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Expansions Dream Dictionary

infertility.... Expansions Dream Dictionary


Dream Meanings of Versatile

As part of our spiritual learning process, in dreams we at some point will meet (come face to face with) a figure who is representative of a spiritual teacher.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile

Psychological / emotional perspective: A meeting is a gathering of people with a common aim or purpose. In dreams, this can often signify the integration of several aspects of our personality.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile

Material aspects: A work meeting or consultation in dreams may signify an attempt to gain a consensus of opinion or an agreed course of action. This may be a way of dealing with our own inner confusion, or that which is actually in an everyday situation. Also consult the information on the wise old man in the introduction.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Gypsy Dream Dictionary

In many dreams, you meet with different types of people. Here are the meanings for some that can be significant. See also separate listings for some of these.

Baker: Symbolizes gain.

Beggar: Unexpected help from an unlikely source.

Blind Person: You have false friends.

Cardinal: You will have to relocate against your will.

Child: You will experience difficulties in business.

Disabled Person: Misfortunes in business.

Doctor: You are a person of honor and will be recognized as such.

Dwarf: Great danger lies ahead.

Footman: Enemies. You will undertake a journey that could be very dangerous.

Grandparent: A legacy

Hangman: To see a hangman in your dreams means you will meet with a premature death.

Hermit: A treacherous friend.

Horseman: Pride.

Judge: Punishment. See also Magistrate. Laborer: Conjugal happiness and increase of fortune. Lady / Lord: Humiliation.

Lawyer: A friend’s marriage. Locksmith: Robbery. Lover: Trouble; disputes. Mayor: Malice.

Millionaire: You will collect on money owed to you from the past; money you had forgotten about.

Money Lender / Banker: Persecution.

Nurse: Long life.

Old Man / Woman: You will be called upon to display your knowledge to others.

Pageboy / Valet: Abuse of confidence.

Painter: Long, happy life.

Pilgrim: You will be justly rewarded.

Police Officer: Apprehension.

Priest: Scandal.

Prince: Honor and profit.

Queen: Prosperity.

Rival: Family quarrels. Sailor: Tidings from across the sea. Sculptor: Profit from hard work. Secretary: Assistance coming.

Shepherd: You will be asked to take on extra responsibilities.

Soldier: Quarrels.

Tailor: Infidelity.

Terrorist: Fear, deep down inside. Uncle: Advantages. Waiter / Waitress: Suspicion. Woodcutter: Hard work for no return. ... Gypsy Dream Dictionary


Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Being in a meeting: you have neglected your interests, and the consequences are unpleasant. Holding a meeting: unpleasant discussions among your friends. Depth Psychology: See Club.... Dreamers Dictionary


Dream Symbols and Analysis

To attend a meeting in dream implies that you are coordinating among different aspects of your personality. You are accepting the input of various emotions within yourself in order to overcome a problem.

A meeting in dream might also refer to your work.

To dream that you are late to a meeting represents a worry about living up to your own and others’ expectations.... Dream Symbols and Analysis


My Dream Interpretation

To dream that you are in a meeting, suggests that you need to redirect your energies to something that will be better for you.

To dream that you are late or miss a meeting suggests your anxiety about measuring up when it comes to achieving your goals. You may feel unprepared in some situation or challenge in your waking life.

To dream of meeting new people denotes hidden aspects of yourself that you need to confront.... My Dream Interpretation


The Dream Books Symbols

Consideration of ideas, goals. Bringing things together. Integrating parts of self. See Crowd.... The Dream Books Symbols


Complete Dictionary of Dreams

A meeting is a staple of the world of business.

It is a symbolic gathering of consciousness or different ideas in order to create some sort of unified direction. All of the people who attend a meeting in your dream are to be understood as aspects of yourself whose qualities are needed collectively in order to accomplish some current goal or objective in your life. This is more of a rational mind symbol and calls into being the part of your nature that can plan, schedule, organize, and carry out movement.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


The Element Encyclopedia

Famous people appear in dreamland just as they do in the media. On the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, thousands of people described how they had dreamed of her. During his presidency, Bill Clinton was also an extremely common dream figure in the United States. His vitality and leadership ability seemed to strike a chord with men and women alike. As they sorted through power issues in themselves and others, dreams of the president offered a forum to explore the dynamics involved. Whenever there is a major event involving someone famous or someone charismatic dominating public awareness, you can expect an upsurge in this type of dream.

Getting to meet your hero or heroine is usually an expression of a wishfulfillment dream. Typically, the celebrity appears as a friend and gives helpful advice. The famous person may be living or from the past, but in your dream you regard them as your best friend. They may even visit you in your home in recognition of the special bond between you.

If you dream of meeting a famous person, ask yourself if you would like more recognition for your star qualities in your waking life.

If this doesn’t apply, ask yourself what the famous person means to you. What psychological characteristics and traits does this person symbolize to you?

Famous people in our dreams are telling us to ‘Go for it!’ by integrating the positive qualities we admire in them into our own personalities. Reflect upon what this person symbolizes for you. The primary qualities you admire may not necessarily be fame, beauty or money. You may place greater value on psychological aspects such as their drive or even recovery from an addiction or tragedy. Get in touch with these aspects of yourself and work to bring them into focus and manifestation. In some cases dreams of meeting famous people don’t highlight feelings of inferiority in waking life they can empower you and add real value. For example, to dream of meeting, talking or even helping a person such as the late Mother Teresa might plant the kernel of an idea into your mind that you might find great satisfaction in voluntary work of charitable donation.

If you dream of meeting the prime minister or president or running for high office, the dream’s interpretation depends on how you rate the value of politicians in society.

If you dream of meeting a famous writer, such as Jane Austen, Charles Dickens or J. K. Rowling, perhaps you have always longed to write a book or perhaps you want to express yourself better in waking life so your opinions can influence or stimulate other people.

If you dream of being a great composer such as Mozart or Beethoven, do you yearn for passion and creativity in your waking life? Mozart represents the tragic image of a great artist cut down in their prime. Mozart also represents effortless beauty achieved through dedication and hard work. Ludwig von Beethoven was a musician of extraordinary talent and his heroic ability to challenge convention and create timeless beauty out of adversity makes his story extraordinary.

If you dream of meeting a great artist, such as Vincent Van Gogh or Leonardo da Vinci, perhaps you have an artistic talent you need to nurture or simply feel that your life should be more creative. Dreams that feature Leonardo da Vinci may evoke in you a desire to share the secrets of his genius. Perhaps you yearn to understand life’s mysteries? If Picasso appears in your dreams, perhaps in conjunction with his famous cubist paintings in which he has broken down a face or a body into its various facets, the dream image may express a need to understand all aspects of your life, observe them separately and then put them together to make sense of them all. To dream of Picasso suggests the importance of observing life’s complexity even if you cannot understand it.

Whatever famous or influential person you meet, or become, your dreams are all ones of aspiration and striving to achieve your ideals. See also PEOPLE; ROLES.... The Element Encyclopedia


Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia

To shoot in a dream (e.g., a gun or a game of pool) indicates success in the dreamer’s endeavors if they hit their target or pocket their ball. Shooting is a central activity in our entertainment media, so a dream about shooting may just be something from a movie we have seen. Alternatively, shooting is an obvious symbol for anger, aggression, and even aggressive male sexuality.

Dreams can also be alluding to the meaning of familiar idioms, such as “shoot your mouth off,” “shoot yourself in the foot,” “shoot someone down,” “shoot the messenger,” etc.... Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream that you see or hear shooting, signifies unhappiness between married couples and sweethearts because of over-weaning selfishness, also unsatisfactory business and tasks because of negligence. See Pistol. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


New American Dream Dictionary

1. Shooting a person indicates deep hostility toward the person.

2. One is shooting for a particular goal in one’s life.

3. If the dreamer is being shot at, then he/she feels like a victim in waking life. ... New American Dream Dictionary


Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Hunter; Hunting) Shooting in a dream means heedlessness, or pursuing the avenue of women, lust and the company of its people.

(Also see Hunter)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


The Bedside Dream Dictionary

Shooting someone or being shot yourself is a fearful and violent dream experience. It may reflect aggression, powerlessness, release of strong and dangerous emotions, and/or symbolize a conclusive event in a particular situation or relationship. See also: Guns... The Bedside Dream Dictionary


The Fabric of Dream

To dream of shooting a bird augurs accomplishment of purpose; to shoot and miss is ominous; to shoot a bird of prey forecasts triumph over enemies (Raphael). ... The Fabric of Dream


Little Giant Encyclopedia

On one hand, a reference to your setting your sights on a goal. Are you meeting your goal.7 On the other hand, aggression and a hunter’s instinct. See Arrow, Pistol.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia

Murder. Something is being killed (violently): a relationship, an emotion, an unused talent, or any number of things. On the other hand, just as often, it may mean a courageous act of liberation that is freeing emotional energies.

A frequent dream symbol to have at the end of a depressive phase, because now, after being liberated, you can search for a new beginning. Such dreams always set in motion something symbolic and by no means refer to the real danger of death.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Gypsy Dream Dictionary

To dream of shooting means you are ready to act; to go ahead with something you have been brooding about for a long time.

To hunt and shoot with a bow and arrow means you will be taking a big chance, but the risk could pay off very well. See also Arrow and Gun.... Gypsy Dream Dictionary


Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Shooting or hearing shots: extremely good news in the near future. You are speaking frankly in a certain situation. Wratching other people shoot: you are pursuing ambitious goals, but need patience and energy to reach thein. Hearing a volley of shots: turbulent times and unrest ahead.

Depth Psychology: Shooting means that you suddenly have to choose someone or something. Maybe you are struggling with two voices inside yourself and they are shouting at each other.

If you are doing the shooting: if you share your worries and sorrows with someone else—you will be at peace again.... Dreamers Dictionary


Mystic Dream Book

It is a very bad omen if you kill, or attempt to kill any living creature in your dream.

To Shoot and miss shows some success over your difficulties.... Mystic Dream Book


My Dream Interpretation

If you dream of shooting someone with a gun, your reputation is going to suffer in some way.

If you get shot, you will be annoyed by a nasty person.

If you hear the sound of shooting in your dream, this means that selfishness will be the cause of unhappiness between you and someone you love. Also see “Gun”.... My Dream Interpretation


Psycho Dream Interpretation

See Gun.... Psycho Dream Interpretation


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols

(see also Killing)

A shooting may symbolize the sexual act from a male (ejaculative, penetrative) point of view.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


Islamic Dream Interpretation

Shooting an arrow means speaking out against evil.

The extent to which the arrow penetrates decides the extent to which his words will have effect.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

In a dream, shootingarrows is interpreted like shellingsomeone or a place. Otherwise, they means backbiting people or slandering them. Shooting arrows in a dream also could mean taking medicine, or giving an injection to a patient.

If the arrows do not have arrowheads in the dream, then they mean disappointment.

If one shoots arrows and finds himself also at the receiving end in a dream, it means that he will attain his goal of meeting his Lord. However, ifhe remains in this world, it means that he will rise in station and receive honor. Ifone sees two rows of people shooting arrows at each other in his dream, it means that the successful ones would be right and the losers would be at fault. Shooting arrows at people in a dream then means backbiting people, slandering them, or it could mean vain talking.

If one constantly fails his aim in his dream, it means that he has an evil speaking tongue. Hitting one’s target in a dream means attaining one’s goals, or speaking the truth regarding someone he knows. Wearing a white garment and standing on top of a mountain and shooting arrows toward the East and the West in a dream means attaining a vast control over people and lands, if one qualifies. One’s arrows in a dream also represent his message or writings.

(Also see Arrows; Hunting; Shelling)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


New American Dream Dictionary

1. One’s dream of better times can come true.

2. Changes will be occurring in one’s life. ... New American Dream Dictionary


Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream of a shooting star symbolizes satisfaction and progression.

A shooting star is also an indication of a baby’s arrival or transformation.... Dream Symbols and Analysis


Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of a shooting star denote a message from the heavens. This dream might be an affirmation that you are in the right place at the right time, telling you to make a wish because you have the power to make them come true.... Strangest Dream Explanations


My Dream Interpretation

A dream of a shooting or falling star indicates that you will have success, but not as soon as you had hoped.... My Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

If a person sees himself as shooting someone with a firearm it means he will abuse and humiliate the person whom he shot.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

also see Gun and Weapons

1- To be shot in a dream suggests an injury to one’s feelings. In a woman’s dream it can svmbolisc the sexual act - as much becausc her feelings are involved as for the masculine imagery. It could also indicate that we may feel that we are becoming victims or targets for other people’s anger.

2- If the dreamer is shooting something he may be having to deal with his own fears. He could be guarding against meeting parts of his personality he does not like.

To be on a shooting range suggests needing to produce accuracy in our lives.

3- To be conscious of a shot or shooting in a spiritual sense is to be aware of a necessary directed explosion of energy. This may be the only way in which we can achieve a desired end.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


Dream Meanings of Versatile

Directed explosive energy, such as that from a gun, is a very effective spiritual tool, although it must be used with care.

If we are noticeably aggressive we would have to be aware of our own motives and perhaps be a little more objective in taking action. Consult the entries for explode / explosion, gun, victim, war and weapon for further clarification.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile

Psychological / emotional perspective: To be conscious of hearing a shot in dreams or of shooting someone highlights the need for a targeted release of energy, perhaps to clear the air or to achieve a particular end result. Being shot in a dream suggests that we may need to be aware of someone else’s ill feeling towards us.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile

Material aspects: Unconsciously you may be feeling threatened in some way and need to be consciously pro-active in coming to terms with the fear that this brings.

The type of weapon being used may have significance. When in a dream we are shooting someone we need to come to terms with aggressive or destructive tendencies which cannot be dealt with satisfactorily in waking life. Being in an environment where shooting is permitted, such as a shooting range or a war zone, indicates that certain safeguards should be put in place before planning on making any sort of assertive move.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile

Gives gender - specific: In a woman’s dream being shot or shot at can symbolize the sexual act and all that goes along with the idea of penetration. She might wish to explore her own feelings, particularly whether she feels targeted or victimized. In a man’s dream the same idea of victimization or aggression can be apparent, but will be much less to do with the sexual act and more to do with everyday matters and his place in the world.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

To be shot: a traumatic injury to feelings, often out of parental or other close relationship. It need not be something dramatic like being assaulted, but can be a quiet injury like not bonding emotionally with parents. Someone, something else shot: still usually refers to dreamer. Dreamer shooting someone, something: anger, fear or defence against meeting feelings or insights; aggressive sexuality. Idioms: get shot of; shot across the bows, shot in the arm; all shot to pieces; shot in the dark. See example in abreaction. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


Dreamers Dictionary

Symbol: The star is the symbol of the bringer of light.

Vision: Seeing stars in the sky: you will receive good news. Seeing one star right in front of you: listen to the voice within you—it is the guide of your fate. You have a good chance of succeeding but be careful, you have enemies! A star-filled sky is a promise of good fortune, if you don’t set your goals too high. Seeing a shooting star: your most ardent wishes will be granted. Stars hidden behind clouds: a possible accident.

The dream is a sign that you have lost your inner compass and are on the wrong path. See Heaven.

Depth Psychology: Dreaming about stars means you have set high goals for yourself and are searching for greater spiritual awareness.

If you are “reaching for the stars,” your actions will have negative consequences.

A falling star: your hopes and dreams will come true.... Dreamers Dictionary

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