Riding a icycle on a narrow icy road

Receiving food from a dead person in a dream what does it mean

Rotten teeth

Running away with a child someone trying to kill me

Ripening cashew

Rose hoo

Rubbing castor oil on abdomen

Received ppalm oil in dream means

Rose quartz

Repairing potholes road in the dream means what



Recieving money from my president

Red brick pathway

Rivers of water

Red horse in the dream meaning?

Running erend for an unknown person in my dream

Reaching up trying to get a bunch of grapes

Red slippers means what in dreams

Red slippers means what in dreams

Reciving a rose of a dead person

Rocking chair with broken rockers

Receding hairline

Red liquid


Renewal vow

Receiving parcel of clothes

Receiving nicely packed clothes


Receiving bangles


Receiving cola but in dream

Raw rotten meat

Red carpet and death in dream mean

Rollerskate on concrete

Roller skate on concrete

Receiving wedding invitation

Running antelope jumping to death

Rain in the dream


Red soil

Rasta dreams means

Repeating social security numbers of my family


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Returning black umbrella

Running in the bush path in the dream

Red palm oil pouring

Running out of time

Red meat stew

Red thred

Rotten potato


Red and white beads in a dream meaning

Rubbing lotion on arm

Red animal

Red cat



Red carpet event

Ring on finger

Receiving a torch by a dead relative

Receiving a torch light by a dead relative

Receiving dried peas



Roman army



Re marriage with a woman

Removing a placenta

Rolling log

Reservoir many people 1of them wear white shirt

Running a marathon and win

Red velvet hall

Red relvet

Red valvet

Right check mark in my body

Red eyed goat man



Return gift

Receiving quran as gift in dreams


Riding a tricycle

Running on a treadmill

Recieving advice


Room full of lights

Receiving zam zam water as gift

Red flashing light

Rice miller

Rice mill

Receive a lot nigeria puff puff from some i a dram


Red saree dream

Runnig rats

Receiving a quran from the dead

Rose quartz in dream

Roller skates

Rec3iving a ring from a dead person

Riding bus with indiam ladies

Recieve brilliant stone from the palace

Recieve brilliant from the palace

Rice cookee

Running to the masjid

Railroad broken

Received a flower from a vice president

Roofing sheets

Reading qur/"an in bedroom

Removing a splinter


Receiving a perfume as a gift

Rare coin in my hands




Ripe cake

Raisin bread

Red diamonds

Resue husband in a dream

Rose apple

Repairing a tompstone

Receiving a jewellery box

Receiving a gift jewellery box

Running for my life

Rusty rust

Red bindhi shopping

Rust on tools

Rainbow beard


Rubbing hand with oil

Rooster choking

Receiving a blanket as agift


Red armchairs

Roses with our thorns

Receiving perfume from a dead person in dream

Riding on a trailer with people

Robot lion


Riding a horse and it collapses

Riding on a horse and the horse collapses

Rushing water

Rising sun and moon in the morning with my favourite person

Rubbing oil on face and face glows


Repeating going on a long slide

Reuniting with an estranged husband


Repeated dream of a timeframe


Reaccurring time dream

Removing a dead person

Roasting maize/corns

Received into eating cantaloupes instead of vegetables

Reselling bears

Red shirt with white sweater and top button would not stay buttoned

Ridge gourd gravy in a dream which is cooking and the gravy colour is green in colour



Relay race in a dream

Receiving cashew

Refusing to get married

Recurring forgetting locker combination


Removing organs

Riding on toy train track

Red oil

Random guy with medical needle

Receiving 2012 tattered book from catholic

Remarrying someone else

Red phone booth

Receiving a puppy from a deceased mum

Rotten orange smell

Red flower bouquet on a gravestone


Receiving chocolate with preserved fruits

Rubbing white powder on the face in a dream

Rusted iron

Reving car engine to wake up

Riding on train in opposite direction

Riding on train



Rising into sky

Received rent in a dream

Rotten floor boards

Roman attack

Reading ramayan in dream by some one at my home as prayet

Reading ramayan in dream

Resurrection of family member

Relation men



Reoccurring with crush


Rapid heartbeat

Red suitcase




Red blanket covering someone else’s legs

Red blanket on legs

Rat eating mouse

Rat eating baby mouse

Roses red

Razor blade

Red ground

Red swirling dirt

Romantic relationship with management

Ripped face

Reject marriage proposal

Run away dog

Riding in suv with three guys


Romantic relation with a collegemate in dream



Running red water

Ripping out a milk

Ribbon pasta

Received ramayan book in dream from my brother


Retaining wall

Reciprocated love

Rose without thorna

Rocket crashing

Run away from black mass

Receiving a pestle in dream


Rempvong broken bone out nose

Red kola

Red ring place on my finger

Rice fields

Receiving a red cloak from am old man

Receiving kola but divided in to seven

Running between red sand

Rubber mat

Rotten smell

Roller skating

Relaseing snakes in a home

Roof collapsing

Rusty car

Ripping out hair

Running from someone and then realizing that it is yourself

Relaxing in a hot bubble bath feeling the water soothe me

Relaxing in a hot bath feeling the water soothe me

Recieving shirt as gift in dream

Red chair

Red chair

Receiving 4 envelopes of money

Running away from naked men and women

Red coronation

Recycling centre

Red and blue together

Rat n spider

Red unicorn

Receiving new saree as gift in dream

Red var jumpping on your bed

Red var jump on the bed

Renting a room in your house

Riding a boat at night

Running through spiderweb

Rice falling drom sky

Removing plastic wrappers in toilet dream

Rice grains

Red hair on legs

Receiving my result papers/back to school

Rocking horse coming to life

Rainbown trout

Receiving sweet i dream

Recieving cardamom

Receive cake from deceased in dream means

Remote control and tv in a dream

Received sweets from the sky


Running in socks

Red trash can

Removing porcupine quills

Removing hedgehog quills

Receiving fresh anointing


Riding a bicycle carrying cooler of food at the back of the bicycle

Restroom stalls

Riding a bicycle carrying cooler of food meaning

Receiving clothes in the dream

Roasted chicken what is the spiritual meaning

Rastafarians wearing white clothes

Rastafarians wearing white

Running outof ink

Roller coaster

Roza e rasool in dream

Red polish

Red nail polish

Red nails

Rabbit dying

Rabbit rabbit dying

Ring finger cut off

Random girl

Roaster dream meaning

Receiving 2 nd hand clothes

Running from wolf

Return of stollen items

Robot friend

Red falling wall

Repetition of a structure

Running for your life

Raining horse chestnuts

Repairing pothholes in dream

Red budgie

Rip tide drowning other

Recurring dream

Removing periwinkle shell

Recieving phone number

Repeating scene

Receiving a message that husband will die

Receiving a message from an ex husband that new husband will die

Receiving a message from an ex

Rippling water

Rabid dog

Rabid dog chasing me to tell me secrets of life

Running from monster

Refuse to pay at the church

Riding in a limo


Reciting ya fattahu

Rosting yam in a dream

Railings destroyed in home

Receive the umbrella

Rippen mango and pawpaw

Riding the elevator up n down

Red rice dream

Reciting ayatulkursi

Red planet coming to earth

Rocks rolling and land sliding

Ripe jackfruit eating dreams in pregnancy

Red chilli

Raft on a river

Rooster drowning

Rooster drowing

Running from love

Rubber slippers that was broken


Rifle in tree

Rotting house

Ring missing stones

Rolls royce

Razor swallowed

Rock climbing falling

Rose with semen

Rock climbing, falling off




Roaming in a dream

Red cloak dream


Rock throwing to crow in dream

Raining blood

Riding a car in a road


Retailer store

Rusted engagement ring



Ret flowers world


Roasted yam in dream

Red flowers

Recieving kumkum

Red slippers in dream

Red stain on clothes


Running long distance

Rescue a koala bear


Red road

Reciting ayatul qursi in dream

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Running away

Running for exercise

Running happy

Red horse dream meaning

Red ring

Red slushie

Red orange scorpion

Red thread


Reoccurring dreams

Red cardinal pecking at window

Removing a tattoo



Rotten fruit smell

Request for sex

Removing rubbish

Running from fire

Road sign

Red bow

Ripe palm fruiy

Removing thorne out of foot

Rescue celebrity

Rusty bent nails

Racing cars

Receiving an envelope in dream mean what

Receiving an envo

Red eyes goeat

Raging and rushing water


Receiving money from a transgender

Remember talking


Rock salt in dream

Ripe palm fruits

Roomate broke my dogs legs and put them in a cupboard for cornering me for food



Receiving porridge in a dream from your girlfriend

Rejected kids

Rune stone

Red daisey

Receive a call

Red sofa

Rusty heal nail dream

Real estate agent

Rice disappears

Red bangles

Rain inside the house

Red ball of yarn

Rumors that i did time in jail


Red fire engine

Receiving gold from my dead father

Receiving sweater

Raw yam in the dream means

Receiving two white envelopes with surprise and fear

Rosemary in bread

Rock with water pouring out

Recieving new saree in dream meaning

Red clay mountain

Ribbon tied in my fingers

Ribbon in my hand

Red ribbon in my hand meaning

Red eyes goat

Rusty engagement ring

Raining diamonds


Running away from a bomb


Returning to military active duty


Ring of keys

Rotton teeth


Roofing iron

Red walls

Red light

Retirement funds run out

Roman horse

Returning to active duty

Red kerchief

Real estate purchase

Rice ball

Red and green glass bangles comes in dream

Removing eggplant in my mouth?

Red bindi

Robbery and death of a friend


Recovering health

Raided by police

Remodeling a huge house

Red poop


Returning ghee

Rotten eggs

Received gift from dead father in dream

Rooster crowing

Ruby nosering


Red heads


Rose quarts


Reading text messages

Riding a motorbike on a staircase

Raw conch dream

Riskhaw standing in my house

Rangolj dream

Running upstairs

Rubbing palm oil and water on my palms and legs in the dream

Refusing a fruit in a dream


Rice flour in dream


Rib pain in dreams

Read about tweezers




Rangerover car

Range rover

Redskin man in dream

Red chura in dream

Rustig wedding ring

Rasta people

Receiving money from a dead uncle what does it mean

Running out of rope

Road roller

Recurring dream my mom comes home from being dead

Receiving a recharge card

Receiving saree from relation

Recover stolen goods from a thief

Red hair

Room flipping over

Removing things from mouth

Roof collapses

Roof on a house collapses


Ringing a bell


Running from ocean

River inundation

Rose gold watch

Riding in a car with a dead person

Rotten clothes

Reunited with an old friend

Roaming brightly-lit school halls with mother and brother at dawn and picking up bags and a list

Receive pearls as gift

Receive flower frol temple

Rubber suit

Receiving a hat as a gift


Red moonlight

Red moonloght

Running away and being chased at night

Running away and being chased

Rocks with numbers

Rainbow floor

Rid cashwe

Renew vows

Renew vos

Receiving money note in the dream

Rings one with a sapphire setting

Roaming a childhood school at the crack of dawn

Rusted earing

Room of dust

Rabbits in the house

Red sports car

Raining inside a building

Red car drives up

Red taxi

Road path like broken bridge

Removing a wooden fence down

Red ants washed away by friend with water

Red ants crawling on me and friend gets tepid water hose and rids them

Removing a thatch roof

Receiving an invitation

Ripe cashews




Royal guards

Rotten peaches

Rotten cauliflower in dream

Receiving new saree in dream | dream interpretation


Riding a flying horse

Rose water

Rooster feather in my mouth

Roasting meat in the dream meaning

Red semen

Receiving gifts from my uncle

Running over a dog

Red water in a glass

Read water in a glass


Ripe tomato

Repeatedly stung by wasps

Running from enemy with baby


Road ends

Receiving gold sovereign

Running sto. nino

Receiving limes



Rotten meat



Riding a steer

Red rock mountains

Rescue animals

Riding tiger

Receiving a red purse


Reconciliation with quarelled sibling dream meaning

Roll of napkins fall

Roll of napkins

Rice with weevils

Red chillies in dream


Reading nama

Recovering stolen mobile phone

Running barefooted and stepping on other peoples blood

Received maggi in dream means what

Rope obstacle course


Rain in kitchin

Red beam of light

Receiving brown envelope in dream

Rough aircraft landing




Ripe many litch

Red fixture


Received fruit in temple

Red pick up truck

Receiving a love letter


Recieving pants as gift

Red carnations


Riding a carraige

Riding in carraige

Recharge card

Red carnation

Receiving fruits fromdead relative biblical meanings

Recovering my lost handkerchief

Ripening custard apple in a dream

Receiving stockfish in a dream

Receiving sunflowers

Restaurant seats

Rich old man

Receiving gift from a dead

Robbery and shootings


Roblox means it’s a video game

Rejecting marriage proposal

Rejecting proposal

Running someone down with car

Radha krishna in dream meaning

Reoccurring location

Red handkervhief

Read and victim

Ramar saaligramam searching

Rinse tires

Run backwards

Refused my handshake

Red carpet

Roza raaool

Ripe paw paw in a dream

Raw cassava

Removing clothes from clothelines

Red fabric

Running away from a large burning bush

Red leaf

Ridge gourad

Renting a kitchen contract dream

Running a red lightt

Rotten tamarind

Red cat chasing

Roach spray

Roasting goat in the dream means what

Raw pap in the dream

Receiving unlocked padlocks

Removing wart in dream

Receive pants as gifts


Red tshirts

Rain boots


Reoccuring dream

Rising and receding water in a house

Reunited with friend

Ripe plums in dream

Running with broom

Running on all fours

Running on q

Recieving red rose from temple

Rising water

Rain water flooding

Running away and hiding to survive

Red-hot charcoal

Red not red hot charcoal

Riding in the back seat with the president of the united states of america

Rockets skimming surface of water

Red crawfish



Receiving a white rebbon from my dead father

Return my health

Run in pantyhose

Rams bones

Red luggage

Running muddy waters

Reuniting with a white man

Ratting out

Red saree

Ripe palm fruit tree

Ripe palm fruit

Red chili plants

Roasting my pet cat in the oven

Ripe palm fruit


Road flooding

Retirement homes

Rescuing a cat

Raped and chased by police and numerous men

Red, clay, dirt in dream

Red wallet

Red panties


Rescue cat


Rape dream

Ring of gold

Raining in dreams


Red raspberry

Roza rasool

Receive fufu in dream


Running from something chasing you

Riding in a care with the president

Running up stairs

Running from a store with mom that just died

Running from a store

Rotten coconut

Ripping off a face


Recipe book

Red rubber band

Riding bike fast

Reoccurring dream of walking on a path in the woods

Running danger

Running from danger with dead husband

Ripped passport


Roots on floor

Relaxing music

Rival back

Rescuing husband

Returning to college

Recurrent dream that someone is no longer passed

Red ripe plum

Rope climbing

Receiving a gift from royalty in gold bag with coat of arms

Receiving a ring

Recieving a saree as a gift


Rain, extreme wind, unseen tornado

Receiving bag of ghee from dead person

Riding a scooter alone

Remembering a past event.

Raccoon bite

Receiving a gift from your president in your dream


Red bikini

Red snakes

Red pladtic chair in the church


Riding a white hairy dog meaning

Raining pennies


Ripping a virus out of my face like a pimple

Rooster biting me


Roasting my dog to eat

Receiving saree in dream

Rabbits swimming

Rabbits swimming in pond

Receiving help

Rangoli putting in dream

Receiving a key holder

Rubies in my dream

Rescuing dachshund

Ripping off rotten bigtoe nail



Ridge gourd deam meaning ( nenua)

Rival came to my house

Rival came to my house looking for fight


Release and pet a fox in a trap

Rolled coins

Rotten eggs with double told

Royal king host greeting

Royal king host greeting


Ran over a person in a creek

Ralative having a child

Relative having a child

Remove eyelids


Received pen

Raw fish


Reoccurring dream about being with someone

Rice husk

Remove false nails


Riding a motorcycle fast

Roman numeral 500

Riding brown cow


Ram skull

Red oil in dream


Receiving a new saree in dream

Receiving a watch

Receiving a glittering white folded handkerchief from above on my lap that caused me to jerk up while praying



Rabbit in pond

Recieving saree

Restoration of health

Runnung barefoot on concrete

Red jumper

Red horse long hair with cape

Run down house

Re and white garments

Rock of gibraltar

Rock of gibray

Ripping books


Reachin top then jumping down

Red light path

Red hankerchiefs meaning

Red button

Received fresh cassava in a dream


Rat home

Receiving love letters

Receiving a visitor

Round crystals

Road opening

Resignation letter from a boss

River dance


Removable car top

Receiving a heart pierced with an arrow

Red and white plaid

Rhinoceros chasing

Receieving new silk saree from someone in my dream means

Ragged clothes

Rubber boots white

Red plaid shirt on a bearded man

Red plaid shirt on a man


Reading a book then spiders were crawling out of the book

Running errands for dead relatives

Rebuking the dead

Robin hood

Renting a room

Riding in a motorcycle

Ringing a church bell

Rastafarian men walking down a hill


Right foot cut off by grandmother

Removing flakes out of eyebrows

Rice have worms


Running round in a circle

Red water

Running to get away from trouble

Red ruby ring

Raining fish during a storm

Rock lines trail

Rectal prolapse

Removing staples

Ratty rental car

Raty auto

Red capsicum

Raining down wall


Revive fetus

Receiving kola nut in a dream

Running backwards

Royal wedding

Reading someone’s death certificate

Ruptured hemorrhoids

Recharge cards

Reciting ayatul kursi in a dream against a jinn

Red hot air balloon crashing

Recurring dreams of water

Running to buy sneakers at the mall

Running an winning the race

Receiving saree in dream meaning

Roast okro in the dream


Royal blue furniture

Riding horses and jumping high building

Rubbing white powder in the dream

Rice with chocolate

Raging animal

Rats fighting


Rotting hands

Right dream

Receiving money in the dream

Red, raven, mask

Red mask, raven

Red car in a dream and animals

Receiving a book from pastor

Real father


Royal family dream

Rogue elepant

Refuse to write love letter

Refuse to write a letter

Recite aytulkursi

Rainbow over someone


Rite of passage dreams

Red fabbric

Receive a cake from dead person

Rejecting marriage proposal from unknown man in a dream

Running to shelter

Room in a house

Receieve saree

Receive white pudava

Running from a nuclear bomb

Receiving a guitar as a gift in dream meaning

Rain clean sweet water

Roasting and eating ripe palm fruits


Receiving a check

Runnning with a chair

Red food

Red fod


Robbing my friends house

Red clay dirt


Road blocked with red clay

Red beans in a jar

Receiving a bag as a present

Roasting meat in a dream


Rearview mirror facing upwards


Ramona holds my hand

Reading poem in dream

Recovered from being ill

Rejected marriage proposal



Red big teeth

Rough ocean



Roof leak

Road in the mountain

Riding on a bus

Raw meat

Red purplish mango

Red coal fire

Ripe pear tree

Round roti

Raging buffalo islamic dream

Raging buffalo

Running stomach

Receiving kolanut in a dream

Red bowl with water


Rash on mouth

Renewing your vows

Releasing 3 occtopus in water

Raw honey

Rose apple in dream

Red snake in a mason jar

Running to take a shower

Rapping in the dream


Red paurse

Running beside a black panther

Red tabby cats

Receiving monet



Right penny nails

Red colour nose pin

Rusted ring on finger

Red rice dream in meaning

Removing snails shell in a dream


Red gelatin

Red marbles

Rodeo arena

Red wine

Random faces

Recieving a fried fish in a dream

Riding a bicycile and get my wallet stoled

Running away from tidal wave

Running relay race what does it mean

Running through a corn feild

Ripe jack fruit


Rustling for fyting

Running out of toilet roll

Rain of sweet milk

Red diamond shapes

Red and blue

Rewarding dead


Running tap water

Red car dream


Rusty rings

Ring pentagram

Red teapot

Religious school

Redrose tree

Rope around tree

Receiving a jar of quarters from your dead sister

Roly poly

Red circle

Rotten bottle guard

Receiving chocolate from a friend

Rock concert

Ripe giunea corn in the dream

Receiving broken statue

Red lipistik

Run around


Red palm nut

Red palm

Red pepper inside a broken green capsicum

Red pepper in a broken green capsicum

Rooster feet

Riding in a boat in rough seas with dolphins in the water

Roman warrior with a mask

Repeat of chewing gum that gets stuck in the mouth

Red oil poured on the floor


Rocky nature

Rotten meat meaning in the dream

Riding roller coaster

Red frozen meat

Red blankets

Remembering a lost child

Reciting laillah illa

Rust coloured water

Revenged upon

Reject a wristwatch

Red kite bird

Red palm oil

Receiving an emerald ring

Rebottling of groundout oil

Rice money chocolate

Rice with money and chocolate

Rangoli making in the dream meaning

Red chair replaced with blue chair

Roots growing out of my feet

Return of a gift

Rice cske

Reunion with past love

Round table being full all the way around

Removing dreadlock hair extensions

Removing dreadlock extensions

Rejection from same person

Reason behind the dream of milk

Receiving multiple wrist watches

Red potato

Ruined cemetery

Rock’s falling on me

Rocks falling from sky

Receiving spring onions in the dream

Received gift from boss?

Received gift from my boss?

Red hairy snake

Received chin chin from someone in dream

Red chuda dream means


Rangoli designs and chikku kollam seen in my dreamwat happened

Robins flying to me


Rose without thorns

Restaurant owner

Running on dirt road

Resturant owner

Romantic dream


Rest room

Ring with sapphire

Received check

Red weak snake

Rotten lime fruit

Receiving fufu

Red tapestry luggage

Receiving fufu in a dream

Rescuing a dog

Rescue dog


Red playing cards

Red brick wall

Red,white and black bead


Riding bike naked

Rice grinding

Red and gold handkerchiefs

Recieving new saree in dream

Rotting tooth that falls out

Received cardamoms in the dream

Rear ended

Receiving a night gown as a gift

Red chillies in plant

Reptiles and dry land


Re liner

Riding a tricycle with a child is a driver

Romantic sex dream

Richard here

Rotten liver

Running on highway

Receiving woolen clothes

Red anaconda snake in tree

Running in mid evil times

Red crown

Receiving bitter kola in the dream meaning

Raking a yard

Raking yard

Riding on an airplane

Raking a church yard mean

Rusted wedding ring on finger means

Recieving something from a pastor



Runaway mobile home

Runaway caravan inside

Rusted tools


Receive saree in dream

River sand in a dream

Rain sand

Red rash

Rocking chair moving itself

Returning lost item

Red pants brother

Repairing a wall

Rearing pigs

Return after absence

Red tail hawk

Red tail hawk and a owl

Red blooms

Removing wart from eye

Robe warm and luxury


Red casket

Rang the bell yourself meanimg

Rang the bell yourself

Receiving money and perfume in a dream




Reflection of cars in driveway

Rosemary sprigs

Round bouncy ball


Room guardian

Receiving a gift from person surprisingly see you

Roman centurion beheaded

Regurgitating stones


Roasted cocoyam in dream

Refinishing dresser and coffee table

Reading someone else’s mind

Roasted cocoyam

Race car mentor

Running from crapaud

Red teeth

Receiving money from my governor

Root beer

Raven attack


Running with hands and legs

Removing staples from wood

Red lipstick

Road disappearing

Road ahead disappearing

Royal throne

Raw starch on the dream

Reiceiving money in white envelope

Roaming empty houses and buildings

Reaceiving bitter kolar in dream



Rocky moutain

Ricky moutain

Recharge voucher

Racing in free branches in little cars with a married man and hischildre



Red pepper on scrambled eggs



Rattan chair


Raw shrimps

Red palm oil meaning

Rice falling alot from the sky

Reciting quran in toilet

Rescue from sea drowning

Rescue from drowning


Risky driving

Rubbing my belly

Rodents dollhouse mug wolf

Rodents dollhouse

Rose petal path

Rainbow warriors battling to the death


Rush top the skin of breast

Ritual in a calabash

Rotted windowframe

Riding bicycle 3 paths

Rug missing

Riding a bike or a bridge with 3 paths of highway

Rabbit with rabies

Row coffee beans gift

Relative enters in home

Receiving message from deceased mother

Receiving messgae

Rubbing powder in the dream

Return of stolen ring

Roll of paper towels

Rhea in dream

Removing a jigger

Rangoli design

Red cat biting finger



Rotten teeth falling out


Removing white hair

Removing of white petch on hair

Relative digging a grave

Reading hebrew

Red plastic dog watering dish

Receiving clothes gifts from a state government as a gift dream

Receiving meat or someone gave you meat

Running ftom mentally ill person

Running from mad person

Religious dream meaning of talking to some telling them about barley

Receiving oil

Receiving oil as a gift

Red horse

Reciting first kalimah

Random recurring sex dreams with different people

Repeatedly checking mail and former house

Repeatedly checking mail at old house

Removing taro roots

Received blessing from a holy man

Reading third kalma in dream

Robing palm oil in forehead

Rebuking someone in my dream

Receive gift from dead friend

Red gold saree

Rough ocean waters

Ran through the house saying house is on fire


Red cross dream meaning

Removing jiggers


Roots drink


Running from danger

Romoving jigger

Romoving jigger in teos

Raven attacking mr

Rangavalli in dream

Red chili symblize


Red dragon

Red chili

Running in bathrobe

Running from torture

Rotten lanzones on the tree and some are good

Receiving marbles

Ring girl

Red hanky

Ripe amla seen in the dreams

Rock falling

Receiving beads as gift from a woman

Red penis

Roast potatoes

Red seeds

Reaccouring time

Red ballgown

Recieving a pen from a dead person

Right wrist

Receiving water from the dead

Rubbing white powder

Red parsley


Received cheques in dream

Ras tafari and to other men in there clothing

Red ocean water

Recovery of my mother in my dreams

Rangoli in my dream



Raw meat meaning

Riding a tricycle speedily

Request to cut hair

Rejecting a kolanut

Removing ear wax dream

Refuse sex


Receiving palm fruit in the dream

Russian friends

Red door wrapped with red ribbon

Rotten ackee

Receiving kumkum


Recieving multiple cheques in mail

Rats and squirrel on walls

Raffle ticket

Refusing a proposal in a dream

Running out of toilet paper


Really long armpit hair

Running from priest escaping house



Receiving fruit from a dead




Rubbing hair cream in a dream

Red kidney beans

Religious ceremony

Red snapper fish dinner

Rock stairs

Red clothing at front door

Receiving cloth

Red acne sores on back

Rescuing birds from the cold?

Removing staples from head

Raw coffee beans


Receiving fruit from dead person

Releasing a dove

Right shoulder

Ramadan see a lady telling me she not going at church from december through

Riding and taming a tiger

Receiving oral sex

Receiving onion gift in a dream

Rope around neck

Running from killers


Roasting cocoyam in dream

Right arm swollen

Ridge gourd in dream

Right calve

Removal of tooth

Ringworm on face in dreams meaning

Robe man

Riding bicycle

Rushing and getting nowhere

Rubbing mans chest

Receiving a gift from a deceased person

Receiving a gift deom a deceased person

Red white and blue

Ring on left hand

Running from dogs who want to attack you

Running from dogs

Rape by same sex

Rain with few ice

Reciting the kalima in my dream

Red and black thong

Raddish meaning


Removing squatters from property

Red and black


Rip tide


Red gloves

Raw goat meat

Ruby red hair

Rejecting bitter colla in dream

Rollercoaster project



Running to rescue


Removing intruder from house

Rebuilding a town

Rusted wedding ring

Retainer soaking in cleaner

Roof linking

Remove splinter

Ringworm covering my face

Rejected love


Radish seening

Receiving mango

Red and green bangles

Rib cage

Rubbing oil in husband belly


Riding on a car with dead father driving

Reptile eye

Random ba

Red slippers

Ripped pants

Raining in forest in a dream meaning

Rophetic meanimg of seeingy firstnorme son coming home in a shabby state accompanied by cpudim brother

Ring made out of fire

Ring made in fire

Ring made of fire

Red red sand

Refusing to take a butternut vessel

Ruin house

Receive mango

Running for a train

Raining in forest in a dream meaning

Ready for baby shower

Removing blocks of wood

Running through small gates


Riding a motorcycle with someone

Rabbit with red ye

Red velvet

Red soil and water from the river

Rocky road obstacle course completed

Removed somebody from the pit

Removing someone from a pit


Red cat. playful

Residential house with chapel


Removing needles

Reconciling with ex

Requesting to read

Receiving smelling dirty clothes in the dream from a sister in-law

Red and whitewater tower

Ripe jackfruit

Random baby

Real estate deal

Receiving new sarees in dreem

Right foot bleeding

Receding water

Romantic relationship with a friend

Recieving torrent warning


Receiving quran in dream

Robber breaking in


Running around

Red inflamed eyes

River stream

Receiving kola in dream

Receiving kola

Road curve

Rescue injured hawk

Red convertible

Receiving limes as a gift

Received gift of limes


River raft

Red stone

Red snake coming inside bed

Railway project

Rescuing a parent

Re gifting

Resurrection/born again

Relates to a movie

Returning empty be shopping cart

Return stolen

Roosters with a penis


Red potatoe

Rubbing palm oil on the forehead

Removing jiggers in my feet

Removing jigers in my feet


Rear view

Remodeling an old home

Rich marriage

Rusted ring in finger

Raw goose

Running from a snake

Red dry chillies with water

Root rot

Receiving turmeric powder from a person in dreams

Red cat that is fat

Riding in a parade

Riding in a convertible

Riding in a convertable

Robbery furniture


Red nose

Reason why feeling must kill certain cat immediately



Relaxing natural hair

Riding a motorcycle in robe

Raw pap in dream

Riding n animal

Riding a flying animal

Running from multiple tornadoes

Royal staff

Received a goalden wristwatck in my dream

Ruined city

Roasting cashew nuts in dream

Running in place

Red bubbling water in staircase

Road not well done

Rangoli in dream meaning

Riding bikes

Running from a robber


Ripe cashew

Raven wing


Running on all fours chased

Receiving kola nut in dream

Railroad track crossing

Riding in backseat of car

Riding in the back seat

Reciting kalima

Receiving sweets as a gift unexpectedly

Running from someone


Receiving mouth organ in a dream as a gift

Receiving flute as a gift in a dream

Receding beach

Removing grease from your hand


Rickshaw accident

Running away from people

Runing from people

Red blanket


Receive a medallion

Roman numerals ivx meaning

Record albums


Receiving a quran as a gift

Receiving velvet in the dream

Rotten dog meat

Red hair women

Repetitive dream

Rotten madfish

Reaching top of steep peak & dropping instantly with eyes closed

Reoccurring dream

Removed thorns from your feet

Rice cake in a dream

Rangoli in dreams

Recieving blank cheques from the bank

Removing piercing

Running in high heels

Resignation of a coworker

Reading qrian

Reading surat yasin

Red carpet dream

Red purple sky

Running g on all fours

Remembering a childhood object

Rain storm clouds

Rocking chair rocking by itself

Reciting sarah attakathur

Running truck

Receiving chocolate

Receing chocolate

Raining at night

Roof falling in


Ripe mangoes coming out of my vagina

Receiving gifts of sweet


Restaurant table

Rodent in the home


Ripping eyelashes out

Right turn hitting a stop sign

Return hair by gluing on horse

Rotting wood

Ringworm on lowerback

Rip clothing

Riding in ambulance

Reynolds wrap

Red palm oil in your dream meaning

Red engine oil




Red mitten

Ring stolen

Red cardinals

Ran into an uncompleted building

Raising people from the dead

Red leafed tree

Raining sands in a dream meaning



Red soil with gold

Red silk


Reading ayatul qursi

Riding a jeeney


Removing thorn from feet

Receiving a god picture from a muslim

Repeating numbers

Roof of mouth peeling out

Red key holder

Rising damp in walls

Roof and walls of my house disappeared

Relative winning money

Rotten gooseberry dream means

Ruined gooseberry

Returning to work

Returning to work hostile

Running away to someone

Rough copy

Replace old doors to new ones

Removing jigger from the hand

Red hair doll

Receiving envelope with money in a dream

Rock with bird poop on it

Received as gift

Rock climbing

Red of stealing a valuable red sand


Running amongst police men

Red pearl

Rock salt

Romantic zeus dream

Red ink

Raped by

Remodeling barn

Rinse in dream

Religious artifacts

Receiving money from a death relative in a dream

Red range rover dream

Receiving sad news

Raven picking at my head


Red cat with blue eyes

Red and white beads in the wrist

Run in stocking

Roof leaks

Reversing hairline

Red ribbon

Red maple

Rejection by tv chararacters

Running from an indian with an axe that hits my forehead when i look back at him


Rating yam

Receding sea water

Red graffiti

Roman number one

Rusting wedding rings

Random shadow figure in my room

Receiving quran

Rearranging furniture in the living room

Red mantle

Running from a knife

Retarded twins

Red and white mantle

Red phoenix

Rotten water bottle


Red phoenix chasing me


Red palm oil stampy

Red tilak

Received kola but from someone

Red three

Red maori dream


Roots dream meaning

Record player

Red rice in dream

Ripping clothes in islam


Ripe lichi eating in dream baby boy or girl?

Red water in dreams

Recieving a white dress from lover


Rangoli designs

Riding in a taxi

Receiving perfume from a dead person

Riding in wagon with packages

Royal crest

Rusted cylinder

Rusted cylinder

Receiving lobola money

Rusty water from faucet


Rotten toe nail

Red potatoes had produced a lot

Relative pumping breast milk


Rearranging furniture

Raw cauliflower of inferior quality

Rosina komane


Receiver a fruit

Rangoli drawing in dream

Roasting cocoa yam

Red bangles in hand


Roof celing fall

Roof fall

Ruby and diamond engagement ring

Rubbing oil

Rejecting bitter kola for dates fruit

Rejecting bitter kola for suger cane

Rejecting bitter kola

Ruler of the country

Red bugle

Red church

Red cathedral

Red jacket unbuttoned


Riding flying horse

Running in all fours


Reading book getting wet

Red bougainvillea


Ripping my documents

Receiving a cheque in your dream

Roasting a sheep a live for food

Receiving black clothes

Red protective cloak

Rolls of toilet paper

Russian mobsters

Reptile in toilet

Reptile in poo

Reptile in fractal


Received mother of pearl sea shells from mermaid

Ripping my citificate

Robbing bank

Red plad shirt

Repel with ropes


Road obstacles

Riping cloths in dream

Running in the street that fire

Refridgeration job


Running in a pack of wolves

Running along side wolves

Running with wolves

Roof of car

Road roundabout

Raising skirt

Raid of dream

Receiving perfume

Red candy apple

Riding balck horse




Raped then paid by a devil

Running in panick

Riding school bus driven by relative

Renting a small house

Raw pink slice of beef

Ridge groud

Ridge ground

Ribbons swaying in air


Ripped dress

Razor blade swallow


Royal party

Red bike

Repair shop

Receive money from relative

Reversing the uncontrolled vehicle

Roza e rasool

Receiving recharge card

Roller scate

Regetting dry crayfish in a dream

Received a recharge card

Rice field across the river


Receiving clothes from dead person in a dream

Rain conductor

Rap battle

Racing car

Raving car

Rescue some one with a tug boat

Ride in a taxi

Rotten fish

Red ants black ants

Red plastic sandals with lacy look

Red plastic sandals

Red lacy sandals

Running around a block left



Realtionship with male cannot see his face

Refusing fruits in dream

Rain worm

Receiving new saree

Red handkerchief.


Rusty water

Repeated dream


Ruby necklace

Rambling building garden cafe

Reality show

Riding on top of a dump truck

Ribs crushed

Rubbing heads

Raw guinea corn

Reaching out

Riding a bucking horse

Recieved money from a new friend

Remove girl out of water

Raining sand

Removing thorns from leg

Run wild


Runing fast

Receiving a gift from a dead brother

Red and white beads meaning



Riding a public bus with a pastor




Red mud

Recharge card dream

Rod iron protection on door

Restoration old building

Receiving old note


Rabies old horse

Running away from animals

Run from animals


Red and orange rose



R bus driver talked me rough but right

Running four

Repeat in reality



Red bowl


Romantic trip

Right hand cradling bandaged or injured left hand

Receive bangles

Rolled sleeping mat

Rolled sleeping may


Reciting verse

Ringing in the ears

Red bloody meat dropped on floor

Receiving a random text

Religious imagination

Room with stangets

Refusing to take blood oath from someone you are in love with



Rinsing a teapot

Running from a snake meanin

Red handle wire cutters

Razor blade cut

Rooting up sugar cane


Roof made of thatch


Red horse chasing me in my dream

Reciting la hawla wala quwuta

Rangoli dream meaning

Rangoli dream meanibg

Rocking a baby


Riding three white horses

Red chairs

Red cjairs


Refusing to marry a pastor

Right eye shaking

Rotten green pepper

Rolled mat

Reciting surah muzamil

Ripe custard apple on the tree

Reciting ayat sl kursi

Recording camera

Recieving a silver wristwatch


Red eyes of dead person


Roofing a house means


Receiving lassi drink from someone

Right turn dream


Receiving maggi cubes in dream

Right arm that has a hole and fluids are coming out

Raven king


Receiving bitter cola in the dream

Ridge gourd dream

Removing blackheads from nose

Rib bone

Ride on slides

Random text

Red sticky notes

Roti made from rice flour

Red sand with snakes

Rip in a skirt

Receiving gift from a dead friend

Removing splinter


Roman figure clock

Rosary book

Reaching up to sky but can’t reach


Roti eating

Raising up in air to heights

Red flower

Rubber bands in hair

Raining cat liter

Rope bridge

Returning home in darkness

Red handkerchief

Rescue dogs

Rocks that look like gremlins


Relative trying to travel

Relative with cancer making a dress

Rough chicken meat

Rough chicken meet


Ritual money dream

Receiving gift from an enemy

Receiving blue and black wrist watch

Rohu fish

Rosewater coming out of mouth


Repairing a house facard

Rubbing oil into both eyes

Ring was too small and did not fit

Radha and krishna breakup

Removing a splinter from my foot

Receiving old cloths

Receiving a decay unpleasant gift means

Rusted wedding ring means

Reflection not your own

Reflection is goblin

Roasting plam fruits

Rotating plam fruits


Raining mushrooms

Ride in hot air balloon

Riding a big fish

Ride at the big fish in ocean

Riding in big fish at the middle of ocean

Rice peas

Riding an elephant through a desert


Rewarding with green and red cloth in a dream

Riding on a tricycle


Rain and waterfall

Recite ayatul korsi

Recite kalima

Receiving holy communion from a priest

Returning frogs

Red kittens

Removal if moles on my face

Red handkerchief dream

Royal wedding dream

Removing cobweb in dreams

Rose with out thorns

Receive text message

Receiving gifts from a prophet in the dream meaning what

Red water running

Revuking a boyfriend

Running for possible danger or wrongly accused

Ripe papaya


Removing mice on the head in dream

Removed fence

Roof of mouth crystalizing pieces falling out

Receiving simcard from a stranger in dream and getting excited

Relative won $80

Rope bridhe

Rain fall on me

Red dot

Running away from danger


Read cloak

Rubbish in my suitcase

Roasting of yam

Running slow from person

Raw liver eating

Running but feet glued to floor

Roman soldier

Returning stolen cosmetic items

Red eyed lion

Removing loved one rusted engament ring forceful

Ripe rice field

Running down the road

Rainbow quarters

Rainbow quarters christian

Rich person offers you bread

Roman numerals

Regretting resignation from work

Rescue baby from water

Rescue baby sea

Red house

Recieving a cheque with figures on it?

Running up hill

Removing headscarf


Red turban


Ripen peaches

Red plaid

Rising water level

Resonance with someone who looks like me and is me

Riding on a bicycle with someone else controling it

Red jackfruit

Red emu

Receding ocean

Rip sheets


Reading out



Raining of sand from the sky

Red sari gift

Repossessed vehicle


Receiving cloth as a gift

Rolling down on a hill

Reasiving the invitation card

Restaurant bill

Red dresses

Right nipple falls off

Raffle tickets

Roman numeral clock

Relative been killed

Receiving gaft inside envelope from dead mother

Receiving pink pants

Red blankets laying everywhere in my house

Road trip


Rat in dream

Removing a wrapped snake around my neck

Raw cassava eating

Rushing for a flight

Receiving a guineafowl as a gift in my dream

Retreating water

Rapid monkey

Repossessed car

Rotten car

Right hand

Red eyes men in dream

Red eyes parson in dreams

Red eyes in dream


River and ocean with waves

Reciting aytul

Rose colored wreath


Red and white sangoma beads and water

Riped pawpaw

River crossing

Roasted cocoyam dream means

Rape virgin

Received gift of a goat from a prophet


Receiving a summons


Removing abscess on leg

Reading a road map

Red horse climbes onto my back

Ring changing fingers

Rotten pickle

Raddish pickle

Reddish pickle

Red suspenders

Ripe tomatoes


Ruyada hacda olmak

Receiving a used clothes

Running in the forest

Ring in finger


Reggae musician asking me questions

Red horse green apple

Ringworm on hands and stomach

Right side stroke




Rescued by a doctor from a dog bite

Reincarnation of a loved one

Raw food being cooked

Running through an empty cit6

Red bird flying

Receiving check

Receiving an award

Root crop

Riding a unicycle while juggling



Roofing sheet

Rolling over something in the road

Roll over something

Rat run


Really big grapes

Roasted yam


Red fruits

Running but can/\'t move

Rice and stew, prepared in a white clot

Running out of control elephant

Riddle and initiation dreams

Riddle and initiatiin dreams

Rejection from job

Run down hotel

Running and shoes falling off

Rescuing a shot stranger

Receiving gift from a dead person

Rotting meat in cupboards

Reaping sweet-potatoes

Reaping sweet potatoes

Riding a bicycle and see a big moon

Receiving malt in dream

Running into wall

Receiving dried fruits

Rain over sea

Removing fish scales

Rangoli drawing dream meaning


Red reading glasses

Rusty pots

Rain umbrella

Red glowing eyes

Ripped american flag dream


Rent romm

Running and hiding

Red sand

River stepping stones



Rats and snakes

Ro see gold


Round silver ring with blue stones

Red cat in dream


Roundabout dream

Running a person over

Race riots

Rat bite on hand

Rocking horse


Red snake

Rolling food

Red ants that jump

Rubbing powder on your body

Rose tinted glasses

Reciting ayat ul kursi

Replaced by boyfriend

Roasting of yam in the dream

Red chair facing me in garden

Root growing on feet

Return stolen item

Room full and black dogs

Recieving money from transgender



Reading notes

Receiving a pig as a gift


Rock carving

Red eyes shadow

Rectangular shape

Relative with a blue face

Riding a mower

Red brick building

Raped in my dream

Receive check

Rainbow with black side


Refusing adultery

Red ants in crotch

Removing old clothes

Roller coasters

Reading ramayan

Receive pounded yam in dream means

Ridge gourd cooking dream meaning

Raining while running away

Running under the rain

Receiving perfume gift from a deceased

Ripping open

Ripping in half

Refusing help

Robe dragging

Rats biting


Ragdoll cat

Red cross in white background

Red juice

River flowing up hill

Rethreading a sewing machine

Round about

Red road going up hill




Red snake on a plant

Received money in an open envelope which a friend handed to me


Riding bicycle with my mum

Ringing phone

Red ladder

Receiving flowers from a boy

Reaping tumeric

Ridge gourd in my dream


Rolled on ground

Repentance in a dream

Rising flood waters with torrent

Receiving coconut in a dream


Ruin cassava islamic dream interpretation

Roasting yam in the dream means what?

Roasting yam

Really high up on my bed

Robbery in home while home

Reading first kalimat



Running to husband

Removing thorns from my tongue

Rangoli making

Rangoli design in dream meaning

Recurring dream about forgetting locker combo

Reverend giving out sunglasses

Receving beetle nuts from a lady.

Raining mice

Rescue the child

Rescuethr child

Ripped carpet

Rehearsing walking down the aisle

Receiving kola nut in the dream


Rabbit costume


Roman centurion



Riding on a tricycle in a dream


Ridge gourd

Receiving soap in exchange of goods

Raising hand


Receiving a padlock

Receiving seeds in a dream


Running a race naked

Receiving a shirt

Rain inside house


Refill gas cooker

Recieved handbag as a special gift in dream

Recieving handbag in dream

Recieved a hand bag

Raw turmeric

Rhino horn

Rabid cat

Rubber band twist around two fingers one else left hand

Roasting yam in dream

Rimosting yam in dream

Rubber band twisted around two fingers on some one else left hand

Running away and getting stabbed in the stomach

Red velvet blanket

Raking my leaves

Raking leaves


Raw liver and blood on my shirt

Room after room of clutter

Running through building open doors

Radiator books

Rat turning into a person

Red sandalwood

Rolling mortar

Remove thorn from hand

Receiving holy communion from a nun


Ring worm on the bottom of each foot and worm inside your feet

Red tomatoes

Rocky beach

Receiving perfume from a deceased

Ringing door bell

Repulsive face

Raw clams

Really damp wet walls

Running out of gas



Red palm oil and argo oil receiving it meaning

Reveivimg a tray

Receiving avyray

Receive clothes from dead person

Red nail polish dream

Resignation in a job

Rape dream definition

Rotten goat



Road works

Road repair

Religious imagery

Receiving paper money in a dream

Red lesves

Receiving money in a envelope


Recovering sick person

Replacing shoelaces


Rainbow stained glass in the sky

Ripe lime

Robbery but no afraid

Red embroidered cloths meaning

Rustling leaves

Result dream

Red hooded cloak

Red candle

Red eyed sea leopard

Reaching water


Ruins inside

Roasted chicken in dreams

Received cheque in dream

Rebuked crocodile in a dteam

Restaurant diner

Rusty spike

Receiving bottles of perfume

Red bangils in my dream

Removing the roof of a house


Receiving a bunch of white flowers from a deceased

Red pills


Rope coming out of finger



Receiving cheque

Rat terrier

Rushing to the washroom for stool


River dream interpretation

Radiant white faces in vision

Running on all fours faster than cars

Reciting kalima taiyyaba

Red cat betrayed me

Red car betrayed me

Receiving text message

Renewing wedding vows

Rings and pennies in the sand

Rose bush on fire

Red saree dream meaning

Rice and beans mixed with vegetable

Roll call meaning

Removing briars from feet

Riding a bicycle

Riding a bike in street traffic

Riding a bike in heavy traffic

Receiving a blue and pink formal dress

Receiving a formal navy and pink floral dress

Receiving a dress

Robbing of palm oil on the head

Rope goat

Ripe mango with maggots in it

Reading your own eulogy

Random people showing up

Rat meat




Reaching hand

Respectful man

Roots growing on your hands

Received check in my dream


Romi rain

Red river

Red bucket

Ringing doorbell

Roof breaking in


Rotten meat dream

Radhe krishna

Receiving sweets from dead person

Red scorpion

Room tipping

Ritualistic dream

Receiving money in envlop

Removing eybrow makeup

Removing makeup

Rusty drinking water

Running touchdowns

Running unable to scream becoming slower

Run home

Rotten moldy flour tortillas

Rotten moldy tortillas

Running unable to scream

Ride amusement park ride without being strapped in

Running in school

Riding a park side without being strapped in

Riding an elephant

Red ball

Red color marker


Red race car



Rain socking my shoe in a dream

Romantic encounter

Running after someone

Ringing the church bell

Receiving bread from a dead person

Running camel

Reciting sura ayatul kursi

Recharge cards in dream

Raven building a nest

Rams and triangles

Receiving perfume from a dead relative


Running from plague doctor

Red lights in sky shaped as an m

Red slippers in my dream

Real lion attacking stone lion

Red falcon

Read ramayan in dream meaning


Reaching a tar road

Rusted ring on ring finger

Receiving lots of sunflowers seeds

Rotten goats in my path

Rebuking people in your dream

Riding on bus with people and no bus driver

Right on time

Red flashing eyes

Reciting ayatul kursi in drem

Receiving dried raisin in a dream

Red eyes in dream of man

Rice and midgets

Rice thrown

Red tread

Reaching for electrical knobs

Reacting ayatul kursi

Running away from shemales

Ripe lime dream meaning

Rangoli dream

Rangoon dream



Raw red meat

Received full cola nut

Reaching destination

Rainforest with emerald colored water

Receiving gold frame


Raisa in dream



Receiving money

Rock in sky

Reject same sex proposal marriage

Rain over mountain

Red and green color

Removal of skin

Removing skin tags

Red turtle

Rainbow full


Road broke insanely in front of house

River waters breaking out to create a new route


Repairing haunte house in dream

Repairing hurt house means

Repairing hurthouse means

Receive black&white clothes and walking away

Receiving black&,white clothes and walking away

Radha krishna statue


Receive a headband

Reaching into coffin to touch dead person

Receiving bad news

Red trees

Raining ice

Red leaves on beautiful tree

Removing snail ofal in the dream

Rangoli dreams

Red dirt

River stepping



Receiving quran in drean

Return to previous home



Raw meat with a touch of the blood in it still

River weed

Receving quran as gift from others

Riding bus with only driver and yourself





Red skins on canoes





Ripping chilie pepper


Rottweiler is name iszeus

Rottweiler name is zeus


Roast breadfruit

Rainbow spiral

Receiving back your stolen items in the dream

Return broom

Red thread is tied

Roof window

Right breast touch

Receiving red graduation dress

Red graduation dress gift

Red graduation dress

Received a red graduation dress

Roasting yam in a dream means what

Rocky mountaintop

Rocky mountainside covered in grass

Roaster in a dream

Reaching out hand

Running and flying

Running faster until i flly


Rinsing rice with worms


Rigor mortis

Rigor mortice

Releasing a small bird




Red panda dream


Ringing doorbells

Renting a house for sister

Red and black snake

Receding a gold ring


Recite ayat ul kursi

Rejected woman becomes angry child

Red chilly

Runny away from jammat

Rescue guinea pig

Record keeper

Reciting surah hashr

Rotting meat

Red beacon

Rattlesnake killed, turns into small child

Receive injection on hospital bed

Roller skating fast



Rangoli dream interpretation


Red bow in my dream

Rats chewing off my tows


Religious man

Roasted animal kidney /liver

Rotted floor

Receiving ur panties in a dream means

Refurbishing door frame

Relating door frame

Road close

Rubies emeralds

Running away from recruitment

Receiving a a letter

Raw banana

Rabbits foot

Rented home

Ripe sugar apple

Red god cross

Red cash box

Red briefcase

Reading a letter


Russet mite


Riding motorcycle

Rat in home

Rat running around in my house

Raw chickens

Receiving keg of palm wine as a gift

Rangoli in dream

Rocks stones

Riding in the fish

Red lake

Rising to the sky

Rubber gloves

Removing stichtes from a patient

Remoning a parents stitchs



Recurring dream about a squatter living in the backyard

Recurring dream abiut

Rat attack

Rat chase

Red hot embers

Removing foreign objects from holes in my body

Resign from job

Ripping yellow and green peaches


Ramp up

Reptile lizzard

Roast dog meat

Ruby gem stones dreams

Rag doll

Raw jackfruit

Roommate means



Rotten toenail

Rotten nail

Red high heels

Red thread by deceased


Rat pee

Radha krishan in garden swinging

Running with shoe laces untied

Receiving condolences

Ridge guard


Roti making in dream

Raining beach

Reciving sweet paan in dream meaning

Receiving clothes in my dream

Red roses from a older brother

Rams attacking


Ripe fried plantain

Roasted meat

Reciting wa saffati safa

Rubber ball

Riding trolley

Running through corn field

Road cracking

Received a gift from empress

Railroad station


Road in desert


Radhakrishn came in my dream playing with them

Receiving a white paper and a black pen

Roasting yam in a dream

Running barefoot

Removing of jiggers

Relationship with a blind girl

Raw chicken

Red cross car and

Racial differences

Receive a cheque


Raped by friend

Ring being removed from your hand

Ruste ring on finger

Raggedy house

Raggedy house .

Ragady house

Rose roses

Receiving jerseys and sweaters

Rubbing oil on my head the person who died

Rubbing oil on my head the person who die


Red pepper

Rabbit biting my nose

Rat eating porridge

Red koolaid

Red pepper powder

Red hoeses

Resurrection of a dead person

Relatives visitiong

Repair dream meanings

Receding ocean water

Riding on a horse

Riding on a brown and white colored horse

Riding on a brown and white horse

Rebellious daughter

Rebellious addult

Ready to eat rice

Raw mince meat

Renovation of a durawall

Raining mushroom

Raining on the way to graduation

Recieving a bitter kola in the dream

Receiving kolanuts as proposal

Res nails

Rejecting to marry my girl in a dream

River in paradise


Run over car

Rubber slippers

Resin on a tree

Received watch from dead person

Receive watch from dead person

Ready drumstick vegetable

Receiving a new wrist watch in a dream meaning

Re enge


River ganges

Receiving jewellery from a deceased

Red hot coal

Received a cheque

Received gold from dead person

Ripe fruite

Recommended for a contract

Resign job

Reciting quransharif

Reciting quran sharif by mouldy


Rubble on the ground

Receiving a pink gift

Repeated jaw lock

Rotten meat on head

Ridge guard plucking and getting home in dream


Ring breaking

Red satin sheets

Rangoli designs in dreams

Ripen pawpaw and mangos means in dream

Ripen fruits in dream

Replacing of internal organs female

Raw cassava dream meaning

Red oil in. a dream

Rambo sylvester stallone

Ringworm breakout


Receiving nd eating of cardamom

Red shoes

Rats running with me in shallow water

Running on all fours in my dream

Road after earthquake dream

Rue herb

Rat got kill

Running in slow motion,lion chase

Recieving a big amount of check from a relative


Reading syrah yaseen

Red and white beads meaning in a dream

Receive double pies in a reception

Rabbit holes

Receiving from deceased

Red carpeting

Returning to the past

Red cardinal

Raised house

Rinsing mouth with clean water

Rebellious adult

Rebellious man

Rebelious man

Repeatedly taking out contact lenses


Reciting allah’s names while evil was trying to destroy me

Receiving keys from a death person

Rusty nails

Rescuing from fire

Rollar coaster

Ram sacrifice

Root crops

Royal baby girl


Rabbit with leopard fur

Red skin potatoes

Red light bigger

Rib pain

Rasta man in dreams mean

Red dwarf


Red purse

Red cat swimming

Red saree received from mother in law

Red saree received

Rain with hail


Room my husband and my sister

Running from and holidays

Romance with plane

River in cemetery

Rescue a shrew

Roommates moving in

Red bood


Riding a red horse

Roaring red sky with dark colourful waterfall

Roaring red sky with dark colour water fall hole

Running away from sangoma

Road rage

River and a

Running from authority

Recalcitrant child


Riding bus full of poeple

Raw piece of meat eating

Removing thorns from feet

Recite surah fatiha

Restaurant losses

Returning from war

Receiving a cheque with 1 millions by a men

Rotton meat

Ripe yellow cashew fruits

Rangoli made in dream meaning


Reading an obituary

R kelly

Red pencil in dream


Rising tide

Roll black thread

Really tall person

Running away from a monster

Recieving money from someone who is dead

Raft boat


Red lipgloss

Reading ayatal kursi in dream

Red bindi in water

Receiving oral sex from ex


Roman coliseum

Red churn received as gift




Receiving red

Red tights

Ruin city

Receiving love letter in dream


Renovated house

Receiving money from dead person

Reality star

Rosemary herb


Railroad track

Roza rasool ki ziarat in dream

Rotten arm

Richard branson

Rail road

Rotten wood

Recieve a package by mail

Release papers

Raw pap

Reciting ayatul kursk

River of blood

Red cap

Red prayer cap in dream

Redish cat

Rows of green bushes

Rangoli dream meanings

Refusing to eat a live dogs meat

Refusing to eat live dog

Receive telegram with news of accident husband

Red pickup truck


Rat tail

Ripping a gold chain off someone’s neck

Receiving meggi in deam means what

Repair shoes

Rejection of puff puff

Riding a bike down stairs

Roof top

Riding a villy goat

Riding a billy goat

Ride in a rickshaw that was very expensive


Room getting smaller

Red eyes

Red eye in dream meaning

Red bengles in dream

Receiving keys

Red brick house

Raining holy water

Ringworms in head

Running from people tryin to get me

Rocking horses

Red door of house with number 33

Rosary in hands

Ring beads?

Reciting at atul kursi

Receiving anointing during ministeration

Recently vacated hearse

Raw egg

Returning lost item to the owner


Ready to takeoff

Removing red ants with water


Runaway skateboard

Riding a dragon

Receiving a beautiful necklace from my deceased son

Receiving apples from deceased mother

Receiving apples from a deserved mother

Receiving old clothes



Raw meat disturbuting indream


Raw meat disturbuting indream in islam

Removing bushes from a home

Rattle snake bit dog

Religous statue

Rice full of weevils


Red brick high wall

Red glass bangles

Red corbeau



Red potatoes

Reciting allah akbar




Running into a church


Red bell pepper


Running away from husband


Railway crossing

Received cheque

Recieved a blow job from a strange woman

Receiving a saree in dream means

Receiving a date means

Roach lunging

Roach with white and black butt

Roach launching at you

Riding a horse in a stable

Red haired man in dream

Receipting ayat kursi

Receiving a huge plant of aloevera

River near the empty space

Receiving periwinkle in the dream

Red lattin meaning in dream

Red lattin dream

Red laltin meaining in dream

Red lattin

Rusty shipwreck

Red and black blanket

Running from aliens in house


Ringing cell phone

Running through walls when being chased

Rüyada üstünde kuran yazılı elbise

Reciting surah al fatia

Roasted bread fruit




Red sari

Re plastering a wall in the house.saying he will live there

Receive a visa

Riped almond in dream

Raspberry juice

Roller skating in a rink

Runaway away

Receiving sweets

Renewing vows



Rotten egg

Receiving lot of clothes from her closet

Removing the dried henna

Rusted ring rejection

Rusted ring

Red sand meaning in a dream

Red sand meaning


Receiving 24 rolls of toilet paper

Red sand desert

Receiving an appliance from dead person


Red bangles in dream meaning

Receiving cloths from charity


Recycled plastic

Round cement

Round cement block

Receiving coin in a dream

Receiving copper coin

Running with decreased gravity

Resurrection of grandchild

Resurrection of aborted grandchild



Removed gang

Red snake in front of house

Real people

Red demon

Receiving maggi cubes

Rabbi as a woman

Red snake posious

Refuse dump

Red duck

Reciting the kalima

Relationship bliss

Resting my head on a mans chest smeared with oil



Ruined birthday cake

Roostar fight


Rotten jackfruit

Red plaid shirt


Raven suffocating me

Rooting taro

Running in rain wearing socks

Rust wedding ring

Resentmen toward family


Red soil in dream


Room full of wooden desks


Recording tape

Receiving a letter from a prophet

Rude people

Repent in dream



Receiving cheque in a dream

Reciting status kursi in dream

Riding in a shopping cart

Recitation of quran

Rat inside my house


Recieving a plant

Rat in dream

Receiving an unexpected marriage proposal

Running in rain


Receiving money frm death person

Ripping pants off

Room with multiple beds

Recently deceased wearing glasses in dream

Round tables

Running in green rice field

Received gift from dead relative

Red colour horse

Ripping of bird wing

Reincarnation of your dog

Reciting ayatul kursk in fighting jinn in a dream

Read the kalima

Running to freedom



Receiving holy communion

Reading menu in dream while crouching

Reading third kalma

Removing your prayer place

Ripping of paper

River bed

Receiving silver earrings as a gift from a loved one

Red fish


Runaway car

Rain fall

Rotten wall

Rotten wll

Railway restroom

Rusty floor

Riding in a train engine, person behind me at controls speeds up train, i try punching person to stop from killing me

Riding a horse topless

Reflexology in dream


Roaches crawling on my legs

Rotting fruit and good fruit

Running a marathon and you are in top 3

Rotten vegetables

Raw meat and blood

Receiving a black card

Red soil dream

Roof fallen


Rasterfarian dream meaning

Riding a camel

Reciting surat fatiha

Ripe paddy fields in hill terrace

Receiving new saree in a dream

Red stain

Rehearsal dinner

Run from rocket

Red litchis

Running away from someone


Read minds

Rifle white

Removing cobwebs from house in a dream what does it mean

Rotten cauliflower

Raw bloody meat

Raining in forest

Raining in a forest

Receiving 2 watches

Range rovers

Red hair woman

Rangoli putting dream

Red cabbage

Reaching out for someone

Removing duct tape

Running lost orgasm

Remove head scarf

Receiving golden sto. nino

Recovery from an illness


Red lamp

Red dusty lamp

Repeated dream of red cloak

Rays from precious stone

Rice crop farm

Red roses growing out of rocks

Religius imagery

Removing splinter from foot

Running to school then falling in a zig zag gutter then take out a pen and paper to write how you died in case people are wondering

Red pen

Ripped sari

Red threaded needles

Removing cassava tubers from the ground

Recieving black chickpeas from someone



Receiving a letter from a prophet abraham

Running on top of water

Receiving silk saree means

Red door


Receiving money in an envelope in dream


RÜyada yapilmaya ÇaliŞilan evİn yikilmasi

Radhakrishna playing


Rubbing off eyebrows

Running on all fours like a dog

Runningo all fours and fighting

Rock face

Refugee camp dream meaning


Running but staying at the same spot

Royal blue shirt

Remove splinter from foot

Remove splinter r

Rugby uniform

Receiving ayurvedic treatment

Ripen pawpaw on the tree

Red tulip


Rash on the body


Rangoli with cow dung

Richard gere

Ringing sound


Ringing ears

Removing toe nail polish

Receive old clothes means what in a dream

Receive old clothes means what

Rest stop



Rest area

Removing a statue from my hair

Reciting ayat ul kursi in dream means


Rotten walnut


Red silk cloth

Red and green glass bangales meaning

Red apple

Resisting falling off a bridge

Relationship with a relative

Rotting food


Riding black horse

Raiding bycicle


Rolling canister

Roller coaster ride i’m in front breaking ice

Reciting kursi in a dream

Ripped head off

Roughing nipples

Removing a frog in the house

Removing a frog from the house

Rüyada babasının aslana dönüştüğünü görmek


Receiving paper from jesus

Riding the bus

Ripe jackfruit tree

Receiving one hundred dollar

Reach tall building


Red chilled

Rash on face

Red bangals in dream

Receiving sesame seeds

Red suitcases

Red muthi dream

Rabi ul awwal

Rfid chip


Received money from dead

Red head msn


Red thong

Rat and grass cutter

Road around hills


Red patches on my leg



Removing tarter from my teeth dream



Room roof

Replacing broken tooth

Raw eggs under my bed

Ruyada cesme

Receiving gold from dead person

Receiving calls from other people

Receiving call from the people what that means

Recieving gold from a dead person in dream meaning

Riding scooter in dream


Red and blue clothes

Rusted ring turning green on finger



Rescuing a child from a fire


Red light in alley


Robert de niro


Receiving hairpin


Rocking chair

Red clothes in dreams

Rotten towels

Replaced by someone

Removal of splinter

Robbed by theives

Red jacket

Reciting the koran

Raising bonds from the fall looking grounds and walk away

Race car driver


Rooming home

Right arm tattoo


Removing cloth

Remove umrah cloth while travel

Remove umrah cloth

Red rosos garden

Radio static

Rosary beads

Rubbing olive oil onto a baby boys head and feeling it between my fingers

Red spots on skin

Receding a $100 bill

Receiving a $100 bill

Removing dreadlocks


Receiving $100

Royal gaurd

Reaming of uncompleted building

Riding tricycle


Riding seahorse

Receiving gold piggy bank by a goldsmith

Red feather


Receding hair

Rock candy

Receiving cloths

Rusty wedding ring


Ringworm on lower back

Reciting a prayer


Red chooda

Red chilli powder

Red bricks

Receive coconut oil

Rotting root

Reciting khalima

Read private message

Read someone elses

Ring, seal

Red contact lenses


Rice crops

Removing of cobweds in the house

Red new carpet in dream

Red bed lice on your body



Running away with someone

Raw oil

Running and you cannot move


Red saree wearing

Red sare

Rice and peas

Receiving green bangles

Royall family

Rotal family

Red dragon and worrior

Rinsing mouth blood

Receiving white open envelope

Red back spider

Removing hinges

Received fragrance in garden

Running from cows

Receiving pen from cousin brother

Removing thorn from my finger

Right foot bleeding by metal nails

Ruffled shirt

Ruffle clothes

Reiko crystals


Removing cobwebs from your home

Receiving a bag of mealie meal from a boy friend


Reiki crustals

River chacing you

Running away from chasing fire

Reiki crystals

Rreaming giving money to dead person

Reciting athaan

Reciting iqamah

Retarded women

Reciting first kalma

Raw mutton

Record player needle arm

River monster

Reciting the shada

Reci ting a quran verse

Receive money from deceased

Running away late in the night


Roaster is dying in dream

Rabbit hole

Red rose


Removing of bulgum

Red and green bangals

Reading adhan

Reading the adman

Reading adan

Rosetta stone

Reading quraan

Reading qur

Roman numbers

Red horse long tail

Receiving perfume from dead father


Reciting tabaraqa

Rescuing someone

Red light in house

Recitation of dua

Receiving an expensive gift

Ripe breadfruit dream

Rubbing wet hair with oil



Rose cottage


Rüyada kuyu görmek

Rocking a baby in a carrier


Red bag

Receiving money from president


Red arrows

Reciting ayaltul kursi

Received white envelope with address written in blue color

Rubbing oil in body

Receive money from a deceased person

Robbed and killed

Rusted wedding rings



Robbery and shooting

Riding in a chariot

Robbery in the house

Red and gold

Reciting surah ikhlass

Running in air

Radiation poisoning

Redness eye

Reciting ayatul kursi in dream

Red apple as a prize



Raining coconut flakes




Red dots

Reciting quran

Red color stone ring

Rising sun and moon together

Rabbit head


Racquel wright

Rock and tree landslide

Rain bath


Red cloud

Reciting a dua

Running on the spot

Receiving perfume from man meaning

Running away from home


Road of glass pieces

Rotten toenail falls off

Road full of glass pieces

Road full of

Running into a mosque

Reading urdu

Receiving a tasbeeh

Receiving a hug from collegue

Realized i was self admitted to psyc ward and could leave. sisters came carrying my packed belingings


Raped in the toilet by three young boys


Recieving a calling card

Reciving a bravery medal from leader figure

Royal dress

Receiving holy eucharist in a dream

Ramadan fasting and mistakenly break my


Roof leaking

Roof lesking

Riding a motorcycle

Receiving a watch as a gift from a dead person

Rejecting a marriage proposal

Raw turmeric meaning


Reflection on tv

Reciting ayat kursi in dream

Red bangles see in dream that someone gives me

Red bangles see in dream

Removing eyelids

Red glasses bam

Royal family

Retreat centre

Rinsing your mouth with water



Rolling down a mountain into darkness

Reaching the summit of a mountain

Reading quran

Reading ayala of quran

Receiving note

Red eyes dreams of love one

Receiving a gift

Ripe jackfruits

Rainbow with dead mother

Raw meat lying road side

Raw meat on road side

Ring made of leather

Rat flux in a dream

Rice doughnut

Reciting the last chapters of quran

Raw starch

Received new clothes

Red van

Rose pedals

Robbing gold

Reciting azaan


Rüyada savaş uçakları

Rrmoval of ink

Rusty ring dreams

Receiving guitar



Reading surah yasin


Red and gold dress


Recieving quran

Red and tan rockslide

Radha krishna in dream

Radha krisha in dream

Removing weeds

Receiving earrings

Receiving paper from someone


Roseary beads cross

Running away from a sasquatch

Realitive who is dead

Recite ayat ul kursi in dream

Recite ayatul kurdish in dream

Recite ayala til kursk in dream


Raining at work place

Red bangles in dreams


Red horde

Rabbit in a dream

Running in da forest nd seeing 2 wood cutters

Rotten bathroom


Recite azan

Recite ayatul kursi in dream

Raining ice block

Rat on my chest



Reciting shahaada

Royal family unexpectedly welcoming me to join them in their car

Return home

Red. carpet

Reciting ayudhal khursi in dream

Reciting rehman

Remove cob webs

Rhino dreem number

Red dress


Running away from squirrel in dream islami interpretation

Removing dried crayfish from the ear

Red chips


Rub face

Red slippers with roses


Receiving rose flowers



Rumors that my work is never finished

Removing dirts fron the eyes

Rice falling from sky

Ramadan eating

Running oil for hair

Ring box


Radhe krishna dream

Receiving a mantel from a strange man

Red cucumber

Radio show

Remarrying ones own husband

Recieving a snowglobe

Red eyelids maps

Receiting quran

Recieving a dress from a friend


Ripened dates


Riding bicycles


Rain on trees

Raw steaks

Riding on giant tiger

Rotating in air

Red lace


Receiving gift from deceased relative

Rain drop

Rain water ear


Ruby ring

Releasing a red heart shaped ballon with my boss

Recording studio dream

Receiving money from a mad man

Ripped couch

Running and falling

Running away from a chicken chasing you

Red cross


Reaching out jesus

Riding in motorcycle that float

Receiving gift from dead person

Receiving gift from a dead man

Rooster in cage

Rolling carpet


Riding white horse

Remove a pie is

Ridind in a drum in water in a dream in islam

Reciting ayatul kursi

Running through a maze


Raining outside

Receiving new wrist watch

Running dreams


Raw minced meat


Rabbit doll

Received kolanut in dream the meaning

Red drumsticks

Rule of rose

Receiving quran as a gift

Receiving box full of quran as a gift

Repeating dreams

Receiving a guitar


Refrigerator door

Ringworm dreams


Realestate agent

Ringworm under feet


Read chick

Read baby birds

Receiving torn clothes

Reve coulev

Reve couleve

Roof gutter falling


Replacing door

Rape then abandoned

Reiceving a silver key

Red and black bangles

Repairing pot holes in a dream

Removing weeds from flowers

Reliving a moment

Rainbow face tattoo


Ridding a skateboard


Ridding a white horse

Red tongue in the dream


Red ants biting genital area

Ridding on horse

Red cloak

Ruyada tavsanin boynuna bindiginiek

Running from dead people

Rifle dream meaning


Running without cloth

Remarry ex husband

Receiving a blue notebook

Receiving cloth peg from a female friend

Ripped clothing

Reciting atul kursi

Reciting the quran



Ripped banana

Read out that my heart was fluttering

Relationship break up


Removing a stab injury from a boy atop a building


Red peppers


Running away from a mad man

Reading ayat ul kursi in the dream


Rubbing face with beard

Red, yellow, orange



Red dot in red circle

Reversing black to another person

Receiving a brooch from above


Rotten chuck fruit

Rosary from a dead relative

Receiving a scanner

Receiving a new scanner

Raw meat to cook

Red and sequins in dreams

Ripping head off

Returning to harbour

Receiving communion from pope francis


Red color bangle

Room filled with porcline china

Riding a bike passing a mute




Red wine spilling on a cream viat

Red face of a popular prophet

Running from a thick dark smoke

Rocket launcher




Removing thorns

Running into an ex

Roller stone

Ribbon on a plate

Reuniting with family

Retiual wash before prayer

Red saree in dream


Romance with road

Roasting meat

Resuraction day


Rusted nail

Red uniform

Rusty nail


Realizing cloth is torn in mosque



Rocket crash

Raw clay house in dream

Roza rasool in dream

Radish hunded eye

Red painted house

Rolling pin


River suddenly flowing

Rice in dustbin

Red flowers with stem

Riding toddler cycle

Riding in motorcycle

Reading a eulogy

Rally dream meaning

Riding on the bus

Removing a block

Round table with lazysusan

Rear ending a car

Rebuking a child playing wiťh chilli peper

Red fox

Red hourse

Ragged towels

Rose oil

Recieving roti in dream


Receiting ayatul kursi in dream

Rose quartz dusks


Reciting quran in dream

Rock falling on my head


Receiving diamond

Receiving herbal medivine

Running from a killer

Red pillow stains in dream

Red horse riding

Relatives doing business

Removing someone spear

Remove a welk

Removing a well


Roof destroyed

Rubber boat

Rainbow dream meaning

Raw meat and dead man in a dreams means

Receiving cooked rice from a prophetess

Reciting ayatul kursi in your dreams

Receiving parcel from a white man in a dream

Renewing vow

Ruin passport

Red ruby blinking

Red ruby

Recite holy quran

Receiving a check from work


Rubber band breaks

Receiving wrapper

Returning stolen goods


Rusty ring

Receiving full keg of kerosine and oil in dream

Robin hood painting

Rotten or spoil dates fruit


Rainbow snake

Road on fire

Roller skate key



Removing a wall

Red silhouette

Rock, golden leaf and a piece of paper with the name bob on it

Reciting aital kursi in dream

Relationships with younger woman

Running away from a hit man after witnessing a murder

Running away from fire

Running away from a building on fire

Raw beans

Relative involved in mob justice

Relative invoked in mob justice


Reading quran in the toile

Repairing ahouse

Received scholarship

Reading quran in dream

Receiving slipper from the dead

Released from prison

Reading in quran in dream

Rolling down a muddy pit

Radio control car

Rotten cashew fruits

Riding a horse in the house

Rejected by boys to get married

Reaching a good goal

Roasted yam in the dream

Recieving assalamualaikum


Red bangles dream

Reciting ayatul al kursi

Red riboon knot

Ripe nreadgtuit on tree

Reciting surah rahman

Repeated dream of white tree and leaves all white

Retarded girl



Ripe fruit

Redoing a door on chestnut street

Receive keys from the dead

Red erection

Recieving a medal




Ram person

Removing seeds out of a tamarind

Riding a scooter

Rat biting my elbow

Rain coat and rain hat

Receiving flowers from deceased

Reptile offspring

Reptile baby

Radio personality

Receiving fish as gift

Roasted cocoyams in dream

Reunited with a friend

Running away dream


Roasted fish

Receiving drugs

Returning from umarah

Reciting surah ikhlaas

Raw beaf

Rice under skin

Rhubarb dream interpretation

Reconciliation with quarelled sibling

Reconciliation with enemy

Running with a lighted torch

Reflection in multiple mirrors

Repenting in dream

Receiving money and giving out coin

Rat in house

Rabbit in house


Relative driving a convertible

Report with your name on it


Remove a periwinkle from its shell

Romance and doomsday

Raw sugar

Raw sugar and tamarind

Red mink coat


Rock slide on my family

Right ear

Red nailpolish

Rebelious children

Red colour bangles

Runing by hipoo

Receiving pulses and grams in dream

Red saree meaning

Recievung lettere in dream

Red colour

Releasing magpies birds

Releasing black and white birds

Red carpet on the walls in an attic


Rich food

Robot shapeshifter

Ruyada falci gormek

Running from wether storm

Ruby dream

Reading jummah in house

Roza rasol

Receiving a train ticket

Receivingbperfume from anbex

Running through mud

Reading surah



Running on road without cloths

Ring finger being broken

Red shawl

Rifle bayonet

Raped by a brother in law

Rubbing legs

Red new shoes for men

Read quran

Receiving a letter hand delivered


Rattlesnakes in a field

Reciting ayat ul kursi in dream


Recieving a large mirror as a gift

Recieving a large wooden mirror


Ride over a dog and kill it

Receiving a blank check from a friend

Roller coaster and tunnels


Rebuking someone in a dream

Robbing a bank and getting caught

Removing fat from body


Receiving a gift from the dead


Rewind image


Roman numeral 2

Receiving gemstones

Repair cuckoo clock

Raw turmeric in dream

Receiving a cheque in my dream

Roasting snake

Riding a unicycle

Reading nadeali


Rouza mubarak

Raw food

Returning stolen items to me

Returning stolen items

Rotten conch

Recieving donations in coins

Ramadan with dead ones


Reaching a dead end


Reciting holy quran

Reciting ayatul kursi in dream


Ruby rings

Reading kalimanbefore dying



Run out of chopstick

Running out of chopstick

Running in full moon

Rock slides and boulders

Red pulsating light

Rain storm and clouds

Receiving dry fish and fresh stockfish in dream

Red smoke

Robbery from shop

Reading glasses

Receiving money for ramadan

Recieving money in an envelope

Rubber sheet

Recked face



Red s

Reading your shahadat

Reviving business card

Repossession dream

Receiving holy quran

Remove cap

Red shoe

Red painted hand rail on staircase

Riding on a balloon


Riding in a mobile trailer


Robbers in my house




Reading allah hu akbar

Rain forrest

Rabbit hunt

Red old woman


Red black plaid

Removing belt

Receiving a gift from boyfriend of old clothes

Receiving gold

Ringworm on foot

Ring work. on foot dream

Red haired man


Running and others following you

Running away to hide

Receiving betel leave

Raphael dream interpretation

Rescuing and training dogs

Railway track


Rabbit with a broken foot

Roman numeral five five times

Resign from old job

Reciting surah rahmaan

Roulette dreamer

Red meat and chicken for late grand mother

Red soil dream meaning


Red stallion with red eyes


Rebuilding a rocking horse

Red chillies



Reading a newspaper with a friend

Roman numeral x


Raw meat of humans after world destruction

Red horse running away


Ring theft


Red panda

Royal fluch



Raven building nest

Rubik cube

Raw termaric

Running from heavy flooding

Rain interring the house

Rain flooding

Receiving used clothes

Received holy communion in dream


Raw meet


Reading salah in the dream

Riding a bicycle in a dream means what

Roast beef

Read surah fatiha

Receiving a watch from the dead

Rare old book


Raining on you

Relative going to hajj

Round table with deceased friend

Rice bucket


Red bangles in dream

Religious figure

Red hair dryer in dream

Received call

Receiving a letter from a dead man

Running from

Rolling down a hill

Red wig

Rainbow made of glass

Running off a cliff

Riding a donkey

Rain falling on someone

Rough sea water

Recording studio

Running from baphomet

Rotten red chilli

Ruining plants

Rat in oven bowl

Rat in kitchen oven

Rat in kitchen

Running bride and groom

Riding in car with deceased

Rocky road

Reciting lailaha illa anta

Receiving gold in dream

Relay racing


Raw dough

Rüyada nakışlı çarşaf takımı gormek ıslak


Rain shower

Replanting arum lilly plant

Rainbow colors

Reading durood tunjeena

Red scorpio following

Recovery stolen items from a thief

Right hand cut

Rough waters

Reading books



Rebuking some one in a dream

River with no water

River has no watet

Rickshaw accident in dream

Reconciliation dream means

Rich friends

Reconciliation with my ex husband &father inlaw

Riding a yellow school bus

Rank one

Running hot water

Running from an old woman in a wheelchair trying to kill me

Renting a house and tenant unable to pay rentals

Rent house and tenant unable to rentals

Recived a bag from a deceased

Receiving bag from a deceased

Roastin yam in the dream mean what

Rabbits multiplying then escaping


Rid a sportd car


Red ribbons

Rooster without its head

Running on sand

Rose white

Receiving prayer mats

Red bull

Razor bumps in head

Red school chair

Renting jewellery

Robbed of engagement ring



Received clothes

Red beets and its roots


Red rice

Red roce

Receiving a cup of water

Ripe palm fruit meaning

Rocking baby in arms

Release birds

Reciting aayatul kursi

Rubber boots

Removing eyes

Reversed dress

Rising sea water

Rising see water

Robbery of gold in house

Red bangles in my dream

Rainy season

Ripe tomatoes

Receding waters


Road choice turn either left or right

Rotten apple

Red rose and red cross on a white seat or chair

Relatives belly cut open

Receiving flowers

Removal clothes

Receiving stone gift from unknown person contains original diamonds

Remnant food

Red plate meaning


Rainstorm outside a glass building

Recess at different school


Roasting chicken


Removing hijab

Receiving first aide

Rats in your house


Receving gift as expensive saree

Romoving jigger in my toes means what

Rough ocean waves

Rough 0cean waves

Removing of a tooth


Rotten food

Receiving money from your uncle

Receiving money not from your uncle

Rain leaked in house

Red horses

Room filled with water

Room of water

Rustic iron

Ritual bath in a dream

Ripped hymnal

Realistic dreams


Rabbits skelton

Red tofee apple syrup

Rotten jackfruit with bunch of furry caterpillars

Raining mountain lions

Ripping shirts

Rüyada kaz görmek

Red horse in dream

Receiving some new dollar bills of small values

Reacurring dream of working with the same person

Rose water dream

Raised high up by a biting dog

Raised into the air high

Red gemstones

Remove eyeglasses


Receiving jewelry



Red scarf

Reciting sura ikhlaas

Running in circles

Raw uncooked bluey meat

Red cross on someone

Rope around waist

Riding bicycle tire blows out

Rape sister


Rice in the bags

Riding on a flying horse

Receiving money from a dead person


Red whistle

Raging sea

Reviving a dead cock to life

Reviving a dead cock to lifed


Rick charles hogg bio

Removing a blade inside my mouth

Running naked

Rope with circle of wood attatched

Riverside walking


Returns of old clothes to me

Receiving sweets as a gift in dreams

Ripe pear

Running away from friend

Rejoining your sports yeam

Red pearl in the field

Rolling skate

Riding polar bear

Riding on flying carpet

Receiving a gift i didnt expect

Reshape clay pot

Raw pork


Receiving insence

Running a marathon with my sister

Riding a lion

Received gift of plantain from my dead grandmother

Receiving lightening on hand

Ripping off toenails

Reciting kali make before someone dies


Raped by men


Radiant hand

Roasting palm kernel in the dream means

Ran out of crazy person


Rotten milk

Removing items from head

Rayven justice



Ring with large black stone

Red string


Recive for someone lots of coconut and almonnd



Raid in a home

Red sun

Rotting body

Red hair mannequin

Red hair on doll

Riding a hidden taxi with passenger and suddenly try to break road low. car acciednt occures and after i saw some one on the electric lines who died

Running in cornfield

Running race

Reliving choice same outcome

Reliving a choice i made with same outcome

Red colour garment for bride

Reading namaz

Receiving gift of finger rings

Reading aytul kursi

Refund dream


Right leg cut

Raining on grave

Riding elephant

Rocks for construction

Receiving a cjeque


Rolling dough

Receiving a cheque

Roster meat

Relationship with a boy

Receiving award

Red scarves

Rain water flooded

Realising a frog

Red bangles given by loved ones

Red fish in a sardine can

Receive cash

Raw rice

Raw beef

Raw mango

Ruqya on a sick person

River flowing

Rice eating

Radio burns

Radio burning

Ring getting engaged


Rodents attacking

Removing spider cobweb

Red velvet cake

Rasool allah

Rainfall in macca

Receiving property

Receiving a property for cheap from someone

Robbery in home

Releasing lot of shit

Raw salmon

Receiving silver key

Rottern teeth

Right hand got burn from a stove

Reading darood

Red spots

Red dog

Raw vegetables

Roman numeral v

Red parrot

Recieving a red flower from men

Raw meat blood

Reciting ayat al kursi

Reciting ayal

Reciting inna lila



Receiving checks from u.s president

Removing cysts


Relatives house

Ram with fire on the head

Rob bank

Removing shrimps from toes

Rainbow at night

Receiving clothes from mother

Removing hair

Reciting ayat kursi

Red dress burial

Running and wining

Relative have a stroke

Removing insects from hands

Rejection due to other issues

Reciting hayat al kursi

Reciting surah yaseen

Running away from goons


Reving car

Retaliation with a person


Running rats

Red dry chillies

Repair car

Ride damaged

Right hand chopped

Red bra

Receiving food from children

Reciting ayut al kursi

Red barbie doll boots

Reciting surah faitha

Recitation of surat lahab in sleep

Robbers entering my house and then leaving without robbing

Robbers entering the garden of my house

Rubbing makeup


Round and round

Red chilli plant

Reading kalimah

Reading kalimantan

Red chura

Reptile hold my leg

Reacting surah yaseen

Ring lost



Running from police

Ripped condom

Rashes in baby

Received gifts

Red pillow

Returning clothes

Receiving clothes

Red bridal dress

Red cubes

Ridding a muel

Raw cassava given to me

Red ink on skin

Refrigerator moving by itself


Rubber band


Raft on waterslide

Rag doll cat

Reaching for help

Retrieve a dagger from snake pit then use it to kill attacking wolf


Removing your slippers in a dream

Rolling clouds of smoke

Rent a house

Receining a check

Running in a biathalon race

Receiving pearls in my dreams


Rooster been sacrificed

Runnin away

Remove white heads dream meaning

Roof shingles

Remove ear wax

Ring in a finger

Riding in a moving car

Ruby slipper

Removing life support from hospital bed

Rhythm strip

Ruin volleyball

Religious feast procession

Running from serial killer

Receive envelope

Rubbing oil on your body in the dream means what?

Riding on sand

Riding in sand

Riding snowmobile

Railroad ties being thrown.

Red wagon


Receiving a shoebox




Rising from dead

Ruby stone

Red pots

Red squid tattoo on hand

Reading sura yaseen

Red beads bracelet

Rain falling

Reviving a purple orb




Raw pottery

Red oil of palm

Red sun rising

Rescuing others in a bush fire

Ridge gourd plucking in dream

Receiving a message



Racing to something

Receiving new saree in dream

Receiving saree

Running to something

Rain salt

Red stallion

Receiving mango fruit

Receiving a blank cheque

Running alone to something

Rotten bread

Rusted pole

Receiving a gold sovreign ring from a deceased family member

Red cross in a dream


Running through a forest

Round atone table

Razor shaver

Running naked as a protest

Red horse head

Rebuking a demon

Red pillows



Reaping money on a tree

Remembering i am married

Ranch dressing

Riding a motorcycle with no helmet

Romance with your ex

Rainbow fish


Red horse meaning


Remove head lice

Rosemary a woman

Raw chicken meat

Read ramayana in dream

Receiving a kiss

Rich man and his maid

Removing earwax in my ears meaning

Reading right to left

Reading left to right

Receiving mysterious box

Recovery from illness

Rust carpet

Reciving a gift from a dead person

Roll of toilet paper sitting on an orange work cone

Red eye on forehead after clearing pus

Rejecting baby gift from a stranger

Receiving baby cloths from a stranger in your dream

Relationship ending

Reading kalmas in dreams meaning



Removing head lice

Red sport car

Receive betel leaf and nuts

Roti bread

Roti chapati

Rats 0n prayer mat

Raw meat eating

Run away

Red bathrobe

Rail track

Runway models

Receiving kolanut from someone in a dream

Receiving tasbeeh


Repair a chair

Rinsing clothes

Red eyed male

Red eyed boy

Recieving gift

Red spear

Red and white

Red apples

Running slowly

Removing eye makeup

Repairing eye glasses

Rain turning into a flood

Robbers robbed your radio

Running out of car fuel

Riding in a boat and sink

Red powder chillies

Red neck

Rash on neck


Reading surah al mulk

Riding blue car

Roof falling

Received a check

Red color dress



Ring worms

Relesed from prison


Reading love letter

Reed flute

Radio playing

Race losing

Rubber bands

Reading someones status

Royal blue dress

Red wedding clothes

Red wedding dress

Ripe papayas

Receiving 5 green grapes

Removing and throwing out gold ring from her finger

Roman numerials

Removed my wedding ring

Rolls of toilet paper

Rukun yamani

Ring with swords and knives on it

Rap music

Race dreams meaning

Recieving gifts from someone you know and your opening tgem

Rolls of money

Receive cake from a dead person

Relation with husband

Ring crumbling

Rising dead people dream meaning

Rose quartz dream

Receiving many gifts




Right eye blinking

Ramcharitmanas in dreams

Running errands for a relative

Rose tattoo on a horse

Rescue from vampire

Receiving from the dead

Reape by dad


Relative in an accident

Red velvet beautiful dress

Runaway white horses

Runaway white horse


Reciting surah al qamar

Riding hyena

Rising dead

Removing rust

Rose quartz in dreams


Roasted chickens

Ripe plums

Red traffic lights

Removing a long hair from my clothes

Rice pudding


Redhair dream meaning

Red truck full of bricks

Rubber band dream meaning

Running up escalator


Receiving gift

Red dand

Reviving a watche gift

Running away from the solders


Receiving a shirt as a gift


Returning a gift

Running on treadmill

Ripe coffee

Rubber band around something

Riding on a lions back

Red horse in church

Rising flood water

Reciting quaran


Race car

Race car driving

Reciting kalimah

Running to save my daughter from bad people

Removed root in a dream

Running horse

Receiving a handkerchief

Receiving check in a dream

Receiving money from the dead in the dream

Receiving a promise

Receving many rose quartz

Red and yellow collage of pornographic body parts

Reciting fatiha

Rod of moses

Red blanket dream

Refrigerator flying

Rubber duck

Red birds on large backyard tree

Runny nose that doesnt stop running

Rescue child from flood

Reincarnation as a tortoise

Riding a motorbike

Rockets crashing

Renting a house



Receiving a crow as a gift

Rain and water logging

Rainfall upto the neck with overflowing gutter

Reading quran and conquring demons

Refusing to take an oath

Rescuing small dog from muddy fountain with alligator


Red stairs in the sky


Running from a man with scissors


Rotten floors

Receiving a signet ring in a dream

Running late orgasm

Racing then flying

Rats running after me

Read pig

Red powder

Rear view mirror

Rescueing people

Remarriage to spouse

Red blouse with holes in dream

Raw hamburger

Repair shoes dream

Returning home

Rain in the house

Rubbing hair cream

Recieving instructions about body stance at swimming pool

Recieving verbal lesson from swim instructor

Ring on myhand

Rings gold


Recieving a pen and note book in a dream

Recieving a fake money

Removing of thorns from someone

Red haired baby

Red canoe

Rusty pipes

Recieving a white rosary

Receiving a phone number from a stranger

Roll of tape

Robes in a church


Rocky slippery pathway

Roof collapse

Robe of righteousness

Running from indians

Running for indians

Running with people

Rabbit number

Red glove

Rising of two suns

Rope fix on wall - dream interpretation

Rope tied within the house

Rope tied within the house and clothes hanging on it

Read car

Rescued a baby

Received cheque from my pastor

Rubie gems means

Ring worm

Received gift

Receiving a blue sweater

Red necks in dreams


Red ants

Running from deep water

Reciting surah kahaf

Reflection of moon

Recruiting surah yaseen

Rain and sound of thunder

Removing skin

Reciting quran to jinn in bathroom

Riding a horse in a meadow

Room lights

Rugs not drugs

Receiving a call for money

Receiving a lottery call

Read writing

Receiving lots of perfume

Restorations car

Red curtains



Reading someone diary his git

Rocks turning into witches

Roasting yam in a dream mean?



Reoccurring man

Reoccurring person

Reoccurring man in dream

Reciving red roses


Rolled bundle

Running from a whitch

Running in darkness, being called upon to heal




Removing of plaster of paris from leg

Red toga


Red passport

Removing squid eyes

Riding on ship with huge waves

Ripe fruits

Rotting carcass

Roti in dream

Ring outside the door

Red eye shadow man

Recurring dream of a same person

Running away and hiding

Ripe jackfruit at tree


Running behind a pickup truck

Running from a dead man and he would not stop following me

Running nose


Receiving food

Recitation of sourat al fathia

Riding on a pig


Religious places

Rusty cars

Relishing coconut and peanut pudding


Rejected by my love

Red sign with bright lights winner

Red finger nails

Receicing note money

Ruined party

Red and blue duvet

Rebuking satan


Room fall over me

Rain and thunderstorm sound


Received silver bowl

Receiving red cloth

Repair florescent light in my dream

Rope of web

Reading janaza salaah for a known dead person

Reading to others in dream

Removing blackheads

Running on the road with friends

Running on the road and lots of shit onthat road

Running on the road is full of shit


Received fake gold necklace

Repairing a truck

Reading wazifa

Red light at end of tunnal

Rollercoaster ride





Receiving gold from the dead


Receiving a bunch of flowering herbs

Receiving a bunch of beautiful herbs

Rain water gushing into room

Red clothes


Removing ear wax from my ear


Riding a polar bear

Riding in the backseat

Receipt for flowers

Receiving a massage

Red chiiles

Red rose without thorns

Red rose plants in dream

Rain of sand

Repairing pitholes

Recieving congratulations in dream

Roast human


Removing earwax


Raw rangoli



Radio scanner

Reciting surah

Running after moving truck

Right nostril running and then blowing balloons and other things out of it

Rose plant

Romantic man


Ruti making

Riding a tricycle with my relatives

Renting a suite within a house

Reading paper

Reading from paper

Reuniting with a friend

Running my fingers through a mans hair

Red crab

Rice pot

Rice cooker

Receiving a letter

Riding a horse



Receiving letter



Received bag as a gift

Rickety chair

Recieve white toga means

Received a message from friend that said they were leaving

Recital salah

Roman numeral

Running away from home

Razor in mouth

Red eye from crush


Rats running around


River bank

Road disappear

Ripe mango in a dream



Recieving empty vaulet

Rhubarb growing and a glass house

Record music



Rock wall

Red ear

Reciting alhamdu surah and performing salah

Resisting but also enjoying sandstorm

Rain oil


Receiving an oral sex

Red face

Red moon eclipse


Rat bite

Raw prepackaged chicken legs falling out the bag

Reading religious book



Red eye with blood

Receiving feathers

Red coth with people sitting on it

Rabbits white and black starving and thirsty

Runny poop

Red leaves

Returning borrowed minry

Recieving sari

Rice balls

Roasted chicken

Rescuing baby from drowning

Reading bible

Ref sand coming for me

Rasta man

Ripped walls

Running into a bright light mean

Running away from enemy


Rechargeable batteries

Reciting shakespeare

Rotten flesh

Right leg paralzed

Received money

Rain of snakes

Red candles with a flame on a clock

Riding a unicycle to work

Region president

Red velvet skirt

Running from someone



Reciving a love letter


Rubbing oil in hair

Reaching goal

Relation with father

Red skirt

Ripe sugar apples

Riding on a lion

Running with a man

Rope unraveling

Renovate house

Rolling on the clay


Red plastic hat

Red hat, given

Red hat givem

Rough river

Royal baby boy

Recharging card in the dream meaning

Riding on a donkey

Running lambs

Receiving a gift from the president

Ring of solomon in dream

Roler skating in my dream

Receiving flowers from the dead


Rain in dream

Replacing an old rug

Recieving a gift

Recently deceased mother

Riding in a jeep in the dream means what

Red lavender

Running down the stair with friend

Rubbing oil to hair to deseased mother in dream

Resort suite

Removing a thorn

Repairing potholes in road

Removing headline


Rain of pennies


Re occur



Runing shoes

Ritualist dream

Railroad ties being thrown

Red seman

Roman numerals in a.dream

Roman numerals in a dream

Ripe and unripe olives

Red mustang convertible

Red priest

Red shirt

Red clothing

Recreational center

Red berries

Red chilli powder throwing on face


Riding while eating


Red lingerie

Red and pink is dereear

Red lkungrie

Relay dream

Retaining a safety deposit box

Religious urn

Red ants dream meaning

Receiving paper money


Ruin castle

Recycling can

Raw egg with white cooked rice

Reunion of high school

Receiving three oysters

Radish,boyfriend with his friends,new cups

Receiving quran as gift

Received money and gave to mother

Receiving wrist watch

Ripped coat

Room i don’t enter

Rolling chair

Red roses blooming in winter

Ramp models

Road trip with family

Red islamic dream

Red makeup

Right foot

Riding cycle


Rent a house in a dream means

Rings of energy

Rectangular dining table

Removing dead body clothes

Red bandana

Religious person

Rubby neclace

Rubbing oil in your own hair

Ran a red light



Rain putting out a flame



Rose gold


Ripped paper


Redhair person



Receiving two red rose

Red blood

Riding in bicycle

Reaper sword

Root of a tree

Rose perfume

Restaurant going out of business

Red bowtie

Receiving a pearl necklace from a deceased woman

Receiving a pearl necklace from woman


Red horse in an orgy



Reving a baby

Round coffee table

Receiving a bunch of black grapes from god

Receiving black bunch of grapes in god hands

Reading a science book


Recreational vehicles

Recreational vehicle

Ragged shoes


Room of a genius

Refund mean in dream



Rash on skin



Receiving gift that is purple from a dead person

Riding a helicopter

Rennovate a house


Rice dream meaning

Rice dream meaninv


Red robe

Red robes

Riding under semi trailor

Range rover dream

Roti being cooked

Removel of lunar eclipse

Rock and roll

Rock band

Raspberry image

Raspberry dream

Ruler son

Restrained movement, speech, vision of death

Removing gold from hand

Razor blades

Road construction

Red cows

Riding spaceship

Ripp uo

Renuation of masjid nabiwi

Riding on a white horse

Riding on a white house


Receiving soup to be served

Reading the cosmopolitan magazine

Raw vegtables

Resume dream

Remove glasses

Rats dead

Rats in dream


Removing dress

Removing pants

Receiving a white envelope

Ring up my nose

Receive surprise gift of palm oil in a dream

Rattle snakes

Room is spinning


Religious figurins

Religious figures little status

Rotten board

Racing mice



Rolling marijuana

Relation with significant others mom



Riding in the cab with same sex


Rouhg hair

Roof fall in drsam

Roasted nuts

Right side of head covered

Revolving door

Reading quran inside a grave


Resignation from a job

Rusty axe spinning

Reciting quiranic verses

Reciting quiran

Rat bones

Rapper material

Reliving your spouses time in icu before they died

Red rose in a dream

Red bow tie

Rising swimming pool

Removing spiderwebs

Red sunrise

Riding on lion

Resign but change minc

Removing webs

Rubbing chest



Returning to ex husband


Room no window

Red overalls

Rabbies dog bite my neck


Rose hip

Rooms changing

Reciting laholwalakuwata

Run someone over

Repairing house



Red slipper

Ripping hair out

Running car in closed garage

Red plant

Red and green

Red flower or vegetable

Restrained in my dream

Read banner with name on it

Read banner with name

Rabbit tied up

Random footprints in a dream

Receiving pruning shears

Receiving lost pruning shears

Rice a roni

Rattlesnake and a fox

Running away from parent

Rain forest

Rust dream meaning

Red horse raring up

Rose quartz with a cross

Recieving a kiss on the lips

Red pencil

Rose bouquet

Running down a long hallway of double doors

Running down a corridor of double doors

Robe in church

Receiving a book as a gift

Running through pastures

Red box gift with key

Rubbing my stomach with the semens or sperms on my stamach

River sand

Robbers with guns after me


Raid by police in dreams

Rêver de la même personne

Red dishes

Ring with orange stone

Running towards a canyon

Raw chicken leg quarters

Ridinng a brown horse

Re death of deceased son




Relative naked

Removing a splinter from your foot


Riding bike

Red candy

Ramzan month sehri

Rocky roads

Running on small path


Receiving an apple from a dead relative

Red chilli powder dream

Red eyed goat


Red envelope

Red envrlope

Red curtain

Royal guard

Rêve de pédicure

Remote controlled car

Radiation burns

Receive taro


Red horse with white mane

Rêver de tuer une dinde


Rescue a child

Rever de manger du jujube

Rastafarian man


Running up stairs

Red kitchen

Recieving fake money

Recycling aluminum

Role model

Rich man

Rich person

Riding lion

Rooster foot


Recevoir un cheque

Rescuing a baby

Rescuing a baby in the ocean

Red lime on a tree

Red braces


Real estate

River water rapid


Radha krishna

Red light bulb exploding

River water

Running aground

Riding in jeep vihickle

Rubber ducks

Restaurant what does dreaming of being in a restaurant mean?

Rüyada elma görmek

Rushing into a room in a flannel blanket

Rüyamda kırmızı kazak yesil oldu


Rüyamda evi uçtugunu bizde içindeydik

Riding a horse on ice

Recieve check books blank checks

Repairing furniture

Red skies


Ring made of diamond

Roaches poor

Receive tasbih

Resurrection of dead father

Received notebook

Red yin yang

Reading a script

Red fruit


Receiving fresh nutmegs

Running but not fast

Riding in a fighter jet

Recieving seeds


Red and white colors together

Red white flag

Rat droppings

Riding a bike on wire

Red spider

Red insects


Receiving seeds

Red bitter gourd




Receiving gift from chinese couple

Roses and fire

Roses bursting in flames

Red, orange and yellow painted rocks

River dollhin

Red glowing eyes in man

Recovering from stitches in hospital

Rubbish bin

Red sweater

Red pam oil

Receive money

Running dogs

River waves

Remodel house

Right wrist pain

Riding with a co worker, get into an accident and die

Rising flood waters

Red and pink

Rat excrement

Receive check for \$85

Receiving i love you letter

Ridingvin a red wagon

Running to save someone

Relationship with a non muslim

Running cornfield

Rain in a dream means what?

Retarded husband

Red cloth

Red thread on ankle

Red sores on someone


Returning ticket

Returning ticket after missing train

Receiving a pen

Raining hali

Running away from snake

Rosary and candle

Red purse as a gift

Red hair meaning

Roasting yam in a dream means what

Rising sun

Roof of mouth

Runaway caravan


Ran over a fire hydrant

Ruda plant

Rot root

Running on train tracks


Royal blue

Riding on a big boat with many people

Room self destructing

Reciting lahol wala kuwata

Removing bar soap in a dream

Reaping irish potatoes

Repelling down a wall

Rude secretary

Ripping my heart out of my chest

Ripping my heart out in my dream


Removing eye glasses

Ringworms appearing on someone

Rotten fruit

Refridgeertator fruit

Rotten fruit in fridge

Rising from death



Running groom

Reaching up

Red orange

Reading in bathroom kuran same one

Removing wedding ring



Removing cocoa from the cocoa shell

Receiving blessing from someone

Released from work


Rainbow fruit

Reading kalma

Rescue wheel

Rating fish

Running but not moving

Raining worms

Running from a tiger


Return stolen item to the owner

Rain gets into house

Rasta man in dream

Rescuing a mad woman

Receiving a cake from your dead mother

Running away from people

Rickety apartment


Reading surah nisaa

Receiving a thimble

Raining darkness with my brothers

Roots of plant

Receiving an airline ticket

Rain in my roof

Running away from a falling flying dragon


Reconciliation of friends

Running with a crowd in fear

Riding a motor with sweetheart

Roof breaking and water flowing into house


Reed wall

Reaccuring blue house

Reaccuring house in my dream


Receiving gold from a dead person

Reading the holy quran

Risking life for the president

Running for train


Reunion with friends and family

Running from police in park


Receiving silver necklace

Receiving tall suger cane

Running away from police

Racquet sport



Religious person coming home

Red carpet stairs doors tables coat hangers

Running after

Royal ble decor

Red swastika

Red marking

Returning home after running away

Ruler symbol

Riding keke nape

Riding like nape

Receiving a phone number

Right arm

Road split


Ray fish

Ripe grapes

Red badge

Riding a car

Robot arms

Running around naked


Root hairs

Relationship with younger man

Rope in dream

Reconstruction of building

Red tape sticky

Raing ashes

Rainbow trout


Random man

Repairmen made holes in roof

Roof off home

Robbers in my home

Running away from disaster

Rising waters

Reading soorah marriyam

Rabbit inside the house

Red redemptjon

Running from a house

Relative dying

Room of snakes

Red front door

Rob zombie

Receiving a flag from heaven

Red clover

Receiving gifts dress from ur dead father

Red kite

Rose quartz ring

Receiving advice

Red piggy bank

Razor wire

Rice bubble

Running from a bull


Refusing fruit

Running away from rats

Red chilies

Race pilot

Rice farm

Receiving things from sky

Red stamp

Red stamped envelop with surname on it




Rough water

Religious gathering


Rice field


Red stop light

Rise up to the sky


Riding on a motorcycle

Raining inside home

Rear end

Roti nurnt

Running belly

Row for prayer

Rabbi baba sali

Raining scropions

Ring big

Racking leaves

Rattle snakes chasing me

Reading prayer

Reading namaj

Receiving oral from attractive, powerful, dominant man on a throne

Rings taken away get back

Road signs

Red cow

Remove girl who dive into water in a bridge

Receiving a call from boyfriend

Rescue marriage

Rock mountain

Riding in a flying van

Rain cloud

Reacieving checks

Red hair girl

Running happily


Ranging river

Roof of mouth falling

Receiving oral from an attractive powerful man


Red traffic light

Reading surah rahman

Ride on a ferry through rough sea

Reckless riding

Rubbing oil in the hair

Riding honda


Running from someone and they catch

Running, bear, water

Reading a book

Riding in a car

Red underwear

Riding a bus

Romantic, dam breaking, children playing

Ruby and gold

Ribs meaning

Receiving a text

Road crossing

Room in heat

Right leg

Running away from gorillas

Relation infidelity

Red and white stripes

Receiving new clothes

Roaches in closet

Roll of carpet

Riding white sheep

Ripe coffee beens


Receive check for $85

Recieving money frim dead

Reading tasbeh

Rob a store

Receiving a screwdriver


Resurrecting the dead in a dream

Raining on one side of bedroom


Rude to parents

Riding a steep slope by car

Recess assembly

Red raven

Red big pomegranate cut open in half

Recovering from a sickness

Rusty dentist instruments


Riding horse

Reptile people

Red kit in my teeth

Roots of tree

Ripe berrys

Rehab house

Rubbing oil on body


Raster man means what in a dream

Raster man means in a dream

Rice means