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To dream that you are taking part in the Holy Communion, warns you that you will resign your independent opinions to gain some frivolous desire.

If you dream that there is neither bread nor wine for the supper, you will find that you have suffered your ideas to be proselytized in vain, as you are no nearer your goal.

If you are refused the right of communion and feel worthy, there is hope for your obtaining some prominent position which has appeared extremely doubtful, as your opponents are popular and powerful.

If you feel unworthy, you will meet with much discomfort.

To dream that you are in a body of Baptists who are taking communion, denotes that you will find that your friends are growing uncongenial, and you will look to strangers for harmony. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


this incident is related to a group of people living on the Island of Saqliyyah .

It is narrated that their king was bent on annihilating the Muslims.

For this, he prepared a powerful navy comprising of thousands of soldiers. At this point he saw a dream in which he saw himself mounted on an elephant while drums were beaten and trumpets were blown before him. When he awoke he summoned some of his clergymen and asked them to interpret the dream. They gave him the glad tiding of victory. He demanded proof from them for their interpretation.

The said that the elephant is the most powerful animal on land and mounting such a powerful animal means becoming the master of power and strength. And the beating of drums and blowings of trumpets are signs of happiness, ecstasy and victory. Also drums are only beaten in the presence of asking if there is some reason for happiness.

When the king heard this, he became both surprised and delighted. He then summoned some Jewish ulama and asked them for their interpretation. They also interpdreted the dream as a glad tiding of victory. He then called some Muslim ulamaa and demanded that they interpret the dream. They all pointed to an experienced aalim to respond to the king’s demand.

The aalim said to the king that he would interpret the dream only if he guaranteed their safety which he did.

The learned aalim interpreted the dream thus; “O king, I see no wisdom in your wanting to kill the Muslims and marching on them for this purpose. Please do not deploy your army for they will not return to you alive. They will be defeated and destroyed. And do not for one moment think that I give this interpretation because I am a Muslim”.

The king asked him for proof to which he replied that the Holy Book of Allah was the source for his proof. He quoted the verse: Have you not seen what your Lord had done to the people of the elephants. He recited the entire Soorah Feel.

The king said: “This is your proof regarding the elephants. What have you to say about the drums?” He recited the verse: And when the trumpet will be blowns, this will be a very hard day for the non-believers-not an easy one.

When the king heard this he became utterly shocked and perplexed since the shaikh’s explanation was rational and irrefutable.

To avoid embarrassment to himself he dismissed the sheikh and his colleagues saying that he would have believed him if he (the sheikh) were not a Muslim. But since he is a Muslim he is biased in his delivery of interpretation.

The Shaikh said: “You will soon find out for yourself, o king!”.

When the sheikh and his colleagues departed the king began to ponder deeply about what the sheikh had said. He became convinced and decided not to go ahead with his plans. When the clergy heard of this they approached him and urged him to go ahead with his plan. They reasoned with him not to believe the interpretation of the sheikh as he was a Muslim and a Muslim would obviously be opposed to king Muslims. They also sought his permission to kill the sheikh which he refused. They continued to incite him against the Muslim and urged him to go ahead with his plans. He had no choice but to accede. He deployed a huge army under the command of his son.

The two sides met in the middle of the sea.

For three days a fierce battle ensued between the Muslims and non-Muslims. One the third day the Christians army was defeated. Not a single person was spared. When the king came to learn about this, he called for the sheikh and admitted his folly before him. He then secretly accepted Islam at his hands and bestowed many of his favours on him.

It is said that he also learned the Holy Qur’aan by the Shaikh and this affair of the king became popular in Saqliyyah.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


Personal adornment of any kind in a dream is a warning of social difficulties ahead.

If you refused the adornment, you will overcome the trouble.

If the dream involved household adornment, you can expect a pleasant change of circumstances and/or location. ... The Bedside Dream Dictionary


The Bedside Dream Dictionary


To dream of seeking shelder against rain denotes secret trouble; to fly from a storm, evil to come; to find shelter prognosticates misery and despair; to have it refused, triumph and joy (Gypsy). Here the interpretation is easily traceable to early Christian persecution, when shelter and food were refused to the elect.... The Fabric of Dream


The Fabric of Dream


1- The use of the ouija board holds within it certain inherent dangers.

Dreaming of one may simply be a way that the psyche has of alerting us to further exploration of those things we do not understand.

To be playing with the ouija board in dreams - as well as in waking life denotes being prepared to take certain risks, particularly with our own peace of mind. When the ouija board seems frightening we are touching in on our deep fear of the unknown.

2- Psychologically, we all need some way of making contact with the unconscious side of ourselves.

To dream of the ouija board alerts us to different ways of accessing the unconscious. It may be a symbol for all we have suppressed and refused to recognise.

3- Spiritually, the ouija board was and indeed still is - a rather crude way of communicating with the spirit world. In dreams, it shows we may be aware of the need to communicate with spirit, rather than have the spirit world communicate with us.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


1- Previously a sheaf, particularly of corn, would signify a harvest or good husbandry. Now it is more likely to suggest old-fashioned ways and methods of operating.

A sheaf of papers would suggest hard work.

2- As a marker of time, the sheaf will suggest Autumn.

It is often seen as a symbol of consolidation and of binding. We perhaps need to look at what needs to be gathered in, made into a coherent whole, and given boundaries.

3- As the symbol of Demeter (see Goddess), the sheaf represents the nurturing mother. In can also suggest a dying world, in that Demeter refused to nurture ‘her’ humans when Persephone (see Goddess) was kidnapped by Pluto.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


To see oats being fed to a beautiful horse denotes luxury and ease is beginning to enter your life.

To see oats being refused by the animal shows that you are about to make a bad decision regarding your finances or living conditions. Decayed oats tell the story of poverty and need or a great sorrow that will come your way.... Encyclopedia of Dreams


Encyclopedia of Dreams


Strange houses show that your affairs are in an unsettled condition. If, in your dream, you go into a strange house, you will probably venture on some new undertaking before long.

If you are refused admission, or find that you cannot get in, then be careful in your plans and avoid needless risk.... Mystic Dream Book


Mystic Dream Book


Psychological / emotional perspective: Psychologically, we all need some way of making contact with the unconscious side of ourselves.

To dream of the ouija board alerts us to different ways of accessing the unconscious. It may be a symbol for all we have suppressed and refused to recognize.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile


Material aspects: To be signing a petition indicates committing to a deeply held belief.

To refuse to sign means we question our commitment.

To have a petition refused signifies disappointment in a working environment.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile


The meaning of the dream depends on its action, and all the details should be carefully thought about, but here are some general meanings: If you dreamed of being a hobo, you will find peace of mind due to improving circumstances.

To dream of giving food, money or help of any kind to a hobo predicts a rise in your social status, but if you refused to give help you will have to work harder and have smaller rewards than you hoped.

If you dream of being menaced, followed or threatened by a hobo, then uneasy times and fights with friends (or perhaps a boyfriend) are ahead. This last dream can also mean you are running away from repressed feelings that make you uncomfortable.... My Dream Interpretation


My Dream Interpretation


General Meaning: Olives in many forms are mentioned in Scripture. They had many uses - from being used for oil to light lamps, to being pickled and eaten.

• The most famous olive grove mentioned in the Word is Gethsemane, which translated means ‘oil press’. Before an olive tree died, new branches sprouted from its roots.

• Visions Positive Olive Oil • Oil has always been a lovely picture of the anointing. It also speaks of the healing anointing, as olive oil was often used as a source of medication.

• Olive Crushed • Apostle Les speaks in The Prophetic Training book about how the prophet goes through a time of testing during his training. He relates it to being ‘squeezed’.

• His question is, “When you get squeezed, what comes out of you?” • The olive oil being squeezed and letting out its oil is a lovely image of this. It means that when pressures come on you to change, what comes out is the anointing.

• It is also an indication that the Lord is about to put pressure on you, or perhaps even take you through a phase of ministry training.

• Olive Tree • The Lord promised the Israelites their own olive trees as a blessing.

It is a picture of abundance and the blessing of the Lord.

• The olive tree is also a good picture of a reproducing asset.

It is not a blessing that comes once, but one that keeps producing further blessing.

• Psalms 128:3 Your wife [will be] as a fruitful vine by the sides of your house: your children like olive plants around about your table.

Negative: Branch Being Severed • Apostle Paul shares how those who refused to accept Christ were cut off from the olive tree, and a new branch was grafted in (speaking of the Church).

• Romans 11:17 And if some of the branches be broken off, and you, being a wild olive tree, were grafted in among them, and with them partake of the root and fatness of the olive tree.

• Often in the spirit we have seen the Lord cut a branch off a tree and graft a new one in its place. This has referred to the Lord removing a person from our lives or ministry and putting in someone new.

• In a situation where a marriage has ended and you see this, it is an indication that the old marriage partner is being removed and that the Lord will bring a new one, so that they can become one.

• To see an olive tree bearing fruit other than olives is a picture of things not being what they seem. While the person pretends to be one thing, on the inside they are something completely different.

• James 3:12 Can the fig tree, my brothers, bear olive berries? Or a vine, figs? So no fountain [can] yield both salt water and fresh.

See also: Branch, Tree.... The Way of Dreams and Visions


The Way of Dreams and Visions


This is, in some respects, a dream of contrary, for if you dreamed you were begging or receiving alms, you will have an improvement in your financial status; you will also be lucky if, in your dream, you gave alms generously; but if you refused a beggar or gave reluctantly, the forecast is of some unexpected hardships to be overcome.... The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


You would do well to keep your private affairs to yourself if you dreamed of raw or bloody beef.

If you refused a serving of beef, it augurs a coming need for help and/or dependence on the generosity of a friend; however, if you ate the beef and enjoyed it, you can expect a business turn foi the better.

See also Food, Eating, etc.... The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The augury here depends on the action and reaction; if you gave the commands and they were obeyed, you can expect some quick improvement in your life; but if your demands were ignored or refused, you will have to make an effort to avoid clashes with influential friends and/or associates.

If the commanding was done by someone else, the dream has the same significance, except that it applies to someone with whom you are closely involved rather than to yourself.... The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


A promotion is in the offing for you if you dreamed of signing a contract; if you refused to sign it the step-up will be much greater than you might be expecting.... The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


You are being warned against speculating either with money or with personal relationships if you dreamed of signing or of a signed deed; but if you refused to sign or the deed was unsigned, you can be your own best friend by keeping your plans to yourself.... The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


Money from an unexpected source is predicted in a dream of being refused an increase in salary; however, if the requested raise was granted, it is a warning that you could suffer a loss of status (or a demotion) unless you pay more attention to your work.

If you dreamed of spending money on the basis of a raise, it is a warning to economize, as you are likely to have to cope with either a temporarily reduced income due to business reverses or an unanticipated drain on your resources.

To dream of paying a salary is a forecast of financial gain.

See also Money.... The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The meaning of the dream depends on its action, and all the details should be carefully correlated, but as a general guide: if you dreamed of being a tramp, you are likely to find peace of mind due to improving circumstances; to dream of giving food or help of any kind to a tramp predicts a rise in social status, but if you refused to give help, you can expect to have harder work and smaller rewards than you hoped.... The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


(1) If some public figure or celebrity appears in a dream, the person may be there to express something about you or someone close to you.

(2) The famous person may represent what you would like to be. This may correspond to your shadow-self, the other side of your personality that is still buried in your unconscious.

If so, it means you could incorporate into your conscious life those desired qualities that you see in the famous person, because they are already present - latent - in you.

(3) Alternatively, what the famous person represents may be a part of your personality or behaviour patterns that you have refused to acknowledge - for example, aggressiveness or a will to dominate.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


Feeling haunted by something or someone is a sign of severe restlessness, the cause of which has not yet been discovered by the dreamer.

It is possible that feelings of guilt are affecting your sleeping. However, it is also possible you need to face a problem that, so far, you have consciously refused to see.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


To dream of the wind suggests unsettled emotions and indecisiveness, but it may also indicate intellect and the beginnings of self-awareness. You may feel the need to make changes in your life. How you interpret the dream will depend on the force of the wind. For instance, a breeze would suggest gentleness and the beginnings of a new idea. A gale might represent something about which we feel strongly and the north wind would suggest a threat to security.

If smoke is carried on the air, obscuring your view, you should consider the implications. In waking life, are you being forced into a situation in which you are being forced to reconsider ideas that you previously refused to contemplate? See also SPACE AND SCIENCE; WEATHER.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


If some celebrity or famous person appears in your dream, they may be there to express something about you or someone close to you.

According to Freudians, such dreams are pure wishfulfillment, with the celebrity representing either what you want to be or your desire for more recognition in waking life. By contrast, Jungians consider that dreams of celebrities represent archetypes and aspects of your personality that are still buried in your unconscious.

If so, your dreaming mind is encouraging you to incorporate those desired qualities that you see in the famous person into your conscious life, because they are already present—latent—in you. On the other hand, the famous person may represent your shadow or hidden side: a part of your personality, or a behavior pattern, that you have refused to acknowledge—for example, aggressiveness or a will to dominate.

In short, celebrities in dreams often symbolize those hidden qualities upon which you need to turn the spotlight. Whenever you dream of becoming famous, or meeting someone famous or powerful, quickly write down a couple of positives and a couple of negatives about that person. Don’t think too much.

Then ask yourself, ‘Do I see any of these qualities in myself right now? Are they qualities that I want to develop? What can I learn from the dream about myself and my life from this person?’ See also ARCHETYPES; PEOPLE.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Dreams in which you are fired from your job, dismissed by your employer or refused work may reflect insecurities about the regard in which you are held by the people with whom you work. On the other hand, your dream may reflect your sense of redundancy in another area of your life. Perhaps your children have grown up and you don’t feel needed as a parent anymore.

If your position at work is uncertain in your waking life, your dreaming mind may also be preparing you for the inevitable and highlighting the importance of being prepared.

If you did actually lose your job and your dreaming mind keeps reminding you of your sense of rejection, then you need to work through your feelings and move forward with your life.

Frustration... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Dreams in which you are inappropriately dressed or underdressed when everyone else is appropriately dressed for the occasion are classic metaphors for feelings of frustration and uncertainty in your waking life. Perhaps you arrive at your dream party wearing formal dress and everyone else is in shorts.

If you are underdressed, it suggests that you feel out of place or are falling short of other people’s standards.

If you are overdressed, a misplaced air of superiority is indicated. Such dreams also reflect your insecurity about your social position and how other people regard you.

If you were completely naked whilst everyone else was dressed, did you feel liberated or mortified?

The clothes we wear in dreams are aspects of our persona, so when they are stripped away they enable you to see your—self for who you really are; in other words, the absence of clothes reveals not only your body, but also your true self.

If you felt embarrassed in your dream, do you feel vulnerable about exposing your true self or feel that it is lacking in some way? Are you afraid of being rejected if you show others what you truly feel? What are you afraid of exposing about yourself? If, however, you felt liberated, perhaps it is time to throw away your pretences and reveal to others who you truly are.

If nobody other than yourself noticed your nudity, your unconscious is comforting you by letting you know that it is safe to reveal your feelings in the real world. Another symbol of frustration in dreams is being refused a restaurant table, especially if there are plenty of spare tables in the restaurant. Such a dream, with its association with food and social interaction, may express a sense of social inadequacy.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


In your dreams, debts may represent something you owe to yourself, such as time to relax, but they may also be a symbol of the debt that others owe you. For example, do you feel that you deserve more respect, consideration or attention from others in waking life? On perhaps you are in debt to someone or are in danger of becoming emotionally bankrupt or destitute?

A dream in which you were bankrupt or refused admission to something because you did not have enough money is a symbol of frustration in waking life. The lack of money in your dream could indicate people who are interfering in your life, obstacles standing in your way or your own lack of confidence.

Dreams of going bankrupt or becoming a pauper may also refer to the loss of cherished non-financial resources, such as talents, looks or friends.

If such a dream traumatized you, ask yourself what your lost dream riches could symbolize: the love of your friends, your self-respect or your energy reserves? Your dream may be urging you to take some kind of action to avert a real-life financial, emotional, physical or professional decline.

If you have a dream in which you leave valuables with a pawnbroker, this represents the sacrifices you are prepared to make in order to achieve your goals. The pawnbroker may also represent someone whom we admire but whose advice or example is questionable; a pawnbroker can also serve as a symbol of low self-esteem.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


If you dream of trying to give up smoking or going on a detox, it may be the case that your dreams will be commenting on your progress or lack of it. Dreams in which you have a cigarette and enjoy it, or indulge in a naughty-but-nice cream cake may be escapist. On the other hand, if you stubbed out your cigarette or refused the cake in your dream, you are making good progress.

Bear in mind, too, that the cigarette is often seen as a phallic symbol and it could be so in your dream; similarly, there might be another meaning to that dream detox—it may be about unhealthy attitudes, habits and emotions that are poisoning your system and not food.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Dreams of beginning or setting out on a journey suggest that you are beginning a quest for meaning, whilst dream arrivals often hint that you have achieved your goal or are envisaging your self doing so.

If passports appear in your dream, they are often a symbol of opportunity or of the need to escape present frustrations; your dreaming mind is urging you to go ahead with a project in waking life.

If check-in staff refused your passport or you do not make it across the border, do you feel that your ambitions are being frustrated by an authority figure or do you need to update an important part of your life before you can move on?... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Studies show that we all have the tendency to daydream an average of 70-120 minutes a day. Day dreaming is classified as a level of consciousness between sleep and wakefulness. It occurs during our waking hours when we let our imagination carry us away. As our minds begin to wander and our level of awareness decreases, we lose ourselves in our imagined scenario and fantasy.

Lucid Dreams
Lucid dreams occur when you realize you are dreaming. “Wait a second. This is only a dream!” Most dreamers wake themselves up once they realize that they are only dreaming. Other dreamers have cultivated the skill to remain in the lucid state of dreaming. They become an active participant in their own dreams, making decisions in their dreams and influencing the dream’s outcome without awakening.

A nightmare is a disturbing dream that causes the dreamer to wake up feeling anxious and frightened. Nightmares may be a response to real life trauma and situations. This type of nightmare falls under a special category called Post-traumatic Stress Nightmare (PSN).

Nightmares may also occur because we have ignored or refused to accept a particular life situation. Research shows that most people who have regular nightmares have had a family history of psychiatric problems, bad drug experiences, people who have contemplated suicide, and/or rocky relationships.

Nightmares are an indication of a fear that needs to be acknowledged and confronted. It is a way for our subconscious to make up take notice. “Pay attention!” We’ll have more later in the book about nightmares and steps you can take to overcome them.

Recurring Dreams
Recurring dreams repeat themselves with little variation in story or theme. These dreams may be positive, but most often they are nightmarish in content. Dreams may recur because a conflict depicted in the dream remains unresolved or ignored. Once you have found a resolution to the problem, your recurring dreams will cease.

Healing Dreams
Healing dreams serve as messages for the dreamer in regards to their health. Many dream experts believe that dreams can help us avoid potential health problems and help us to heal when we are ill. Our bodies are able to communicate to us through our dreams to “tell” us that something is not quite right with our bodies even before any physical symptoms show up. Dreams of this nature may be telling the dreamer that he/she needs to go to the dentist or doctor

Prophetic Dreams
Prophetic dreams also referred to as precognitive or psychic dreams are dreams that seemingly foretell the future. One rational theory to explain this phenomenon is that our dreaming mind is able to piece together bits of information and observation that we normally overlook or that we do not seriously consider. In other words, our unconscious mind knows what is coming before we consciously piece together the same information.

Signal Dreams
Signal dreams help you how to solve problems or make decisions in your waking life.

Epic Dreams
Epic dreams (or Great dreams) are so huge, so compelling, and so vivid that you cannot ignore them. The details of such dreams remain with you for years, as if your dreamt it last night. These dreams possess much beauty and contain many archetypal symbology. When you wake up from such a dream, you feel that you have discovered something profound or amazing about yourself or about the world. It feels like a life-changing experience

You might be wondering what exactly is going on in your head when you dream.... Dreampedia




Interpreting your dreams can be a lot of fun. As we’ve said, it can also give you valuable insight. Dreams are like coded messages from your unconscious mind. When you decode them, you gain access to a wealth of intuitive wisdom.

Remember that only you can interpret your dreams. Many people have published “Dream Dictionaries” that describe what each part of the dream symbolizes. Actually, the same dream can have infinite meanings, depending on the person who dreamed it. The important thing is, what does it mean to YOU?

Interpreting dreams isn’t something you can pick up and become an expert at right away. It takes time and practice. First, keep the following things in mind:

  • Dreams are the reaction of the inner self to daytime activity and often show the way out of the dilemma. So relate them to current activity, because dreams may be retrospective as well as prospective.
  • Observe carefully recurrent dreams, as well as the serially progressive ones. These often illustrate progress or failure.
  • Be practical in your interpretations. Always look first for a lesson. What have you refused to face or been ignoring?
  • Dreams come to guide and help, not to amuse. They direct your attention to errors of omission and commission and offer encouragement for right endeavors. They also give us the opportunity to pray for others and to help them bear their burdens.
  • Look for past-life experiences in your dreams. These manifest themselves not only in color, but in the proper costume and setting of their period. They come to warn you against repeating the same old mistakes; to explain your relationship and reactions to certain people and places; to reduce your confusions; to enable you to better understand life.
  • Dreams that are unchanged through the years indicate the dreamer’s resistance to change.The difficulty most people have with interpreting their own dreams is that they aren’t objective enough. Their familiarity with the people and places in their dreams obscures the dreams meaning. Experts have come up with the “I AM and I NEED” formula, devised to overcome this. Here’s how it works.
    Once you have your dream written on paper, get two different colored pens. Using one color, underline every negative word or phrase in the dream which indicates limitation, disrespect, containment, avoidance or damage.
    Using the other color, underline every positive word or phrase. You now make two lists. List the negative words and phrases under a column titled I AM. List the positive words and phrases under a column titled I NEED. You are almost ready to interpret your dream.

Determine the subject matter of the dream. The location where the dream takes place is one of the best methods for doing this. When you have determined the subject matter take each of the phrases or words in the ‘I AM’ column and fit them into the following sentence.

When it comes to my (subject matter)
I AM (phrase or keyword)

Change the phrase or keyword slightly to force the sentence to make sense. If you cannot determine the subject matter apply the keywords to yourself in general. This exercise tells you how you feel or react to the subject matter of the dream. When you have done this read through the ‘I NEED’ column to learn what you must do to correct the problem. To get the meaning put each of the phrases or keywords into the sentence,

When it comes to my (subject matter)
I NEED (phrase or keyword)

Let’s take an example. Using the sentence ‘The dead woman lay on the cold hard slab’. The negative keywords are; dead, cold and hard. Women, in dreams, can represent emotions so in this case the sentences constructed would be

  • When it comes to my emotions I am dead.
  • When it comes to my emotions I am cold.
  • When it comes to my emotions I am hard.

The meaning is obvious. With analyzing just one sentence from a dream we have learned a lot about the dreamer. Using this technique you now have all of the information you need to start interpreting your dreams. However it takes practice to be able to apply what you have learned. Be patient with your efforts.

Not all dream interpretations will be that cut and dried, but it is a way to remain objective when you are analyzing what your dreams mean and how best to put the messages they are conveying to good use in your life.

Keep in mind that Most dreams are * NOT * precognitive, and once one learns the subtle differences between a precognitive dream versus a regular dream, they are easily discernable and will put your mind at ease.

The first thing everyone should consider is the typical universal symbology of the dream images. For instance, death symbolizes the end of something that’s ready for change, and a new beginning. Most people start out highly resistive to changes of any sort, and see any upcoming change in their life as something foreboding and scary. Death dreams are usually about change.

The symbols and what they represent is the most fascinating part of dream interpretation. There are literally hundreds of them. We don’t have the space to address ALL of them, but we will touch on some of the most recurring themes in dreams as well as the symbols of those dreams and what they mean.... Dreampedia



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