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The keywords of this dream: Scary Fwb


1. Yearning for childhood and all the good things that it represents.

2. Yearning to have more fun in one’s life.

3. Yearning to regain lost innocence.

4. Fear of scary rides (roller coaster, etc.) Could signify inability to take chances in life. ... New American Dream Dictionary


New American Dream Dictionary


1. Mysterious.

2. Scary.

3. Take a trip. ... New American Dream Dictionary


New American Dream Dictionary


1. A continuing high state of anxiety, alarm (especially if the truck fails to reach its destination).

2. Good fortune comes after scary times.

3. May be guilty of unpleasant behavior (espe­cially if riding the truck). ... New American Dream Dictionary


New American Dream Dictionary


(Planet; Policeman) The planet Mercury in a dream represents people of authority, writers, commanders, secretary of state, minister, traveling from one country to another, distress, adversities, or fights.

If in wakefulness the Moon and Mercury are appearing simultaneously in the skies, then all dreams will be false and one may have to face lies, poverty, scary news, murders, or robberies.

The planet Mercury in a dream also represents a policeman.

(Also see Heavens)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation



A scary place where, according to Jung, we lose our soul or rediscover it.

It is the unconscious, the dark, the impenetrable, that which we repress.

The foundation of your life.

A longing for greater security.

You are coming into contact with your unconscious.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


See Tree.

A frequent dream symbol of the unconscious. Walking the forbidden path in the forest might cause us to be swallowed up and swept away by drives and instincts.

The forest is a scary, potentially dangerous place where mysterious beings roam.

It is also a place of transition (in Dante’s Divine Comedy, for instance, a forest is found in front of the gates of Inferno, as well as at the end of Purgatorio and at the beginning of Paradiso). On the other hand, this symbol indicates the attempt to make contact with the unconscious. See also Hiding Place.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


The zone of the root chakra, where the Kundalini resides. This image may point to the relief of undigested leftovers, problems one has worked with.

The suggestion here is to “let go.”

From time immemorial, the toilet has been seen as a dark and scary place—in dreams, all places connected to natural functions are demonized.

It is the place of forbidden sexuality—self-gratification and homosexuality—a place full of danger and frightening activities.

It is a place where ghosts and devils do their bad deeds, and the reason why toilets in the past were always outside.

It is a place of taboos, of secrets and forbidden things, a place where budding sexuality and puberty fantasies run amuck.

This dream image also expresses the finality of nature. On one hand, it addresses everything that is transitory and points out that everything material will pass on and has no value. On the other hand, it addresses the meaning of accomplishment, completion. It is, again, an example of the alchemistic idea that gold can be made out of feces. In one sense, the toilet is the place where products are transformed. Such dream images almost always point to a necessary change: you must let go of something, while, at the same time, you must produce something positive. In Norse fables, King Olaf warns his guests not to go to the toilet alone during the night, because they might end up in a dangerous adventure with the Devil.

The toilet has also been considered the place of ghosts.

According to Jung, it is the place of the highest creativity.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


See Red.

The tomato is a symbol of fertility. As a nightshade plant, it also has something scary about it. According to Rudolf Steiner, the tomato is the expression of eroticism and passion.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


The animated jack-in-the-box character that has popped out of this box sends a powerful sales pitch to fast- food consumers: “Get it fast and fresh from the grill. “ As the setting of a dream, however, driving through a Jack in the Box may metaphoncally comment that you might soon get an unexpected scary surprise popping out at you at the most unexpected time. It may frighten you or make you laugh. It may also indicate that you feel rushed and unnurtured.... Ariadne's Book of Dream


Ariadne's Book of Dream


Vision: Dreaming about risky, thrilling adventures are a sign of impending dangers; or you may be unsure about a present situation (or person). Dreaming about a pleasant adventure: it is high time (or the right time) to make long-range plans for a more active life.

Depth Psychology: An adventure points to your unconscious desire for more freedom and independence.

A scary adventure means fear of uncertainties or skepticism about an actual event.... Dreamers Dictionary


Dreamers Dictionary


Symbol: The owl seems to be serious, thoughtful, and wise— plus it can see in the dark.

Vision: Dreaming about an owl often indicates that your judgment of a personal situation was correct.

It is also a sign that a rather murky matter can be seen more clearly.

If you see an owl, do not dismiss well-meaning advice from others—you will learn a valuable lesson from it.

If the owl is making sounds: bad luck and frustration. Listening to an owl screeching means sadness and grief—less often it is a message that someone is going to die. Catching or seeing an owl in a cage: be wary of weird people and bad (scary) company. See Bird, Eagle-Owl.... Dreamers Dictionary


Dreamers Dictionary


To dream that you are in a room relates to a particular aspect of your personality or relationship with people. Dreams about different rooms may correlate to subconscious thoughts, desires, and facets of your identity.

To dream that you find or discover new rooms signifies new vitality, growing emotional maturity, and capability in meeting new challenges.

To see a comfortable room signifies wealth and satisfaction in real life.

To notice a dark, scary, or small room connotes feelings of being penned up, trapped, or repressed. *See Bathroom or Kitchen... Dream Symbols and Analysis


Dream Symbols and Analysis


Dreams incorporating caves are metaphoric of getting in touch with the inner self. These gateways at first are scary but in due course, after exploration, can become safe havens.... Dream Meanings and Dream Interpretation


Dream Meanings and Dream Interpretation


If you dream of a parking lot you must use all the aspects of your dream to determine its meaning, as the lot by itself, has little significance in and of itself.

A dark and scary lot where you fear being mugged is usually a warning type dream and it could actually be a true dream, in as much as it may be telling you to stay away from dark parking lots or take extra care when one must be used.... Encyclopedia of Dreams


Encyclopedia of Dreams


All though scary, the crone in a dream is a symbol of great wisdom and empowerment. Often the crone is synonymous with a witch, which traditionally represents darkness, jealousy, vindictiveness or evil.

A metaphysical interpretation of the crone, however, is that she is a primary instigator of spiritual growth that ushers a person who is stuck in their unconscious innocence to find their conscious power. Because the crone does not need a man for fertility purposes, nor does she need the popular opinion of people to feel at peace within herself, the crone represents independence and freedom, and one who makes up his/her own rules. See Witch.... Strangest Dream Explanations


Strangest Dream Explanations


The birth of a human child is a universal symbol for good news, happiness, and/or a whole new life.

The birth of twins or triplets indicates wealth.

If the birth involved friendly animals such as dogs, cats, horses or dolphins, then allies who will be of great assistance to you soon surround you.

The birth of scary animals, however, such as predators of all kinds, indicates the opposite: Your adversaries are gaining ground and you need to strengthen your resources.... Dream Explanations of Astro Center


Dream Explanations of Astro Center


An ancient symbol of transmutation.

The dreamer will soon undergo a vast inner change that will be reflected in her outer life.

If the dream is a positive and uplifting one, then good times are ahead.

If the dream is a scary one, the times ahead may still be good ones, but the dreamer needs to be very careful of pitfalls along the way.

An even more ancient symbol for the Great Goddess.

If the dreamer is a woman, then she will soon come into realization of her power as a woman.

If the dreamer is a man, especially if he is single, a very powerful and exciting woman will soon come into his life - though she may not be a potential love partner. Astrological parallels: Scorpio, Pluto Tarot parallels: The Tower, The Empress... Dream Explanations of Astro Center


Dream Explanations of Astro Center


If you dream of attending or watching the Academy Awards, you are on the verge of a minor personal success.

If the famous people were ignoring you in your dream, it’s a sign that you need to reduce your obligations and activities, and focus on what’s really important to your heart.

If the dream was negative (upsetting or scary), this may be a warning of false friends.

If you won an award in the dream, it’s a sign that your friendships are reliable.... My Dream Interpretation


My Dream Interpretation


A dream that strongly features a baseball diamond represents the quality of your family life.

A positive dream indicates a happy home life, while a scary or negative dream reveals trouble at home.... My Dream Interpretation


My Dream Interpretation


To dream about a crate suggests that you are trying to preserve and protect some aspect of yourself.

The crate may also symbolize your limitations and restrictions.

If you opened the crate, things are being revealed about yourself that were once hidden. Consider your feelings in the dream.

If you were filled with fear as you opened the crate (or if there was something scary inside of it), you might be nervous about people knowing/liking the “real you”.... My Dream Interpretation


My Dream Interpretation


If you dream of attending or watching the Academy Awards, you are on the verge of a minor personal success.

If the famous people were ignoring you in your dream, it’s a sign that you need to reduce your obligations and activities, and focus on what’s really important to your heart.

If the dream was negative (upsetting or scary), this may be a warning of false friends.

If you won an award in the dream, it’s a sign that your friendships are reliable.... My Dream Interpretation


My Dream Interpretation


If you dream of rap music, whether you were listening or performing, you need to express your true thoughts and feelings more. Expressing the truth can be scary, but your relationships and personal happiness will improve if you can put your feelings and opinions into words.... My Dream Interpretation


My Dream Interpretation


To see a stuffed animal in your dream, represents an immature attitude. You may be trying to escape from your daily responsibilities and problems. This is especially true if the stuffed animal in your dream was scary. On the other hand, this dream may indicate your need to relax, be less serious and let your body and mind take a break.... My Dream Interpretation


My Dream Interpretation


If you dreamed of being involved in a game of tag, the meaning depends on how you enjoyed the game.

If you had fun, you can anticipate good times ahead.

If you were frustrated because you were “It” and couldn’t catch anyone, you are having trouble in real life overcoming a difficult goal or task. Perhaps you are not getting the attention you want from a crush.

If you dreamed of being the one who was chased, or if the game felt scary or unpleasant in any way, you are avoiding facing a threatening or unhappy situation in your real life.... My Dream Interpretation


My Dream Interpretation


If you dream about taxidermy, some aspect of yourself is being repressed. You may feel that you are not able to fully express your desires and emotions. This dream may also reveal an immature attitude in the dreamer. Are you trying to escape from your daily responsibilities and problems? This is especially true if the stuffed animal in your dream was scary.

If you dream of killing an animal and/or doing taxidermy yourself, something you are doing in real life goes against your values and you are hurting a sweet part of yourself. You must change your behavior and stop acting against your instincts or a part of yourself will be lost or damaged.... My Dream Interpretation


My Dream Interpretation


To see new toys in dreams foretells family happiness.

If the toys in your dream are broken or scary, a relationship you care about is going to end in sadness.

If you give away toys in your dream, this predicts you will be ignored in a social way by your acquaintances.... My Dream Interpretation


My Dream Interpretation


There are thousands of symbols, and it depends upon the context of one's own personal dream as to what they all mean for him / her. Look at it this way...a dream is like a puzzle, and although there are several pieces that are quickly pieced together because they are so obvious, the puzzle isn't complete until all the pieces are placed together bit by bit. Then you have the complete picture...until then, you-ll only have disjointed images that don't add up to anything coherent, and you'll still be confused..

Symbols in dream interpretation are just one piece of the puzzle. Each piece / symbol fits together and makes a complete picture. The entire dream tells the story, not just 1 or 2 symbols picked out of it, and each individual will have different nuances affecting the dream...such as daily influences perhaps integrating into the dream. For example: let's say you saw a movie yesterday about a vicious grizzly bear and it was frighteningly graphic, and then later that night you dreamt about a bear. This would be less meaningful than if you suddenly had a dream about a bear one night, without prior influences. That could be entirely different.

When interpreting dreams, the first thing everyone should consider is the typical universal meaning of the symbol / dream image. For instance, death symbolizes the end of something that's ready for change, and a new beginning. Most people start out highly resistive to changes of any sort, and see any upcoming change in their life as something foreboding and scary. Death dreams are usually about change.

... Dreampedia




Any nightmare is a teaching dream, your guidance trying to get your attention. Nothing is scary when the symbols are worked out; it is just a way to get you to remember them. To dream you are having a nightmare is a double message to pay attention and get some insight. See Monster.... The Dream Books Symbols


The Dream Books Symbols


If swimming suggests perfect balance and harmony in emotional life, cosmic sense of self-propulsion as octopus has eight legs; if grasping at different things means going in too many directions without control; if emerging from the depths of the sea and appearing scary, means fear of unknown emotional depths.... The Dream Books Symbols


The Dream Books Symbols


Fear in dreams reflects a latent state of anxiety. Insecurity, fears, and concerns are taking a worrying toll on you. First, to interpret such dreams properly, you must analyze the events of recent days, without ruling out the possibility that you recently watched a horror movie or read a scary story that has affected you unconsciously, and filtered into your dreams. Often these grisly scenes resurrect dark parts of your past, repressed in the unconscious. The purpose of these dreams is to remind you what you are afraid of. They are the ideal opportunity to discover and resolve what frightens you. To be afraid in a dream reveals, according to the Freudian school, an intense guilty

complex. (See ABYSS, ACCIDENT, and DEMON)

Popular superstition about this dream is very similar to the opinions of modern psychology.

If in dreams you conquer that which you fear, the same will happen with the things that scare you in real life.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


All reptiles connect with a primitive orientation toward survival and other basic instincts. Since alligators are water dwellers, their meaning and power are associated with emotional territory. They have a level of ferocity, so they also connect with scary and dangerous feelings that live just below the surface of consciousness. When dreaming of alligators, you are connecting with the power to protect yourself by lying in wait.

The flip side to this is being vulnerable to your own reactivity when matters of emotional vulnerability are present. Alligators relate to precision and control in all states. Alligators and crocodiles are often confused, but the symbolic meaning is essentially the same for both.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams


A dream about the basement is connecting you to deep secrets, hidden or unconscious thoughts.

A house represents the self, and therefore the basement would be the self below the self. As such, any dream of a basement connects with unconscious material and anything that lurks below the surface of your psyche. Since many basements are dark and gloomy, they can have an aura of menace about them. This notion is exploited in the media—such as scary basements in films where no one escapes unharmed—making the symbolic meaning of this image connect to the shadow and those things we are afraid of in life.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Things are changing in a dramatic way.

The combustion of fire destroys everything in its path. However, remember that fire reduces what it burns to carbon, the building block of all life. So while the destruction of fire is absolute, like all change, it is making way for something else to be created.

A small fire or spark may indicate that winds of change are approaching, whereas something raging out of control could be pointing to change and transformation that feels overwhelming and scary. Consider what is burning in the dream, and that will shed light on what a dream that features fire is reflecting. What is burning is likely the most important focus of your investigation.

If it is something you are familiar with, it may indicate that a major transformation is occurring in your life in the arena represented by that thing.

A house on fire connects to a transformation in your personal identity.

A building that is more public relates more to your social identity. An object that you possess could be explored and the meaning you associate with it combined with the idea of radical change in that area.

A fire in nature might point to a loss of resources, nurturing, or creativity.

If someone dies in a fire, that person’s character aspect will inform you of what part of yourself is being sacrificed in order for a new sense of self to emerge.

The size of the fire and your emotional response to it will illuminate issues of overwhelm and loss of control.

A large fire that is out of control could indicate broad-based changes that may be resulting in the total dissolution of the old landscape of your life.

A contained fire could indicate that the change may be manageable and possibly even intentional.

A campfire in the outdoors could represent your ability to create powerful change out of limited resources.

A fireplace or wood-burning stove relates to harnessing change for your benefit or pleasure. While fire is dangerous and violent, it has the power to purify and create the possibility of renewal and new growth. When it appears in a dream, be aware that great change is afoot and that the future is likely to bring new life and new possibility.

(See Flame.)... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Fire is a symbol of great change and transformation. Change is scary and we often avoid it.

The fire escape is an image that implies knowing how to get out of a hot situation should it prove too dangerous or frightening.

The challenge with this in a dream is to identify whether your fears are warranted or if you should turn around, go back, and face the changes that are inevitable.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams


At the heart of it, a gang is an intimate social structure that provides its members with a sense of community and support. Because of the nefarious behavior often associated with a gang, this symbol is more reflective of the shadow and disowned qualities.

The presence of a gang in a dream indicates a need for support around ideas that may feel scary to consider. Such a dream may show up when you are feeling cut off or disenfranchised.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams


You are dreaming of the need for healing and a restoration of health, whether that health is literal or symbolic. Hospitals tend to evoke powerful reactions.

The discomfort that colors most people’s associations tends to overshadow the benevolence connected to them as places of healing.

A common reaction around hospitals is to fear them, adding a touch of irony to our relationship with the healing process. Healing is transformation, and the first step to any major change is the breakdown that precedes the breakthrough. Since the breakdown is the scary part, we avoid it, just as some people avoid hospitals in waking life.

It is easy to forget that in order for surgeons to heal a patient, they must first cut the person’s body open, creating a wound. And since not everyone who checks into a hospital is fortunate enough to check out, these places are indelibly connected to the fear of death and dying. However, remember that death is always followed by rebirth. In this way, being in or near a hospital in a dream is always going to indicate that some healing is either underway or necessary.

If you are the patient, then consider that your sense of self is undergoing a significant shift.

If you are a visitor, then the healing transformation is connected to a character aspect or particular way of being as embodied by the person you are going to see.

If you are playing the part of healer, the dream may be helping you step into that role in some area of life that is undergoing a transformation.

The fear or repulsion that is present in the dream will give you an idea of how much resistance you may be unconsciously engaged in.

If you are experiencing a health issue in life, the image of a hospital may be literal, in which case your dream relationship to the hospital will inform you of any underlying resistance to surrendering to your body and its functioning (or the lack thereof).... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams


A machete is a very large knife-like implement designed for cutting through thick brush and undergrowth.

The overgrowth of plant life that a machete is used on is a symbol of tangled thoughts and ideas that are impeding your easy progression through life.

The machete then is a symbol for your ability to cut through old habitual thought patterns that block your way. This image often appears in a dream where the character aspect wielding it is a dangerous or scary individual. Remember that all dreams are for your benefit, and such a scary figure with this tool is really capable of helping you face those fears and clear a new path.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams


A mine is a place beneath the surface of the earth where raw materials are found and cultivated.

The shaft is the portal through which you get to the place below. From the surface, it is the evidence that an excavation has already taken place and that access to what is available has already been established. This is a fairly common dream image and indicates that there may be a need to revisit the dark and scary places below the surface of your consciousness in order to reap the benefit that is hidden in those realms.

If the mine shaft seems abandoned, you are revisiting some insight or awareness that you have already mined, so look to past wisdom for your answers to today’s questions.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams


A ritual is any activity that is imbued with a deep intention and is often a symbol for something in and of itself.

If your dream feels like it has a ritualistic sensibility, there may be a call to turn to the more spiritual side of your nature and the part of life that feels mysterious. Some dreams that feature ritual settings feel dark or scary and may reflect feeling overwhelmed by things you don’t readily understand.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Dreams of monsters are usually caused by repressed emotions and fears. Some ugly and scary aspect of the dreamer’s personality may be reflected in, or confronted during, interaction with the monster.... Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia


Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia


If a specific tarot card appears in your dream the following abbreviated list of the classic meanings of each card might help with your interpretation:

The Major Arcana

0- The Fool

A jester figure representing impulse, birth and youth, sometimes shown beginning a journey and accompanied by a dog.

If this card appears in your dreams, it stands for a new start and infinite possibilities. When it appears, you might be about to make a move, not just to a new home, but to a new job or way of thinking. There is more than just change, renewal and a brand new beginning in the Fool; there’s also movement, and a fresh, exciting new time. But the card carries a little bark of warning as well. Stop daydreaming and fantasizing and watch your step, lest you fall and end up looking the fool.

1- The Magician

Sometimes shown as a juggler or illusionist at a fair, sometimes playing with the symbols of the four suits, representing consciousness, a sense of self-control and dexterity. In dreams, this card might be telling you that you will have a vision, an idea or a magical mental image of whatever it is you most want, whether it is the solution to a problem, a successful career or a fulfilling love life.

2- High Priestess

Shown as a female religious leader, representing women’s liberation, wisdom, independence and psychic development. The High Priestess is the card of knowledge, instinct and the supernatural. She offers secret knowledge, like the moon on a dark night, so that you can find your path in life. She sits between the pillars of dark and light, consciousness and unconsciousness, waxing and waning. All secret knowledge is hers.

3- Empress

Shown as a queen on a throne or as the mother goddess, she represents illumination, intelligence, understanding, maternity and creativity. The Empress is a creator, be it the creation of life, of romance, of art or business. This card tells you that if you want your new romance, career, business or creation to grow into all it can be, you have to pay attention to it, baby it and be willing to let it take those first steps when it is ready. Most of all, like any pregnant mother or good gardener, you have to be patient. All things need time to gestate and sprout.

4- Emperor

Sometimes shown as a king on a throne holding a sphere and scepter, he represents sight, vision, realization, power and strength. In the best of circumstances, he signifies the leader that everyone wants to follow because he rules with intelligence and enthusiasm. But sometimes that throne can also be a trap, a responsibility that has the Emperor feeling restless, bored and discontent.

5- Hierophant or Pope

A religious leader, sometimes shown as the Pope seated on a throne, he represents the link between God and man, and symbolizes spiritual discovery, the father, transcendence, and the teacher. The Hierophant’s only problem is that he can be stubborn. At his best, he is wise and soothing, offering much-needed advice; at his worst, he is an unbending traditionalist.

6- Lovers

Shown as two people surrounded by cupids, flowerbeds, they represent struggle, beauty, sovereignty and, union. Above all, this card is a symbol of choice. Love is a force that makes you choose and decide for reasons you often can’t understand; it makes you surrender control to a higher power. When this card appears in a dream, you are being told to trust your instincts, to choose this career, challenge, person or thing to which or whom you are so strongly drawn, no matter how scary, how difficult, irrational or troublesome.

7- Chariot

Sometimes shown as warriors parading triumphant in chariot or an icon of a hero being paraded around, it represents victory, the domination of humankind over nature, power, war and self-control.

If this card appears in your dream, it suggests that control is required over opposing emotions, wants, needs, people or circumstances; it is urging you to bring them together and give them a single direction, your direction. The card can indicate new motivation or inspiration that gets a stagnant situation moving again.

8- Strength or Lust

Represents love as a source of strength, endurance, will to survive, strong desires and perseverance. In dreams, this card suggests that you can control not only the situation, but also yourself. It is a card about anger and impulse management, about creative answers, leadership and maintaining your integrity. It can also stand for a steadfast friend.

9- Hermit

Often shown as a hermit holding an hourglass, the hermit represents withdrawal, solitude, abandonment of convention via inner conviction and a preoccupation with details,. This is not a time for socializing; the card indicates, instead, a desire for peace and solitude. Nor is it a time for action, discussion or decisions; it is a time to think, organize, ruminate and take stock. There may be feelings of frustration and discontent during this time of withdrawal. But such times lead to enlightenment, illumination and clarity.

10- Wheel of Fortune

Represents karma, reincarnation, the consequences of chance happenings, cycles, optimism and generosity. This card can mean movement, change and evolution, but its primary meaning is that such changes will seem to come out of the blue as a stroke of good, unexpected fortune.

11- Justice

Often shown as ‘lady justice’ (blindfolded with scale), representing decision, equilibrium. Justice is about cold, objective balance through reason or natural force. This is the card that tells a person they can’t keep smoking and drinking without consequences to their health. It is the card that advises cutting out waste and insists that you make adjustments, do whatever is necessary to bring things back into balance, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

12- Hanged Man

Represents sacrifice, violence, transition. Sometimes you need to sacrifice cherished positions, opening yourself to other truths and other perspectives in order to find solutions. One thing is certain; whether the insight is great or small, spiritual or mundane, once you have been the Hanged Man in your dreams, you never see things in quite the same way again.

13- Death

Often shown as a skeleton or the Grim Reaper, this card represents stagnation and routine, but also fresh starts, a clean slate, liberation and renewal. This is a time of change, a time for something to end, but also a time for something new to begin. You may feel sad, empty or low, but that will help you rise again, like a phoenix from the ashes. Death is not the end. It is only the precursor to resurrection.

14- Temperance

This card represents enthusiasm, moderation, truthfulness, the mixing of opposite ingredients in proper proportion, and working together. Temperance may, at first glance, be a warning to ‘temper’ or modify your behavior, to cut your wine with water. But it may also be a reminder that seemingly irreconcilable opposites may not be irreconcilable at all.

15- The Devil

Perhaps the most misunderstood of all the major Arcana, the Devil is not really ‘Satan’ at all, but Pan, the half-goat nature god, or Dionysus, the god of wine and licentiousness. This card represents superficiality, confusion, ignorance, apathy, limitations, frustrations and sexual problems. These are gods of pleasure and abandonment, of wild behavior and unbridled desires. This card is about ambition, but is also synonymous with temptation and addiction. On the flip side, however, the card can be a warning to someone who is too restrained, someone who never allows themselves to get passionate, messy or wild- or even ambitious.

16- The Tower

Representing spiritual awakening, destiny, often shown as a ‘house of god’ or a ruins, the Tower is a card about war. This war is between the tangled structures of lies and the lightning flash of truth.

If this card appears in your dreams, you can expect to be shaken up or to be blinded by a shocking revelation. It sometimes takes such a shock to make you see a truth that you refuse to confront, or to challenge and destroy beliefs that are well constructed and deeply defended. What is most important to remember is that the tearing down of this structure, however painful, makes room for something new to be built.

17- The Star

Often shown as a woman kneeling on a sea shore, this card suggests clarity of vision and spiritual insight, and represents meditation, inspiration, hope, immortality. Most importantly, it suggests that unexpected help will be coming, but that help is only the first step. The star only reveals the future. It is up to you to find your way to that future.

18- The Moon

A card that is connected with sleep, and so both with dreams and with nightmares, the Moon represents illusion, self-deception, confusion and the growth of intuition. It is a scary card in that it warns that there might be hidden enemies, tricks and falsehoods. It should also be remembered that this is a card of great creativity, of powerful magic, primal feelings and intuition.

If this image appears in your dreams, you may be going through a time of emotional and mental trial. This time however, can also result in great creativity, psychic powers, visions and insight. You can and should trust your intuition.

19- The Sun

Just as the moon symbolized inspiration from the unconscious or from dreams, this card symbolizes discoveries made fully conscious whilst wide awake, and represents enlightenment, clarity, understanding, comprehension, wisdom, happiness and splendor. It is a card of intellect, clarity of mind, and feelings of youthful energy, as well as symbolizing science and math, beautifully constructed music and carefully reasoned philosophy.

20- Judgment

Often showing angels blowing trumpets, this card represents awakening to something new and rebirth. There are wounds from the past that may not have healed and Judgment advises you to finally face these, recognize that the past is past, and put them to rest, absolutely and irrevocably. This is also a card of healing, quite literally from an accident or illness, as well as a card signaling great transformation, renewal and change.

21- The World or Universe

Simply put, this card tells you that a successful conclusion to a long-term project is in sight, and that it will be accompanied by well-earned praise, celebration and success. It represents completion, reward, perfection, a unity of positive and negative, and, on a more mundane level, the World card indicates travel. These are not short business trips, but long, fantastic trips. This is a wonderful card of wholeness, perfection, satisfaction and happiness.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Monster dreams in childhood reflect dramatically frightening things that have disturbed a child, in particular how frightening it can be for a child when the people they love and trust behave in an angry or scary way. This may be, for example, when a loving mother loses her temper or a caring dad disciplines his child. According to some psychologists, children dream of monsters because they are unwilling to believe anything bad about the people they are dependent on.

If you are a parent and feel that you are reflected in monster dreams, try to encourage your child to share these dreams with you. Bear in mind that, in some instances, the monster may reflect someone else in your child’s life: a sibling, an uncle or aunt, or even a neighbor. This is particularly so among school-age children who have to meet the expectation of peers and teachers.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


One of the most common dreams of early childhood is that there is something scary in the bedroom: a monster in the wardrobe or aliens in the corner of the room. A child may feel as if something or someone is coming to get them. These kinds of dreams tend to reoccur and it is easy to assume that something is upsetting the child in waking life; it is worth noting, however, that these dreams are amongst the most common in childhood, as a child reaches out to discover the world with all its excitement—and sometimes dangerous possibilities.

If there is tension in the home or a lot of uncertainty and inconsistency, this can trigger stressful dreams for a child. Scary monsters tend to represent people, whereas bugs or slimy things may represent situations. You may have to be patient and gentle, and create a feeling of stability as your child learns to adjust to changes in the world around them.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


In their positive aspect, spiders represent the feminine capacity for creating something beautiful that has not existed before. Spider energy is also connected with patience and success through skill. On the negative side, spiders represent small or hairy things that create big fears and a dream featuring scary spiders may be associated with personal fears to which your dreaming mind believes you are overreacting. To see a spider in your dream can also indicate that you are feeling like an outsider in some situation or that you may want to keep your distance

A spider may represent a fear, or something or someone who makes you feel vulnerable. Perhaps you feel trapped or entangled by emotions or fears from which you cannot escape. Alternatively, are you a spider trying to trap someone else in your web or is someone trying to trap you? Freud believed that dream spiders represent the devouring mother who consumes her children through possessiveness or the ability to arouse guilt. Try to get to know, not only your mother, but more importantly, what your mother means to you. One way of doing this is to converse with the spider: hold it in your mind and ask it searching questions. Or perhaps you are feeling trapped by another relationship in your life?

Dreams of a spider in your bed may suggest that intimacy with a loved one is triggering a lack of self-confidence and fears about being vulnerable and exploited. The spider can also depict any emotions you don’t want to‘handle’, such as those surrounding a spouse leaving. It can suggest that you want to ensnare someone or something, or that you are feeling trapped yourself. It may even represent the most basic survival instincts in us—can I eat, or will I be eaten by this person or situation? Superstitions dating back to the Middle Ages claim that it is a good sign to dream of spiders. To see a black widow in your dream suggests fear or uncertainty regarding a relationship. You may feel confined, trapped or suffocated in this relationship. You may even feel hostility toward your partner. Because the female black widow has the reputation of devouring its mate, it thus also symbolizes feminine power and domination over men.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Nightmares draw your attention to the many hidden fears that may be preventing you from moving forward.

In general, nightmares are those dreams that are painful, unpleasant and frightening. Dream analysts have reported two kinds of nightmares: those in which you wake up with a general sense of fear but you can’t recall what it was that scared you—this is often called a night terror—and those which involve you waking up from a vivid dream at its most frightening or threatening part.

Technically, the former is not a nightmare, whilst the latter is.

Many people in the nineteenth century still blamed nightmares on indigestion and it was only with the publication of Freud’s ideas that they became seen as the expression of unfulfilled wishes and sexual anxiety. Jung described them as part of humankind’s ‘collective unconscious’ and said the helplessness we feel in nightmares is a memory of the fears experienced by primitive peoples. Today, most dream interpreters believe these disturbing dreams are sent to warn the conscious mind that something is being blocked or ignored. Rather than putting the nightmare out of your mind because it was such an unpleasant experience, it is important to make efforts to interpret and confront the nightmare imagery in order to identify the waking cause.

The hallmark of a nightmare is that it is frightening. It is often long, detailed and amongst the easiest of dreams to remember. Nightmares often occur when hidden feelings of guilt, self-doubt, anxiety, anger, worry and insecurity are pushed out of your waking thoughts and repressed. In typical nightmares, you may feel as if you are being buried alive, suffocated, drowned or chased by a murderer. Dreams from which you awake with feelings of intense distress or anxiety usually occur towards the end of a night’s sleep. There is no common element and everyone has their own type of nightmare, probably produced by our own hidden fears. Many psychologists—some of them trained in the Freudian and Jungian traditions—believe that nightmares, like all dreams, carry a host of coded meaning within them, and that they are the psyche’s way of alerting us that something is wrong or unresolved in our waking lives.

From this perspective, nightmares are seen as arising from our deepest fears, frustrations and repressions. They are, however, an opportunity for you to discover which part of yourself is threatening to destroy your own happiness.

If you do have a nightmare, try to find out what exactly it is that you fear so much that you have tried to push it away into your unconscious. The stage of your dreaming mind offers you a safe place to enact and work through challenging or scary ideas or situations. When you have a nightmare, your unconscious world is sending you a loud message that you have no choice but to wake up. Examining the content of your nightmares will usually give you clues to the troubling issues or events that you are not ready to face consciously.

When you wake up from a nightmare, take a few moments to orient yourself to the reality that, no matter how frightening the events of the dream, they are not real and cannot harm you. Try to remember as many details as you can, because nightmares are windows into the worries and fears that plague your mind; as a consequence, you don’t want to dismiss them out of hand. One way to help you figure out what your nightmare means is to try and continue the story when you are awake. This gives you a chance to rewrite the dream plot from the point of view of the menacing character or object in your dream. According to ancient dream-lore, if you can overcome what is frightening you in your dream, you can overcome the things that frighten you in waking life. See also DISASTERS; NEGATIVE EMOTIONS; SPIRITS AND GHOSTS; STAGES OF LIFE; SURREALISM AND FANTASY.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Dreams of your own death or the death of a loved one do not mean that you or someone you love are going to die; they do, however, require you to take stock of your health and the way you manage your life. Many dream experts believe that dreaming of your own death can signify a rebirth, the shedding of the old and a new beginning. In many cases, these dreams represent being involved in painful relationships or unhealthy habits or situations that have a destructive effect on you. Dreams of actually killing or murdering someone or being killed or murdered yourself in a dream are not very common, but if you do experience such dreams they may indicate deep and unresolved emotional and psychological conflicts that are interfering with your emotional and psychological health in waking life. There is a part of you that feels dead or out of control or there is a part of your life that you wish would disappear. Such dreams of murder or killing can also express violent and powerful rage. What is making you feel so angry in waking life?

Dreams that present you with undisguised imagery—the roof falling in on you, or your car stalling on a motorway—may be warning signals to pay greater attention to the care and maintenance of yourself and the things around you. Other common images in nightmares and bad dreams include: menacing strangers, clifftops, dark woods, alleys, forests, heights and depths, land or sea storms, earthquakes, tidal waves, terrorist attacks, outbreaks of disease, friends or family who suddenly become cruel, dangerous, old or ugly, guns, knives and other weapons threatening you, car or plane crashes and being lost. All these scary images leave you with a sense that your place in the world is uncertain or shifting. You are out of control in a big way and your sense of self is eroding. Dreams in which your whole world is rocked or changed are clear symbols of fear, anxiety and a crisis in confidence. Dreams in which you sink slowly but inevitably into quicksand or are swallowed by an angry lion usually represent feelings of being overwhelmed in waking life. Dreams in which you are drowning have a similar interpretation. See also STAGES OF LIFE.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Your dreaming mind may from time to time inflict punishment on you for thoughts and actions of which your waking self disapproves. In most cases, the dream symbols will be disproportionate to the ‘crime’. For example, if you have spoken thoughtlessly about a friend, you may find yourself being executed as you have murdered your friend’s good name. Your dreams may also reflect your belief that someone else deserves to be punished and the criminal being caught in your dream may be some one else, not you.

An angry mob can suggest aspects of your own personality, as well as public opinion.

If you dream of being lynched, ask yourself whether you have been behaving appropriately in waking life. Whatever the instrument of punishment or torture in your dreams, be it the gallows, cane, guillotine, gibbet or birch, you need to identify who is being punished and why they are being punished. Bear in mind, too, that the inflicting of punishment, especially if it is a beating, may reflect a tendency towards masochism. Those dream interpreters that draw on Jung’s theory that nightmares are concerned with the shadow consider scary dreams to be a form of self-punishment for the cravings and desires you suppress during the day.

If you dream that you are back at school and forced to stay after a lesson in detention because you have not worked or listened properly, this may suggest that you are not absorbing information or paying significant attention to something important in your waking life. The ultimate image of punishment in dreams is hell, so if you dream of being condemned to hell, suffering eternal torment or are damned forever, this may be a reference to a mistake you have made in waking life, or something you have said or done and the force with which you are rebuking or warning yourself.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Pets are an important part of many people’s lives and when a pet from your past or present features in your dream, your unconscious may be reflecting your feelings about that companion be they affection, regret, comfort or loss. If, however, you don’t have a pet in your waking life and you dream of one, this may represent someone in your life who is feeling vulnerable and needs your emotional support. Another interpretation for pet dreams is that the animal depicts an aspect of your character. In your waking life you may not be aware of your deep need for affection and attention but this need will show up in your dreams when a pet appears. It is a symbol of your natural drive to give and receive love.

If you own a pet in your dream, your unconscious is drawing your attention to your ability to look after someone or something more vulnerable than yourself. It is also a symbol of unconditional love, and being sensitive to the distress and needs of others. Alternatively, it may also represent an aspect of your character or personality that you feel you should use in a particular situation.

If a woman dreams of baby pets, this may signify her desire for children; if adults of either sex dream of baby pets, it may be relating to their feelings of dependency and how they feel about not being fully in control.

If children dream about pets, this may similarly refer to their feelings of being dependent, but will generally represent their desire for unconditional love from their parents or carers.

If the pet you dream about is familiar to you, the interpretation will very much rest on the nature of your relationship with that particular pet.

Dreams in which you are caring for your pet or shopping for pet supplies show that you are paying attention to your emotional needs or making sure you get what you need. But if a pet appears starving, uncared for and without food or water, this suggests that you are not taking enough care of your own basic needs for affection and attention. Perhaps you are too busy and have forgotten your needs, or perhaps you are so wrapped up in caring for the needs of someone else that you have neglected your own. To dream that you are saving the life of your pet suggests that you are successfully acknowledging certain emotions and characteristics represented by the animal. The dream may also stem from feelings of inadequacy or feeling overwhelmed. Dreams which feature pet shows or competitions can suggest pride in your achievements and emotional confidence, Strange and unusual pet

In general, when dreaming of strange or unusual pets that would most typically be found living in the wild, any negative associations with that particular animal, insect or reptile are replaced by positive associations. For example, the general associations with wild rats are extremely negative but if you dream of a pet rat, the associations are quite different. Pet rats in dreams suggest vulnerability, instinctive intelligence and the caring feelings. In dreams, wild snakes conjure up images of worries, fears and poisonous words and deeds; but if you dream of a pet snake, this can indicate healing and enlightenment.

Any exotic or unusual pet is like a small part of untamed nature and in dreams they can represent personal growth, untapped creative energies and a sense of new-found respect, wonder, curiosity and excitement about life and the adventures it sends your way. Take the Madagascar hissing cockroach, for example, which is kept by some people as a pet. The very name sends a chill up the spine of some people but those people who keep such cockroaches as pets are fascinated at the elaborate rituals these creatures have developed to defend territory, produce offspring or simply to identify themselves. So if a hissing cockroach or any other scary creature-turned-pet such as a tarantula or Bengal tiger appears in your dreams and you are happy to care for it, this is a sign that you are conquering your hidden fears.


but they can also suggest the potential for arrogance.

Animals symbolize the untamed and uncivilized aspects of yourself, so to dream that you are fighting or struggling with your pet suggests that you are trying to reject or hide your need for affection and companionship in waking life. To dream of talking pets suggests that you are listening to some form of superior or mystical knowledge. What the animal is saying to you will usually be some form of wisdom, particularly if the pet is very old, like a tortoise.

Alternatively, a talking pet denotes your potential to be all that you can be.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Your dreaming mind has access to information that is not readily available to you when you are awake. Your dreams may reveal your secret desires and subconscious feelings.

In remembering your dreams, you will have an increased knowledge about yourself, bring about self- awareness and self-healing. Dreams are an extension of how you perceive yourself. They can be a source of inspiration, wisdom, and joy.

You don’t have to interpret your dreams in order to solve your problems. But just as there is the saying that “Death cures cigarette smoking,” you might find that listening to your dreams may help you solve your problems before you run out of time.

Dreams are always “true”—it’s just that what they mean isn’t always what we think they mean. Sometimes a dream gives a warning of danger, but if you pay attention to the dream and change your ways the danger won’t necessarily happen. And most often a dream’s meaning will be metaphorical, not literal.

For example, a woman may dream that her husband is having a sexual affair, but it would be a mistake to conclude that her husband is really having an affair. The dream is simply providing the woman graphic evidence that she somehow feels betrayed by her husband. Once she acknowledges that feeling, she can then start examining her life consciously—and honestly—to find out why she feels betrayed and what she needs to do about it.

All dreams essentially tell us one important thing: “Wake up!” That is, just as you must wake up from a dream to remember it, the dream itself is telling you to “wake up” to the truth that you try to hide from others—and from yourself.

Of course, there is a positive as well as a negative side to remembering and interpreting your dreams.

The negative side is that you may come across a side of yourself that you really don’t like or are afraid to know about. You may discover that you aren’t (always) the “Miss Goody Two Shoes” or “Mr. Nice Guy” that you profess to be during the day. You may discover that your childhood was not all ice cream, roller-skating and amusement parks. You may end up shedding light on dark places and recall secrets long repressed. This can be scary stuff.

The positive side is that you go through a metamorphosis or catharsis and become -- you. You become the “you” that you were always meant to be. You will become truer to yourself and therefore, you will find that you are happier.

Learning to recall your dreams may help you become a more assertive, creative person. In remembering your dreams, you are expressing and confronting your

feelings. Remembering your dreams can help you come to terms with stressful aspects of your lives.

But this may be easier said than done. Five minutes after the end of the dream, half the content is forgotten. After ten minutes, 90% is lost. Dreamers, who are awakened right after REM sleep, are able to recall their dreams more vividly than those who slept through the night until morning.Obviously, remembering your dreams is vital to interpreting them. So, how can you better remember your dreams?... Dreampedia




Interpreting your dreams can be a lot of fun. As we’ve said, it can also give you valuable insight. Dreams are like coded messages from your unconscious mind. When you decode them, you gain access to a wealth of intuitive wisdom.

Remember that only you can interpret your dreams. Many people have published “Dream Dictionaries” that describe what each part of the dream symbolizes. Actually, the same dream can have infinite meanings, depending on the person who dreamed it. The important thing is, what does it mean to YOU?

Interpreting dreams isn’t something you can pick up and become an expert at right away. It takes time and practice. First, keep the following things in mind:

  • Dreams are the reaction of the inner self to daytime activity and often show the way out of the dilemma. So relate them to current activity, because dreams may be retrospective as well as prospective.
  • Observe carefully recurrent dreams, as well as the serially progressive ones. These often illustrate progress or failure.
  • Be practical in your interpretations. Always look first for a lesson. What have you refused to face or been ignoring?
  • Dreams come to guide and help, not to amuse. They direct your attention to errors of omission and commission and offer encouragement for right endeavors. They also give us the opportunity to pray for others and to help them bear their burdens.
  • Look for past-life experiences in your dreams. These manifest themselves not only in color, but in the proper costume and setting of their period. They come to warn you against repeating the same old mistakes; to explain your relationship and reactions to certain people and places; to reduce your confusions; to enable you to better understand life.
  • Dreams that are unchanged through the years indicate the dreamer’s resistance to change.The difficulty most people have with interpreting their own dreams is that they aren’t objective enough. Their familiarity with the people and places in their dreams obscures the dreams meaning. Experts have come up with the “I AM and I NEED” formula, devised to overcome this. Here’s how it works.
    Once you have your dream written on paper, get two different colored pens. Using one color, underline every negative word or phrase in the dream which indicates limitation, disrespect, containment, avoidance or damage.
    Using the other color, underline every positive word or phrase. You now make two lists. List the negative words and phrases under a column titled I AM. List the positive words and phrases under a column titled I NEED. You are almost ready to interpret your dream.

Determine the subject matter of the dream. The location where the dream takes place is one of the best methods for doing this. When you have determined the subject matter take each of the phrases or words in the ‘I AM’ column and fit them into the following sentence.

When it comes to my (subject matter)
I AM (phrase or keyword)

Change the phrase or keyword slightly to force the sentence to make sense. If you cannot determine the subject matter apply the keywords to yourself in general. This exercise tells you how you feel or react to the subject matter of the dream. When you have done this read through the ‘I NEED’ column to learn what you must do to correct the problem. To get the meaning put each of the phrases or keywords into the sentence,

When it comes to my (subject matter)
I NEED (phrase or keyword)

Let’s take an example. Using the sentence ‘The dead woman lay on the cold hard slab’. The negative keywords are; dead, cold and hard. Women, in dreams, can represent emotions so in this case the sentences constructed would be

  • When it comes to my emotions I am dead.
  • When it comes to my emotions I am cold.
  • When it comes to my emotions I am hard.

The meaning is obvious. With analyzing just one sentence from a dream we have learned a lot about the dreamer. Using this technique you now have all of the information you need to start interpreting your dreams. However it takes practice to be able to apply what you have learned. Be patient with your efforts.

Not all dream interpretations will be that cut and dried, but it is a way to remain objective when you are analyzing what your dreams mean and how best to put the messages they are conveying to good use in your life.

Keep in mind that Most dreams are * NOT * precognitive, and once one learns the subtle differences between a precognitive dream versus a regular dream, they are easily discernable and will put your mind at ease.

The first thing everyone should consider is the typical universal symbology of the dream images. For instance, death symbolizes the end of something that’s ready for change, and a new beginning. Most people start out highly resistive to changes of any sort, and see any upcoming change in their life as something foreboding and scary. Death dreams are usually about change.

The symbols and what they represent is the most fascinating part of dream interpretation. There are literally hundreds of them. We don’t have the space to address ALL of them, but we will touch on some of the most recurring themes in dreams as well as the symbols of those dreams and what they mean.... Dreampedia



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