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The Complete Dream Book

Shots from guns, either big or little, foretell sudden changes in your financial condition, for better or for worse.

Seeing big guns in a foit or on a battleship is a sign that you will meet a person of importance.... The Complete Dream Book

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Seeing cannons in a dream: either a lot of arguments or a deception will make life difficult for you.

A cannon being fired: you have to face a highly unpleasant situation; be careful so you can avoid an accident. Hearing the sound of cannon shots: good news. Seeing a cannon ball: getting out of a dangerous situation. See Ball.

Depth Psychology: The cannon is a symbol of male aggression and reckless sexual passions. In a woman’s dream, it means fear of sexual aggression or a sign that she lets her partner control and humiliate her. See Weapon.... Dreamers Dictionary

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Shooting or hearing shots: extremely good news in the near future. You are speaking frankly in a certain situation. Wratching other people shoot: you are pursuing ambitious goals, but need patience and energy to reach thein. Hearing a volley of shots: turbulent times and unrest ahead.

Depth Psychology: Shooting means that you suddenly have to choose someone or something. Maybe you are struggling with two voices inside yourself and they are shouting at each other.

If you are doing the shooting: if you share your worries and sorrows with someone else—you will be at peace again.... Dreamers Dictionary

The Big Dictionary of Dreams

Gunshots in dreams indicate that you must remain alert. You have to be cautious because unforeseen circumstances can alter your current life.

If in the dream you enjoy shooting, you will have good luck. If, however, you are frightened, the dream portend difficulties. Shooting up at the stars is, universally, an advantageous and promising dream.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams

Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia

A syringe is a fairly obvious symbol of male sexuality.

A dream about being injected with a syringe can reflect concerns about one’s health, or it can be a more general anxiety dream if we have a particular dislike of shots and of having our blood drawn. It could also represent a feeling that we are being influenced by someone else. (See also Needle, Vaccination).... Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia

The Element Encyclopedia

If, in your dream, you were part of a regiment, this may suggest that you feel safe in numbers, as a part of a crowd or group of people.

If you feel sorrow or guilt or resentment, this may reflect your attitude to the group of people you associate yourself with in waking life. Taking part in guerrilla actions suggests secret plans in waking life, whilst a preoccupation with a helmet and protective clothing may mirror a desire to ‘take cover’ in waking life. A dream in which an invasion takes place may be symbolic of an invasion of your space in waking life, either real or psychological.

If a tank appears in your battle, this is an aggressive phallic symbol. It can also suggest an attack on convention and an indiscriminate flattening of all those who stand in your way. The torpedo also symbolizes male sexuality but, unlike the tank, it delivers destruction by stealth. High-tech missiles, cannon, field guns and other forms of artillery also present variations on the phallic symbol. On the other hand, they may also symbolize obstacles or ‘hot shots’ you feel are against you as you pursue your goals. This may be particularly the case if you are a woman in a stereotypically male profession.

If an air raid takes place in your dream, this indicates emotional attack from people or feelings you have about the events around you. A bomb suggests an explosive situation or sudden events that have produced anxiety. It can also suggest your own anxiety.

If an underground mine figures in your dream, this can suggest bringing to consciousness potential and innate wisdom. A dream explosion with billowing clouds graphically mirrors the damaging consequences of exploding with pent-up fury or tension in waking life.... The Element Encyclopedia

The Element Encyclopedia

If you had a dream in which you were using a camera, camcorder and you were taking photographs or filming an event or person from your waking life, this most likely mirrors your sense that time is passing fast and your desire to capture a moment in time before it is gone. In dreams, cameras and camcorders are symbols of committing something to memory and they often appear at times of exam stress, expressing your wish to have a photographic memory that can absorb and retain information quickly.

If you find yourself studying a specific photograph or film that you have taken in your dream, this suggests that something in your waking life may have escaped your attention and you need to re-examine it in more detail. A dream of using a tape recorder may have a similar interpretation to dreams of using a camera or camcorder, in that you wish to remember the chatter and noise that is currently filling your life.

If you hit any of the buttons on your camera, tape recorder or camcorder, this may express a wish to pause, rewind or fast-forward to the past or the future.

If you dreamed of recording your thoughts on a Dictaphone, this may be to ensure that you remember them when you awake.

If you dreamed of peering through a camera lens and become frustrated because everything was out of focus and you couldn’t get it into focus, the suggestion may be that you are not seeing things as clearly as you should in waking life. Perhaps your mind is clouded with emotions and you have lost sight of the truth.

If you fitted a wide-angle lens to your camera or adjusted the focus to improve your vision, the implication may be that you need to take a broader view of your waking situation. Pay attention also to the image you are filming or photographing and ask yourself whether you are portraying it accurately; this will indicate whether you have an accurate or distorted viewpoint in waking life. Finally, do not forget that cameras and camcorders are also tools used by artists and creative people to produce beautiful shots or thought-provoking films, so if you dreamed of feeling happy when using your camera or camcorder, this could suggest that you are neglecting your creative talent in waking life. See also TIME.... The Element Encyclopedia

The Element Encyclopedia

Throughout his life, Jung admitted his strong fascination with the theory of reincarnation but never declared himself for or against the idea. We simply don’t know whether he believed in past lives, nor can we say whether dreams reflect images from past lives. There are certain dreams set in a past time or place unfamiliar to you that you may find extremely hard to explain away as being merely symbolism, metaphor or allegory. There are those who do believe the dream state can be a gateway to past lives and that dreams featuring events before you were born are snapshots of past lives. It is said that these kinds of dreams, also known as karmic dreams, are incredibly real and intense. There’s a certain ’grand dream’ feeling that often accompanies them.

Even as the dream is taking place, you may be feeling a sense of awe and wonder. You awaken knowing that this dream is very special and that it relates to something about your distant past. There’s an inescapable feeling that the dream is about a past life.

In most cases, it is impossible to prove beyond doubt that a dream relates to a past life experience, as your dream is unlikely to give you the facts needed to prove them with public records of births, marriages and deaths. In the end, it simply comes down to a gut feeling, an unshakable belief that comes from deep within you. Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, what is important here is what you take from the dream as a lesson for your current life.

If the goal of reincarnation is to improve karma—the Buddhist principle of cosmic reward or punishment for the things you have done or left undone in past lives—then this dream offers you an opportunity for personal growth.... The Element Encyclopedia

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