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To dream of skulls grinning at you, is a sign of domestic quarrels and jars. Business will feel a shrinkage if you handle them.

To see a friend’s skull, denotes that you will receive injury from a friend because of your being preferred to him.

To see your own skull, denotes that you will be the servant of remorse. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


To dream of a raccoon is a sign of rain (Gypsy). The Ainos pray to the skulls of these animals during drought to bring on rain; to increase the storm they don gloves and caps of raccoon skin and dance (Frazer). ... The Fabric of Dream


The Fabric of Dream


The emotional and physical constitution, characteristics, and body of the dreamer.

A place of protection and security, the shelter of the soul. Individual rooms symbolize the different emotional functions.

It is important to determine if Door and Window are open or closed and what the condition of the house is.

The house is also a universal female sex symbol.

Compare this to C. J. Jung’s 1909 dream in which— while exploring a house—he finds a flight of stairs that leads to the basement, where he discovers bones and human skulls. This dream was important because it led to Jung’s idea of the collective unconscious: Attics and basements are places that hold what we repress; rooms in the upper part of a house provide perspective and vision; bedrooms indicate sexual content; the kitchen is the place where alchemy provides transformation; the bath is the place for cleansing; a workroom is the place for everyday situations.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


Some stupid but well-meaning person is liable to make trouble for you if you dream of finding a real skull of a man or woman.

Skulls manufactured for Hallowe’en or other decorative purposes denotes a gay party in the near future.... The Complete Dream Book


The Complete Dream Book


If you dream of leering skulls avoid family arguments lest they end in serious quarrels.... Psycho Dream Interpretation


Psycho Dream Interpretation


A planner symbolizes an extremely detailed personality.

If the dreamer sees herself using it, then it is likely that some events will change her life. On the contrary, to lose or to tear it is a sign of frustrated plans and delays in business.


analysis of a dream

Monica dreamed: “I was a fearless biologist who had been entrusted with the task of analyzing some exotic plants, very difficult to find, that grew in the Amazon. To get them, I had to plunge into a deep swamp with dangerous murky waters, full of poisonous snakes. Still I did not hesitate for a moment; I jumped headfirst into the lake with a machete in my mouth, under the watchful eyes of a native, with white paint on his face, who from the bank held a rope attached to my foot. It did not take any time at all to emerge with a triumphant smile on my face and five samples of these curious plants in my hand. I sat down to examine them and discovered, astonished, that inside their buds, the plant contained tiny human skulls.”

When Monica had this dream she was facing a very difficult situation: they had detected a malignant lump in her left breast, and she had to undergo treatment. Even then, she did not crumble, she trusted in the strength of her body and spirit and made every effort to fight the disease. The stagnant and muddy water of the dream reflected the difficulties she would have to face due to her health problem. However, her immersion in it, despite the danger, highlighted Monica’s fighting spirit. The native, with white paint—like color of her doctor’s gown— and the rope that bound her to him, represented her ties with medicine, her other life raft together with her willpower.

The fact that she completed her mission was none other than an announcement of the happy outcome of her disease. After six months, she got over it for good. The skulls allude to our spiritual doubts about the beginning

and the end of life, the concern that Monica felt about her fate. Plants, like skulls, are symbols of life, personal growth, and development. The dream was announcing to Monica that, despite the difficulties, the experience would make her grow, evolve, and better understand herself.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


Carl Jung decided to become a psychologist after dreaming that he found a skull in the basement of his house. The skull represented his desire to discover and explain the secrets of the mind.

Dreaming of a skull also refers to mortality and to your spiritual contemplation about the beginning and the end of life. It can also express things that are coming to an end or whatever you are just unable not reach.

For gypsy people, skulls are the wisdom of their ancestors. Drinking from one of those means sharing this old knowledge. In Ireland it symbolizes the truth because it is said that if an individual takes false oath with a skull, she will die soon.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The sun shining upon the dreamer indicates good fortune or goodwill.

The sun is also energy, especially the life energy that gives one health and makes crops grow. Alternatively, excessive sunlight dries up and kills, as symbolized by animal skulls in the desert.... Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia


Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia


In dreams, a human bone represents strength, the structure and support within yourself, and the need to be aware of your basic instincts.

If you are burying a bone, perhaps you are hiding something about yourself or saving something for the future.

If you are digging up bones, you are remembering something from the past. Broken bones may reveal your insecurities, depending on which limb is broken. For example, a thick plaster cast around a broken leg in a dream can suggest reluctance to face up to problems that are hindering your progress.

Dreams that feature the spine, back or backbone are all symbols of your moral power and your strength and ability to stand up for yourself; but if you dream about the pelvis, it refers to your sexual functioning as a whole, including your reproductive success. The pelvis also links in with the way you merge with someone else in a relationship, or if you can allow that merging to happen. Some dreams show the pelvis connected with snakes or lizards; this is a symbol of powerful instinctual drives and urges that can flow up your spine and expand your consciousness.

If you saw a skeleton in your dream, especially if it was in a cupboard, are you concerned that certain things in your life you are trying to hide may come out into the open? The symbol could also refer to feelings or talents you have cut off or killed in real life.

If you see a complete skeleton, you may need to reconsider the full structure of your life. The skull and crossbones are a symbol of danger but since the skull is a representation of the head, it can also symbolize intellectual ability. To be conscious of your skull is to appreciate your intellectual skills. To see a skull where there should be a head represents a part of the person that has died. To dream that you are talking to a skull is to recognize the need to be talking to people with whom you may have lost contact. When a skull is talking to you, a part of you that has been rejected or denied is coming back to life. As symbols of death, if you were frightened by skeletons, skulls and bones in your dream, this could point to your fear of dying or of a loved one’s demise.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia