See a minister being given a check

Slapping others

Saving my crush

Searching for bookstore

Sick boyfriend

Someone passing out

Sea lion giving birth


Selling foods

Seeing a man covered in spots kneeling down with his hands raised


Skipping science class

Sandal wood powder give us by a woman means

Snake with diamond eyes

Sucking on boobs

Stick brushing

Someone dreaming in your dream

Seeing 2 owls my dead mother and a man with a mustache in the same dream

Sugarcane in a vision

Seeing my slipper being broken and am searching for its repair in shop

Sucking a penis in a dream

Seeing dry fish in the dream what is the meaning

Seeing dry fish in the dream what is the meaning

Swime race

Seeing someone else’s feces floating in a pool

Swollen bulging eye

Stooling with blood in a dream

Some speaking italian

Saw a dead father in the dream driving me

Sheep swan

Spring onion


Surah duqhan

Surah dukhan

Someone drowning

Spitting black slime

Seeing water turn red

Sun and moon side by side in evening sky

Shower in kitchen

Someone putting red holi on your face

Skating with one leg

Seeing many big grass cutter in the dream

School friend

Someone giving you a box of matches to light up something


Sex in front of people

Some one asking for water

Seeing an islamic scholar

Sweet potatoes

Someone complaining that i pray too much

Shadowy figure

Shadow figure in blizzard

Shank in dream means

Self naked in a dream husband wife

Someone giving saree

Seeing amla

Sea is dried up

Skin opens like fabric lid

Sick mom recovering

Stitches on ribs

Score a goal

Seeing brinjal plant in dreams

Spilled baking soda attracted hundreds of ants

Sweeping up thousands of ants

Someone slicing your eyelids in your dreams

Surah on sky


Swarm of gnats in a home around me

Sucking pussy

Sucking pusey

Saw bindi onmy forehead in dream

Seeing a pterodactyl

Swallowing rusty nail

Someone killed my cat



Selling oysters

Selling giant oysters

Smokey crystal necklace

Snake bago a

Setting fire

Staple going into my arm

Shapeless quartz crystal

Shapeless crystal

Sister in-law with other man

Someone gave me a unlock lock

Seeing bart in the dream

Safety from danger


Stabbed with nine

Stabbed in hand with knife

Skin peeling off face

Sugar cane

Sliding door almost falling

Sto.niño statue baby jesus statue moving

Sto.niño moving


Someone asked me for water

Splitbdried peas

Saving mom

Sex between a man and girl

Someone missing toes


Searching yogurt in dream

Sending through bluetooth

Strobe flashing lights

Spitting out a razor

Swarms of gnats

Shabby shoe

Slapping your ex

Seeing my daughter is taller than me


Scallion meaning in dream

Statue comes to life

Severed hands, not my own

Sheep intestine

Sheep waste

Snitched on pedophile and they tried to kill me

Seen cush in your dream

Swallowing moths

Seeing selroti by pregnancy

Scared about holi colours

Swallowing ring

See a bride

Seeing someone giving you cowries in the dream and you losin it

Shedding tears

Saw a dead wife

Stub meaning in dreams


Seduce a man by me in dream

Spiritual meaning of quarelling with aneighbour

Spiritual meaning o quarelling with aneighbuor

Someone telling you there is a peace around your house

Sky cracking

Sleeping under the shadow of a walnut tree

Sleeping in the shadow of a walnut tree

Seeing transgender

Slapping my butt

Someone spitting on me by mistake

Spitting on me by mistake

Sirens dark then blats of light

See jesus christ speak to me

Sand mountains

Sugar cane chewing

Sponge guard

Somthing pull me down from a mountain


Switch board

Seeing my father naked in a dream

Sick person recover meaning of dream

Seeing my late boss in the dream

Stuck with clone

Sleeping on a dry lake

Sleeping on a dry lakee

Someone offered me honey

Skinny bed

Small bed dream


Some one read ramayan in dream meaning

Someone gave lassi to me

Searching for bangles

Seeing melons in a dream

Snake with eggs

Step mother dream interpretation

Seeing an actor

Shelf stacking



Snake prints

Snake prints

Someone i know hanging flowers

Seeing your father nude

Seeing a moon disappear

Sailing to go and wash dirty clothes

Sailing to go and wash dirty clother

Sailing in the sea

Subduing tiger in the dream

Seeing a fringe

Someone having a crush on you

Somone having a crush

Scars from a surgery

Signature in dreams

Spaghetti coming out of vagina


Seeing grandnut oil in dream

Saw ursela get killed in dream

Search …black cars//

Search …dreams of putting on a ring//

Search …bath in mosque//

Sharing yam

Sharing yam in the hospital

Split peas

Stuffed toys

Stinging dragonfly

Skeletons in the ocean

Stationary shopping in dream

Sky full of stars

Smell of cinamon

Specific date an month in a dream

Sex with husband in the dream though he is far

Samp with vegetables in dream meaning

Seeing a lot of camphor in the dream indicates what

See someone sweatiing

Saree wearing

Spitting seeds from my mouth


Students were looking for me

See half brother

Silver bright new car

Stone pool

Stitch on my face

Six toes in dreams

Shouting at bff

Sitting on the ground

See my ex husband mistress in my dream

Sit and talk with the president

Seeing neem tree loaded with fruits in dream

Spinning trees

Sucking nipple lady

Sucking nipple other lady

Saw a hindu god which is against my religion

Spiders plants

Stiching eyes

Someone spit on my body in dream

Stiches on lefy hand


Shake hand

Seeing the driver of the bus

Some one leaving me property

Someone arranging dry banana leaves on floor ingnoring the fresh green banana leaves telling me the dry ones are more medicinal

Someone piercing nail in head and all over body

Sitting on the floor

School evacuation

Suya beans

Someone lady applying turmeric on her body

Someone appling turmeric paste on h

Soiled sanitary pads

Spanish prime ministers

Sweet potato

Seeing talking with president in dreams about the country

Skull crack

Swallow water and trying to jump in


Smokeing weed


Someone asked me did you get your briefcase

Shot by gun arm

St nazarene in dreams

Some masturbating

Seen green pillowcase in the dream meaning

Saw my mum an wife

Seeing a third eye in another person


Scoring goals in dreams

Seeing lola nut in the dream

Seen my own tombstone

Seeing gallions of groundnut oil in the dream

Safed urad ki dal khana

Someone destroyed something of mine

Someone taking something away from me

Seeing cashew apple fruit

Sea shore cemetery

Seashore with shells and sea cucumbers

Someone laying on top of me

Someone lying on top of me

Spill hot sause

Smelt newspaper burn

Spider half human

Slapping multiple people

Scottish terroir

Slit throat in dream

Serving wine in a dream

Seeing of fleas

Seeing lots of fleas

Shiny and new


Someone giving me a lot of money in dream

Searching for a washroom in an uncompleted building

Son wearing makeup

Swimming in a green ocean

Step father took mother house

Sto. nino image waving

Sto. nino picture frame moving

Skeleton in an aquarium

Selling used items

Seeing yourself licking black velvet tamarind in the dream

Seeing yourself licking black velvet tamarind in the dream

Seeing your mom in a dream washing clothes

Saw two women albinos talking to me were smiling on me

Sneak head

Sweeping church in the dream

Scape metal

Seeing akab in dream

Surgery on leg

Spider coming from ceiling in dream


Steriods injection

Stuck on waterbed


Sucking breast

Someone giving me black channe in my dream and i eat

Spell casting

Seeing a mother dock

Seeing a foreign president in a dream

Someone gives a black sandals

Sister in law giving money to me

Stolen same one phone

Seeing someone o d

Sun moon side by side of earth


Sanitary towel dream

Something breaking down

See through

Selling cassava

Seeing many cow and playing table tenis


Sucking breast in a dream


Strong icy rain watching from window

Sweet roti


Someone i knew prankcalled me

Someone paying lobola for me

Saving baby chicks


Still water after rainfall

Sinkhole apperaing

Sleeping maid

Seeing conqueror in dream

Surrounded by double headed people

Silver wrist watch

Spit in my hand

Spin in my palm

Splashed with water

Someone who recently died


Sick lion

Skin disease to lion

Stolen brooch

Spraying spider

Silver spraying spider

Sexual intercourse

Seeing ill person healthy

Snowball fight


Sex wife

Snakes tunge

Snake tunge kissing me

Snake tinge kissing me

Silk brocade dewam meaning

Silj brocade dewam meaning

Snakes entangled

Some steal your perfume

Seeing the kahba

Seeing school principal

Self portrait

Singing of national anthem

Someone else dreaming holes in my teeth

Sound of trumpet

Sound of lord trumpet

Someone was sweeping

Sleeping on bed with milk and honey

Silver bubble

Seeing a white woman in a dream

Shaking hands with a dead person

Someone dreamt my dead boyfriend went to ask for a piece of cake for me

Seeing a dead person in your dream

Shoe laces

Someone carrying cassava

Saving people from roof of building

Snake idol with 7 heads

Someone hid my shoe

Someone his my shoe

Somebody doing his laundry in my house

Stuck in a brothel

Sharing sugar cane

Scent of meat

Sitting in front seat in the church

Sitting in front seat

Snake with legs as a pet

Something hiding in grass

Small gold flag

Sun moon together

Splinter from finger is removed

Sun moon together in dream

Swampy place and a white room

Steeling sliver coins

Seeing my land lady in a dream

Someone collecting my sim

Someone close has a stroke

Seeing chura in dream

Serving husband food

Sucking a ripe mango

Shooting down birds

Starting a waitress job in a fancy restaurant but but everything stops me from being on time

Sanitary pads


Sea water power

Seeing kinner in dreams


See your father neked in dream

Standing on the top of a dustbin

Standing in a dustbin

Somebody give money

Someone show you muthi

Sweeping in the dream

Seeing gold glitter in dream

Sky full with stars

Shredded money

Seeing a family

Seeing a farm from far

Seeing a marriage

Seeing watches in the wall

Simease kitten

Simeade kitten

Strobe light in dreams

Some boy is sucking another girl boobs

Seeing chimpanzee in a dream meaning in islam

Sea turtles and ocean

Sea turtle egg hatching

Sea turtle

Suggestively cheering on sports on tv in a bar

Satu kata

Street market

Swelling face

Sex machine

Seeds dreams

Slug palm


Smoking cigarettes

Some one offers me palm wine in the dream


Strand of hair om nipple

Snake in drawer

Someone give me a bucket of cashew


Silver foil

Suck dick

Sweeping church

Small burrito

Shower sprays water, 3 different sprays, each shower spray in turn incrementally increases in water intensity and volume

Shower sprays water, 3 different sprays, each one incrementally increases in water intensity and volume

Shower sprays water


Strange baby

Sharing sweet bread

Scattered clothes

Snake statue in dream

Someone give a hair conditioner

Sshemales fucking young girls

Sapota friit

Someone giving you fake jewelry


Snake gift

Some one waving standing in a moving vehicle


Someone being childish

Sliding glass door

Somone stole my social security card

Shaking hands and not letting go




Standing on mud

Smell of leather in dream

Shooting men pursuing my wife



Sand stick on my sandals

Slaughtering a goat dream meaning

Spouse gossiping


Someone locks you in a room with an assailant



Sihinen labu welaka godak labu dekkoth

Sihinen labu welawa


Seeing god and doll and mother of perpetual help

Sleeping with a she she male in the dream

Stale breast milk in the dream

Seeing your old therapist

Strach neck

Sparrow kid

Stealing girlfriend

Stealing girlfirend

Seeing shemale as your child meaning

Semi truck accident

Seeing younger brother crying

Shower curtain

Sick bird

Saying jurasalem

Scratch neck

Stitches on chest

Selling food

Swallow a lid

Selling cooked food in the dream

Selling cooking food in the dream

Someone kills himself

Seeing drumstick in drem

Someone else getting heart surgery

Sharing clothes with family

Smoking cignarettes

Seeing a red chair no one sitting in it

Seeing a red chair no one in it then seeing the chair not red

Seeing a red chair no one in it then seeing not red no one in it

Stove on fire

Spilling pudding

Sucking penis dream


Sleeping with lover

Some one given silk saree in dream

Seeing my family members sad

Stumbling and getting up and seeing all my family and friends

Stranger kid dies

Stitches on the side head

Spilt vinegar

Staples feet

Star entering into an other star

Small plane crashing into water

Scabby bald rat that i cant catch

Sneak running after you

Soilrd bed sheets

Stringed necklace

Spiritual mom


Someone you love missing you

Seeing yougurt in dream

Seeing milk as yougurt

Seeing milk turned to paneer

Slapped butt

Someone giving you cashew in a dream

Snake running after you

Seeing a murder

Scary dream with girl in a white dress

Skateboard no wheels

Someone touching my bobbs

Suite case


Seeing your self in church

Steering a bus from top deck

Sould mate

Scoreboard numbers

Sad children

Son in-law

Sound that kills children

Swarm of deadly bugs

Shopping bag stolen

Snake suckling breast in the dream

Smothered by man with dark hair

Severing someones arm

String caught

Stranger grabbing breast in a dream

Selling food in the dream

Spiders in webs

Scratching a hole in your head


Straight metal wire

See a phoenix in my dreams who attack the leader of the temple

Skinny dipping with sluts


Soak away

Seeing hole under the ground meaning

Seeing hole under the ground

Stabbing a dog


Stitching cloth in a dream

Sharing ripe palm fruit

Smell burning oil

Smell burning plastic



Seeing many bitter kola in the dream

Seeing a slanted house

Slanted ground

Seeing many lanzones fruit

Slanted house


Seeing blood coming from head

Sun and moon in sky

Seeing ripe shea butter

Seeing my sister inlaws newborns in a dream

Sister inlaw smiling and asking me for forgiveness

Seeing statue of eagle

Sinkhole filled with water

Songs erased

Someone throwing balls up at me

Shooting yourself

Shooting myself

Swimming and floating in water


Spiritual healing


Sister became short in stature

Six pack

Secrets revealed

Secrets reveled

Sim card

Spinning plates

Sex with an older woman

Smoke coming out of houses

Spiritual gathering

Seeds in mouth

Solid wood

Seeing erosion

Someone coming out from the mist



Strap on

Samp dreams meaning

Silver fork


Someone stealing my pant, i was sleeping but open my eyes to rushing out the door

Seeing green mustard plant

Spilling my olive oil

Spilled cooking oil

Selling red palm oil in a dream

Spool of twine

Sto. niño and gold coins

Saw my friend become schizophrenic


Selling weed


Seeing human heads

Seeing raw meat

Steep escalators

Stolen cab

Sponge castle


Seeing a knee in a dream

Sucking my boyfriend penis meaning

Sex with transsexual

Sex with shemale

Seeing people in the dream eating sugar cane

Save an animal

Someone eating uncooked crayfish tail




Surf board

Seeing red sorrel in dream

Sitting at a table with sister

Shoe polishing

Sex with known dead person

Sex dream died real life

Sex with a man who has died in real life

Shrubs were spray painted blue

Staples in your staples in your mouth

Swiming pool



Snake and a hotdog

Someone else

Snake bite

Snake eating lizard

Swallowing money

Scent leaf dream


Seeing guavas in tree

Snake eating a snake

Seeing muthill not a dream

Stabbed in shoulder from back

Stealing and fetching firewood

Snake getting inside my virgina

Silver coin in envelope

Seeing my mom selling food in dream

Stolen matress

Selling food in dreams


Sapodilla tree

Shave ice dream meaning


Surrounded by snakes

Speaking to people

Spinning dance

Suitcase with dirty clothing

Smelling a deceased loved one

Sister pregnant in a dream

Shadow watching you sleep

Sirens going off

Shaved my pubic hair in a dream

Search …camel and daughter


Syfy scraper

Ski full of stars

Stuck on a ladder


Stain remover

Spike grains

Silky fabric


Swallowed thumbtack dream

Search …bath in mosque

Search … lion

Stepping kumkum in dream

Snakes around legs

Seeing a bottle of grand nut

Spider on ceiling

Seeing a black sheep in a dream



Sleeping with a family member



Screami and shout

Seen 2 starfishes

Seeing cocoyam in dream means

Sneaking car with boyfriend

Some one calling my name

Sister stabbing father

Seen jojoba

Sleeping with management

Sliver coin

Sleeping with the boss

Someone giving me traditional medicine

Sachate water

Sachate pure water

Sachate pure water in dream meaning

Smelling shoes

Shooting a horned goat

Smelling cherries

Smell cherries


Service ststion

Spiritual plants

Swollen elbow baby dream

Spouse cheatinng

Speaking softly

See-through clothing



Seven christmas wreaths

Seeing masjid nabvi

Seeing roza pak in dream

Someone smells your fart


See through clothes

Spilled white mealie meal


Someone read my diary

Sex with mother in the dream

Shards of glass appearing out of wrists

Sharp objects coming out of wrists

Steam from land


Snakes in graveyard dream interpretation meaning

Snakes in graveyard

Seeing a lightning

Score a goal hockey

Shrunk laundry

Seeing a dead wall gecko

Spilling a drink

Silver napkin

Selling part of my land


Stung by a wasp

Sliced ear

Stagnant water




Someone touching your breasts

Spots on skin

Shot intruder

Sleeping with your boyfriend

Shifting gear

School concession stand



Someone was walking on top of my coffin

Screen name

Stitches on forehead

Someone gave fishing hook as a gift to my daughter

Stealing paintings

Seeing a reflection of my belly thin

Sister cheating

Someone wanting to have sex with you

Selling boiled yams and stew in a dream is what

Selling boiled yams and stew

Seeing locust bean in dream

Stain in your clothes meaning


Sldream of touching the steam mist from fuming hot spring

Seventy dollars

Saving someone from falling off cliff


See a hymn book

Star design

Seeing wife masterbathing

Seeing shark attack

Seeing your about to get married with a older guy in dream



Shopping dresses

Seeing spikes

Strip the vine

Spare parts of goats like liver kidney

Silver paper clips

Snake bites

Silver pistol


Swallowing seed in dream islamic interpretation

Scrolling on my cell phone


Sauce made odd shimp

Somone handed me a dish of cole slaw

Self grave

Standing close to someone with a sewing machine and a needle

Seeing yourself as a nurse in dream

Selling wigs

Seeing yourself sitting close to sewing machine

Seen someone naked

Sleeping with boss


Strangers that are guides

Smell rotten fruit

Scary smile

Stock in a lift


Strip club

Someone giving me calabash

Small penis

Swing a grass cutter in dream

Search for teapot

Sand in a shoe

Searching for a lunchbox


Slapped lightly by deceased relative

Snakes skins

Slapped by deceased relative

Seeing paratha


Sunglasses on a table

Saw a kinner selling the nailpaints in street


Stuck in teeth

Seeing person with wife by the pool

Seeing and talking to your current president

See someone eating butternut in dream

Step father was beaten up badly

Social status

Seeing a jamun tree in a dream meaning

Shedding of snake skins

Suicide gun shot

Slot machine

Sex with a stranger

Semi truck crash

Standing in a pool of blood

Stomach knot

Sailing a boat

Sacrificing birds

Surah hud written in quran

Sweet dish

Stuck in a stone building surrounded by water feeling sad looking into a mirror with daughter

Stone building surrounded by water feeling sad looking into a mirror with daughter


Seeing too many jalebis

Shadow girl/small cot

Spirit coming out of me

Shaking hands with dead friend wearing glove

Spiritual meaning of picking white cowries in a dream

Sister dead



Sachet water dream

Stabber cow

Slaughtering a sheep dream meaning

Seeing moringa leaves in a dream

Slave bracelet

Sloppy food

Stitches hand


Stuck in a lift

Someone cooks fish

Stranger dream interpretation

Someone scratched my head

Short bangs on others

Spiritual meaning of traffic light

Sleeping on a cliff


Sleeping dogs

Small animals

Stolen tires


Seeing red bsngles in dream meaning

See matches


Sura tagabun

Sweet smelling flowers is in my heart

Saying the hail mary

Sore that drains alot on clearfuild

Stripping naked

Shirt with no bra in public

Someone tanned

Smell of coffee beans

Shaving very hairy legs

Sex in water

Shower sex dream

Silver key means in a dream

Snake going into my vagina

Seeing yousel with a frien walking passing by muddy street water

Sold car

Slaughterd lamb

Someone having a seizure

Single match box is not open

Single match box

Seeing statue of birds

Stitches in my face

Somebody gave a nipa hut

Safety pin

Someone is lying over you on top

Someone give you a lot of money

Sexual assaul

Skull dream

Sprinkles on the ground

Seeing custard apples in dream

Sterling silver turquoise ring

Saw fruits on trees

Saw ex husband vomited

Saw my ex husband vomited

Saw your ex husband vomiting


Shivering cold

Someone else wearing wig

Seeing a version of myself with a lot of plastic surgery


Son killed a bird

Sprouted seeds

Selling food flask in d dream

Soil emty handi broken


Seeing red oil flowing in the dream

Saw 2 aluminum ladder on the wall

Someone took me to a park where they talked to someone spiritual and left me

Sex younger men

Sex with younger men

Seeing radhakrishna statue in the dream

Some one sucking your breast

Seeing dog meat

Saw plucking bitter gourd

Sweater with holes

Selling coal


Shooting at someone but misses

Someone telling dreamer he needs to answer 3 questions in court

Someone on motorcycle

Seagulls blocking path

Seeing my father naked

Sliding down a high slope

Someone spitting in you

Selling vegetable in the market

Someone stealing pants

Sleeping ag

Seeing double of my mum in my dream, but one was older

Silver dimes in dreams

Someone is trying to kill you

Sailing on a boat

Seeing people dance

Son as old man

Someone stole my license in my dream

Seeing a lot of slugs hunged on the line meanong

Shooting people in the dream

Stoling mobile phone and hacked in dream


Sea shells in your car with people

Sobbing as deceased person runs away with my daughter

Smiling man in dreams

Seeing dried crayfish in the dream

Someone gave me handful of kola in my dream


Someone gave me handful of kola

Someone being fake

Snake bite in mouth

See governor in a dream


Stealing hankershiefs

See braai meat in dream

Sewing needle in elbow joint taken out

Spoon next to fork

Split spoon

Skin diseases dream means what?

Some one disappeared

Someone being sick

Snakes comes out your body from vagina

Sweet potatoes in a dream

Stealing flowers by others

Steps in staircase

Steps in a staircase

See berets on the roof

Sister kissing brother dream interpretation

Shooting your spouse

Sudden appearance

Sudden appearence

Seeing mangalamuki in dream

Silver sword

Seen planting sugar cane in the dream

She male


Sexual penetration

Searching for a loved one

Sucking penis

Sister n law has twins

Sister n lawhas twins

Snow everywhere

Seeing ants in your purses


Skinning deer


Stop lights

Suffocating vines

Sustained flooding of biblical proportions

Stove silver

Silver in the stove

Snake bite and died

See my brother wife in dream

Sleeping peaceful on sand

Shaman with me meditating at camp fire with entire family hovering around

Seeing my dead mother and her living sister driving in two different cars on parallel highways going the same way

Single white crocus

Swallow razor blade


Sucking nipple

Sex without consent

Snake biting leg

Sweet potato dream

Sweet potato crop

Seeing porridge seller

Somebody giving you a puppy

Someone carrying you in a dream

Standing under a big banyan tree

Suspended over a stream

Seeing a burningphone in the dream

Sex with sister know

Sleeping monk see in the dream

Somebody likes me

Stew cooking

Son catches a dove

Sense of harm

Secret living space

Snake crawling into my vagina


Sibling dying


Swallowing ink

Selling chinchin in dream means

Serselling chinchin in dream means

Surgery girl

Surgery, temple, girl fancy



Sitting in red water

Socks with flipflops

Swing on a swing set

Search if in your dreams you are naked


Silver truck

Someone has died

Salty taste in mouth


Sto niño image i dream

Split ends

See my brothers wife in dream

Seeing my wife kissing anot her woman

Sleeping with strenger

Seeing batel leaf in dream

Sleeping next to an known man

Successful escape when someone is trying to hunt you down

School swimming carnival


Someone you know well, touches presses her breast on you

Seeing yr own grave

South wind

Spiritual meaning of taking vaccination in the dream

Snake and goat

Selling black pot

Someone spit in my hands

Seeing yourself in dirty clothes and unhygienic state

See a person teeth in a dream meaning

Smelly farts

Same dream second time

Sitting on big car

Sporting event

Seeing my car twice

Sprits ghost


Selling bubbles

Sting ray under bed

Snakes in a pool

Skinned cows

Someone cant hear you

Stabbing eye socket

Sister of my boyfriend


Shouting god name

Seeing the person who past on long time ago washing dishes in your home

Seen someone mastubate


Someone washing my feet in the dream

Saw fresh squid in the market

Saw a lot of fresh squid in the market


Silver platters


Sleep paralysis

Spook hanging over the bed

Spook hanging over the. ed

Stranger naked

Sesame seeds in the bible

Stomach cut open

Stabbed 2 people

Standing at doorway of house knocking to get in

Standing at a door

Someone setting fire on another persons coalpot

Sleeping outside

Slashing someone 3

Slashing someone

Something put up my anus

Swirling water

Stop sign

Sexual assult

Secret room in house

Shaved dog mean

See someone you know and like but nothing happens

Sweeping in the church mean what

Sex trade

Selling sachet water in the dream

Seeing convoy in the dream

Splitting back of pants


Someone gave me sugarcane



Seeing cowries

Sister getting married to a younger man

Someone is sucking my fingers fondly in my dream

Seeing headmaster in a dream

Summon someone to court

Skull and x

Sim card in my dream

Strawberry smell

Something on my hands

Spilled into my hands

Sweeping the floors outside


Sto niño crying

Someone standing of me in bed

Shack with pc gamers

Seeing all dead relatives and trying to give me a breadfruit

Stroking a horse

Seeing dead father laying naked next to you

Seeing dead father laying next to you

Sign dead father next to you

Seen your father dead been washed

Someone else teeth missing

Sauce made of shimp

St louis

Sward fish

Scary party

Shopping baby clothes

Some one gave me to eat lentils and i eat it

Sink hole



Seeing someone in a casket

Someone licking a block of butter

Swollen bruise teeth

Someone removing your wig

Someone is pulling your wig off

Stool in the toilet bowl

Sucking breast in the dream meaning


Spine being pulled up

Shot in stomach

Someone is forcing you to put on ahart in your head meaning in adream

Spine being pulled

Star shower


Screaming and nothing coming out

Someone on fire

Something white


Someone laying on top of me and unable to move

Someone on top of you

Splitting firewood in the dream

Seeing chiefs in a dream means


Shirt gift

Seeing wedding ring



Spitting out nails

Seeing a baby sister born

Spanish lace on head


Spueezing you hard around the ribs

Systolic loss of control

Shiny green flying snake

Sindur putting my forehead

Seen an airplane

Several police searching my house

Stingray in swimming pool


Saw my dead father alive

Snake caught in spider web

Storming and flooding

Shaking hands with dead persons

Sexual violence


Shedding snake

Soundless scream

Seeing green pepper in a dream

Souvenir shop in front of forest


Someone was lactating dream meaning

Sister pregnant


Someone that passed walked by me


Spining tops

Sheep to lion

Start a fire

Spiritual master


Someone pulling you out of bed while sleeping

Stepping on maggots


Seeing de csesd

Seeing descesed husband

Seeing deceased husband in blue

Stale air


Snow suffocate

Seeing nutmeg on a tree

Someone being pregnant


Shoot child

Soccer field

Sister cut hair


Seeing empty white bassinet

Swallowing nail

Swallowung nail

Some one is giving me money and flowers

Silver spider

Secret party


Stepdaughter nude


Siphon gas

Silver speckles

Sweedish fish



Search …dreams of putting on a ring

Search …hyna/

Search …voice saying your dlozi is asleep they need to be waken up/

Search …surat alaq/

Seeing the angel rochel

Seeing someone masterbate a lady

Sexual act


Searching for pine cones in a field at night

Seeing fish heads


Someone giving me sorghum in a bow which not getting full

Someone i don’t know committing suicide

Saffron disappeared meaning

Swollen cheeks in the dream



Sto niño in dreams

Snake in a house

See jalebi in dream

See jalebi in drwam

Stroller yellow

Snake on my waist

Submerging car in water

Sleeping with other man

Soiling underwear

Soiling my pants


Seeing a gray fat cat


Sanding dust


Screaming of mothrr

Sibling conflict

Someone with a nail in their foot

Scream wake up dream

Stuff coming out of your ears

Shit everywhere

Snow and ice

Some one ask if i wear rose colored glasses

Sit on your knees

Seeing a person eating human flesh

Seeing pap in d dream

Squeezing a pimple

Sprint race

Seeing hijira in dreams

Swans 1 black 1 white

Swaying skyscraper

Seeing a stone statue with long hair

Someone selfish taking all plums for themselves

Smiling grey face with white eyes

Scuffed white shoes

Smiling grey face with long hair

See a woman with a big ass

Sheets white

Sex with witch


Sexual overture

Seeing loki in dream

Sex with leper

Seeing baby crawling

Seeing pastor and his wife in dream

Sore mouth

Smoke rising


Sun filling with blood

Someone falling in gutter

Someone falling in gutter dream

Sub basement

Search …honey bee/

Serving president

Seeing a dog licking your face


Soul eater



Swallowing metal

Someone whispering

Sucking baby nose in dream

Ship in a storm


Scrubbing oil

Scrubbing cooking oil

Someone i know is breaking into my house

Ship capsizing

Sex ejactulatuon

Sun and shadow

Someone forcing you to use your womb for money rituals

Snakes with multiple heads

Shifting rooms

Seeing a dead relative

Something coming out from navel

Spitting out blood

Someone driving off with your pocketbook in still in the car

Seeing a love 1 die

Silver square

Stab mother


See a dead person bathing

Sugr coated candy apples


See naked couple bathing together in the dream

Seeing a house on fire

Stainless plate in dream

Snake aggressive

Sweating amonnia

Smelling ammonia

Sweating and smelling amonia

Seeing death uncle in family house

Sad ghost

Saw unknown visitor in my dream

Someone else pumping breast milk

Someone else dreams you have been bitten by a spider

Someone else dreams you arte bitten by a spider

Some one serving fufu

Sucking a female vagina in a dream

Sweping feces

Struck by lightening


Seeing someone else afraid and limping

Silver wristwatch

Sweet soghurm cane meaning

Spoiled palm fruits




Spraying pesticides to vegetable crops

Spraying pesticides to plants


Sibling betrayal

Seafoam green

Shiny black boots

Stealing an airplane

See person who died alive

Silver pedlock

Someone stole my aquarium

Seeing a bible floating on water

Saint george give me a heart

Seeing myself in a hallway of mirrors

Sorghum seeds

Someone else getting electrocuted


Sitting on a toilet

Sorghum paste

Squezzing a dogs mouth

Sweeping dirt from floor

Squach plant



Someone being pushed off a bridge

Skin colour

Seeing kinner dancing in dream

Seeing someone sprinkle kerosene


Sand which

Seeing a bible floating on water in dreams

Sexually inappropriate in public

Sexual and inappropriate


Seeing desi ghee in dream


Son being chased by tiger

Scrapping tongue


Someone washed my feet

Sucked in hole


Stepping in puddles


Sandy color

Searching for something on your lap

Seafoam green color

Saving a stranger from drowning

Starving animals

Seeing your children as babies again

Seeing all the planets at the same time

Sex with inappropriate person

Smoke outside window

Sitting on shoulders

Someone throwing a fish at me

Seeing a light on my husbands fingure

Seeing a bridal chura

Seeing a women with a penis and ejaculating

Someone you miss trying to get your attention

Seeing someone workshop

Slipping on ice

Sex with a dog dream


Spitting out wet sand

Someone whose seen with her cut in a dream

Steeling money from stangor

Stone guardian

Some said i was in jail

Some said i was in jail, not true


Some said i did time in jail, not true

Stack of money

Snack eats elephant

Surprise by a cat

Split in the ground

Someone was polishing my nails



Skeleton making love to you

Seeing bean cake

Seeing toes in a dream

Symbol of dreaming a sto. nino

Swingers club sex

Slippers with mud

Scull of animal in wall

See breath

Standing at the edge of a cliff

Scared of lions

School friend put hand in armpit

Swarm of eat raw yam with the yam skin together

Sea cucumber

Sibling carrying a mealiemeal bag

Sister splitting up from husband

Seening old clothes dream

Sheep skin out

Shiny silver kettle


See someone turn into a mosquito

Someone turn mosqito

Seeing someone turn into a mosqito

See someone rurn into a mos

Sibling failure to save


Someone drugged me

Sleeping on sofa

Seen kajal powder in dream

Semen on legs

Strawberry size diamonds floating down

Sling bag


Spanking your child

Sopping cart

Scottish terrior

Seeing the number 10 several times in my dream

Sex with a parent

Soot falling down the chimney me trying to stop it

Someone else maid


Shoot and kill

Screaming for help

Scary basement

Samp in dream

See red chilli powder in dream

Snake bite into vagina results?

Shaking hands with a pastor

Sleeping on a gecko



Swimming with manatees

Shared room

Snake bites several times on right forearm

Someone kisses you

Someone else s laundry in dream

Skipping classes in college

Someone touched mewhile sleeping


Someone tells you are going to die

Searching in large old buildings

Searching for toilets



Seeing eroded soil beside our house

Someone given you your used clothes

Spider on neck

Searching for family member

Searchinf for fmaily member

Stand at the top of a dustbin in a dream means

Shot in leg

Swarm of animals

Swarm of crocodiles

String of black pearls

Someone pulled my tooth out


Sex demon

Seeing a kraal full of elders praying in preparation to serve a meal in the dream

Seeing governor in my dream

Smelling a skunk

Sudden calling of my name

Sex with a specefic person

Stranger stolen my dog

School punishment

Someone grinding millet meal for me

Some one gave me money in the dream

Sister know wanting to fool around

Sister know wanting to fool arond

Seeing grass cutter in my dream

Squid and octopus in wet market


Soaked yellow pulse

Struglling to walk or run

Socks put in a vagina dream

Spit in your head

Spit in

Spit in head

Spit in hair

Spit in your hair


Samp dream meaning

Seeing rooms in an empty space

Sex with young daughter

Siphons dreams

Selling slipper

Seeing bart in dream

String out of mouth choking

Swollen elbow

Swimming in polluted water spiritual

Swimming in seawage

Someone is obessed with me and is out to get me

Someone getting back at me coz of all the favours i took

Seeing kinner in my dream

Some spit on my face dream

Stab a cow in a dream


Seeing black cat

Skeleton in canal

Step in poop


Suger cane stealing



Someone bought baby carrier for me

Someone bought baby carrier for my baby

Someone calling


Shave in a dream

Swallow eating locusts

Searching for a bird

Short dread hair

Someone elses semen in my mouth


Sickly husband

Seeing someone else foot sickly


See buzzard, carcass

Snake rise in front of you

Sneakers wrong feet

Swarmed by gnats

Step niece

Sand in bathing suit

Sharing soup

Separating luggage husband

Sand in your bathing suit

Sold property for a lot of money

See falling from sky

Serving water from a bowl

Stork fish

Seeing a huge hole in the ground

Stranger flirting

Someone people coming to pay lobolo for me

Seeing yourself back in an apartment you lived before

Seeing yourself in apartment you left before

Seeing yourself in your old apartment again

Seeing my son clothes in dust bin

Samp cooking dream


Ship sink

Slippery place in the dream means?

Self sacrifice

See something fall

Someone is serving water in beautiful yellow pot


Standing with mad person

Showering someone

Small old generator

Sweeping stairs downward

Seeing a dead person giving u a gold ring

Sex in front of people public

Someone is trying to attack me

Shashikant laxman kale vs union of india

Sliding down rainbow

Sore in the leg taking puss

Swollen vein on neck

Shark for pregnant women

Sister cutting hair

St. peter


Suing insurance company

Sex with she male

Searching for a tuba

See yourself wearing a masquerade in dream

Shirt blue


Square in a city

Seeing someones hair in a bun


Stone face reddish color

See husband without ring

Selling your business

Some one spitting on you

Saw alcohol

Sport short

Sport garment

Selecting black abaya

Second wife in a dream

Sister to sister marry means

Sisters marry them self

Seeing down glowing face in dream meaning

Sick person rco


Someone cut my wrist

Splitting wood with axe in the dream

Squirrel with white teeth gives you jewels

Stolen ladder

Sugar apples

Saw dry turnips in dreem

Sick person recover

Stitches on stomach

Something stuck under tooth

Suck a penis

Stollen maize flour

Seeing yellow bindi

Slapping on the butt

Someone else is cooking

Smell cut wood

Sanitary pad

Seeing kafan

Searching for your phone charger

Someone died

Seeing cops in dre and m


Sr. sto.nino dream

Suck your soul

Skin doctor

Sugar cubes

Stitches on left leg

Singing gospels

Stuffed animal kill

Spilling salt

Someones arm


Sunrise is breaking

Seeing my dead father eating cooked rice


Sweet dogs


Someone is asking for water

Sachet water fell from my hand and broke

Stressing out

Search …dream of having hiv aids

Snake coming out of my mouth

Some one gives you a curtain to wash

Setting off a trap

Something poking me in the eye

Snake esting burd



Small boxes

Small boxes of matches

Scarab in nose


Stone in my dream

Stars in crystal ball

Some on dancing in mid

Someone neck being broken

Stretch marks

Seeing deceased father naked

Seeing erased red bindhi

Squid attack

Someone gives me salted fish

Seeing pamplemousse drinks in a dream

Spiritual meaning of cut off tongue

Some one want to wash my clothes

Some one want to wash my clon


Spiritual meaning of sugar cane in dream

Skull and crossbones

Sister arrested

Stepping on a wedding dress

Someone handing me a qtip

Selling marijuana

Salagubang in english term

Salagubang in english


Sewage dream interpretation

Sanitary towels an toliets

Smeared blood

Slapping my child

Sliver snake

See lot of matches in dream

Someone else taking down your fence

Super powers evil

Someone giving you airtime

Squirrel biting feet

Someone wrapping fufu

Ship hulls

Selling used clothes in dream

Someone gave me a 3 colanut in my dream


Selling crayfish

Seeing my boss bare chest means

Sound of temple bells ringing

Someone applying oil in my hair

Straw doll

Seeing monks

Spider webs in hair

Shopping for toothpaste

Sharp corner

Sea shell


Sackcloth and sand

Sack cloth and sand



Swarm of birds

Shirt ruffle

Shattered glass

Sliver robe


Someone eating a dead body

Saw fall of 3 helicopters

Shirt with ruffle

Seeing an unfair situation

Silver key dream

Shirtless man see in a dream

Signing out of the army in an airport

Sea skate

Stolen objects

Sandle2ood tree cutting

Swingers costume party with wife

Smelling dirty

Smell dirt

Stones & pebbles on kitchen floor


Statue of buddha

Seeing magazine in a dream

Slipper shopping

Seeing a rat tail in a dream


Slug bitten toe

Stopped by police

Some one losing weight



Seeing iron stairs in dream

Stapling scalp

School shootin

Salad dressing

Self cheek biting christian


Someone else doing your laundry

Sharing house with fictional killers

Still people with crossed hands

Seagulls flying

Seeing a green spider

Seeing yo husband naked in dream means what

Seegulls flying

Smearing mud on my shoulders

Seen a dead grasscuter

Seeing my bathroom floor collapse

Sales person


Shirt off

Seeing sugarcane in dream meaning

Scatterd dirty pillow

Sleeping with someone then slip off

Sprinkling salt on earthworm

Seeing red bangles in dream

Searching sleep waking for late husband

Shaking dead person in dream

Someone doing flips

Searching sleep waking late husband

Somone moving away

Squeeze bottle of bleach empty

Spinning in circles

Stacking wood

Searching for a gift but the person is deceased

Searching for a gift but the person is dead

Searching for cassava to uproot in the dream means

Sea horses

Sister-in law

Someone kissing you, then betraying you, then you snitching on you


Seing a huge log floating

Saint labrador

Sword hilt

Spider egg

Sign language

Sister in law naked

Skateboarding on stairs


Seeing your boyfriends sister in the drean

Seeing someone holdingimbicile in a dream

Sleepwalking searching for dead husband


Straight jacket

Someone i know was kissing me while i was sleeping, but might have been aware, the person then tells everyone that he kissed

Skiing steep granit moutain jumps

Seeing bindi

Suck nipples dream

Strange world

Some pouring millet grain in my right hand

Seeing a wig

Snake on a fence

Sudden appearance of affectionate nude couples as i work as a doctor

Starting a job

Someone chasing me but theres no where to hide

Snow pile

Sidewalk in the middle of nowhere

Saw a huge set of pan leaf

Seeing someone wearing torn clothes

Stitches on leg

Selling a broom in my dream

Searching for clothes


Struck by lightning


Stone angel

Someone rubber stamp on you writing

Shooting in a meeting

Shooting in a meeting dream

Singe off hair with iron

Seeking snakes

Shoelaces untied

Spilling cofee in bed

School hallway

Sunken boat raised and restored

Sex with father in-law

Sweeping,temple steps

See grandmother’s spirit

Seeing someone stabbed

Seeing fetish

Snake hanging on fence

Sto niño

Seeing your self in the church



Sleeping in public places

Sweeping church in dream

Ship capsized


Seeing lions footprints

Spiders rats

Seeing curd rice

Suede shoes


Sex with a manatee

Swimming with a manatee

Snake temple

Snails together

Simsim in dream

Slept off in a bathroom





Strange man love

Sunshine light

Sweeping a church with all the chairs packed.

Snake in tub

Selling pants

Seeing a loved one in a coffin

Sharing bed with stranger


Seeing your sister in jail

Sex with an alien


Smell of burning matches

Selling husbands pants

Seeing shemales

Seeing a sister who has passed


Speaking at funeral

Someone stealing your money from purse

Stealing blank checks

Stopping a intruder

Spouse cheating

Soil in the bedroom


Secret cult

Seeing president in a dream

Someone spitting on me in dream

Spiraling out of control

Snakes falling from trees

Sunrise christian symbol

Sex change

Someone screamed in my ear

Salted dried fish

Snake under breast

Seeing millet in the dream


Standing in muddy water with dead husband

Starting a family

Seeing a tall white man go through a door

Seeing a white hearse

Shanking hands with the president of usa

Sore left heel

Saw my father in dream and later ask to check him at the centurions

Spaghetti noodles

Stolen suitcase

Shirt too big

Seeing people dead in river

Sheeps in amarrriage ceremony

Speaking towel

Soil road

Someone hanging in a window

Spiritual meaning of eating kola nut in dream

Small spaces, cabin, spider webs


Sesame seed

Singing dog

Sister getting scholarship

Stab my scirsors


Sleeping with your ex husband

Someone cutting his wrist

Sliced eyelid

Someone cutting my face

Seeing plane crash

Selling of kolanut in a tray in a dream


Shadow sucking breast

Seeing bunch of drumstick in dream

Soiled self


Seeing cashew fruit and tree in your dream


Someone counting out black fish to me

Swans, night time, swimming

Some closed umbrella , i picked two of them

Soft cooked large eggs in platter

Stranger in bedroom while sleeping


Someone eating chapati saw at night dream

Some of the lights in a home not working or turning on

Sapne me mitti ke matke me diya dikhana

See myself naked in dream

Seeing a cat

Someone fell on me and i couldnt move or breathe

Swallowing open safety pins

Silky clothes


Spear breaking against my enemy


Same day dreams

Seeing a mad man in my dream

Sharp knife

Sharing money with friends

Seeing my boyfriend pay lobola for me

Stalking somone

St. anthony dream meaning



See lots of boxes everywhere

Seeing ten wise men in my dream

Shattered mug

Standing in front of pulpit

Shot in the armpit

Seeing ufos



Signing papers

Same sex


Setter blocking kitchen

Snake killed puppy

Someone else falling death

Selling milk instead of mangoes

Smashing someones teeth in

Student chair

Sister cutting my hair

Scary cab that’s narrowing

Searching for something

Someone rubbing cream in dream

Ship wheel

Surah fatiha in the mosque, taraweh, tan snake guards money


Someone in family is getting hurt

Saree of tissue with stars

Seeing a horse with human face coming towards me

Something falling off wall


See many of akara under a tree first with palm oil


Snake yellow coming out of toe

Snake yellow

Seeing beads in a dream


School naked

Seeing an ironing board

Seeing myself in the palace always in the dream

Seeing your own bottom

Seeing your own bum

Seeing traditional medicine

Someone lies to me

Someone lies about money

Semi dark

Savage cat

Science teacher

Sewing machine


Stood up at your wedding

Swarm of large insects

Stepping in something sticky

Skull hanging in a tree

Someone giving you a penny

Someone dancing

Seeing a month & date on a calendar

School flood

Seeing someone with salt pepper hair in dream

Switch in brain

Soil pots btoken

Someone clipping my toenails


Showing off my balls

Sifting flour

Shit on your self


Slave for sale

Someone cheating on you and leaving you

See your husband dead hanging on a hanger


Successfully crossing a chasm

Slow street sign

Stockfish dream meaning


Self tooth extraction and soldiers

Somebody giving you a pot

Seeing people from past

Swallow dentures


Shouted at partner

Someone kidnapped

Seeing drumstick thin long binge

Snatching dead body

Someone is giving boiled tapioca to eat

Sadza dream meaning

Selling a camel

Steal a pen

Someone foot cut in half


Sweet potato leaves

Swallowing things in my dreams

Squirrel biting finger

Seeing demons in my dream

Seeing my old neighbors

Sudden hit to ribs

Someone wearing nysc uniform in the dreams

Seduced by ex girlfriend

Some dream interpretation books name specific insect symbols.x

Some dream interpretation books name specific insect symbols

Swimming in a pool of water but cannot go further to get into hawaii

Seduced by man

Swimming towards hawaii cannot pass through end of road

Snakes or worms dead

Serving chapati with fry eggs

Short thumb

Sliding down the hill

Spiritual meaning of a pinch in a dream

Sorghum grains in a glassful

Sudden winds

Snake sucking my breast what does it mean

Singing man

Swimming with deceased dad trying to enter hawaii but unable to

Swimming but cannot enter other state border

Some dreams about you in thorns

Soaring above car accidents

Statue coming to kill me

Snake inside bathroom


Shadow of a two little girls

Seeing someone getting a hair cut

Searching for books in a narrow cabinet

Sister house kitchen


Stray dog

Secret society

Small pennies

Sister in law pregnant with twins

Summer on my boat

School children craping

School children singing and craping

School children singing

Suffocating someone

Smuging husbands name on grave stone with a marker

Someone throwing something on the house

Saint roque

Steering wheel of car stolen

Snakes as humans

Suckling a babe

Shipwrecked boat in swamp


Scoring a goal in soccer

Stars aligning

Seeing a peacock and peahen in romantic scene

Sitting in a circle

Seeing dargah dream

Seeing dargahbin dream

Switching bodies in a dream

Someone washing your feet

Silver blue sword

Seeing an elephant in a dream

Stitches in the face


Someone selling mat to me means in dreams

Sugar palm nuts

Symbolism of winnowing in dream

Sister in law pregnant


Sister in law hugging me

Seeing someone master bate

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Seeing someone’s tongue cut off

Skin that is green

Swallow needles

Someone wearing a ponytail


Surah al qaaf

Surah qaaf

See chairman in dream with many people



Sleeping a bat landed on my back and ate some of my flesh

Set of 8 crayons

Second marriage of my dream

Snake comes out from vagina

Stolen perfume

Serpent head

Snake head branching out of my thumb

Seeds jackfruit in a dream

Seeds jxckfruit in a dream

Selling vegetables with my deseased father

Stepping in water

Sucking my ex girlfriend nipples

Sugar bread

Sucking my ex nipples


Slicing meat

Smell candy

Sour apple

Stealing a chocolate because of hunger

Spit staples

Seducing my bf wearing his t shirt only

Seeing my male maths teacher in dream

Steel squere tube

Seeing kolanut in my dream

Stealing best friends boyfriend

Seeing mango in dream


Selling moi moi

Staple in head

Saltmackerel head dream

Seeing white grains sorgahum in a dream meaning

Seeing miner picking mopane worms

Stiches on back

Seeing jesus holding a staff in right hand

Some one eating soil

Stand at the top of a dustbin in a dream means


Stove looking like temple gopuram

Someone i like long time ago

Steven universe

Seeing foal in dream

Someone praying for me


Standing on an old porch

Standing on an old back porch



Sour or spoiled milk dreams

Swimming in water chased by a panther and shut his mouth and fed him to a bear

Spiritual meaning of clean sanitary pads dream

Shoes full if water

Solving a mystery


Silver laxmi coin dream

Scratching breast

Spidar webs and vampire bats

Safety pins stucks in throat and vomitting needls

Safety pins tucks in throat and vomitting needls

Skipping someone in line

Sex with lots of people

Shaving your head in the gream

Shave in the dream

Smoking canabis in the dream


Seeing guinea fowl in your dreams what it means

Smoking weed in the dream

Some one under your bed

Semen vomit

Sex number

Standing on top of the stair looking down

Seeing pussy

Standin on top of the stairs looking down

Swallow scissors

Six fingers

Seeing brown envelope in a dream

Sitting on ground

Seeing a dead person in dream

Saw myself getting engage


Someone throw something to you

Sister in law

Someone throughing a shoe to you

Someone through something to you

Seeing burning lamps in dream indicate

Someone carrying sweet potato leaves

Spitting out mouthfuls of glass squares

Sweet-smelling flowers are in my heart

Sweet-smelling are in my heart

Seeing two separate beds in dream



Seing makoti in a dream

Soot in my dream

Snake size warms


Shattering mirror

Small stones

See a young women

Slitting someones throat

Strong waterfalls

Seen eko or agidi in dream

Signing in

Smoothies and vacuums

Screw driver and a man

Stolen pot of soup

Screw driver and s man

Someone gave me iron rod

Slug in my bed

Shooting pigeon in a dream


Skunks following me

Seeing dead people you knew

Skinning cow

Seeing harvested green maize

Seeing palm wine in the dream

Seeking employment

Sex with sister in-law


Seeing a purse

Seeing husband wearing new loose pants

St as coked furniture

Somone being pregnent


Sinuses cleaned out

Soap water

Saw my husband and me naked in dream

Significant other dissaperas before being hugged

Strange clown in the basement

Strangers in the basement

Sex with a transvestite

Shadow woman

Static woman

Static people

Sex with a transvest

Strawberry tea


Stolen red wallet

Someone writing




Splitting guy i once dated

Splitting guy


Stealing cars

Side view of brain vision

Someone giving you isiwasho esi pink

Steps point in middle

Stept that point in middle

Son torturing son

School photo

Seeing the dead

Symboliv meaning of cuting tree limbs

Standing in a ground silo

Someone saying i love you

Someone is shot but did not die

Stranger touching my breasts

Seeing death skeleton

Saving someone murder

Stitching cloth dream meaning

Scorpions in a forest

Shot guns

Smell cooked meat

Stealing money from friend



Strangers screaming at you in a dream

Sick person getting better

Snail shells

Suspended over water

Someone stabbing themselves

Someone throwing something at you | dream interpretation

Sodomy of a woman

Snake suckling breast

Small eyes


Sticky bare feet

Seing agarden of millet fingers

Slapping your husband in a dream


Seed planting

Someone who died cleaning the yard

Serving in church alter means what

Serving in alert


Seeing a white horse and all four legs tied

Skin less dog in dream

Spouse have sex with someone

Sex with someone else’s

Seeing a green mould in a dream

Save drowning


Sweeping hair in pile


Silver mettallic with a scorpion tail

Sexual flirtation




Shoe rack

Slipper burning in dream

Searching room to room for bedroom

Searching for bedroom in house

Someone else bleeding from anus

Sex with my ex




Strong brown tsunami waves

Sinking in ground

Seeing carabao


Someone specific talking to you

Seeing greenery in dreams

Spider in my room walking without no harm


Someone bumping into you at a brigde

Sex with a shemale dream

Susan boyle

Son in law died

Sunday school

Someone gave me a lime

Sweet lime

See a pastor carrying a briefcase

Sticky hands

Sognare la nonna morta da tanto tempo che ti regala origano

Seeing other people eat flesh

Snake in a bouquet of flowers

Someone stole my cologne



Sound of a drinking straw

Scratching at a gift

Swiming in swimming pool

Stabbing of a person

Seeing my pastor walking past my house in my dream

Speaking about marriage to your dead father

Sanitary napkins meaning

Stolen china tea pot

Someone hates me

Someone using ur white lei

Split lip

Sneaking out

Sneaking out window

Snake caught in spiders web

Severed hands following me

Someone telling me they going to have a baby

Seeing wife taking bath


Snake bit

Silver pocket watch

Strangers touching the vagina

Shea tree being cut down

Spiders in my hair


Seeing a deceased sibling

Su k ı

Saw dead husbands soul leave his body

Step brother crying

Stepbrother crying

Sea travel

Sister in law expecting twins

Self destruction

Someon call my name out

Smelling candle smoke

Smelling of burnt out candle

Spiragraph on floor

Seeing other person sick

See my daughter crying in dream

Sex not husband

Stabbed in the ass


Spraying pesticide

Shave my hair

Seeing dead grass cuter in the dream

Seeing someone lying on a gutter flowing with water

Sewing with grand kids

Sowing with grandkids

Screaming in my sleep

Someone is saying hello

Serial killer trying to kill me


Santa claus

Same sex relationships

Sexually transmitted diseases

Sleeping gown

Seeing open grave with blood

Spongegourd in dream

Seeing a dead husband

Shot with darts

Spoken softly

Sick kitten


Someone dreams you were sleeping in mud hiuse

Seeing your neice

Seeing prequels

Sucking wife breast

Sitting on a tightrope fear of falling

Shells on head

Seeing a dried up well

Seeing a dry well

She hulk

Shinning blue jacket

Sex with someone else

Sore throat

Someone kissing my neck

Snakes leaving from around me


Seeing a dog with a whitish substance at its anus

Sex with dog

Seeing someone sweating meaning

Sex with step mother

Selling broom in the dream

Seeing a deceased friend standing on a hill

Shot someone

Search your dream meanings here...

Symbol of own benefit

Searching for lost items

Seeing a dead friend standing on a hill


Snake teeth

Seeing a person ing a conch shell

Someone tapping shoulders in a dream


Someone washing feet

Silver ring given


See drinking lassi in dream

Sweet cabbage


Sister in-laws

Sistr in-laws

Shiny buckles

Shiny shiny silver buckle on black belt

See red mangos

Silver dimes

Snake eating snake

Someone wearing periwinkle colored clothing

Shot gun pointed at you

Seeing food cooler in adream

Small worm in my vagina dream

Soft talkin

Standing in a line

Sim card meaning

Seeing vice president in my dreams

Screaming at father

Singing praises in church

Stealing silver

Standing on a stool


Shot in the back

Shot in chest by husband

See dirty plates and replace to a new plates

Spruce tree in dream

Someone gave me lots of money

Snake eating bird

Seeing a ufo landing

Sailing around the river peacefully

Sharing a carpet


Sunflower seeds

Snake kiss my breast meaning


Son getting thrown a long way by a bus

Shampain drink



Selling vegetable inthe market

Sending dead mother out for an errand

Sister mary

Snake coming from vagina

Sinking car

Sand and water

Someone spitting on you in dream


Someone burns their hand

Scissors in eyeball

Seeing taj mahal in dream

Speaking in a play

See someone else with a coat

Spritual meaning of hankerchief

Shawl on shoulder

Siting on the pews at church

Someone shooting a fake gun

Street name martin luther king jr

Shooting a toy gun

Shouting no

Saint christopher key chain

Saw a clone of mine and screamed

Sorting shoes

Staple in finger

Sensual sex

Sensual dreams

Someone grabbing my shins and crushing them

Spilling coffee grounds

Snakes hatching

Seen ex friend on motorcycle passenger

Strange places

Seeing a convoy

Someone wants to rape me

Seeing a pastor telling me he feels so sorry for me

Stealing my car

Spiritual meaning of eating pecan with a chilhood friend that has pass?

See my own dog dying

Slamming a green door

Snow boarding with bare feet no snow board

Seeing white underwear in your dream

Standing knee deep dirty water

Standing knee high dirty water and a shovel surfaces

Scuba diving in the nude

Small black and white birds

St elmos

Sink holes

Small horse

Seeing lemon garland

Sacrifice a boy

Sucking breast in dream

Seeing worms in life same day

Son in law death

Seeing your father naked in a dream means

Snake eating baby

Son in prison

Serving kerocin in dream meaning

Seeing a kid with soiled clothing

Siva in dream


Stealing a boyfriend

Shot gun

Sheriff badge

Sweeping in the church

Strangers bathing in a river


Stove burners on

Sold big house and ended up renting in a rooming house

Someone is killed

Snatching my mobile phone

Seeing dust on your partner in the dream

Standing in knee deep dirty water

Silhouette tree

Sword swallowing

Shaving leg hair female

Searching for lost phone,socks,shoes & cigerettes

Swimming across muddy rivier

Sore on his nose

Sadza dream

Sadat belt

See a face covered with white powder

Small toenails


Spitting out apple

Saving someone from quicksand

Slug bed

Someone sperm on the floor

See father tomorrow

Sweeping stagnant water in the dream

Singing with a different voice

Spilling paint

Someone leaving you

Spilling polish

Secret hiding places

Spilling nail polish

Sankes laying eggs

Solution of the five finger leaves meanings

Selling crayfish in the dream

Sachet pure water given to me in the dream to drink

Seeing many empty jerricans in my dream, means what

Seeing someone going for hajj

Singing national anthem in front of audiences

Searching for socks & shoes

Seeing dead person being buried

Seeing dead pre

Sky diving

Sex shop

Stone catapult dreamed

Setting house on fire



Squished dog face

Styrofoam ball inside my body

Saw group of transgender on wedding occasions

School bus

School project

Several gas cylinders

Snow blower

Someone stirring coleslaw

Soft talking

Selling dessert

Shaking hands with the queen

Shearing of eggs in the dream

Sickness friend

Son disfigured face

Snake in a box

Shallow water flowing downhill



Surgery on male baby genitals

Surgery on lower anatomy


Screw stuck in hand

Stairs going nowhere

Short haired woman


Ski mask

Someone improving your garden

Stung by yellow jacket in eye

Speeding down hill

Shopping for toiltries

Saint anthony eucharist priest

Splet wood with an axe in a dream

Swarms of flies inside my house

Soiled towel

Seeing someone killed

So much water

Seeing roasted palm fruit in a dream


Small spaes

Saw blood when i opened a new band aid

Sister n law crying in your dream

Stranger comits suicide

Swim with killer whale

Swimming with orca whale



Sicily italy


Stopping a friend from killing someone

Seeing someone from the back and trying to find them on a busy street


Sucking sugarcane juice

Someone wearing a wig in my dream

Someone else with hairy hands

Stitches on neck


Snake in grass

Someone sucking your toes

See muslim cleric in your dream

Saw my dead father in the morning

Sonar con rama’s

Someone you love sending you a letter


Someone mailing you a letter

Sex with family

Sonar ranas

Someone is covering my mouth

Snapchat filter


Sto niño photos

Saw a photos of sto niño on the other side of the road

Sonar con ranas

Saw a picture of a black man standing behind a black woman stabbing her in the chest

Setting a trap

Stains on carpet

Spilt ghee in dream

Slaughtering a white cow

Someone steals my car out of driveway

Someone stole two cars in my driveway

Someone pointing out dandruff

Shoveling dirt

Something stuck in throat

Searching for ingriedients

Staples in babys head

Swollen knee

Spewing raw meat after tasting it

Statue falling from height

Seeing a mad person taking in a dream but not talking to me


Searching for coleslaw

Slow dancing on stage



Saw albino baby in my dream

Seeing well getting full up in my dream

Septum piercing

Street food

Seeing cows burning in the dream

Stolen clothes from clothesline

Something sucking on my left nipple

Someone else’s daughter

Sand colored crystals for healing

Sugarcane in dreams

Saber tooth tigers alive

Someone pulling my hair

Someone touching my vagina

Stuck in a prison

Stripping at a strip club

Sex with stepson

Someone eating a hamburger

Someone deceased was fixing to cook the collard greens


Sad man

Standing outside your home

Stir soup

Sick person to recover

Sex with angel

Spilt drink



Someone head on your leg

Seeing writting all over the walls

Seeing writting all over the hallway walls

Seeing a devil at someone’s house

Someone in a window

Sexual assault

Star inside a star

Sky dark blue

Seeing kumkum and turmeric in dream

Stuck in a confined space


Seeing pure gold utensils

Seeing inside head

Skin white



Someone killed

Seeing my self wearing a transparent dress,

Seat taken

Skin cracked

Something going up my nose

Someone asked for a favour

Someone else looking for their sox

Some one sucking my fingers

Sai mandir

Sex with my wife

Screaming my name

Snake enter my vigina

Someone sprinkled water in me

Seeing myself in school always

Seeing someone lifting heavy weight


School assembly

Seeing a girl complaining in a dream

Swallow object

Someone giving you cowskin in dream

Sachet tomatoes paste

Sago kheer

Sales discount

Sucking a breast

Swallow screw

Someone i know with a down syndrome appeared in my dream


Standing still

Snow in hot water

Snake comming out a mouth

Snow and sun

Snow in the summer

Someone in heaven giving you a note for a loved one

Steering wheel lock

Someone wear green bangles at me

Statue change to god



Seeds from your anues dream meaning

Sex i’m public

Sex in school

Snake plant

Silk string

Seeing my son all time

Saw a lot of mad men

Skeleton walking

Seeing a famale angeal

Seeing a female angeal


Shot in back

Sea witch hag

Seeing somebody roasting yam in the dream means what

Salt crystals

Shoots a gun at me

Sanitary ware

Someone dead in my dream

Seeing horse meat in dreams

Store closed

Spiders hiding



Seeing one cheery tomato

Storm shatter window

Selling used cloth

Symbols on wood

Smiling dogs in dreams

Smiling digs in dreams

Someone giving me mealie meal

Seeing my crush back side

Somebody back side

Shopping boyfriend

Sewing a skirt

Seeing myself wearing red churra in dream

Saw someone masturbating

Squirrel in dream

Son maimed

Sitting on a tree

Stripper dancing in a dream

Serial number


Someone wearing a headscarf

Shooting blank bullets

See yourself

Sage color

Storm wind broken glass

Someone touches your ass

Speaking to a dead person

Someone is ashamed of you

Singing with grandmother

Sneak chasing dream

Snake chasing dream

See in mirror that you are reversing


Standing at top of stairs and being shot in back and then fallen on another person

Severed penis

Severed penis in toilet

Stain on inner thigh of pants

Standing nearby to wet soil in a dream

Surgery a

Surgery q

Swarms of bugs

Saying astagfirullah while fighting a witch

Seeing marmaids in the dream

Saved by a man

Sister dropping baby brother in water

Sand mountain


Swollen throat

Steering wheel on right side

Seeing pea in rain in dream

Seeing deceased husband crying

Seeing deceased husband cryibg

Saved form black infestation

Saved from black

Spelling test was a dream

Standing in a big field with green bean plants

Shoot back

Seeing black ponytail holder

Seeing black ponytail holdee

Shadow of dove

Seeing an old neighborhood

Sharp teeth


Spitting seed


Sailing to china in a row boat

Shirt perfumes

Singer artist

Skull of steer

Seeing aloe vera garden and drinking its juice

Someone looking through the window when bathing

Slippery floors

Seeing disable babies in a dream

Seeing the cup

School office bad news. telling crush bad news

Someone gives you kola nut in a dream

Seeing a cob web all over the room in a room mean what

Seeing a pastor wash many vehicle

Seeing someone else wash vehicles

Seeing someone else was vehicles

Stolen vintage car

Screaming for help but no one can hear

Steering ga kenkey

Staving wounded cat

Squirrels in the house

Slanted floor dream

Starter gun

Sister suicide

Splitting wood. axe


Sandbar in a still pond

Sweet-smelling flowers in my heart

Scary guy in black and red in a tall tower

Skeleton water

Someone carrrying me on their shoulder

Sitting on carpeted floor

Seeing mountains

Something shakes my pillow while i sleep

Someone lifts my pillow and shakes my head while sleeping

Shemale asking money in dream


Sudden storm

Swallowing bitter cola in the dream

Someone paying dowry for me

Swallowing a bug

Saw lover in dargah and praying

Saying hi

Spill graveyard

Shirtless man you know

Sex with a dog

Seeing a red handkerchief

Seeing someone licking my virgina

Shoot by a gun

Stranger melvin

Sore on face with pus


Someone kicked me in a dream

Seeing dead people in the dream


Sim sim

Swallow perfume

Saw my self picking whites handkerchiefs

Seeing future husband pictures

Seeing a car in dreams

Seeing a big fish falling from the sky

Swinging on a rooe

Snake eating a goat

Swinging on a rope

Standing in a classroom

Spoiled rose apple

Swans killed by airplane propeller

Smearing body cream on your legs

Scary eyes

Sunburn in back


Seeing a prophetess in a dream

Sapne me jalebi banate hue dekhna

Someone puts liquid in my car causing it to explode


Signing on a paper


Snorkeling treasure

Sister died

Saw rangoli design in dream


Someone was pouring ammonia on me


Spilt water

Sky is cracked & bleeding

Someone stealing and cutting car tyres

Small goat with long horns


Symbolic resistance

Stabbed by needle

Suspended animation

Sunny day

Swollen leg below the knee

Silver metal rod

Someone trying to kill you

Someone siphoned gas from my car

Self’s pooped

Seeing pants in dream

See dead mom with grandchildren sitting naked in a sitting room people standing outside laughing

Someone giving me a purse

Something in bed lifting covers

Sending a letter

Seeing my wife having sex

See my sisters breast

Seatbelt obstructing vision

Someone eating glass


Someone growing older and no longer playing with their cousin

Seeing dirt in my new home

Sofa delivery

Son getting hurt

Seeing planes and boats turn over

Sweaty attractive man

Some gives you black beads

Someone breast licking

Someone giveing you perewinkle in dream


Sun and two moons

Sea blood water



Strong winds open door

Stealing shoes

Strong winds blow open a door

Seeing betel leaf

Small burn

Seeing open hands

Shemale dream meaning


Slanted floor meaning

Someone putting olives in between your toes

Sexual with son

Saving money in a piggy bank

Somebody playing with my testis in a dream means

See lassi in dream

Sleeping at work

Snakes crawing out

Strobe lights were in my dream

Strange sex



Seeing yourself dead then waking up

Sail in a boat to china

Selling water in a dream

Samon fish

Sex in toilet

Seeing a dead relative alive

Someone stealing from my garage

Spitting on pillow

Save child from accident

Stink or stench

Sleeping dog

String from ear


Snake kiss my lips

Stamping skin in dream

Several hazelnut cracked

School reunion

Saint giving me a melted pink colour soap

Stuck in a giant swing terrified

Someone looking at my armpits

Spice shop



Sister cutting her hair

Someone is after me


Seeing pap in the dream


Sex with rapper

Someone wearing light blue sweater


Sister having long hair


See green bangle in dream

Someone touch my breast and it hurts me

Santi nino with broken neck

Seeing many carcasses on the butcher table

Shelter from storm

Storm clouds

Sumo wrestler

Seeing amla fruit

Seeing you exbestfriend sad

Surah anam

Send someone to bring chicken giving empty box in dream

Someone asking water in the dreams

Smoke from teepee

See car number

Seeing sugar

See number

Someone breaking wood

Somebody breaking wood

Sitting under a mongo tree

Scanning receipts

Satan dreams

Slap on the face

Sacrificial lamb

Seeing box matches

Seeing boxes of matched



Slam dunk

Sucking mangoes in a dream


Seeing myself on a bright light porch with me dark shadow beside me

Small spiders and coming storm

Small spidts and coming storm

Stream or creek

Seeing dead father dead

Stabbed cattle

Sand underwater

Scoring a goal

Super strength

Sheikh in dream blessing with holy water

Someone brought me baby moses basket

Smothered by a pillow and screaming

Smoking in a dream

Sick mountain cat

Sheikh in dream

Sprite drink

Scaly feet

St. francis of assisi

St francis of assisi

Son in hospital

Sourghum porridge

Sick husband


Sailing on a boat to china.

Son is buying indian sweets and i am tasting in dream

Snake eye

Someone running for mayor

Seeing and having twins girls mean.


Someone dies of banging themselves

Someone giving gift

Staggered dream

Speeding on highway

Seeing self

Seedless in a dream

Seeing puri indream

Sachet water in the dream

Seeing my son falling into well

Smudging house


Sailing a boat to fine someone

Someone licking vagina in dreams

Someone sucking vagina in dreams

Seeing friends dead parents in dream

Swimming is sewer water

Stealing knife

Six eyes

Someone giving me a penny

Shelling peas


Study abroad

Sleepy black cats

Seeing your dead friends relatives

See alove one that passed

Snake kiss lips

Snake biting breast

Steering column fail out

Spider on ceiling running away from you

Stealing of coins

Single bloodstain on white cloth

Spider storm

Sewing vagina

Survive avalanche

Stealing gold , spoons, forks and knifes

Someone has sex with a dog




Smiling laughing dog

Someone saying dont marry him

Stealing of coins in the dream

Squatters in home

Sticky saliva

Sister in law crying after offending her family


Someone that has passed away

Sex dream with ex

Stomach kissing

Smelling burning plastic

Searching for poison gas canisters

Stalker women



Someone getting hit by a car and not able to help them

Sitting with legs crossed

Self sitting criss cross

Spinning planets

Seeing a dead grandparent

Stranger at table

Sky opening

Sick person getting well

Sailed away

Scrambled eggs


Stealing a fifty dollar bill

Stealing bag


Saving a cat from a dog chasing it

Sex with invisible ghost

Someone giving cap

Sawdust in box

Shining diamond

Seeing mysel naked

Seeing tapestry

Strange man with a paper bag

Squatting in dream

Someone going to cut off daughter finger

Someone going to cut off daughter finge

Septic lines water everywher

Sleeping in bed

Show my dead mom my breast in dream

Swimming in dirty water with poop



Splitting one cassava in dream

Splitting cassava in dream

Someone making roti

Stabbing 2 people in back

Screws in mouth

Some gives you mango


Selling pure water

Selling a restaurant

Something falling down

Seeing raccoons

Seeing a man with a nuzzle on

Swans killed by boat

Side swiped


Someone snatching gold chain

Seeing burned bodies

Sri lanka

Seeing someone being electrocuted

Stranger torch

Sheded knife

Silver tea set


Steal sword

Student passed away

Stolen coat

Someone trying to pour boiling water on me

Seeing kolanuts in your dream meaning

Some one gives you cocoyam

Someone give you old clothes in a dream it means what

Seeing new belt soaps and bibe


Shovel pile of white sand

Seeing a blind old woman by the river

Seeing a seal

Saw velvet trees in my dreams

Someone dreampt i was bite by a snake 3 times on my right arm

Someone dreams of me getting bit on my right arm by a snake 3 times

Siting on top of bulldozer and is being driving joyous in dream what does it mean

See triplets boys in your dream

Someone reading a personal letter

Someone reading a letter you wrote tonsomeone

Sitting on a high chair

Saving the world

Son eating fruit in dream

Saw backed girl

Seeing drumsticks tree in dream

Someone leaves and never return

Saw nacked girl in dream


Seeing someone squatting down in a dream

Seeing pea in rain in dream

Save holy baby

Staple head

Shadow tarantula

Seeing a person mediating under a tree

Sex with kinnear


Seeing so much cocoa yam

Someone stole my blankets

Speaking to someone but you can hear yourself

Stack of money crumbled

Spit on in a dream

Scoll about mediation in a dream

Seeing your husband naked in a dream


Someone giving me sugarcane

Sand monster fighting

Smacked kiss by the same gender

Smacked kiss by a giel

Someone pregnant

Someone spit on my mouth

Someone else switching bodies

Searching hidden passages

Someone turns to someone else

Space, rainbow circle,

Someone who passed away is chasing you

Something expanding bigger and bigger

Someone fainting

Someone faiting

Selling watermelon

Secrets cage in the cellar

Someone with dirty feet in my bed

Seeds of jackfruit in my dreams

Someone goes from young to old

Someone feeding you

Seeing a half man and half goat with someone else

Someone giving you a fig

Soiled sanitary pad

Someone in the shower with me

Showeint with someone

Stupid in the dream

Seeing deceased husband

Sucking breast in my dream

Someone holding me down and cn not get away

Structure of but


Seeing green blood

Scrawny lion

Swallowed a knife in my dream

Seeing a suiside

Seeing drumsticks in dreams

Seeing wedding

Someone babysitting an unborn grandchild

Seeing casava in a dream


Sex in a bathroom

Sitting on a roof

Seeing and haviing converstion with the president


Seeing yam in a dream

Soft voice

Someone killing crabs in front of you dream meanings

Seedlings growing through floor cracks

Seeing someone riding a tricycle

Seeing myself working in a forest but after that moved to my home where i met too many people celebrating

Skin glorious

Same recurring dream

Starless sky

St frances

Swimming in grass filled water

Spiders leg

Spider leg

Strangers staying in guest room

Solved problem

See a person who has passed in a mirror

Seeing jalebi in dreams

Sapna msin bachey ka kata ser dekhna

Sapne main bachey ki kati mundi dekhna

Sapne main bachey ki kati garden dekhna

Sapna msin bacgey ki kati garden dekhna

Seeing poori

Saw someone commit suicide

Snake exiting vagina

Someone discouraging you

Stain on shirt

Shaved pubic hair

Shinny black

Sachet water in a dream

Su k ı

Scream hard to make sound

Some one put some thing yellow in my pocket

Seeing garden eggs farm

Sun and moon align

Seeing a presidential motorcade

See vice president in dream

Someone dragged you out of bed

Sail in a little row boat to china lyrics

Split hairs

Some one leaving you behind

Someone gave me panty liner in the dream

Secret code unlocked



Saving someone

Saving choice

Son girlfriend

Seeing palm nut

Sister in law sexual b

Sister in law sexual dream meanings

Sodamized by stranger

Someone dreaming seeing me with a long neck

Spider sore

Starving by mother in law n complaining to husband

Self sucking


Shea butter collection


Sto.niño dream

Sucking a woman vagania

Stuck in coffin

Slapping somebody

Swallowing rubber band

Sex in university


Snake tongue

Sores in one leg

Shaving a lions mane off

Seeing someone’s buttock

Seeing a judge

Seeing ex husband kiss another woman

Spinning in the dark

Sondomy dream


Someone who has passed

Selling fresh kola nut in the dream, what does it signifies

Seeing blood in grave in dream

Step child

Seeing a hourglass

See red

See an accident

Son becoming a lawyer

Spreading melon


Stranger sucking on vagania

Ship sunken

Sunken ship

Sweeping ashes

Someone is mean to you

Star 5

Skull ring

Stitches on both side of mouth

Seeing stairs in a house

Stepping on body fat


Small couple being encased in bubble

School boys

Saw making gulab jamun in dream

Scuba diving

See lots of wheat in a dream


Seeing woman

Seeing number 7

Stain on my skirt

Someone else getting custody

Stolen pot in dream

Someone cutting their nails on my bed

Symble of eating fufu in a dream

Sore muscle

Spitting out white cowries

Saw penis in dream

Standing on edge of building about to fall


Sitting on lap

Sexual abuser

Seeing my younger sister pregnant

Someone straightening another person hair

Someone sucking my bagina

Sleeping tall man

Soiling ones pants

Search …death

Seeing rodents in your house

Senate dream meaning

Slow dancing with guy friend

Smelly shoes taken off

Saw gems in red,yellow,green and white

Stranger making fun of me

Seeing your love friend making fun of me

Seeing destitute in the dream

Snake that was silver color

Snake that was half silver

Someone wanting to kill me

Someone grabbing your hand


Seeing green custard apple in dream

Saving a family of bigfoot

Skipping school

Searching for seashells

Searching for tarantula

Seeing husband nake in a dream

Some one relocate your plant

Stealing my coins

Silhouette of a person

Seeing a toothpick

Saw cross hung upside down

Shaking hands with spirits



Sakura tree

Stolen wedding ring

Sanitary pad with blood in the toilet

Sanitary pad blood toilet

Speaking to an audience from the podium

Strips og gold

Soap on shoes


See dead xboyfrirend sick in a dream

Silver layer

Silver layer with gold

Silver layer with gold lining

Seeing a woman holdong 2 folders

Styrofoam being removed from my body

Selling of porridges

Seeing raw meat of a goat

Somebody asking for water

Seeing rotten meat of buffalo eaten by vulture

Someone sucking my breast

Skin disease

Spinning wheels that change to the same speed

Sun rises by finger move

Stabbing multible dogs to death defending my home and kids

Squirrel run after me

Small cow shed

Shopping for clothes for myself n they didn’t have it n salesman was mean

Someone i know paying lobola for me

Silver dollar

Seed extraction from body

Someone else faling


Slitting throat

Seeing spiders

Singing child on a bus

Someone\'s hair in my comb

Stirring a pot in a dream

Sto nino wearing green cloth

Speaking to a nun

Snakes with fangs

Something in sinus

Shoes sneakers

Searching for silver jewelry

Someone washing your feet in the dream

Spinning hula hoop


Seeing my sisters in billboard

Sick mom traveling to jerusalem

Someone crying



Snakes statue

Swallowing honey

Snakes dropping honey from its mouth

Saw running water with fish in its

Sheep bloody

Sharpening of knife

Self burning

Shaking a pastor in a dream

Spirit in old house

Sleeping on the road

Someone touching my breast means

Seeing myrrh in the dream

Someone else closes my book in a dream

Seeing husband that has pasted away

Someone spraying perfume on your body in a dream

Sliver spider

Seeing a skeleton in water

Someone was buy me cocomay in the marker

Serving you the feast of vibrant girds

Sticks hit on head

Seeing occult group of people

Seeing occult group of peopld

Seeing jesus


Saying no

Shemale in the dream meaning

Spanner meaning

Shopping trolley stolen

Search …fish

Silver plating

Seeing a vacant throne in a dream

Small dove


Skip math class

Search …hyna

Sword broken in 3 pieces

Seeing the crown of thorns in the sky in a dream

Shelf falling

Sitting in rocking chair and it broke

Snake people

Search if you dream that ur father is dead

Snow child

Shadow figures

Swarm of flies

Saying oppress

Someone gives me cowries in a dream what does it mean

Step brother

Silver picture frame is one set

Shot by friend

Seeing tennis balls

Something under pillow

See a person with black face

Seeing a food eating white lamp in the dream

Smoking pot in dreams

Shoe death trap

Stove on

Sperm on your face and body

Spreading mosquito net to cover the church

Someone cutting my hair

Seeing cyclone cloud

Smoking fish dream meaning

Selling a goat in a dream

Signature dream meaning


Stolen tricycle

Screen door


Singing in a choir to the open heaven

Shrek in my dreams


Severe lighting

Sto.nino statue

Swallowing iron nail

Swing tamrin tree full ok tamrin fruits


Silver lips

Scar on the head

Snow white key chain withoutkeys

Sun and moon out at same time

Standing on a broken stair case

Stuck on a slide

Sister in law asking for help

Search …lklas

Saving cream

Stars falling from the sky

Strangling a sister

Stairs yeti

Seeing griffin in dream

Seeing a growing fruit

Some stealing my pants

Someone drinking margaritas


Sail away to china

Sailing in a little row boat to china

Strip mall parking lot

Saree\'s theft

Seeing palm cannel inside coconut

Stolen luggage

Spectral figure


Someone wasting your feet

Sunken boat

Sex with blind man

Same person

Shopping for cakes



Seeing my dead her in a dream

Sparkling golden car

Search for

Someone complained about me

Seeing a woman dancing with her ex lover

Seeing silver coins

Strange destructive weapons falling from the sky

Someone trying to take away white towel from me in a dream

Sharks in a pool

Seeing a bill

Sleeping with an ex boyfriend

Standing or walking on long roads

Seath of child


Seeing mountains and happy feeling

Someone else doing laundry

Seeing a bride in black with another partner

Silver hinge

Safty pin

Starfruit tree


Snake likes to kiss

School principal dream interpretation

School principal dream meaning

Seeing dead wall gecko


School days

Someone spit on my mouth in my dream

Scolding partner

Shouting at someone

Stink bug


Surprise visist by my younger brother in my dream


Safe place

Shoulderbag pink

Saw my dead nana happy

Special powers

Shave arm pits

Shave armpits

Shake hand in dream

San antonio

Seeing muddy water in dream

Someone giving earrings

Someone giving a copy of the quran to me

Saw a white flying cow

Su k ÃÃ...

Seeing a pastor in a dream


Seeing building blocks


Shave the dog

Shave my dog


Someone cutting my toe nails?

Sword you want to hide from students because dangerous

Sick sister

Sitting chair

Setting dog free

Setting animal free

Seeing kinner outside of house

Swimming with

Spirinkle water at entrance

Someone throwing tranquilizer darts at me

Sorting through junk in a cellar


Sword with spirals


See self in mirror

Sex with fiance

Seeing someone you know standing on the table

Seeing a colugue standing on the table

Seeing a man announcing wedding to ladies in a dream means

Small house with beds

Seeing guinea fowl in a dream

Shark being told to attack

Shapeshifter animals

Someone stealing my perfume | dream interpretation someone, stealing, ... the smell of perfume in a dream is a symbol of the fragrant presence of christ, song.

Snake killing the mongoose

Someone getting my personal number


Super bowl

Someone giving you mint

Sore mouth dream

Success dream book interpretation of skating

Seeing twins in my dream

Seeing mopane worms

Sprinkling water on someone meaning

Shadows walking away


Sarita fruit

Seeing husband naked

Sharping pencil in dream

Saved a lot of people

Sour milk in a dream

Swinging bridge

Seeing someone washing penis in dream

Someone in underwear

Seeing an elephant

Seeing a wild forest in a dream

Spitting on someone

Sailing away to china and not wanting to be held back

Slapping on my butt

Slippers found in dream

Someone found your slippers and brought it to you


Sanitary pad with blood

Sun kissed

Silver fish head

Search …surat alaq

Sick person being recovered in my dream

Sucking on strangers breast

Seeing a blindfolded man in a dream



Son wearing heels

Shaking hands with strangers

Stair railing

Selling my car

Something heavy falling on top of me

Sky turns purple

See someone roast chicken


Stun gun

Step daughtee seeing my penis

Snake fangs

Stranger who is dead comes back to life

Something heavy on top of me


Sweeping in a big church whilst wearing see through dress

Satin bonnet

Sweeping in a big church whilst wearing see through dress

Sccrew driver

Search …honey bee

Soil from private parts

Seeing blue checked new door mats

Someone having webbed hands

Seeing new door mats

Sexual intercourse with niece


Seeing many big mopane worms on the trees

Sleeping with husband

Somebody throwing palm kernel to you in the dream

Slaughtering goats

Sonar con la casa blanca

Swinging high

Spicy chips dream



Shooting star nd make a wish

Swarm of wasps

Sailing away to china

Spinning earth

Someone dreaming seeing your neck on the side


Seeing millions of bright stars at night

Sex in banana plantation

Someone askibg for water in a dream

Seeing melon seed

Sticker potty dream meaning

Someone from france sends you a golden cup in australia

Stefan salvatore

Someone telling you to wake up in your dream

Seeing my feet with socks on

Snake non venomous

Seeing a thief in a dream

St george in dream

Search …black cars

Sleeping naked in dream

See someone steal slippers

Small kid with white muddy clothes

Son in law from australia a20 pesos attached to bond paper containing phrases in exchange of moringga leaves in a plastic

Sad mothet

Searching parking lot for my car, cannot find it

Stooping to.dig

Someone else committing suicide

Spider webs on door

Searching, hotel

Saw blood from husband mouth

Sweeping up hair

Snake enter body thru virgina

Slit throat meaning

Someone touch my vagina

Stranger in the house


Someone threw a marble and you catch it

Someone licked my neck

Someone naked

Someone licked my pinky

Swift in troubled current and saved by safety line

Standing next to saint theresa

Selling satchet water in dream.

Statues comin alive

Stolen pot

Seeing s mirror with eriting on it


Seeing fried meat

Son in law from abroad bringing 20pesos attach to bond paper

Squeezing waist

Smothering and yelling dream

Sitting in the back house singing

Seizures somenody and i assissted to help

Sailing in boat to china

Someone kills me at dream

Sim sim in a dream

Sblind son

Sailing to china

Someone washing my feet

Saying lahawl wala quwwat in dream

Selling pap in the dream


Seeing stars popping up three times what does it mean

Shaking hands

Seeing someone sneezing

Seeing dead body cooked

Sketch book

Slipper broken

Someone gave you cracked palm kernels

Sister in law hugs me in dream

Saw pen and pencil in my dream

Saved by someone


Seeing someone who has passed

Swiimming in deainage with wife

Someone giving me a cow liver


Saving a dog

Six leg hores long neck

Some one wearing wrinkle clothing

Seaplane landing

Some one ask you for pumkin

Someone else crawiling

Someone reading your personal diary

Seeds coming out my vagina

Seeing dead parents blind in the dream

Somebody closer been handcuff

Seeing yourself in a painting

Sensing someone pour something in ones eye in a dream


Spouse leaving

Salad platter

Sitting with a mountain lion

Spoiled jackfruit

Seen husband crying

Seeing coffee grounds in the bottom of a cup

Someone is giving me dirty slippers

Solar cross

Sex with dog in sleep

Slap on face

Seeing an ex president of your country in a dream

Say eden

Scald by hot water

Son of none

Someone came back from dead

Shopping plaza

Shopping center

Spitting out nails and screws

Someone chasing you in a dream with a cutlass what does it mean

Someone chasing you with a machete in a dream what does it mean

Selling kenkey in your dream

See deceased mom

Seeing stupa in dream

Serving at an alter

Slapping my wife

Sucking a woman virgina in a dream

Some one giving red glass bangles to lwear

Seeing red glass bangles in dream

Sel roti eating in pregnancy

Some one dies

Staples stuck in my teeth

Seeing bougainvillea tree

Seeing brother creating a grave

Stars connecting and exploding

Swimming cat

Supermarket trolley

Spores disease

Spiders scorpions snakes all together in a box

Someone ask me to pray the rosary

Shooting up a school


Striped crystal


Strict teacher

Spinach soup

Sweeping inside temple

String breaking

Sting breaking

Screws in wall

Saw moringa in dream mean


Seeing mother giving birth

Someone asked water

Someone complaining


Sugarcane meaning bibilical

Stitches on left chest

Stranger mischievous

Snake blood in dream meaning

Shelter animals



Snatching of gold rings in dreams



Screaming n warning

Sea weed and fishtanks

Sound of a dream

Sound hearing slammed scrreen door

Seeing mad woman in my dream

Seeing drumstics

Statue of snakes entangled

Seeing a lot of roasted meat in a dream

Sperm inside in the mouth

Sail away in a little boat to china

Someone falling off a roof



Sick daughter recovered


Standing with someone

Seeing my boyfriend get shot

Standing side by side not moving with my ex

Standing side by side not moving looking at light with my ex

Standing side by side for a long time

Someone licking virgins

Surrounded by pile of clothes

Stolen car battery

Seeing a half dog and half man image in a dream

Scoring good grades

Securing the topper of the class

Security numbers

See burgla

Seeing a loved one in the hospital

Spitting up metal nails

Someone asking for water but i cannot see the person

Selena gomez


Sending a thermometer


Seeing people stealing ur peeled cassva

Shaking hand with prophet

Selling red oil in dream


Spring onions

Stealing ftom atm machine


Swing clubs

Standing looking at buildings with thatched roofs

Seeing my cutm

Scare die


Seeing someone with a hairy leg

See a old friend

Significant other gets shot

Seeing boxes, leading a loved one by the hand

Slaughtering cows in a dream


Ship yard


Saving people from mudslides

Sunrise and sunset from a house

Saving worlds

Shower sex

Seeing cow in your mother house

Superhero dead

Spilling spaghettios with meatballs

Scaly skin

Shedding skin


Someone washing your feet in a dream

Snake bite dream


Seein dead person in red shoes

Scellion &thyme dream

Seduced by high heels

Snakes all around me

Someone blew up a bank

Storm drain

Saw a napkin with blood

Saw anapkin with blood


Sr sto. nino

Stapling on the clothes

Seeing a dog in your dream


Saying i love my wife

Spirit in old house in dream

Sleeping and touched

See someone breaking and eating palm kernel in the dream

Sea gungo peas

Smell of smoke

Shot in chest

Seeing a mad womn asking money from me

Spleen falls out of body

Shoe brush

Sumakay sa bangka

See through person

Saw deceased mother in a nursing home and my father, sister & i had not seen her in 2 years

Saw now de

Semen in a woman mouth

Shelling nutmeg in sleep

Swallowing eyeglasses

Some one gave me a bag in amusement

Son getting sick again

Someone getting sick again

Someone carry\'s you

Standing on top of a mountain

Someboday was cutting big dead fish in dream




Spotted pigs swimming

Salsa dance

Silver color meanings

Spouse is resting

Sending jello to grandchildren in switzerland

Small raccoon

Seeing jesus crown of thorns in a dream

Smell aerosol spray

Smelled freshener

Smelled air freshener

Smell cleaning solutions

Sister surprise homecoming

Snake kills cat

Someone doing magic on me

Seeing imbecile in your dream meaning

Someone giving you green chillies

Sebaceous cyst

Saw a person named gloria in my dream helping me fight spiritual battles

Seeing a white old man

Sea snake

Slappimg a dead person

Smoke fog under water


Street lights lit up

Spider webs



Seeing your father naked

Selling holy water

Spider boy

Seeing rotten meat

Son being executed

Seeing baby as a butterfly

Sleeping in closet


Sewer gases

Sewer fades

Some one touching my face

Seckou keita

Sto nino wearing yellow

Someone buries an item that you love like a stuffed animal

Seeing your name write down in 3 different list

Seeing your name write down in three list

Someone give you 7 cocoyam in the dream meaning

Swallowed thumbtack

Seeing sugarcane in a big room

Seeing the cardinal of the church in your dream

Sea snakes


Son as a child

Sage givi g curd rice in dream

Sasquatch sex

Someone gave me olives in my dream

Someone trying to bite my arm

Sex related dream

See merigold in a dream

Spilled milk


Spilled glass

Someone wearing your clothes

Seeing steak but not eating it

Seeing a cooked steak but not eating it

Siting under banyan tree and black aunt moving throughout in my body


Searching for my dog


Spinning a human head on a table

Severed head on a table

See a three legged man

Search …dreams of putting on a ring

Stabbing people

Snow in house

Scary woman

Sex with a person

Shall i turn right or left?


Seeing mortal in a dream means

Spider chasing a wasp

Sick brother

Space alien


Shrimps in a dream

Skipping math class

Sucking sisters breast

Snow cave

Squid dream meaning


Showering then water becomes sewage burst open


Substance abuse

Seeing a harmless lion

Shooting a target

Shooting range

Someone pulling out my hair


Slapping a face

Slapping face

Son seen his dad in coffin

Someone in coffin dead

Seeing someone with long hair

Seeing white tissue

Small water fountain


Scorpion bites my husband


Season tickets to sporting event


Seeing hijre in dream

Snake toungue trying to touch you

Someone trying to kill me with a knife

Skin peeling from face

Spouting water in the sea

Seing my past friend with a hunchback

Seeing bronze bowl in dream islamic

Stitches behind your ears

Sex in the toilet

Son-in-law dead

Son-in law dead wrapped in white sheet

Swept away by muddy water

Seeing vagina


Strange land

Score me as goalkeeper

Seeing a baby walking

Spilling tac

Sleeping in a filing cabinet

Seeing an open chain link fence opemed

Stealing sweets of candy

Spray paint bald head

Stuck and scared of being burried under snow

Someone exchange my big calabash to small

Soap suds

Someone steals from you

Stolen jewelry

Something stolen and returned

Shaved dogs head

Seeing traditional healers dancing

Sorghum plant and a mud house

Son in law watching me

Some who recently died

Spider falling

Swallow big pearl at wedding

Skunk meat

Seeing daughter walking naked in the dream

Swallowing glass

Saving a person while falling in a pit latrine

Swollen ankles


Selling moi moi in the dream

Seeing a woman that was going to get married

Someone avoiding you

Stuck in a maze being chased

Sewing on buttons on a shirt

Seeing bitter kola in dreams means what

Someone dying who is already dead

Sucking orange in dream

Seeing dead 5 kinds of animals in the dream

Seeing fenugreek leaves.

Scavengers hunting to kill me

Scavengers hunting couples

Scavengers hunting me and my husband

Sweeping of shrine in dreams means

Sliver coffee pot

Sweeping shrine in dream

Story line: very young prince and a young girl play together

Seeing bitter kola

Selection of expensive ranges of clothes from a state government as a gift dream

Sitting in dream

Standing in a dream

Spinning christmas tree

Skiing on grass

Skiing but no snow

Skiing on grassq

Selling my organs

Sharing a house

Someone else blind one eye

Seeing genitals of old friends

Seeing an empty water pitcher


Sky cracking and big hands coming out

Some in white with dark eyes

Spring onions in dream

School with no shoes on

Someones dirty feet

Suitcase being stolen

Son has girl in his bed

Splitting fire wood with axe dream islam

Seen orange s around a dead

Selling food in the dream to plenty people

Selling food in the dream to crown of people

Sucking vagina and breast

Seeing yourself shirtless in the streets

Seeing yourself shirtless

Search …bath in mosque

Someone dreaming of you being at the market with them

Stiches on face

Swallowing a perfume bottle



Someone getting concussion

Someone applying gel to my hair

Seeing dead father giving garlic

Saw hena on hair in dream


See someone killing a praying mantis but scared

Skin black on neck

Snake groud

Someone died in boiling water

Snake eye snake eye

Snake shedding skin

Saying hello

Sex with a trans

Someone dying and coming back to life

Ship crashing

Ship boat in sky

Sweet & root

Seeing family members that live in it here stares

Sweet root yam

Sweet yam

Stroke disown family

Sleeping in a bed outside

Stature under water

Skinning a bird

Silver lines

Spray of water

Squirrel biting

Squirrel biting me

Storage facility

Storage units

Sugar cain

Someone sucking my big toe

Seeing death as happy

Sel roti in a dream

Seeing a generator in a freezer

Seeing girl baby in dream

Seeing others roof of mouth

See others mouth

Snakes in my shower

Seeing your self in a beautiful mud house

Seeing your self in a fine mud house

Seeing one self in fine mud house

Substance on wall

Soil present which number

Search …a white cow

Seeing cow intestines in a dream means

Silent fear


Silent scream

Someones caught you masturbating


Someone urinating on you

Soil p

Snack eating an animal

Swollen top gum


Smoke over a building

Silver shoes

Seeing flying people

See maggi in dream

Seeing blood of sheep being slauggtered

Seeing your ex-boyfriend in a dream and he is admiring you and he look

Save landed

Smack lip kiss

Symbol of okra

Stripper in dream

Sister had a stroke

Someone cuts into my forehead

Simese cat

Someone else cleaning house

Someone else giving a speech

Someone give me bitter kola in dream

Someone gave you calendar

Seeing a jinn harassing you

Someone’s chewing gum and leveling it all over

Someone is coming to get you

Someone wearing my old clothes

Seeing myself being thin in a dream

Snow on the ground

Stitches to face

Seeing a lady in red sare in dream

Shampoo bars


Solar flare

Snake swallow a goat

Side of road

Someone asking for neem leave

Shiridhi baba giving liquid mercury

Spiritual meaning of tiger-nut

Scissors stabbing

Shirt fall in water


Stabbing someone with a box cutter

Stealing accidentally

Sparrow that could\'nt fly

Stabbing someone in their neck

Seeing decesed friend in house with my hand cut

Someone you have feelings for

Search …black cars

Soul mate that is mismatch

Stir pot

Sparkling blue eyes

Shiny silver coin

Search …voice saying your dlozi is asleep they need to be waken up

Search …dreams of putting on a ring

Sand mountain climbing

Sex with boyfriend

Smoke fish dream

Semen on my leg

Skulls and skeletons buried in the ground under the grass

Seeing future daughter in a picture

Seeing future child in a picture

Sucking my big toe

School mates

Sleeping with pastor in a dream

Strangers in your home

Sick person recovers from disease

Someone braiding my hair

Search …fish

Strand of hair that never ends

Snake blood dream

Searching for a pot

Seeing self being skilled

Status of soneone


Scary old lady

Snakes blood in a dream

Seeing myself roasting yam in the dream meaning

Shoelace cut

Seeing snake blood in dream

Sacrificing yourself instead of someone you love

Sweet potatoes harvesting dream lucky numbers

Seeing dudu pampkin

Seeing green leaf with green big dudu

Seeing green vegetable

Seeing vegetable grow big

Spinning building

Square hole in chest

Spinning wheel of fortune


Stars at night

Shaking hands with a man

Stop before going down a steep road

Sick and healed

Sheer white curtains

Snakes falling down from tree

Seeing my present in my dream

Sex with brother in law

Snapping a leg

Sandal and turmeric powder

Stuck between teeth

Standing by a grave

Someone killing crabs in front of you

Seeing an imbecile in my dream

Seen my dead mother processing cassava fermentation in your compound in your dream, what does it mean in dream interpretation

See your wife in a dream

Selling smoked fish in the market

Selling smoke fish in the market

Shampoo dropping from sky

Seeing god hanuman statue in dream

Sanitary pad change

Seeing toilets in dream

Son in accident

Shaking hands with bandage

Sex in the dream

Sky cracked


Snakes coming out of the vigina

Sacred music

Stealing sisters boyfriend

Stealing my sisters boyfriend

Someone taken up in a whirlwind

Saree gift drea

Satanic cult

Someone gave me coin to give to my father

Say ahah

Sorghum field

Sanitary pads with blood means what?

Sliding into green water with snakes

Scent leaf

Selling cooked food

Sangoma house

Seeing methi leaves in dream

Sucking periwinkle

Seeing nutmeg

Seeing white smoke in a dream

Seeing lots of nutmeg in a dream

Someone putting and massaging oil in my hair

Stripper dancing

Stealing friends boyfriend

Scary woman besides my wife in bed

Sick and recovery

Sick and recovered

Seeing lots of nutmeg in a dream

Snake you get

Someone making chapattis

Someone making chaatis


Someone giving me attitude

Someone gave me a hickey

Someone gave me a hickey on the top of my breast

Saving a wasp

Studying with friends

Seeing suicide

Serving juice

Shit all over my clothes and some in my mouth

Sheering licking in dream

Seeing amla fruit store

Saw nude

Shemale intercorse

Seeing a shemale doing intercorse in dream

Seeing and talking to preist in dream

Suitcase clothes

Sanal wood dream

Small pieces of charcoal bought from a merchant

Ski boot

Spilled coffee

Sucking breast in dreams

Scottish terrier

Sex with father


Seeing a friend holding scrolls

Shoulder blades

Shrimp eyes

Shemale sex

Seeing kolanut

Seeing a force field coming at you

Showing home


Sabari malai

Spitting out grits

Some one given tapioca in the river to eaten

Sanitary pad showing in a dream

Someone licking my virgina

Sleep on side

Sea aminals

Swollen sick right foot

Someone gave me water to drink in my dream

Srarionery in a dream

Shredded tire

Seeing tamraind

Shingles on me neck dreaming

See guinea fowl in dream

Safety pin in skin

Someone using witchcraft on you



Seeing periwinkle in dream during pregnancy

Some other has a stroke and crying

Seeing a heart of a chicken

See black widow spider in dream

Seeing giving money to transgender

Skin contact

Seeing cardamom in dream


Secret admirer

Shampoo hair


Seeing wet cloths in a dream

Seeing someone in coma

Struggling with mad woman in the dream

Saving boat capsises

Suck toes

Spiritual leaders

Shower tub

Someone asking for money in dream

Santa in dream

Snow changes to thick green grass

Seeing betel tree in dream

Saw salt

Sister talking to a judge

Sneaking around islam

Seeing trying to pluck drumsticks

Stranger spit three times on me

Someone in prayer

Seeing white chameleon in dream

She male in dream

She male in dreams

Snowing in hawaii

Swimming owl

Sperm released mouth

Sperm released in the mouth

Seimming in sewage water

Swimming in seawage water


Seeing dried bush meat in the dream means what

St jude

See through box

Sarbanes twins

See through box with man inside

[email protected]

Severed duck head and beak

Standing on s queue inside church

Stepping in rotten meats

Swollen toes

Seeing deceased father with light

Spiritually car damaged in your dream meaning

Seeing a baby in my dead mother lap

Sheep losing wool

Sheep losing qool

Sacred fig

Served court ticket on the sidewalk

Sinister animal


Shea butter trees

Seeing my father beating me

Spiritual meaning of snake

Spiritual meaning of pof pof and buns

Someone complaining in dream about your real life mistake

Someone sprinkling white powder

Searching aloe vera plant

Someone putting makeup on you





Shouting but no words come out

Skipping naked on terracotta pots with a small pot covering my manhood

Standing in a pool of dirty water

Shaking cold hands

Seeming gold

Seeing gold in a dream

Seeing private part

Smelling clover

Sex dream of mother in law

Shot by poison dart

Someone eating

Someone killing my aloe vera plant

Ssying hello to a crush in s dresm

Sisters trying to help me have sex

Sharpen knife

Someoe is digging with a broke and bent spade shovel

Scallions in garden

Saint louis

Seeing bloody nose

Seeing a blody nose

Stray jacket




Staff naked

Set of red keys


Self fish

Shifting to a different house

Stabbed in kidney

Selling clothes

Saw kids

Someone pureeing paraffin on you

Snakes head

Snake tree

Snake shape tree

Shoes being thrown

Statute of liberty

Somone help me and my loved ones hostage

Seated in a hurry

See fresh small fish

See fresh shrimp

Speaking elements

Stapled feet

Saw eggs

Seperation from a loved one

Stabbing a turkey

Ship wreck

School dinner

Seeing purple sky

Shut down

Seen a pair of scissors on the floor

Sureh yasin

Seeing ex lover but can’t reach them

Saw a dream about giving birth to three boys

Square white gift

Standing in a whit cloud with someone nothing there but the two of you andthe cloud then the cloud takes oer and you cannot see the other person then you are swept backwards very fast mean

Seduction by mad woman


Seeing your ex boyfriend family in your dream

Seeing youe mother in law looking angry at you

Someone pulling you by the ankles dream meaning


Seeing oneself urinating

Sister in law cooking

Spiritual symbolism of daddy long legs

Spider plants

Sleeping with ex boyfriend

Seeing aloevera plants meaning

Sticky tape

Snake sualow human being

Someone give number to write

Semen has blood

Seeing a man with hairy fingers

Small girl holding swort at

Smoke in my dream

Shower lockers

Shower room lockers

Someone tells me they have cancer

Short circuit in kitchen

Speaking to your ex spouse and discuss on next steps

Sifter screen

Sift screen

Stretching skin

Stealing the moon

Steal the moon

Someone gave me some toothpicks

Spanish lime

Snake wrapped around waist


Someone plucking ripe cashew i saw

Seeing yourself wearing soliders uniform in dream

Selling periwinkle in the dream

Someone touching your wife breast

Snake giving birth to baby snakes

Swapnat dahi bhat khane

Set dressing

Someone crying and being mad

Spill palm oil

Statue of horse

Standing near a open graves containing white boxes w

Seeing a meteor

Seeing a meteo

Saber-toothed tiger

Saber tooth tiger

Saver tooth tiger


Santo niño in my dreams


Spit on my eyes

Saint john

Sour or green guinep

Seeing ripe limes on a tree but forbidden to pick it

Seeing ripe limes on atree in a dream but is stopped from picking it

Someone giving me clean, old ,white clothing to wear

See large numbers of shemales


Sweet pepper

Scared son

Someone is obsessed towards me

Still airplane

Still aeropplanes

Someone is stealing my pants

Seeing unfinished house in a dream

Sexual rubbing on mans chest

Show girl

Spouse masturbating

Skydiving plane

Seeing myself pounding fufu

Standing on bank of wide river, need to cross

Someone elses child

See lots of shemales in dream

Seeing a female half naked

Shaving hair under arms

Secreting coconuts

Soul of shoe coming off

Scratching naked person

Suitcase between two naked people scratching each other

Seeing cooked garden eggs in a dream

Samp eating in a dream

Spitting in hands

Shoes underwater

Someone holding my feet

Squinty eyes

Someone was trying to attack me

Seeing radio

Standing near a open graves containing boxes w

Someone motioning for me to come to them

Superhero fighting

Swarm of insects flying out of my house

Suit jacket

Suit and tie


Snake statue

Someone else’s house

Sorghum seeds dream meaning

Seeing someone sweating

Snake biting hand

Swimming in a shallow pool

Silver and biue


Seeing lord hanuman in my dreams

Seen my younger brother sick

Seeing turkey

Shooting nails

Seeing old teacher\'s


Stage curtinas falling on me

Smack kiss lips

Someone that you know


Sharing kola but in a dream

Stolen cooking gas

Sloan invasion

Sleeping on cassava peels

Sex in bushes

Spider making web strong as a rope coming inside a vechile

Skating rink university

Skating rink

Someone spitting on you


Smell burnt plastic


Stolen quilt

Smell somethimg burning

Super natural

Someone saying your name

Skin tearing

Smile in dream



Start elevation

Sound equipment

Spit on your hand

Seeing condom in my lesbian ex girlfriend pocket

Snow walking

Seeing a water bed

Seeing nightshade dream meaning

Someone asks me for money

Someone help me with grinding pepper

Staples in feet

Something was pulling on my feet pulling me toward the tv

Stabbed with a bayonet

Sleigh bells

Solving problems

Sword in cloud

Smoked fish dream meaning

Seahorse dying

Sworn feet

Seeing someone tilling hips


Spirogyra in my dream

Soap opera

Seeing 4 moons

Steps broken

Spouse fighting

Saw mother and grandma grave open

Seeing percenta

Summer dress

Sacrifice yourself to the lord

Sacrifing your self to the lord

Sacrice yourself to the lord

Shared bathroom with two toilets

Shared bathrrom with two toilets

Seeing fallen cement

Shaker ceiling falling cement

Strand of white hair


Seeing a lady in red sare in dream pressing neck


Stalled head

Someone leaving

Spiders crawling all over people

Side on fire

Slamming doors

Strappy sandal

Speaking to a pastor

Seeing a house burglar

Seeing a house being robbed


Selling of food in dream

Sewing drawer

Saligramam in dream

Slammed by peers

Someone giving coriander seeds

Someone giving dhania seeds

Seeing ripe prickly pear



Stopping a gay wedding

Stop wedding

Seeing different types of egg

Selling cooked rice in dream

Someone touching my breast

Seeing a friendly niece


Some friends dig grave n cover with black clothe

Sister dies parking garage explosion

Sister dies car parking garage explosion

Sister dies car building explosion

Sister dies in building explosion

Shaving off my eyebrow

Stove s up


Stained glass window

Smoldering fire in bed room

Someone lying

Someone on stairs debris from earthquake

Soil erosion dream


Selling crayfish in the dream mean what

Seeing fufu in the dream

Someone hanging themselves


Slug in bath

Sport dressing rooms

Sailfish caught


Squeezing whiteheads


Seeing yourself with a plesant face

Seeing rice crop in a dream

See yourself happy

Seeing a president in your dream

Seeing two monks

Silo dream

Snake stone

Sex with she make


Snake chasing us

Stray animal

Seeing a madman talking in a dream

Stringent on


Sliding dawn on ice

Seeing kinner in dream

Soul of kinner with love

Seeing oneself in mirror n combing

Someone sleeping

Someone who’s face i can’t see is pointing a flashlight

Someone cutting grass with cutlass

Sexual parts

Son in sad mood in dream

Shemale fucking me

Seal animal


Stolen vehcile

Spilled oil and passed father

Shoe lace dream

Stealing car

See a knife

Searching for place to poop

Seeing my pastor in church in a dream

Sucking my thumb

Seeing african dirty statutes

Skin scrape


Sudden observation

Skin crust


Sore crust

Seeing your elder sister pregnant


Shaving my head half

Snake with blood in dream

Seeing a gemstone

Some one peeling cassava

Someone saw my face glowing and me in a weird dress

Standing on a queue

Sparkler firework

Seeing a doctor at his office and he is my pastor

Some body is offering me a goat

See poeple counting money in a dream

Speaking no sound

Seeing paneer

Spitting out rotten meat

See 3 cows in dream

Shower cap

See dead mom washing clothes

Stuck in a car

Surgical cut

Seeing a pond

Sole of a foot

Seeing someone with stacks of newspapers

Stacks of newspapers

Son being able to lift chairs

Someone giving kajaal in dream

Stripe shirt

Selling fish

Seeing yourself commit suicide

Saving by someone from drowning

Someone talking to you that died


Stairs made of wax

Spots pea

Spider web

Sucking a vagina

Sucking a pussy

See smoke coming from someone smoking under covers

Smoking undercovers

Spiders fleas


Seeing starch in dream meaning

Sitting on a height

Seeing a golden mice


Seeing a copse

Seeing a dead body

Sister make my hair

Someone helping

Someone ask water in dream


Seeing the devil

Shotgun ladder

Self inflicted injury means what

Slapping l

Seeing a man with a tail

Surak muzamil

Solution to the bad dreams

Shoes black

Snake bite on the neck

Strangers trespassing

Sharing a valley that is mine

Sister in law being lesbian

Shoulder injury

Seeing three mad men in dream means

Seeing queen bee

Seat cushion

Seeing from back

Slapping my mom in my dream

Seeing yourself die in dream

Silky lone nose hair


Saw a cutlass on a car back seat

Sted hole in water tower dream

Seeing a black soiled rich farm cultivated

Shemail in dream

Saw a cutlass on a car back seat saw

Sachet water

Seeing my dead groundmother rise and became new

Seeing myvm dear ground mother rise and become new

Sulking my vegina other male person

Shark attactk

Short leg

Stealing a fountain pen

Saw my husband wearing eyeglasses while looking at a young girl

Sitting behind position in dream


Someone’s wedding

Someone giving me a dupatta

Seeing your name written down

Someone touching your breast meaning

Swimming with pigs


Suffocation murder

Stainless steel bowl

Stainless bowl

Striking snake

Someone checking out on you

Skull cracked

Slanted floor

Sex with my psychiatrist

See your name written

Skelton trying to teach me witchcraft

Seeing a eunuch

Skeleton trying to lead me away to show me witchcraft


Sprinkles holy water

Sibling pain

Severe stitches from mouth all the way down my body and leg

Strand of hair

Snake slitbi

Someone praying in dream

Sitting behind me

Shave head in dreams

See my dog dieing

School supplies

Swallowing knives

Sex toys

Smonk rent come to me

Small person

Shepherd dog

Sucking sugarcanes

Saving a drowning child

Saving a drowning chuld

Sex with a long time friend

Sacrificed animal

Snakes entering

Snake entering holes

Someone death returning something back to you

Splinter in head

Santoo nino de palaboy

Straight jacket dream


Smoke rising from under a black hat

Streanght and work

Snow covered peaks

Snowy mountain

Someone buying sugar cane for me

Spouse driving us over a cliff

Seeing drumstick

See maggi in dream meaning

Sceaming peacock

Selling pieces of sugar cane

Someone bought sweet and give me but i did not collect it from him in my dream

Seeing a bear knock a hornets nest out of a tree

Seeing a bear know a hornets nest out of a tree

Seeing a bear know a hornets nestout of a tree

Seeing a bear know a beehive out of a tree

Smelling feet


Spiting on finger tuching someone else

Santa claus suit


Some one is breaking clay pot in dreams what does it mean?

Selling mineral water in dreams

Someone burning a mattress

Spiritual imagery

Small alligator


Someone showing you kolanut in a dream

Slurred speech and didn’t know where i was

Stock room



Stealing of my clothes

Silk jacket


String being swollowed and pulled out of the throat

Spoiling drawing

Snake come out of mouth

Snakes coming out of someone else’s mouth in a dream


Sugarcane juice

Sick person falling in the bed

Seing jalebi in dream


Spitting it in the pot

See a person wrapped in kafan

Someone cooking and spitting in the pot

See fresh okro in dream

Scream and nothing comes out

Sorting garbage in dream

Sea lion

Separated husband sleeping with hookers

Someone gives you small peanut in dream

Ships passing

Saw my pet cat that died

Sex position

Stolen pocketbook




Spitting water out of your mouth

Stuck to floor

Spiritual rebirth

Scary dolls

Scary dolla

Scary movie character

Spider wed

Shock and awe

Seeing mother naked

Sto niño dreaming

Seening fresh okro in dream

Small adult

Side walk ends


Snaching a ring in a dream and getting back


Someone take raw meat from me by force and throw it away in the sea

Sean boswell

Seeing a toned and healthy man with lash marks on his back

Seen someone smelling my shoe

Some one is touching my breast

Someone flung a dirty diaper at me and it spilled onto me and had to wash it off

Suppository dream meanings


Someone stole my perfume

Struggling to breathe

Smelling coffee in sleep

Seeing on in you dream

Spool of gold tread

Stabbed in hands


Sweeping green rugs

Surah fatiha

Seeing custard apple

Seeing my fiancee in his casket dead

Selling babana

Somebody dying repeatedly

Someone walked into a muddy pothole and disappeared

Saying praise the lord

Sex with younger

Smiling goblins chasing in wheelbarrows

Sucking two different woman breast in your dream

Staring money plant

Seeing funeral of unknown person

Sex in the bathroom

Shot by a tranqualizer dart

Shadowy figure hurting me

Saw gurujinin dream and giving blessing

Smell gun powder

Sat in a drink

Sat in spilled alcohol

Sat on spilled alcohol

Sat in alcohol got shorts wet

Snake swallowing goat

Someone laughing in church

Sign of the cross infront of sto. niño

Snake is coming out of my son mouth

Strage man pour sperm on my head

Shaving my pubic hair

Seeing car repeatedly

Sand dream

Someone has let someone into my apartment without my consent

Someone has been in my apartment and left some flowers but they are not for me

Sura fatiha

Skin rassh

Seeing bags of sachet water

Showering with poop

Showieng with poop

Standing on the top of a mountain


Seeing a word

Sex in bathtub

Someone plucking my white hair

Seeing bindi in dream

Seeing muthi in a dream

Swimming air

Shell skin

Secrets out

Someone spat on my face in the dream

Someone spitting on my face as a result of jealousy

Spirogyra all over my legs

Seen sitar in dream

Someone giving you sugarcane in my dream as a gift

Splitting firewood with axe

Seeing poop with worms in a dream

Seeing or eating gulab jamun

Sheathing in the dream

Small and light pickup car

Summit of a mountain forest with burning bushes and running from people attaching

Spelling contest

Storm rainbow

Sexual favour asked by a stranger

Screaming with no sound

Sunday school teaching

Slippery stairs

Seen myself pregnant

Snake kissing boyfriend

Swallow wedding ring


Seeing dead person wearing green in a dream

Shoping coolerbags

Skin ripped off by someone else

Skim milk

Sought out


Someone asks for beetle nut and beetle leaf

Seeing house listing


Scary dogs

Snakes around the waist

Strange voice calling in the dream

Seeing a plague doctor

Shrimp being out in vagina

Son in high heals

Son wearing high heals

Smash pot over head

Speaker on a roof

Suede bag

Speaker on top of a roof house

Swim meet

Stealing a diamond ring

Sister dying

Snake digging a hole

Someone spits at me

Someone cutting your toe nails

Sanitary pads full of blood

Seeing unused sanitary pads

Surah rahman

Seeing 2 men fighting in a dream interpretation

Snakes in a bathroom

Spiral rainbow

Someone with a chest wound

Stitches in face

Search warrant

See limbs

Stealing prasaad of goddess

Seeing drumstick leaves in dream

Sucking a boys cock and im a male

Stuck in a hole

Someone putting sticks in my mouth


Sign out

Seventy five

Search for a teapot

Slaughtered hogs

Summoned to court

Saw peepal tree in the dream

Somebody muddy home

Someone renovating a house using mud

Stepfather in a closet at a mall

Seeing long green drumsticks

Sodom ang gomora

Sodom and gomorag

Swing multiple dogs

Snake with 2 heads each head has one eue

Stair climbing movement

Sinkhole with home filled w money

Sinkhole with ho.e filled w money

Starting a new business

Sleeping in class


Save sister from drowning





Stealing coins


Skip class

Small sticks on my body

Sugarcane plantation dream meaning

Scared wife


See make aaloo kachori and pakoda in dream

Seeing aripe cashew in a dream

Seeing lizaerd in dream according to islam

Seeing a written titan on a wall

Shape of heart

Sitting on the steps of a spiral staircase

Someone is giving me a statue of santo nino



Someone spanking a child

Spiritual meaning of jack fruit in a dream

Seeing a big green snake

Sister in law crying

Seeing a skunk in dream

Seeing pressure cooker rises in the dream

Seeing dog poop in your house

Scarey dolls

Store treasure


Seen ur mother in disturbing u

Someone rubbing my dirty feet

Seeing lotus in dream

Snake in grocery store

Short dark hair

Shoebox with shoes

Semi automatic rifle

Space and travel


Spraying water

Swallowing screws

Standing in clear pebble stone water

Steel in my hands

Swallowing rubber bands

Seeing young parent

Seeing a male slamming black bricks

See green leaves of sugar cane



Shaved head

Selling kolanuts

Seeing palm kernels in you house out of the blues

Stuck climbing fence

Seeing your deceased parent

Spilling molasses

Stripping clothes

Shoe cabinet blocked


Someone ask money

Spit flour in person’s face

Sleeping in bathroom

Seeing hot spices in dream

Seeing tall temple tower

Someone spits tar in my face


Sick person looking healthy

Screaming help from god

Sick person healthy

Sr santo nino

Spitting out teeth

Seeing a coffin in the rain

Severing a limb

Someone spitting on my face

Someone spitting on. mr

Smalbl oy

Seeing shapes in clouds


Son exam

Someone hugging me telling me they love someone else

Someone hugging you telling you they are in love with someone

Steep ramp

Spiders crawling all over me

Someone laying on my back

Stole the gold



Skipping stones


Shoes on fire

Spilling syrup

Stinging nettle rash

Saw conch coming off my body in dream

Sweping boyfriend room

Squirrel bite

Sitting at a desk

Side dream symbol

Storm brewing

Screaming girl


Something in the house threatening me so i run away

Seeing d dead happy

Son slapping mom

Summoned to court with my girlfriend

See prime minister in dream

Standing up penis enters me

Standing penis inside me

Standing up and the feeling of a penis inside me

Seperating from ones wife

Smell bad in dream meaning

Someone sweeping in my house

Somebody giving you kola nut in dream


Salt and pepper shakers being filled

Someone napping

Stolen dining room

Stepping on stool

Space walk

Sex with crush

Serving burnt food

Swollen arms


Seeing hindi in dream

Shoes in a mosque


Skull crush

Silver coliur

Seeing a dead pastor

Sparkly black dress


Stars on earth

Stealing clothes in a store

Seeing 3 fante kenkey i dream meaning

Sorrell put to dry

Seeing okro in my dream

Scottie dog

Someone washing feet in dream

Someone asked for my social security in dream

Seeing dead grand mother giving me pot of meat in dream according to islamic dream interpretation

Seeing washing clothes of my wife according to islamic dream interpretation

Sinking pontoon boat

Sinking pontoon

Seeing paneer and jalebi in the dream

Seeing a green eyeball inside my vagina hole

Seeing my dog who died

Some else laundry

Someone masturbating

Sucking breast of a young girl


Scarab beetle

Soiled wedding dress

Someone else’s cold feet

Someone shows you muthi

Someone slapped my ass angrily

Stacks of books

Sheet of paper

Spoo n

Seeing a blood clot

Side swiping girlfriends car

Secret letter

Sitting infront of a pile of ackee

Seeing cuts on husbands hand

Soft penis

Shaking hand with a pastors

Speaking bird

Someone has caskets for sale cheap

Strange woman in house

Swallowing mouthwash