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Shrouding the body of a deceased person in a dream is a cause of happiness for a sad person and repentance for a sinner. Ifsomeone sees himself brokering on behalf of a friend or a relative to purchase a shroud for him in a dream, it means that he will pay and intercede on behalfof someone who strayed from God’s path, whom one regularly admonishes and advises to correct his actions and thoughts. It also means helping him against poverty or adversities, because death is the culminating phase ofpracticing one’s religion in this world.

A shroud in a dream also connotes a prison, or committing a major sin. Shrouding the dead after washing the body in a dream means washing it from impurities.

(Also see Burial; Camphor; Disrobe; Mummification; Shroud)

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Shrouding | Dream Interpretation

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If the sun is seen covered or shrouded by clouds or any thing else, this is an omen that the observer of such a dream will either fall ill or he will become perturbed due to some calamity befalling estate or one of his parents.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

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