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Responsibilities. Saturn shows you your boundaries and limits, and where and how we need to take responsibility in life. It represents wisdom but also suggests gloom and pessimism. It is associated with the Greek mythic figure of Kronos, the stern father of the gods, and the wise old man and hermit archetypes.

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Dreams of the planet Saturn denote that which rings true for you. This dream is revealing to you the rules that you live by as well as your belief systems that keep you feeling safe as you orbit through life. Alternatively, this dream may be revealing that you are going around in circles, and that it may be time to break a non-supportive pattern. See Ring.

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1. Individualistic (from those who buy saturn brand cars).

2. Mood of dark disapproval.

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To see the planet Saturn in your dream represents discipline, limits, and a conservative attitude. It may also symbolize the lessons of life.

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(Planet) In a dream, the planet Saturn represents subjugation, rulership, deputyship, power of attorney, or seeking any of the above. Ifone sees the planet Saturn close to the moon in dream, it means that he is thinking of business expansion, real estate, properties, or buildings.

The planet Saturn in a dream also represents a person who lives in the wilderness and mixes with wildlife, buffalos, dears, peacock, francolin, parrots, or any beautiful looking animal, or it could represent a caterpillar, silk, or a stripped fabric denoting an architect, or a caller to prayers, or any courteous employeewho willingly and wholeheartedly serves others.

The planet Saturn in a dream also means punishment, poverty, business losses or adversities.

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Depth Psychology: This planet indicates that many responsibilities need your attention, and hard work is ahead. Obstacles, standing in the way of your success, may dampen your enjoyment of life. You are plagued by what you perceive as emotional or physical shortcomings. Saturn also separates us from people and things that stand in the way of personal growth. See Four Corners of the Compass, Planets.

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To dream of Saturn symbolizes authority, control, constraint, and a traditional outlook.

It is also suggestive of moral issues.

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A planet that represents hard work and lessons of limitations, Saturn’s appearance in a dream may come as a sign of difficult times. However, it always bnngs strength and stability through self-discipline and mastery over life’s challenges. It may appear to represent a time of fatherhood and appreciation of patriarchal structure.

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Saturn is a Roman deity representing the Golden Age. He is associated with the Greek god Cronos. Cronos was a Titan, the son of Uranus and the father of Zeus (Jupiter). Cronos dethroned his father and was later dethroned by Zeus. Thus, from a psychoanalytic point of view, dreaming about Saturn may be symbolic of some aspects of the Oedipus complex. It may bring up the desire to challenge authority and gain personal power and identity. Astrologically, Saturn represents a wide range of positive and negative attributes. He represents barriers, misfortune, fixation and impotence, as well as loyalty, righteousness, consistency, knowledge and self-denial. Saturn symbolizes man’s ability to recognize the difficulties of life and to confront the impulsive and passion motivated lifestyle. Dreaming about Saturn, may be an unconscious message regarding self-restrain and a need for a more intellectual, moral and spiritual life. Also, Saturn’s influence has a way of amplifying reality.

If there is melancholy or despair, it remains fixed. Thus, dreaming of Saturn might call your attention to unpleasant aspects of life or to self-negating emotions. However, the psyche may be providing you with knowledge that can be used to motivate and transform current reality through hard work and self-discipline. ... The Bedside Dream Dictionary


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