down stairs

My sister husband was hitting on me

Missing a tram



Mentally ill

Metal white knight

Many cucumbers


Monkey on shoulder

Military uniform in dream

Muslim sons

My mums wedding ring stolen

Macho man


Muruingai poo

My boyfriend sisters and i waiting for my boyfriend in the dream

My cousin kissed my husband on our wedding night

Metal belt

Mystical person appearing

Many ufos in the sky dream

Mis shaped christmas tree

My little girl drowning in a gutter with medicine

Mother who pass and dream of fight we have had

Marry rich man

Magnifying glass

Man with thick glasses and magnifying

Mother figure

Mould on wall

Mould on friends wall

Meaning of eating chi chi dream

Missing belt loop


Meaning of eating kola nut in dream | dream interpretation

Memorial service

Mushrooms in ear

Martial law

Mother in law view you a black wrist watch with a red rim on a square face

Message from nun

Meaning of dirty wedding dress

Meaning of cleaning a grave

My husband has died 10 yrs ago, i dreamed of him i had to walk in 2 feet of mud to get to him when i saw him i asked him did i die, he had leather on his back sewed together and he looked up at me crying badly and said to me he was sorry for not taking care of me



Mean boyfriend

Meaning of torn handkerchief into two parts

Mom not helping

My husband having with my mother

My dead grandma

Most beautiful clarinet i held

Me asking for water in my dream

My sister husband wanted to have sex with me

Moose horn turns into a snake

Moose with thin horns that turn into a snake

Moose horn that turns into a snake

Making up with ex

Man break in house

Moving through walls

My drunken grown child being tormented while i am crying in hell

Mary magadaline

Melting shotgun in a dream


Meeting my grandpa that past away

Meaning of dream of sugarcane and cutting off some bad parts of the sugarcane


My sperm on the head head of my sex partner

Meaning of mad man running away from you

Meaning of eating raw chicken meat and voimiting it

Money in a brief case

Meaning of pounding yam in a dream

Money falling into gutter

Monkey pooping

Man looking in window

Mattress burning

Meat in ocean

Man and woman lying in bed with mosquito net

Mongolia symbols

Mobile phone snatching

Male virgin

My sister cut my hair

Meaning of eating roasted meat in a dream


Making heaps

Mushrooms growing in a beard

Metal finger nail

Moving out of an apartment

Masked face

Metal strairs

Multi colors

Mama raise from dead

Mangala mukhi in dream

Missing an event

Moms in the sky

Mouth light

Mangal muki in dreams

Monkey mask

Murder cover up

Meaning of making heap in the dream

Meaning of dream about periwinkle


Messy linen closet

My decised mother having a baby

Male baby surgery making genitalia larger

Male genital surgery

Money in a shoebox

Marble ball

Miniature animals

My husband was wearing two hats at the same time

My crush smiling at me

Mango tree blooms

My heels cracked

Magpie attacking you

Maggi cub meaning

My boyfriend marrying someone else

Meet up

Meaning of horse skeleton

Man that is tiny and purple

Meaning of maggi cube in a dream

Miscarriage of baby

Mother with hairy hands


My naughty kids

Miscarriage in toilet

Man standing very clear waking up and disappears like a sheet that drops to the floor

Making olive bread

Mom eating glass


My boyfriend is pregnant

Making love by meadow

My ex husband tried to take my kid away

Making love near a meadow

Mama mary dream


Many neem leaves

Me screaming bird sounds


Missing a job opportunity



Michelle obama

Meeting powerful people

Magical kingdom

Mouth tattoo vagina

Man sucking my boobs



Miniatures farm animals

My deceased friend slapping me in the face

Mischievous pale horse


My wife is with tattoo

Meaning about fences in dream

My former house

Man giving warning

Meaning of red water

Major catastrophe

My name not on seating plan

My past

My pastor crying in my dream


My panty had blood on when i went to toilet

My cooking gas got finished while i was still cooking


My husband told me to take a history class

Music stand moving in dream

Man holding baby and baby smiling and coing

Man holding baby

Multiple giant white crosses

Meaning of son getting murdered in a dream , what is the interpetation

Miniature giraffe

Moving away

Marrying him

Muddy water


Muddy waters

Morning glory flower

Morning glory flowe

My sister saw my male friend limbing down a hill and he was coming to me and i was down the hill she was going up the hill

Meet a man

Met a man

Man limping on crutch

Man on crutch

Mango fruit dreaming


Mustard leaves.

Movie character


Mellon seed

Moon and sun side by side

Moon symbol

Making and drinking soybeans

My late father gave me kolanuts in the drea

Marriage woman


Moringa leaves

Moving far away

Morringga leaves

Monkey in my dream

Man wearing pink skirt

Man and woman in embrace

Meaning of granding beans

My son gets tortured

My handicapped girlfriend shot me in the stomach

Maze like halls

Moving ouse

Man licking my finger

Meaning of cooking pots in a dream

Meaning of a man eating garden egg in dream

My husband tongue kissed another woman in my dream

Mom that passed

Mom sleeping with santa hat big mattress

Meaning of red oil in dream

Morter and pestle

Meat loaf with ketchup

My baby drowding

My uncle in my dream said i was dreaming of your own death

Meaning of uprooting roots out of ground w my hands

Mango tree full of fruits

Malachite table

Maggots in a ripe mango

Meaning of smoke

Missing flight

Man run after you wants to rape you

Mountain rock vomiting water

Moving out of state with ex

Missing sandlas

My child having emergency surgery

Meaning of felix


Marula trees

Mom is not real mom

Meaning of sitting on a golden chair

Man in white tuxedo

My boyfriend and my father shakehand in my dream

My right breast milk leaking when i touch like a pre milk

Meaning of salt and pepper hair roots

Mystery woman trying to buy me food


Mother daughter same dream


Money in brief case

Macrame in dreams

Money m

Meaning of collecting the ripe passionate fruit in a dream

Matchstick fire

Mountain getting collapsed in dream

Mites in my ear

Meaning if some one els is washing my feet

Mangalamuki in dream means

Mother fading



Moon in fire

Meaning of white sand dream

My ex came to pay lobola

Meaning of pounding fufu mortar pistil

Many ladies fur hats seen in a dream what does this mean?

Mustard yellow colour and grey suit

Mouse biting lip

Making crafts

Murder of lady in dream


My girlfriend doin laundry at the laundry mat

My girl doin laundry

Mother having sex with her son

My toenails has been removed in my dream

My toenails has been removed

Maple leafs

Mute cannot worship

Memorial day

Magic wands

Many artichoke leaves

Mob chasing you

My husband sending a love letter to my co wife written by another man

Meaning of being held by a tiger who ejaculate

My brother wife died in dream


My new house looks dirty

Muddy rocks revealed

Mother harmed

My corpse

Mouth on toilet

Masked potatoes and chicken

Melted red candle

Maalakul mawt

Man with knife

Menstrual periods

Medal of honor

Man sitting beside bed

Man beside bed

Macadamia dream meaning

Medical records made public

My ex a sleep with a girl and 3 kids

Moveing to new neighborhood

Mantella rossa

Mantel red

My mum gave me kola nuts in a dream

Militany uniform

Mesuring on a tap time whitch was short

Mad at your spouse

Malnourished lion dteam

Mesuring with a mesuring tape short time


Maina bird


Missing time

Married to a rich man

Madonna delcava

Mayan archaeological site

My tongue touching someone tongue

My daughter shaking my hand

Making heaps in dream

Mother murdering people familiar to her

Missin bed

Meeting prince philip

Macaw parrot

My dead father and flood water

My ex proposed

Meaning of pounding yam in the mortar in the dream

Messy truck

Missing deadline to take test


My penus had hony comb

Meaning of talking to a governor in the dream?

Maltreat in dream

Missing shoes

Meaning of eating cooked yam in the dream

Malak al mawt

My pastor says he loves me in my dream

Man smiling

Meaning if you dream arinola

Moon burning

Morgan silver dollar

Maggots eating vagina

Man with bowel movement showing

Mould on pillow

Meaning of pounding fufu in a dream



Moved to a different country

Male cat

Male cat gave birth to 5 kittens

Meaning of eating black pearl in the dream

My boyfriend cheated

My dad died

Meaning of breaking my ex boyfriend eyeglass in a dream

Maize miller

Mouth guard


Master of ceremony at a function

Meaning of palmnut in dream

Making rangoli

Marriage feasts

My husband was having sex with my mother

Man laying down xs on his eyes

Man laying down with x in his eyes

Multiple teeth growth

Missing oven

My sister has her menstruation in dream and in hospital

Mom driving rickshaw in dream

My husband having sex with another woman

Millet in dream

My husband having with my mother


Meaning of harvesting cocoyam in dream

Meeting with army generals

Mad man


Me yeling at intruders out the window

Meaning shapooing daughters hair.

Man holding three leather type balls

My crush staring at me

My family member is doing sex with shemale

Mother in law view you a black wrist watch with a red boarder on a square face

Milled maize

My death but co workers can see me

Meaning of buying sachet water in dream

Minature people

Mongoise attacking snake dream meaning

Meaning ship with human head

Moving something

My husband sucking my left breast in my dream

Meaning of burnt eggs

My sister gving neackls

Meaning of eating okro soup & eba in d dream

Meaning of pounding fufu by yourself in a mortar with pistle in a dream

Man transforms into black bird

Mama mary snob meaning in dreams meaning

Manhole meaning

Moving a mantle piece to my home. it was way too small for the,wall


Machinery in dream

Meaning of chlorine in a dream

My deceased dog at the door when i opened it

Match sticks

Model boy danny dearm

Money symbol

Mom missing

Mother with a meat slicer

Miliemil and sourmilk

Margaret hamilton

Malunggay leaves

Melted pot handle

Melting hob

Melted handle on pot

Miscarrige dream interpretation

Miscarrige while pregnant


Meaning of seeing a blind woman in a dream

Maggie cube in dream


Me being a hermit

My husband dreamed of another woman and baby

Magical purple robe

My friend passed away and came to me in a dream and told me he made it out of purgatory and is in heaven now

Mad woman

Man with rotten teeth

Melting metal

Married to the prime minister

Moving into eerie house

Mother breast

Mothers breasts

Meaning of putting white powder on people forehead

Mean words

Mealie meal dream

Meeting a film star

Man spirt

Meat balls

Messenger bag

Maroon burgundy

Money missing from an envelope

My youger sister boy

My sister drawn in the water

Moses smile at me very beautiful

My dead mother walking with blanket around her

Men shirtless

Military uniform

My love name seen in dream


Monkies biting my toes

Mincemeat in hair

Mulbery tree


Mice in the kitchen sink

Money counting


Many alo vera plants

Multible dogs attacking

My husband and mother having together

My bf sister chasing me

My boyfriend brother spitting in my face

Meaning when dream casava ,s leaves

Man dreaming of silver

Matress filled with water

My boyfriend wearing brahman cloths

Meaning of paraffin in the dream

Mumps in face

Mealie meal in a bag

Mealie meal in a sack

My crush kissing my feet

Me and my sister are in the billboard in my dreams

Mycheal myers trying to get a boy and i try my best to save boy


Military theme wedding in green and white

Meaning of white envelop

Missing football helmet


Meal meal

Making a wedding cake

Malformed green peppers

Many bathrooms

Myself being selfish

Mans nipple

Mustard plant in dream

Mother naked

Mannequin overly covered with clothes and make up

My husband was very skinny

Mashed potatoes

Most wanted

Meaning of a sick brother

My neighborhood


Muted colors

My sister in law cleaning my house

Man hurting women


Me heavy, me slimmer

Mom in law

My consciousness in another body

Money rice

Mongoose killed

Meaning of pounding yam in dream

My girlfriend was married with kids to another man

Murdering someone

My boyfriend paying lobola

Muddy shoes

Marching army grim reappers

Mic jagger

My dog was the size of a mouse

Meaning of the leaves of cassava in a dream

My old home is haunted

Moving forward


Mandolin instrument

Multiple fish hooks in face

Marriage of woman to woman

Making out

My boyfriend called said he bought the movie tickets

Mom having an affair

My gold stolen in dream


Man, black mask, narrow street, chased

Meaning of ark of the covenant in a dream

Mean little elfs

Meeting prime minister

Movie production

Meal poweder

More watch

Miniture horse

Moved far away

Me and huband moved to this beautiful place far away from everyone what does it mean

Meaning of swallowing sugar cane chaff

Mum with another man

Meaning of eating plam kernel in dreams

Monkey but my foot


Meeting up with an ex partner

Mortar packed with cooking utensils on your head

Moving to a new state

Moving and meeting man

Meaning dreaming gold hair

Many woman praying

Moving pile of dead leaves

Mr robot

Meaning of eating furit

Man wearing underwear

My hand was full of white and peach coloured pearls

Map showing continent of brazil

Muddy raging river

Muddy river while in a boat

Mom not wanting to be held


Moldy money

Men flowery shirts

Map of brazil

Mustard forehead

Moving skeleton

Man kisses a woman on the neck in a pool

Meaning of gwen

Map showing brazil

My late husband wearing green in my dream

Magnetic field

Meaning of wearing rag in dream

Man pounding fufu

Man with a shine knife

Meaning of pounding in dreams

Made brother blind

Medicine mixed with oil

Man washes my windows

Man wases my windows

Map showing the continent of brazil and asia

Missing pinky

Making love to a wet pussy

My brothers girlfriend

Me throwing toothpick at ex

Meat loading in vehicle

Maggots in hair

Marcus garvey

Made woman coming to you

Mother sailing to a different country

Mother sailing

My ex asking for money?

Money refund

Mahngalsitra breakinh

Man sucks breast in a dream

Map showing continent brazil and asia

My son wearing my heels

Missing steering wheel

My daughter eloped dream

Meaning of rag in dream

My daughter eloped dream meaning

Marrying oneself

Model ships

Means to dream of kolanut

Marrying blind girl

Moringa leaves in the dream

Mimosa bloom


Meaning of breadfriut in the dream

Mad woman kissed me


Ms betty hade a iv in her arm as she walk around

My partner having sex

Meaning of dry fish and stock fish

Malunggay leaves put inside the pladtic

Melting phone dream

Maggots coming out of my body everywhere

Moi moi in dream

Meaning of sugar cane in the dream bibilcally

Missed a bus


Missing person

Missing. flight

Mid-evil times

Midevil times


Marbles seen on beach

Mountain ridge

Missing out

Metal stairs dream

Mud cafer

Meeting my boyfriends family

Man with dark hair


Meali meal bag

Moose and bear in front yard

Missing cornea

Mornings leaves put inside the pladtic

Man squeezing my waist

My daughter dream her stepfather is death

My phone cracked again and i woke up in the dream

Money in seal envelope


My name gloria from ghana in dream


Moldy bread

Murder killed family

Meaning of bitter kola in the dreams

Man in shade


Mom having baby


My child d


Mouth full of hair

Milking my son


Moon splitting

Mouse tail getting shorter

Moi moi dream meaning

Men blue sweater

Man wearing panties

Mites crawling on my body

Medical violation


Madras thorn tree


Meaning of plucking kolanut from the tree

Meaning oooh f naughty dream

Melting of gold

Many elementary school students

My coffee pot cracked

My coffee pots cracked

Making out with crush at a park

Mother having

Meaning of clear stagnant water in dream

Meeting a new man

Messages disappearing

Matches in dream


Moonga ka palli in dream

Mad dream meaning

My dream of snr.sto.nino he is moving ang laughing,shower flower.what the meaning

Mom biting my cheek


Moving to different seats

Musical performance

Muscular man


My dogs shaved

Medical scopy

Meaning of killing a mad man in a dream

Men masturbating in view of me


Malakul mouth

Missing lost child



Mongo beans

Melting phone’s


Mothers day card

Must buy a ticket to win and collect

Metamorphosis from woman to man

Money in pouch was burning

Married to a celebrity

Maori interpretations of a white wedding

My ex husband said he loves me we kiss he wants i refused and is asked about his wife then i saw the wife she smiled after that i could not find my shoes because i was barefoot she wants to me her shoes i refused

Me holding a jasmine sitting on a sycamore tree

My dad went to do his laundry

Mixed used cartoon paper

Motorbike parts

Magic key

Mum seeing you in ihram in mecca

Man touching a mans penis

Making sel roti in dreams


Mangalamuki come to dreams

Moveing house

Mountain collapsing


Mental telepathy

Moving to a different state

Murder someone you know

Making someone to run out

Male having a vagina


Making a saddle


Mobile phone unlocked

My palm tree produces more palm wine

Multi color used clothes


Man in coat and hat

Minature wild apes


Minature family in cage

My employer giving bonus in my dream

Murder by strangling

Manga too

Miniature dragon

Mum lying to me

Men pulling and expose his own penis at back door

Men pulling and expose his own penis

Making heaps in the dream

Mother saying my name

Mother figures


Moulin rouge party

Mother confused

Meaning of drumstick in dream

Man attack


Man crying for dead wife

Man sitting in a chair crying for his wife dead in his knees

My ex husband was masterbating

Macadamia nuts

My brother asking me for money

Mud wrestling

Mosquito net


Meaning of eating mulberries

My dream is to have robux

Mickey mouse puppet show

Man wearing apron

Mail cell


Meaning of coco yam in dream

Maggie cube

Multiple printers installed


My son seen his dad in coffin

Music instruments

My daughter dead

Mustard oil

Milk fish dream meaning


Mosquito bites on face

Meaning of dream of eating conch

Missing rug


Message from deceased mother

Mind fuck

My inskirt is wearing by someone

Me and my ex boyfriend had a fight and he stole my horse and dogs

Metal springs

Missing floor of a department store

Manchurian candidate

My husband applying turmeric in my face

My sister straitened mybdaughters hair and it upset me

Meat cleaver

My friend carrying charcoal

Missed out


Meaning of okro veggie in the dream


Mother/daughter naked together

My grandmother who has been dead for several years she is moving house but her only worry was a white headscarf


Meaning of spiders in dreams

Meaning of seeing periwinkle in the dream

Making candied apples


Meaning of a brazier in the dream

Medicine woman

Mojo bag

Meaning of boiled yam

My own bathsuit fitting again

Meaning of bid

Making a new gutter in the dream

Meaning buys lots of orange in dream



Melting walls

My entire dream world drained

Music concert

Messy surface

Mojo bad

Mojo red bag

Masturbation of husband

My two female dogs ed in my living room

Making a golem

Men hooded sweater

Monkey eats own poops

Monitor lizard entering the house

Marry spouse

Mary spouse

Marry same souse

Money coming out from the atm

Money coming out from atm and giving some to my uncle giving some money to

Meat coming out vigina

Making selroti in deams

Moi moi drsam

Man knocking on door

Marbles falling from hand

Maebles falling from hand

Meaning of seeing a large clock at 12:25

Magharib prayer


Making out with boss

Man resting head against my buttocks

Money winning

My dead cousin crying

Marriage proposal rejection by girls father

My ex-boyfriend look poor and begging me to forgive and also seeing myself pounding yam for plenty people

My son suffering from mouth sores

Meaning of smack lip kiss by a husband

Made roti for me by someone known

My kids owned 2 lioness

My cloths floating in water

Making jalebi in dreams meaning

Man wearing a purple robe

Mice rodents

Meaning of dreaming about jigger

Meeting the profet

Meaning of tiger nut

Moth holes in blue shirt

Meaning of greenpepper

My husband is my father

Married to transgender

Mother pregnant

Madness dream

Man with skin discoloration

My dog getting hit by a car

Making sandwiches


Missing fingers

Mean of seeing a tree of tamarind in a dream



Meaning of failure to do a given task

Murdering and getting caught

My dead father keeps taking me away with him

Mother holding my left hand

Mother holding left hand

Mother holding hands

Mince pies

Maine coon

My cat got her tail cut off


My husband shoes

My son was hurt

Making head wrappers


Meeting a bishop to pray for me

Many slugs

Melted butter blood

Melting cellphone

Man in black clothes

Man holding a staff

Minsedmeat in dream

Men uprooting my cassavas to buy

Maggi cube

Moist hands

Million dollars chequers


My husband having an affair

Matted hair

Mastering a skill

Meaning of white mantle


Migrating caribou


My ex wife sewing something of mine

Maggots where coming out of my vagina

Mans t shirt

Meaning of dream police arrest my husband

M&m candies

My uncle put a silver crown on my head

My ex boyfriend coming to pay lobola for me

Magic eight ball

Magic 8 ball

My child running away

Marijuana in dreams

Meaning of carrying tubers of yam in a dream

Man shooting at me and hit my heel with a bullet

Mean of bitter kola in the dream

My brother was shoveling snow

My partner and i were fighting where the baby should sleep

Me and my husband was going some where and a truck driver was driving fast and he pass around us st

Molesting by deceased relative

Movie theatre

Muti me endete

My husband gave me a chestnut horse with a white blaze

Making amends

Mincemeat pie

Mad woman dream

My dad giving me money but i am not taking properly later i am picking up from floor

Meaning of neon light in my dreams

Moon bag

Moon bah

Married to second wife

Meaning if eating pap with milk at church

Missed airplane

My right hand

My dead mother wearing my cloth

Making mounds

My aunt frequently appears in my dreams

Meaning of killing someone by dissolving someone

Mad wiman


My mom crying



Muti ne enderra

Many moths or butterflies strangling me

My daughter crying in my dream

Meaning of selling kenkey

Matchbox dream

Making love to your partner

Mischievous kids

Mathu vilakku kavithaigal

Meaning of picking colanut in dreams

Moving but not touching the ground

Marbles kept coming out of foot

Marbles kept coming out of my foot

My boyfriend drove away from me in a big lavish jeep

My friend drove away from me

Melted iron

Marble slab

My deseased mother was pointing at someone in front of us with their back turnt


Maize growing

Meaiz growe

Marrying someone other than your spouse

Making fudge

Man without clothes

Meaning of palm ripe fruit

Meeting with your ex in your dream

Mom moving to the cathedral

Meaning of peeling cassava in the dream

Musical organ

My friends slapping me

My dead fat

My dead mother gave an eyeglasses

Murder scene

Missing slippers

Missing slippers

Meeting the pope

My spouse was cutting a potatoe

Mad woman throwing dirt at you

Moon and hope

Minced meat allergies

My mom doesnt know im her son


Magic lamp

Meaning behind blowing a kiss on a dream

Meaning of dancing in a dream

Meaning of dream of hijra

Moons in the sky

Military base

Missing eye

Mother won’t talk

Male hug

Making cheeseburger



Man”s buttocks

My husband is burning my clothes

Mouldy falling walls

Man wearing a plaid shirt

Making a shit


Magic envelope

Me and my family were in a maze and people were casing us trying to staple our heads and they got my mom when my dad stopped protecting us to smoke a cigarette

Man with a red and blue coat on stilts

My babby daddys wedding invites

Meat preservation

Mother was in blood

Moon walking

My mother comb my hair

Making up a person

Meaning of tilling hips in a dream

Mom dies


Meaning of three kegged pot in a dream

My deceased mother and father that is still alive

Meaning of dream seeing green colour velvet

Mother and father arguing

Move to run down apartment

Mosquito net was the toilet

Man in black bracking wood glass table

Mouth full

Man shaving

Mattress being cleaned


Marriage interracial dream meaning

Musard seed fell

Man holding me

Man holding a drink



Men was in his dreams a women has bin naked and imam biting her she did haram


Man pursuing me

Man cloths wrinkled


Monngo seeds


Meaning of winnowing in a vision

My husband with his mistresses

Mime in my dream meaning

My boat sunk

Meaning of eaten cook yam

Making friends with ex friend

Making friends with enemies

Made friends with enemies

Maggi cubes symbolize what in dream


Moving box

Meaning of being in a arsh wednesday mass with muslims

Matress up on its side

Money lack of

Meaning of receiving a new saree in dream

Myna bird number

Myna bird lucky number

Meaning of eating cooked cassava


Married shemale



Multiple arms


Misspelling words


Milk curdling in dreams

My friend wash and clean my feet

Meaning of dreaming an albino


My pastor was a doctor

My teeth getting broken

Mother throwing my clothes

Mother sexual

Many rats

Marula fruit


My son is antichrist

Meaning of belts

Metal tin

Many dead cows in the raod

Meaning of seeing a doctor put eyedrops in your eyes

My mother sucking my breast in a dream

Music instrument



Most beautiful coins

My hand in the mouth of dog

Missing mirror from the wall

My sister make my hair

Mother got pregnant by a deer

My friends mother got pregnant by a deer

Man moaning

Microphone headset

My dead ground mother rise

Motor park

My home is has cracks in my dream

Meaning star ,moon and sun in a dream

Monkey meat

Money roaches and worms

Melted eye

Meaning of dreaming about deceased mom?

Mau cat

Meaning of going to geneva in a dream

Meaning of brushing genitals

Math teacher slapping me

My breast fell off


My shadow is a wolf

Meaning of seeing kinner sitting at home is

Mangoose attacks on my leg

My dead cat ran outside with other cats

Making flour tortillas

My bed burning


Moo moo dress


My hair turn into snakes

My curly hair turn into snakes

Male shoes


My hair become snakes

Muskulär tights

Men white shoes

Man wearing tan overalls

Melted chocolate

Making love to a younger minister

Mountain top barnfire

Matress burning

Mother bedroom

Mother childhood house

My clothes were stolden

Major house renovation

Money ritual


Making a new type of wax candal

Making reuseable candals

Making candels what after wax melted you could put in an insert to use the same wax to make a new candel

Moudly road

Messy kitchen while making puri

Messy kitched while making puri

Messy house

Maggots vagina

Meaning of a pestle in dream

Meditating spiritually

Mother is naked

Mother of pearls

Meanog of seeing a pawpaw tree in a trance

Mother in a grey shroud

My son is a acavenger

My girlfriend runbingnlotion on my hands

Million in cash and cheque

Missing son

Mourning a dead man in a dream

Meaning of buying drumstick in the dream

Mud house dream means


Musical instruments

Manna fish

Mental persin

My pastor was calling my name

My boyfriend paying lobola for me

My husband having sex in the club

Military bus soldier

Monster eating


Man with long hair


Man in a bear suit

My girlfriend cheated on me with an older man

Meaning of kola nut in dream

Moth holes in clothes

Meali meal dream

Meaning of sorrel

Me being chased

Marlon fish in a dream

Med pursu8ingme

Mad father

Mad woman hat me hand in the dream

Man in black


Mr. krabs


Mach box asking

Mom and passed away uncle talking in dreams

Mother sees child loose head

Mother in a room witnesses daughter and her boyfriend entwined burning from inside out but unable to help

My body

Mouth top of

Mouth retainer

Mouth surgery



Menstrual cycle bleeding

Multiple love partners

Moving from one man to another


Mattress stolen

Meaning of jujube fruit

Meaning of flying ants


Monk dying

Make a weapon

Man cooked me tiger meat

Manacured park


Meeting a senator to make enquiry

Man buried in sand

My dream passing grade


Meaning of selling colanut in the dream

Mug with heart


Mosquito cover in the bed

Man of fire wrapped around woman of water

Machete in air


My pastor was being nasty to me

Man slamming black rocks

Mongoose attacking blue snake

Marrying your uncle

Man flying like a bird

My pastor was smiling and hugging me

Mary statue

My brother giving me chin chin in the dream means

Maple tree trank


Mason jar half full of urine on mantle piece


Mother of twins

Military helicopters being destroyed at mid air

Money most of the times


Mother leg hit by truck

My wife having sex with another man

Many green doors

Meeting with a blind women in dream


Meaning of eating kola but in the dream

Money plant watering

Machete w/blood in dreams

Machete w/blood

M avhete w/blood

My foot print embedded on concrete

Meaning of dreaming about jigger means what

Many moons

Meaning of old clothe in a dream

Meat pie in dream

Mindless chatter

Masjid tomb was falling down

Masjid tomb was falling down in my dream

My friend getting her to us sucked by another woman

My clothes were torn in a fight with my tenant

My clothes were born in a fight with my tenant

My clothes were born in a fight with my ne in the dream

My clothes were born in a fight with my neighbour in the dream

My sister who died

Missing prom

Meaning of millet in a dream

Mouse deeams

Mother wearing a blue robe kissed me

Match books

Matchbook covers

Mice eatting

Mallard duck


Madman following me

Mosquito net dream meaning


My wife killed me in a deam


Married paper

Mum not liking me

Making love with a girl

Making love in dream

Meaning of cutting human flesh

Making coffee

My sister in law is pregnant

Making a palm oil in a dream

Meaning of seen used condom in dream


Masks on others

My late uncle was washing my feet while he payed for me in the dream.

Mopane caterpillar

Meaning of a dream when a man and awomen are having sex

Meaning of climbing the jack fruit tree to get the ripe jack fruit

Medusa headd

Marring with a rich man

My buttons keep falling off my blouse

Man dreaming of sexual scantity dressed woman

Margarine in dream meaning

My boyfriend paid my bride price dream meaning

Meeting a man in a foreign country

Mother interferes i meet a woman

Mither interferes i meet a woman


Multiple moon

Meeting an ex-friend

Meaning of eating palm nuts in my dream

My fiance dreamt fighting with his brother in law

Miss out

Miss train

My late uncle was washing my feet while he prayed for me in the dream.

My mother and another child

Meaning of death news

My shadow with wings

Marrying a deceased woman

My dead mother was eating sweet in my dream

Mountain on fire


Mask dream meaning

Mealie meal dream meaning

Male person

Man advantage


Meaning of receiving envelop in a dream

Meaning of sugar cane in a dream

Mother disown

Mother in law saying she never love me

Muslim man holding loban burner

My husbands clothes was torn

My died grandmother in dream searching jewelry

Meaning of feeding people with tiger nut milk

Man i used to date is now governor and is in lust of me


My husband masturbating with other man

Mother having sex with husband

Mother sex husband

Meaning lots of violence

Medusa head

Maroon dress

Married woman affair

Married to a preacher

Mountain of gold

My brother being killed

Masturbation with sister in law

My mother is crying in my dream

Metal shuney gate

Male nipples

Miniature horse in room

Money in trashcan

Money in trash can

Missed class

My enemy face sweating

Mimosa plant with flower

Mahogany timber tree

My husband sucking my breast

My husband flirting with his colleague

My destiny



My own scary eye

Mother vomiting

Marring a rich man

Meaning of seeing a fake pastor in dream

Man in purple robe riding white horse

Money in a wallet

Motor vechile brake system

Monkey shit in mouth

My brother killes his son with a gun

My brothr killed his son

Meaning of jiggers in a dream



My hair

Missing a company bus

Missing school

Man with both amputated legs

Men with cloven feet

Many small snakes around the body and others tight themselves to make a belt on my waist

Meeting a boy

Mushrooms growing from ground



My husband cheats on me but i stay and i’m crying because i don’t want to leave but he doesn’t love me



Marring your brother

Meaning of okro in dreams

Mad deceased husband

My daughter dream interpretation

My husband kissing another married lady

My daughter

Maiden name

Manta rays giant



My face in murrow

Mother nude

Muskrat water

Muskrat in room

Meaning of dreaming about ice fish

My attempted kidnapping

Muti ne enderrr

Moving own house

Mending string

Making ceramic bowls

Money plant is dying

Missing a flight due to being late, and not being able to find my ticket

Moon with fire

Masturbating with a chain

Magnification dream

Man dreams ex wife hand bag

My ex pay lobola for me in dreams

My ex lover pay lobola for me

Man chasing me

Many covered boreholes

Mice infestation

My friend dreamt i gave birth to my 7th child


Meshes in dream

Meaning of giving a madwoman something in a dream

Mad woman drinking tea

My niece was naked

Man throwing dark substance on me

Mother right arm cut

My friends are fluorescent

Mom playing instruments


Mopping with a black mop

Mouth burning

Mynna sitting under me and touch my feet

Meaning of plucking of bitter leaf in a dream

Multiple black gear

My boyfriend paid lobola for me in my dream

Monkey lick my vagina

Me and my mother in a surgery on monday for a kidney surgery i said i might have died from the surgery on monday by the dream

Meet king

Maori red

Many earthquakes

Mannequin attack

My sister in law pregnant

My nails falling of my finger

My mums back bent

Microwaving a cat

Marrying rich man

Motor vehicle does not want to stop brakes and hand brake fails

Meeting prince harry

My tongue

Missing my slippers

Money in a casket

My husband sperm

Many white hair remove from head

Market stal

Masterbating dreams

Mom that passed away

Motor home rolling away

My wife bitten

My wife in danger

My wife bitten all over

My dead mother comes to me in a dream and says if i need protection think of her

My ded mother comes in a dream and says just think of me when i need protectition and safety

My cloths wil tore in dream

Mini train

Meaning of guinea fowl

Masturbating a man

Misterious place

Mistirious palce


Meaning of jamun in a dream

Mastiff dog

Mastiff killing small dog

Marrying the man whose alreday married

Meaning of ackee in your dream

Mixing flour for baking

Mopane worms on a tree

Money check

Meaning of sorghum in a dream

My son falling in a well

Making a pact

Man and woman praising god in a dream


My dream was closing blowing wind windows in the room i was sitting in

My dream was closing blowing wind windows

Made in lasagna in my dream

Mongoose attacking snake in dream

My husband getting a second wife

Making out with boy

Marriage on cruise ship

Meaing yellow sweater wearing in dream

My dog turned into a giant rat

Meaning of seeing spiders in ur dream


Meeting transgender


Melon seeds

Male sperm

Meaning of dream of crude oil extraction preparation

Mom scolding

Mad woman chasing a man in the dream

Meaning of a dream of fighting with ghosts snd swallowing them

Maize four dream

Marrying your crush math teacher

Money in shoe boxes

My wears wigs on top of each other

Money and blood


Meditation group

Making rangoli in dream mns

My girlfriend apologizing to me


My boyfriend frying cassava in a dream

Man with face of a goat

Manta rey


Mother of pearl sea shells


Meaning of dream in code words in poem



Montair lizard

Maggot infested carpets

Marble toys


Man beared

Monkey biting in dream

Meaning of smoked fish in dream

Man carrying a red ladder

Monkey bites indream

Man beating wife


Money showing in pocket

Meat ball

Making betel leaf with nuts in dream

Meaning when some persons gave you a good resuit in the dream and you are the best three

Mad persona

Meaning of meeting my governor in the dream

My feet being licked


My sister


Mechanic stair

Macaroni and cheese

Men surrounding me


Mole on boy face

Making limeade

Mango dreams


Meaning of dream of mad woman

Mugging at gunpoint

My dead father kissed me on the lips and said good buy what is the meaning

Mc donalds

Mangoose kissing me

Meaning of selling your soul to the devil in a dream

Meaning of maggi in dream

Murder blood mystery

Man spit on his girlfriend face

My old house i used to to leave and talking about money

Meaning of eating tiger nut

Moved away from view

Muddy deep water


Maggi meaning in dream

Mountain lion playful


Mean boss


Making rangoli in neighbours home in night


Mom problems

Motorhome going down a steep hill

Milk tooth


Married a preacher

Means you’re pregnant

Meaning of suckin woman vagina

Mongoose and snake fight

Men playing

Mongoose and grave

Me and my ex wife with together and she was complaining about her new boyfriend to me but saying at the same time that we were not getting back together. but i keep hearing the phrase their connection is not as strong as it was

Monitor screen

Making tortilla

Miniature house

Marching band

Math problems



Missing a goal

Meaning of buying maize flour

Marrying with uncle


Moon split | dream meanings

My clone was locked out and i opened the door and she ran screaming when she saw me

Moving torch on table when you think something

Mother-in-law died in my dream


My sister breast

My dead dad gave me transport in the dream what does it mean

My husband died and i dreamed having with him

My ex has splinters

My daughter she is married and looking for another husband

My ex boss cut my long hair short

Mopani worms

Missing back garden fence

Missing boundary wall

My friends and two teachers

Making pottery bowls


Myna bird

Meaning of smearing someone vasline.

Meaning of smearing someone vasline in their back

Meaning of dream about jiggers

Mouses chasing me




Molar tooth

Marriage in dream meaning

Mother theresa in dreams

Meaning of someone giving you money to buy food for him


Moths/ butterflies coming out of virgina

Moths/butterflies coming out of virgina

Meeting my role model

Mahogany furniture

Mountain of dirt



Me chasing a mad woman from hurting kids


Mohammad ali

Meanings of cassava farm

Misspelled words in a dream

Male prostitution

Masoor dal sprout

My lawn mower in a a place of worship.

Making gulab jamun

Making gulab jqmun

Matador means

Mango juice

Mopane worm dream meaning

Moving a book case

Making a omelet

Moving to alaska


Man carrying a wash basin

My mom died

Mummified body

Many lionesses with me wherever i go

My dream was i woke up and my apartment door was open

Meaning of watering a palm tree

Making photocopy of a passport size means


Mseing vigena of a woman

Mum crying


My mom pouring poison on me


Mom missing fingers

Mom fingers cut off

Making notes

Moved desk at work

My daughter taken by a poltergeist

Monkey poop dream mean

Moldy oranges

Moldy orange with flashlight, cheese shaker and pen inside

Moldy orange with flashlight, pen and cheese shaker inside

Meaning of dreaming short hair coming out of my vagina

Mental hospital

Mother dying

Meaning of kerosene in dream?


Moses story

Mythical swan

Mythical creature


Meaning of someone giving you an earthenware in a dream

My dead mother vomiting in front of and helped to stand up and asked my sister to call an ambulance


Making out with friends

Muddy stream

Muddy river water

Monkey in dream

Missed phone call;

My husband died and i dreamed having sex with him

Mud flood

Meaning of drinking coconut water in the dream

Movie ticket

Mad woman dragging your food

Missed call

Meaninh of pretending to be a mad woman

Meeting my governor

Murhoom and shit

Mom sexy complaciente

Meaning dream with mould covering ceilings and wall

Mould all over the ceiling and wall home

Moving bed

Man in dreams

Miss the flight

Miss flight

Mushroom growing from vagina

Meaning of chicken pox on a little girl in a dream means

Moths flying out of my mouth

Moved away from window

Monkeys dancing with me

My son jumping from once builiding to the other building from the top floor

Meaning of bitter leaf

Marry uncle

Marrying uncle

Meaning of making poo poo in a dream

Men as birds

My wife she was sweeping the yard

Man abusing me

Missing person gets found


Mucus in someone eyes

Male sex organ

Married womens

Meaning of ground nut oil in a dream

Mass attending

Meaning of eating kola nut in the dream

Malfunctioning toilet

Making out with an actor

Master. edroom

Moringa leaf

Making heap

My late sister sweeping my house

Men in white dress

Marriage vows

Magnolia tree with no flowers

Meaning of brai cassava

Meaning dream about husk

Meaning of husk in a dream

My family covered by dirt

My husband died and remarried


My white horns was sawed at the bishops elementary altar

My son diving into water



My friend had twins babies

My friend had twins

Mash a snake head


Making a wish to shooting stars

Meeting the prime minster

Man cave

Man shots 3 female dogs in dream




Mozzerella cheese

Mozzerella cheesw

Male hairdresser

My dads face looked like he was waring ornage makeup

Many passengers

Making corn tortillas


Money in purse

Mummy kills my enemy

My boquet of flowers were the only dead ones

My molar tooth crumbled into pieces and caused pain and it bleed. some of its parts were in my mouth

Mom molested by a relative

My dead dad was angry with me

My sister was asking my boyfriend to buy us a brown mealie meal


My sister and my boyfreind dating in a dream

My sister dating my boyfreind

Man sitting close me dream meanings

Meaning of dream

May girl friend show me her vogina

Mole on the chest

Man in brown swede

Man sitting in swede shirt and paints

Magic compass


Makoti dreamz

Makoti in dreams

Medical foldets

My pastor called me a pastor in my dream

My boss advising me to cover my naked body

Monster at sea

Monstrous fish

Muti ne ender

Marrying prince

Many frozen fishes in packets

Murder re persons

Military orders

Molded bread

Meaning of rabit hole


Meaning of brown envelope in dream

Mustard leaf

Mehandi come in dream wt happened

My lover in love with my sister

My lover falling in love with my sister

Molested by house maid

Mental women

Mouse and water

Meaning of train horn sounds



Meeting a prince

My enemy asking me for money in the dream and i gave it to them


Memory loss

Move into house

My father touched my nipples

Mexian food

Mole on breast

My husband marturbating

Mangala muki in drem

Mother in red saree

My late father drunk and eating yam in my dream

Making jalebi

My diamonds were stolen

Mango trees

Meaning of collecting whit ants in dreams

My phone got burnt


Moved into a new home

Mining for gold

Meaning of a non moving ball

Medical condition

Making up with brother after a fight

Making up with your brother

Moss water

My dogs meat is cooked

Meat stuck in teeth

Marrying a man i never met

Marrying a moguel

Meaning of dream swimming in clear ocean



My ex kisses me


Moms bestfriend

Menstrual blood on a pad meaning

Married by a president

Mexican people were surrounding me

Mom paid someone to dismember me

Mouse nibbling

Mosque cleaning

Marigold flower into dream

Miniature horses

Me spelling my name

Mushroom growing from skin

Mother teresa of calcota

Mom died bu

Mud dauber

My husband flirting with another woman

My toe nail half way falling off

Masturbating to your friends dream


Mother wearing jewelry on one ear

Margarine buying

Mailbox with numbers on it

Mail box with numbers on it

Moses basket

My husband having a stroke

Muscles and vein

My boyfriend has a pressure cooker in my dream

Meaning of eating yam that i cook in the dream

My husband had a clone

Man fucking a woman

Man stealing my wallet


Muddy team fingers

Michelin man

Moringa leaves dreaming

Meaning of roasting yam in the dream

Meaning of a dream having sex with an old man that cleans our garden


Magic book

My friends confess is feeling at me but i say no



Man without left hand


My mom and did giving me gold necklace on my neck

Man staring through window then got in the house; he had a string and i killed him with it. i could not talk.

Musical tone

My bed and clothes being burned

My body was upside down


Muddy hill


Man holding a stone to me

Many live fish falling from sky

Mom died in my dream

My friend giving money to my dead father

Meaning of dropping a handkarchief

Meaning of eating crayfish in a dream


Many pairs of pants

Marriage to a god

Motor cycle riders

Mismatched shoes

Mylar balloon


Monkey in a tree

Money in shoebox


Multiplying food

My phone was stolen from me

Muddy rice field

Making someone laugh

Menstrual blood in underwear with worms

Moving a door

Man spinning in a spirogyra

My sister gave me my ex fiancé watch

Missing voic

Matches and matchbox in dreams

Mini water wheels in corners of house


Multi be ender

Man lick my vigina

Man kissing my navel

Melting ice

Monkey attacking me in my dream

Mother cry

My dad reaching from heaven

Mail carrier


Man taking my rubbish

Mostiquito net

Millet shell in farm interpretation

Millet shell im

Making fun of myself

My brother being sick

Messy shed

Math teacher dream meaning


My boyfriend pays lobola with an old grandfather


My electric supply was cut off in a dream

Multiple snakes with long tongue

Mute dream meaning

Mother given food

Man with whip

Man with acnee

Making clay figure but broken by water flow


Mother theresa

Making peace

Make up in pieces

My money is stolen from my purse

Mozzarella sticks

Milky water


Meaning dream of head dal

Mother and baby

Meaning of picking money on the ground

Music playing

Menstruation pad

Maggie cubes

My first love refused to marry me

Metal stairs

Missing pet

Maggi in the dream

My children swept away in a flood

Mother warnings to close door

Making fish

Mum talking and walking


Mockingbird, playing with one

Missing clothes


Mother being abused

Murder of my mother by her brother

My girlfriend head was shaved and a sore or wound on the head

My brother touching my face

My boyfriend was sent to another country and was not happy about it

My father called me on the phone to tell me i lost my job

My head and neck was infested with head lice

Metal bed frame

Money plant growing big

Mucus from someone else’s throat

My younger sister was in the rain by seven white men and i killed two of them and went to a castle and i was given a prison sentence

Meaning of celebrating holi in dream

Meaning of clebrating holi in dream


Molesting a baby

Man laying on your bed

Meaning of men in business suit

My boss washing my feet

My boss washing my fet



Man forcing his way through my window

My father was burning and i was praying for him

My children were dying

Moving picture

Mentally unstable and lost

My child dieing

My sister on my job

My husband polygamy

My husband me and another wife polygamy

My husband me and another wife

Mental attack

Meaning of a dream with oil on hand




Music conductor


My friend think i am pregnant

Man sees himself getting married

My lover was marriying with someone without her will

My high school incorporates a new course that is on mastering techniques

Mental prison

Many arrows

Meaning of smoked fish

Mexicans living in my bedroom

Making jelly


Make it woman trying to cover herself

Mutton kabab

Mayor teaching with kids

Marry a fairy


My brother died 3 months ago and he came in dream asking me why they are using my mobile

My brother is sick and died after

Moving to a new city

Man with a dog and bicickle

My friend becomes my boyfriend

Milking a cow in dirty thing

My fiance was whispering into the ear of former boyfriend

Miscarriage by mother

Meaning of dreaming of gardening eggs

My name in fire

My teeth were falling out and new teeth growing out

My dead her asking for sweet rice

Mean laughter

My mum getting married


My husband is married to other women

My mom lets my dad pull her hair

My husband touched my nipple in my dream

My dead husband touched my nipple in my dream

My boyfriend nearly died

My mensturaous blood saw head of department

Marry your ex

Men sucking women breast

My deceased husband left me for a younger woman

My friends are in front of the bathroom guarding it, and i can

Married woman with a stranger lying on bed in dream

Man with makeup

Music speakers


Mum having stroke


Myna in dreams

Masonic ring

Man with snake tongue

Man with snakk tongue

My eye was hurting and i a hematoma but i also had a broken toothpick in my tongue on the side

Moving in old place

Meaning of sandstorms in a dream christianity


Marinara sauce

Missed a ride from dead person

Magnetic force

Menstrual bleeding

Meaning of akara dream

Missing train ticker

Meaning of hair clip

My enemy is pregnant


Mano manchada de negro

My self

Mad at loved one


Menstrual period and trying to clean it


Man surfacing from water

Melting gol


Meaning of poop in dream

Mother how past away

Mould on wallet

Mould pants

Mould on clothes



Man cutting carcass

My friend was wearing sequin in my dream

Many eyed

Motorcycle blue

Men rubbing his genitals

Move into new house

Moving from one flight of stairs to another


Muti ose shit ne enderr


Man at door in hockey mask

My presidentgiving memoney

Mustard color

Mustard yellow

Metro station

My house by my husband

Marker dreams

My blind brother

Meaning ofcalotropis gigantea application

Man black hair


Missing nephew

Mad man sex

Motor cross

My boyfriend

My is sitting in the room but their is no roof of the top

Meaning of smoke fish in dream

Meeting governor in the dream means

Meaning of mouse

Meaning of lions

Miss the train

Mongoose attacking snake

Math teacher

Mill stone

Missing bed

Mucus in your hands


Mother dreams of daughters 1st menese

My mother breast feeding

Monster with teeth

Making fufu

Maize field

Multiple breast

Men on fire

Moon dream

Many perwinkles in soup

My husband naked

Marrying math teacher dream

Motorcycle accident

Meaning of ritual


Mum tried to stab me


Man in mybedroom

Movie tickets

Married women

Meaning of cutting calabash open to dry and make bowl

My dead dad running towards me to catch me in anger


Mistakingly poured a sand inside a pot of soup on fire

Melon seed without shell

My husband touched my breasts and criticized

Mad woman playing with me in a dream

My little dog devoured my big dog even the large head

Miss the jummah prayer

My daughter rearranging furniture

Man kissing me with a snake tongue

Missing bus

Medicine syrup means


Motorhome dream

My boyfriend dreamt me eating shrimp


Mentoring math

My right eye was red

Mop pail

My dead mother gave me underwear

Metal cable


My husbands wallet got lost

My tongue was black

Mother killing son

Meet governor in dream

Man whispering

Mean of chin chin

Meaning of dreaming of threading a needle


Moving two chairs

Mother dreams son crying

Mother dream son crying on her shoulder


Muddy fish

Making love

My ex confesses that i should be blame that we broke up

Maze dream

Meaning of seeing tamarind seeds in dream


Makinng people leave

Maroon robe

More than water and one bigest dolfin is nobody to harm

Man and woman beat up another woman

Missed a flight

My niece got lost in crowd

Mind trickery

Mind games

Mother flying

Masjid al haraam

Mentally ill man

My boss gave me some medicine to give to your female



Market shopping

My girl

Mother pharting

Mother urinating much

Mango fruits

Myself bleating


My ex came out of the vortex to an ounce his love for me

Mother in law death

My deceased brother giving me a mango fruit in a dream

Marrying a rich man in a dream means

My dad asks me if i am with the person i love and i say yesheard you said you were going to run away why didn

Making coffee for my dead grandfather .what does this dream mean?

Missing dish bowl

Masturbating people

Missing bowl dish

Masturbaring people

Menstruating blood knots


My dead mother trying to wake me

Mistress wedding

Man shirt wrinkle

My mom is giving birth

My husband beat me up in my dream

Maggots up my bum

Making meatballs

Madman dream

My wife having sex with another person

My boyfriend is faithful even the woman seduces him

Mucus in a dream

Man rowing thru a river

Meaning of washing your face with your own spams in dream?

Meaning of using spams to wash your face in dream

Metal spikes out of chest

Male masturbating

Moving objects in my dream from i love on this past

Marrying a rich man in dream meaning

Making out with john lennon

Minister providing sunglasses

Mantle blue and white colour


Mantle meaning in dream

Mattress store

Mouth swollen can’t talk

Man wheelchair

Man in a wheelchair

My dead husband give me his wallet


My dog jumped in a lake and my family and i went after her in a boat. we got out to the middle of the lake and the water was raging and we were close to a waterfall. we reversed the boat and paddle our way back to shore and made it just before the bridge. we grabbed rocks to help us get to a safer spot but my sister slipped and went over the falls


My partner\'s brother greets a friend but ignores me

Myself bleating on leg


Married women dream about another women giving birth

Married women dream about a women giving birth


Man with female

My late grandmother powing palm wine

Maori wahine

My friend sees my missing daughter in a shop

Male witch

Meaning of drinking water in a dream

Male witch meaning

Mutiny on a ship

Magic spell symbols

Man in trench coat

Mythical dog

My boyfriend having a vegina

Meeting a dead person happily in the dream

Meaning of marrying a powerful rich man

Making puri in dream

Moon stone breaked

Maggi in dream

Mother in

Marrying a millionaire man

Mouth vomit blood

Mointain in distance

My mother married my boyfriend

Moyers display mangled body legs



Mother bear defending her cubs

My husband having sex with another lady

Man burn

Murder case

Mother tries to have me killed with his boyfriend

Mother tries to have me killed


Mogra flowers around neck

My cousin slapped my arm

Mobile card

Masked gunmen




Man and wife

Man on a womans lap

Man laying on woman

Mailing letters


Mantel garment


Mice in my place of business

My cat catch mice

Meaning of a peach pit in a dream


Master of ceremonies


Married day and not prepared

My grandpa who has passed adopted a dog that was in a cage with sawdust

Meaning of yam in a dream

My dream for the earth

Mannequin being drawn while smiling

Marrying a rich spouse

Meeting old relationship interests

Mango tree with ripe mango fruit

My diamond in my noes fall out

Making sign of the cross


My husband having with my mother

Making fun of person

Military truck

Many used sanitary pads in dustbin

Mielie meal

Monkey togly

Marbles falling

My sister came home

Millions of grasshoppers

Making faces

Mercedes-benz class

Marriage of traditional lobola

Meaning of eating of puff-puff in the dream

Monkey fire

Meeting royal family member

Meaning of a cutting slippers in a dream

Maraschino cherries

Meaning of giving a dead friend money in the dream

Military formation

Meaning of a computer tablet in a dream

Mangr dog

Mange dogs

Moving things with my mind

Metal mouth

Making tarts

Money plant in dream

Meaning of protein dreams

Mummies waving at me

Making roti in dreams


Meaning of yellow school bus in dreams

My colleague kiss on my neck in my dream

My friend dies

Meaning of tilling of hips in the dream

Mogra flowers & coconut in dream

Man gives me amethyst mood ring put on my pinky

Mother killed by gray truck

My mother was killed by gray truck

My wife slapped me hard on my cheek in a dream

Menstrual blood clot

Messiah is angry

Meaning of palm fruits interpretatation



My ex servant brought bitter gourd for us

My boyfriends tries to cuddle in public meaning

My boyfriend touches by boobs in public


Male turns female

My brother is eating hay

Mid america

Money inside envelope

Mother dripping blood from nose, mouth and fainted

Mouldy walls

Maping floor

Marigold garden

Mother waking up in a glass coffen

Maggots coming from vagina in a dream

My husband split in two

Mouth open crab


Millet dream meanong

My phone is spying on me

Making a delivery

Marriage rites


Meaning of dreaming consulting a traditional healer

Meaning of overspending in dream

My late dad ws spitting on my foreface n my two hands as a sighn of blessing me

Mother coffin

Missing ceiling

My heart rate was fast

Making sel roti in dream

Making awl root






My boyfriend dreamed that he was in bed with another woman



Marriage of a sister

Moths eating clothes

Meeting governor

Muggots coming out of my vagina


My junior refuse to take my order in my dream

Mary magdalen

Moding fufu in my dream

Moldy toenails

Marrying a mad woman

Missing shoelaces

Mouth ulcers

Meaning of animal

Meaning of money

Marry a rich man

Miranda rights

Mistress walking away

My mom washed my feet


Misty eye

Missing birthday

Missing births

Multiple glass coffee tables and end tables

My steering wheel of my bike falling off

Massage partner


Marriage ritual

My boyfriend cheating on me

Means dreaming about disable child

Men with snake tounge

Marrying a rich nan

Mom angry at me

Mint leaves

My wife cheating

Meaning of harvesting cocoyam in the dream

Music show

My boss gave me a new pillow

Mannequins head

Miniature elephant


Myself lost

Meaning of receiving dirty clothes


My hair looking good and long


Meeting a senator

Mute talking



Mother tormenting child

My ex texted me in a dream

Modern house

Meaning of dream like planting a calotropis gigantea


Mother nature

Musical eyboard

Me as catholic bishop

Mad woman throw an object to me

Mad woman throw an object

Mother in-law sweeping floor

Missing kids

Meaning for dreming a banana

Meaning for dreming a banan

Money with blood

Mosquito net over head

Moles in hand

Moths on my head

Mangoe vision

Music boxes

Man giving me tasbeeh


Moldy cereal

My mother stands in a puddle of urine

Mother told me to wash the blanket

Married to someone unrecognizable

Masturbating woman

Mongoose attacking us in dream


Mad lady came my house

Murky water in a canal

Murky waters in a canal

Mean name calling

Maina bird dream


Mom gave me oral

Man friend

Marrying dead person


My vagina got licked

Masked protesters on stilts

Maggots coming out your vagina

Moldy tortillas

Made it to the nfl


Moon with a star on both sides

My dead aunt lets me paint her feet dark purple

My deceased female aunt likes my clean toenails

Mud water flowing

Mud water

Meeting people in a office i was joining the celestial

Magic carpet

Mince fatty meat

Many jackfruits in a plant

Multitudes of chariots in the sky

Makeup powder


Meaning of dried crayfish

Marigolds flowers


My dead mom wearing my underwear

Mangoose attacking snake

Money in box

Meaning of calabash

Meaning of giving someone ellse crawfish to eat

Making red chilli sause

My pastor touching my breast?





Mucus flowing means

Meaning oh holding a spear in a forest

Mistress taking away baby boy

Mould food

Meaning wearing a gold cape

Meaning of self mutilation in dreams

Multiple sex partners

Multiple partners


Missing door frame

Making toffee apples

My child saying mean things in a drea

Music lyrics

My own photo in dream

Money dream interpretation on diwali night

Myna in water dream meaning

My son falling

My sister in law hugging me

Multiple moons dream

Missing thr train

My ex buying me new shoes

Man with a snake toungue

Man and woman slow dancing

Meaning of sorghum in a dream?

My dead mom is injured by loader machine when she try to cross a road behind

My feet being washed

Miss bus


Mermaid in distress


Making love to pastor semi nude

Mature beans crop

Masturbating others

Making rangoli in neighbours home in night meaning

Maple syrup flowing into the house

Man in underwear

Maggie dream means

Marriage to same person

Milk and red shawl

Mopane worm in your dream

My father

Moccassins and a dead daughter


Music judge

Man touch my breast

Marrying your ex girlfriend

Man praying not facing kabah

Menstrual blood stain


My dad dies

Mosquito net meaning of a dream

Miniature person

Meaning of baby son in dream

My birthday

Mix mayo and mustard

Maggots in the toilet

My wife was being d

Monster fish coming out of tunnel

Mealie meal bag

Mature ripened beans crop

Milk weed

Mopani worms in the dream

Masjid an nabawi

Military woman parade

Monitor lizard in dreams

Mountain lions, tiger and lion attacking my dog

Making a will

Mud on shoes

Missing gem

Many bedrooms

Milk in voudun culture


Magnus is coming

Mortar dream meaning

Metal stairs under old carpet

Mouth brend by coals

My husband slapping me

Mans faces

Muddy water inside house







Missing class

Murky tone color dream

Mad person


Music clef

My one shoe float away i try to catch

My boyfriend leave me and found new one


My aunty signed divorce paper on my husband behalf

My aunty signed divorce paper pn my husband behalf

My late brother is driving me somewhere

Missing bag

Mistress taking away 2 to 3 years baby boy

My nose pin come off in dream

My husband was giving me red meat

Military green



My dead grandmother take me to heaven, white light

Micky mouse

My dog with panties in his mouth

Me and a boy i like in a classroom together

Melting room

Meaning dream

My sister is in the quick sand


Master bating in dream means


My mother wishing my feet

My mother washing my feet




Man placing hands on body


Moles on arm and neck

Mole on back hair in it

Mom stroke

Mystical person

Mud slide

Marrying a rich man

Me and wife robbed a store


My children had chicken pox along with my grandkids


Male dream of computer and vagina same dream

Make dream of computer and vagina same dream

Mess by dart throwing christian dream

My face being burned and feeling it mean

My dead mother giving gold ring in dream

My niece wearing dirty clothes

Multiple baby shells inside one shell


My child was masturbating

My mother is not feeling well. i asked her what was wrong. she said her screws

Mango fruit in dreams

Military jeep

Meaning of very bright star dream and a woman kneeling

Methuen crying


Man comes for lady and she runs away from jammat man

Man comes for lady and she runs away

Man flying in air

Man stealing

Mushroom cloud dream

My nephew was a jinn

Mucus in the nose what does that mean



My late father sleeping on a bed without mattress

Meaning of giving sanitary pad to someone in dream

Meaning of snake in your house

Masturbat your self

My mom slapped me


Man holding cashew nut

Meeting queen elizabeth


Monkey sat on my head and ejaculated

Menstrual pads

My boss asked someone to go buy hangers with me what does it mean

Meaning of dreaming of someone licking my virgina

Maori chief

Many boys laughing

Many men


Mad woman in dream

My dead father has an affair

My husband doing second marriage

Moringga leaves eating in a dream

My dream was i eating hram

Meaning of eating fish in the dream

Multiple beds in a room

Meaning of eating rice in the dream

Many people in a bed


Man touching a woman virgina mean

Many shovels

Marrying dead

Marrying dead man

Mutant baby

My married crush was wearing sunglasses in the dream

My crush is waiting

Mad approach

Mad man approach u

Miniature hippo

Miniature white puppy

Miniature bird

Me being a possessed doll

My name is claire

Mom has muddy feet i want to wash them

Meter hitting the earth


My husband masterbation

Maghony wood

My step daughter disrespect me dad said nothing

Missing eyebrow

My dog killed a rattlesnake in my presence by biting down on its head


Mouse dream in islam


Moving into a new home

Meaning of putting on a transparent skirt

Meaning of having sex in dream

Meaning of dreaming respect

Meaning of tiger nut in dream

Marrying a corpse

Meaning of seeing tiger nut in dream

Makoti in a dream

Mint plant

Marrying an uncle

Muddy pigsty

My fog jumps the fence in my dresm

Mouth infection



Marriage cancellation

Manna fruit denial

Meaning of thumb suckling in a dream

Meaning of applying sweet smelling lotion in a dream

Me rushing a sick baby to hospital

Message from a ghost green door

Message from the dead green door

Many snakes

Make belive

Moms house

Me being the dog

Me being the dag

Many people praying in a dream

My deceased mom in a different body

Many people asking help from god

Mahogany wood

Mud in the bed

Maize meal

Make a fire dead by clapping hands

Mascara dreams

My bed near in slope

My crush kissed me pn my neck

Man chasing me with a hammer

Meaning of gold eyes

Mud pots

Motorcycle helmet

Many gold coins in right hand

Man carrying sticks on back

Mob of white supremacists

Man pushing empty wheelbarrow up high



Mad woman in adream

Mountain trail

Missed flight from germany

Mangoes and oranges

Mother looking for an apple in a fig tree dream

Midget trespassing bibles

Master of ceremony meaning

Midget broke into our house and fell asleep

Moving truck


My clitoris started growing to about 2 inches and swollen

My dead mother gave a chocholate in adream

My grandmother gave me sweet in my dream, what does it mean

Milk oral sex


My husband spliting on my face in a dream and i split back


Meaning of buying and eating bitter kola in the dream


Money dreams meanings

My uncle past away and i dreamed he was standing over my girlfriend


Marble wall

Maggots in wound

Minotaure giving jewels

Meanin of cocoyams dreams

Make up

Make up palette

Meaning of eating cooked casava

Meaning of a white table cloth

Music albums

Man on the roof

Men wristwatch

Money in your mouth

Married to a wealthy man

Meaning of transfer of work place

Mink hat

Meaning of eating cola nuts in the dream

Military hat in a dream

Murder someone


My niece returns home

My absconded niece comes back home

Masses of skulls looking down on me

Meaning of dream where one is chased and beaten by a mad woman



My x bf was dating my sister

My x with my sister

Making jowari roti in dream

Monk in queue

Milk coming out from wimen breast

Mountain landslides

Monkey pooping on you

Moving trucks

Mango in dream meaning

Milk in a dream

My pastor telling me that must put coal in the fire to get in blazing i did but on the other hand i was doing it again my pastor look at me a tell me that my fire is out what it mean

Melting face


My husband saw a dream of his second marriage with a same girl.

Making call to crush but you forget what to tell him

My father, who is the pope, is leaving the clergy and is walking towards his car accompanied by clergy in black

Mythical creatures

Mother greeting

Meaning of long hair in dream

My boyfriend is madly in love with his own sister

Man proposing


Mucus from under the skin

Mucus is coming from a wound on my mom head and somebody is trying to suck it out

Maggot coming from vagina

Metal near vagina

Meeting queen


Memory game

Me and uncle wife naked in the shower

Maghrib and sunset

Meaning of moringa leaves in a dream

Melting clouds

Model boat needing repair dream

Madness in a dream symbol

Mushroom belly

My lobola negotiation

Mat in dream

Multiple old women in dream

My died grandfather gave me money

My grandfather gave me 350 birr money in my dream what does it mean

Mortar and pistle

My husband was playing in another woman hiar and he give me a kiss

My husband is gay in my dreams meaning

Mail document

Midget definition

My boss cutting my toenails

My friends taller than me

Melon empty shell

Massaging my dead fathers feet

Moringa tree in a dream

Marrying the dead


Maggot in sperm

Mine and wife’s wedding rings were stolen


Making catcher

Making a dream catcher

Martini glass missing

My breast being sucked by a man

Me being a pregnant surrogate


My friend throw my slippers in my dream


My friend asked me to bring her a condom

My dead hey husband laughing in my dream what does that mean

My dead. has been laughing in my dream what does it mean

My dead husband laughing in my dream what does that mean

Mobile home dream

My friend applied powder

Man in a suit appeared in my dream

Man walking like animal dream

Meaning of slaughtering cow in dream

Mom pouring oil on my hair

Money plant planting in dreams

My mother appears but do not know or recall our memory

Malnourished hamsters


Miniature creatures

Mad woman in my dream

Mahi mahi


Marying an unknown woman


Methi leaves sweet potato

Moon with a star on both sidesm

Meaning when the bead red and white bracelet wearing by sangoma breaks when she starts calling your ancestors

My father paying lobola for me

My husband and workmate flirting

Myself asking for money from someone else

Military uniform in a dream biblical

Mortar and pestle dream meaning

Military uniform in a dream

Mangalmuki dreams in reason


Melting candles


Man peircing feet

My bed and mattress were stolen?

Maribou trim

Missing toilet in bathroom

Making love in the dream

Moving things with mind meaning

Meaning of watering a gardern

Man standing in the mountain

Marking with red pen

Menstruations in dreams

Man on roof

Meaning of dreaming about a kraal

Marriage question

Mecano joint

Music album needle

Milk crates on your head

Multiple gold rings

Me and boyfriend in warm water with baphomet on other side

Mustache, boy, kissing, pool, mermaid

Mental health hospital

Mom hanging upside down

Mountain lion cub


My bushes taken out in my dream

Man have on underwear only

Marula fruits

Marula tree

Muddy hills

Mushrooms grow in body

Muddy ground

Man on a mattress in a pool


Man is sleeping on the floor

Man in pure white clothes touched me

Man face on moon

Man face on a half moon

My father gave me kolanut in a dream

My younger brother was cry in my dream because his girlfriend cheated


Maynah bird

Mehndi on own hand in dream


Mealie meal

Mother hiding my ex husband


Meaning of cassava leaves

Morning again of the dead


Moon eclipse

My dead father crying

Maarque tent

Meaning of dream im carying a bby jesus to prove people about miracles

Mum dead in a pool of blood

Mother lost eyes

My mother lost her both eyes

Meaning of old acquaintances in a dream

Mole on skin

Mama mary caring child mean

Military shovel

My mother died and i give her gusal

Moons and stars

My late grandfather giving snuff to smoke or inhale

Makeup man

Mince meat

Meaning of paying lobola in a dream

Moccassins and a dead person

My name being called

Men running me down with cutlas

Man dressed in womans clothes

Multiple head snake

My own haber

My husband marry other women

Marrying a dead man


Meeting and

Mareige proposal rehect

Man holding child/\'s hand

Mental boy

Marraige proposal

Millet in house

My friend and his crush

Missing second pair of slippers in store

My neighbors were sleeping on muddy road for me while holy song was being played

My mum falling three times

My teeth was falling out

My uncle hit me in chest


Mother giving money

Mysterious room

My child wearing glasses

Milking horse

Murderer trough wall

Mistaken house

My dead father

Muscular woman

My clothes are stoled


Meaning of congratulations in dream

Multicolored flickering lights

My eyes turns all black

My crush bit my nose

Missing baby

My male friend taking care of me then kissing me

My favourite anime character wearing diapers

Metal platform

Making death clothing

Muslim women


Mogra flowers with coconut


My wife burns me

Meaning of eating kola nut in dream




Mating snakes

Man in a girls room

Murder of some great scholar

Mother told you there is bed bug in your house


Meaning of ploughing turkey berries in a dream

Meaning steve

Mad man praying for me in my dream

Mangalsutra breaking

Mark on forehead

Mustard dream meaning

Mother drowning

Magic and spell

Meaning of dream bless hand of people sorround me


Mole on the face

Meaning of garden egg in dreams

Meaning of gatdenegg in dreams

My personnel file is missing

Missing file folder

Man pubic hair


Meaning of locust beans in a dream


Meaning of seeing a dead person sad in a dream

Mother picking plums


Man sat on a swing


Milk shake given to me by my dead .other in dream

Muddy stream flowing

Mopane worms dream meaning

Man sitting

Monket bite right hand

Moving hairs

My kid is with me, i look outside my bedroom window and see an evil man

Migrane headache

My kid is in danger

My house and family are not safe

Miss hanging in a tree

My ex touching my breast

Milk powder

Missing train ticket

Mayna bird

Maggots coming out of my vagina

Machete on wall

Magpie feathers


Mum had a stroke but survived

Man harassing me in my dream

Midwest is

Meaning of black box on my heart



Money found in garbage can

My shirt burning

Me being on multiple train tracks trying to find car after shopping at dollar tree

Mongoose in grave

Many clean ranges in a kitchen

Mornings tree in dream

Mongoos killing snake king cobra


Many penises

My mom calling my name

Mened house

Meaning of cooking plam nut soup

Mother bringing tombstones

Moon shine like fire

Moon shine like sun and burn a helicopter

My son who is alive asked me in my dream why i forgot his birthday

Metal cubes

Meggi meaning

Meaning of swallowing a palm nut with its shell


Mother and child pendant

Man kidnapping a child and wanting to eat her

Man kidnapping a child and wanting to way her

Mirror reflection

Mad family

My dead brother show me a silver ish

Monkey tearing clothes

Military tank

Making up with a friend

My daughter was trying to sell my old clothes but i refuse


Meaning of dreaming of excavator

Migration to overseas in a rush

Migration in a rush

Moving sand

Mean what to dream chafers

Monster attack

Meaning of gardenegg in dreams

Meaning peeling green bananas in adream

Man entering home

Man outside door

Man standing on porch

Man on porch

My ex boyfriend was in a wheelchair

My dead mother crying

Meal teeth

My husband mistress

Mechanical gear

Man is touching my wife breast

Meaning of carrying a bag of crayfish in the dream

Mountain moving

My estranged husband

Money planr

Milk and hobey

Mother of daughter

Mother and dauther


Marrying rich


Mass killings

Money plant creeingon the front door


Missed deadlines

Music box


Mentally disturbed man

Massage womens foot

Meaning of eating pounded yam in a dream



Man touch me from behind

Money plant stealing from garden

Mining gold

Mining gild

My friend was a shaman or spell caster

My car impounded dream

Menstrual blood clots

Macaron dream

Me hugging my sister inlaw from the back

Mala fruit

Mandolin player

My pastors face

Man whispering in my left ear

My kid falling in a deep hole

My daughter wearing hijab

Medical center

Moth sting


Mother inlow

Multiple penis

Mean dogs

Meaning of seeing milk rain in dream

My sister and nephew running away from my mum

My son praying the opposite way to the qibla

Man and intercourse

Men with gun

Making copper

Military vehicles

Marrying a cyclops man

Meeting boyfriends parents of someone you’re not dating

Muddy water in the dream

Man and woman praying for me in a dream


My brother passed away 8 moths ago, and i dreamed my brother gave me a purple mustang.

Missing my stuff

Member benefits

My kid dreamed of taking a bath in hot water and coming out with white powder on his face

Meeting someone new

Meeting new msn

My mum having a stroke

Meaning of hearing that you winn a election

My mom cleaning the garden of an old white house

Meeting michael jackson

My ex boyfriend causing my break up

Masterbation dream

Mastrubating in dreams

Moutain road

Minature elephant


Male touching my vagina in a dream

My spouse falls into a hole

My husband gave me gonorrhea

Multi colored goats

My friend is ill

Marriage of a married woman

Midget chase me

Man stares at me while holding a boy

Man holding a boy

Mustache shaved

Mustache removed

Millet field in dream




Male with big belly


My daughter is putting henna on my hand

My husband was on top of in a non sexual way pressing his body on top of me and pressing on my breasts hurting them

Muddy whirly ocean

Meaning of a dream wearing nysc uniform

Mental breakdown

Male ghost

Man covered in oil

My dad asks me if i am with the person i love and i say yes l heard you said you were going to run away why didn

My dead father wants to buy me clothes


Man licking woman vagina

Monkey pooped

Man kiss your lips and hugs

Man having a stroke in my dream

Metal tower

Mut ne enderr

Meaning of receiving envelope from pastor

Magic in dream

My husband is my pastor

My wife became amish

Mountain top point

Mount top


Meat hand over to aunty

Meaning of seeing turkey berries in your dream

Melting gold in dream

Mountain cat

Mobster or mafia

Mistress pregnant with my husbands child, my husband brings her flowers

Mistress pregnant with my husbands child

Meaning of eating pap with milk

Masturbation dream mean

My house live in now

Meaning of paneer in dream

Moving vehicle

Mandarin tree

Meeting famous person

Mean daughter

Molding the earth




Medical check up

Mans tongue breaks off in mine

Meaning of burnt food in the dream

My daughter got lost and im crying


My son was sold and i could not stop it

My brother as a deacon

Moving packing belongings

Mom having a stroke

Maggi dream

Mother who died earlier came in dream and give full glass of milk with dry fruit

Man in a top hat with cane

My dead uncle

My dad uncle

My late uncle

Manicure set

My face is turning beautiful


Monsters, deceased husband, orgy, sex

Mopani worms in a dream

Milk tart

Monitor lizard bite

Married to another man

Mensus in pad

Married daughter back home crying

Married daughter came back home crying


My children hawking in my dream

Man with straw

My dead mother is hungry




Men doing sexual intercourse with a women

My brother dream about me being outside and knocking to come in, when asked who it was i said my, and woke up

Mother (deceased) wearing a deep blue dress

Maggi cube adding to soup in the dream



My colleque having dreadlocks

Masjis with 5 mehrabs

Meaning of dreaming about babies


Meaning of dreaming a field full of sorghm and finally change colour to black,

Meaning of lime

Meaning of a dead antelope in dream

My love is hug my back

My little daughter having pubic hair on her vagina before her age

My son wins the lottery

Meaning of second wife in dream

Man knitting

My black car covered in pollen

Me getting married

My little niece pregnant

Meet with dead related

Muslims women

Measuring ruler

Mold on my head has become bigger

Money transfer

My teeth fall down in dream

My stillborn daughter is a 6 year that i seem to know in my dreams

Meaning of plucking bitterleaf in the dream

Mickey mouse wavy at me

Mud cave

Man dressed in black suit and hat standing on a hill under a tree at a park summoning me

Missing a train

Meaning of broken buckets

Mother was shot

Microphone being taken from you in dream

Meeting and chatting with the queen

Missing glove

My flip flop cuts in my dream

My flip flop cut in my frea.

Marriage proposals

Mick jagger

Midget in dream

Mop fell down steps

Meet famous person

Man telling me that he loves me

Man telling woman that he loves her


Making sleep to child

Mad dream meaning

My wife telling me that she is having an affair and wants a divorce

Mouth full in dream

Medieval suicide

Mountain lake

Man trying to rape

Meaning of seeing white underwear in dream

Missed train

My wedding

Making adhkar

Meaning of tooth ache

My face in a brass color

Motorcycle police





Milk rain dream

Moringa tree dream

Meeting prophets daughter fathima

Memulo in a dream

Masturbating but not touching my self

Man dressed in white

Marrying second time

Meaning of my dream about seeing a lot of nutmeg



Musical instrument

Meeting the royal family

Mole rat

Missing tire

Mountain lion


Mad in hospital

Moringa leaves dream

Mustang horse

Meeting with old friends crying

Men weating frmale clothes dream meaning

Me prophesying in dreams

Man dreaming of wife wedding chain snatching


Marry dead person

Mosque collapse

Misspelling dream

Meaning of pounding yam in a dream

Mad person in dream

Maggots on grass

Mike tan wedding


Motor boat

My father cutting lilacs


My attitude to art

My dream foreign country


Men’s genital

Men private part

Meaning of sto.niño in dreams

Missing prayers


Marriage preparation

Meeting with rival club or people

Mother teresa

Military training

My granny was wearing the plague mask

My granny wearing a plague doctor mask

Masked man in dream

Monkey diarrhea

Meaning of selling ewe kenkey in the dream

My stolen item returned to me

Metal ladder in a dream


Music from the clouds

My girlfriend refused to get married to me instead of her ex

Meaning of eating clay in your dream


Moping floors

Memory card

Messup eye makeup

Meaning of vegetable pumpkin seed

Men look like a women dream

Miracle leaf



Magic bus

Meaning of dream of nazarene

Multi function adapter

Making a decision

Mouth sewn shut

Mouse cage


Man seafoam

Madman giving you lotto number

Mystical creatures

My mom walked in on me and my wife having sex.

Meaning of bloody water in a dream

Making a wish in a green river

My relative became minister

My enemy became minister

Monster chase you

Monster coming after you

Meaning of losing a pan

Mistress of husband welcoming me in her shop

My mom being mummified

Message from mother that passed away

Milk flowing from breast

Meat grinder

My ex husband holding sanitary pads

Man unveiling my black veil

Meaning of a dreaming a jerrycan

Many provision

Marrying with a dead person who became alive

My daughter dream about me her mother that god are coming to fetch me

My daughter dream that i said to her while standing in a garden that god are fetching me

Messiness spilling


Maggots coming out of vagina dream meaning

Meaninig of seeing red bangles

Mother advice

My ex visted my house in a dream

Makeshift elevator

Music note

Meali meal

Miniature cow

Miniature cows

My husband ejaculating on me

Money plants

Machete in a dream meaning what

Making rangoli in dream

My sister washing my feet

My car stollen

Meaning of being slapped by somebody in the dreams

My house drowning and heavy rain

Moon and the stars

Magic sounds

Milo drink dream

Milo drinking dream means

Mouse caught in trap

My sister receive old clothes means what in a dream

Mouth tumor

Meaning of pounding yam in the dream

Mad girl asking for friendship

Meaning of a white limousine

Mother appeared in a dream asking for a glass of water

My bf rejected my proposal in dream

Mangalamuku in dream

Meeting the queen & princes

Meaning of buy crayfish in the dream

Moving into old house with ex

Moving into old house

Moving slow as if in molasses

Moving very slow

Metal can


Moon and stars

Man in dress


Mexican food

My baby mising

Mother eating ghee

Mad woman dream meanings

Mortuary compound

Meaning of dreaming lice

Mongoose trying to search snakes in dream meaning

Mongoose trying to searching snakes means

Mongoose trying to find snake meaning

My sister visited me in my dream

My head was choppes off and shown to me


Mountain rockslide

Movie villain

Meeting a prophet

Meaning of dreaming people saying that your a peacemaker

Master bate

Meeting a queen


Meaning of ashley

Muddy mats

Meaning of preparing to cook cassava wash it and leave it there

My boss hiding his body

Military in uniform meaning

Meaning of prophet give me interpreting book of dreams

My boss flirt me

My friends are congratulating me

Mouse trap


Meaning of islamic dreams

Mutton curry

Murdered merman

Murdered people in my backyard


My father gave me a dirty handkerchief

Money given by a dead person

Mopane worms in a dream




My husband having a dream that we had a baby

Mathematics test

Movie with friend


Marriage house

Miniature pets, goldfish, and all dying

Man of god waiting to pick me with his taxi

Man creates a water mirage for me

My uncle say i have to make my boyfreinds birth certificate


Men with swords coming from the woods

Man peeing

Meaning of hickeys on your spouses neck that you did not give

Meaning of breadfruit

Mountain top and being afraid and people calling me down


Male child

Money plant comes in dream


Meaning of tearing sanitary pad into pieces in dream

My dead husband gave me a gift

Mom giving me asparagus ina dream

Military planes

Men in qhite

Making selroti

Musk melon

Money plant on pond

Meaning of jiggers in a dream


Meaning of amla,dream in pregnanxy


Meaning of the ants parade

Man dream

Millet bread

My hands being anointed

Mad woman in the dream and she was pregnant

My mother in red saree

My brother applied turmeric on my face in dream

Meaning of driving a car foward but feel is driving in reversed.

Moving furniture

Mother in law

Mac and cheese

Mining truck accident

Moon, sun jupiter

Milking a camel what

Milking a camel

Mother and father cleaning house

Make new house

Mushroom dreams picking in the basket

Man dog

Meaning of wearing pink blues and short

Mace with elephant

Men in black suits

My perfume has been stolen

Mad woman defected

Moving from a house


Meaning of seeing fresh okro

Mega millions

Monkey on my face

Mad woman invited me for sex

My boobes were sucked hard by unknown person dream

My boobes were sucked hard by unknown person in dream

My bones were sucked hard by unknown person in dream

Meaning of plucking kolanut in the dream

Millet dream

Mummy dead then alive

Math test

Me fighting black people

Mixing the bowl

Mould under foot

My cousin and his father


Mother earth

Moon memories

Moon light pictures

Master bating

My past lover told me they still love me

Meaning of seeing and picking periwinkles in dream

My dream was that a turkey attacked me

Marking on chin means

Making voodoo dolls

My mother eating mopine worms

Mirror ball

Man wearing an anklet

Miniature wild animals

Miniature wild animsls

My baby girl gets a snake bite

My baby gets a snake bite

Meat with bones

Mosquitoes get inside mosquitoe net

Moth hole clothes dream

Marring a prince

Money for the dead

Missing door

Meeting a rich woman

Missed classes in college

My husband buy a new bed cover and give me in my dream

Melting moon


Magots coming out of vagina

Meaning of dreaming of not being given money



Menstruation blood

Meaning of appearance of transgender people in dream

Mother sex son

Mother having sex with son

Missed bus

Maggots left breast


Movie actor

Meaning if you dream you are goi to sell tshits

My boss bribing me

My brother falling in drainage and disappeared


Mom in a car accident

Moving to a new office

Mouth rinse and blood came out

Mouth rinse

Missing my middle finger

My pastor like me

Meaning of strawberry milk

Man private part

My husband licks other man penis in dream

Man wearing a head turbine

Moon in a dream




Medal virgin mary

Mensuration blood stain on white skirt

My dad spitting on my fore face n on my hands as a sign of blessings



Motheaten jacket

Meaning of r

Meaning of eating crack palm kernel

Mans hairy feet

Maggi in dream meaning

Men shooting at me with a firearms

Messy table

Marital sex

Mehndi hands

My husband who is away speaking to me

Menekşe görmek

My husband masturbating

Me and boyfriend was in a whirlpool


Marry to husband

Meaning of eating chin chin in the dream


Meat seeing

Merman dream meaning.

Merman dream meaning

My boyfriend hugging someone else

Making injera

Mother cooking

Meaning of drinking coconut water in the dream.

Many people same face

Milk and waty

Monkey demon

Married to older women and having sex

Mow grass with my dad

Mowing grass with my dad

Mango seed

Meaning of playing with a mad woman in a dream

Man leaves me for sister

Man asking time

Man killing giraffe

Mother give money

Mortal spiting at you

Man is going to have birth

Missing or lost skirt

Me and my ex wife got chased by a dog


Man says you are pretty

Maggots coming out of your vagina

Meaning of harvesting cassava in the dream


Many white fishes on streets

Madman chasing


Making bed sheets

Man with one eye open

Missing things


Marriage seat

Meaning of dreaming a sto. nino

My partner is holding white panties

Music notes

Money in bag

My dead dog fighting my cat

Moto cycle


Meeting a friend from past

Making love with a friend

Meeting a haji

Meeting a sangoma

Maggots coming out of your body

Making wudhu and making salaah

Me and my boyfriend are in the casket

Many rooms

Monkey bites left hand

Moving residence


My funeral

My dead wife is angery with me when i dream a of her

Mother curses her son for death


Meditation in dream

Meaning of son married

Mistaking fire

Mrs claus

Mosquito net in dream

My dress was torn in my dream

My mom got a disease and died

Marriage to wife again

Mealie meal powder

Muster seed word came to me in the dream


Margarine dream meaning

Mad woman in the dream

My car breaking down

Mourning dove

Meeting a royal family in a dream

My house


Man gifting me necklace

My child wearing a white robe


Mo eu

Meaning of vaginal discharge

Meaning of plant of mint in dream

Missing train

Mixed tur dal and urad dal spilled on the floor

Making beb sheets

Motorcycle falling

My husband is cheating me

Moving into a glass house

Memulo dream

Mentrual pad

Meaning if writting

Marrying your enemy

Monkey shit

Milky breast

Meaning of plucking kola nut from the tree in dream

Meeting your governor in the dream

Moving objects

Mantle flowing up and down on prayers

Marrying old man

My deceased mother was looking sad and i hug her and feed her

My dead mother smiling

Moringa leaves in a dream

Marijuana tree

Milk feeding

Masjid al aqsa


Mistache beard

Many coats

Moving houses

Messing my sleeper

Moon out in daylight

Marrying prince harry

My boyfriend play my lobola

Man wearing a hat


Mothers day

Matrix construct

Mould in bathroom

Married women marrying

Minature person

Money exchange by drug dealer

My wife see me kissing with another women in our office

Meeting a potential spouse

Meaning of a black sports car

Marrying each other again


Man i the mosque

Man in a moske


My son became kid

My son is small

Milking from cow and giving to me

Milking from cow

My feet are dirty

Moon explosion

Male urinal

Mole on face disappears

Mother photo with monkey


Male prostitute

Mortar and pestle

Man whisper in my ear

Mowing the grass

Man trying to cut me

My mom give a brith to boy

My auntie making bread



My daughter attaining puberty

Money from dead

Man ask for a lunch out

Male asking to date someonelse

Metal string in teeth

Monetary hide

Meaning of patched clothes

Meaning of killing grass cutter in my dream

Meaning of dreaming and peeling a cocoyam

Mama mary and sto nino

Meeting a dead person

Me my son in dark isolated shed

Murdered woman, try to impose blame of her murder on u



Myself and my brother dead

Mad peraon

Man weaving his hand

Mad woman in a dream

Mans arms



Mattress matches fire



Mansion that you can’t get to the other side

Mirror blood


My son was leaving me

Mistakenly break ramadan in dream

Mistakenly break fast



Metal in teeth


Meaning of morta in a dream

My boss brought me a tuber cassava in my dream

Meaning of offering ishaa prayers and doing imamat

My aunt that passed away asking for medication and meeting my girlfriend

Marrying self

Michael jackson

Marrying plague doctor


Many new born green frogs in a bag


Moringa tree dream means

Mistress dreaming of meeting boyfriends wife


Man in my bed

Marrying a preacher

Man have sex with another

Money, number and pin

Multiple moons

Milk coming out of breast


Meaning of rasta

My face is black

Millions of stars in the sky



Male fairy flying needing help

Moringa tre


Many silhouettes

Menstuation blood

Man show affection to your wife

Making pineapple tarts

Meaning of throwing away used pad in the dream

Makkah door


Man shooting dog


Marriage restoratiom


Mole on left side of the head between eye and ear

Mother feed

Marrying unwanted man

Mean of termites in the house

Marrying married man

Mud river flooding havey

Mud flooding havey

Metal stuck in teeth

My gf pads

My crush had wisdom teeth pulled out

Masjidul nabawi

Mini fridge moving by its self

Mad woman dream meaning

Maroon color

Mfghan markle

Music books

Male occupying married women’s bed

Male in females bed

Male in girls bed

Money from deceased

My ex wife marrying another man

Masjid falling from the sky

Many people in a work space

Mopping floor

Meaning of seeing clouds forming the word muhammed s.a.w. in arabic

Meaning of seeing a rainbow

Meaning of seeing the clouds forming the word muhammed s.a.w. in the dream

Meaning of an envelope marked x

My girl bestfriend hates me

Mother giving news of going to hajj to her son

Menstration pad

Menstrual pad

Mentally challenged people

Making duaa on someone that was bad to me

Mother very angry

Mother in law shouting

Mom and dad reconcile


Mosque in dream

Motor cycle

Marking points

Meaning of throw away pad in a dream



Money plant dreams

Modified bugs

Making mat


Meat stall


Muhammad, upon whom be peace

Mohammad swalaa hu alai

My teeth coming out

Meaning of pounding fufu in a dream

Mistress child


Male laying eggs


Man at door

Moving /packing

Money to dead

Marrying royalty dreams


Maggi cube dream meaning

My sister who is not alive giving red rose flower

Male friend asking to stop smoking

My dead father new clothes

Marriage proposal

My husband was flogged to tears


Mother christian

My brother try to steal my phone palning ti kidnap my daughter

Moth eaten shirt

Move house

Meeting princess diana

Meeting leader

Money giving to poor

My dead uncle gave me money in the dream

Moi moi dreams

Many snake faces of 1 snake sitting in my house

Mucous from eyes

Mothers death

Milk teeth

Marrying my ex

My son vomiting food then he dies

Muringa tree with muringas

My dead parents embraced me

Man turns into a woman

Milk tears

Meating ex wife


Making love to a celebrity

Money tree plant

Miscarrying a baby

Mother had a stroke

Meeting with dead person

Missing letter

Medical test

Mashed potatoe

Marriying ones own husband


Making perfume

Man force to marry




Meaning of grinding pepper with grinding stone


Millet and trees dream

Mental asylum

Missing belt out of loop

Magqgi cube

Making puri

Misspelled in your dream


Market square


My son uniform teared

Mongoose fighting snake

Mongols fighting snake

My marriage

My nikkah

My laptop screen is broken

Marriage of a friend



Making up meat

Mother in-law negotiate and pays lobola for me

My in-laws came to pay lobola for me

My wife pregnant

Multiple women

Moses name

Me and my teacher were in a relationship

My teacher protected me from harm and took care of me

Mother warning

My ex-boyfriend with his now girl-friend

Mountain falling

Married woman

Man in black clothing


Missing braces

Moving fast

My son is eye were green

Making yoghart

Meaning of giving chocolate sweet to a guy in the dream

Maize flour

My father monitoring construction of new porttion of house like big hall and total covered roof

Masterbating in dream


My husband flirts with another girl

Mosquito net in dream meaning

Male friend

My bestfriends boyfriend

Mu husband has a mistress

Metal wire being removed from leg


Mating of horse

Myself whistling godly music

Married woman getting married again



My death


Meal worms

Monkey bite

Making cushions badly

My wedding ring rusted


Me and my late sister desiring a dress worn by someone else

Medieval time

Moms plates

Mom setting di.nner plates



My dead son in my dream was dressed in stained clothes

My bank card got stuck in the back slot

Marrying another woman

Marriage stop

Muharram dream

My husband bought me used clothes

Measuring cups

Marriage with celebration

My house burning in fire

Missing my buss

Muhammad in white garnment

Muhammad protector

Meaning of cowries

Mother ember

Many fur coats in different sizes

Muddy yellow



Man stealing your purse

Mothers slit throat

Mothers slit throat and father tunning towards the criminal

Merman in water

Meeting a lady who want to help a man

Mother in law nipples


Meaning of buying bitter leaf at the market

Meaning of overtaking in traffic dream

My child had a double

Man death

Mouse and salt

My grandmother telling me that she called a person to bald her head

My mother was getting second wedding


Motorbike broken

Motorbike breakdown

Meaning of dreaming a crazy person

My ex fiancé



Missing roof of mouth


Mash potatoes

Marilyn munro

Me on a ventilator



Mother burning

Multicolored rose

My girlfriend got raped

My wife left me for her ex husband

Marriage to an ex

My husband is gay

My niece in a dream


Minty taste


Marraige against wish


Moving into a new house

Moving to a new house

My husband was circumcised


Man homosexuality

Money plant all over roof

Marrying a woman

My brother dream was he gave me a raw meat

Misses you

My brother dream giving me a raw meat in his dream

My dishwasher broke my favorite drinking glass

Missing front tooth


Marrying a prince in the dream

Marid girl dream getting married

Man flying like birds

My deceased father was hitting my mum in my dream


My friend on work a woman dreams me a woman sit down on a bed show her my vagina what that mean

My self climbing the fence reaching someone and riding with posses woman

Meeting of the breadfruit

My husband told me congratulations in the dream

My car being stolen

Me and my husband had a baby

Mad women in my dream


Mixture of water and kerosene

Mother getting married


Mountain top dreams

Maid in a palace


Many guavas

Manure of human


Making brooms


My house empty when i got home


Mohawk hair style

Makeup brushes

Monkeys throwing apples

Mortar pestle


Malnourished lion

Mother who has past on driving me to vacation


Molded hands

Meeting sahaba in dream

Marrying your father

Mother of perpetual help

Malnutrition lion

Man following me


My boyfriends sister flirtingwith me

Murder father

My mom is sick

Moutian lion paw prints

Meteor shower

Miscarried baby


Mopane worms in dream

Marmolite in dreams

Man with a good trouser

Man of god in a dream

My boyfriends dad told me to break up with my boyfriend or else we will end up getting married then divorced

Muscular person

Muscular dark person

Meeting a princess

Mother teresa walking out of my bedroom

My husband talk to other woman

Missing skippers

Mouse nest

Marinated meat


Meaning of eating white colanut in d dream


Metal railing

Moles attack you

Mean of receiving old cloth in dream

Magaz book pictures turn to video

Mud pot being broken with lid

Mayan calendar

Messy closet

Mass shootings

My sanitary with blood


Money given to me in everlope.

Man shoes

Maize and millets

Maize and millets plantation

Millets and corn farm

Many feces of pigs

Mahogany dream meaning

Meaning of two wives in dreams

Meaning of periwinkle

Metal stand

Multi colored

Meaning for seeing myself in the toilet and trying to hide

Meaning of a pot in the dream

Man chest


Marmot in dream

My cousin got shot

Moving furinture

My sister dead by hanging

Meaning of engine oil in a a dream

Man on cell phone gathering a crowd

Meaning of catching your ex cheating wth a man

My house was sold

Meeting the head of a nation

Making clothes

Making clohes

My sim card broke in the dream, what does it mean

My niece was been helped by ambulance

My husband killed snake which was sitting beside me and i was unaware about it

My dream was about my soulmate and two big cat statues

Mechanical things

Masterbating dream

Meaning of scarf

Me giving money to my dead uncle

My pastor and his wife in bed with me

Mannequin head

Men in red robes playing drum

My lucid dream was color black and white television. a dyke lesbian walked onto a bus with a black desert eagle/scope of a crosshair. she pointed the firearm at a perverse stereotypical pervert college black man and did not shoot nor mug him. she stopped and walked out the bus lobby with a golden cannonball. then the dream changed and i saw sweat houses of asylum about some sort and thought somebody escaped.

My lucid dream was color black and white television. a dyke lesbian walked onto a bus with a black desert eagle/scope of a crosshair. she pointed the firearm at a perverse stereotypical pervert college black man and did not shoot nor mug him. she stopped and walked out the bus lobby with a golden cannonball. then the dream changed and i saw sweat houses of asylum about some sort.


Missed a class

Michael phelps


Marriage fixed with another girl

My lover is fixed marriage with another girl

Men in black

Meaning of cocoyams in my dream

My brother dies in a car accident

My kid is still a toddler

My dead mom asking new cloth in my dream


Multi color sweaters


Marriage dreams

My classmate masterbating on my bed

Multi color headband

Moving black hearse


Milk curdling in a tea cup

Marriage stoped meaning in tamil

Male ol

Man was asking money

Man bang his head

Moving to jamaica

Motor oil

Man with turmeric face

Mealworms in your dreams mean what?

Mealworms in your dreams



Mother dream interpretation of motet tetesa

Many eggs

Masjid nabi

Meaning of plugging tamarind in the dream

Masturbating in dream can cause

Meaning of stolen car

Man hair

Meaning of being fortified in dream



Meaning of quilt in dream

Machines for productions

Milk coming out breast

Moses telling a lion to give back the pig he has eaten

Mad lady

Man wearing plain gold ring in dream

Male wearing plain gold ring in dream

Metal key dream meaning in islam

My left hand is decorated with henna and rings on my fingers.

My best friend went to the hospital

Mother telling about cot

Mother in dream telling about my cot

Mouse fighting

Mouse attack

My wife being d


Moving lion

Man eating donkey

Mahogony wood

My granddaughter

Myself having cancer

Myself dying

My deseased father

Money being stolen

Married to a rich man the third wife



Marriage bond with a dead man

Milk bottle

My husband throw a piece of my meat

Meaning of a red horse

Moving dead body

Making mice soup

Missing qtips



Men wearing gold

Mad muslim

Muslim drinking alcohol

Mother in white

My partner was talking to me about but he was smiling an said cause she had a misscarage to me


Mad women

Mesrating in the dream

Meditating in dream means what

Médium dreaming about me