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1- If a skull appears in a dream we may need to look at the rest of the dream in order to find out the svmbolism.

The skull and crossbones could represent either a romantic appreciation of a pirate, or a symbol of danger. Since the skull is a representation of the head it can also svmbolise intellectual abilitv or rather, lack of it.

2- To be conscious of one’s own skull in dreams is to appreciate the structure that we have given our lives.

To perceive a skull where there should be a head suggests that part of the person has died’.

To be talking to a skull is recognising the need to communicate with those who are lost to us. When a skull is talking to us, a part of us which we have rejected or denied is beginning lo come back to life.

If we believe in life after death, we may feel that spirit is talking through the skull.

3- Spiritually the skull represents death and all its implications. When it appears in dreams, it is time for us to come to terms with physical death.

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary | Pamela Ball

Skltll | Dream Interpretation

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