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See Gun.

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See Guns.

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To dream about a rifle may mean you feel pressured by a male person in your life. It can also represent anxiety and the need for protection. Also see “Shot”.

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The dreamer wants to impress others through power and strength—or may be intimidated by it. Fantasies of omnipotence are a symbol for aggression. It may also be an expression of fear, as in Helmet, Bomb, Bayonet, Shot. By far the most famous sexual symbol in classical psychoanalysis. it retains that meaning to this day.

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Vision: In a man’s dream, a rifle is a symbol for energy, strength, power, and the need to impress others. Women dreaming about rifles are afraid of aggressive sexuality and would do well to develop more courage. Shooting a rifle means you are trying in vain to accomplish something through force. Others holding a rifle points to a feelings of inferiority, being less than others. See Shooting, Weapon.

Depth Psychology: A rifle is a symbol of aggressive male sexuality, a tendency to use force in general. Fear of being attacked may be the reason for a rifle dream. It may also indicate your attitude toward life—”I’d rather fight than run!”

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A symbol of attacking someone with words or being armed with the word of God against an enemy

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