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Whether the dream involved being one or seeing one, for a man, it predicts that he will be called on to do a favor for a friend; for a woman, it forecasts an improvement in social status.

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One of legal governing authority, formal or informal

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Dreaming Of A Senator | Dream Interpretation

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A formal group of legalists, not necessarily senators... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


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(Also known as John in Western traditions. God’s prophet Isl!aq, son of the prophet Jacob, upon both of them be peace.) In a dream, seeing him indicates adversities and hardships.

If one has a son who ran away in disobedience to his father, and if he sees God’s prophet Ishaq in a dream, it means that he will return to his home and be obedient again. This dream also indicates a surge of glad tidings, peace and tranquility. Seeing Ishaq (uwbp) in a dream also means suffering from persecution by the senators of one’s town, or from some of his relatives, and finally God Almighty will come to his help, and grant him back his integrity and honor.

If one sees him in his best form and radiant beauty, it becomes a sign of glad tidings, whereby one’s progeny will engender leaders, governors and righteous people. Seeing him in a dream also may mean coming out of tight circumstances into a more relaxed ones, changingfrom heedlessness into guidance, poverty into richness, and from disobedience to one’s parents to obeyingthem again. Ifone sees himselftransformed into Ishaq(uwbp) or to wear his robe in a dream means that he may near his death then be saved from it.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


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