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1. Seeking to increase one’s knowledge.

2. Seeking to increase one’s intelligence.

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A lot of things to learn at once.

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In a seminar, the dreamer could be the leader dispersing knowledge or the participant receiving information. Does the dreamer feel a need to teach or learn? In some esoteric groups it is said that during sleep the soul attends classes “on the inner planes” (in the spiritual realm), so dreams about being in a classroom could be interpreted as reflecting this type of “spiritual learning” experience. (See also Class, School).

Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia | James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver

A seminar is a gathering designed to disseminate a particular piece of information or knowledge. In a dream, such a setting may indicate a moment in life when you are expanding your understanding of some aspect of your experience.

The type of seminar or the content of it can be helpful in your interpretation, if you know it.

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Seminar | Dream Interpretation

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Figurative of a place, formal or informal, where religion is taught... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


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Dreams of a teleseminar represent that you are learning, teaching, and/or sharing information in a quick and efficient manner. Also, dreams of a teleseminar can also represent the unification between different parts of yourself: the teacher, students, telephone, and the material that is being taught. See Conference Call, Teacher, Student and School.... Strangest Dream Explanations


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