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1. One is heading in the wrong direction in life.

2. One is trying to avoid a confrontation.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

Sideways | Dream Interpretation

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At first glance a crab seems to be a very negative dream symbol. It could represent a “crabby” or unpleasant personality.

The claws could be symbolic of a clinging and hurtful person, or a side of your own personality. There may be too much dependence, clinging and forcefulness in your life.

The crab may also symbolize your inability to effectively move forward and address your own difficulties.

(Remember the crab often moves sideways or backwards.) Some folklore interpretations say that the crab is an omen of poor health. However, there is a more positive interpretation for the crab in your dream. In some areas of metaphysics, the crab is a representative of the sea and the sky. It represents physical nourishment which can be obtained from the sea and also intellectual nourishment. As with all water dwelling animals, the crab could also represent something in the unconscious and the emotions. See also: Animals, Cancer ... The Bedside Dream Dictionary


The Bedside Dream Dictionary


1- Movement in dreams is usually- highlighted to make the dreamer aware of progress. Moving forward suggests an acceptance of one’s abilities, while moving backwards signifies withdrawal from a situation. Moving sideways would suggest a deliberate act of avoidance.

2- The way we move in dreams can indicate a great deal about our acceptance of ourselves.

For instance, to be moving briskly would suggest an easy acceptance of the necessity for change, whereas being moved - such as on sonic kind of moving walkway would signify being moved by outside circumstances or at the wish of other people.

3- A movement towards Spiritual Acceptance can be undertaken when the time is considered to be right.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


Arms are significant as a symbol of surrender, wisdom or action. One arm upraised denotes commitment but sometimes also suggests vengeance. Two arms raised sideways signify supplication; raised forwards suggest welcome.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile


Material aspects: Moving forward suggests an acceptance of our abilities, while moving backwards signifies withdrawal from a situation. Moving sideways would suggest a deliberate act of avoidance.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile


Necessary to move ahead or problem solve in an indirect manner; or, you are now moving sideways rather than straight ahead. Your current disposition: crabby.... The Dream Books Symbols


The Dream Books Symbols


Elevators carry us from one floor to another at the push of a button.

The different levels to which they transport us connect to various perspectives of our awareness. We choose our destination on an elevator, aligning this symbol with the choices we make about what areas of our consciousness we are willing to investigate. What happens in the elevator of our dream may reveal how well this process is going in our daily lives.

The floors involved in a dream can hold significance. In a general way, moving upward connects with higher, more sophisticated levels of thinking, and moving downward indicates investigation of past issues and behavior patterns. Moving downward can also align with visiting hidden or shadow material. Most dreams about elevators are connected to this process not going well. To be going up when down is desired may indicate a pressing need to operate with greater insight than that with which you are currently engaged. Going down when up is anticipated may point to the need to uncover additional material hidden in the lower depths of your consciousness or your past. Being stuck on an elevator is to be midway through a process or shift. Your response to the lack of movement may reveal levels of impatience with your progress in some area of growth. An elevator out of control is similar to a falling dream, but the added components of transition and choice must be considered. While you may be falling, you have chosen to take the elevator in search of new information. Going sideways is to be confused about the direction in which a current transformational shift may be taking you.

If the elevator is out of service, you may be stuck in some area of your life. Another possibility with a broken elevator is a need to stay where you are and not try to escape your current situation by rising above it or sinking to a lower level.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Crabs mainly inhabit the sea and therefore have traditionally been associated with aspects of your unconscious. They may symbolize the ability to cultivate homely energy in various circumstances, as crab power is the energy of making a home, however far away from home you may be. Crabs also represent the energy of the psyche that rejects change and finds it hard to let go; the side of us that hangs back instead of taking a chance.

If you are bitten or pinched by a crab in your dream, it is possible that some part of your current situation is resistant to change; this might be because of yourself, or because of another. The armored body of the crab suggests the need to protect yourself against something or someone, and the pincer-like claws show a willingness to attack or tackle whatever obstacles lie in their path.

If a crab appears in your dream, could it be a reflection of a crabby or bad-tempered aspect of your personality; an aspect that resists the attempts of others to penetrate the rough outer shell you have developed in waking life to protect your soft emotional center?

If your dreaming mind saw a crab or lobster without its shell, this is a symbol of your feelings of emotional vulnerability.

If the crab scuttled sideways in your dream, this may mirror a tendency to be evasive when others try to get too close to you or it may also reflect your inability to think logically or in a straight line. Additionally, with their habit of burrowing under the sand, the crab may represent anything that is sapping your energy. Bear in mind, too, that the crab is the symbol for someone born under the astrological sign of Cancer, so your dream crab may be referring to them.

If a shrimp appears in your dream, this may represent rivalry or resentment towards someone, as ’shrimp’ is often a disparaging nickname. But when coupled with the mother image of the sea, the shrimp may represent the reawakening of dormant sibling or childhood rivalries.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


These dreams are moderately common, being more frequent in women. They occur when you feel anxious about making an emotional connection or when you feel you are losing touch with someone. Elevators often appear in dreams suffering from some kind of bizarre malfunction. You push a button and go sideways or fly hurtling upward through the roof or the elevator crashes and so on. As with all symbols of movement, elevators tend to reflect your progress with a current situation or problem in waking life; if the elevator malfunctions, you are not getting what you bargained for or may be contributing unwittingly to a pattern that is no longer in your best interests. The flip side to such dreams is a dream in which smooth operation is the order of the day. This type of dream usually occurs when you feel there is an improvement in an emotional connection.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

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