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Climbing a slope is a sign of the effort that the dreamer in real life is doing or should do in order to achieve a desired goal. Thanks to the context of the dream and the interpretation of the other oneiric symbols of the scene, it is possible to understand the message the unconscious is trying to convey.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke

1. Problem one is determined to solve.

2. A problem in one’s life that one is trying to surmount.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

Vision: Sliding down a slope: expect unpleasant events; also possible defeat as a result of your own actions. Looking up a steep slope: you still have time to change your present course of action. Standing at the edge of a cliff: fear of a personal failing or future problems. See Abyss, Cliff, Precipice.

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A slope may indicate the direction one’s business or personal life is headed. An obtuse decline indicates a slow descent and a sharp incline suggests the dreamer needs to pay more attention to his or her responsibilities and also to the duties that others are obligated to perform on his or her behalf.

Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia | James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver

A low spot in one’s life

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see Ascent, Downhill

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols | Eric Ackroyd

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(Declivity) Descending a mountain, a hill or an elevation in a dream represents losses, migraine headache, humiliation, passing from a higher to a lower condition, separation between husband and wife, losing one’s job, demotion, degradation, abandoning one’s religion, or it could mean adversities in general. Descending a steep slope in a dream also means safe landing, worldly blessings and nomination for a religious duty. Descending from a mountain in a dream means relief from adversities or change in one’s conditions. Coming down from an old ladder in a dream means investing in a business to earn nothing from one’s efforts.

If the ladder breaks half-way through in the dream, it means losing to one’s adversary.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


Process to reach a goal. Going upward, or ascending, is always a positive dream symbol. Whether you are struggling on a difficult rope or ladder or walking up an easy slope, this dream suggests that you are moving in the right direction.

If the climb in your dream is extremely difficult, it may be pointing to some obstacles that you need to overcome before reaching your goals. Consider all of the details in your dream, and if you recently completed a difficult task, achieved a goal (e.g. graduating), this dream may be reflective in nature. See also: Cliff ... The Bedside Dream Dictionary


The Bedside Dream Dictionary


Maneuvenng skillfully down a slope on one board, snowboarding in a dream metaphorically translates into surfing or demonstrating finesse in conquering your fears.... Ariadne's Book of Dream


Ariadne's Book of Dream


Vision: Standing on a cliff: a difficult task is ahead and it can only be done by being very careful. Looking at a cliff at the seashore: hidden dangers and unconscious anxieties make a decision difficult. See Mountain, Rock, Slope.... Dreamers Dictionary


Dreamers Dictionary


Vision: Dreaming al>out hiking: progress on the path through life will be slow, but with patience and determination you will do fine. Meeting a poor hiker: your present path is the wrong one—you can reach your goal only if you change course.

Depth Psychology: Pay attention to how you feel: are you walking with purpose and having fun? Are you tired and feeling worn-out? Are you going up or coming down? Is the trail easy or difficult? See Cliff, Climbing, Mountain, Path, Slope.... Dreamers Dictionary


Dreamers Dictionary


Vision: Women often dream of Falling into the abyss. Falling off a precipice means that somewhere the “bottom is falling out.” People who meditate or have out-of-body experiences have a similar sensation when their soul returns to their body. Suddenly falling off a precipice: something unexpected and positive is going happen.

Depth Psychology: The dream is a symbol that you are in emotional distress right now and are searching the depths of your soul to find the reason. Don’t stop searching—it is the only way to get back on solid ground. It may also be a sign of your difficulty “letting go.” See Abyss, Cliff, Slope.... Dreamers Dictionary


Dreamers Dictionary


Depth Psychology: Looking up at a steep road ahead: great efforts on your pan will result in spiritual insight. Walking down a steep slope: your morals have gone “downhill.” The dream might also indicate failure. See Abyss, Mountain, Path, Road.... Dreamers Dictionary


Dreamers Dictionary


Dreaming of wearing clothes that are totally inappropriate - such as wearing a bathing suit on the ski slopes - indicates circumstances in your life that require a reality check before you can move ahead.

If in the dream you change your clothes, you’ll be successful.

A dream of being naked in public is a very common type of dream, and usually means that the dreamer feels exposed, vulnerable and at the mercy of others.

Dressing yourself, especially if in fashionable clothes, indicates advancement socially and professionally. Undressing, however, indicates temporary setbacks.

Dirty, soiled, or worn clothing is a warning not to take anyone’s word for anything. Get the facts yourself.

Tight or otherwise uncomfortable clothing hints at being involved in a prickly situation or that some situation in your life is making you uncomfortable, and you need to make some adjustments.... Dream Explanations of Astro Center


Dream Explanations of Astro Center


If your dream featured your own intoxication, you are being warned that too much high living in low places leads inevitably to the slippery slope.

Slow down! A dream of others who were drunk indicates a loss by way of a loan which will not be repaid; but don’t worry, it won’t be important to you.... The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


To dream that you slip or that you make a slip of the tongue suggests that you are doing things you do not really want to do, or saying things you do not really mean.

If you stumble but do not fall, it may suggest that you will meet obstacles but will be able to surmount them.

If you fall, obstacles may lie in your path in waking life and you need to find a way to work round them. Trying in vain to climb a slippery slope suggests you may have taken on more than you can cope with, and are in danger of backsliding under the pressure. It could also be a warning against being a control freak; you cannot control everything and everyone, and need to show more regard for the views of others. To dream that you trip up or stumble indicates that something is out of control in your waking life and you need to deal with it. Things are not going as smoothly as you want, as you are faced with minor obstacles. It could also indicate social awkwardness; perhaps you are worried you might get off on the wrong foot. Does your self esteem need a boost, or are you simply not looking where you are going?... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Dreams which relate to sporting activities in general are usually positive but they can also reveal your competitive spirit. They should not be taken literally, as they rarely relate to sporting prowess; they are used by your dreaming mind as a metaphor in your waking life to represent your attitude to winning and losing, and how you play the game of life. Whatever your chosen sport, to see yourself winning fairly and cleanly without resorting to cheating is an empowering symbol that should have a positive influence on your waking life. As a dream message, it is important for you to defeat your dream competitors in as honest a way as possible; so dreams of winning by cheating or competing against people who are weaker than you suggest a disheartening struggle ahead, as fair play is a crucial concept for your dreaming mind

A dream of performing on an athletics track may refer to how you feel your performance rates when compared with others in waking life. Are you way ahead of the rest or struggling to keep in the race? Whether you were performing the high jump or throwing a javelin or taking part in a relay in your dream, if you were powerful and successful, your unconscious may have been indicating how successfully and rapidly you are advancing in waking life towards achieving your goals. Dreams that feature running, cycling, skiing and skating may also be commenting on your progress, or lack of it, in waking life. For example, if you dreamed of putting on a pair of skating boots, perhaps your unconscious is urging you to put your skates on and make an extra effort; or perhaps you need to be aware of the metaphorical phrase,‘skating on thin ice’.

If you dreamed of cycling or running down a bumpy road, have you hit a difficult patch in waking life? If you dreamed of skiing down a piste and tumbling headlong down the slope, are you in danger of losing control in waking life? Going down a mountain is a classic Freudian symbol of sexual intercourse but with the added thrills and anxiety implied by skiing. For Jungians, dreams of yachting or regattas may suggest exploration of the unconscious. For Freudians, such dreams recall memories and longings for the mother’s womb.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Large handwriting can mean a friendly and sociable personality, or that the writer puts on an act of confidence—this behavior might not be exhibited to strangers. Small handwriting is generally an indicator of a detailed, academic and technical personality.

Line slope Writing which rises shows optimism and cheerfulness; if it sags downwards, it shows physical and mental weariness.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Major obstacles and challenges within your life are represented by mountains in dreams.

If you appear on the top of the mountain, it means that you have conquered any obstacles or that you have reached goals that you have set for yourself. The style in which you are climbing the mountain will tell you how well you are dealing with problems, and any difficulties you may encounter on the way, such as falling rocks, avalanches or cut ropes, will all possess a significance.

Mountains are also a symbol for spiritual truth.

If you are climbing a mountain in your dream, it signifies that you are a determined and ambitious person. Falling off a mountain in your dream means that you are tempted to give up on things when the going gets tough. According to Freud, the image of a mountain in a dream represents female sexuality, because their profile resembles a woman’s breast. A dreamer feeling anxious about climbing a mountain in a dream may be expressing sexual anxiety and standing on top of a mountain can indicate feelings of domination. For Jung, the view from mountain tops symbolizes an overview of your progress and looking at a peak from below indicates the vast challenge offered by the process of self-discovery. Because hills and gentle slopes lack the challenge of steep rocky or icy mountains, in dreams hills indicate that the task of self-discovery may be easier than you think. See also AMBITION AND SUCCESS.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


In dreams, a valley is a symbol of fertility and abundance as it brings together the elements of earth and water. Another interpretation suggests that a valley represents the journey of self-discovery.

If the valley in your dream is a rugged and steep ravine or gorge with a river running along the bottom and trees lining its slopes, this can be a metaphor for sexuality and the adventure, dangers and excitement this promises. A steep canyon in your dream may represent maternal domination.

If you dream of a cliff, this may be referring to a newfound awareness, as well as a new attitude.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Country scenes in dreams refer to the forces of nature within you. When you dream of the countryside, you are putting yourself in touch with your natural, spontaneous feelings.

If you have memories of feeling relaxed and happy in the country, your dream may recreate this with images of freedom and openness, urging you to clarify your own feelings about the way you are leading your life.

If country lanes appear in your dream, this indicates a meeting with what is natural in you; in some cases, what you encounter on the path can be disturbing, such as a wolf.

In countryside dreams, hills, mountains and slopes are images of problems you may be encountering in your waking life; the dream will indicate how confident you are in dealing with them. Are you climbing confidently or with fear? Remember, too, that the higher the mountain in your dream, the more difficult the challenge ahead. Are you gripped by a fear of falling as you climb? This would reflect your waking fear of losing your position or your reputation.

Or did you reach the highest pinnacle of the mountain or cliff and bask in your sense of achievement? If you dreamed of descending a mountain, this could indicate your desire to come down to earth or your exhaustion with your continual upwards struggle. It could also indicate a sense of regret.

If you fell down a mountain, this mirrors fears in waking life that you are losing control of your career.

Dream impediments such as chasms, gorges, ditches or hurdles also indicate difficulties you need to leap or surmount. For Freudians, climbing over a stile, like straddling a horse, is a common dream image of sexual intercourse. A dream featuring a boundary or frontier may suggest challenge and criticism, or the ability to overcome problems. Dream fences and gates also imply restrictions of some kind, but they can also indicate a need for security in waking life. Open plains, prairies or moorland evoke the endless possibilities of the unconscious, both exciting and frightening at the same time. See also ELEMENTS and NATURE AND THE SEASONS for more information on natural dreamscapes.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

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