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Symbolic of the need to get something in order or tighten up an area of your life

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Turning a screw in a dream may mention that you need to tighten up or firm up some arrangements. It may point to someone who is literally screwing things up or screwing you out of what you deserve. Unwinding a screw may comment on a major screwup or mistake you have made.

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To dream of seeing screws, denotes that tedious tasks must be performed, and peevishness in companions must be combated. It also denotes that you must be economical and painstaking. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


1- It will depend on what society we belong to as to how we interpret ‘screw’.

To the criminal element a screw will mean a prison officer or jailer.

To a younger element in society it is a slang word for the sexual act. So there could be word play even if the object seen Is a proper screw.

2- Screws suggest tasks that are seen to be pointless, except in a wider context.

To be screwing two pieces of wood together would presuppose that we intend to make something, so our action is a means to an end. Screws arc reputed to give a better join than nails; therefore the implication is that we arc building something to last. We need to take pride in our activities.

3- Spiritually we will be looking for satisfaction in a job well done. There is also a connection with the spiral (see Shapes).... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


Vision: Looking at screws: hold on to everything you own. Losing a screw: a very profitable relationship is coming to an end. Watching others work on a vise: it is likely that you’ll find yourself in a very tight spot. Working on a vise yourself: you are able to extricate yourself from a difficult situation. Working a screw into something: you have a well-rounded personality and your relationships are getting stronger.

A loose screw: a relationship is coming to an end.

Depth Psychology: Seeing a screw: you” want to strengthen and protect what you have already accomplished, making sure that your future is secure.

The vise is an obvious sign that you are in a very tight situation right now. Get out of it, let go!... Dreamers Dictionary


Dreamers Dictionary


Dreams in which machinery or tools feature, or in which we are using an implement, can relate to you in a number of ways. For example, you may be the bulldozer in your dream, clearing away everything before you. A plow or dredger may be referring to a problem you have in waking life.

If an engine is not starting in your dream, could this be referring to a project that is having troubles getting started? A wheelbarrow represents progress and the clearing of unwanted material, but it is a vehicle that cannot move unless you push it, hence its association with energy and action.

If the barrow is filled with household objects, it may suggest a break from the past

A crutch in your dream may refer to your partner’s support. A needle that is impossible to thread refers to a tricky situation. A pin may be a problem you are trying to pin down or understand.

If the pin falls out of its cushion, this suggests confusion. A dream of pins and needles together may relate to a sense of nervous anticipation in waking life. A hairpin may be a highly charged dream image of female sexuality, owing to its arched shape and the classic seductive symbol of taking out a hairpin to release the hair. Dreams about razors could suggest that you should get rid of some unattractive characteristic in waking life.

Nails in dreams may be symbols of persecution, punishment and suffering, due to their association with the Crucifixion. Nuts and bolts draw your attention to the practicality of a project. A hammer driving in a nail may be seen as a symbol of willpower, the forceful energy that directs the dreamer’s judgment.

According to Freudians, dreams that feature tools are more often than not linked to masculinity and male characteristics. The phallic nature of their shape is used as justification for this explanation. For example, a drill, hammer, nail or needle can all be seen as phallic symbols; in particular, a needle being threaded can be seen as representing the loss of virginity.

Jungians regard tools as implements that dig and hide and so they could be tied to elements hidden away in the unconscious of the dreamer. The action of the tool and what you are doing with the tool may provide a clue to its meaning. For example, a dream spade may suggest that something is emotionally hidden and the dream may be urging you to reopen this chapter or leave whatever is buried. A lever is used to enhance strength.

If the dream tool was a plow, the dreamer may be in the process of turning over their problems and seeing them from a new angle. Corkscrews may represent the uncorking of a new idea or plan.

If the corkscrew was difficult to use, then the new project may encounter problems. If, however, it was easy to use this suggests that the new project will be successful.

If you were using a screw, this could be referring to some creative work or a project you are planning, and your desire to give your work added security and stability.

If everything fitted and went smoothly in your dream, you are making progress in real life and your dream is reassuring you.

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