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See under Desert.

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A sandstorm in a dream symbolizes overwhelming confusion. You may feel lost in a sea of responsibilities and needs.

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Sand represents tiny ideas in consciousness and a sandstorm is the negative consequence of too many chaotic thoughts. Wind is also a symbol that relates to the intellect, and when these two get together in an out-of-balance fashion, you may feel trapped and unable to move with any clarity.

A sandstorm combines the power of wind and the structure of small bits of earth.

The wind is symbolic of what happens when thoughts are powerfully directed. Sand in this case represents tiny little ideas that taken by themselves have little meaning, but when they are whipped up in a frenzy of directed thought, they can become blinding and destructive.

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Symbolic of troubles or trials in life, Ps. 83:13-15

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Vision: Looking at sand in a dream: you are wasting rime and energy on a matter that will not be successful. Lying in the sand: your situation is getting worse.

A sandstorm is a sign that the success you have enjoyed so far may be coming to an end.

Depth Psychology: Sand is a symbol of instability in your life. Have you been building “sand casdes?” The dream might also be a signal that a present relationship is unproductive.... Dreamers Dictionary


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In bloom, and/or in clear sunny weather, a dream featuring a desert predicts contentment and good success in your efforts; but if the weather was bad or if there was a sandstorm, you can expect some immediate difficulties due to hidden opposition, but the outcome will be better than you expect... The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams

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