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Saltwort | Dream Interpretation

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(Grinder; Press) In a dream, a mill represents a school, a courthouse, a balance, justice, righteousness, benefits, blessings, money, food, charity, or marriage.

The millstone in a dream represents a wife and a husband.

The flour that issues from between the two grinding stones represents sperms or children.

A mill in a dream also means distress and adversities, uptightness, headache, a rivulet, or a windmill.

If one sees a mill grinding human beings in a dream, it means loss of lives and adversities.

If one sees a mill grinding something that is not edible in a dream, it means drought and rising prices.

If the amount of flour coming from the mill is plentiful in the dream, it means lowering of prices, or recovering from an illness. Grinding lupine seeds, henna seeds, potash, saltwort, salsola kali, jojobe seeds or any seeds from the marsh mallow tree in a dream means washing oneself from sin, overcoming difficulties, paying one’s debts and recovering from an illness.

(Also see Oil press; Press; Sugar mill)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


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